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Frances Ducommun, 2017 Christian Heritage College CR308 Task #2

Lesson Plan and Demonstration Rubric

Criteria Outstanding Distinction Credit Pass Unsatisfactory
The plan demonstrates Clear and measurable Clear learning goals A clear learning goal A learning goal is No learning goal is
Understanding by Design learning goals have been have been effectively has been conveyed, implicit in the lesson evident.
(UBD) principles. These effectively conveyed, and conveyed, and activities and activities support plan that supports
include clear and activities are sequenced are logically sequenced the creation of a curriculum.
measurable objectives, and logically and clearly to to support the creation product or skill.
backward planning to help support the creation of the of a product or skill.
students create a product or product or skill.
Curriculum was evident in The lesson plan has strong The lesson plan has The lesson plan is The lesson plan has The lesson plan is
the lesson plan and and coherent links with coherent links with coherently linked with superficial links to loosely linked with
supported by appropriate curriculum elements and is curriculum elements an element of the curriculum and is curriculum and
pedagogy. taught using engaging and is taught using curriculum and is supported using supported using a
student-centred activities engaging student- taught using a variety different pedagogies. limited range of
that support deep learning. centred activities that of pedagogical pedagogies.
support student activities.
The plan was effectively Instructions were Instructions were Instructions were Instructions were Instructions were
communicated and communicated clearly and communicated communicated, communicated to ineffective and
executed to support student succinctly, points of effectively, points of multiple means of some effect and resources were
learning and engagement. confusion were anticipated confusion were communication were resources were used inappropriate.
and provided for, diverse provided for, multiple used and resources with limited effect.
means of communication means of were used.
were effectively used communication were
(visual, auditory, etc.) and used (visual, auditory,
appropriate resources etc.) and resources
were used well. were used.

Comments: Add some differentiation to it. Possibly be saying that lower level students will have a sheet work then helping them with the steps or the teacher will stick
close to them. Also, with your know do and value statements add in a value such as "students will value that creativity was a gift from God that we should use in all aspects
of life."