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August 21

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2 Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017

Welcome Travelers!

Year round Free high-

Best Western Plus mineral spa/ speed wireless

Plaza Hotel seasonal internet

freshwater pool 18 Suites
Free deluxe
Hot Springs State Park i n g Newly
m o k continental remodeled
Thermopolis, WY No S ets breakfast
No P bathrooms
Phone: 800-780-7234 HD DirecTV
307-864-2939 email:

c elebrating t he g reat a
merican e clipse
21 august 2017 11:40:03 am (mdt)
4338 45.84 n 10812 43.35 W

captel 342 broadway thermopolis, wy 82443 307-864-2122
Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017 3

What is all the hype about?

As Monday, Aug. 21 approaches, were getting actly tangenital (peripheral) to the suns edge. Almost the entire disk is covered.
more and more excited about the solar eclipse Second contact starting with Bailys Beads, Totality the moon obscures the entire disk
that is coming, but what, really, is a solar of the sun and only the solar corona
eclipse? is visible.
Well, sometimes when the moon orbits Third contact when the first
the Earth, it moves between the sun and the bright light becomes visible and the
Earth. When this happens, the moon blocks moons shadow is moving away from
the light of the sun from reaching Earth. the observer.
This is known as a solar eclipse. Fourth contact when the trail-
There are actually three types of solar ing edge of the moon ceases to overlap
eclipses; annular, partial, and the one we the sun and the eclipse ends.
will be seeing, a total solar eclipse. Not everyone is lucky enough to ex-
Total solar eclipses are only visible from perience a solar eclipse when it hap-
a small area of Earth. Those lucky ones who pens, so being in the right place at
get to see the total eclipse are right in the
Locally the eclipse the right time is the key. This is the
center of the moons shadow when it hits begins at 10:20 a.m. and first total solar eclipse in the conti-
Earth. The sky will become very dark, as ends at 1:05 p.m. nental U.S. in 38 years.
if it is night. For one, you must be on the sun-
Some have described the moon passing Totality will begin at ny side of the Earth when it happens
between the Earth and the sun as a black approximately or youll miss it. You also have to be
hole in the sky. in the path of the moons shadow or
The moon actually casts two shadows dur- 11:40 a.m. youll miss it again.
ing an eclipse, the umbra and the penumbra. On average, the same spot on Earth
The umbra gets smaller as it reaches only gets to see a solar eclipse for a
Earth and is the dark center of the moons few minutes every 375 years!
shadow. Here in Thermopolis you will be
The penumbra, on the other hand, gets treated to a true celestial spectacle
larger as it reaches Earth. as you will be able to see the dia-
People in the penumbra shadow will see mond ring, the suns glorious corona,
a partial eclipse, while those standing in strange colors in our sky and actually
the umbra will see a total eclipse. see stars in the daytime. Shadows will
There are actually five phases to a to- look different. Birds will stop chirp-
tal eclipse: where the sun shines through the valleys at the ing and the temperature will drop.
First contact when the moons edge is ex- edge of the moon, and the diamond ring effect. Our universe is incredible!

Table of contents THERMOPOLIS

Call our hotline.................................. 4

What to do before and after............. 5

Eye protection................................... 6
Photography tips........................12-13

Prevent disease spread ................14

Weather information.......................15
Off road do's and don'ts................... 8
Thermopolis map............................16
Keep and eye on pets...................... 9
Camping regulations......................17
Fire restrictions................................10
Heat exhaustion/rattlesnake bites......
BLM area map................................ 11 ....................................................18-19


Sat., August 19 6 p.m.
H.S.C. Fairgrounds
If you have non-emergency questions Advance At-the-gate
about anything eclipse call the $
12 .... Adults ....... $15

7...... Seniors ...... $10

Fun For Everyone!

Please help us lighten the load on our 911 Dispatch Center.
Thank you! Enjoy our Community, the Demolition Derby and the Solar Eclipse! Additional information, tickets & registration forms available from:
HOT SPRINGS COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT 307-864-4649 220 Park St. 307-864-3192
4 Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017

Questions? Call our hotline

We are so pleased to have you here to view what could be a once in a life-
time event a total solar eclipse.
Vacations are fun for everyone, especially when you add in a celestial
event, but sometimes, you have questions or concerns, youre in a place far
from home, and you just dont know whom to ask.
While you are here, answers are just a phone call away with our Hotline
number. Just call 307-864-8010 and a team of volunteers will be available
to answer your questions.
Maybe youre looking for somewhere to get a tire fixed or youre not quite
sure how to find the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. The Hotline is the best place
to find those answers.
Of course, if it is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1 and first responders will
soon be on their way to you.
The Hotline will be able to tell you what events are going on and where to
find them as well as direct you to any services you may need.
You will find a lot of the information you may need right here in these pag-
es, but if you still need help, please call the Hotline at 307-864-8010.

Please call 911 if there is an emergency

OS ...
AUGUST 21, 2017 P E 2
O ...
I MI 1
S NG 7


DISCOVER ColorOEclipseOofO
2" x 4" MAGNET ImageObyO
307/921-0554 ThermopolisOArtistO
Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017 5

