The listed words are hidden in the grid of letters. They may be hidden horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction. Can you find them all?

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Eco Ears Eco Ears has green clothes, a hat made of autumn leaves and wellies. Her long coat has lots of pockets so she can collect things on her travels and draw the wildlife she sees. Her elfish ears give her radar hearing, which helps her to detect wildlife in need of help! Eco Ears’s catchphrase is: “Heal the world.” When she says this birds start singing and litter flies into the nearest bin. Miriam Ashon, aged 11

Films and books
1. Who is SpongeBob SquarePants’s best friend? 2. What are the Brothers Grimm famous for? 3. “No capes!” is a quote from which film? 4. How many books are there in the Harry Potter series? 5. What kind of animal is Hamm in Toy Story?

Food and drink

Carp Goby Hake Salmon Trout

Clownfish Goldfish Piranha Sole Tuna


Word ladder
Can you go from top to bottom making new words at each rung by only changing one letter?

crack the code
Can you work out the word represented here?

Word wheel

F Ly E R

F Ly E R
For all the answers, see Monday’s G2

How many words (of three letters or more) can you make using these letters? you must always include the letter ‘C’ in the middle. Can you spot the nine-letter word?

The Originator The Originator is an eco-warrior who goes around righting wrongs. Her catchphrase is: “As you were!” If she touches something and says this it turns back into what it originally was. She can turn a fur coat back into the animal it originally was. If a bulldozer is destroying a forest she can turn it back into metal nuggets, which sink into the ground. Tamsin Sandford Smith, aged 10½

6. What is the highest mountain on earth? 7. Which planet is closest to the sun? 8. What is another name for a tidal wave? 9. What do you call someone who studies earthquakes? 10. What is the capital of Peru?
puzzles by ClariTy meDia

11. Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? 12. Which country does lasagne come from? 13. What is the ingredient in bread that makes it rise? 14. The world’s most expensive coffee is made from the droppings of a small cat-like animal who loves to eat coffee beans. True or false? 15. Which fruit has seeds on the outside?

The giggler
Q: What do you call someone who’s afraid of coffee shops? A: Costa-phobic. Q: What does a tired dog wear on mufti day? A: Just pants.

16. Caterpillars turn into butterflies. True or false? 17. In which country would you find a kangaroo? 18. What is a silverback? 19. What are baby goats called? 20. The name hippopotamus comes from a Greek word meaning what?


21. What is the human body’s biggest organ? 22. A thermometer is a device used to measure what? 23. What does CO2 stand for? 24. Two-thirds of your body is made of water. True or false? 25. How long does it take for a plastic carrier bag to rot away?


did you know?
The tug-of-war was contested as a sport at the Olympic Games from 1900 to 1920. Britain had the most consistently successful team, winning two gold medals and two silvers during the period.

See how many “did you know?” facts you remember. 26. What is the largest living organism even known? 27. What does the Dalai Lama collect in his spare time? 28. What nasty habit is “rhinotillexomania”? 29. Who invented the sandwich? 30. Which insect can survive for weeks without its head?

Have you been reading?

book club
Dance On My Grave by Aidan Chambers This book is about Hal Robinson, and his account of what led him to deface the grave of his friend, Barry. It explores the concept of friendship, growing up and the power of choices. Some of the language and ideas are quite difficult but the images are beautiful. It’s quite a surprising novel and one that stays with you long after the last page is turned. Review by Chloe James, aged 14. Tell us about your favourite book at g2kids@guardian.co.uk

short story
he rock face rose steeply above me like the walls of a vast and impenetrable fortress. I swallowed back my fear and placed one trainer-clad foot on the rocks. The instructor sensed my uncertainty and told me that I didn’t have to climb up, but I couldn’t back out now, not in front of my whole class, so I reached up and clung on with sweaty palms. As soon as my second foot – my anchor to the ground – touched the cliff, the harness round my middle was yanked tight, forcing me to begin climbing. Hand over hand, foot over foot, I inched my way skywards, the jagged rocks cutting into my hands like knives. Suddenly I slipped on a pile of lose stones. Temporarily, one foot dangled hopelessly in the breeze. I tried to jam

The Climb
By Holly Gilson, age 16

Makes 18 mini muffins 1. Preheat oven to 180C (gas mark 4) 2. Line two mini-muffin tins with 18 minimuffin liners.

reCipe frOm mummy anD me COOkbOOk (DOrling kinDersley)

14 The Guardian

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my toes securely in a crevice, but that fell away as well, and I could feel the little rock I was holding on to begin to crumble. It was important I found a foothold quickly, so I looked down to find one. Looking down was a mistake. I couldn’t help noticing how the mountainside fell away steeply beneath me. The thought of tumbling down, head over heels, somersaulting through the air, made me feel dizzy. I knew I had a safety harness on, but it didn’t ease my worries. Below me stood an army of school children, wondering why I wasn’t moving, but it felt as if the rock I was standing on was swaying, and the cliff was spinning. I thought my head would explode with this feeling of nausea. All I could think was, “Don’t be sick. Don’t be sick,” because the boys would laugh, the girls would be disgusted and the instructor would

give me unwanted sympathy. I closed my eyes and placed my forehead against the cold rockface. Looking up, I saw that the summit was not that far away, so after receiving an impatient tug on my harness line from below, I attacked the remaining climb with a sense of determination and speed. At the top I squeezed my eyes shut and, with my heart in my mouth, leaned back into the harness. I felt a nanosecond of fear before being safely in position for coming down. I hurriedly kicked off from the rocks, anxious to have my feet on the ground. The people holding on to my harness line lowered me to the bottom. With a bump I hit the grassy floor and then took off the harness. I looked back up at the castle of rock and realised that I had conquered it – I was victorious!

friday food challenge Mini banana Muffins

These mini banana muffins are tasty and healthy. Perfect teatime treats.

What you need

• 1 medium egg • ½ tsp vanilla extract • 55g soft light brown sugar • 1 large, very ripe banana • 55ml sunflower oil • 85g wholemeal flour • ½ tsp baking powder • ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon • Pinch of salt

What to do

3. Crack the egg into a large bowl, then add the brown sugar. 4. Add the vanilla extract and beat together until thick. 5. Break the banana into pieces in a small bowl, then mash it well with a fork. 6. Add the mashed banana and the oil to the egg and sugar mixture. 7. Sift in the flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, salt, and cinnamon. Add the bran left in the sieve to the bowl too. Stir together until just combined. 8. Spoon into the muffin cases (around two-thirds full). 9. Add a slice of banana or a sprinkle of sugar to the top and bake for 12-14 minutes until risen and firm.

The riddler
Which country is hidden in this riddle? My first is not in hot but is in fire My second is in want but not in desire My third is found in shade and clear My fourth is in circle but not in sphere My fifth is the first letter of year
Yesterday’s answers Spot the difference: 1) The sea is missing; 2) One palm tree has been removed; 3) The zebra’s mane has been removed; 4) The hippo’s tale has changed direction; 5) The zebra’s tale has changed direction; 6) There’s a patch missing on the giraffe Crack the code Double check Number sequence 72: add nine each time The riddler Chair

The Guardian 15

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