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Meet the Teachers! Mesa Classes for All? Vikings look forward to the year

Vol XCII - Issue 1 - September 29, 2017

Hurricane Irma TOP STORIES
Category 5 Hurricane Hits Caribbean and Florida POTTER ON STAGE: Be-
loved stories come alive on

Texans star rallies support for
Harvery relief

DIEGO: County works to
contain fatal outbreak

Photo via National Parks Service Incident Management Team COACHES: CFB teams wel-
come new leadership

Angeles is latest city to end
Columbus Day

MMA star to debut film
chronicling his career

Photo by Antti Lipponen FALL CONCERT CALENDAR
Irma’s effect on Sint Maarten
Photo courtesy of Ministry of Defense, Netherlands
By Thomas O’Loughlin billion in damage, making it storm ravaged Barbuda, Saint er, and flooding was severe.
and Cami Hickman the fourth costliest hurricane Martin, Saint Barthélemy, Those in the predicted path of
Staff WRiter and News on record. Irma hit top wind Anguilla, Saint Lucia, Barba- destruction were warned to This is your
Editor speeds of 185 mph. It had a dos, Guadeloupe, Saint Kitts care as the mere gusts coming
300 mile diameter, and an area and Nevis, the Virgin Islands, off of Irma hit up to 75 mph.
Hurricane Irma was classified of event up to 70,000 square Puerto Rico, Haiti, and the Irma has smashed the records
as a category 5 disaster and miles. Florida itself is only Dominican Republic, among previously set by 1992’s Hur-
ripped through the Caribbe- about 65,000 square miles. others. ricane Andrew, which had The official school paper of
an, Florida, and much of the The greatest impact was felt The storm made landfall in been the most devastating La Jolla High, the Hi-Tide
southeastern region of the in the Caribbean, where the Florida on September 10. hurricane to hit Florida in has been giving voice to
United States. It killed 102 storm first made landfall on Over 1.5 million people in the its history in terms of flood- students for 92 years.
people and caused over $60 Barbuda on September 6. The state were left without pow- ing and damage. It is also the
strongest Cape Verde type We welcome ideas and

Protest and Counter-Protest
hurricane observed in the At- submissions of any type at:
lantic since 2005’s Hurricane

Over Chicano Park Murals
BY Jesus Sanchez
Mexico Struck by Earthquake
and Hurricane Katia
Staff writer Evan Gold Mexican residents and a tem-
Staff Writer porary loss of water service
for others. In a response to
On Sunday September 3rd, an On Thursday, September the initial reports of the di-
anti-immigrant campaigner 7th, 2017 the Mexican states sasters, the US Geological
organized an event called the of Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Ta- Survey PAGER System issued
Patriot Picnic. Members of basco were struck by an 8.1 a red alert and stated, “High
the campaign rallied with the magnitude earthquake kill- casualties and extensive
intent of removing the icon- ing 95 people. The epicenter damage are probable and the
ic artwork in Chicano Park. of the earthquake was locat- disaster is likely widespread.
In an email, organizer Roger ed off the southern coast of Past red alerts have required
Ogden stated that the group Mexico and the event could a national or international
planned to eat lunch in Barrio be felt as far as San Salvador response.”
and Mexico City. 50 million President of Mexico, En-
Logan at Chicano Park and people are suspected to have rique Nieto, said Mexico’s
then tour the artwork. felt the temblor sparked by military and police were
Ogden is behind various an- what is being called the larg- ready to respond and help
Photo by kellinahandbasket, via Flickr
ti-immigrant and anti-Muslim est earthquake to hit Mexico people involved.
social media accounts and in a century. Prior to the disasters, Mex-
websites. He also started an Many activists and faith that the Patriot Picnic group The earthquake is being ico stated it would send relief
email campaign to get rid of leaders came out and spoke leave. Shortly after, they classified by scientists as to the United States in the
the artwork present in Chica- about how culturally signifi- were escorted away. As the relatively shallow, measur- wake of Hurricane Harvey
no Park. This initiative came cant the artwork in Chicano protesters were leaving, the ing 43 miles in depth. Shal- which hit the United States
soon after Confederate mon- Park is. Border Angels found- crowd defending the murals low earthquakes correlate in August. However, Mexi-
er Enrique Morones stated yelled, “fuera,” which means to more shaking. The quake co revoked their statement
uments were removed here triggered a small tsunami off with the Foreign Ministry
in San Diego and across the that the people trying to de- “get out” in Spanish. A Pa-
face these murals are trying triot Picnic attendee named of Mexico’s beaches that was reporting, “...the Mexican
country. reported to be 3 feet tall by government will channel all
Chicano Park became a Na- to promote hate. Supporters Arthur Schaper asked in an the National Weather Ser- available logistical support
tional Historic Landmark in came out to defend the art- email after the event had oc- vice’s Pacific Tsunami Warn- to the families and commu-
January because it symboliz- work because it has high val- curred, “What is happening in ing Center. nities that have been affected
es the Latino community and ue and culturally represents this country when American A day after the earthquake in Mexico”. Mexico cited the
activism. When word got out them. citizens cannot visit a park in hit, category 1 Hurricane Ka- lessening need in Texas and
that the event was going to When the event broke out, their own state, in their own tia unleashed heavy winds the growing need in Mexico
occur, people came out to pro- police arrived and separat- country, without threats and and rains in the Mexican for emergency aid as reason
ed the groups. Ten minutes violence perpetrated against state of Veracruz. Both nat- for not sending relief to the
test in a counter-event called ural disasters resulted in the United States as promised.
the Solidarity Gathering. elapsed and officers advised them?”
loss of power for 1.85 million
September 29, 2017

Of Tweets and Trump
The La Jolla High School

Letter from the Is it beneficial to have the president of the
United States be the most controversial
Shayna Kobrinetz
Brooke Kaufman
Editors will no doubt further the
Twitter persona?
BY MAYA-LUCIA GESS- CNN that his tweet did not
Dear Readers, NER violate the Twitter policy be-
publication’s goal of contin- STAFF WRITER cause of the many ways the
Welcome to the 2017-2018 ually providing well-rounded post can be interpreted and
Nicolas Nunez
school year and welcome to and educational content. President Donald Trump is it’s “political context.” But
NEWS EDITOR the 2017-2018 volume of the As the publication wel- by far one of the least experi- the site unfortunately seems
Cameron Hickman Hi-Tide newspaper. comes a new group of edi- enced presidents who shares to be defending President
As the official student tors and staff writers, it also his opinions too much on Trump. Also, Twitter CEO
OPINIONS EDITOR newspaper of La Jolla High begins a new year of honest, social media which is clear Jack Dorsey said to CNN that
Adina Keeling School, our staff hopes to reliable journalism and sto- proof of his incredibly limited “he’s having a real-time con-
provide a platform for infor- ries created, edited, and pub- political background. He has versation with the world.”
mative news and stories that lished by students, for stu- taken over the Twitter com- The site could have a good
Benjamin Deckhut dents.
are relevant to you. munity. Everyone within the case for banning President
SPORTS EDITOR For ninety-two years, the We, the Hi-Tide’s edi- nation has their own opinion Trump. It would include him
Sophie Bolinger Hi-Tide has proudly stood tors-in-chief, welcome any on Trump being so active on always violating the site’s
as an open forum for free- comments and questions, social media. According to policies and the incitement of
STUDENT FOCUS EDITOR speech and the student voice, and would like to encourage Time Magazine, about 69 per- violence. About 72,000 people
Chantal Lanatta and our staff plans to contin- all students to use the Hi-Tide cent of voters believe Trump have signed an online peti-
ue that tradition for the year as a platform to make their should cut down on the tion to ban President Trump
A&E EDITOR voices heard.
Monaghan Cromeans
to come. tweeting. from Twitter but it is unlike-
Recently a few changes There are many instances ly that the petition will effect
FEATURES EDITOR have been made to improve Best of luck in the year ahead, of President Trump violat- any change.
Nathan Miller the Hi-Tide, the most nota- Brooke Kaufman ing some of Twitter’s policies. His most recent tweets
ble being the publication’s For example, one policy states have become more contro-
CARTOONS EDITOR return to a traditional news- Shayna Kobrinetz that a person “may not make versial including violations of
Tanner Ford paper format. This transition 2017- 2018 Editors-in-Chief threats of violence or promote the sites agreements, harass-
will hopefully help to pre- violence.” One of Trump’s ment, and hateful conduct.
Robert J. Boyd
serve the traditions that have tweets clearly breaks this pol- President Trump acts impul-
kept the Hi-Tide in distin- icy. Trump tweeted a video sive and unpresidential by
guished standing for so long. that showed him slamming announcing important policy
Additionally, the Hi-Tide a person with a CNN logo decisions like the transgen-
will now feature a Business over their face, to the ground. der military ban via Twitter.
STAFF WRITERS section designed to inform There are many ways to inter- His announcements are being
students of pertinent eco- pret this post because if it’s presented in a casual, almost
Kennady Armstrong nomic and industry-related put in context with President careless way by using Twit-
Nusheen Baradaran news. With tips from students Trumps tension with the me- ter instead of going through
Jenna Crist previously and currently en- dia, it promotes violence. official channels of communi-
Savannah Dennis
Kate Dobak
rolled in the Business course Many people want Twit- cation like other presidents in
Sara Evans offered on campus, this new ter to ban Trump; however, the past.
Carsten Fehlan addition to the newspaper a Twitter representative told