What to do before and after

While youre visiting Thermopo- ming. You will find playground er level of the museum, featuring ison Formation, a limestone aqui-
lis and Hot Springs County youre equipment for the youngsters to a dentists office, doctors office, fer millions of years old, the water
sure to find a lot of things to do, enjoy, or take a walk over the Rain- post office and even a jail. in Wyoming Whiskey hasnt seen
from solar eclipse related activi- bow Terraces, which look down The jewel of the museum, how- the light of day since the Bronze
ties to local sights and adventures over the Big Horn River. If youre ever, is the Hole In The Wall Bar Age, over 6,000 years ago.
for young and old alike. adventurous, you can cross over of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance All the ingredients going into
the river on the Swinging Bridge, Kid fame. The original bar is in the Whiskey are locally sourced,
Eclipse activities or enjoy some of the many walking nearly pristine condition and a real blended, barreled and bottled right
Friday, Aug. 18 trails throughout the park. taste of the West when it was wild in Kirby. Esquire Magazine named
Friday Night ArtStroll, down- Youve probably already noticed and wooly. Wyoming Whiskey #2 on its list
town Thermopolis, free, 5 8 p.m. a smell in the air and you can Legend Rock Petroglyphs of the Best of the Best for 2017.
Starting at 4:30 Dr. Jeb Schenck find out more about our healing A short trip west of Thermopolis Thermopolis Golf Course If
will help build filters for your cam- mineral waters and which miner- will take you to one of the oldest a round of golf is more your style,
era, telescope, etc. Call 307-921- als make that scent with a visit to petroglyph sights in North Amer- youll find nine challenging holes
8906 to register. the Big Spring. Take a dip in one ica, Legend Rock, containing at at the Thermopolis Golf Course,
Kids Dig, Wyoming Dinosaur of our two public pools or a quick least 283 different petroglyphs on nestled in the shadow of Roundtop
Center soak at the State Bath House. 92 individual sandstone panels. Mountain. Not only are the holes
The Bath House is free because Archaeologists have determined challenging, but the deer, ante-
Saturday, Aug. 19 of a treaty made with the Native the site dates back at least 10,000 lope, fox and yellow-bellied mar-
Breakfast at the Hot Springs Americans that a portion of the years and feature some of the old- mots roaming the course add a lit-
County Senior Center waters would remain free for all. est and best examples of Dinwoody tle something extra to your game.
Still Strolling Saturday, reg- The Buffalo Pasture in the state rock art in the world. American You will find a driving range and
ular business hours, downtown park features a herd of buffalo Indians made spiritual journeys practice green, and the course pro-
Thermopolis that are often found nibbling the to the site, where spirits were said fessional is happy to give a lesson
Smoking Waters Art Guild ac- wild grasses along the side of the to reside inside the rocks. The or two while youre here.
tivity, noon 1:30 p.m., Fifth and road, giving you a perfect photo petroglyph site is open daily from Golf carts are available for rent
Broadway, free opportunity. However, buffalo are 8 a.m. 6 p.m. and you will find a full pro shop
Activities for youth and adults WILD ANIMALS, so please do not Wyoming Whiskey A 15 min- available on site.
at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center leave your car or approach them. ute trip to the north to the Town Miniature golf If youre not
Film Festival featuring films as- Those horns are deadly and they of Kirby (pop.92) will put you on quite ready for the big course, you
sociated with planetary science at can, without a doubt, outrun you. the right track to Wyoming Whis- will find Thermopolis has a min-
the school auditorium, 10 a.m., free There are buffalo feedings that keys distillery, founded in 2009 iature golf course, the Sweet Spot.
Demolition Derby, 6 p.m. at the are open to the public on Tues- by Brad and Kate Mead and Da- It features a full 18 holes with wa-
Hot Springs County Fairgrounds days, Thursdays and Saturdays vid DeFazio. terfalls and ponds, all under the
Street Dance, 8 p.m. 1 a.m., at 8 a.m. To attend the feedings, Using cool waters from the Mad- cool canopy of shade trees.
presented by One Eyed Buffalo and please gather at Smoky Row Cem-
Main Street Thermopolis etery in the buffalo pasture.
Wind River Canyon To the
Sunday, Aug. 20 south of Thermopolis you will find Butch and Sundance drank here...
Lunch at the Hot Springs Coun- the Wind River Canyon, the beau-
ty Senior Center, choice of chef tiful entrance to our community.
salad or sub sandwich Created by the shifting of tectonic
Special speakers featuring top- plates, each of the different for-
ics on planetary science and earth mations have been identified by
science at the school auditorium, university geologists and small
10 a.m. 2:30 p.m., speakers from signs relating what they are and
NASA, Penn State, Colorado Uni- their age can be seen along the
versity and University of New side of the road. Keep an eye out
Mexico, free for Chimney Rock!
Star Party, 9:30 p.m. at the for- If fishing is on your mind, fish-
mer airport by the Thermopolis ing licenses may be purchased at
Golf Course. Sign up at Dinosaur a number of places in town. You
Center. must have a Reservation fish-
ing license to fish in the canyon,
Monday, Aug. 21 however, you will find its worth it
Eclipse breakfast at the Com- since five different species of trout Belly up to the original Hole-in-the-Wall Bar
munity Hall, 6:30 9:30 a.m. can be found. Fly fishing, boat
Weather balloon launch at the fishing or just standing along the at the
Two full oors of exhibits, plus:
Wyoming Dinosaur Center, free shoreline are all excellent ways to
Lunch at the Hot Springs Coun- bring home a genuine trout from Middleton Schoolhouse
ty Senior Center, noon 1:30 p.m. Wyoming. Burlington Northern Caboose
Thermopolis Middle School out- Hot Springs County Museum Poverty Flats Cottage
door carnival, special events and and Cultural Center Housed in
BBQ, 10 a.m. 1 p.m. what was once a Ford garage, then Agriculture Building
morphed into a Coca Cola bottling Petroleum Building
August 19-21 plant, a bowling alley and a Tech-
Seek the Son Outreach Revival, nical College, the county museum May - September:
Hot Springs State Park Pavilion covers a plethora of Hot Springs 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Mon.-Sat.
10 a.m. County History.
Exhibits range from pioneer October - April:
Non-eclipse activities family collectibles and Native 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Tues.-Sat.
and sightseeing American artifacts to a one-room
school house, oil rig and history of 700 Broadway, Thermopolis
Hot Springs State Park En- the petroleum industry and rail-
road items. A recreation of a pio- (307) 864-5183 Fax (307) 864-2974
joy a leisurely stroll through the
most popular state park in Wyo- neer town can be found on the low-
6 Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017

Keep your eyes safe while viewing Picking the right

When the eclipse happens, all eyes will be looking
skyward to catch the event. But, its important to make
mends that infants and young children be kept indoors
during the event, in a room that does not face the sun.
eye protection
sure your eyes are protected and you dont suffer lasting This would also include anyone else who can not properly How do you know if your eclipse
or permanent damage. use an approved viewing method. glasses or handheld solar viewers
Think of it this way. When you were young did you ever For basic eclipse observing, commercial welders glasses are truly safe? First and foremost,
focus the sun through a magnifying glass to burn a leaf? shade 14 or darker is felt to provide sufficient protection. make sure theyre marked as meeting
The lenses in your eyes act like a magnifying glass to fo- Disposable eclipse glasses are widely available. Only the ISO 12312-2 (sometimes written
cus the suns rays. Public Health Response Coordinator use eclipse glasses that are ISO 12312-2 certified for safe as ISO 12312-2:2015) international
Mary Gordon said your eyes dont literally catch fire, but direct viewing of the sun. Do not use any eclipse glasses standard. Filters that are ISO 12312-
there is a chemical reaction that can result in damage. that are scratched, torn or damaged in any way. 2 certified not only reduce visible sun-
Eclipse retinopathy is eye damage caused by looking To view the eclipse, check your eclipse glasses for light to safe and comfortable levels but
directly at the sun. This injures the retina the back of scratches and tears. Put on your ISO 12312-2 certified also block solar UV and IR radiation.
the eyeball where the eyes lens projects light. You have glasses before you look up, and leave them on until 100 In addition to making sure your
no pain receptors in the eyeball, so you wont feel this hap- percent of the sun is covered by the moon this is the eclipse shades or handheld viewers
pening. You may not realize that damage has been done totality. Even if 99 percent is covered it is still not safe meet the ISO safety standard, make
until later. Eye damage can occur within seconds, can to look without protection. Before totality ends, put your sure theyre in good condition. If the
get worse and can be permanent. glasses back on. filters are torn, scratched, or punc-
Signs of eclipse retinopathy include: blurry vision, blind If youre responsible for children make sure all children tured, discard them. If the filters are
spots, abnormal colors, distorted vision and light sensitiv- wear eclipse glasses before and after totality. Practice this coming loose from their cardboard or
ity. Gordon noted its something like going from outside routine with the kids before the eclipse so they know it. plastic frames, discard them.
in the bright sun to inside, and not being able to see very DO NOT look directly at the sun when ANY part of Be aware of fakes as well. There
well initially. Except, that loss of vision doesnt go away. it is visible, even a sliver. have been reports of fake Chinese
If you think youve damaged your eyes by looking at the DO NOT look at the sun even for a split second. eclipse glasses being manufactured
sun, STOP looking directly at the sun. Go indoors, pref- DO NOT look at the sun through makeshift filters, and marketed to unsuspecting con-
erably into a dark room, and rest your eyes and avoid the exposed film, CDs, sunglasses, smoked glass. sumers. These glasses may have all
blue light of computer screens. Its also recommended to DO NOT look at the sun through binoculars, tele- the same markings as those that are
see your primary care physician or eye specialist. scopes, or any other magnifying device unless it is prop- certified safe, but they are not to be
Children are at increased risk of eclipse retinopathy erly fitted with a certified solar filter. trusted in protecting your eyes while
because the lenses in their eyes are clear and crystalline DO NOT look at the sun through a camera, smart- looking at the sun.
and do not block UV light like the eyes of adults. phone, or any other device without a certified solar filter. More information and a list of
Young children ordinarily wont stare at the sun be- DO NOT use UV or polarizing filters, stack filters or manufacturers that have certified
cause it hurts too much. However, as sunlight dims dur- wear several pair of regular sunglasses. their eclipse glasses and solar view-
ing a partial eclipse, it will not hurt as much as normal. Public Health Nursing has a supply of certified eclipse ers meet the ISO 12312-2 standard
As a result, you must closely monitor children to make glasses for older children and young adults. It is recom- is available online at
sure they do not risk damaging their eyes by staring at mended that very young people not view the eclipse. You eye-safety/iso-certification.
the sun during the partial phases of the eclipse. can also pick up instructions on making your own pinhole
Hot Springs County Public Health Nursing recom- projector or more information on solar filters.

