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Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Program: 2016-17


Aanchal Agarwal MR. KRISHNA KR. SINGH

7th Semester
Roll No. 1130675014
IMBA 2016-2017



Any fruitful work is incomplete without a word of thanks to those involved directly or indirectly in its

completion. With my sincere gratitude I would like to thanks everyone who has supported me in my


I am extremely grateful to Dean Incharge Prof. Sushil Pandey Sir and my Mentor Mr. Aanchal

Rastogi faculty of School Of Management, BBD UNIVERSITY, LUCKNOW who insight encouraged

me to go beyond the scope of the project and this broadened me learning on this project.

At the very outset I would express my sincere thanks and deep sense of gratitude to personnel who

helped me during the collection of data and gave me rare and valuable guidance for the preparation of

this report.

I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude and appreciation to my project guide

MR. Krishna Kumar Singh (Branch Manager) for giving me the opportunity to do the project work under

this prestigious company, and guiding me for assistance, motivation, valuable advice, worthwhile

discussion, technical ideas, and important suggestions throughout the project.


I hereby declare that the project report entitled customer satisfaction of water purifiers system for Carry

Soft pvt.Ltd in partial fulfillment of requirements for the degree of masters of business administration to

Babu Banarsi Das University, Lucknow is my original work and not submitted for the award of any other

degree, diploma, fellowship or any other similar title or prizes.





The success of any business entity solely depends on how effectively does it utilizes its optimum

resources and how soon does it make arrangements for the removal of the customers grievances.

Moreover, the company should always be ready to make necessary changes according to the requirement

in order to attract more customers so as to maintain a substantial growth in the market. The topic given to

me was:

Customer satisfaction of water purifiers system for Carry Soft pvt. Ltd.

I have tried to put my best efforts to complete this task on the basis of skill that I have achieved during

my studies in the institute.

I have tried to put my maximum effort to get the accurate statistical data. If there is any error or any

mistake in collecting the data, please ignore it.



No. No.



In each and every management training scheme there is a provision for real time job experience within

the academics time period. It calls as summer training or corporate training or corporate interaction; the

main aim of this to introduce to the corporate arena. This training is to utilize and implement the

theoretical knowledge of the classroom into real corporate world. It is well said, Nothing is much

practical than a good theory but on the very same we cant deny practical is better than theory.

These phrases are opposing each other but also are complementary to each other. Experiencing both in a

good dedicated manner really plays a lot in ones professional carrier.

In the field of marketing the scenario is no exception. Field exposure is very much necessary for the

student of marketing too. In this stream of business the application of theory is very frequent. From

consumer behavior to consumer satisfaction all the theory can be experienced in a day spend in the field

of marketing. Marketing is now so much diversified that now it can be done by mere use of cell phone or

by internet, but experiencing the real marketing tactics is only possible by working in the field. Therefore

I am really to my college and Carry Soft Pvt. Ltd Company for providing me with this opportunity.

It is obvious that to remain competitive the corporate marketing strategy must aim to create and retain a

satisfied customer. This is possible only when the firm adds value to the customer should perceive this

customer. The customer should perceive this value to be distinctively more than the firms rivals. When

this happens, the firm gets a premium on its product on emerges as a market leader.

This is true for all the products. Even though it is more visible in industrial products, in the form of

customer training, updating technology, at a low cost for the customer, on site servicing to ensure zero

down time in the customer manufacturing facilities etc in consumer goods too, value in perceived when

the product service the needs for which it is brought.

I am trying to the study the Customer Satisfaction of Water Purifiers of Carry Soft Pvt. Ltd in the

project. I hope my study will help Carry Soft (P) Ltd.



Usually it is said that if marketing would be a train, than market research would be the locomotive. In

other words, market research should ideally be the starting point on any marketing exercise. Conducting

any marketing exercise- is it related to pricing, promotion or distribution of a product or service. Without

researching the potential market is as sensible as setting out sell sand in the Sahara Desert.

Market research provides the answers to all the questions that generally occupy the minds of marketers,

at every stage of the marketing process.


India, fastest growing market research industry in the world, with growth rates at around 31 % (2009-10).

China is a distant second growing at 20%. The size of the industry if of 595 crore, but the industry is growing

rapidly with a lot of business coming from overseas. The business coming from overseas from overseas

involves lot of outsourcing as cost advantages are enormous; the processing of data is almost 50% cheaper in

India than in developed countries. The outsourcing business amounts to almost for the 8% industry and this

figure is doubling in value every year.


Dun Bradstreet

Information Resources Incorporation

NPD Group Information

A.C Nielson India Pvt. Ltd.