Columbus Day vs. Indigenous
Emma Fish
Maya Gessner
Evan Gold
Nizhoni Hawthorne

People’s Day
Bobby Murphy
Sydney O’Connor
Thomas O’Loughlin
Brody Odmark
Caroline Porche

For years Americans have been celebrating Columbus Day as
Jesus Sanchez
Kiana Seva
Megan Sweeney
Hali West
Ilias Benbatoul
though it were a holiday. But is Columbus really a hero?
Annabelle Reeves
BY NIZHONI HAW- dent and began the genocide heritage. However there are The native people have
THRONE and downfall of the indige- so many better Italian schol- been enslaved, murdered and
STAFF WRITER nous people. ars and people throughout pushed off of their land for
As a kid, I learned in school history who were Italian! The hundreds of years; it’s only
Columbus landed in the Ba- that Columbus discovered renaissance was dominat- correct that they get a little
hamas in 1942 and was greet- America and was confused ed by Italians, and the entire respect and stop having to
ed by indigenous people that when textbooks painted him month of October is Italian celebrate the man who start-
he called Indians (because he as a heroic explorer, com- Heritage month. ed it all.
thought he had found Asia; pletely ignoring what really
he believed this for the rest happened. As a Native Amer-
92 of his life), who were noth- ican kid, I fully agree with Los
YEARS ing but kind. When meeting Angeles’s decision to change
the indians, Columbus said, the holiday to Indigenous
“These people are very un- People’s Day. The fact that
skilled in arms... with 50 men people have celebrated Co-
they could all be subjugated lumbus for hundreds of years
and made to do all that one since he landed in the Baha-
wished.” In return for the gifts mas is sickening. His actions
and kindness, Columbus en- and extremely racist values
slaved many of the Indians led to the enslavement and
The Hi-Tide, an open forum, is the and worked them to death try- murder of millions of indig-
official student newspaper of La ing to find gold. When Indi- enous people, and in no way
Jolla High School. Unless otherwise ans didn’t do what he wanted, should he be seen as a hero or
noted, opinions voiced in the Hi- they were slaughtered. When given a holiday.
Tide belong to the individual au- they fled, they were hunted Los Angeles isn’t even the
thor. The Hi-Tide welcomes letters, down and killed in the thou- first city to change the holi-
opinions, or media submissions of sands. They were shipped off day. Since 1990 South Dakota
any type, in any language, from to Spain as slaves, and disease has celebrated Native Ameri-
anyone. You may email submis- weakened the populations in can Day. Indigenous People’s
sions to devastating fashion. Day has been celebrated in
or drop them off in Room 514. The Columbus Day became a Berkeley since 1992. Hawaii,
Hi-Tide reserves the right to refuse
federal holiday in 1937 when Alaska, Oregon, and Vermont
any material. To advertise with the
President Benjamin Harrison have also changed the holi-
Hi-Tide or to purchase a subscrip-
was pressured by a group of day. Many other cities have
tion, please email us or call (858)
Catholics called the Knights changed the holiday even if
454-3081, extension 4514. No part
of the Hi-Tide may be reproduced
of Columbus; a group who their state hasn’t. Many Ital-
without written permission.
wanted a catholic hero to be ians protested the idea of Co-
honored. Columbus discov- lumbus Day being eradicated Photo by Canbea87 via Wikipedia
ered the New World by acci- because of the man’s Italian
September 29, 2017 3
Two Takes: Should Texas Be Aided?
When Hurricane Sandy hit, Texas voted against aiding. Should the states who
suffered under Sandy be aiding Texas?
We Are All Americans
BY ANNABELLE REEVES pact that the Hurricane may
STAFF WRITER have on communities, we
strongly support this request
On August 26th, Hurricane and urge you to provide any
Harvey hit Southeast, Tex- and all emergency protec-
as. The Hurricane went on tive measures available by a
through the 31st and left major disaster declaration.”
Houston, Texas with cata- Although, in 2012, Represen-
strophic flooding. Hurricane tative John Culberson, was
Harvey was category four, the only Texas republican in
which is the second highest Congress to support the $50.7
category where catastrophic billion relief effort after the
damages will occur. In 2012, 2012 storm. Photo by Zachary West via the U.S. Department of Defense
Hurricane Sandy occurred, at The reason Cornyn and more frequent. Whatever the
this time Texas Lawmakers
voted against recovery assis-
Cruz opposed the Sandy aid
was because of the concerns
case is, we should be help- The Irony of Hurricane Sandy
ing each other. What kind
tance for New York and New about additional spending. of country would we be if BY KENNADY ARM- as voted against giving aid for
Jersey. Texas senators, Ted Just because the senators did we didn’t come together and STRONG Hurricane Sandy and all but
Cruz and John Cornyn sent not support the aid for San- support each other during STAFF WRITER three are still current repre-
a letter to the president that dy does not mean that every difficult times? I see the iro- sentatives for Texas.
urged him to sign the major person in the state of Texas ny in Cruz asking for sup- Texas asked for aid after Hur- You could argue that the
disaster declaration that had didn’t support it either. Most port after refusing give any. ricane Harvey hit Texas. Tex- people in Texas did not do
been requested by Governor people during that time came But the Sandy storm is in the as then asked for aid despite anything and that it was
Greg Abbot. This was so Tex- together to help support New past. We should focus on the not even giving any for Hur- purely the representatives
as could access key federal York and New Jersey. catastrophic damages that are ricane Sandy damage. New that ruled that against aid,
resources. They sent this let- I think in these difficult affecting millions right now. Jersey, nor any state previ- but the same representatives
ter prior to Hurricane Harvey times, we should come to- To me, all true Americans ously hit by Hurricane Sandy, are still in office and they are
hitting Texas. The senators gether. Cruz was only prepar- will come together in times of should aid Texas. elected by the Texas people.
wrote in their letter, “Given ing for devastating storms, need. When Hurricane Harvey Personally I would not have
the potential catastrophic im- which were appearing to be hit, thousands of people were wanted to help out after Har-
evacuated and there are bil- vey when almost every rep-
lions of dollars in damage. resentative for Texas voted
At 900 miles wide, with 147 against giving us help after

