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NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

NURS 3020H

Clinical Evaluation
Final Evaluation

Student Name: __Michaela McRae_________________

Clinical Instructor: ___Ashley Finnegan ______________

Missed Clinical Hours: __0____ Missed Lab Hours: ___0___

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

Program Goals
Graduates are generalists entering a self-regulating profession in situations of health and illness.

Graduates are prepared to work with people of all ages and genders (individuals, families, groups, communities and populations) in a
variety of settings.
Graduates continuously use critical and scientific inquiry and other ways of knowing to develop and apply nursing knowledge in their
Graduates will demonstrate leadership in professional nursing practice in diverse health care contexts.

Graduates will contribute to a culture of safety by demonstrating safety in their own practice, and by identifying, and mitigating risk for
patients and other health care providers
Graduates will establish and maintain therapeutic, caring and culturally safe relationships with clients and health care team members based
upon relational boundaries and respect.
Graduates will be able to enact advocacy in their work based on the philosophy of social justice.

Graduates will effectively utilize communications and informational technologies to improve client outcomes.

Graduates will be prepared to provide nursing care that includes comprehensive, collaborative assessment, evidence-informed
interventions and outcome measures.

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

Objectives Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
1 Prepared to provide One of my patients had a low O2 saturation. I encouraged her
nursing care that includes
to take deep breaths. I came back and checked again and her
collaborative assessment, o2 was still low. I asked the primary nurse if I could administer
evidence-informed some oxygen. I started with applying 1L of oxygen through
interventions and nasal cannula, and reassessed my patients O2 in 15 minutes.
outcome measures. Her O2 was still low so I applied 2L of oxygen. When I
reassessed this her oxygen was within a safe range.
I answered a call bell and the patient really had to use the
washroom. Her incision site on her left leg was heavily
bleeding. I was going to reinforce the wound before she went
to the bathroom but she really had to go. I thought it was best
to wheel her into the bathroom on the commode rather than
walking so that her leg wouldnt bleed even more than it was.
When taking a patients temperature she wouldnt open her
mouth so I took an axillary temperature instead
2 Establishes and maintains I communicate with the primary nurse of my patient to discuss
therapeutic, caring and
any abnormal vital signs and I ask if they need any help with
culturally safe
relationships through anything. For example, before administering oxygen I check
effective communication. with the primary nurse
When answering a patients call bell, she wanted to know if she
could eat solid foods and wanted a Jell-O and coffee. I checked
the board in her room to see what her diet was and then got
her a Jell-O and coffee. She was very thankful and happy
One of my patients wanted to know when she would be getting
out of bed and have to walk. I told her about physiotherapy
and some of the exercises. By being able to answer my patients
questions it helps my patient trust me.

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

3 Applies the four ways of I used personal knowing when I had a patient who had a
knowing and
heavily bleeding incision site. She was crying and in so much
technologies to pain. The primary nurse was reinforcing her dressing, and I put
effectively care for my hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her and I talked to
diverse, acutely ill her trying to distract her from the pain.
I used Aesthetic knowing when caring for a patient who was a
prisoner. I had to disconnect his IV and help him to the
washroom. There were two policemen in the room and the
patient had ankle cuffs, which made the environment a little
intimidating. I was a little scared but I had to make sure that
my views on him being a prisoner didnt affect my care. Once I
got passed that I realized that he was a really nice man.
I used ethical knowing when ambulating a patient and he didnt
want to put shoes on. I told him that it was for his safety and
hospital policy
I used empirical knowing when I put in a Foley catheter. I used
knowledge I learned in lab and knowledge from anatomy to
find the urethra where I inserted the Foley catheter
4 Adheres to professional When ambulating a patient, I make sure to use a safety belt
practice standards and
and their walker
organizational polices to
contribute to a culture of When giving my patient medication I make sure to perform the
safety. three medication checks. I make sure I watch them take their
medication before leaving the room to ensure they actually
received their medication
When ambulating a patient I make sure I follow what it says on
the board, and if they are a two person ambulation I go get
another person to help

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

5 Exercises leadership to When I answered a call bell a patient was cold so I got her a
enhance patient care, and
few heated blankets and made sure she was comfortable
support professionalism
in practice. Before helping a patient to the bathroom or back into bed I
look at the board in their room to see how they can ambulate
and if I am unsure I check with the primary nurse
When I gave medication I made sure that the patient received
their medication on time. For example, my patient had a prn
order of oxycodone every 4 hours. I made sure to keep track of
what time to give my patient this medication. Before
administering this medication, I asked him if he had any pain
and if he wanted to take oxycodone to keep his pain at a
manageable level.

Clinical Instructor Comments (All areas marked as unsatisfactory must have a comment)

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Signature of Student_____________________________________________________ Date: November 17th 2017

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation


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Signature of Instructor____________________________________ Date_______________________________

Signature of Student______________________________________ Date: November 17th 2017

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

Student Areas of Strength

1. Performing head to toe assessments on a post operative patient and knowing what to look for, and knowing when to
administer oxygen
2. Communication with patients
3. Cleaning and changing wound dressings

Student Areas for Future Development

1. Inserting a Foley catheter

2. More practice hanging IV bags
3. Confidence as I always second guess my self, which makes me look like I dont know what I am doing, even when I do

Clinical Instructor Comments (All areas marked as unsatisfactory must have a comment)