Fishing & Hunting Licenses Camping & Picnic Supplies
RV Supplies Gifts, Toys, Swim Toys Sporting Goods
Photo Kiosk
digital photo printing fast & easy
Parking for all size vehicles.
Water Fun Automotive
Eclipse & RV Supplies
8 a.m. - 6 p.m. T-Shirts &
Noon - 4 p.m. Sunday Glasses
Sporting Goods So much more than
a hardware store!

158 Hwy. 20 S. (South of Thermopolis next to Quality Inn and truck stop) 864-3672
Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017 7

Custom Computers, Networks,

Sales and Service, Virus Removal
Your total technology solution
Repairs & Service in Home or Office

PC Problems?

Help with technology decisions and computer services.

8 Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017

Off road dos and donts

One of the best ways to see the Slower traffic has right-of-way. Learn proper riding skills from ditions and dress and equip yourself
beauty of Wyoming is off road, ei- Keep right, except when passing. an instructor or qualified rider and appropriately.
ther in a pick-up or on an ATV, Get owners permission on pri- practice such skills before riding. Know the area you are riding in.
but there are a few things to keep vate land. Always maintain a safe distance Be aware of its potential hazards.
in mind while traveling the back Do not disturb the wildlife. between riders. Tailgating can lead Always ride at a safe and respon-
trails. Motorized Vehicles to collisions and injuries. sible speed. Know your abilities and
Please be aware that a lot of ar- Travel and recreate with mini- Ride with others and let someone dont exceed those levels.
eas off road do not have cell ser- mum impact. know where you are riding. Never Make sure your equipment is
vice so be sure to let someone know Travel only where motorized ve- ride alone. in top working order; check before
where you are going and what time hicles are permitted. Obey the laws. heading out.
you plan on returning from your Stay out of wilderness areas. Stay on trails designated for Carry a map of the trail or area
adventure. Respect the environment and the ATVs. you intend to travel.
rights of others. Be informed of local weather con- Use common sense.
GENERAL RULES FOR ALL Educate yourself, plan and pre-

How to protect yourself

USERS pare before you go.
Stay on existing trails. Allow for future use of the out-
Dont short-cut switchbacks. doors, leave it better than you found
Avoid very wet and muddy con- it.

from West Nile virus

ditions. Carry out your trash.
Do not spook horses. Always properly maintain your
Move to lower side of trail if pos- muffler to keep noise at a minimum.
sible. Trails can be wet and muddy both
Know the local trail rules, regu- early and late in the season. Save Nothing ruins a good time like an arm full of scratchy, burning mosquito
lations and special concerns of the wet trails for drier times. bites!
area. Safety tips for ATV users While youre visiting Thermopolis and Wyoming its a good idea to be
Obey gate closures and signs. Wear a helmet and eye protec- aware of mosquito bites and the possibility of West Nile virus, its symptoms
Close gates behind you. tion at all times and other protective and treatments.
Pass others with care. clothing suitable to the environment. West Nile virus is most commonly transmitted to humans through the
Let others know you are about Do not carry passengers on your itchy bite of a mosquito. It has been found in every county in Wyoming, so it
to pass. ATV. is important to reduce the risk of contracting it.
Respect the rights of others, re- Do not let young or inexperienced Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and at dusk, especially near water
gardless of their mode, speed or riders operate ATVs without train- sources like a lake, river or stream.
skill level. ing and supervision. Insect repellent and protective clothing are the first line of defense against
Do not block the trail. Do not use alcohol or other drugs a mosquito bite, and with it being August in Wyoming, it is a good idea to
Keep the trail clean. when you ride. carry repellent with you any time. Repellents containing DEET are best
or those containing picaridin. Those containing oil of lemon eucalyptus or
IR3535 are safe to use as well, but may be less effective.
r It isnt necessary to limit your outdoor time while youre here, but be aware
a r e in v ited to ou mosquitoes are most likely to bite if you disturb an area where they are rest-

Yo u
ing, like high grass or heavy underbrush.
Most people who come into contact with West Nile, 70-80 percent, do not

2017 O U
develop any symptoms. About one in five people who are infected will develop

a fever with other symptoms like a headache, body aches, joint pains, vomit-
ing, diarrhea or a rash.
Most people with this type of West Nile virus recover completely, but fa-
tigue and weakness can last for weeks or months.

Less than 1% of people who are infected will develop serious neurological

0 A . M. - 1 illnesses such as encephalitis or meningitis.

UST 21 1
Those symptoms include headache, high fever, neck stiffness, disorienta-

AUG tts c h e , B r
in g a Lawn C
tion, coma, tremors, seizures or paralysis. People over the age of 60 are at
greatest risk for severe symptoms of the disease.

In Front of Go for Purchase

There are no vaccines or specific antiviral treatments for West Nile, but

D o g M e a ls A vail able over the counter pain relievers can be used to reduce fever and relieve some
OD Hot
symptoms. In severe cases, hospitalization may be called for to receive support-
ive treatments such as intravenous fluids, pain medication and nursing care.

& FUN!
So, bring your bug spray, dress appropriately and enjoy your day!

Gottsche is committed to you and
here to help you however you need it.
Physical Whether you are recovering from an
Residential Commercial
Occupational injury, medical procedure or just out of
shape and want to improve your health, Farm Ranch Recreational
Speech Therapy
Gottsche has you covered either through Property Management Rentals
our therapy or wellness program.
Individual Programs
for Seniors Your Full Service Real Estate Agency
Summer and After School .ORG
programs Serving
P.O. Hot Springs
Box 590 CountyWyoming
Thermopolis, Since 1984.
Personal Training/ Let our experience work for you.
Post Rehab Available 200 N. 6th Street P.O. Box 590 Thermopolis, WY 82443 800-353-4558