Martiz Research

NFO Research Incorporation

ICMR ( India Council of Market Research)`

IMRB ( India Market Research Bureau)


Many people think that market research is just a consumer survey, asking consumer about certain

product or services. Though consumer research is an integral part of marketing research, the latters quite

a pervasive activity, conveying the various types of marketing problems that confront the marketing

manager. There are various discussion confined to the market research which are as follows-

Product Research

Sales Research

Customer Research

Pricing Research

Advertising Research


Service quality is not easy to measure in a precise manner. The nature and characteristics of

services can have an impact on quality issues: There are many definitions of Service quality.

The customers overall judgment of service quality can be an evaluation of both the process and

the outcome, compared with the customers own expectations and desired benefits. This leads to an

important idea in assessing quality from a services marketing perspective: perceived service quality.

Perceived service quality represents the customers judgment of an organizations service based

on their overall experience of the service. Understanding how customers arrive at this judgment - that is

to say, how they decide whether or not they are satisfied with Carry Soft (P) Ltd. Service - is very

important for services quality management.


1. Reliability: The ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately.

2. Responsiveness: The willingness to help customer and to provide prompt service.

3. Assurance: The knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and


4. Empathy: The provision of caring, individualized attention to customers.

5. Tangibles: The appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication


10 | P a g e

Personal needs Past

Word of Mouth experience

Expected Service

Consumer Perceived service

Service delivery (including External Communication

pre- and post-contacts) to consumer

Service Quality

Management perceptions
of consumer expectations

Various studies have shown that well managed service companies share the following common practices

a strategic concept, a history of top management commitment to quality, high standards, self-service

technologies, systems, for monitoring service performence and customer complaints, and an emphasis on

customer satisfaction.

11 | P a g e

Those products that are designed and introduce via the step in a structured planning framework have

a greater likelihood of ultimate success than those not developed within a framework, the fact that

services are intangible makes it even more imperative for a new service development system to have four

basic characteristic

It must be objective, not subjective.

It must be precise, not vague.

It must be fact driven, not opinion driven.

It must be methodological, not philosophical.


Quality begins with customer and also ends with them. Days when organization and customers were

treated as two different entities. The marketplace has become very competitive, and it is no longer

possible to run a business without strong focus on the customer. Show this relationship.



Carry Soft (P)

Ltd. Carry Soft (P) Ltd.

12 | P a g e

A customer is one who purchases a product or service. There are two types of customers

internal and external.

An external customer exists outside the organization and buys its product and services.

Employees in the organization must know how their jobs enhance the total satisfaction of the external

customer. An internal customer is important as external customer.

External customers are people who ultimately consume the final product like the common people.

Internal customers include each employee working in the organization.


One of the basic concepts of the service quality is continuous process improvement. The concept

implies that there is no acceptable quality level because the customers needs, values and expectation are

constantly changing and becoming more dependent. These are:







13 | P a g e

Is not a one time effort. It is an ongoing and active prbing of customer. Feedback enables the

organization to:

1) Discover customer dissatisfaction

2) Discover the relative priorities of quality

3) Compare its performance with competition

4) Identify customer needs.

5) Determine opportunities for improvement.


A low cost method of obtaining customer feedback involves a comment card, is attached to the

warranty card and include with the time of purchase. The intent of the card is to get simple information

such as name, address, age, occupation and the factors


This tool is in the form of a questionnaire where the customer is asked to furnish answer relating to the

quality of product and services. To make survey more useful must be remember the following:

1. Customer are not the same

2. Survey raise the customer expectation

3. The more specific the question

4. Before the data is collected, you know how you want to analysis and use it.

14 | P a g e

A focus groups is a research method use to find out what the customer are really thinking. A group of

customer is assembled in ameeting room to answer a series of question. The moderator, understands

clearly the type of information that must be elicited and a plain to obtain it. Meetings are designed

tofocus on the current, proposed and future product and services.


Toll Free service Phone number 3988 3333 are an effective technique for receiving

complaints. Organisations can respond faster to the complaint without incurring a lot of expenses.

Such a number does not, however, reach those who decide not to buy the product or thosee who

discover some likeable features in a competitors product. Toll free number are used by, at least,

50 percent of organisation with sales of at least $10 million.


Visit to a customers place of business provides another way of gathering information. An

organization can pro-actively monitor the performance of its product while it is in use. It can, thereby

identify any specific problems. Senior managers should be involved in these visits and not delegate them

to someone else. However it is a good idea to take along operating personnel so that they can see first and

how the product is performing.

15 | P a g e

Another very effective tool is the report card. It is usually sent to each customer on a quality basis.

Data is analyzed to determine areas for improvement.


Problem Generate
Problem Problem
Identification Alternative
Selection Analysis

follow up

Present Prepare Select best

Implementation solution to plan of solution
management action

1. Problem Identification.

2. Problem Selection.

3. Problem Analysis.

4. Generate Alternative Solution.

5. Select Best Solution.

6. Prepare Plan of action.

7. Present Solution of Management.

16 | P a g e
8. Implementation.

