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Vol XCIII - Issue 3 - November 17, 2017

UCSD Holds Black Student TOP STORIES

Union Conference
Colorado Cake Shop Faces
Civil Rights Debate pg. 2

San Diego High School Students Attend 27th Annual Event How To: Budget pg. 5

A&E EDITOR Winter Sports Preview pg. 6

On November 11th of 2017,
the University of California
of California at San Diego Veteran Profile pg. 9
hosted its 27th annual Black
Student Union High School
Conference. The event was Mr. and Ms. La Jolla: Beauty
held in the campus’s Price Pagent Questions for Stu-
Center Theater and other dents pgs. 10-11
rooms in the Price Center. The
current members of UCSD’s
Black Student Union planned Nutcracker Ballet pg. 14
a day for high school stu-
dents from different schools
in San Diego, California, and
even different countries. The Photojournalism: Fall Fever
San Diego State’s Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity performs.
event lasted from 9am to 4pm Photo by Monaghan Cromeans
pg. 16
and was filled with a packed
schedule of information and dinator and project expert at pus’s problems concerning Union created and presented.
activities including different Upward Bound, Mt. San An- race, and create a safe space The first workshop was Fi-
tonio College, spoke about his for students of color, stressing nancial Aid and Admissions, This is your
workshops, classes, and cau-
cuses. success through struggle. He the significance of not being which was held in the Price
When students arrived at elaborated on how problems passive of our beliefs. He also Center Theater. Here, stu-
the Price Center, they were within his family allowed him emphasized the importance dents learned about which fi-
greeted with gift bags and a to find solitude in his educa- of the Black Student Union nancial aid options were best
The official school paper of
breakfast buffet. After break- tion and how that drove him not only on college campuses, fit for them at UCSD and oth-
La Jolla High, the Hi-Tide
fast, the students entered to being the first member of but also on high school cam- er colleges. They also received
has been giving voice to
the Price Center Theater to his family to attend universi- puses. advice for applying to col-
students for 92 years.
listen to the first speaker of ty. He was one of the first at After the first speaker, lege. At the Intersectionality
the day. Christopher Sweet- UCSD, which has a very low students attended different workshop, in the 6th College
We welcome ideas and
en; graduate of UCSD and percentage of black students, workshops which the mem- Room, students shared ways
submissions of any type at:
UCLA, project/program coor- to actively reform the cam- bers of UCSD’s Black Student
See “BSU,” page 13

Internet Problems
Halt Yearbook Class Cathedral Mom Arrested
BY BRODY ODMARK Woman Dealing to Students at Daughter’s High School
STAFF WRITER on this list from schools all
around San Diego. The par-
Over the last two months ents of the students are being
the internet in Room 515 has notified and told the story of
been extremely slow. This Quach and what she did.
slow internet has resulted in From stories told by stu-
a delay in yearbook pages. dents, Quach would have her
LJHS Network Systems and daughter throw parties at
Media Support Technician Jo- their home in Carmel Valley.
han Ohlund has been working She would leave loose weed
on the issue and over the past out in the counters and cabi-
week the connection has im- Image by Ideology via Redbubble nets for people to freely use.
proved and students are now When searching through the
able to work on their pages. During the period, students house police found “hun-
In yearbook, students are have been staring at the load- dreds” of empty beer cans in
assigned page numbers and a ing bar, causing frustration Image via Google Maps the back yard.
due date and if the pages are and unfinished work. Stu- BY CARSTEN FEHLAN ic to a minor, and child en- A student at Cathedral said
not turned in on time it caus- dents can only get half the STAFF WRITER dangerment. to Fox News that “If you ever
es problems for the teacher as job done by using their own According to a search war- needed anything drugs or al-
well as delays to the produc- data on their phone, setting The mother of a student rant given by the San Diego cohol related, Quach could
tion of the yearbook. up a hotspot, and working on at Cathedral Catholic High Police Department, when po- get it for you.”
When the class does not a personal laptop. Ms. LeCren School was arrested over a lice searched the house they Schools around San Diego
meet the deadlines, the year- likes to compare her internet month ago on charges relat- found large containers of have been notified of the sit-
book doesn’t come out on to a car on a freeway going 30 ing to selling and distributing loose marijuana, plant food, uation and its severity and
time, meaning that the se- mph in a 60 mph zone. drugs to students around San grow lights and drug par- asked if they have any infor-
niors will get their yearbook The yearbook class uses Diego campuses. aphernalia throughout the mation of Quach selling drugs
after they graduate. eDesign, a reliable and trust- Kimberly Dawn Quach, 48, home. or narcotics in their school.
There have been problems worthy website, to lay out the was arrested at her home in In the police report, they Quach has been placed in
with the internet in the past, yearbook. The problem is not Carmel Valley on September mention a “list” of clients that a jail outside of Santee and
but they have never been this the website or the computers, 28. The original charges were she would sell marijuana, nar- is on a $200,000 bail. If she is
bad. When the internet is but rather the slow internet. maintaining a drug house, cotics, and alcohol too. There convicted of the charges, she
slow, students can’t even log selling marijuana and narcot- are over 70 students names faces up to 60 years in prison.
onto the online program.
November 17, 2017

The La Jolla High School
Civil Rights Commission v.
Masterpiece Cakeshop
Shayna Kobrinetz
Five years ago in Lakewood Colorado, a man by the name of
Jack Phillips refused services to Charlie Craig and David Mull-
Brooke Kaufman
Nicolas Nunez ins, a gay couple who were looking to have a cake prepared for
Cameron Hickman their wedding. The incident is just now being brought to the Su-
OPINIONS EDITOR preme Court to decide whether Phillips was within his right to
Adina Keeling
refuse service to the gay couple. Was this Colorado baker’s re-
Benjamin Deckhut fusal to serve a gay couple within his right? Or was this an act
Sophie Bolinger
of unlawful discrimination?
Chantal Lanatta Pro Colorado Civil Rights Pro Masterpiece Cakeshop
A&E EDITOR Commission in a ceremony that violates his
sincerely held religious beliefs
Monaghan Cromeans
invades his First Amendment
FEATURES EDITOR BY KENNADY ARM- rights” said Acting Solicitor
Nathan Miller STRONG General Jeffrey B. Wall. From
STAFF WRITER a legal standpoint, Phillips
was within his right in de-
Tanner Ford “Being denied service by nying the gay couple service,
ADVISOR Masterpiece Cakeshop was and his actions are protected
Robert J. Boyd offensive and dehumanizing by both the colorado law and
especially in the midst of ar- local Lakewood municipal
ranging what should be a joy- code which protects religious
ful family celebration,” said freedom. Charlie and David
Mullins. The state of Colorado believe that they are being
STAFF WRITERS agreed, ruling the baker un- discriminated against be-
lawfully discriminated against cause of their homosexuality
Kennady Armstrong the couple. “No one should and “we didn’t ask for a piece
Nusheen Baradaran fear being turned away from
Jenna Crist
of art or for him to make a
Savannah Dennis
a public business because of statement for us. He simply
Kate Dobak who they are. We are grate- turned us away because of
Sara Evans ful to have the support of our who we are”. There are a lot
Carsten Fehlan community and our state, and of misconceptions circulat-
Emma Fish we hope that today’s decision ing around the world of un-
Maya Gessner will help ensure that no one educated bloggers who claim
Evan Gold else will experience this kind
Nizhoni Hawthorne
that what Jack Phillips did is
Bobby Murphy
of discrimination again in unconstitutional when really
Sydney O’Connor Colorado.” it is not. Forcing Jack Phillips
Thomas O’Loughlin Mullins is spot on. Nobody to server Charlie and David
Brody Odmark should be afraid of discrimi- would be a huge infringement
Caroline Porche nation based on their sexual on his right to free speech
Jesus Sanchez orientation. No one should and expression; and this is
Kiana Seva
Megan Sweeney
question if every business yet another scenario of some-
Hali West
can chose to refuse service on one getting punished for not
Ilias Benbatoul a whim. If Jack Phillips, the conforming to the LGBT stan-
Annabelle Reeves owner of the cakeshop, gets dards. In schools and in the
Emily Gold away with this, how can we Photo by via Alliance Defending NFL, people have the right to
know more businesses won’t Freedom not stand for the national an-
follow his footsteps, leading BY KORBEN FELDSTEIN them but when it comes to the
gay citizens to lose all the or national origin- anything a STAFF WRITER
person can not change about freedom of expression that
hard fought progress they just happens to be against
have made in society? themselves. A person’s sex- The actions of Jack Phillips
ual orientation is who they a gay couple it becomes an
With same-sex marriage are very controversial and issue. Our country is found-
recognized in July of 2015, are as a person from the very both the LGBT community
beginning of their life. There- ed on the idea of religious
confirming that the Consti- as well as conservatives have freedom and the freedom of
tution’s promise to safeguard fore it is unjust, illegal, and given statements on the situ-
immoral to refuse service to expression which is covered
92 the Declaration promising
“life, liberty, and the pursuit people based solely on sexu-
ation. The LGBT community
describes the situation as an-
in our first amendment. You
can notice the hypocrisy in
YEARS al orientation. Colorado even
of happiness”, making it a other incident of harassment this because the same people
right, there should be no rea- has a law that protects people and discrimination against
from being refused service that back the NFL players and
son why this couple shouldn’t homosexuals, while conserva- students who kneel for the
get the same treatment as any based on their sexual orien- tive groups claim that it is his
tation, and this law was bro- national anthem, are the peo-
other couple going to buy a right to expression which is ple who are at the same time
wedding cake. With the Con- ken by the baker. Every court protected by the first amend-
has agreed with the couple. In trying to strip a law abiding
stitution emphasizing how ment right. The government baker of his first amendment
each person is equal and how 2013 when they went to the agreed with Phillips saying
Colorado Office of Adminis- rights and his freedom of ex-
The Hi-Tide, an open forum, is the the rights apply to everyone, that “forcing Phillips to create pression.
official student newspaper of La the baker goes against Colo- trative Courts, Judge Robert expression for and participate
Jolla High School. Unless otherwise rado fundamental right and N. Spencer ruled in favor of
noted, opinions voiced in the Hi- does not treat the couple, and the couple, stating that Phil-
Tide belong to the individual au- other same-sex couples before lips had broken the discrim-
thor. The Hi-Tide welcomes letters, Craig and Mullins, which he ination law. When the Colo-
opinions, or media submissions of admits to refusing service to rado Civil Rights Commission
any type, in any language, from as well, the same as he would took a look at the case in May
anyone. You may email submis- a straight couple. He even 2014, they found that the bak-
sions to makes cakes for “dog wed- er was in violation of Colora-
or drop them off in Room 514. The dings”, but wants to single do’s Anti-Discrimination Act.
Hi-Tide reserves the right to refuse out a human couple for dis- The Colorado Supreme Court
any material. To advertise with the crimination just because he is uphold the religion on the
Hi-Tide or to purchase a subscrip- opposed to it. same grounds. Then, in July
tion, please email us or call (858) Under a federal law intact 2015, Jack Phillips appealed
454-3081, extension 4514. No part businesses have the right to to the Supreme Court which
of the Hi-Tide may be reproduced refuse business to any person is being heard shortly. Phil-
without written permission. so long as the refusal is not lips had already lost twice;
based on race, color, religion, a third time should have the
same outcome. Photo via Denver
November 17, 2017 3
Heat Minimum Days
Should the School Dresscode The heat minimum days disrupted students’
be Enforced? learning. The school should have been better
prepared for the accommodations they had
BY SYDNEY O’CONNOR & and we should be able to wear ing distracts me in an aca-
MAYA-LUCIA GESSNER what we want because it’s demic environment.” It goes to make due to the high temperatures.
STAFF WRITER our own bodies. If our parents to show that a large majority
are okay with us walking out of students do not agree with BY ANNABELLE REEVES the pep rally on Friday.
Recently, La Jolla High the door in that clothing, than the dress code policy. STAFF WRITER I think that these mini-
School has decided to enforce we should be allowed to wear However, there are many mum day schedules should
the school dress code strict- it at school. reasons and benefits to en- Starting on Monday the have been changed into block
er than in the past. In recent Some of the dresscode is in- forcing the dress code. The 23rd, we had three minimum scheduling so that students
years, though it was expect- credibly unreasonable. I don’t dress code allows students days in a row due to high would be able to have more
ed of students to follow the understand how shoulders to focus on academics rather temperatures. The school does time with their teachers and
dress code, very few students, are distracting. I’ve talked than deciding what to wear to not have air conditioning in no class time would be lost.
teachers, and faculty members several guys and they don’t school. In addition, According all the classrooms making it The school should also have
enforced or acknowledged find it distracting in school, to Fresno Pacific University, a difficult and uncomfortable planned better for the known
it. Unified school districts so I don’t understand why we keeping students in check learning environment when upcoming situation with the
state, “The purpose of a dress would get pulled from class with what they are wearing it is really hot out. The school weather. In the future when
code is to provide guidance and have our time for edu- can reduce peer pressure and district knew that we would there will be minimum days
to students and parents as to cation interrupted so that we help instilling students dis- have minimum day schedule in a row there should be a
appropriate attire for school can change our clothes. If the cipline. Having an enforced for at least three days. This block schedule put together,
and at any school function. person is comfortable wear- dress code can also create threw off many of the teach- much like the one we have
In addition, the dress code is ing the clothes they choose, a positive visual image for ers and put their lessons on during finals week. These
a primary means of helping than they should be allowed the school and make the at- hold for three days. It also three minimum days have
students learn a skill, which to wear it. mosphere more serious. Ms. caused many classes to be had a negative effect on the
is required for success in get- Also, they just started se- Lyon fully supports the dress three days behind and some students due to the crowding
ting and keeping employment riously enforcing the dress code saying “I enforce it, even even four days behind due to of six periods until noon.
linked to attire.” code and it was sort of out of on kids who aren’t my stu-

