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This is a subject which most people are not really aware of yet it is the most p

owerful tool that is used to direct the lives of every person on this planet. I
will give a brief description of the way mind control is used against humanity.
First, it is important to understand that there are two aspects here: Programmin
g and Mind Control. Programming is the artificial installation of mind patterns
and mind control is the external control of the mind and therefore the body.
How do you think that so few people manage to control the lives of so many peopl
e? Are you happy with the way things are run? Would you like to change things b
ut think that is is just not possible or something for someone else to do? Well,
this is mind control. The first step is to make people look outside of themselv
es for their support. One of the earliest examples of mind control was religion,
where people were made to believe that they must worship an external God if the
y didn't wish to go to hell. This is obviously still in existence today.
In the present day it is much more advanced than this. During World War II the N
azi party was very interested in mind control and there was an individual named
Joseph Mengele who was stationed at Auschwitz.

Joseph Mengele
He was conducting experiments on the unlimited supply of subjects into the use o
f trauma based mind control. This is where a trauma of some sort is inflicted on
the subject and this causes their mind to split and compartmentalise the trauma
tic experience so that it need not be relived in the person's memory. This is a
survival mechanism so that you can function normally without being tormented b
y the constant memory of the trauma. Mengele discovered that these compartments
that the mind creates to hold the suppressed memories could be programmed with f
unctions that could then be later recalled using triggers. A trigger could be an
ything from a sound to a colour to a word or sentence and would be installed at
the time of the trauma. Upon experiencing the trigger the subject would then go
into the corresponding compartment and act out whatever had been previously prog
rammed into it. This is the same as the watered down version that is used perpet
ually on the masses to get them to demand to have their freedoms eroded. The ter
rorist attacks are a trauma to the people and so whenever the government wants t
o install new laws depriving the people of freedoms they quote the terrorist att
acks and this triggers people into accepting and demanding the laws be put into
place. It is the same with the economic collapse and countless other traumas inf
licted on the masses. So watch out for what you are being led to accept and be v
igilant about the reasons.
Back to Mengele, after WWII had ended he and many other Nazis were brought to Am
erica under Project Paperclip to continue their work. This resulted in the first
Monarch Sex Slave, Candy Jones.

Marilyn Monroe was another in this category. With this acquired knowledge they c
ould program people and place them in society to carry out specific functions an
d the trail could not be traced back to the real source. Lone gunmen and women a
re all programmed so the population will believe that the shootings are the resu
lt of a nutter.
The most recent development in their arsenal of mind control tools is ELF and mi
crowaves. These can be transmitted through the air form cell phone towers, micro
wave towers, satellites and essentially anything that carries an electromagnetic
signal. They can target specific people with this technology or target whole po
pulations. Because of this technology they no longer need to physically inflict
the trauma to create the mind control functions, although that method is still i
n operation.
Now approximately 1-2% of the total population of this planet have been specific
ally programmed to facilitate the emerging society that those in control wish to
implement. Most of these people do not have any idea that this has happened to
them because of the effective compartmentalisation of their minds. They truly
believe that their actions and decisions are their own. A result of this program
ming is that these people may have difficulties in their lives. It depends on th
e programming and the individual. Bits and pieces of the programming may leak th
rough into their conscious life and they can develop strange habits and ways of
This is a relatively brief description of this subect which is massive. There is
a lot of information about this available, not all of it the most accurate. The
most accurate information comes from people who have been specific targets for
mind control and programming and have rediscovered their memories. Other than th
is, the only other sources would be the perpetrators, or those who happen to stu
mble on the subject through involvement with the agencies and organisations that
facilitate it.

There are many different sub-headings in the arena of mind control. Each project
installs different functions in the subjects for an array of different purposes
. One subject can have many different types of programming installed in them.
The main heading of all mind control is MKULTRA. The MK stands for Mind Kontrol.
The German spelling of control is used because that is where the research origi
These are some of the main projects:

Project Monarch
Perhaps the most well known form of programming, this is named after the Monarch
Butterfly. Most subjects in this category are female but about 15% of Monarchs
are male.
Monarchs are primarily sex slaves. They are used to compromise people in politic
s in order to sway votes and for political pull.
Many performers in the entertainment industry are Monarchs. They can be identifi
ed by a tattoo of a butterfly which is often put on their body.
They are also used heavily in Sexual Magick Rituals. Their programming makes the
m open to performing many different sexual acts.
They are also used to transport messages between world leaders that it is impera
tive do not fall on the wrong ears. The message can be installed in them and wit
h the correct trigger they can regurgitate it word for word.
Celebrity Monarchs include Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears and Courtney Love. Kur
t Cobain was of course programmed too.
Project Greenstar
This project encompasses many different areas but is mainly geared towards prepa
ring the world for a Staged Alien Invasion. People with greenstar programming wi
ll be used to bring in the idea of alien contact with earth.
Many people with greenstar programming can be found in the New Age religious cir
cles. They are claiming to be chanelling information from groups such as the Ple
iadians from the Pleiades star system and often say that a saviour race is comin
g to save humanity.
Suicide Programming
This is installed in every single programmed person. It is designed to trigger i
f any of the other programs have failed to activate, showing that the person is
no longer responding to the programing as planned. This can make it very difficu
lt for people to deprogram themselves because the suicide programs will be const
antly kicking in and fostering a need for self destruction. In fact, because eve
ryone on this planet is programmed, if not specifically then generally (through
ELF and the media), everyone has suicide programs. These can make it difficult f
or people to break out of the convention and ensures that people do not stray to
much from the given direction of society.
We are seeing a lot of vigilante activations now. They are the lone gunmen and w
omen who open fire on innocent people in supposedly safe areas. Their purpose is
to promote fear in the population so they are open to having freedoms taken awa
y in return for so called safety.

Subliminal messages are used throughout the world. They imprint our sub consciou
s mind with whatever is chosen. The efficiency of this method of conditioning is
that it circumvents any conscious filtering of the message. It is merely a tool
, though. It can be used for whatever purpose you wish.
Some current examples can be found on
They are predominantly sex based because this is the most effective way to impri
nt people. Sexual energy is the energy of creation and it has been purposefully
twisted in the population and is used against us to make us more easily control
Please read The True Reality of Sexuality by Janet and Stewart Swerdlow. This bo
ok explains very clearly how sexuality is used in the media and by the handlers
of this society. It is full of much more important knowledge than this though an
d I think the title sums it up perfectly.
Another form of subliminal messaging is even more nefarious than these previous
methods. This goes beyond images and words. It is the use of microwaves and ELF
waves transmitted through the air. These waves match our brainwaves and become a
carrier wave for our thoughts. We can accept whatever messages are in them simp
ly thinking that they are our own thoughts. Any electronic device acts as an at
tractor for these waves so carrying ipods or cell phones makes one more succepti
ble. They are transmitted to us from satellites, through the power grid, HD TV b
oxes, Wireless towers etc. Why do you think it became mandatory to switch to the
new HD technology, and why did the government subsidise the switch? Is high ima
ge quality on your TV really such a great issue? The truth is those boxes and TV
s have a much higher bandwidth and thus a much greater potential for carrying th
e mind control messages.
take control of your mind and free it from others control.