Investor and Company Actions

on Disclosure of Climate Risks and Opportunities

15th Nov, Official Side-Event
Room 10, 11.30-13.00, Bonn zone, COP23

Opening remarks:

Michael Wilkins, Managing Director, S&P Ratings and member of the FSB’s Taskforce on Climate-
Related Financial Disclosures

Introduced by Sue Reid, Vice-President, Ceres

1st panel: Investor actions to implement climate disclosure

Moderated by Stephanie Pfeifer, CEO, Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (Europe)

James Bevan, CIO, CCLA
John Stouffer, New York State Comptroller’s Office
Willemijn Verdegaal, Advisor, Responsible Investment and Governance, MN
Emma Herd, CEO, Investor Group on Climate Change (Australia and New Zealand)

2nd panel: Climate disclosure - Companies, banks, and the emerging market perspective

Moderated by Paul Simpson, CEO, CDP

Val Smith, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Citigroup
Mark Campanale, Founder, Carbon Tracker Initiative
Fiona Reynolds, Managing Director, PRI
Eric Usher, Head, UN Environment Finance Initiative

Closing remarks:

Sue Reid, Vice-President, Ceres