Open Campus at LJHS?
Now that the dress code the blue. So, students barely dents.” The dress code will ei-
is taken more seriously, stu- had time to buy new clothes ther improve our school’s at-
dents were asked to share these ridiculous standards for mosphere or it is possible that
their opinion on it. LJHS stu- the dress code.” Student, Jake it can make students more Students should have the freedom to leave
dent, Kennedy Armstrong Fulks also added, “ I don’t upset.
stated, “I think that the dress agree with the dress code be- The dress code is supposed during lunch because it would teach them to
code should not be enforced cause I don’t find that cloth- to be a way for kids to be able
to show their own style while be more responsible, reduce the need for
wearing appropriate clothing.
However, there is a lot of con- staff to supervise, and because they, whether
troversy. Dress codes can help
exclude drama and peer pres- permitted or not, will continue to occasion-
sure but students may also feel
limited and out of options. At ally leave campus anyways.
the beginning and end of the
school year, many students BY KENNADY ARM- kids don’t even bring a lunch
have been frustrated with the STRONG to school for multiple reason
unbearable heat at Muirlands STAFF WRITER and to be honest, most kids
Middle School because of the won’t eat the cafeteria food
overly enforced dress code. It An open-campus lunch even if it’s their only option.
is hard to stay cool in non air- would be beneficial to both La Students are picky, they know
conditioned schools while not Jolla High’s students and fac- what food they like and have
being able to wear shorts. It ulty in many ways. The first specific diet restrictions. This
is possible that some teachers being it would give students being, student get fatigued
might feel obligated to agree more responsibility, teaching during the school day which
with and enforce the dress them time-management and prevents them from perform-
code because they do not how to handle money. An- ing well during the afternoon
want to cause problems with other would be reducing the classes. Also, students leave
the office. Some, like many number of staff who supervise anyways despite La Jolla
students, might think that the during lunch, giving them High being a closed-campus
rules are too harsh but it is time to have lunch at the same lunch. The school can get as
hard to say for sure. time as students. This would many security guards as they
There are many reasons as also leave them available want, make most of faculty
to why the dress code should during fifth period so students members supervise, create
be enforced but a very strict can go to them if they have consequences and such, but
policy can cause a lot of prob- needs. An open-campus lunch students will still find a way
lems that will need to be re- would also lead to students to leave campus during lunch.
solved. eating either more or food in
Photo by Elizabeth Denton via Seventeen general during lunch. Most

Teachers on Administrative Leave
Over the past couple years, multiple teachers have been put on administrative leave. Their
temporary absence is harmful to students’ learning and actions should be taken against this
coming and going of teachers.
BY ANNABELLE REEVES teacher taught a language take the final without know- missed the year before. Some are difficult classes that re-
STAFF WRITER class, which from experience, ing anything of what was on of the other language teachers quire the teacher to be there
is difficult to learn. A language it. The substitute was able to will either tell the student to and helping the students. The
When a teacher is put on is much like math, you take curve the grade on the final drop out or re-take the level school should make decisions
administrative leave, they steps and if you don’t know and give extra credit so no below. One teacher has been about a teacher more quickly
could be gone for a long pe- something or you are behind one’s grade would drop and telling these students they so it doesn’t negatively affect
riod of time and still get paid. then you can’t move forward. everyone was able to pass the didn’t earn their grade, they students learning process.
Depending on the cause for The students were never in- class. These students never simply got it handed to them No matter what the situa-
the leave, the teacher’s ab- formed when their teacher got to learn what they needed and advised these students to tion is the school should be
sence varies. At La Jolla high would be back nor were they to move onto the next level of drop out of the class. Since working on getting the teach-
there have recently been in- able to contact their teacher. this language. The students in the 2017-2018 school year has er back in the classroom as
stances of teachers being put The students went the rest of that class did sign up for the started, the same teacher was soon as possible or a qualified
on administrative leave. This the second semester with a next level of the language but put on administrative leave permanent substitute teacher.
can affect students learning. permanent substitute teacher many have resorted to drop- again. There has also been a Either way students should
For instance, last year a teach- and were not continuing their ping out and not continu- math teacher on leave since have consistent teachers
er was put on administrative lessons. By the time finals ing learning this language this school year has started. throughout the school year.
leave for a full semester. The came every student had to because of everything they A math and language class
November 17, 2017

