Free Machine Embroidery Cuff. First I made faux porcelain flowers. 1.

I punched out some 2 inch scalloped circles. Double sided paper would be best, but I used single, cut double amount of circles and glued them back to back. I inked around the edges.

. 2. Then I cut into each circle in a spiral. The new raw edges were also inked.

3.Starting in the middle, I curled the spiral round on itself, holding it tightly. Once at the end I held it for a minute then let go so it could relax.

4. next I tightened up the coil, but not totally tight and glued the outer end bit down.

5. I melted some UTEE, mostly clear, but I didn’t have enough so I threw some pearl in too. For a glassy finish use just clear. I quite like the pearly finish on mine. Dip the flowers both sides, using teezers. The UTEE will fill all the gaps. Lift and let drip then place to set on a craft mat.

Use a pokey tool and poke a hole right in the centre and set aside.

Make the organza flowers. 6. Cut some circles from sheer fabric/organza. I think mine were about 2.5 inches. They don’t have to be a perfect circle. I used 3 colours, purpley/blue..a pink and a baby blue.

7. Layer them up and stitch a spiral in the middle, these are just holding stitches and wont be seen. Attach a free machine foot and drop your feed dogs.

8. use a heat gun and GENTLY melt the edges of the fabric circles, keep the gun moving and only work on the edges up to the spiral of stitching.

I over did this one to show you what happens if you heat too much and stay in one place too long. You get holes and it all goes crispy. You want it to stay fairly soft…and no holes.

Make the arm band.

9. cut a piece of pelmet vilene, 1 inch wide. To determine the length wrap it around your wrist, it should almost meet, leave a ¾ inch gap. Colour the vilene both sides using either silk dyes or transfer dyes or alcohol inks, whatever you have to hand. Use complimentary colours, it won’t be seen much, the colouring is just to take away the ‘white’

10. Cut some more sheer fabric, an inch wider and an inch longer on all sides than the vilene. I cut 4 colours. I put 1 under the vilene and 3 on top. Then I used a regular foot to stitch straight stitches all around the edge of the vilene, through all layers. Then I dropped the feed dogs again, popped on the free machining foot and stitch 5 spirals along the fabric. I used a white gold metallic thread.

11. I used a craft knife to make small slashes in the top fabric. I then carefully heated it all with the heat gun, just enough to open up the slashes, but again not enough to curl the whole things up. Next I free machined inbetween the spirals and machined some loopy bits outside the rectangle of vilene.

12. I cut the excess fabric away, but did so leaving it with mini triangles all around. I wasn’t sure how this would look, but didn’t want to cut it straight.

13. I carefully used the heat gun to shrink and curl the triangles, making sure to not heat past the line of stitching.

14. I took a sheer ribbon in a matching colour and stitched it to the back of the cuff, leaving enough at each end to tie a bow.

15. finally I stiched on the flower I attached the paper flowers to the shrunken circles, adding a white gold bead in the centre, then attached the whole thing to the bracelet. Although I made 5, I decided to only attach 3. More would have been too much.

Tie the ribbon .

And wear…

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