9. Review and follo- up.


In todays challenging and competitive world of fast changing technology, consumer tastes are

also characterized by fast changes. So to survive in the market the firms have to be in touch with the

changing consumer preferences. Marketers have to understand consumer behavior and factors influencing

in the buying behavior of the customers in order to be successful in this dynamic and competitive



Consumer behavior is the behavior that the consumer display while searching for, evaluating,

purchasing and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs. Consumer

behaviors are the study of how consumer makes their decisions to spend their resources on consumption

related items i.e. time, efforts and money. Study of consumer behavior proves the marketers an insight

regarding the consumer preferences and helps them in effective market segmentation and targeting. The

importance of consumer behavior lies in the fact that behavior can be understood and influenced to ensure

a positive purchase decision. So around understanding of consumer behavior is necessary for long run

success of any marketing program. Thats why the marketing managers interest lies exactly in

understanding consumer behavior to ensure that his marketing strategy results in purchase of product.


The study of consumer behavior is quite complex, because of many variables involved and their tendency

to interest with and influences each other. The main determinants of consumer behavior are:

17 | P a g e
1. External Variables

2. Individual determinants of Consumer Behavior

1. External Variables : The external environment is made up of various influences such as:


Sub culture

Social class


Reference groups

Personal factors such as age and life cycle, education, occupation, life style, personality, etc.

These all are major determinants of consumer behavior.

2. Individual Determinants of Consumer Behavior: The individual determinants of consumer

behavior are:

Personality and Self Concept

Motivation and involvement




18 | P a g e

A customer (also known as a client, buyer, or purchaser) is usually used to refer to a current or potential

buyer or user of the products of an individual or organization, called the supplier, seller, or vendor. This is

typically through purchasing or renting goods or services. However, in certain contexts, the term customer

also includes by extension any entity that uses or experiences the services of another. A customer may

also be a viewer of the product or service that is being sold despite deciding not to buy them. The general

distinction between a customer and a client is that a customer purchases products, whereas a client

purchases services.

The word derives from "custom," meaning "habit"; a customer was someone who frequented a particular

shop, who made it a habit to purchase goods of the sort the shop sold their rather than elsewhere, and

with whom the shopkeeper had to maintain a relationship to keep his or her "custom," meaning expected

purchases in the future.

The slogans "the customer is king" or "the customer is god" or "the customer is always right" indicate the

importance of customers to businesses although the last expression is sometimes used ironically.

However, "customer" also has a more generalized meaning as in customer service and a less

commercialized meaning in not-for-profit areas. To avoid unwanted implications in some areas such as

government services, community services, and education, the term "customer" is sometimes substituted

by words such as "constituent" or "stakeholder". This is done to address concerns that the word

"customer" implies a narrowly commercial relationship involving the purchase of products and services.

However, some managers in this environment, in which the emphasis is on being helpful to the people

one is dealing with rather than on commercial sales, comfortably use the word "customer" to both

internal and external customers.

19 | P a g e
OBSOLETE meaning: In the early 17th century customer was defined as a "common prostitute". This

meaning is important for understanding historical literary works. ("I marry her! What, a

customer?")Othello, or ("I think thee now a common customer") All's Well that Ends Well.[1] Today the

meaning of "customer" has been inverted in this usage.

Consumer is a broad label for any individuals or households that use goods and services generated within

the economy. The concept of a consumer occurs in different contexts, so that the usage and significance

of the term may vary.


The "consumer" is the one who consumes the goods and services produced. As such, consumers play a

vital role in the economic system of a nation because in the absence of the effective demand that

emanates from them, the economy virtually collapses. Mahatma Gandhi said a customer is the most

important visitor in our premises. He is not dependent on us, we are on him. He is not an interruption to

our work; he is the purpose of it.

Typically when business people and economists talk of consumers they are talking about person as

consumer, an aggregated commodity item with little individuality other than that expressed in the

buy/not-buy decision. However there is a trend in marketing to individualize the concept. Instead of

generating broad demographic profiles and psycho-graphic profiles of market segments, marketers have

started to engage in personalized marketing, permission marketing, and mass customization.

There is increasing backlash from the public over use of the label "consumer" rather than "customer",

with many finding it offensive and derogatory.

20 | P a g e

The law primarily uses the notion of "consumer" in relation to consumer protection laws, and the

definition of consumer is often restricted to living persons (i.e. not corporations or businesses) and

excludes commercial users. A typical legal rationale for protecting the consumer is based on the notion of

policing market failures and inefficiencies, such as inequalities of bargaining power between a consumer

and a business. As of all potential voters are also consumers, consumer protection takes on a clear

political significance.

Concern over the interests of consumers has also spawned much activism, as well as incorporation of

consumer education into school curricula there are also various non-profit

Publications, such as Consumer Reports and Choice Magazine, dedicated to assist in consumer education

and decision making, and Consumer Direct in the UK.