Fundraising Amazon’s Home Security
The Amazon Cloud Camera
Fundraising For You
BY EVAN GOLD process. If there are errors in BY ILIAS BENBATOUL delivery happening live. The to provide any additional in-
STAFF WRITER the form, an email will be sent STAFF WRITER driver will knock first, then formation for the driver, such
to club presidents explaining request to unlock the custom- as keypad codes or remote
As more and more students what is wrong with the appli- On Wednesday, October er’s door via their Amazon unlock” according to Geek
start clubs at La Jolla High cation and what needs to be 25th Amazon launched its handheld scanner. Wire.
School, the Associated Stu- corrected. newest smart security ser- Amazon verifies that the The Amazon Key and Cloud
dent Body (ASB) wants to en- Fundraising forms that are vice which will allow your package(s) belong to the ad- Cam. service will be available
sure that the fundraising pro- Amazon deliveries inside the dress and the driver is near starting November 8th across
approved by ASB are sent to house without anybody being the door, turns on Cloud Cam 37 cities in the United States
cess is clear. An overview of the finance office where they inside. It is called the Amazon and unlocks your door using and to more locations as time
the steps needed to fundraise are examined and then sent to Key and Amazon Cloud Cam. the Amazon Key. No spe- goes on. Although delivery
is listed under the “club” sec- the principal to sign. Once ap- On delivery day, you will cial codes or keys are given via this method is available at
tion of the “students” tab of proved by both the principal receive a notification (on your to the driver. The driver will no extra charge for Amazon
the La Jolla High School web- and the finance office, clubs mobile device) in the morn- then place the package(s) Prime members, the Cloud
site. will receive another email ing with a 4-hour delivery just inside your door and re- Cam. and a compatible key
Clubs fundraise for a vari- confirming that the fundrais- window for when the deliv- quest to lock the door. Once and lock itself sell for about
ety of reasons, whether they er can occur as planned. ery driver will arrive at your the delivery is complete and $249.99. This service is said
are raising money for char- During the fundraiser, home. Right before the driver your door is relocked, you to be able to prevent thefts of
ity or they are raising mon- money can be collected in the arrives, you will receive an will get a final notification packages while they are on
ey to purchase merchandise; form of cash or check-checks “Arriving Now” notification and can watch a video clip of people’s doorsteps.
and can optionally watch the the delivery. You do not need
regardless, it is important to must be written out to “LJHS
know how the process works. ASB” and have the ‘club
Any official La Jolla High name’ in the memo. If selling
School Club can fundraise so items at an event, a cash box
long as they follow the subse- may be needed; these must be
quent guidelines. requested a minimum of three
Prior to the fundraiser, days prior to the fundraiser
clubs need to hold a meeting taking place.
where they discuss the poten- After the fundraiser, clubs
tial fundraising event. Some normally deposit the money
possible events include: ar- raised. All official clubs have
ranging for a percentage of a an account through La Jolla
restaurant’s profit to go to the High School. To deposit mon- Via Google Images
club, selling T-shirts, or sell-
EasyJet Makes a Deal
ey, clubs must hold a meeting
ing other types of merchan- and vote on whether or not to Trouble With
dise. During the club meeting, make the deposit. If this vote
a member of the club must
make an official motion to
passes, a motion has to be
made, seconded, and recorded Gummy Bears with the Insolvent Air
have the fundraiser and this
motion must be seconded by
another member of the club.
in a new set of club minutes.
Finally, a Revenue Potential
Analysis form and a Deposit
These items should be out- form must be filled out and Haribo produces many vari-
BY EVAN GOLD to German contracts and reg-
lined in the official club min- submitted to the finance of- eties and kinds of gummy prod-
STAFF WRITER ulations. Easy Jet is likely to
utes form which can be print- fice; the former can be found ucts. It is very popular around become the leading airline
ed from the bottom of LJHS’ on the ASB website and the the world with children and EasyJet, an airline out of the out of Berlin if the deal is
ASB website. latter can be found in room adults alike. Recently, Haribo United Kingdom, has agreed approved running flights do-
Next, clubs must fill out 803. has been accused of using ingre- to pay 40 million Euros to buy mestically inside of Germany
a fundraising application Some clubs decide to take dients in their candy that have some assets from the German and internationally through-
(which can be downloaded off money out of their account been produced by slave labor airline Air Berlin. out Europe.
of the ASB website). It is im- to send to community service on various farms in Brazil. In a In August of this year, Air EasyJet stated that it hopes,
portant that this is completed organizations or to pay for gummy bear, one of the princi- Berlin filed for insolvency “to fly more passengers, em-
and submitted along with the merchandise. In order to take ple ingredients is carnauba wax. after its partner, Etihad Air- ploy more people and support
minutes form to the yellow money out of an account, a To harvest the wax, workers ways, announced that they economic growth” through-
box in room 803 (ASB) at least requisition form is needed must take it from the carnauba would not continue providing out Germany. Following the
four weeks before the fund- which can be found in room palm trees. The conditions that the German company with fi- announcement of the deal,
raiser is going to take place, 803. Once completed, another the workers live in are less than nancial support. The deal be- the share price of EasyJet in-
so that the event can be ap- set of club minutes must be optimal. They make very little tween EasyJet and Air Berlin creased by 1.32%.
proved by ASB, the finance of- submitted to the finance of- pay and have no clean drink- comes after Air Berlin sold EasyJet will not immedi-
fice, and the principal. When fice that includes a motion to ing water, and have no protec- its Australian branch, Niki, to ately take over operations in
the fundraiser is approved by tion from the elements outside Lufthansa. Germany, the company an-
take money out of the club’s
the ASB executive committee, in their working environment. With the purchase from Air nounced. Instead, operations
account. Berlin, EasyJet is set to ac-
club presidents will receive Haribo has stated that it was will be limited during the
Fundraising is a great way quire landing slots at Berlin
an email notifying them that not aware of any bad conditions winter months and will not
to make a profit and broad- Tegel Airport and leases for a reach full effect until the sum-
their fundraiser has passed going on with the workers sup-
en your club’s influence or variety of Airbus 320 aircraft. mer of 2018.
the first step to official and plying them with their essential
experience; following the ingredients. The deal has yet to be offi- Ryanair, an Irish airline,
complete approval. Receiving aforementioned guidelines cially approved; this approval
Another key ingredient in tried to acquire some of Air
this email does not mean that will ensure the process goes will most likely be announced
Gummy bears is gelatin. Gela- Berlin’s assets but had to re-
the fundraiser can take place; smoothly. tin is made from many different in December. 1,000 work- voke the request after an in-
getting approved by ASB is body parts of pigs. Haribo also ers from Air Berlin would be ternal error caused the can-
only step one in a three-step obtains gelatin from farms in picked up by Easy Jet, the cellation of 2,100 flights.
Brazil. These farms have been company reports, but these
exposed in that their animals workers will still be subject
are kept in very unhealthy and
unacceptable conditions. Their
living quarters are covered in
their feces, and even dead pigs
are left in the pen.
In order to get rid of these in-
justices on the many farms, the
Brazilian government is doing
unannounced visits on farms.
They will then investigate and
make sure no slave labor or cru-
elty to animals is occurring. To
fix this ongoing problem, Har-
ibo must work together with
Brazil to ensure that all labor is
legal, and all Haribo’s ingredi-
ents are from responsible sourc-
es. Once this has been accom-
plished, Haribo can regain their
Via Google Images credibility with customers.
Via Google Images
How To: Budget The Art Of Being a
November 17, 2017

A Quick Glance At Budgeting CEO
You may ask yourself, “Why,
as a high schooler would I
need to worry about budget-
ing?” and some of you prob-
ably don’t need to, or ever
will need to budget. However,
for the rest of us, budgeting
will be a large part of life. As
you grow older and move out
from under the wing of your
parents, you will need to get Via Google Images
a job and be financially viable.
Understanding the impor- BY EMILY GOLD can be described as “applied
tance of budgeting will allow STAFF WRITER curiosity.” These people
you to live a comfortable that Via Google Images question everything and are
doesn’t require you to live Being a CEO, or a Chief always searching for a way
paycheck to paycheck, always your paycheck, whenever rule is to update your budget Executive Officer, is a pro-
you get one, you will have daily, tracking your mon- to make things run more
worried about bills you have fession revered by many. As smoothly or more efficient-
to pay. the freedom at any time. It is ey so that you don’t have to
not wise to spend half of your scramble through expenses at a CEO, your role within the ly. They use their inherent
This article will illuminate company is to establish the curiosity to take action and
specific strategies and give paycheck on bills and then the end of the month. Make
the other half on consumables accurate descriptions about policies and the vision of a make changes in the work-
you tips to master budgeting corporation. CEO’s general- place, which is an import-
and become financially suc- and other unnecessary expen- what you are buying, as well
ditures. If you take out some as why. Budget by the month, ly receive a substantial sal- ant quality to have as the
cessful. So what is budgeting? ary in comparison to most chief executive of a compa-
Budgeting is making sure you money from each paycheck, and not by the paycheck. Plan
you have the freedom to do for both fixed and variable ex- other jobs and are able to ny where you will be mak-
don’t spend more than you live lavishly. But how does
acquire. When budgeting, it many different things, such penses. ing decisions to improve
is essential to prepare for the as taking a vacation, starting While budgeting there are one become a CEO? things on behalf of the en-
short term and long term. your own business, quitting inevitable mistakes to avoid. The first step to becoming tire company. Secondly, the
One problem many people your job and pursuing your The first is merely forgetting a CEO is to obtain a bach- interviewed CEO’s favored
have is thinking of budgeting dream, or even going back to to write down your expenses. elor’s degree. Typically in a challenging environment
as a diet and associating bud- school. It’s a means of achiev- If you don’t remember what either liberal arts, business where discomfort and diffi-
geting with cutting out things ing any of your goals. to write down what you are administration, or admin- culty drive them to do bet-
from our lives. However, that So, how do you set one spending money on, the eas- istration. Next, an aspiring ter. They like to get close to
is not the case. Budgeting up? There are many different ier it is to get caught finan- CEO should complete a mas- the company’s problems and
should be compared with a ways to set one up, as men- cially. If you are diligent and ter’s degree program where dissect them. Lastly, they are
program of spending. Budget- tioned previously in this ar- get into the habit of recording they should acquire an MBA the manager of their own
ing is a preparatory approach ticle. The most basic idea of what you spend your money (Master’s in Business Ad- careers. They control their
to finance, rather than a reac- setting up a budget, a method on, you will be able to stay on ministration) or a similar work and push their way to
tive approach. that everyone can use is pa- top of your finances and feel degree . The third step is to the top.They are always fo-
As high schoolers, you will per and a pen. You can car- confident in your economic gain experience. Typically cused on the job at hand and
not have a steady job with ry your budget around with status. Second, intentionally you need to begin in lower giving it their all which leads
a regular income because you, wherever you go. You not writing down purchases. level management positions
won’t have to worry about Budgeting is entirely person- them to promotions. Instead
school is your job and your in order to work their way of focusing on the job they
only steady pay, is the income electronic failure, which may al, meaning you are the only
cause you to lose all of your one keeping track of what up in the business and learn would like they give their
of homework. Nevertheless, how to navigate the field. current job all of their ener-
eventually, you will need to information. However, there you spend and buy. It is essen-
are some downsides to this tial to write down everything Finally, many CEO’s con- gy which makes them very
budget. The first thing you sider voluntary certification successful.
should do is make short and method, including misplac- that happened, even if you go
ing your notebook or making over your budget. Feeling sor- which demonstrates their When considering a pro-
long-term goals; a budget will ability and allows them to fession to pursue it is im-
help you with this. Short and simple mistakes a comput- ry about it will assure that it
er could quickly catch. Also, never happens again. One of advance their careers. portant to consider the
long-term goals are easily es- The career trajectories of financial rewards it will pro-
tablished when you are orga- there are no shortcuts or for- the most common mistakes
nized with your expenses. For mulas readily accessible to is buying on impulse. Before CEO’s is extremely varies, vide. The desireable lives of
instance, using some spread- use, unlike on a laptop. The you buy anything, you should they come from all walks CEOs worldwide inspires
sheet or an app that shows next method of organization ask yourself if you would be of life.Not all CEO’s follow many young people to enter
you how much you are plan- is using a simple spreadsheet. able to survive without it. the standard path, you don’t this realm of work. If you
ning to make over the next With spreadsheets you are Even small purchases such as have to be a straight A stu- are considering entering
period and how much you are less likely to make mistakes gum, can add up over the year dent and know that you the field of business, being
going to spend over that time. and do easy calculations. and can put a dent into your want to be a CEO going into a CEO requires lots of edu-
If you have a system, you can There are also a variety of budget. Becoming the victim college. In fact, most peo- cation, but the payoff is sub-
look ahead and see what you programs that can keep track of budget busters is the next ple change their career path stantial. If the three traits
might need to cut back on, of how much money you have mistake. Budget busters are many times before landing that the New York Times
and when. Having this sys- left in that month, week or people around you who peer on becoming a chief execu- assigned to most chief ex-
tem is the easiest way to stay year. A step up from the sim- pressure you into spending tive. ecutives are characteristics
on top of your financial situ- ple spreadsheet is a desktop more. Picture yourself at a According to the New that you see in yourself, this
ation. Updating and consis- software. There is much soft- restaurant with friends, and York Times, there are three profession might be the one
tently using your budgeting ware that you can download, you pay enough money for things that almost all chief for you.
system will be hard to do, but but they cost money. How- a meal, that is within your executives have in common.
the more you use the system, ever, they can do a lot more budget, but after the dinner, Firstly, the interviewed ex-
the better and more natural it than a spreadsheet and have everyone wants to go out to ecutives have a quality that
becomes. more focused programs that the theater and watch a new
What happens when there will help you with your bud- movie. Against your better
is a crisis you were not able geting. You can also find pro- judgment your friends con-
to foresee in your budgeting grams online that offer simi- vince you to spend the extra
system? What if, while driv- lar programs as the desktop money on a ticket. Unneces-
ing to work, you get into a car software, but can sometimes sary spending can be avoided
accident and now have to pay be free. Lastly, you can find by planning if you know that
the mechanic $300? The first smartphone applications that your friends often want to do
step would be to see if you will help you budget. Wally+, additional things when hang-
can move around any other of Acorns, Toshl Finance, and ing out or you can do dam-
your expenses like instead of Pocket Expense are all great age control after and move
paying $400 a month for food, examples of mobile financial your expenses around. The
you spend $250. Or you can apps. last mistake all people make
postpone other bills a month Using your budget is the about budgeting is not be-
so that you can pay for the next step, once you have ing too frugal. Don’t deprive
repairs. Another option is found your desired mode of yourself so much that you are
spreading the repair bill over recording. The main rule is always miserable as if you
some time, spending it incre- to keep track of every ex- were on a diet. Spending a lit-
mentally. However, being pre- pense, including the small tle extra once and awhile is a
cautionary is always best, and ones. Keeping receipts of ev- lot better than going on one
with each paycheck you get, a erything you get is very im- massive spending spree, so be
little of it should be put into a portant because it is a backup smart and good luck Budget-
“rainy day fund.” copy if you lose all other re- ing!
If you take money out of cords. Another fundamental Via Google Images
November 17, 2017

