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Guidelines in the Processing of Master Teacher I and II Documents

Basic Requirements:
1. Permanent Teacher
2. Bachelors Degree for Teachers or its equivalent as provided in Magna Carta for Teachers
Documents needed:
a. Appointment Paper as regular teacher
b. Transcript of Records, Special Order
3. Very Satisfactory Performance for the last two years Documents needed:
a. Performance Rating (PAST) with the signature of officials concerned
4. At least 3 years teaching experience
Document needed:
a. Service Record
5. At least 25 points in leadership and potential (Master Teacher I) or has been a demonstration teacher on the
district level plus 15 points in leadership and potential.
At least 30 points in leadership, potential and achievement (Master Teacher II) or demonstration teacher on the
division level plus 20 points in leadership and potential provided the activities or accomplishments listed for this
purpose had not been credited or used for earlier promotion.
Documents needed:
*At least three of the following.
Requirements a and b are basic, so are required.
a. A certification on the demonstration teaching containing the following information:
Subject of lesson, level of demonstration, specific date, venue, and the name of the training program.
If the demo is on the district level, the certification should be signed by the district supervisor; it
should be signed by the division supervisor concerned.
b. Lesson Plan
Any one of the following:
c. Copy of the program of the activities or the memo naming the nominee as demonstration teacher.
d. Pictures of the actual demonstration/activity.
Points for demonstration teaching
No. of demonstration teaching
3 2 1

National 20 17 14

Region 18 15 12

Division 16 13 10

Congressional / Municipal 14 11 8

District 12 9 6

School 10 6 4
e. Observation/Evaluation Sheets of three (3) observers
*A candidate for Master Teacher must have a regular teaching load of at least 4 loads as per DESC Order No. 39, S.
Documents needed:
a. Class Program
.Credit Point for Leadership, Potential, and Accomplishments
1. Introduced/ initiated any of the following which has been adopted or used by the school or district (not initiated by
Curriculum or instructional materials in
(not outputs of any seminar-workshops)
Level Chairman Member

District 12 7

School 10 5
Documents needed:
1. Certification/ Recognition by subject area supervisor
2. Presentation of finished product for the evaluation of quality and quantity* of output
* Quantity of output: Minimum is a set of 40 copies

Effective teaching techniques or strategies (demonstration teaching on the district/division level)

Documents needed:
1. Lesson Plan
2. Form 178 signed by the district/division supervisor
3. Certification signed by district/division supervisor indicating the date, place and subject of demo lesson
4. Pictures showing the teacher during the demo lesson
5. Observation sheet by five teachers who attended the demonstration.

Simplification of work as in reporting system, record keeping, etc. or procedure that resulted in cost reduction
Documents needed:
1. Presentation of outputs
2. Description of project
3. Certification by principal of the project

A worthwhile income-generating project for pupils given recognition by higher officials in the division
Documents needed:
1. Approved project proposal
2. Financial report showing income generated by project
3. Served efficiently and effectively in any of the following:
a. Subject coordination/grade chairman for at least 1 year; or as adviser of school publication or any special school
organization like dramatic club, glee club, science club, etc. and discharged such assignment satisfactorily for at least
2 years provided such assignments or services are in addition to, and not considered part of, the regular teaching
Coordinator certification by district and subject area supervisor as to performance of district coordinator
As Coordinator:
Level 4 yrs. & above 3 yrs. 2 yrs. 1 yr.

District 12 pts. 10 pts. 8 pts. 6 pts.

School 8 pts. 6 pts. 4 pts. 2 pts.

As Grade Chairman 8 pts. 6 pts. 4 pts. 2 pts.

1. List of activities/projects undertaken during term
2. Certification by principal and five teachers of the same grade as claimant, as to the authenticity of
activities/projects undertaken.
Documents needed:
1. Appointment/designation signed by principal/ district supervisor stating the nature of the assignment, specific date
of service.
2. Certification of very satisfactory performance signed by principal/district/division supervisor.
3. Copy of publication if a school paper adviser
4. Served as a chairman of a special committee,* such as curriculum study committee, committee to prepare
instructional materials**, committee to prepare school program*** and discharged the work efficiently.
*Other special committees: testing committee, remedial instruct, etc.
** Points for participation in a national/regional/division-initiated preparation of instructional materials.
Chairman Member