864-2146 148 E. Arapahoe Thermopolis. WY 307-864-2192

Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017 9

Keep an eye on pets

during the eclipse
State Park also provide plenty of shady spots. ment more quickly. If your pet seems to be acting
Keep in mind that if you are uncomfortable, its out of the ordinary, its best to be suspicious and
likely your pets are as well, even more so because get them to a vet and checked out.
they are also dealing with having hair all over their When it comes to pets getting loose, Thermopolis
bodies and the additional heat that comes as a result. Police Chief Steve Shay said the procedure would
It is recommended that pets are absolutely not left be the same as any other day. Animals found roam-
Population here in Thermopolis, as with the en- in vehicles when travelling. On sunny days, even at ing at large that cant immediately be reunited
tire state of Wyoming, is expected to boom when the 70 degrees, the temperature inside a car can reach with their owners are impounded at the vet clinic.
eclipse happens, and those travelling here to see 104 degrees in a half-hour, and 113 degrees in an However, there is only so much space available so
the celestial event are likely to bring their pets if hour. Even running the air conditioner or leaving it could reach a point where the animals are sim-
they have them. After all, theyre family too. the windows cracked are ineffective means of re- ply allowed to run.
The heat is a given here in August, and with the ducing the heat inside a car. Pets should be left at Jennie Blakesley with the clinic said its impor-
open spaces and tall grasses around theres plenty home with adequate provisions whenever possible. tant for people to make sure their pets are wearing
of chances for pets to get bit by snakes or lost. Staff As for those pesky rattlers, keep in mind they tags with owner contact information on them, as
at the Hot Springs Veterinary Clinic provided some live in a variety of areas, and simple curiosity or a thats the best way to make sure they are reunit-
advice on how to deal with the heat and the bites protective instinct can lead pets into their territory. ed as quickly as possible. Rabies tags, in addition
when it comes to your pets. The clinic does have the vaccination available for to ensuring law enforcement that the animals are
Its important for pets to have shade available those who want to be pre-emptive. Also available properly vaccinated, can also be used to track down
when they are outside, and plenty of cool water at is antivenin, for when bites do happen. Its also im- owners, though Blakesley noted it does take a bit
all times. Be sure to check water temperature and portant to seek treatment as quickly as possible for more time because they have to be traced through
replace as needed, as water set out all day will get your pet if its been bitten, as bites from all snakes the vet clinic.
plenty warm. A water bottle, as well as a way for not just the ones that are venomous can be- Though microchips are a popular trend for pets,
your pet to drink from it, is also important to take come infected if not treated properly. Blakesley explained they are not a GPS system,
if planning a long walk. Bites can happen so quickly that an animal and are only effective if they are scanned. Theyre
Also, with regard to walks, hot pavement can se- doesnt vocalize when it happens. Initial signs of a no help if a dog or cat is running out in a field or
riously burn the pads on animals feet. If theres any bite include quick swelling around the bite areas, as on a street.
doubt as to whether the pavement is too hot, consider well as labored breathing and slowed movements. If your pet does happen to go missing, you can
alternate routes. Dirt paths tend to be much cooler Those who know for sure their pets have been bitten contact the law enforcement dispatch center at
than pavement, and the paths through Hot Springs have an advantage as they can get them to treat- 864-3114.


Saturday, August 19
7:30 p.m.-1 a.m.
Broadway Street in
Downtown Thermopolis
Featuring Cowboy Hippie & Just Fiddling Around
See you downtown after the Demolition Derby!


Certain exclusions apply (does not include eclipse items, dairy,


tobacco, alcohol, lottery, gift cards, propane or rug doctor rentals).

What can you expect from the Senior Center During Must present the advertisement to qualify for the 10% discount.
the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse?
Good on Aug. 18-21, 2017, Thermopolis store ONLY
Sat. 8/19: We will be serving a Pancake breakfast, including eggs
and sausage, from 8:00am to 9:30am.
This breakfast is open to Seniors 60+ for a $4 suggested donation. Reese &
Any non-seniors will be a fee of $9.
Any person who has not attended the HSC Senior Center before will Ray's
be asked to fill out paperwork for this meal due to grant funding.
Sun. 8/20: We will be having a lunch fundraiser OPEN TO ALL.
Come on down for your choice of Chef Salad or Sub Sandwich, both
include chips, sides, and cookies. $8 per plate, serving from 12:00pm
to 1:30pm. (No paperwork required)
Mon. 8/21: We will run business as usual except for serving time.
Lunch on this day will be served from 12:00pm to 1:30pm. Stan-
dard donation rates and paperwork apply.
Located at 206 Senior Ave Thermopolis Wy 7 a.m. till 9 p.m.
Phone: 307-864-2151 7 Days A Week 225 South 4th, Thermopolis, WY 82443
10 Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017

Be informed of fire restrictions

Last month, the Hot Springs County Commis- materials. The decisions to implement the fire restrictions
sioners implemented a fire ban based on recom- Operating a chainsaw without a U.S. Depart- were based on the amount of dry, consumable fu-
mendations of the county fire warden. Under the ment of Agriculture or Society of Automotive En- els in the county. Heavy moisture in the spring
ban, any open discharge of fireworks is prohib- gineers approved spark arrester properly installed helped grasses to grow, but high temperatures
ited on unimproved State and private land. This and working, a chemical fire extinguisher of not the past several weeks have caused those same
includes all landowners in the county. less than 8 ounces capacity by weight, and one grasses to dry out and become highly combustible.
Trash or refuse burning must be done between round point shovel with an overall length of at You can check current fire information and re-
6 a.m. and 8 p.m. inside containers equipped least 36 inches. strictions online at
with spark arrestors in a clear area at least 10 Using a welder, either arc or gas, or operat- strictions. Here are some tips to help keep fires
feet in radius. ing an acetylene or other torch with open flame, from getting out of hand:
Exceptions to the ban include: camp fires con- except in cleared areas of at least 10 feet in di- Never park your vehicle over dead grass, as
tained in an established fire ring at an estab- ameter with a chemical pressurized fire extin- the catalytic converter or exhaust system can
lished campground, charcoal fires in enclosed guisher of not less than 8 ounces capacity. ignite fuels.
grills, welding done within a cleared area of at These fire restrictions are in addition to the If target shooting, select an area that is free
least 10 feet in radius, branding activities and year-round wildfire prevention restrictions on of flammable materials, and bring a fire extin-
chainsaws with properly installed and working BLM-administered lands throughout Wyoming, guisher or water to extinguish all flames. Ex-
spark arrestors. including: ploding targets are one of the major causes of
Further, the Bureau of Land Management Discharging or using any fireworks. wildfires, so take extra precaution if using them.
Worland Field Office implemented fire restric- Discharging of a firearm using incendiary or Tracer ammunition is prohibited for use on all
tions for all BLM-administered public lands tracer ammunition. public lands in Wyoming per the year-round Fire
within boundaries of Hot Springs County. The Burning, igniting or causing to burn any tire, Prevention Order.
restrictions also cover Washakie, Bighorn and wire, magnesium, or any other hazardous or ex- If your campfire is too hot to touch its too hot
Park counties. plosive material. to leave. Drown, stir and repeat until its cold.
Under fire restrictions the following acts are Operating any off-road vehicle on public lands Check your tires and ensure they are properly
prohibited: unless the vehicle is equipped with a properly maintained. One of the many causes of roadside
Building, maintaining, attending or using a installed spark arrester pursuant to 43 CFR fires is tire wires from the tread.
fire or campfire except within agency-provided 8343.1 (c). Should a fire break out, if drones fly over all
fire grates at developed recreation sites, or within The following persons are exempt from the air operations will be suspended, which can re-
fully enclosed stoves with a quarter-inch spark order: sult in loss of resources to battle the fire.
arrester type screen, or within fully enclosed Persons with a permit of letter of authoriza- If hauling a boat or trailer, make sure safe-
grills, or in stoves using pressurized liquid or gas. tion specifically authorizing the prohibited act ty chains are properly secure and not dragging.
Smoking, except in an enclosed vehicle or omission. Sparks can easily start wildfires. Also, check
building, a developed recreation site, or while Any Federal, State or local officer or member to make sure the trailer is in proper condition.
stopped in an area at least three feet in diam- of an organized rescue or firefighting force in the Make sure bearings are well greased and lug
eter that is barren or cleared of all flammable performance of an official duty. nuts are tightened.