What to expect this Winter Season
A sneak-peek at this season’s sports
BY CARSTEN FEHLAN year of rebuilding with many an impact on the varsity lev- winning their opening round compete with schools around
STAFF WRITER starters from last years team el. The team opens up against game against Valhalla 44-41 San Diego. The lady vikes are
graduating. Some young Santana High School on No- in overtime. The big ques- in high hopes for this coming
With November almost players look to fill those se- vember 30th. tion is how will the team do season.
over, the fall sports season is niors’ roles and make a large The La Jolla High School this year without the star of Girls water polo begins
coming to an end. Teams may impact this season. The team wrestling team opens up last years senior class. Los- during the winter and look
be battling for CIF champi- still has a lot of talent and competition this winter as ing now Harvard basketball to continue to dominate their
onships or even state titles, looks to compete this year well. They have been weight player Reed Farley leaves a opponents. Mastermind Tom
but just around the corner is to win the CIF championship training with Coach Leon- large hole open for the team. Atwell looks to continue his
something exciting. The sea- that they were so close to ard over the last few months Even though he was injured winning ways and lead the
son of winter sports is begin- getting last year. to get ready for the season. during the second half of the team to a CIF title. Last year
ning. The girls team came off of They are lead by senior Elliot season last year, the question the team went 26-4 and made
Looking back at last year’s an outstanding season last Austin. Coach Lindenblatt is still up for grab in who will it to the CIF championship
winter season, many of the yea, winning a CIF title with will not be coaching this year take over the star role on the game. They killed Westview
La Jolla High boys and girls a win over West Hills. They due to his military duties. team. and Carlsbad in the quarter-
soccer teams made it very far took down West Hills, the The team looks to fight for a Girls basketball is looking final and semifinal games.
in CIF Championship, in very number one seeded team chance at a CIF title and con- to bounce back after a rough They played major rivals
dramatic fashion to say the with a score of 2-1. Like the tend with some large schools year last year. The team Bishops in the final and lost
least. boys team, they lost a few around San Diego. went 2-21 overall and 1-11 a thriller 3-2. With a young
The boys team won a thrill- seniors who made large im- The boys basketball team in league play. This season is team coming in this year,
ing game against Helix 4-3, pacts in that CIF title run. is coming off a crazy season up for grabs as they open up they are in high hopes again
to make it to the semis where With the team this year from last year. The team went against Carlsbad on Novem- for a long run in CIF.
they just fell short against mostly built of juniors and 18-9 overall and 5-5 in league. ber 28. They certainly aren’t Make sure to come out sup-
Del Norte, losing 3-1. This seniors, younger players are They had a short run in CIF trying to repeat last year and port against your vikings this
year some may look at it as a going to be looking to make but surely made the most of it look to get La Jolla girls bas- winter season.
ketball back on the map and

New Soccer Stadium in UCLA in China
San Diego? Subtitle
BY Sara Evans is a good thing because it is
Staff writer another opportunity to enjoy
sports events in San Diego.
In Oceanside, California, a They also argue It will make
new idea has been proposed money for the community as
to bring a North American a whole from ticket sales and
Soccer League team to a per- other funds raised by the sta-
manent stadium. The team dium.
is being completely creat- The North American Soccer
ed from scratch with a new League is a Division II profes-
coach, manager, and of course sional soccer league in North
players. The new stadium America. At the next level is
will be built on SoCal Sports Major League Soccer, which
Complex which already has is the Division I league. There
22 multi-use fields. The new is still some question wheth-
stadium will have 10,000 seats er the NASL will survive into
and be the home field to the next season, as U.S. Soccer
1904 FC. There are many dif- tries to take away the league
ferent opinions on building all together. If the stadium is
this new stadium. Some op- built and 1904 FC lays ground
pose it because they believe in San Diego some upsides
that taxes will rise to make are money raised for the com-
funds to pay for the stadium. munity and fun events to go
Others say that professional to, and a downside is elevated
soccer coming to Oceanside taxes.
Photo via trbimg
November 17, 2017 7
Don’t Blame Darvish A look Back on Fall Sports
BY shayna kobrinetz
cally change in the second
inning. Darvish was pulled
How our Vikes did in Fall sports this year
after allowing two more runs,
The Dodgers’ World Series again pitching less than two
loss was not Yu Darvish’s innings. The real concern
fault. He’s not to blame for here is that those two runs for
their inability to score more the Astros could have been
than a single run in game sev- prevented- had Darvish been
en, or their fall to a team that pulled after the first inning af-
bested them when it mattered ter a pattern became evident,
the most. the Dodgers would have only
The five runs that Darvish been down 3-0, and, while not
gave up in the first two in- an ideal situation, it would
nings of game seven shouldn’t have been much easier to
have come as a surprise to catch up, and even win game
Dave Roberts. In 2016, during seven.
his previous postseason run But poor pitching choices
with the Rangers, 11.6% of did not start or end with Dar-
the runs Darvish gave up that vish. The decision to have
season were in postseason Brandon Morrow pitch in ev-
play. Again, in just one game, ery single game was undoubt-
just one year ago, Darvish edly a huge mistake. Through
gave up five runs in a matter the entire season, Morrow
of only a few innings. And never gave up a single home BY ilias Benbatoul the CIF playoffs. They missed strong teams such as, Santa
in Darvish’s 9 starts for the run. But the first pitch Mor- Staff writer out on it by only one crucial Fe Christian and Ramona in
Dodgers this season, he’s giv- row threw in game five? A The La Jolla High Boys stroke “which really sucked, which they lost 3 to 0 in both.
en up an average of 2.22 runs solo home run by George Football team had great reg- but there is always next year” The Girls will be hoping for a
per game, a sharp contrast to Springer. Morrow only threw ular season this year. The said Olivia. better season next year.
Astros’ starting pitcher Justin six pitches in that game and team went 5-5 in league play. Cross Country: Cross Field Hockey: The field
Verlander’s average of .8 runs gave up two homers and four Their last game of the sea- Country so far is having a hockey team so far has had a
per game. For the Rangers, runs, numbers that reached son they lost to University good season as they partic- decent season in which it was
he didn’t do any better; Dar- far beyond his averages City 53-31. Though, the last ipated in 6 meets and raced a mix of wins and losses. One
vish pitched for an average of throughout the season. home game of the season in the Western League Finals great win that they have had
2.86 runs per game during his You still can’t blame Hous- the Vikes came through a on the 7th of November. Af- this season was when they
22 starts for the Rangers this ton’s victory on LA’s faltering very impressive blowout win terwards, they will race in the beat Mission Bay 8 goals to
season. pitching team, or even the in- during the homecoming game San Diego Section of CIF on Zero at Mission Bay’s home
In Darvish’s first ever ability to score runs when it against Kearny Mesa High. the 18th and on the 25th they field. However, they had a
World Series start, he pitched mattered most. Baseball is a The Vikes won 44-18 against will race in the most import- very tough game against Tor-
less than two innings. And team effort, and to claim that Kearny Mesa High. The team ant meet which will be the rey Pines in which they lost 5
worse, he allowed four runs Darvish is solely responsible looks continue their success CIF State meet. to Zero.
in that short window. Roberts is preposterous. in playoffs this season. They Girls Tennis: The girls ten- Boys Water Polo: So far, the
may not have known if it was Fans took to Twitter to hope to bring home another nis team seemed to have had boys Water Polo season is go-
just nerves or if Darvish was complain of Darvish “throw- win during their playoff game a good season. According ing good. They are playing in
really not fit to pitch, but after ing away the entire season,” on November 17th. to the LJHS website Olivia the Open Division and have
enduring a painful inning and all because he pitched poorly Girls Golf: According to Ol- Doehr and Haley Mossmer won most of their games. On
(less than) a half, pulled Dar- in two games. The Dodgers ivia K. (Sophomore), the girls won the Western League dou- November 9th they will play
vish. You can’t blame Roberts had one of their best seasons golf season was decent but bles Championship. the CIF semi Finals at 9 and
for starting him and not pull- as of late, and 4 less-than-de- not as good as they expected Girls Volleyball: It’s fair to if they win they will go on to
ing him out earlier; Darvish is sirable innings did not and at the beginning of the season. say that the Girls Volleyball play in the finals against ei-
an undeniably great pitcher will not change that. If Dar- Having lost 2 crucial players season was not their best one ther Vista or Coronado. Their
and this start was uncharac- vish is the sole reason for the last year (after they graduat- as of late. “We went 4 in 28” opponents in the final will de-
teristic. Astros winning the World ed) it was a lot of pressure on said Maya Gessner (Sopho- pend on the bracket.
However, when Darvish Series, the Dodgers should be the younger players. How- more). It was a tough season
gave up three runs in the first able to return next year and ever, they almost made it to for them as they played very
inning of game seven, Roberts
and the rest of the Dodgers’
coaching staff should have
recognized that this was a
win, this time without Dar-
vish (he’s now a free agent).
And if not, Dodgers Nation
will need to come to grips
Ball (and Fall) So Hard
pattern with Darvish, and, with the fact that Darvish A look at the NBA Season thus far
judging by game three, Dar- didn’t blow the whole sea-
vish was unlikely to drasti- son or even game seven.