Confederate Statues Must Be casualties, a storm surge of
12.65, and left 650,000 homes
destroyed or flooded, San-
many people lost everything
we have ever known. New
Jersey, however decided to be

Taken Down!
dy was more traumatic and the bigger person and helped
damaging than Harvey, at 200 out Texas. Suddenly when
miles wide, with 50 casualties, Texas needs help they be-
a storm surge of 7.4, and left come humble, but when other
Confederate monuments symbolize un-American quali- 200,000 homes destroyed or states are in distress they hide
flooded. Devastating, but not away and refuse to help.
ties and should be taken down as much as Sandy was. All but
one representatives from Tex-
should be allowed to have
confederate monuments on
only their own private prop-
erty. We should not be al- Mesa Classes: Should
lowed to stop what people
celebrate in private wheth- Underclassman Be Al-
er we may or may not agree
with it. White supremacists,
Neo-Nazis and Klan members
are always fighting to try to More underclassman should be allowed to
keep these confederate mon- join Mesa college classes
uments on our streets. That
is not because they want to
preserve our history. Some BY KENNADY ARM- es would not only benefit the
people want to keep these STRONG student but would also help
monuments just due to their STAFF WRITER with the abundance of stu-
connection to white suprem- dents in grade 9-10 classes.
acy and the hate of all other Currently, most Mesa col- It would also let students be
cultures. People like our Pres- lege classes are only offered placed with students similar
ident Donald Trump say that for grades 11-12 with the ex- to them academically rather
it is wrong to take down the ception of one, Math 150-151, than just floating through a
confederate monuments be- that sophomores can take. If class. For example, all fresh-
cause that would be battering you are smart enough to not men are required to take En-
U.S history. Statements like only take but to pass a col- glish 9 Cluster if you aren’t in
that are not true because tak- lege course, you should be the seminar pathway which
Photo by Tim 1965 via Wikimedia Commona
ing down confederate mon- allowed to take it no matter lead to extremely full class-
uments are not battering U.S your age. The prerequisite es, four different teachers
fought in a war and risked for all of the Mesa courses
BY ILIAS BENBATOUL his life to protect the legal history, they are just not cel- for that course alone, and it
STAFF WRITER ebrating Confederate history are that you pass the exam, also has students struggling
destruction of millions of af- get a teacher/ counselor rec-
rican people’s lives (slavery) and that is what we should to keep up, bored from the
Confederate monuments want as americans. ommendation, get counselor easy content, not challeng-
certainly doesn’t deserve to approval, or have a certain
in public areas must come be celebrated by giving him a In summary, confederate ing themselves, and others
down! The definition of the monuments should be tak- grade in the class below. The in-between. Freshmen and
monument. Besides, the Con- school will not even let the
word “monument” is a statue, federacy didn’t even win! I en down off our streets and sophomores could improve
building, or other structure put in museums without any underclassmen attempt to get their college application by
don’t understand why some the requirements, and if they
erected to commemorate a people want to remember and commemoration whatsoev- having a college course that
famous or notable person or er or kept in private proper- do get in the class, the school they exceeded in at a young-
celebrate the losers of the war. doesn’t give them credit for
event. I would like to pose However, I don’t believe ty. Confederate ideology and er age than most high school
the question, “do us citizens White-supremacy is com- the course. Why should our students take these types of
that we should erase the con- school deprive underclass-
of the United States want to federates from our history pletely anti-american and classes. If our high school’s
commemorate confederate should be condemned. This is men from receiving the best goal is to get us prepared for
completely. Confederates be- possible education for them-
people who rebelled against long in a museum with infor- the United States not the Con- college, why not let us have
our union?” I don’t. Someone federate States, that is simply selves just because they are an early start?
mation on the things they did younger? Letting underclass-
like Robert E. Lee, the com- and fought for without cele- why Confederate monuments
mander of the Confederate should be taken down off our men take Mesa College cours-
brating them in any way.
army who, like many others, I also think that people public areas.
September 29, 2017

Inside The Life Lego Layoffs affected as well, also leaving
people without clean water
and unable to keep clean.
Hurricane Irma is said to

of Elon Musk
BY SARA EVANS have impacted 1.2 million
STAFF WRITER people since it struck. It was a
ness for Lego. Lego’s idea for category five storm with 185
Lego is one of the most pop- solving the problem of their mph winds many trees were
ular toy brands in the world. dwindling profits is to let go ripped out of the ground,
On the outside, the brand of many of their and homes were destroyed
seems employees, as well as “reset” while all the debris was fly-
to be doing very well, creat- the company in a way. Ap- ing through the air. Streets
ing countless toys that have parently, the brand’s down- became flooded causing an
sold very well in the past. fall is partly immense amount of damage.
However, in because it had become too It will cost from $50 billion
2004, Lego almost went bank- complicated and this affected to $100 billion to clean up
rupt. After this upset, they re- the growth and progression. and repair damages. Around
established themselves in the Lego has 200,000 and 400,000 cars have
toy been one of the staple toys been damaged throughout
industry and business was that almost every household the storm. Due to the amount
thriving for many years. Re- had. Will they be able to re- of damage caused, insurance
cently, their sales numbers cover from will go up for victims of the
have been this issue? Lego is a multi-bil- storm because of the cost it
dropping. How will Lego re- lion dollar company, so they will take to replace damaged
bound following this alarm- have lots of experience in the property. Many newer vehi-
BY EVAN GOLD have to find more time to de- ing loss? Their solution is to business cles that depend on technolo-
STAFF WRITER vote to dating. let go of world. As for the 1,400 people gy could be useless because of
Elon Musk is a Canadian- Nonetheless, the success 1,400 of their employees. getting laid off, the company the damage water does to the
American entrepreneur who of Tesla and SpaceX, reports Business is hard to come by feels this is necessary to solve electronics in newer vehicles.
has devoted his life to mini- Musk, is a direct result of his for Lego as a result of new the Although many natural di-
mizing the potential for “hu- refusal to give up and his de- electronic problem. Lego has been con- sasters have impacted peo-
man extinction” and pushing votion to his work. gadgets that seem to entertain sistently successful through- ple around the world, it has
boundaries to develop a colo- kids more and more today. out the years, and even brought people together to
ny on Mars. Musk is the own- The company has tried other though there are help a cause greater than
er of Tesla and SpaceX and methods newer and more high tech themselves.
KFC Facial
has a unique design and out- of creating profit by making
North Ko-
toys for kids to play with,
look on life that he attributes movies and featuring popular no one can discount the tri-
to his success.
Musk was born to an electro- Recognition characters in their toy sets.
umphs of Lego.
rea Forces
U.S. Hand
mechanical engineer in South example, “The Lego Movie”
Africa, and later moved to BY MAYA-LUCIA GESS- was very popular among chil-
Canada where he developed a NER dren and earned lots of busi-
fascination with computation STAFF WRITER

Hurricane Har-
and taught himself computer STAFF WRITER
programming at the age of 12. Would you like to just flash
Musk received a Bachelor’s in a smile to pay for dinner? At
Kentucky Fried Chicken in On September 3 rd , North