In India, the Consumer Protection Act 1986 clearly differentiates a consumer as consuming a commodity

or service either for his personal domestic use or to earn his livelihood. Only consumers are protected as

per this act and any person, entity or organization purchasing a commodity for commercial reasons are

exempted from any benefits of this act. Furthermore, Indian case law has quite a few references on how

to distinguish a consumer from a customer.

21 | P a g e

Frequently used in marketing, is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or

surpass customer expectation. Customer satisfaction is defined as "the number of customers, or

percentage of total customers, whose reported experience with a firm, its products, or its services

(ratings) exceeds specified satisfaction goals.

It is seen as a key performance indicator within business and is part of the four of a Balanced

Scorecard. In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers, customer

satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business


Within organizations, customer satisfaction ratings can have powerful effects. They focus employees on

the importance of fulfilling customers expectations. Furthermore, when these ratings dip, they warn of

problems that can affect sales and profitability. These metrics quantify an important dynamic. When a

brand has loyal customers, it gains positive word-of-mouth marketing, which is both free and highly


22 | P a g e
Therefore, it is essential for businesses to effectively manage customer satisfaction. To be able do this,

firms need reliable and reprehensive measures of satisfaction.

In researching satisfaction, firms generally ask customers whether their product or service has met or

exceeded expectations. Thus, expectations are a key factor behind satisfaction. When customers have

high expectations and the reality falls short, they will be disappointed and will likely rate their experience

as less than satisfying. For this reason, a luxury resort, for example, might receive a lower satisfaction

rating than a budget moteleven though its facilities and service would be deemed superior in

absolute terms.

The importance of customer satisfaction diminishes when a firm has increased bargaining power. For

example, cell phone plan providers, such as AT&T and Verizon, participate in an industry that is an

oligopoly, where only a few suppliers of a certain product or service exist. As such, many cell phone plan

contracts have a lot of fine print with provisions that they would never get away if there were, say, a

hundred cell phone plan providers, because customer satisfaction would be way too low, and customers

would easily have the option of leaving for a better contract offer.

There is a substantial body of empirical literature that establishes the benefits of customer satisfaction for


23 | P a g e

The Organization

Companys Vision

Companys Mission

Companys Values

Symbol Of Quality

Unmatched Certification

Board Of Directors

Companys Products

Strategic Direction

Euro Helpline



Eureka Forbes-Relationship

Eureka Family

Aqua check

New avenues

Companys Dreams

Future Plan

Press centre

24 | P a g e


The highly reputed Carry soft Limited. was found in 2003 and an ISO0991 - 2008 Certified Company,

with a vision to provide TOTAL WATER SOLUTIONS technology in under guidance a group of genius

and experienced professional , with accomplished this Moto Carry Soft has inbuilt the remarkable

strength in Art Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Service.

Carry Soft RO not only cleans the water but also ensures that you get the benefit of drinking fresh water

along with its natural goodness. Carry soft Limited. having technical tie-ups with M/s. Ion Exchange

LTD. For Lon-exchange Resin, with M/s. Pentair, for high class Membrane housing & vessels, with

M/s. Norit Ltd. Activated Carbon, M/s. Fivebro Ltd. For sumo high pressure pumps and Dow

membranes and with M/s. Abyss Ltd.

Having a remarkable performance and experiences Carry soft Limited. design the best quality of water

solution and manufacturing with modern methods that provides best water solution treatment to healthy

living lifestyle. The Company also specializes in manufacturing of domestic water purifiers of different

ranges, CARRY SOFT business with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality and

fairness and develops relationships based on trust.

Carry Soft introduced domestic Aqua Soft RO System (2008) - the Aqua Soft model-as well as it

introduced products like Kitchen Soft System (2008) the Kitchen Soft

Carrysoft Limited is one of the best reputable company in RO and water purifier. Water is an essential
ingredient to a healthy lifestyle, and yet it is often the most neglected, to be sure of the quality of the
water you are drinking by using the best purifier, It should be an intelligent move towards prevention of
water borne disease like typhoid , cholera , jaundice and un expected fever etc.

25 | P a g e
Carry soft water solution eliminates new age contaminates like heavy metals, lead pesticides and
harmful chemical and in organic impurities, Thus giving your family the purest and safest drinking
water, it also removes many kinds of disease causing bacteria virus lead and cysts presenting in your
water .

Carry Soft RO products for home features the latest technology that simplifies tasks, enhances efficiency
levels and saves time to remove dirt particle from water. Drinking plenty of water from carry soft RO
keeps your skin moisturized and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Carry soft water
purifier provide better tasting and better smelling drinking water by removing chlorine and bacterial


A happy, healthy, safe, pollution free environment built on trust and lasting relationship with

Total Water Solution


To built sustainable relationship with customers, as their Friend for life by satisfying their
evolving health, hygiene and safety, lifestyle need through

Our people

Whose entrepreneurial spirit and ambition is fuelled by the culture of pride , learning, earning,
and fun.