Winter Olympics February 8th and the open-
BY Jenna Crist
Staff writer ‘ ing ceremonies will officially
The 2018 Winter Olympics begin the next day on Friday,
is only a few months away February 9th. The 2018 Win-
and will be here before we ter Olympics will end about
know it. Not much informa- two and a half weeks later on
tion has been released quite Sunday, February 25th. There
yet, but some of the most will be a couple new events
desired questions have been taking place this year, such
answered. Most important- as how athletes are now be-
ly, the Winter Olympics will ing able to compete in big air
be hosted in PyeongChang, snowboarding and freestyle
a town in South Korea. It is skiing on slopes, as well as
the official location for this mass start speed skating and
year’s Winter Olympics, they mixed doubles curling on the Photo via trbimg
outbid every other country to ice. There are 102 metals total
be able to host the Olympics that will be up for grabs this BY bobby murphy Cavaliers and the new-look thoughts of poor play after
this year. This will be the sec- year, it’s just a matter of time Staff writer Thunder. Hayward’s injury. Chris Paul
ond Olympics that South Ko- seeing who will take home Some stars’ seasons have has been out for a few weeks
rea will host, previously they the most. The Olympics will
be broadcasted on NBC net-
With the NBA season been halted, as Gordon Hay- as well. Spurs’ star Kawhi
hosted the Summer Olympics about a month through, we ward of the Celtics suffered Leonard has been going
in Seoul, South Korea in 1988. works as well as online for ev- have each team competing in a season-ending injury on through an injury, and has
The start of the 2018 games eryone to tune in and watch their first 10-15 games. There opening night. After jump- not played yet this season.
will take place on Thursday, all their favorite events. have been some teams on ing up for a pass, he fell awk- Perhaps one of the biggest
the rise, as the Boston Celtics wardly and dislocated his storylines so far has been
with a 10 game win streak, ankle. After this gruesome Ben Simmons’ debut this
along with the Pistons and injury, many thought the season, performing well as
Magic enjoying their suc- Celtics would suffer deeply the leader of a young 76ers
cessful beginning of the sea- with their new star out. After team. With a lot of basketball
son runs. losing their first two games, still to come, NBA fans will
Some high-heralded teams the Celtics went on to win be in for an exciting rest of
got off to slow starts, like the their next 10, erasing any the season.
November 17, 2017

The Battle Against La Jolla’s Newest Restaurants
the Stiletto Check out La Jolla’s Freshest Bites

BY NUSHEEN BARADA- mini burgers which they fa- The Hake La Jolla
BY EMMA FISH Photo via
RAN mously make upside down. Photo via San Diego Magazine
STAFF WRITER the red high heel shoe- to be STAFF WRITER “Instead of putting their top- dishes includes pizza made
“highly suggestive” and how pings on top of their burger, with naan dough.
Media Strategist Florie “[Stilettos are] most often as- The restaurants in La Jolla they flip it so all the toppings Another redone restau-
Hutchinson is now in a bat- sociated with fetishism and keep on changing. Many new absorb the burger’s juices and rant is The Hake. The Hake
tle against the red high heel seduction and made popular restaurants are added to the taste delicious,”as La Jolla Me- was closed because they had
emoji and other women’s in the 50s during the era of lineup of restaurants in the La dia Group explains. plumbing and electrical is-
shoe emojis. Hutchinson is a ‘Mad Men,’ and most recently Jolla village, as well as ones After temporarily closing sues, and the owners also
frequent user of emojis and by ‘Sex in the City.’” that are returning. Some of for renovation, BJ’s Restau- wanted to improve the aes-
is outraged that there is not a Hutchinson even went as these restaurants include: rants is back open. BJ’s,which thetics of the building and
sensible women’s shoe emoji far as to make simple exam- Himitsu,which opened in is a chain restaurant which restaurant. “During the re-
option. The current selection ple designs of the emoji she October 2017, is a traditional has many locations around model, the entire building was
is a red stiletto, a high heel wanted, designed by graphic Sushi Bar. The owners of this San Diego, is well known for reconstructed to look more
boot, and a tan open toe high designer, Aphee Messer. The restaurant, Julian Hakim and their deep-dish pizza and fa- modern, including the incor-
heel. design itself is very simple, Aram Baloyan, are the same mous “Pizookie” dessert, pas- poration of new paint, floor-
Earlier this year she wrote just a ballet flat with or with- owners as Taco Stand. The ta, burgers, salad, sandwiches ing, light fixtures, walkways
a proposal to the governing out a bow on the toe. menu of this restaurants in- and more. and entrances. The front of
body of emojis, the Unicode Part of what is fueling this cludes authentic dishes, tradi- Masala Street, a new Indian building was completely re-
Consortium, that argued for a war against the “heel” are tional nigiri sushi along with restaurant will open in La Jol- modeled and multiple offices
ballet flat to be added to the Hutchinson’s three young small Japanese style appetiz- la by mid-November. At Mas- were removed from the back
ever growing list of emojis. In daughters, whom she hopes ers. ala Street, the menu consists of building to make room for
her proposal she talked about “to raise [as] women who are Originally from Tel Aviv, of many traditional Indian Hake expansion,” as the La
how she considered the cur- proud to wear flats.” Burgerim is now in La Jolla. dishes, as well as some with Jolla Light explains.
rent shoe options- especially Burgerim is known for their a modern twist. One of these

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes Giving Back in San Diego
Turn Your Leftovers Into Fresh, Delicious Dishes