Physics and Economics from Korea conducted a nuclear
the University of Pennsyl- the Eastern city of
Hangzhou in China, Aliba- test which created a 6.3 earth-
vania in 1997. Later, Musk quake near the
enrolled in a PhD program ba’s Ant Financial has found
a way for customers to pay Punggye-re test site. This is
at Stanford studying applied the countries sixth nuclear
physics and material science. through facial
recognition. Facial recogni- BY JESUS SANCHEZ will exceed the $8 billion this test since 2006. Korea says
However, after only two that they tested a
days of the program, Musk tion is a computer application SPTAFF WRITER program has to give for relief.
that can verify a person. Ant Climate change has lots to do hydrogen bomb that could be
dropped out. mounted on an ICBM. US De-
Now, Musk spends his time Financial has Hurricane Harvey has caused with flooding as well as urban
recently launched a ‘smile to a lot of destruction, taking development. Global warm- fense Secretary James Mattis
studying for the next rocket warned “there
launch, rather than for the pay’ facial recognition ser- many lives and creating a ing is increasing the chances
vice. A 3-D camera scans the great rebuilding debt. These of natural disasters like this would be a huge response” to
next university exam. “80-90 any threat given by Korea on
hours per week” are spent customers face at a damage costs will include to occur and stronger than
self-serve screen. It is the first structures, plumbing, demoli- ever anticipated. Urban de- the US or any of their territo-
on work and the manage- ries or allies.
ment of his companies. His store in the world to use facial tion, cleanup, irrigation, etc... velopment contributes to se-
recognition to take payments. Many homeowners didn’t vere flooding because asphalt On August 29, North Korea
devotion to his endeavors launched a missile over Japan.
can be summed up in one of In order to have any insurance to help doesn’t absorb as much water
pay at this KFC, the customer cover the cost to demolish as undeveloped land. Those The missile reached 550km
his quotes: “...we’re going to high and flew
make it happen. As god as would first order at the termi- and rebuild homes. Grants who did have insurance will
nal, which would then scan from the Federal Emergency get payouts, but it might be a approximately 2500km
my….witness, I’m hell bent on around the country of Japan
making it work”. How does he his or her face. Management Agency have while before the effected ar-
Then, if it matches up with a been capped at 33,300. Most eas are cleared of the water before it crashed in the Pacif-
keep his mind running? Sleep ic. The United States,
and caffeine. Musk reports photo ID in the system, the people affected will receive and remaining debris. Many
customer would simply put much less. Flood insurance fundraisers have started up obviously concerned with this
that his early days were spent trial, says that all options are
with numerous cups of coffee their phone number costs between $500 a year since the hurricane passed.
in and their order would be and $2000 if the home is in People have been donating to on the table, referring on how
and cans of Diet Coke-almost to deal with
8 a day. Although still partial- placed and payed for. The goal a floodplain. The insurance the Red Cross, or other private
is to make it possible for peo- program expires at the end relief organizations. It is not Korea.
ly reliant on caffeine, Musk
has begun to value sleep ple to go out to of September. Things such as certain how much has been
dinner without needing their structures need to be fixed, raised or how much relief will Our president, Donald Trump
more. In 2013 Musk report- stated in July that nuclear
ed he got about 6 and a half phones or wallet. According plumbing, individual demoli- cost, but people are speculat-
to Joey Wat, Yum China’s tion and rebuilding of homes. ing that the total costs will threats, “will be faced with
hours of sleep daily, going to fire, fury, and frankly
sleep after midnight and wak- president, their The amount of labor required be between $11 billion to $80
efforts are also to attract the to get Houston back on it’s billion. Trump recently stated power.” But within hours
ing up before 8am. North Korea responded stat-
Out of his 12 hours of dai- “young, tech savvy consum- feet exceeds the amount of that he would ask congress
ers who are keen to embrace workers available to complete for funds to provide relief ing that they are considering
ly work, 90% of the time is firing on U.S. territory
devoted to Tesla and SpaceX new tastes and the work. The material need- for Texas. Although the costs
innovations.” Last year, Baidu, ed to rebuild would also be a may be very high for rees- in Guam. This caused fear
rather than his other invest- in Americans that they had
ments and obligations. Musk a tech company, has also been huge problem. An immense tablishing Houston, there are
working on a facial recogni- amount of raw materials are lots of people who lost more developed missiles that can
spends more time, however, reach Guam.
at Tesla in San Francisco than tion project needed to create all the essen- than they will ever get back.
at SpaceX in Los Angeles. with KFC. They have attempt- tial things needed in homes Since hurricane Irma has sub-
ed using facial recognition to such as plywood, drywall, sided, the devastation in the In 2017 North Korea has been
Where does relaxation building up their number of
come in? It exists, Musk says, scan customers faces to try to wood for framing, floor tiles, Caribbean Islands as well as
predict and floor boards. Gas prices Florida has been substantial. missiles and chemical weap-
but not in the same quantity ons creating the
as his work. Musk spends at someone’s preferred order are rising because for every In Barbuda, 90 percent of the
based on age, gender and 10 cents risen on the price of homes and vehicles have been question of what will they
least 4 days a week with his do with them. The leader of
kids and enjoys playing video mood. It is very much possi- gasoline equates to a $10 bil- destroyed. Across the Carib-
ble that in a few years lion tax on consumers. After bean Islands, trees, cars, and North Korea, Kim Jong Un,
games and watching movies. states many times
The one area he admittedly facial recognition will be hurricane Katrina, and su- other debris were scattered all
available in multiple restau- perstorm Sandy in 2012, the throughout the streets. Many that he has many missiles
lacks in, is his romantic life. that are able to reach main-
After a divorce in 2008 and a rants to make it easier to pay. Federal Flood Program is still power lines have fallen leav-
roughly $25 billion in debt. ing many residents without land U.S. This is a problem for
separation shortly thereafter, the U.S because we
Musk admits that he might The money needed to rebuild electricity. Plumbing has been
do not have the greatest re-
September 29, 2017 5
en’t the only
organizations that are trying
ed, one of China’s Ban What is
lationship with communist which are the new features
North Korea. There is no de- to up their game. Uber and for the Apple Camera. The
finitive reason for Lyft pose as each other’s big- new update for the camera
North Korea’s sudden buildup gest will include
competition and are both BY SYDNEY O’CONNOR BY NUSHEEN BARADA-
of missiles and nuclear tests different portrait lighting STAFF WRITER
striving to become better and modes such as contour light- RAN
but some say it is to compete For years now, China has had
with the U.S more popular than the other. ing, natural lighting, and
This has to deal with severe pollution STAFF WRITER
stage lighting. The issues. It’s air contamination
caused them to lower their iOS update will also include
prices and has allowed cus- has A bitcoin is a worldwide
both a higher resolution and lead to smog, which threatens
tomers to choose what cate- capture speeds while taking cryptocurrency and digital

Uber gory of car the health of China’s citizens. payment system, it is the first
videos. In hopes of helping solve this
they want. The companies Lastly, iOS 11 has been said digital currency, the system
are also trying to provide the problem, China is consider- works without a single ad-
to be releasing a new feature ing banning all cars that are ministrator. The coin is re-
Tracking fastest service possible so that
customers are waiting less
than ten minutes for a ride.
As the competition grows
called “Animoji” which con-
sists of 3D
emojis that will sync w/ facial
tracking for people to cre-
fueled by diesel and gasoline.
This plan
would not be fully put into
ferred to as digital currency,
digital cash etc. Basically, bit-
coin is not the action of send-