National 20 - 12 15 - 6

Regional 18 - 10 13 - 5

Division 16 - 8 11 - 4

Congressional 14 - 6 9-3

Municipal -4

District 12 - 2 7-2
*** School program refers to the program of the school such as action plan/action program geared towards the
attainment of the educational objectives of the year and not merely the schedule of classes in the intermediate grades.
Documents needed:
a. Appointment / designation as chairman/ member of the committee signed by the officials concerned.
b. Presentation of output
c. Narrative report of activities/accomplishments made including the specific dates.
4. Initiated or headed an educational researched activity duly approved by educational authorities either for
improvement of instruction, for community development or teacher welfare;
Documents needed:
a. Approved research proposal
b. Finished research rated by officials concerned using the following rating based on quality, content and accuracy:
100 12 pts 86 - 87 5 pts

98 - 99 11pts 84 - 85 4 pts

96 - 97 10 pts 82 - 83 3 pts

94 - 95 9 pts 80 - 81 2 pts

92 - 93 8 pts 79 - 79 1 pt

90 - 91 7 pts 76 - 77 .50 pt

88 - 89 6 pts 75 .25 pt
5. Coordinator of community project or activity or of a program of another agency or coordinator of a rural service
improvement activity in a community such as feeding, nutrition, agro shall not exceed 10 points. The following table
shows the distribution of points:
National Regional Division District School

First Place 10 5 3 1 .5

Second Place 9 4 2 .75 .4

Third Place 8 3 1 .50 .3

Fourth Place 7 2 .75 .25 .1

Fifth Place 6 1 .50 0

Example 1: Contestant A wins first place in the district Math contest and is qualified in the division level. He wins
first place in the division and so is qualified in the regional Math Contest. He wins third place. The coach of
Contestant A is entitled to 7 points but not more than the maximum points of 10:
District 1 (first place)
Division 3 (first place)
Region 3 (first place)
= 7 pts
Example 2: Contestant B wins first place in a district story Telling Contest; Contestant C wins second place in a
Division Science Quiz Bee; Contestant D wins Fourth place in a Regional HEKASI Quiz. If Teacher 1 is the coach
of all the three winners, he gets the 6 points but not over 10 points:
Contestant B 1 (first place district)
Contestant C 2 (second place division)
Contestant D 3 (fourth place regional)
= 6 points
*1. Trainor or coach to contestants who receive prizes, commendations or any form of recognition
National winner 10 pts
Regional winner 5 pts
Division winner 3 pts
District winner 1 pt
*2. Athletic coach of athletes or teams who won prizes as follows:
National level 10 pts
Regional winner 5 pts
Division level 3 pts
District Level 1 pt
Documents needed:
Any of the following:
a. Appointment/designation to serve as coach/trainer, coordinator signed by school official concerned; or a district/
division bulletin naming the nominee as such.
b. Program/memorandum announcing the results of contest, or certification of winner
c. Certificate of commendation, recognition, merit of coach/ trainor
3. Coordinator of Boy Scout or Girls Scout activities:
National Level 10 pts
Regional Level 5 pts
Division Level 3 pts
Industrial fairs ___ to at least two years.
For participation as member (7 pts)
Documents needed:
All the following are to be submitted
a. Certification of nominee by head of agency concerned to the position as coordinator or member
b. Program/schedule of activities
c. Description of activity/project
d. Certification that the activity occurred for at least 2 years
6. a. Organized/managed an in-service activity or other similar activities at least on the school level
For participation as member (7 pts)
Table of Points
Organized/managed a training
Over - all Chairman/ in charge Member

National 12 7

Regional 10 5

Division 8 3

District 6 1

School 4 .50
b. Served as a trainor / resource speaker / facilitator in an in service activity or similar activity at least on the school
Lecturer / Trainor / Resource Speaker Facilitator

National 7 points 5 points

Regional 5 points 3 points

Division 3 points 1 point

District 1 point .50 point

School .50 point .25 point

Documents needed:
a. Program of activities showing working committees and designated chairmen and members and the number of days
of the seminar (a minimum of two days or four half days seminar or 16 hours)
b. Certification by principal / district / division / supervisor
7. Credited with meritorious achievement such as
*Winners in all levels are to be credited but total points
Area (CD/Municipal) Level 1.5 pt.
District level 1 pt
Documents needed:
1. Certification of recognition / commendation duly signed by authorities concerned
2. Program of activities
3. Designated as coordinator
8. Autographic: Published books/ article that are on education
Title of Book/ Article
Sole Authorship 10 pts.
Co Authorship 5 pts.
Article published in a National newspaper or Magazine 1 pt. per article