BY SYDNEY O’CONNOR much as $61 (depending on
STAFF WRITER age and which race you’d
be participating in). The San
In the spirit of Thanks- Diego Humane Society is of-
giving, San Diego is hosting fering children several oppor-
numerous charitable events tunities to help animals. Kids
for its citizens. People will be can post adoption flyers, help
able to volunteer for beach host a donation drive, or reach
cleanups, food banks, the hu- out to a SD Humane Society
mane society, fun runs, and representative to schedule a
more. Throughout November, speaking engagement at their
BY JENNA CRIST 2 cups of corn, Photo via Food Network the San Diego Food Bank is school. Those who are ages 14
STAFF WRITER 1-2 cups of turkey gravy, 1 cup of shredded cooked tur- accepting volunteers to help and older and are interested
1/3 of a cup of milk, key, package foods that will be sent in volunteering at events or
The Thanksgiving holiday 4-5 cups of leftover stuffing, 1/2 a cup of cubed cooked out to those in need. There helping out, are required to
is soon approaching and with 1/4 of a cup of chicken broth. ham, are very few steps to register- attend an information ses-
that we all know what fol- 1/2 a cup of sweetened, dried those who are interested can sion, get interviewed, and fill
lows: tons of leftovers! Rath- Combine all these ingredi- cranberries, easily register at the SD Food out an application. Another
er than eating the exact same ents evenly on the bottom of a 1 diced hard-cooked egg, Bank website. Anyone who is charity requesting help is Just
things again and again for 9x13 glass baking dish. Make 2 tablespoons of chopped under the age of 16 is required Call Us Volunteers, an orga-
days after, try mixing things sure to lightly drizzle some fresh basil leaves, to have a parent or guardian nization that feeds the home-
up a bit with a couple of de- leftover chicken broth over 1/4 of a cup of mayonnaise, with them. On Thanksgiving less. They are making Thanks-
licious and easy recipes utiliz- the top to keep the stuffing Salt and ground black pepper day, the San Diego Run for giving meals, and are hoping
ing Thanksgiving leftovers. from drying out. Now, just to taste. the Hungry is holding a 5k adults and kids will be willing cover your casserole with tin All you need to do is sim- and 10k run in Downtown to serve meals and clean dish-
provides an amazing recipe foil and bake it at 400-degrees ply combine the turkey, ham, San Diego. Their website es. People will be able to sign
for a Thanksgiving Leftover for about 35-40 minutes, or cranberries, egg, and basil in states, “All profits from this up on their website during
Casserole. The ingredients until heated through. After a mixing bowl. Then, stir in race are donated to the Jacobs the first week of November.
are: this, enjoy! the mayonnaise, and finish by & Cushman San Diego Food Those who participate in any
2-3 cups of shredded leftover Another recipe worth try- seasoning to taste with salt Bank and hunger-relief pro- of these charitable activities
turkey, ing is one from and pepper. grams such as the JFS Food will not only be getting vol-
1 1/2 cups of cranberry sauce, which turns your Thanksgiv- Try these recipes to enjoy Mobile and Hands-Up Food unteer hours, but will also be
3-4 cups of leftover mashed ing leftovers into an amazing all your Thanksgiving favor- Pantry managed by Jewish giving back to the community
potatoes, salad. The ingredients are: ite foods in a whole new way! Family Service of San Diego.” and helping others, in the giv-
Admission can cost up to as ing spirit of this time.
November 17, 2017 9
Don Monaco
and travel back to Okinawa was only a small part of the
the next day. However, at 4 United States’ mission, stat-
am Monaco was woken up ing, “I made as big an impact
by a knock on his door and as was possible for me and
a message sent directly from my crew. But, when you look
The Youngest Combat Commander in Vietnam President Lyndon B. John-
son. The message authorized,
at the whole was very,
very little. Just a small piece of
BY EVAN GOLD As part of the Strategic Air way to the bombing site. As for the first time, the cross- the puzzle, but a golden piece.
STAFF WRITER Command (SAC)- which was the 30 bombers flew in front ing of Air Force planes into We did what we were asked
responsible for bombings and of him, the bomber’s crew on North Vietnam. Monaco and to do, and we did a good job.”
As Veteran’s Day ap- nuclear operations during the Monaco’s left realized that his crew quickly ate break- When he left the Air Force,
proached early this No- Cold War- Monaco felt he had they were going to arrive at fast with the six fighter pilots Monaco joined the airline Pan
vember, the Hi-Tide got the a duty to perform to the best the target four minutes too who were to accompany him Am, flying 707s, 747s, and
opportunity to interview a of his ability. He states it was early. For any aircraft travel- on the mission. After crossing 727s. Regardless of all he has
former member of the United important, “That I do as per- ing at any speed, banking at into North Vietnam, the fight- given for his country, Monaco
States Air Force, Don Mona- fect a job as I could because so 30 degrees for four minutes er pilots descended to 200 feet continues to give to his com-
co, who became the youngest much depended on that”. He will result in a complete 360 in the middle of a valley, or- munity, mentoring juveniles
Air Combat Commander in says knowing that, carrying degree turn, Monaco reports. dered to destroy anti-aircraft on probation and spending
Vietnam. Monaco currently Hydrogen bombs, he could The bomber on the left decid- guns whose last known po- three months out of the year
lives in Orinda, California and theoretically, “start the third ed to do just this-make a 360 sition was on the left side of in Guatemala working on a
was more than happy to share world war” motivated him to degree turn for four minutes the valley. Unfortunately, the variety of service projects.
his unique and powerful story always remain diligent and in an attempt to arrive at the anti-aircraft guns had moved When asked why he gives so
with La Jolla High School. focused. target on time. To Monaco’s to the right side of the valley much back to a community
At the age of 16, Monaco Being designated the amazement, he saw a previ- overnight and the fighters that he has already sacrificed
was approached by Piper Air- youngest Combat Command- ously black sky light up in were “sitting ducks” at 200 so much for, Monaco replied,
craft. The company wanted to er at age 26 came as some- flames. The bomber making feet. Four of the six fighters “Because I can. It makes me
prove how easy it was to fly what of a surprise to Mona- the turn had collided with a were shot down. That night, feel like an important part of
one of their planes. Agree- co. Allegedly, the youngest bomber behind it. Monaco Monaco ate dinner at the of- the world”.
ing to participate in Piper’s commander before him was made the risky decision (with ficer’s club at Clark Air Base It is because of people like
stunt, Monaco set an unoffi- 42 years old. Monaco reports no radio or lights) to descend in the Philippines with two Monaco, that we celebrate
cial world record, going from that he was proud of that title, to 500 feet and search the pilots instead of six. “That Veteran’s Day and the people
never touching the controls of and he was “going to do the ocean for rafts or any sign of math”, Monaco reports, who have made our country
an airplane, to flying solo in best job I could do”. life. Unfortunately, the colli- showed him that “this was what it is today.
just two and a half hours- all Monaco was deployed in sion destroyed both aircraft real war”.
in one morning. Vietnam for 60 days, where killing a total of twelve men. Despite Monaco’s coura-
Monaco fell in love with he flew everyday (most mis- Monaco recounts another geous stories, he asserts he
aviation and earned his Com- sions lasted 13 hours). When daunting mission flown over
mercial Pilot license at 18. He asked to recall some of his Vietnam involving a group of
attended Dartmouth College most memorable moments as fighter pilots and his KC-135.
where he enrolled in the Re- a pilot for the Air Force, Mo- Most fighters, according to
serve Officers Training Corps naco revealed two powerful Don, were stationed in South
(ROTC). Joining the ROTC stories: Vietnam, Thailand, and the
was not an easy decision, as On his first combat mission, Philippines, where the only
it meant he would have to Monaco led 30 KC-135 tank- runways available were short
serve in the Air Force after at- ers from Okinawa, Japan to and did not offer a lot of room
tending college. His decision, Vietnam. His group of tankers for takeoff. Consequently,
however, was well thought would meet 30 B-52 bombers fighters could not take off
out. If he did not join ROTC, traveling to Vietnam from with both bombs and full fuel;
he could have been drafted Guam. All 60 aircraft flew to- instead, fighters would take
into the military and forced wards a target “in formation, off with only a small amount
to stop attending Dartmouth. at night, with no radio com- of fuel and meet a KC-135 in
Being a part of ROTC guaran- munication or lights, going the air. One day, as his KC-
teed him the ability to finish 600 miles per hour, at 25,000 135 was helping to refuel
school and gave him the op- feet over the ocean”. As the fighters from the Philippines,
portunity to choose to fly in group of aircraft neared the a typhoon was reported over
the Air Force and make a ca- target, 29 of the KC-135s Okinawa making it unsafe for
reer out of it, if he wanted to. made a u-turn and flew back Monaco to fly back to Oki-
During his time in the mil- to Okinawa. Monaco was set nawa. Monaco was diverted
itary, Monaco flew KC-135 to remain in formation and to the Philippines where he Photos via Don Monaco
refuelers and B-52 bombers. follow the bombers all the expected to spend the night

UTC’s Major Makeover
Nordstrom, new stores, and more!
BY NUSHEEN BARADA- for example, Gucci, Valenti- ground on new design meth-
RAN no, Saint Laurent, and Chloe, odologies, ECCO builds on a
STAFF WRITER which are located inside the solid foundation to evolve a
store. Most of the mall’s slat- lighter, more flexible shoe for
The University Town Cen- ed restaurants will be of the everyday and every need.” (
ter mall went through it’s sit-down and relaxed type. In
first big change, a $180-mil- addition, there will be new utc/stores/new-arrivals)
lion makeover which added gardens, and places for chil- Sundance - “Famed ac-
a ArcLight Cinemas and, a dren to have fun. In addition, tor, director, and visionary
new food court with more the city of San Diego wants to of independent filmmak-
options, in November of construct a 22-story high res- ing, Robert Redford founded
2012. This year, the mall went idential tower, featuring 300 Sundance Catalog in 1989 to
through a $600-million ren- units, in the upcoming year of promote the works of artists
ovation. During the renova- 2018. This apartment building and craftspeople from across
tion, many new stores were will be located in one of the the country and around the
added to the current list of mall’s old parking lots. world. From a small opera-
UTC stores, some of those Other New stores and tion run out of the attic of
stores and restaurants includ- restaurants are: the old Sundance Village fire-
ing, “luxury furniture-maker Shake Shack - “Born in New house, Sundance has grown
Arhaus, comfy-clothes line York City’s Madison Square to become one of America’s Photo via Times of San Diego
Marine Layer and fine-dining Park in 2004, Shake Shack preeminent lifestyle retail- up offers the most complete eryone. NYX offers a broad
establishment Larsen’s Steak- is a modern day “roadside” ers. Offering a thoughtfully line of affordable profession- catalogue of products that
house, crystal jewelry-maker burger stand known for its curated mix of unique, pre- al makeup to a global com- includes everyday basics, on-
Swarovski, footwear chain 100% all-natural Angus beef mium-quality women’s and munity of digitally savvy trend shades, special occasion
ECCO and MAC Cosmetics” burgers, griddled-crisp flat- men’s apparel and footwear, makeup lovers. Their prod- makeup and cult favorites like
as the La Jolla Light stated. top dogs, fresh-made frozen jewelry, accessories, art and ucts are always based on re- the one-of-a-kind The Curve
The new Nordstrom debuted custard, crinkle cut fries, craft home décor, Sundance ele- al-time trends and deliver on eyeliner and Butter lip gloss
in early October, and is one of beer and wine, and more.” vates the traditions of authen- the richest color offering and line.”( https://www.westfield.
the mall’s newest jewels, com- ( tic American heritage into quality. Their mission is to com/utc/stores/new-arrivals)
plete with 250,000 square feet utc/stores/new-arrivals) a classic and creative style.” enable, empower, and educate Note: This information is pro-
of additional retail and restau- ECCO - “ECCO focuses on ( all makeup enthusiasts to be- vided by the Westfield UTC
rant space. In the new Nord- building a better shoe. Pio- utc/stores/new-arrivals ) come their very own makeup Mall website.
strom they have added many neering new fusions of ad- NYX Professional Makeup artist. They celebrate makeup
new designer brand boutiques vanced materials, breaking - “NYX Professional Make- artistry and creativity in ev-
November 17, 2017
November 17, 2017 11

Mr/Miss La Jolla
Students being asked the same questions Miss America contestants have been asled throughout the years.
1960: 2007:
1959: “If you became president, what
1959: “If you could choose one talent what “If you were proficient in tennis
“Do you think our education of today is or golf, would you beat your partner would be the first thing you would do?”
would your choice be and why?”
preparing us for the space age?” or let him/her win?”