more and more
intense between Uber, Lyft,
and car dealerships, the deals
ate customized expressions
through their
normal emojis.
action until 2030 at the earli-
est. China’s government has
reached out
to car companies and pres-
ing money it is the thing sent.
Bitcoin was invented by a
programmer or programmers
that go by the name Satoshi
continue to get better for the
customers. Though the im- sured them to produce more Nakamoto, the makers of the
electric cars. China currently coin are unknown. Bitcoin
Over the past few years, Lyft pact of Uber and Lyft is not
quite severe yet, it has been Whole Foods has the is open-source; its design is
and Uber have become two of
the most popular predicted and Amazon world’s second largest vehicle
market. Only using electric
public, nobody owns or con-
trols Bitcoin and everyone
transportation companies in
the world. Both companies
that it will drastically damage
car ownerships in the future. Merger cars would have an enormous
can take part. The coin soft-
ware was released in 2009, the
BY ANNABELLE REEVES on the environment and it software is a direct exchange
STAFF WRITER would also help energy con- there is no intermediary. All
servation. CEO of Tesla, one the transaction are record-
On Wednesday, August 23rd, of the ed in a public ledger called a
Whole Foods shareholders largest electric car companies blockchain. As of February
approved its merger with in the world, claims,”It’s the 2015, 10,000 merchants use
Amazon. The federal trade goal of Tesla to accelerate the Bitcoin as payment. In August
commission gave the merger advent of 2017, the Bitcoin split into
its stamp of approval. Since, of sustainable transport, and two different branches which
Whole Foods prices have I’d rather the other manufac- include - the classic Bitcoin
dropped. Although, Whole turers would go fully electric (BTC) and the Bitcoin Cash
Foods prices are still not as as soon (BCH). One bitcoin is equal
cheap as its competitors, but as possible...I don’t think a lot to 3803.14 US Dollar. Bitcoin
since merging with Amazon, of people know this but Chi- wallets keep a secret piece
there’s already been a major na’s environmental policies of data called a private key,
increase in sales. Traffic at are way which is used to sign transac-
Whole Foods is the highest ahead of the U.S. Their man- tions, providing mathematical
it’s been in three years. A lot date for renewable energy far proof that it has come from
of these crowds we’re defi- exceeds the U.S. In fact, the
give around thirty to forty
million car
iPhone 8 and nitely a result of all the hype coalition
the owner of the wallet. The
way the Bitcoin wallet works
rides each month. Uber and iOS 11 Leak Whole Foods got from Ama-
zon. However, shoppers that
of Chinese car manufacturers
just wrote the Chinese gov-
is that, first, the person needs
to download the Bitcoin wal-
Lyft have made transporta- are buying groceries admit the ernment to beg them to slow let. After you download the
tion very efficient for custom- BY JENNA CRIST
STAFF WRITER prices aren’t really less expen- down the Bitcoin wallet the system will
ers who sive. Whole Foods’ grocery mandate, because it’s too generate your first Bitcoin ad-
don’t need or have to use prices have stayed 50 percent much. They need to make 8 dress. Using that address you
their own personal car. This During the night of Septem-
ber 8th, descriptions on the higher than Walmarts. They percent electric vehicles in can send and receive money
has posed a threat to car deal- have claimed that their prod- the next year from your friends. The Bitcoin
ership new iPhone 8 and iOS 11 were
leaked. A man by the name ucts are “superior” to those or in two years or something; address is similar to an email
businesses. People, especially sold by their competitors. they can’t physically do it. “ address but the only differ-
those who are living in urban of Steven Troughton-Smith
was the first to release most Amazon cut Whole Foods This ban has been predicted ent thing is that you should
areas, are slowly favoring ride prices, by 43% on their first to greatly use the Bitcoin address once.
sharing services. Uber and of what
people now know about the day of merging. Mark Baum, boost the car companies in- However once you make a
Lyft’s presidents believe that a senior Vice President at the dustry. In addition to that, the transaction, the transaction
in the next ten years, people new iPhone and iOS update
all through twitter. However, Food Marketing Institute, an electric power industry will is irreversible. Bitcoin can be
will only Industry group says, “Price also be used to make purchases or
use public transit as their many
reporters have thought to was the largest barrier to affected. More and more peo- sell merchandise anonymous-
way to get around. Car com- Whole Foods customers, Am- ple have turned to the usage ly. Market places are websites
panies have been attempting believe that this may have
been an inside job from Apple azon now has demonstrated of solar energy and have been in which you can buy and or
to change that it is willing to invest to installing electric car char- sell bitcoins, Mt. Gox is the
their advertising strategies in knowing that
Mr. Troughton-Smith has dominate the categories that gers in their homes. Though biggest marketplace. Mining
hopes of selling more vehi- it decides to compete in. Food the U.S government have not is when people (who com-
cles. Some of the bigger com- worked with the company
before. Nevertheless, what is retailers of all sizes need to shown any pete) “mine” bitcoins using
panies, look really hard at their pric- signs that they intend on fol- computers to solve complex
like Ford, have introduced now known
about the iPhone 8 is quite ing strategies, and maybe find lowing China’s actions, the math puzzles, the winner
rental programs. This allows some funding sources to build production of electric cars has will receive 25 Bitcoin which
their customers to use the car bold. Apple has now modeled
this new iPhone to have glass a war chest.” Although these increased is equal to $95125.00 US dol-
for a short price cuts won’t affect much, greatly over the past couple lars. Bitcoins has affected the
amount of time. Car compa- around
the entire phone. They have the fact that Amazon has of years. China is not the only world because there are sell-
nies have also started to re- merged with Whole Foods country that has considered ers who sell illegal merchan-
lease package deals claiming also constructed for the phone
to now be able to wirelessly as caused their customers banning dise for example drugs like
that to grow. A lot of people like fossil fueled cars, the U.K and as they did on the silk road
customers may rent out their charge to
make charging an iPhone that Amazon and use it for a lot France have both declared which would jeopardize bit-
vehicles and make a profit of things. People enjoy their they would like to follow the coins name as well. Since the
from it. Along with that, cars much easier. Apple has also
put a new chip in their phone products so it’s no wonder same drug marketplaces shut down
are also why it’s bringing a bunch of path as China. Though it has Bitcoin has gotten a chance to
becoming much more ad- which
they described to be “the crowds into Whole Foods. not yet been officially en- regain its customers.
vanced in the field of tech- forced, the banning of diesel
nology. It is stated that soon smartest and most powerful
chip ever in a smartphone”. and gasoline
people will be fueled cars will definitely
able to unlock their cars Though it’s
still unconfirmed, many say make a huge difference for
through smartphones. Vehi- China’s environment, econo-
cles have also started to pro- that this new model of iPhone
might also be ready to replace my, and
vide internet electric industry.
service to make smartphone the
usage more efficient in the Touch ID security for a Face
car. These advances are sup- ID. With this, you’ll be able to
posed to simply look into your phone
lure more customers into camera
buying these new advanced to unlock your phone. As for
vehicles. Car companies ar- the new iOS update though,
lots of things can be expect-
September 29, 2017

