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ans if Seen ai I bere AE i ca BERGER Protecton 2c Epilux 5 Coal Tar Epoxy ‘An ideal costing for protection of sluice and barrage gates, caissons, hyde! penstocks, pipelinss, storage tanks and, structural steelwork in fertiizer, chemical refineries and coastal instalation ‘SCOPE ‘Atwo pack epoxy tar coating having excellent water and akal resistance. This ss sulphates in sol water. Conjunction with cathodke protection systems. It withstands backing te “yp: To pick cee wn ayaa ing Ri Ean Cay vate RESISTANCE GUIDE The product is suitable for sustained immersion Ingaltand 20a water ‘Temperature Resistance : ‘Continuous 93°C Intermittent 120°C (Curing Timy ‘Weatherabiliy : Fair (Chalks) Flexibility: Fair ‘Abrasion Resistance : Good =) Mar. 04 eit Meh hah ll Epilux 5 Coal Tar Epoxy SC ‘Stool: Remove grease, oll and other contaminants preferably by using Bison Degreasing Solvent. Blast clean to a minimum of Sa 22 Swedish Standard SIS 05 5900 witha surace profile not exceeding 65 microns. | blasting is not practical, make full use of mechanical tools along with manual chipping and wire brushing to remove loose rust and scale to St. 2 Swedish Standard SIS 05 5800. Excessive burrshing of steel isto be avoided. Thoroughly dust down all surfaces. Best resulls can be achieved if the manually cleaned surface is pximed with Protectomastic - Self Priming Surface Tolerant Coating, The surface shoud be clean and dry before application of ‘appropriate primer coat. ‘Conorete : NEW CONCRETE : Enauro that the conor io oure for 9 minimum of throe montha, The curtage isto Be ‘made rough and fre ftom litance and other contaminants by sand sweeping, OLD CONCRETE : Remove all salt ‘eposits from the surtace by waterjet washing, Light sand blast the surface to remove all loosely bound coatings and roughening up of frmly adhering coatings to ensure anchorage with recommeded system, Ensure all dust/other are fly removed by suction or air blast and the surface is fuly clean and cry before applicatog@l paint. In non-cr ‘areas where blasting is not possible, waterjet washing and hard wire brushing re “> 'APPLICATION onus retreat erro consistency. Alow the mature to mature for 30 wreanassmenlyse Brush: Apply preferably without thinning, However, required ding ap upto 5% ae Airless Spray : Apply preferably without thinning. However, upto = ‘depending on conditions. Use any standard equipment naving = Tip pressure 110-160 Kaen. SEES Surface tet Coat Y 4th Coat oa toh Dhar lux SCTE - En Kany 7 e - ee eo Protectorate _* Concrete Gong feo 5 x con Sureces Cavarised ron ‘Aly a coat of Bison Wash Primer olowed by any ofthe or Anim primer coat “ro 20 ames falls below 10 C or ise above 50°C and when relative humid rises above 909% ‘or mist. pment should be cleaned with Thinner 844 otherwise equipment is ikely to be damaged. refer tothe separate Safety Data Sheet avaiable with detail information. ime of preparation The Capany wl tbe lo rss or sarageRowsoove’ causes ud oo Tat frnegigance, wich may bo sure by he user re ata cartes hare isthe users responsinty to const al seco ts tear the subi oy pec syst fr a Trndod usa. No guaare of rests splashes conten f Us re beyone au canto BERGER PAINTS INDIA LIMITED Berga Houso 129 Park Steet, Kosta 700017 Phone : (083) 2209724 (5 Ines) /2249 0754 (ines) Fax: 91-93-2240 0728 /240 9000 Email: NORTH bp SOUTH: bp ch2@siycom EAST: WEST: boil veh@venlnet