Our products and services

26 | P a g e

SAJAL SINGH (director)












27 | P a g e
AQUA SOFT Business Policies

The customer is the sole focus of our business.

We constantly endeavour towards customer satisfaction by delivering products and

services of the best value and quality.

We strive to honour our commitments, implied, to both, our internal and external


We stress on integrity, transparency and consistency in all our dealings.

We always strive to have a trusting, mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship with

our business associates.

We seek to maintain a warm, positive and friendly work.

We empower people at appropriate level to achieve their goal.

We recognize and reward merit and performance.

We strive to make the organization a responsible corporate citizen.

28 | P a g e

Carry Soft Limited has been the pioneer in the field of RO Water Purifications Systems, Kitchen

Soft System and Air Purification systems in India.

Carry Soft introduced domestic Aqua Soft RO System (2008) - the Aqua Soft model-as well as it

introduced products like Kitchen Soft System (2008) the Kitchen Soft

The following are the basic products of Carry Soft Ltd., which has always promised to provide

safe and healthy living.

1. RO Water Purifications Systems

2. Kitchen Soft System

29 | P a g e



Aqua soft shine plus RO, water filters remove even the

smallest particles from drinking water. Other methods of

water purification like boiling and ultraviolet light, while

destroying bacteria, do not remove particles of inorganic AQUA SOFT (SHINE PLUS)
pollutants like metals and chemicals. Reverse osmosis systems

eliminate all heavy metals that are harmful to health, like lead, mercury and selenium, as well as animal waste

and chemicals.

30 | P a g e
Series Features:
1ST STAGE-PRE FILTER HOUSING:- Filtration for impurities such as rust fluid,drugs ,sediments and
other particulate in water.

2ND STAGE-IRON REMOVER CHAMBER:- Provide more Iron Free Water and increases life of the highly
sensitive RO Membrane.

3ND STAGE- SEDIMENT ACTIVATED CARBON: - Carbon filter eliminates residual chlorine, heavy
metals agricultural chemicals pigments detergents and bad tastes.

4RD STAGE- SEDIMENT FILTER:- Further stops chlorine left out (if any) and particular lesser than five
micron .This increases life of the highly sensitive RO membrane.

5TH STAGE- ANTI SCALANT CHAMBER:- Anti scalant chamber prevent scaling in membrane and make
revitalizes and makes living water.

6TH STAGE-RO MEMBRANE:- Provide more perfect water quality through this filter and eliminates the
most different kinds of bacteria and residual impurities through 0.0001 m pore size (option:R/O membrane

7TH STAGE-MINERAL CARTRIDGE:- Increase Minerals in RO water and makes living water.

8TH STAGE-PH ENHANNEER:- Balances the PH Level and makes living water.

9TH STAGE-UF CHAMBER:- Prevent Bacteria,Virus and 1.0 micron impurities.


2. Dimension 300MM*290MM*530MM(WDH)

3. Storage tank capacity 8 liters.

4. Production capacity 10ltr to 15 ltr/hr

5. Power rating 30 watts

6. weight 9.5kg approx

7. voltage 230V AC 50Hz

8. Solids in input water 2000mg/ltr to 2500 mg/ltr

9. Filter cartridge Particle filter, sediment filter, pre carbon, RO membrane*, post carbon

31 | P a g e

Aqua Soft (Prime)


32 | P a g e
Aqua Soft (Bio Plus)

Aqua Soft (Bio Plus) water filters remove even the smallest particles
from drinking water. Other methods of water purification like boiling
and ultraviolet light, while destroying bacteria, do not remove particles
of inorganic pollutants like metals and chemicals.

A reverse osmosis water purifier has membrane filters that last a long time. In other types of water filtration
systems, you need a new filter every two-four weeks.Aqua Soft (Bio Plus) water filters are eco-friendly as they
do not produce any chemicals. They also require minimum power

Aqua Soft (Shine)

Rs 15990

Aqua soft RO Water purification systems kill these microorganisms

to make the water safe to drink. There are a number of ways water is
purified to make it safe, such as boiling, chemical treatment with
chlorine or iodine, and filtration purifier that remove all bacteria &
viruses (dead & alive ) because of filtration through RO membrane
whose pore size is below 0.0001 micron. Removes even soluble impurities like pesticides, fluorides, heavy
metals & undesirable salts. it makes bore well or salty water drinkable. enhance the test of water &makes it

33 | P a g e
Series Features:
1ST STAGE-PRE FILTER HOUSING:- Filtration for impurities such as rust fluid,drugs ,sediments and
other particulate in water.