Old Faces, New
Teams in CFB NFL Season
BY Bobby Murphy
Staff writer

As the college football sea-
son begins, many new coaches
Six Peach Bowl win. Herman
will lead a prolific Texas pro-
gram, as he will try to bring
them back to the dynasty they
were in the 2000s. Cal will be
BY Bobby murphy in the opening week featured 4th quarter down 17. With
will be under the microscope led by new head coach Justin Staff writer the defending NFC champion help by their defense forcing
as they lead their respectives Wilcox, who was the defen- Atlanta Falcons, who escaped turnovers, they came back
teams for the first time. Many sive coordinator at Wisconsin. With the end of September with a win after a goal-line de- with a chance to tie the game
big name programs, like LSU, He will look to turn around a approaching, the National fensive stand vs the Chicago at the buzzer, but the poten-
Oregon, Texas, and Oklaho- Cal team that has had one of Football League season will Bears. Another big game was tial game-tying field goal
ma will be led by new names the nation’s worst defenses be a quarter of the way com- between the Seattle Seahawks was blocked. Denver won
as they will try to replicate the past couple years. Baylor plete. Many fans all over the and the Green Bay Packers, 24-21, and the Los Angeles
the program’s recent success hired Matt Rhule from Tem- country have been spending where the Packers came out Chargers left Denver with a
in the past seasons. Other ple as their new head coach to their Sundays watching their with a win. One game that loss. The Chargers had their
schools with new head coach- help return them to their win- favorite teams play, whether may have surprised was the home opener in Los Ange-
es include Cal, Baylor, and ning ways as well. at the game or on television. Los Angeles Rams command- les on September 17 at the
South Florida. After many coaches depart- With the first couple weeks of ing blowout win over the In- new place they call home, the
With a few weeks of the ed, some schools decided to the season completed, we have dianapolis Colts. With Colts StubHub Center, which only
season already having passed, promote someone up to head seen every team in the league quarterback Andrew Luck out seats about 30,000. The atten-
we have seen these programs coach who was already on the play and have gathered in- with an injury, the Rams’ de- dance in their home opener
beginning new eras under staff rather than search for a formation on how each team fense harassed backup Scott was only around 25,000. The
their new coaches. Oregon new coach. Some of these in- has been playing so far. As a Tolzien, along with the Rams’ Chargers missed a game-win-
will look to Willie Taggart to clude big time schools, like surprise to many, the defend- offense dominating the Colts’ ning field goal in the final
lead this team back to their LSU promoting defensive line ing champion New England defense. Led by new head seconds and lost 19-17 to the
winning culture from the past coach Ed Orgeron to head Patriots opened their season coach Sean McVay, the Rams Miami Dolphins. Many are
decade. Taggart was the head coach, and Oklahoma pro- with a loss to the Kansas City began the season in a domi- concerned about how the
coach at South Florida last moted offensive coordinator Chiefs. Some experts have nating fashion. Chargers will do establishing
season, where he was a suc- Lincoln Riley to head coach been thinking that this could With one Los Angeles team a fanbase now that they have
cessful 10-2. With Taggart’s as well, as he will look to lead lead to the end of the Patriots winning, the other LA com- moved to Los Angeles, and
departure, South Florida had them to the College Football dynasty, but most still think petitor, the Los Angeles Char- they will be competing with
to look for a new coach. They Playoff as one of the nation’s that the loss will just be more gers, did not start the season the Rams to win over the fans
hired Charlie Strong, who top teams. Some big name motivation for the defending as they wanted. Opening the of LA.
had an underwhelming past coaches moved schools as champs to bounce back. season in Denver vs the Bron-
three seasons as Texas’ head well, as P.J. Fleck left Western Some other notable games cos, the Chargers entered the
coach. With Strong no longer Michigan, where he almost
at Texas, they too had to find had an undefeated season last
a new coach; they hired Tom season, to become the head
Herman, who was the Hous- coach at Minnesota. Anoth-
ton head coach the past two er big name coach moving
seasons. He had a very suc- is Lane Kiffin, who was Ala-
cessful 2015 season, leading bama’s offensive coordinator,
the Cougars to a New Years’ to become Florida Atlantic’s
head coach, as he will look to
put them on the map.
Hurricanes Effect on
The Drastic Impact on Sports Across the U.S.
BY annabelle reeves this season which has upset
Staff Writer some players. Jay Cutler, the
Quarterback of the Dolphins
In the past two months the has said, “Guys kind of need
United States has been hit that bye week to get healthy
with two catastrophic hur- and push through the second
ricanes. Hurricane Harvey
hit Houston, Texas late Au-
half of the season. This is the
latest bye week I ever had.
Bobby’s Predictions
gust and Hurricane Irma hit It’s not an ideal situation not
Florida early September. The to have a bye for us.” Cutler College Football edition
damage caused by the hurri- has also said it’s going to be BY Bobby Murphy continue to watch the excite- week after as they travel to
canes has been horrific and very tough playing 16 weeks Staff Writer ment of college football, such Ohio State. One team looking
many people have donated straight. The Jacksonville as watching big ACC and SEC to make some more noise will
and helped with the relief Jaguars at Houston Texans With the start of school, all clashes, along with hopeful be USC. I predict that this USC
for these hurricanes. Twelve is still going to take place across the country fall school teams looking to dethrone team, led by Heisman-hope-
thousand of Texas’ state na- but the Jaguars will remain sports have begun. From Alabama as the nation’s top ful quarterback Sam Darnold,
tional guard members have in Houston after the game volleyball, water polo, field team. I believe the biggest will end up in the Pac 12
been sent to assist with the and then decide their next hockey, and many people’s game of October will the Big Championship Game, where
rescue effort. Experts have move. A lot of the college favorite, football, all have Ten showdown on October they will look to beat a great
said it could take years for games have been cancelled started their seasons. Along 21st between Jim Harbaugh’s Washington team led by Jake
Houston to fully recover from or postponed too. This will with high school sports, colle- Michigan team and James Browning. As October begins,
Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane put a huge damper on this giate sports have also gotten Franklin’s Penn State. This many teams will be looking
Irma is said to take a long time years college football sea- underway too, most notably matchup could very well ar- to gain momentum to achieve
to recover and is predicted to son rankings. For baseball, college football. Throughout rive with both teams being the main goal: a spot in the
be one of the costliest hurri- the Miami Marlins at Atlan- the college football season, in the top 5, and the winner College Football Playoff and a
canes the United States has ta Braves will still be going we will see numerous exciting could very likely earn a spot chance to fight for a national
seen. These hurricanes have on because the location was games weekly—from rivalries in the Playoffs. Penn State championship.
put a huge damper on sports not affected by either hurri- to upsets to dramatic end- also has another huge test the
these past months and will cane. The Braves announced ings, like the UCLA vs Texas
continue to do so. The Tam- on Thursday that they would A&M game in opening week
pa Bay Buccaneers at Miami be giving free tickets to Flor- this year, and of course all
Dolphins has been postponed ida residents to any game in those crazy high-stake games
until November 19th. the series. New York Yankees as teams fight to get into the
The Miami Dolphins have against Tampa Bay Rays has College Football Playoff. With
been relocated to Califor- been moved to the Mets’ Citi conference play having just
nia and will remain there for field in New York. The Florida started, we have already seen
their game against the Los State League has canceled its some big games, including the
Angeles Chargers on Sunday, championship series sched- huge USC win over Stanford,
September 17th. Since the uled for this weekend. All and some big nonconference
announcement of the Miami these sports teams are hoping games, like Oklahoma vs
Dolphins rescheduled game for good seasons and fast re- Ohio State, where Oklahoma
against the Buccaneers has covery after these catastroph- took the win.
caused the team to have to ic hurricanes. As October begins, college
play sixteen straight games football fans will be eager to
September 29, 2017 7
Player Profiles
Record Breaking Sports
From Baseball to Football
BY sydney o’connor
Staff writer strategic plays, which one
of them involved catching a
Fall Sports 2017
Baseball and football fans
have had a lot of record break- 26 yard pass. After the game PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO
ing excitement recently. On Rosens said,”It feels great. It’s
been a long, long off season. A Vintage Vintage Vintage
September 4th, 2017, a Major
League Baseball world record lot of thinking. A lot of reflec-
was tied by the Arizona Dia- tion. This would become the
mondbacks, J.D. Martinez. In second largest comebacks in
a game against the L.A. Dodg- all of college football history.
ers, Martinez hit four home What seemed to appear like
runs in two innings. This a definite defeat for UCLA
particular record has only turned into a miracle as the
been accomplished eighteen Bruins took the win with an Boys Water Polo Boys Cross Country Boys Football
times in Major League Base- astonishing score of forty five Maverick Becker- Senior Cole Wolf- Senior Johnathon O’Neal- Senior
ball history. joined the Arizo- to forty four. The initial re-
na Diamondbacks in July of cord was made by Michigan How many years on the team: How many years on the team: How many years on the team:
this year. When Martinez was state in 2006, but the UCLA Varsity 4 years 4 years on Varsity 4 years
asked about when the fourth Bruins were only one point Team Goals: Beat Bishops, Team Goals: Place better than Team Goals: become a cohe-
hit went out, he stated “It’s scarce from demolishing it. beat Coronado and to win CIF last year and beat UC sive unit that embodies the
kind of one of those things Another upset occurred on Open Vision Favorite aspect of playing: I word team
where you’re kind of laughing the same exact day in college Favorite aspect of playing: dont always enjoy running Favorite aspect of playing:
about it. Was I shocked? No. football when the underdog The overall aspect of being but I like the camaraderie and love the game and love the
Going up there and hitting it, team, Howard University, on a team and that my team- the willingness to “run miles unteachable morals that are
didn’t really shock me. I was played against UNLV. The mates are like my brothers. for friendship.” instilled that will help me on
just happy it went over.” So large majority of football fans Most energetic: Coach Atwell. Most energetic: Vittoria By- and off the field
far, he has been the only play- figured UNLV would be able He is a great coach and men- rne Most energetic: Sola Hope
er on the entire team to have to take the win easily. Fans tor. He has taught me a lot. Pump up song: I Gotta Feeling Pump up song: Transporting
tied the all time single-game claimed the game was suppos- Pump up song: Taka By Black Eyed Peas By Kodak Black
record. Ever since he joined edly over before it had even Takata by Joe Dassin
the team, J.D. Martinez has began to start. However,these
hit a total of eighteen home fans were completely shocked
runs in forty games.The Dia- when Howard University
mondbacks were figured to be won the game by three points.
the underdogs going into the (The score being forty three PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO
season, but have definitely to forty) Due to the fact that
progressed considering they most people placed their bets Vintage Vintage Vintage
beat the Dodgers with a dras- on UNLV winning, this lead
tic score of thirteen to zero. to a gigantic upset in Vegas
This victory would continue lines. UNLV head coach,Tony
the Diamondbacks eleventh Sanchez reflected, “Extremely
game winning streak. disappointing outcome, the
On Sunday, the UCLA Bruins most frustrated I have ever
football team played a remark- been since I’ve been here. We
able game going up against shot ourselves in the foot so Girls Tennis Girls Volleyball Girls Cross Country
Texas A&M. During the last many times early on in that Alex Kuo- Senior Monaghan Cromeans- Junior Gina Spagarino- Sophomore
eighteen minutes of the game, first half. Our inability to play
UCLA was losing by a total well on our third downs and How many years on the team: How many years on the team: How many years on the team:
of thirty-four points. In the our defense the entire game 4 years on Varsity 3 years Varsity 2 years on Varsity
fourth quarter, Josh Rosens was pretty evident...That’s Team Goals: win CIF again Team Goals: To improve Team Goals: Make it to State,
succeeded in throwing four a game we fully except and and have fun! Favorite aspect of playing: not lose, and don’t go slow
impressive touchdown pass- should win and we did not. Favorite aspect of playing: Because I like to compete and Favorite aspect of playing:
es. The team performed very We’ve got some work to do.” getting to play a sport with I like the hype of the sport The people