Be Careful, And Dont Let

Anything Eclipse Your Fun 2017

During This Celestial Event.

We Are Here If You Need Us!

Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital BEST, SAFEST ROUTE Over Big Horns
Nestled in the beautiful Hot Springs State Park, our facility offers a broad
range of services including: EXPLORE Big Horn Mountains
24/7 emergency services
NEW state-of-the-art 48 channel MRI with a 1.5 Tesla magnet and 64-slice
REFRESH Ten Sleep Brewing Co.
low dose CT scanner. DRIVE Cloud Peak Scenic Byway
Laboratory and Cardiopulmonary services
Cardiac rehabilitation services CLIMB Ten Sleep Canyon
Obstetrical care
In- and out-patient general and orthopedic surgery and ambulatory
LEARN Washakie Museum
surgical care STAY Award Winning Hotels
Skilled nursing care for post-acute hospital stays
150 E. Arapahoe, Thermopolis WY (307)864-3121
Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017 11

Locating BLM land in HSC

Know where you can go to view the eclipse






Although this map may be helpful, always obey signs restricting travel and do not travel off road.

Mon.-Wed.: Noon & 7 p.m.

Sat.: 10 a.m. weapons
Other classes upon request

of Thermopolis

Reggie Reid
Chief Instructor
4th Degree Black Belt
FREE WiFi at Thermopolis-
Hot Springs Chamber of Stretch & Exercise, Learn Self-Defense using
Commerce Circular & Fluid Movements,
Courtesy of: Develop Discipline & Self-Confidence
130 S. 9th Street
Worland Riverfront Dry Camping Available
Cell: (307) 480-0011
388 Buffalo Creek Rd Thermopolis, Wy.
Facebook: CowboyAikido
12 Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017

Helpful tips on how

With the solar eclipse being a
once in a lifetime event, taking a
is a registration fee of $15, which
covers some of the materials but not
on the size needed, and filter mate-
rial is limited. The filter material is
sun, and the total cost of registration
and the filter is about $25 to $40.
picture is a great way to remember the filters. Filter costs will depend specifically designed for viewing the In comparison, commercial filters
you were there when it happened.
But, knowing the proper procedure
and settings when snapping those
photos can mean the difference be-
tween an amazing and disastrous
image, as well as damage to your
eyes or your equipment.
Local professional photographer
Jeb Schenck recently held a work-
shop for the dos and donts when pho-
tographing a solar eclipse. Schenck
noted the time to practice shooting
the eclipse is now, well in advance of
the actual event, as there is no time
to learn when its actually happen-
ing. Go out and get an idea of pho-
tographing the sun with filters now,
to learn if therell be any problems.
Among the materials youll need
are solar filter glasses for each per-
son. This does not mean welding
glasses, black CDs, sunglasses or
photographic neutral density (ND)
filters. Solar filters are also needed
for the viewing device. Schenck add-
ed what is recommended is at least
an ND 5. During a partial eclipse,
99 percent of the sun being covered
still leaves one percent uncovered,
which can still cause permanent
damage or blindness. Schenck not-
ed, your eye is a magnifying glass.
Those who would like some as-
sistance in making solar filters for
their viewing devices can speak to
Schenck in front of the WOW Store
and Flying Eagle Gallery during the
Friday, Aug. 18 ArtStroll. Starting
at 4:30 p.m., Schenck will have a
street activity of making solar fil-
ters, and will help build filters for
cameras, telescopes, spotting scopes
and binoculars.
Those interested in the activity
should pre-register if possible by
calling Schenck at 307-921-8906.
Also, remember to bring your view-
ing device, as it must be measured
to build the correct size filter. There

Presented by
Main Street
Featuring Local
Wyoming Breweries
Food Vendors
12 Miles North East
Historic Building Tours of Thermopolis
Corn Hole Tournament
Beer Pong
Cake to Celebrate
Distillery Tours
the 100th Birthday
of buildings in the & Whiskey Shop
historic district
Saturday, September 16
11 a.m.-8 p.m. Downtown Thermopolis
Live music throughout the day
Music also starting 8 p.m. at
One Eyed Buffalo Brewery H I S T O R I C D I S T R I C T
Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017 13

to shoot the eclipse

often run between $80 and $800.
Other materials include: the
graphing the eclipse, first make sure
the filter is on the end/outside of the
the F stop again, repeating through
1/1000 sec.
some pictures.
In addition to setting up and get-
viewing device, such as a tele- lens. It must totally cover the end of Make sure you get your filter back ting the shots of the event, its im-
scope, binoculars, spotting scopes, the lens. A week or two prior to the on after the totality, but be careful portant to keep personal safety in
cameras and telephoto lenses all eclipse, test your exposures. With not to bump or touch the focus ring. mind. Also, be courteous to others
equipped with the proper solar fil- the filter in place, shoot the mid- Schenck said on DSLR cameras who might be setting up to get their
ter a tripod, an electronic shutter day sun at F 8 to F 16, trying ev- its important to cover the back of shots. Get to your site in plenty of
release or timer that you would use ery shutter speed from 1/4000 to as the viewfinder, as light can come in. time, but also have a couple other
for time elapse images, a small white slow as 1/30 sec. From those shots, Theres going to be enough light, locations picked out if you cant get
cloth to cover a black camera so it choose best exposure. If your cam- he said, that really could screw up to your primary spot.
doesnt heat up too much from the era has a histogram, make sure the
sun, a headlamp, an extra memory histogram has pushed up against
card, extra battery and duct tape to the side, it is not clipped or cut off Community Federated Church
hold your pre-focusing in place on but will be close to the right side
your lens. Auto focus on the cam-
era should be shut off manual fo-
cus only. The flash should also be
of the graph. Use these exposure
times for the partial eclipse before
totality (C1) and the partial eclipse
turned off; you can tape over the
light sensor to keep the flash from
popping up.
after totality (C3).
As for focus, remember to keep
manual focus on; autofocus will not 307-864-2369 BREAKFAST
Information is also important to
have. Make sure you know in ad-
work. Set the camera to Live View,
and with the filter in place manually Discount Prices
August 21
vance the altitude how high the
sun will be as well as the azimuth
focus on the sun. Alternatively, you
can set camera to Live View, focus
Friendly Service 6:30-9:30 AM
the compass direction of when the on the moon and tape the lens focus We have a Pharmacist on duty to 2 Blocks North
eclipse starts and when it finishes. securely in place. Do not disturb it. answer any of your questions.
Also, make sure youre taking If time allows, go out and set your If you have insurance then it shouldnt matter what pharmacy you use. of Stop Light
care of yourself when out there focus a couple days before the eclipse 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Weekdays
Suggested Donations: $10,
shooting the eclipse. Have a com- and tape the lens focus down. 9 a.m. - Noon Saturdays
ages 6-13: $5, 5 and under: Free
fortable chair, bug repellent, sun- Hyperfocal focusing is an ad- 610 South 6th
screen, sunglasses and a floppy vanced technique that allows dis- Inside Blairs Super Market Eclipse designed aprons for sale
hat to avoid sunburn, drinks to tance foreground to be in focus all
keep you hydrated and something the way out to infinity. Focus on the
to eat. Alcohol is not recommended, distant object (for 70mm lens sub-
as you need a clear head not only to ject about 70 ft. away--no closer).
get good pictures, but also to avoid Subject and sun should both be in
any accidents. focus at F 11.
Prior to heading out to your spot, Looking specifically at photo-
lay everything out to make sure graphing the totality, this is when
youre not leaving anything impor- the brightest stars become visible.
tant behind. Likewise, when youre The corona and red or white prom-
done taking exposures, do a sweep inences will be visible. Remove the
of the area to make sure you have filter during this time. You will
everything coming back with you. replace it again when the partial
If you want the sun to be more eclipse begins again. The corona is
than a dot in your image, its recom- about a million times fainter than