Arda Okcuoglu, 12th Arielle Bark, 9th Liam Trim, 9th
“No, not really, we don’t really learn much Max Princen, 11th “I think I would let him win be- “I would make sure that there’s a dif-
about what’s going on in that regard be- “Probably hold my breath for a cause I wouldn’t want to hurt his ference between equality and femi-
cause we’re on a cirriculum directed by really long time.” feelings or destroy his ego.” nism. Sure it’s unfair that people are
common core and nothing that’s actually born into this world rich or poor but
relevant to life in general.” that doesn’t mean you can’t make
2016: something out of your life.”
“Do you believe our country
2007: has an immigration problem?”
“Recent polls have shown a fifth of
Americans can’t locate the U.S on a world Leyla Blackwell, 10th
map. Why do you think this is?” “I do believe that America has an immi-
gration problem because many politicians 2013:
Miley Cyrus has caused
Hannah Cluster, 10th make decisions about how many people
a media sensation with her twerk-
“I feel like people don’t pay attention or Joseph Costa, 12th come in and from where based on fear.”
ing performance on the VMAs, apear-
try that much to actually think about it “I think it’s because the people are
ing nude in her new music video and etc.
so don’t want to learn so they don’t” dumb.” What do you think about Miley ex-
2017: pressing herself artiscically?
“Which specific issue re-
2017: garding women’s rights is most
2007: “How would you like the important to you?” Hunter Vrana, 12th
“What gives you confidence in global community to view the Uni-
America?” “I think it was a political statement
tied States?”
Rey Okeke, 11th to impower women to take control
“I think rape is an issue because it of their bodies and not let anyone
Dylan Lyke, 10th Tyler Blackburn, 9th tell them what to do with them.”
happens and no one does anything
“It’s America, it’s a good place.” “I don’t know, I guess the global about it. If women come out and
community should fear us. I mean, say they were sexually abused they Cole Wolf, 12th
yes, you can be friends with them are often blamed for it.”
Kiana Hamrah, 11th “I respect her artistic freedom,
but also have a fear of them, be-
“Our military gives me con- but at the same time I question
cause you know if they’re scared of
fidence in this country be- weather her influence on younger
you they’re not gonna touch you.” Lena Albatro, 11th
cause it is the largest one.” children will be perceived nega-
Bentley Titus, 12th tively. However I appreciate her
“We believe that the wage gap is an personal expression.”
important issue regarding women’s
right because it’s discrimination.”
November 17, 2017 12 NEWS
November 17, 2017 13
Boardwalk Dedicated to Walter Munk Sewage Spills in Tijuana
BY SAVANNAH DENNIS family has been closely in-
STAFF WRITER volved with ocean conserva-
tion and exploration.
As of October 18th, the “...I have a worry that I would
La Jolla Shores boardwalk like to share with you that
has been renamed to Wal- the CO2 going into the at-
ter Munk Way, honoring the mosphere is now producing
scientist who has advanced a rate of sea level rise so that
oceanography that changed the Walter Munk Way is not
the course of history. going to enjoy a 100-year
The city decided on hon- birthday,” said Munk in an in-
oring Munk with the board- terview with Fox 5.
walk as a part of the new The unveiling of Walter Munk
street naming program. The Way has been hyped by the Photo via the San Diego Union-Tribune
honorary street names do community since the plans BY KIANA SEVA come up the coast and is in
not change the official street were announced in late July. STAFF WRITER Imperial Beach.
names. A requirement for The event drew a large crowd Paloma Aguirre, who is the
honoring someone or an or- Photo by Holger Motzkau. of people from both the sci- Many surfers and swim- coastal and marine director of
ganization, is that they have ence community and the local mers at Imperial Beach, in- the nonprofit environmental
to have been operating in San of Science for his influential community. group Wildcoast, stated that
work. cluding the city mayor, be-
Diego for at least 25 years. Locally, Walter Munk estab- came very sick because of the sewage went for miles be-
Walter Munk has surpassed Even though Munk is now lished credibility to San Diego low the border and up to Im-
100 years old, he still is pur- a sewage spill from Tijuana
that requirement. as a proper scientific research that started on October 26. perial Beach.
During World War II, Munk suing his scientific research. city. Due to his extensive The Comisión Internacio-
He has met with the 14th There was no advance notice
researched wave forecasting work with Scripps and Uni- from Mexico which was why nal de Límites y Aguas talk-
that helped allied forces with Dalai Lama and Pope Francis versity of San Diego, Walter ed with U.S. International
to discuss the importance of so many people fell ill. It is
amphibious landings, includ- Munk Way was made possi- unclear how many became ill Boundary and Water Com-
ing the invasion of Norman- stopping climate change. On ble by the city of San Diego. mission officials and had no
October 26th, Prince Albert but symptoms included burns
dy. Munk has also made crit- The honorary name change from heavy metals, rashes, information regarding a sew-
ical contributions to Scripps II visited Walter Munk Way. required support from a rep- age spill. The condition of the
The Monacan prince also met and E. coli poisoning.
research during the 1950’s resentative council member The Proyecto Fronterizo San Antonio de Los Buenos
through the ‘60’s. He has been with Munk to discuss current from the area and local com- sewage treatment has de-
oceanic problems as the royal de Educación Ambiental had
awarded the National Medal munity members. tested the water in Playas de clined which is probably the
Tijuana on Friday, and the cause. To renovate the plant
Black Student Union Conference at UCSD levels of fecal bacteria were
immensely high. After the
would cost over $370 million,
according to Mexican offi-
Continued from Page 1 spill, Wildcoast, a nonprof- cials.
it environmental group, re- There was a similar spill in
not only on college campuses, February 2017, and like then,
but also on high school cam- ceived reports of an odor at
Imperial Beach. The San Di- the Comisión Estatal de Ser-
puses. vicios Públicos de Tijuana of-
After the first speaker, ego County Department of
Environmental Health, which ficials seem to be focused on
students attended different covering up the sewage.
workshops which the mem- manages beach closures, was
told about the contamination Imperial Beach, Chula Vis-
bers of UCSD’s Black Student ta, San Diego, San Diego
Union created and presented. by Wildcoast, but the beach
stayed open with no testing County and the Port of San
The first workshop was Fi- Diego plan to sue the fed-
nancial Aid and Admissions,
West African dance group Afrobeats dances to of the waters. Swimmers
indigenous music and surfers north of Imperial eral government as officials
which was held in the Price promised better communica-
Center Theater. Here, stu-
Photo by Monaghan Cromeans Beach were not affected.
According to the mayor, tion with local officials after
dents learned about which fi- and found different ways to ifornia. Following that was a over 200 million gallons of
nancial aid options were best let their voices be heard and tour of the housing on cam- Serge Dedina, sewage is usu-
ally dumped at night and by sewage flowed through the
fit for them at UCSD and oth- acknowledged. Last, students pus, and a visit to three of Tijuana River Valley this past
er colleges. They also received attended a workshop on Be- the six colleges within UCSD. the time people are surfing
or swimming, it has already winter.
advice for applying to col- ing a Black Engineer in the During this tour, students saw
lege. At the Intersectionality Earl Warren Room where the art spread throughout the
workshop, in the 6th College they worked together to cre- campus, including the Black
Room, students shared ways ate an invention to stop air Legacy Mural, a statue of So-
in that they embrace their pollution. journer Truth, the Silent Tree,
cultures, and learned about Much to the group’s surprise, and a mosaic celebrating the
their own and other’s identi- the BSU planned a very con- Native American legacy at
ties. Next was the Self Care densed hip-hop dance class. UCSD.
workshop, held in the Gov- Although most were reluctant During lunch, two dance
ernance Chambers. Students to join at first, the majority groups provided entertain-
participated in an interactive of the group was eventual- ment for the students. The
presentation about mental ly dancing with smiles, and first group consisted of the
and physical health, and how were even challenging others members of San Diego State
each student found a holistic to dance-offs. University’s Kappa Alpha
balance between both. After After the dance class, students Psi Fraternity. This group
the presentation was an activ- split into smaller groups for performed their own chore- Andrea Rushing’s Black Legacy Mural at Price Center
ity where each student would a tour of the UCSD’s cam- ography while incorporating Photo by Monaghan Cromeans
give a self-affirmation, and pus. To start, the group vis- original spoken word poetry. witness such as microaggres- topic of being a queer black
would affirm one other per- ited SPACES, the Student The next group was a West sions, amplified sexism, and male. They spoke of how their
son in the room. In the ERC Promoted Access Center for African girl group known as flat-out racism. The main goal families did not originally ac-
Room, students attended Ac- Education and Service. Here Afrobeats. They performed of the caucus, which was to cept them for this reason,
tivism and its Powers of Em- students address education a traditional West African create a safe space for young resulting in them not being
powerment. Here, the group equity, social injustice, and dance to indigenous music. black females and have them supported by their families,
discussed why activism is diversity in UCSD, San Diego Following lunch was the be able to relate to others, was or even kicked out of their
important for the black youth County, and the state of Cal- gender caucuses. The stu- achieved. homes. Sweeten discussed
dents separated into groups Nearing the end of the day, how in the eye of general
of those who identified as fe- Dr. Jonathan Higgins, pub- black community, being queer
male, male, and gender non- lished writer, activist, speak- is not normalized, but he and
conforming/queer. In the fe- er, and educator, gave a pre- Higgins alike are breaking the
male group, they began with sentation of “unlearning fear norm of protecting the mas-
an activity where groups and embracing power”. He culinity that black males are
were assembled based on if emphasized acknowledging thought to come with.
the person related to different our greatness and personal The day concluded with a
statements. After the activity power. He also explained the group photo and thank you’s
was an open discussion based importance of his motto, “do from both ends of the event.
around intersectionality and it anyways”, telling the audi- As the students said their
how it affects a black female’s ence stories of teachers and goodbyes and exchanged in-
life in educational and social family members telling him formation, they left the Price
environments. This allowed he would not succeed in his Center with new friends, new
for each individual to share aspirations, but he did it any- knowledge, and a heightened
personal stories on the strug- ways, graduating at the top of sense of what it means to
gles they have faced grow- his classes. Dr. Higgins and be part of the Black Student
Dr. Jonathan Higgins speaks to students. ing up as a black female, and Sweeten both touched on the Union.
Photo by Monaghan Cromeans problems they continue to
November 17, 2017 @ljhitide
The Nutcracker House of Cards
California Ballet’s 50th Production of the Beloved Suspension
Ballet BY MEGAN SWEENY a sexual advance towards
STAFF WRITER him in 1986 when Rapp was
only 14. Spacey responded
BY EMILY GOLD grows into a prince and wins share with the Kingdom their Kevin Spacey has been sus- to this statement with tweet
STAFF WRITER a battle against the rat king magical story. pended indefinitely alongside apologizing for the encoun-
and his army. They end up in The California Ballet’s pro- the production of the Netflix ter he claims not to remem-
California Ballet’s sparkling the Snow Kingdom where the duction of The Nutcracker drama, “House of Cards”, after ber, due to “deeply inappro-
production of The Nutcracker Snow Queen and King lead is reputable because of it’s claims of his sexual assault es- priate drunken behavior”. It
jumps onto the stage of the Clara and the Prince through uniqueness. The sets used in calated over the week of No- has drawn much criticism,
San Diego Civic Theater for the dancing snowflakes into this production, and the cos- vember 30th. Producer Media as Spacey ended the tweet by
another year of America’s the Kingdom of the Sweets tumes, are all handmade and Rights Capital took immediate publicly coming out as gay
favorite holiday production. where they are entertained were designed specifically action by suspending Spacey for the first time.
This year marks the 50th sea- by a variety of dancers and to compliment each other on the evening of Friday the
son of the California Ballet sweets and finally are intro- and the choreography. The 3rd; supposedly the first step CNN published a report in
Company making this the original choreography set to towards his eventual termi- which eight either current or
longest running production Tchaikovsky’s brilliant score nation. Netflix accordingly former employees on the set
of The Nutcracker in San Di- “The original cho- has been recognized as in- stated that the hit show will of “House of Cards” came for-
ego. Principal dancers Ana de credible by many sources. end after its upcoming sixth ward to corroborate a pattern
Costa, Reka Gyuali, Toshiro reography set to This shows is running for season. The companies have of sexual harassment on Spac-
Abbley, and Trystan Merrick Tchaikovsky’s bril- the entire month of December stated that “MRC and Netflix ey’s part. All of them spoke
are carrying the Company liant score has been at the San Diego Civic The- have decided to suspend pro- out anonymously, as they
into a beautiful season after ater. Not only is the Nutcrack- duction on “House of Cards” knew Spacey was both the star
the California Ballet’s Octo- recognized as in- er Ballet memorable classic Season Six, until further no- and producer of the show, and
ber performance, Swan Lake. credible by many but it’s also just a wonderful tice, to give us time to review feared for their jobs. His con-
The Nutcracker is a ballet winter time tradition that the current situation and to duct was described as “preda-
about a young girl named
sources.” brings joy and holiday cheer address any concerns of our tory” and as creating a “tox-
Clara who falls into a deep, - Emily Gold to all. Come see California cast and crew.” ic” work environment. This
mystical sleep. After her Uncle Ballet’s The Nutcracker. professed behavior includes
Drosselmeyer gives her a nut- The studio is currently investi- non consensual touching and
duced to the Sugar Plum Fairy gating the serious allegations crude comments specifically
cracker at her family’s Christ- and Cavalier who send them
mas party, she falls asleep and concerning the actor’s behav- to young male staffers. Amid
off away from the Kingdom ior on set. It followed actor the release of CNN’s report,
dreams that her nutcracker after Clara and the Prince Anthony Rapp’s allegation in Spacey’s talent agency CAA
an interview with Buzzfeed and publicist Staci Wolfe both
that 26 year-old Spacey made dropped the actor.