Viking Alumni in Sports
my friends and that I’ve had Most energetic: Leyla Black- Most energetic: Ines Robo
so many great memories with well Pump up song: I Gotta Feeling
Today Most energetic: Everyone is
pretty energetic! We pump
each other up!
Pump up song:
Countdown By Beyonce
By Black Eyed Peas

BY Bobby murphy la High career averaging 14
Staff writer points per game. Two other Pump up song: Right Round
Over the years at La Jol- La Jolla High athletes from By Flo Rida
la High School, we have had the Class of 2017 continuing

Fall Sports Preview
many amazing teams led by their athletic careers in col- BY CARSTEN FEHLAN
great athletes. From foot- lege are Nico Ivanov and John
ball to basketball to baseball, Murphy, both of whom are
along with many more, we currently playing water polo
have seen many exceptional for Johns Hopkins University.
student-athletes come and go They began their season in
through our Viking program. early September, helping lead
Whereas some of these ath- the Bluejays to an undefeated BY Carsten Fehlan ra Roberson to the team with huge for the teams and their
letes finished their careers 4-0 record to start their colle- Staff writer high hopes this year of a run success throughout the year.
in their sport after graduat- giate careers. They both look This year at La Jolla High to state. On Friday, October 6th, the
ing, having played through- forward to continuing this School, our fall sports teams The boys sports this fall in- football team takes on Hoover
out their high school careers success throughout the sea- look very promising. There clude football, boys water High School at home and the
and even before. Whereas son. are eight sports teams that polo, and boys cross country. girls volleyball team begins
others have even continued Onto the professional lev- are competing in this year’s The water polo team lost in the Coastal Challenge Volley-
their careers after graduat- el—it is pretty rare to have fall sports season . the CIF championship game ball Tournament held at La
ing, going on to play their two children, both whom are The girls fall sports teams last year to Vista High School Jolla High School.
respective sports in college professional athletes. Well La this season include, field 8-6, but look to have anoth- Make sure to come out and
or professionally. From our Jolla’s own Mrs. Hutchins has hockey, cross country, volley- er deep run at CIF under the support your school’s sports
most recent graduating class, two sons—Kyle and Bradley ball, golf, cheerleading, and coaching of Mr. Atwell. The teams and experience the fun
the Class of 2017, there were Zimmer, who both graduated tennis. Our girls tennis team football team lost in the quar- and excitement of fall sports.
many athletes that went on from La Jolla, went on to be is coming back this year as terfinals of D3 CIF to Bishops
to continue their athletic ca- first round picks in the Major defending D1 CIF champions. in a rough game but has a
reers in college. One of La League Baseball draft. Kyle, Their team is lead by Alex strong senior class this year
Jolla’s most prolific basket- 25, is currently a pitcher in Kuo returns as the captain of hoping to lead the team. Boys
ball players in the school’s the Kansas City Royals mi- the team who is nationally cross country is led again this
history, Reed Farley, enrolled nor league organization, and ranked 272 in the U.S for high year by senior captains Cole
at Harvard and will be play- Bradley, 24, is a center field- school girls tennis players. Wolf, Casper Abbasi, Mitch
ing in his first season this fall. er on the Cleveland Indians. Field hockey returns from an Morrison, and Raul Jackson.
He received many accolades Bradley made his MLB debut 11-12 record last year look- With a new coach, the boys
throughout his 4-year cam- earlier this year and is having ing to improve upon that. Mr. have been pushed harder
paign at La Jolla High, all 4 a solid rookie season for the Quesnell leads the girls golf then harder than ever to help
years as a member of the var- World Series contender Indi- team this fall towards a hope- them improve their times.
sity team. Farley averaged 19 ans. Unfortunately, he broke ful CIF title. Cross Country Our fall teams have a lot of
points per game in his senior his hand on September 10 and looks to run hard this year, potential and high hopes this
year, which was halted by an will miss the remainder of the lead by captain Ines Robo and year.
injury, and finished his La Jol- season. with the addition of star Sier- Support from our school is
September 29,2017