2ND STAGE-SEDIMENT ACTIVATED CARBON:- Carbon filter eliminates residual chlorine, heavy
metals agricultural chemicals pigments detergents and bad tastes.

3RD STAGE-SEDIMENT FILTER:- Further stops chlorine left out (if any) and particular lesser than five
micron . This increases life of the highly sensitive RO membrane.

4TH STAGE-ANTI SCALANT CHAMBER:- Anti scalant chamber prevent scaling in membrane and make
revitalizes and makes living water.


6TH STAGE-RO MEMBRANE:- Provide more perfect water quality through this filter and eliminates the
most different kinds of bacteria and residual impurities through 0.0001 m pore size (option: R/O membrane

7TH STAGE-UV CHAMBER:- Prevents secondary bacteria and virus , makes living water.


2. Dimension 175mm*375mm*525mm(WDH)

3. Storage tank capacity 12 liters.

4. Production capacity 10ltr to 15 ltr/hr

5. Power rating 30 watts

6. weight 9.5kg approx

7. voltage 230V AC 50Hz

8. Solids in input water 2000mg/ltr to 2500 mg/ltr

9. Filter cartridge Particle filter, sediment filter , pre carbon , RO membrane* ,post carbon.

34 | P a g e
Aqua Soft uv Compaq (With Storage)

Rs 8990

Ultraviolet (UV) is a safe, clean, easy-to-maintain method of

assuring that water is free of bacteria. UV Water Purification
uses Ultraviolet light, just like sunlight, to kill micro-organisms
that may be in the water. It is a proven technology that has no
significant drawbacks. UV light is responsible for causing
sunburns. Ultraviolet systems use special lamps or bulbs that
emit UV light of a particular wavelength. The Ultraviolet energy attacks the genetic core of the microorganism
and rearranges the DNA /RNA eliminating the microorganism's ability to function and reproduce

Series Features:





2. H*D*W460*220*400MM


4. 8 WATTS 30 WATTS 230V 50Hz 1 Am

35 | P a g e
Aqua Soft Dispenser

The process of dispenser is one of the technologies used to

purify water. Reverse osmosis is another technology that is used

to purify water. The big difference is that boiling water

consumes a tremendous amount of energy think about it all

the water has to be boiled until theres none left. That is a lot of
Aqua Soft Dispenser
energy. Conversely, reverse osmosis technology consumes far

less energy commercial systems like ours utilize energy efficient pumps to perform their purification

and the end result is considerably more cost effective.

Aqua Soft Dezira

Rs. 16990

Aqua Soft Dezira Hi Flow provide better tasting and better

smelling drinking water by removing chlorine and bacterial


36 | P a g e
Aqua Soft (Purge Manual)
Rs. 10990

Aqua Soft (Purge Manual) is one of the easiest and most effective
ways to reduce harmful exposure to chlorine and other chemicals.
Showering in filtered water results in greater respiratory health by
reducing the risk of asthma and bronchitis from chlorine
inhalation.As chlorine is a leading cause of fatigue, showering in
filtered, chlorine-free water results in higher energy levels and overall greater health.

Aquasoft ( Purge Manual) Remove chlorine from showering water reduces the presence of skin rashes and the
appearance of wrinkles.

Aqua Soft 5 Stage

Rs. 7990

The advanced purification system gives you protection from harmful

chemicals, pesticides and dreaded heavy metals such as arsenic, lead,

mercury and also removes water borne disease causing bacteria,

viruses and cysts. Its advanced regulator constantly senses the

chemical levels in the water and selects the best purification process

based on the input water. The Taste Guard Technology gives you the

same tasting pure, safe & healthy water always.

37 | P a g e

Aqua Soft Royal Black

Aqua Soft Royal Black, Water Filtration System help promote

healthy living by filtering tap water directly from your mains

water supply removing impurities from your familys water

supply and eliminating the inconvenience of buying bottled

water. Water filtered from a Water Filtration System tastes great.

Kitchen Soft Royal White


Kitchen appliances have become most important part of

modern kitchens. Invention of several kitchen appliances

is best example of this fact that we are now slaves of

technology. Carrysoft Limited company offering the best

kitchen soft Royal White that having many best quality of

features. It's have three speed button controller, twin motor suction and many more best features that

makes working in more efficiently.

38 | P a g e
Kitchen Soft Shine Digital
Rs. 15990

The kitchen appliances are a long time investment. A wrong

choice of product can be very disappointing and costly affair too.

Carrysoft Limited company offering the most effectively and

remarkable kitchen soft shine digital, it's one of the best kitchen

appliances, it's having three speed push button controller and

twin motor suction for better function.

Kitchen Soft Shine


39 | P a g e
Kitchen Soft Diva Super
Rs. 10990

Kitchen Soft Diva Super has installed with the custom door panels

matches the entire cabinetry, thus giving a kitchen elegant,

sophisticated, chic & stylish look.Kitchen looks big enough due to

space saving and Provides elegant and organized look to the

kitchen thus adding flexibility in handling and keeping of multiple

devices in kitchen.