mended to use a lens of at least 300 the normal surface brightness of the
mm. Larger lenses produce a larger sun. Parts of the corona are of dif-
image of the sun. Its recommended ferent brightness. The inner part is
for full frame DSLR cameras those much brighter than the outer limbs.
rday: 8 AM-3 PM
on which you can change the lens So, youre going to shoot the
to go with 500-1200 mm, though whole sequence, Schenck said, go
that can get a bit pricey. from very fast to very slow just dur-
There are three parts of the
eclipse to consider when it comes
ing that totality, because youre go-
ing to have to stack them later on.
Sunday: 12-5 PM
M on
day: 8 AM-5 PM
to photography. C1 is the first con- Schenck suggests a setting of F 8
tact of moon transiting the sun, the or F 11, essentially two F stops close
initial partial eclipse. This is when down from your maximum aperture
you need your filters for your eyes for the sharpness. So an F 4 lens 527 Warren Street
and for the camera/viewing device. would be sharpest at F 8 and very
C2 is the totality, a completely good at 11. Or an F 5.6 lens would
blocked sun, where no filters need- be sharpest at F 11.
ed. How long it lasts depends upon No single corona exposure will
your location, but it is roughly 30 capture the full range of the corona,
seconds to about 2 minutes, 20 sec- so rapidly shoot a whole sequence
onds. during totality. Use F 8 or F 11 and
C3 is the latter partial eclipse. run from one second exposures all
The moon is tracking off the sun the way up to 1/1000 sec. You will
creating another sequence of par- need to be quick and accurate in A WYOMING COMPANY
tial eclipse, progressively revealing changing your shutter speeds with-
more of the sun. Filters are still out disturbing the camera. This will
needed at this point. require practice where you shoot,
As for the procedure of photo- change the F stop, shoot, change
14 Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017

Hand washing key to

preventing disease spread
With the number of people in town for the eclipse, Pre-chill all food that will be in the cooler and using a meat thermometer is the best way to make
flooding local businesses, camping, cooking and at- freeze bottles of water and non-carbonated drinks, sure meats are cooked thoroughly.
tending events leading up to the big day, the poten- which will keep foods cold as they thaw. You can Avoid cross-contamination of foods to help pre-
tial to contract disease increases as well. even freeze water in bags in place of cold packs or vent the spread of disease. A person who eats a raw
Public Health Response Coordinator Mary Gor- ice, though ice is generally recommended as it fills hot dog that has been sitting next to hamburger
don said there are several hand-to-mouth illnesses the cooler completely and keeps food uniformly cold. patties, for instance, could contract E. coli.
everything from respiratory to stomach viruses Pack as much of your food as possible into wa- However, if you put raw meats and poultry to-
that can be prevented by hand washing. tertight bags, so that items do not get soggy as ice gether, cook both to the highest minimum temper-
To be blunt, Gordon said, what happens is peo- melts, and pack coolers in reverse order with food ature. For example, if cooking poultry and steaks
ple use the bathroom and dont wash their hands, you plan to use first on top, to lessen the time you together, cook both to 165 degrees for at least 15
or you use the bathroom and dont wash your hands need to spend digging for items. If possible, add a seconds.
afterward, and then you go and you eat. She rec- fridge thermometer and keep it centrally located Food that is sitting at temperatures above 40
ommends hand washing after every time you use in the cooler so you can monitor and ensure foods degrees and below 135 degrees needs to be used
the restroom, before you eat, and before and after are kept at the correct temperature, at or below within four hours; it should be thrown out any time
you handle food. 40 degrees. after that. Within that window, use methods such
If soap and hot water are unavailable for hand As for handling raw meat, poultry and seafood, as ice baths to keep cold foods cold, and campfires
washing, hand wipes and sanitizers could also be it can be a challenge in a campsite cooking area. to keep hot foods hot.
used. Among the measures to prevent illness, Gor- Keep meats and prepared foods such as salads and Things get a bit complicated for camping more
don said, personal hygiene is the biggest. sliced vegetables cold until use. than a few days with no access to ice. Cold foods
Its also important, in the late summer heat, Be sure to cook to the recommended tempera- are alright for the first day, but plan on bring-
to ensure foods that need to be are heated to the ture. If you have access to a cooking thermometer, ing more shelf-stable items for the rest of the trip.
right temperature and those that should be cold bring it. However, there are also methods, such as Fruits and vegetables are a good choice, but make
are kept cold. the finger/palm test for beef, in which you can sure to keep them whole until preparing them for
A necessity for camping is a cooler. Packing a compare the feel of the meat to different parts of consumption. Other options for food include nuts or
cooler efficiently and using it correctly is important your hand to determine how far done it is. However, dried food options like dried fruit, jerky or granola.
to keeping food, and people, safe and healthy. Keep such methods are not an exact science. As for poul- As with any activity, especially in the heat, stay-
in mind that every time you open a cooler, the cool try, an indicator its cooked properly it to see what ing hydrated is the most important thing for your
air inside escapes, so consider having two one color the juice is when the meat is pierced with a health. Pack along bottled or tap water for drink-
for food and another for drinks. This will help keep knife. If its clear rather than red or pink, its an ing. If you want to make sure the waters safe, boil
food at a more stable temperature if the cooler isnt indicator the meats done. it for a minute to kill any microorganisms that
being opened throughout the day. Again, such methods might not be accurate, and might be present.

Smoothies made 530 Broadway
with real fruit Thermopolis, WY
Delicious Wraps Mon.-Sat., 8:30-5:30
& Salads Crow Bar
Organic Fair Mon.-Sat., 8:30-5:00
Trade Coffee Open Sun., Aug. 20 Regular Hours

Drinks, snacks, foods & personal care

products to keep your travels healthy.
Yankee Candles Alternative Fair Trade Goods
Unique Gifts Health Care Needs Bulk & Special
Natural Herbs Organic Foods Orders Welcome
& Supplements African Market Baskets
Find us on Facebook
~ 2010 Business of the Year ~ at Natures Corner
Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017 15

Keep an eye on the sky, not just the eclipse

One thing that might cause the Weather Service office in River- inches of moisture, and not much is available find a lower spot, such
eclipse event to go from awesome to ton, didnt make any predictions in the way of cloud cover. The re- as an indentation in the ground,
disastrous is the presence of clouds for what the weather would be like cord precipitation for the day was where you can hunker down. Cover
obscuring the view. Geri Swanson, Aug. 21, but noted the average cli- .21 inches in 1998. your head to avoid injury from de-
a meteorologist with the National matology for that day has been .01 However, its important to keep in bris. Above all, she said, never try
mind some tips to keep yourself safe to outrun the tornado. You wont
should the horizon get a bit darker. make it.
With regard to thunder and light- As for signs to look for when it
ning, Swanson said its best to get comes to developing weather, clouds
inside if you can. If you happen to that are growing vertically and
be outside with no immediate shel- spreading forming an anvil shape
ter, dont be in an elevated area or and darkening are an indicator of
near an isolated tree both can a thunderstorm. Rain is typically
make you a target for a lightning seen underneath these clouds, and
strike. Also stay away from bodies the storm system itself could be ac-
of water, as theyre excellent con- companied by hail at its front and
ductors of electricity. Never lay flat tornadoes along the back, on the
on the ground, as this makes the southwest side of the storm.
entire length of your body a possi- Another thing to be aware of is
ble target. Instead squat down to the possibility of flash flooding.
make yourself as small as possible. Swanson advised against camping
In high winds, a vehicle or home in low-lying areas, as they might be
is the best place to be. Tents can dry creek beds that are susceptible
be easily blown away if not staked to flash floods.
or anchored down properly, but To make sure youre up-to-date
the metal frames can also become on the weather conditions, you can
deadly as the wind bends them and contact the National Weather Ser-
whips them around. vice, or use one of a number of web
When dealing with wind, its sites or smartphone apps that can
hard not to think or tornadoes. provide radar images, cloud cover
Swanson said for those camping maps and alerts of serious weather
in open fields its important to be conditions.
aware of your surroundings and More information regarding
where you can go for shelter if a safety in various weather condi-
tornado occurs. Again, a vehicle or tions is available online at weath-
home is the safest spot, but if neither

