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The importance of architecture

Take a moment to think about a world without architecture; a world where you go out and
there is no sidewalks, no streets or highways; no houses, stores, or any building; no parks, no
playing fields and no recreational spaces. Imagine an earth without spaces design specially for
every human activity in particular. Were talking about plain free world without any shape; and
more important than anything a hard world for the human condition. Since the beginnings of
humanity man had been adapting the nature to his own need, to make the earth a liveable
planet. There is where lies the importance of architecture.

Architecture is defined as the art and science of designing buildings and nonbuildings
structures. Nevertheless we can say that it means more than that; architecture shapes the world
for the human activity. Architects takes matter and space and convert them into something
useful to man, making it easier and adaptable to the human condition. Every activity we do
need a spaces to carried out with his own specification and needs. There is where architecture
play his role by analyzing all the things that implicates and designing a proper space to develop
it. We can say that architecture its how we create and modify spaces to give some specific
respond for a particular activity or need.

The way we experience the world is influenced by architecture. We interact in a physical

way with everything that surround us through the space, and the work of architecture is make
that interaction pleasant. The architect most take into account every detail about the human
activity or aspect he is designing for, to make sure that every need is being satisfy. The user and
his needs are the protagonists of every design, because they determinate everything that has to
be included or excluded. The goal of architecture is to take an empty spaces and a bundle of
material resources to convert them the into something useful and habitable for humans.

Architecture makes everything easier and viable for humanity. Humans invented cars to
transport around the physical space, so architecture design streets and highways with the
proper materials and width for them to transit. People like to sit and socialized in groups,
therefore architects destined open spaces around the city with the specific conditions to
facilitate that activity. People get sick an need to be treat, architecture design places with
everything to provide them all physical amenities. These are just a few ways that architecture
simplify life to human kind, but we could say that every activity on earth involves architecture
and could be improved by it.

Through architectural resources we can make everything more pleasant and simple.
Architecture finds the best way to make things, and lead people to a most simple way to live.
When a building is well design all the activities which are developed there happened in the
most fluid way, making every person involved comfortable and stimulate to do it. In the other
hand we can also provide solutions to the daily problems humanity face, just with a well
architectural design. Such as the famous architect Tadao Ando once said I believe that the
way people live can be directed a little by architecture.

Arq. Ambar Mora Valdez