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September 29, 2017
September 29, 2017 11

Maxine Mclnerney
10th Kevyn Fernandez Marshall Mclnerney
Emma Nooren 12 Sasha Mascona 9th
I am most excited to go to Home- 9th
10th I am excited for drama club and Im excited to meet new people,
coming this year and have a great Im excited to be in the theater pro-
Im looking forward to getting track and field. Also Greece will be make friends, and of course become
time with my cursh. ductions and expand my friend group.
my Gucci belt. very exciting. king of the school.

Student Plans
What students are
looking forward to for
the next school year.
Greg Nelson
Thibaut Losay 10th Naomi Kelley Maeryn Mcally
9th Im excited for all the home football 12th 10th
Im most excited for sports but especial- games because the fans are gonna be Its my first year here so Im looking for- Im looking forward to watching the
ly soccer because its my favorite. there. ward to being more active in school. strings orchestra band perform.

Phillip Pacleb Mason Wilkins

Sean Brew
10th 10th Charlene Yue Hayden Johnson
Im excited for this years football sea- Im looking forward to expand- 9th 10th
Swim season! Im ready to get an even
son will be great and Im really excited ing my professional rap career. Im excited for badminton in Im excited for lacross season!
bigger load from being an upperclass-
to win CIFs. the spring & ASB Ball!