40 | P a g e

Research methodology is a way to scientifically solve the research problem. It may be understood

as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. In it we study the various steps that

are generally adopted by a researcher in studying his research problem along with the logic

behind them. It is necessary for the researcher to know not only the research methods / techniques

but also the methodology. It defines what the activity of research is, how to proceed, how to

measure progress, and what constitutes success.

It helps to understand not only the products of scientific inquiry but the process itself. It

aims to describe and analyze methods, throw light on their limitations and resources, clarify their

presuppositions and consequences, relating their potentialities the twilight zone at the frontier of



Advancement of wealth of human knowledge.

Tools of Trade to carry out research; provide tools to looks at things in life objectively.

Develops a critical and scientific attitude, disciplined thinking or a bent of mind to observe

objectivity (scientific deduction and inductive thinking); skills of research will

Pay off in long term particularly in the age of information(or too often of misinformation)

Enriches practitioner and his practices; Provides chance to study a subject in depth; Enable us

to make intelligent decisions; Understand the material which no other kind of work can match.

Doing research is the best way to learn to read and think critical

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Objectives of the Research

The main objective of the research is to study the customer satisfaction at EUREKA FORBE to

fulfil the goal of knowing the utility of brands and products of company, connection with various

services provided by the other International country..

The level of satisfaction of the customers.

The kind of product is used by customers.

The kind of facilities in terms of features provided by the EUREKA to their customers.

To study about the overall performance of the brand, product, retailer, wholesaler and

company members.

To identify the various aspect of the advertising.

Research Design

The formidable problem that follows task of defining the research problem is the preparation of

the research project, popularly known as the research design

The research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of data in a

manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure.

The study used a Descriptive Research design for the purpose of getting an insight over the issue.

Descriptive research design includes survey & fact finding inquiries of different kinds. The major

purpose of descriptive research is description of state of affairs as it exists at present.

Method of data collection:

42 | P a g e
In this research work, questionnaires and interview method were used to collect the information.

Discussions were held with some of the managers & other staff members. The complete data has

been collected from primary and secondary sources:

Primary data

Questionnaire method was adopted for collecting information from the people of Lucknow about

their opinion and survey was done in order to find out the overall performance of the EUREKA

and the level of satisfaction of the customers.

.Secondary data

Secondary data was collected through EUREKA profile, through websites on the internet, Books,

newspaper, and informations provide by the EUREKA employees.

Sample Design

The study used a simple random sampling. A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a

sample from a given population. It refers to the technique or the procedure the researcher would

adopt in selecting items for the sample.


In this research the universe is Lucknow. The Universe is a complete, or the theoretically

specified aggregation of study elements. It is usually the ideal population to which research

results are to be generalized.

Sample size

Respondents were drawn using random tables & samples size chosen was:


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After collection of data, next task of research process is analysis and interpretation of data. Questionnaire
is processed and edited to make sure that all question are answered. He resulting data should be logical and
consistent. After editing, data are tabulated and analyzed. Data analysis includes the statistical test which
may be editing, coding, tabulation, interpretation. Coding is the assignment of numbers to the observation
so that data can be analyzed, whereas tabulation refers to classification and cross classification of observed

Q1. Have you heard about Carry Soft brand before purchasing it?
A. Yes
B. No

Awarness of Carry Soft









INTERPRATAION - During the survey 35% People said Yes, 65% said No.

44 | P a g e
Q2. How do you know about Carry Soft brand/product?

How did you know about Carry soft

Pamplet Internet Friends Others

INTERPRATAION - During the survey 46% People said by pamphlet, 17% said by Internet, 23 %
said by friends and 14% said by Others

Q3. Who recommended Carry Soft product?

A. Family friend

B. Employee of Carry Soft

C. Other___________

Q4. On the price of your water purifier?

A. Affordable

B. High

45 | P a g e
C. Should be Revised

Q5. While buying any water purifier what comes to in your mind?

A. Price

B. Health & Safety

C. Statics

D. All above

Q6. How will you rate product Compared other products of other companies. ( Kent, pure it,
Aqua sure,)?

A. Much better

B. Better

C. Same

D. Worst

Q7. How will you rate the performance of the water purifier?

A. 5 (Very good)
B. 4 (Good)
C. 3 (Average)
D. 2 (Poor)
E. 1 (Bad)

Q8. How many times it required services?

Ans. ________________

Q9. How satisfied are you with the service received?

A. Very Satisfied

B. Satisfied

C. Neutral

D. Dissatisfied

E. Very dissatisfied

46 | P a g e
Q10. Rate the technician knowledge on the scale of 1 to 5.