Live Action Lion
Photo via Emily Gold

BY CAROLINE PORCHE new voices being casted in
STAFF WRITER this new film, such as the be-
loved singer Beyonce, playing
The original Disney film the role of Nala, Donald Glov-
and play, The Lion King fol- er as Simba, James Earl Jones
lows the adventures of a will play the voice of Mufasa,
young lion named Simba and and many more characters
his father Mufasa. As the sto- will be reintroduced. Accord-
ry progresses, Simba ages and ing to the director, there will
becomes a wise lion, despite be jaw-dropping real photos
the death of his father. As the of African landscapes and an-
cast members of this play age, imals. Hopefully the movie
new actors are being brought will be everything it portrays
into the scene. Joe Favreau to be because the fans are
is the new film director, pro- counting down the months
ceeding with a due date of the until it reveals.
new film coming out in the
summer of 2019. Favreau is
also the previous director of
the live action rendition, The
Jungle Book.
Fans are going ecstatic
over the new cast of this film.
The movie will be out just in
Photo via Emily Gold time for The Lion King’s 25th Photo via
anniversary. There are many
15 A+E
November 17, 2017

Miss Burma Rolling Loud
A day spent with the author of Miss Burma
BY MEGAN SWEENY & KI- side. After eating lunch in the gave was that the genre of the BY CARSTEN FEHLAN
ANA SEVA ballroom, she was introduced book would be solely fiction; STAFF WRITER In the Southern California
STAFF WRITERS with a letter written by one a break from the dedicated re- concert the world’s most fa-
of her students. It recognized search it takes to write histor- Throughout the year, the mous rappers and artist in the
At the La Jolla Country her for her positive impact ically accurate novels. most famous hip hop artists hip hop genre gather to put
Club on November 1st, I on students as an exemplary perform the country and the on a wild performance.
In her first rendition, Craig world. They travel around
mainly focused on the per- booking gigs and spreading On Saturday the 18th, the
sonal side of the story, as the their music around the world, show is headlined by School-
characters are her own family but a few times a year these boy Q, Migos, Lil Uzi, Gucci
members. However, after sub- artists and rappers gather to Mane, Kodak Black, Play-
mitting the piece to her edi- perform all at the same event. boy Carti, and Lil Yachty. On
tor who said it needed work, Sunday the 19th the show
she almost doubled the book On December 16-17, in San is headlined by Future, Rae
in size. After a few more peo- Bernardino California, these Sremmurd, Post Malone, 21
ple read it and gave mixed re- world known hip hop artist Savage, Young Thug, XXX-
views, she felt an obligation will gather at the Nos Events tentacion, and Lil Pump.
to share the largely untold Center and put on a perfor-
history of Burma; a missed mance for a wide diverse These artist are looking to
opportunity in the first piece. crowd at the Rolling Loud fes- bring out the best of SoCal,
Since she knew that the sto- tival. and give the audience a show
ry wouldn’t connect with the Rolling Loud is performed in they deserve. It is open to all
American readership whom five different cities over the ages and will be played rain
was unaware of the political span of two years. Earlier this or shine. Tickets have been
and societal landscape of Bur- year, the event was held in the sold out for a few weeks and
ma, she completely scrapped Bay Area. Now it is time for people are soon to be lining
the first rendition and wrote Southern California to enjoy. up to see all their favorite
the book that is now a best- Early in 2018 the concert will artists perform on the biggest
seller. While writing, Craig move to the UK, then onto stage.
traveled to Burma a few times China, and lastly in Japan.
Photo via Robert Boyd to gain local knowledge of
happenings, analyzed de-
had the opportunity to meet novelist and person, and mor- classified government docu-
Charmaine Craig along with phed into a comical dialogue ments, and talked with var-
four students in my Journal- of what the student suspects ious family members. When
ism class. As guests of La Jolla a morning would be like be- we asked her about how her
Literary Society’s luncheon, tween two writers; Craig and family reacted to the prop-
we got to sit at a round ta- her husband. osition of their story being
ble with Craig and ask her published, she told us that her
questions about her new best- Curious as to how her pas- mother said it should be fic-
seller, Miss Burma. Before- sion for acting led her on the tional and agreed that there
hand, we had researched oth- path to be an author, I asked was a moral need to share
er works of Craig’s to prepare her how her acting influenced Burma’s history. In doing so,
for the interview. Not only is her writing and if so, wheth- however, she has put her own
Miss Burma her second nov- er these skills overlapped. As safety at risk. Since Miss Bur-
el, but she was also an actress Craig did throughout the en- ma came out, Craig has been
before switching professions. tire meeting, she responded trolled on social media and
She has starred in the movies in a authentic and thoughtful her translator in Burma said
Photo via http://www.frontgatetick-
“Bulletproof” (1996), “White way; discussing how she is he will leave out some polit-
Fang 2” (1994), and “Pocahon- drawn to human psychology ical plot points of the book
tas” (1995). In “Pocahontas”, and the experience of step- as to not get in trouble with
she served as the model for
the Disney princess herself.

Alongside the writing pro-
ping into another’s shoes to
read in between the lines of
text versus subtext. Although
the law. Even though Craig
was born and raised in Los
Angeles, California, she has
followed in the steps of her
Stranger Things
she will not be pursuing an
gression of her third novel, acting career in the future, parents and grandparents by Season 2 of the Netflix Original Hits Once Again
Craig is teaching a creative she is currently writing her doing what is right instead of
writing class at UC River- third book. The only hint she what is easy.
BY NIZHONI HAW- Season two builds off of this.
STAFF WRITER Stranger Things was creat-
ed by brothers Matt and Ross
Stranger Things Season Duffer, and stars award-win-
Two came out just before Hal- ning actress Winona Ryder.
loween, and has again stolen The main cast is composed
the show. The second season of very talented young ac-
returns with the same lov- tors and actresses like Finn
able characters like Mike and Wolfhard, who just starred
Eleven, but also introduces in the It reboot. The show
Photo via
in new ones that are sure to has won multiple awards,
win the love of new and re- like the Screen Actors Guild
turning viewers. With a new Award and MTV Movie & TV
Even though this book has tion of what happened to the plot and new conflicts, the awards.
The book Miss Burma by a lot of information about family. An epilogue about the show doesn’t feel like a re-
Charmaine Craig, tells the Burma and the Karen peo- family, especially the siblings, peat of season one, and reels
story of the author’s mother, ple, which was interesting, it would have been nice. Loui- the viewer in with another
Louisa, and her grandpar- isn’t the kind of book that a sa did not have any children mind-blowing storyline, You
ents, Benny and Khin. It is normal high schooler would with her husband and he died, still feel the nostalgia of the
based on their lives and how enjoy. Whether the scenes but the book is written by her 80’s as well.
World War II impacted them were short or long, they were daughter so Louisa must have
in Burma. They moved many always heavily detailed. The had another relationship. The show continues the sto-
different times in the country book felt more like a nonfic- Benny had also taken Grace ry of four boys in the eighth
of Burma and were often sep- tion than a fiction book. It and Molly to the United grade, Mike, Dustin, Lucas
arated. Benny and Khin had also switched from being cen- States Additionally, the char- and Will. They live in the
four children but Grace has a tered on Louisa in the pro- acters change dramatically. small town of Hawkins, Indi-
different father. Louisa is the logue, to Benny and Khin, and When they suddenly became ana, and the show takes place
eldest, then Johnny, Grace, then back to Louisa. Louisa the opposite of they were ear- in 1983. Will goes missing
and Molly. Most of the book was the only child who was lier there was no explanation and his mother Joyce, played Photo via
is centered on the grandpar- centered on and it would have from the author, and it was by Winona Ryder, launches a
ents but the prologue and the been better if parts focused on hard to see what they were full-scale investigation with
end of the book is about Lou- her siblings. like. High schoolers would the help of Hawkins’ sheriff
isa. She won the Miss Bur- Besides the fact that the book like to know what happened Chief Hopper. The investiga-
ma pageant when she was 15 could have been shorter, Craig to the family instead of hav- tion reveals hidden secrets
even though she is half Jewish could have done more be- ing a cliffhanger. and shocking discoveries.
and half Karen, not Burmese. cause there was no explana-
November 17, 2017

Fall Fever

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