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In view of the above, both Party A and Party B are beneficial shop owners in the same
address, and have since then been in undisturbed ownership and possession of their
respective shops without any hindrance and interference whatsoever. While Party A
owns Shop 5 GF and Shop 7 GF, Party B owns Shop 6GF, meaning that Party B's shop is
in between Party A shops.


1 That Party A the beneficial owner of Shop 5 GF and Shop 7 GF wishes to have her shops
next to each other, without any other shop in between.

2 That Party B desires to have his shop without the interference of Shop 5 GF and Shop 7
GF, to avoid the confusions normally faced by their respective customers and visitors.

This is the desire of Party A (not B). Hence it

3 That the Parties have agreed as follows: should be joined to #1 as the desire of Party B
"to avoid ..."
. .
a). That Party A as the Beneficial Owner of Shop 5 GF, have agreed to transfer all her
rights and interest in Shop 5 GF to Party B void of any encumbrances.

b). That Party 8 as the Beneficia! Owner of Shop 6 GF, have also agreed to transfer
all his rights and interest in Shop 6 GF to Party A void of any encumbrances.


1. That in pursuance of the aforesaid agreement, the Beneficiaries hereby covenants

with each other that each Beneficiary shall pay and discharge all rates, taxes,
assessment and outgoings that are now or may hereafter be impose or charged upon
the said shop received to the appropriate local Government Council, or any other
appropriate or lawful authority.

2. The Parties, having accepted/received his or her own share of said Sh~ps hereby
reserved shall peaceably hold and enjoy the Shop without any person claiming
through, under, or in trust for them.