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

Q11. Do you face inconvenience while using this product?

A. Yes
B. No

(If yes, then please suggest what measures do you think it will help us to improve?)

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Q12. Have you taken Carry Soft AMC?

A. Yes
B. No

Q13. Are you satisfied with AMC amount?

A. Yes
B. No

Q14. How many times youve received the service under AMC?


Q15. Are you satisfied with the services under AMC?

A. Yes
B. No

Customer Assistance
Q16. Have you heard of Carry Soft helpline no. 18002583040?

A. Yes
B. No

Q17. Have you ever called on this no.?

47 | P a g e
A. Yes
B. No

Q18. In how much time call was answered?


Q19. Was your complaint resolved?

A. Yes
B. Yes, but not completely
C. No

Q20. Was the person on the helpline no? /Carry Soft office helpful?

A. Yes
B. No

Product Satisfaction & Perception

Q21. Would you recommend Aqua Soft product to your friend/ family because of services?

A. Yes
B. No

Q22. Would you buy another Carry Soft product?

A. Yes
B. No

Q23. Your Perception about Carry Soft before and after purchasing the product.

A. Changed positively
B. Remained same
C. Changed negatively

Q24. What is most admirable in Carry Soft?

A. Technique
B. Approach
C. Product
D. Services
E. All above

Q25. How satisfied are you with Carry Soft brand and products?

A. Very satisfied
B. Satisfied
C. Neutral
D. Dissatisfied
E. Very dissatisfied

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49 | P a g e
50 | P a g e
51 | P a g e

Limitations of study and difficulties encountered:

Nothing in this universe is free from Limitations and present project is not an Acceptation to it. Due to certain

restrictions on the part of potential customers as well as actual customers and Suppressed and based responses from

them, appropriate Figure for relevant data and their interpretation precisely this has been my personal experience

while carrying out the present study. Some of the limitations I found and difficulties encountered can be enumerated

as under:

Since the study was done in localizer area so the sample selected may not give true picture.

The time period allotted for the study was limited as it had to be completed with this stipulated
period of time.

Some people dont give the remarkable answer, so the surveyor has to make his own
The salesmen at the outlets showed their discontent with the tight schedule.

Most of the retail respondents showed their discontent with the company for its unsystematic distribution,

replacement, short supply, incentives, and margin and so they were reluctant to talk about the company.

People of the region were not conscious about the survey, so they were not much supportive.

Many people do not know themselves why they use any particular brand as their answer was we
use brand because we like it so the actual reason behind their liking was not confirmed.
Many retailers do not like to interact because of their business. People are not interested to fill
questionnaire as they think it wastage of time, this is again because of less scope of research in

Most of the customers purchase decision depends upon the quality of the milk and price of milk.
Time availability also affects their purchasing decisions. Customer is fully satisfied with its
distribution channel, time availability, and other facility so keeping that in view I suggest PARAG
to adopt following strategies:

PARAG has to maintain quality of the milk and try to improve it.

52 | P a g e
The organization has to work in such a way so as to reduce the cost of milk which in turn

will result in reduction in price.

The packing of the product should be more attractive, because during survey it was

observed that packing attracts many customers.

PARAG should give their retailers Refrigerators on installments for which many of the

retailers are ready to pay; many of retailers are not keeping milk because of unavailability

of refrigerators.

Steps should be taken to ensure 24hour availability of milk.

At many locations there is unavailability of milk; retailers should be motivated to work

with Parag.

Parag should also make use of advertisement measures.

Sales promotional measures should be taken to cover up retailers, because during survey it

was observed that many customers use milk which is available at their nearest shop

irrespective of brand.

The poly bags used by Parag are less attractive and many written things are invisible, as

many customers complained that the poly bag used by Parag seems substandard,

unsecured and unhygienic. Therefore Parag should mostly change packaging of milk.

Parag should support their milk bags with customer care numbers to invite complaints,

queries, questions and suggestions from customers.

Parag should adopt the home delivery system, because during survey most of the

Customers suggested for home delivery of milk.


Parag offer some extra benefit to his customer and supplier.

53 | P a g e
Parag should change the packing of as it is not attractive and do not seems to be standard and


Parag should make 24hour availability of milk in the market in order to improve their Sales.

Parag should offer home delivery services to Increase sales

Parag milk should be kept available at every shop.

Parag should offer refrigerators on installments to retailers.

Parag should give emphasis on Punctuality and regularity in the Supply of milk.

Parag should offer some extra benefit to his customer and supplier.

Parag offer promotional schemes to retailers as free sample, gift packs etc.

The organization should do proper arrangement of milk at the time of festivals etc.

Parag should launch some new products also.

Parag should emphasize on provide better quality than others instead of increasing the sale.

Parag should increase the number of retail shops, where the retail shops of Parag is not available.

Parag should emphasize on advertisement also.

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