We will be closed Aug. 21

from 11 am-1:30 pm
for the solar eclipse
We will be holding an
Urgent Care Clinic
Saturday, Aug. 19
from 8 am-Noon
(Saturday prior to the Eclipse) 864-5534 120 North C Ave., Thermopolis
347-2449 1125 Charles Ave., Worland
16 Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017

Hwy. 20 North
To Worland

East Ri ver R o
Monument Buffalo Barns
Hill and Corrals


r Pas

Buffalo Pasture Rd
Bi g Spring D
Monument Colt e r D

Arapahoe Rd
Airport Rd

Calhoun Rd
7 6




Baseball Ponds

Ryan St Complex ett Dr

Butch Cassidy Rd


Maiden St $ Smokey Row

Hot Springs Cemetery

State Park

o rn River
Park St 4
$ Auditorium High $

g hHorn

Mondell St School

Springview St


ior A
Big Horn St School

Arapahoe St 3 Library 13 E Arapahoe St
To HSC Airport Warm
14th St

13th St

12th St

Family E Broadway St Springs

Hwy. 120 West Park Broadway St 12 2 Road
To Petroglyphs 1

D Ave
C Ave
Odell Ave $ Bicentennial

To Cody Park E Warren St

. Dr
Johnson Ave Warren St $ Warren St

5th St

4th St

6th St

$ E Fremont St
Fremont St
3rd St
11th St

10th St

Fremont Fremont St


2nd St

1st St


Clark St 10

9th St


Fire Drill Field

Clark St

Thermopolis Amoretti St $
Middle School
Amoretti St
Richards St rte
Valley View Dr

Chevy Ch Cir
ase $

ch R

Washakie St





Shoshoni St


dere $

t Ave


Mo Sunse Belv
South St 1 Stoplight

Canyon Hills Rd

11 2 Town Hall & Courthouse

8th St

3 Post Office
4 Chamber of Commerce
Lane 1
ens 5 State Bath House & Pools
o n St
6 Worlds Largest Mineral Hot Spring
Lane 2
7 Swinging Bridge/Rainbow Terraces
Lane 3 e8
Lan 8 Wyoming Pioneer Home
Lane 5
9 Hospital/Gottsche Rehabilitation Center
$ $
10 Dinosaur Center
11 Boat Ramps
12 Hot Springs County Historical Museum
Hwy. 120 South
To Wind River Canyon 13 Playpark/Senior Citizens Center
To Boysen State Park 14 State Park Headquarters
$ ATMs
11 RV Dumps
Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017 17

Camping regulations for

Hot Springs County
Now that youre here, you may up to 14 days before having to move or property. for cleaning up properties after the
have some questions about camping at least 25 miles from your origi- The short-term rental of homes, temporary activity has ceased.
in Wyoming as well as what steps nal spot. apartments, guest houses, bed- Remember, you are still not al-
you need to take to camp in Hot You may not return to that area rooms, and similar residential units lowed to trespass on private proper-
Springs County. for 28 consecutive days. are allowed. ty, or illegally park or camp within
The Bureau of Land Manage- Choose sites that are already es- The short-term rental of recre- public roads and other rights-of-way.
ment (BLM) sets out the following tablished. ational vehicles, recreational vehicle In April, the Thermopolis Town
requests when using their facilities, Camp at least 200 feet away from sites, and self-contained recreation- Council approved suspending town
either developed camping areas or water sources. al vehicle units will be allowed by codes related to parking campers in
non-developed areas on BLM lands. Use existing fire rings or camp residents. town and on the streets for just over
When camping in a developed stoves. Overflow areas for existing tent or a week around the eclipse, Aug. 16-
area, please use the specifically Check current fire conditions. recreational vehicle campgrounds, 24. Landowners allowing campers to
marked sites. If you are camping in Dispose of human waste proper- as long as access to toilet facilities park on their property are respon-
a developed site and are in a group ly (away from water and in a 6 or are provided or recreational vehi- sible for anything that happens, and
with more than two vehicles or 10 deeper hole). cles are self-contained will also be any cleanup.
people, please use a group site or two We ask you to follow a policy of allowed. No special permits are needed, but
campsites. Money from fees charged Treading Lightly! By picking up At no time shall recreational ve- those who plan to park campers on
at developed campgrounds are used litter, avoiding travel that could hicle or camping sewage be disposed the streets should not block drive-
to maintain these areas for every- damage the land, observing signs of in any manner other than a per- ways, and are asked to be aware of
ones enjoyment. Avoid a citation or and posted areas, leaving all gates mitted septic system or sewer con- street space and be courteous with
fine by being responsible and pay- as you found them, and asking per- nection. You can find the location of regard to space that might be used
ing your share. mission to enter private lands, you RV dumping stations on the map in- for regular homeowner parking.
Please respect other campers and will enhance the publics opportunity cluded with this publication. There is also no camping in town
keep quiet hours of 10 p.m. until 6 to enjoy these lands in the future. All temporary campsites must parks or town property, especial-
a.m., or those posted. Mike Phillips, the BLM field provide onsite solid waste contain- ly on the south side of the Eighth
Always build fires in the stove, manager for the Worland office, said ers, and landowners are responsible Street bridge.
grill, fireplace or ring provided in there will be more BLM staff out
developed campgrounds. Do not burn and about, helping more to educate
trash or material that produces toxic people so they dont find themselves
or hazardous material. in bad situations rather than hin-
Never leave a fire unattended. der them from enjoying the eclipse.
Use the designated spots for your Theres quite a bit of planning go-
tent, trailer and other gear. If you ing into this event, Phillips said, and
leave personal property unattend- the education done by BLM is not to
ed for more than 24 hours in a day- persuade people from heading out to
use area, or 3 days in other areas, enjoy the public lands, but rather to
it may be considered abandoned and make them aware of any risks. After
disposed of by BLM. all, the public lands are a natural
Horses, llamas and other live- resource we have in Wyoming thats
stock are not allowed in camp- there for everyone to enjoy.
grounds or picnic areas unless BLM During the time of the eclipse,
has provided facilities for that use. the commissioners for Hot Springs
Most BLM sites are offered on a County have waived permit require-
first-come, first-served basis. ments for camping from August 15
Whether in a developed camp- through August 31. In addition,
ground or at a dispersed site, you they have eased the rules about lo-
may usually camp in an area for cal folks renting out their residences


4:30 PM 5 PM-8 PM NOON-1:30 PM
Join Jeb in front of the Join us for our monthly Art Stroll in Join Deb and Mar-
Flying Eagle Gallery Downtown Thermopolis. cia in Bicentenni-
to make an eclipse safe Our theme is Out of this World with a al Park, on the cor-
lter. solar eclipse mobile sculpture you help ner of Broadway and
$15 registration plus build! Local artists include Cal Fulfer, 5th, for a fun Make
materials cost. Bring Rachel Turner, Claudia Augustin, Deb & Take solar art
your own viewing device. Stewart, Jen Taylor and many more will project using sun
Supplies limited. be displaying. reactive fabric!
Message us on FREE night of art from 5 PM to 8 PM Donations
Facebook to preregister Friday night! Appreciated!
Smoking Waters Art Guild
18 Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017

Know how to treat heat

With the projected number of people coming to
Thermopolis to be anywhere from 4,000 to 6,000,
clothes, as dark clothing absorbs more heat. Also
consider sunglasses to prevent harmful ultravio-
ness and light-headedness, lack of sweating de-
spite the heat, hot and dry skin, muscle weakness
Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital is tak- let rays from scorching your corneas, and wide or cramps, nausea and vomiting, rapid heartbeat
ing measures to ensure people who become sick brim hats to prevent UV rays from hitting sen- which may be either strong or weak, rapid, shal-
or injured are taken care of. sitive spots on your face. low breathing, behavioral changes such as confu-
Hospital CEO Margie Molitor said, in regard Use sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least sion, disorientation, or staggering, seizures or un-
to staffing, consciousness.
for about a As for rattle-
week around snakes, you can
the eclipse no help prevent
nu rses a re against bites
allowed to go by wea r ing
on vacation, boots or shoes
to ensure made of thick
they have the material and
staff avail- avoid walking
able. Mol i- in areas where
tor noted the snakes may be
demol ition present. Also,
derby is also stay on trails
happening a when possible,
couple days as rattlesnakes
earlier, so it are more vis-
will be a busy ible.
time in town. Since rattle-
A lso at snake bites can
the hospital, be fatal, the
Molitor said, treatment is
they are look- very important.
ing to extend The best possi-
hours for ble response to
those at the a rattlesnake
registration bite is to get to
desk around the hospital as
the eclipse to quickly as pos-
ensure there sible, though
is someone to you can do a
direct people few things to
where they help the bite
need to go, before the am-
and there is bulance arrives
also an addi- if youre in an
tional nurse area where you
scheduled to can dial your lo-
work in the cal emergency
ER. number.
In terms I f you a re
o f r e nd e r - bitt en , move
i n g i m me - away from the
d i at e f i r st rattlesnake. If
aid, Molitor the snake feels
said things th reatened,
like sprains it can strike
shou ld be again. There-
iced and elevated, and cuts should have pres- 30 and offering full spectrum protection. Also, fore, the person who was bitten should move out
sure put on them to stop bleeding. If it is a gap- with regard to sunscreen, use a higher-rated wa- of range of the snake. Get at least 20 feet away
ing wound, she noted, they might require stitches terproof sunscreen if you plan to be by the pool from the snake.
at the hospital. or beach. Be sure to get medical attention as quickly as
Those who may need oxygen during the eclipse Humans have the ability to sweat to cool down. possible. Most hospitals will have an appropri-
can contact LinCare Oxygen in Cody at 307- However, this also means your body is constant- ate anti-venin, and most treatments attempted
587-2812. Oxygen services can also be obtained ly losing fluid. To stay hydrated, drink water or by people before the hospital do not help much.
through Alpine Medical at their offices in Cody, juice (without added sugar) throughout the day If youre in an area where you can call an ambu-
307-587-5001, or Worland, 307-347-3344. to prevent dehydration or over exhaustion. Avoid lance, thats your best option. If not, try to find
Molitor also recommends people be aware of alcohol and caffeine, as they can dehydrate you. help to get you or the injured person to the near-
people around them, especially when theyre driv- As for staying out of the sun, try to avoid peak est hospital. Even if youre not sure you were bit-
ing, as there could be a lot of people trying to go hours when temperatures and UV rays are at ten by a rattlesnake, its important to go to the
through the canyon who are not used to driving their highest, normally between 10 a.m. and 2 hospital immediately. Its better to be at the hos-
on curvy roads. She noted local drivers who are p.m. Consider heading inside to get food and pital if you start to show symptoms of the venom
used to the streets and highways should exercise water, let your body cool down and maybe even entering your body.
patience with visitors, rather than getting frus- take a nap. Do not maneuver the area of the bite above the
trated, or trying to quickly pass them and caus- Heat stroke is the most serious form of heat heart, as this can cause blood containing venom
ing an accident. injury and is considered a medical emergency. If from the bite to go to the heart more quickly. If
Of large concern to Molitor are rattlesnake you suspect that someone has heat stroke also possible, keep yourself or the injured person from
bites and instances of heat stroke. known as sunstroke call 911 immediately and moving until help arrives. Movement means in-
Clothes can be the first line of defense against give first aid until paramedics arrive. Signs of creased blood flow, spreading venom more rap-
the heat. If headed outside, wear light-colored heat stroke include: throbbing headache, dizzi- idly. Of course, if youre alone, its more impor-
Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017 19

exhaustion, rattlesnake bites

tant to find help than stay immobile. If a marker, make your body take in the venom more quickly. In fact, within 15 minutes, the venom has already
pen or other marking tool is available, use it to Dont give the person anything to eat or drink entered the lymphatic system, so sucking after
draw around the bite. Doing this, you can mea- while waiting for care. This includes medication this point is useless.
sure swelling, if any. and alcohol. You want to keep the metabolism low. Dont apply a tourniquet, which cuts off blood
Keep an eye out for signs of shock, such as Dont cut the wound. Popular belief suggests flow to the limb. This advice was given in the
paleness, rapid heartbeat, fast breathing, nau- cutting the bite can help release the venom. How- past, as it was thought to stop the venom from
sea, dizziness and enlarged pupils. For those who ever, tests have proven that this method doesnt traveling to the rest of the body. However, it of-
go into shock, lay them down on their back, rais- help, and you can infect the wound if you use a ten does more harm than good.
ing the feet up at least a foot. Keep them warm dirty knife. Dont apply ice or immerse the wound in wa-
by wrapping them in a blanket or extra layer of Dont suck the wound with your mouth. By ter. Its important to preserve the viable tissue
clothing. Start CPR if a person doesnt show signs sucking, you introduce the venom to your mouth. for as long as possible. Using ice or water would
of life such as breathing, coughing or movement. Also, your mouth is bacteria-ridden, so you could not help preservation because it would slow blood
Avoid alcohol or caffeine. These substances also infect the bite with germs from your mouth. circulation.


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20 Thermopolis Independent Record, August 17, 2017

The 2017 total eclipse will be the listed by many subject matter ex-
rst such event visible from the perts, as the best site in the nation
contiguous United States since to view totality, due to conditions
February of 1979. such as dry weather and clear skies.
First to sweep across the entire The 60 mile wide path of totality
country since 1918! will run across the state of Wyo-
The path of totality (where the ming for 366 miles before proceed-
moon will block the view of the ing into Nebraska. In Wyoming,
sun completely) stretches across the path of totality will cross parts
parts of twelve states, including of the following twelve counties:
Wyoming. Teton, Lincoln, Sublette, Fremont,
In addition to Wyoming being an Hot Springs, Natrona, Carbon, Con-
easily-accessible place where the verse, Albany, Platte, Goshen and
eclipse will be visible, Wyoming is Niobrara.

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