Welcome New Teachers!
Get to know the newest members of LJHS faculty

BY NUSHEEN BARADA- A - In this year I would like by the beach and I really like
GAN for the students to accomplish the beach. I also really like the
STAFF WRITER a certain level of knowledge weather and more important-
for art and photography. ly it’s a real solid community.
Susanne C. Friedrich - Pho- I’ve been really impressed
tography and Art Q - Do you have any fun fact, with the student body in
secret talents ect ? these two weeks.
Q - What is your education/ A - Something that you may
professional background ? not know about me that I can Q - What are you looking for-
A - I grew up in North Caro- play the harmonica, I also en- ward to in this school year ?
lina and I attended Duke Uni- joy juggling and hula hoop- A - I am looking forward to
versity in North Carolina, and ing. coaching sports, more impor-
then transferred to Western tantly soccer, because there
Michigan University to study Q - Anything to add? were no sports teams at the
industrial design and then I A - I am very happy to be at school. I am also looking for- Susan Friedrich
continued to Arizona State to La Jolla High School and hope ward to getting comfortable Kale Major.
Photo Courtesy of Nusheen Barad- Photo Courtesy of Nusheen
study art education. to have a great year ahead. I with the new classroom, to agan Baradgan
feel very positive vibe from teach the students that math
Q - Why did you choose La everyone at this school. and learning can be really New UTC
Jolla High School ?
A - I’ve been teaching for Kale Major- Math
fun and entertaining, and to
enjoy interactive and student Mall Apart-
the past twenty years and for centered lessons so I hope the Disney Parts ment Breaks
the past ten years I taught art
at Clairemont High School.
TQ - What is your education/
professional background ?
students can enjoy the class.
with Netflix Ground
Since Clairemont High School A - I’ve been teaching for Q - What do you hope the BY EMMA FISH BY EMMA FISH
downsized their art program, about twelve years, I started students will accomplish this STAFF WRITER STAFF WRITER
and there was an opening at to teach in Santa Ana where year ?
La Jolla High School , I trans- I grew up for two years when A - I hope all my students are “A dream is a wish your If you love the mall and never
ferred to La Jolla High School. I earned my teaching creden- successful and for each stu- heart makes” is a song from want to leave, then the Uni-
tial at Chapman University, dent success has a different the Disney classic “Cinderel- versity Town Center apart-
Q - What they are you look- and then I came down to San meaning. la.” Disney’s new dream is to ments are for you. The new
ing forward to in this school Diego and I taught at a school leave Netflix and start their UTC apartments are opening
year ? for Creative and Performing Q - Do you have any fun fact, own streaming platform. For in 2019. The building will be
A - Throughout this school Art for the district for eight secret talents ect ? a long time one of the big- 23 stories high with all the
year I hope to meet all my years. Most recently, I taught A - Its kinda interesting that gest streaming services in the amenities pool, spa, gym with
students and find out who is at a private boarding school I ride my bicycle about ten business has been Netflix. It’s exercise classes, library, office
passionate about art and to in the Czech Republic for two miles every morning to school known for many movies of space, underground parking
do some outside projects for years and then I came to La and something that I my stu- all types but soon, one won’t and an outdoor cooking and
the next year’s Del Mar Fair. I Jolla High School. I’ve always dents don’t know about me is be offered anymore. After the grilling station. The apart-
usually have an exhibit at the been math teacher. that I played professional soc- end of 2018 the beloved Dis- ments are also going to have
fair. cer while I was in the Czech ney movies will no longer be a top floor lounge with ocean
Q - Why did you choose Republic. offered on the service. This view and a sports bar with a
Q - What do you hope the LJHS ? includes all Disney and Pixar pool hall on the third floor.
students will accomplish this A - I choose LJHS because Q - Anything to add? movies. The Chief Executive This huge two hundred mil-
year ? the location is nice, I grew up A - I’m happy to be at LJHS. Officer of Disney said that lion dollar project is going
Netflix’s relationship with into the space that used to be
Disney is still strong, but they the parking lot for UTC. This
wanted to start their own plat- new complex is supposed to
form to enter the streaming be good for business at the
business. “Opening” in 2019, mall. There is not a current
this new system will have all asking price for the rent al-
the old and new Disney mov- though the surrounding ar-
ies and will focus on making ea’s average rent is two thou-
new original series and mov- sand six hundred and fifty
ies. So binge on all the Disney one dollars This is the first of
you want on Netflix until the many buildings Westfield is
end of 2018, then be ready to doing all over the world.
make the switch.

J.J. Watt and Harvey
One man’s quest to help Houston Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

BY SAVANNAH DENNIS ally donated $1,000,000 to money affects as many peo-
STAFF WRITER Watt’s fund. Other generous ple as possible. He has also
donors include, Charles Butt, been personally volunteering
From a starting goal of the owner of a supermarket in Houston by supplying the
$200,000, J. J. Watt, the de- chain in San Antonio, and the victims with food and water.
fensive end for the Houston Houston Rockets owner, Les- Due to his generosity, sixty
Texans, has collected over lie Alexander, who have both six thousand people have
$31,000,000 for victims of helped the flood victims. petitioned to rename a Tex-
Hurricane Harvey in Hous- “When times are tough and as highway to the J. J. Watt
ton. Using the website You- things look bleak, people step Parkway. The people of Hous-
Caring, Watt has been able to up to help their fellow hu- ton love and appreciate the
receive donations from hun- man,” says Watt on an update efforts made by their fellow
dreds of thousands of com- video on twitter. “I want to Houstonian, J. J. Watt.
passionate people across the work right by the donors and “We’re gonna try to help as
country. He and his fans have I also want to do right by the many people as we possibly
shared this cause on social city of Houston and the sur- can,” adds Watt in another
media and other news outlets, rounding areas to make sure update video on Twitter. The
leading to a plethora of dona- we help to rebuild as many hurricane devastated Hous-
tions and support. lives as possible.” ton and many other cities,
Ellen Degeneres, Tyler Per- Watt has been meeting but the Houston Flood Relief
ry, Amy Adams Strunk, and with organizations and the Fund has been bringing lives Photo Courtesy of San Diego Busi-
many more have individu- military to make sure that the back to the people. ness Journal
September 29,2017 9
ties aid

Hurricane Harvey has come
and devastated the good peo-
ple of the lone star state, Tex-
as. Leaving the proud people
who reside there and their
houses, stores, and vehicles
in ruin. Additionally, Families
and animals are marooned
or stranded, and at the wa-
ters mercy. Towns and cities,

McGregor on the Big Screen
such as Houston are engulfed
in water. In response, many
citizens and major celebrities
have made many donations
both large and small in sup- Legendary MMA fighter signs Film deal Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Com-
port of this disaster. mons
Celebrities such as Dwayne
Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jennifer
Lopez, and Sandra Bullock KIANA SEVA fessional MMA career and his Devlin. From the 24 second in 2015. Additionally, McGre-
have committed thousands STAFF WRITER recent match against Floyd trailer, there are many short gor has a professional record
of dollars towards aid re- Mayweather. The film was scenes most likely showing of 21-3-0 (wins, losses, draw),
lief for those afflicted. Oth- Conor McGregor, an Irish- announced before McGre- the last four years of his life signed to Ultimate Fighting
ers such as Tyler Perry have born Mixed Martial Arts gor’s fight with Mayweather, starting from the beginning Championship (UFC), and
made a combined donation fighter, who currently is the but there is no information of his career. McGregor former UFC featherweight
of $1,000,000 with the contri- Ultimate Fighting Champion- regarding the release date. gained interest in MMA in champion. McGregor’s ex-
bution of others, in this case, ship lightweight champion, 2006 and had his first fight tensive and successful career
Beyoncé’s pastor, Rudy Ras- will star in his own movie, Some people that will be the next year winning the makes him well deserving of
mus. He has already decided “Notorious. “The film will featured in the film include first round with a TKO. He a movie in his honor.
that $250,000 of $500,000 will show the last few years of his Arnold Schwarzenegger, also had a 14 win streak from
go directly to Bread of Life. life, starting with him in Dub- Dana White, Jose Aldo, and 2011 to 2013 and won the UFC
This furthers their efforts in lin and leading up to his pro- McGregor’s girlfriend, Dee Featherweight Championship
helping as many as they can
by providing food to the des-
titute.also, President Trump
has contributed a donation
of $1,000,000 to Harvey relief
efforts. However not all celeb-
rities are necessarily contrib-
uting by means of funds, but
instead by rallying the masses
to show their support.
Disney channel actress,
Zendaya, has been tweeting
to gather support and collect
more donations for Harvey
aid relief. Some celebrities
have gone as far as to initiate
fundraisers, such as J.J Watt
and Ludacris. Watt’s foun-
dation has raised a whop-
ping $9,000,000 through his
fundraising efforts. One con-
tributor happened to be the
owner of the large franchise,
Walmart, which donated a
check of $1,000,000. Rap sing-
er Drake also donated a gen-
erous amount of $200,000 to
Watt’s initiative. Ludacris’
Foundation has decided to
Salman Rushdie’s New Novel Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Com-

raise a thousand dollars for
every family affected and as Author speaks at local charity luncheon about novel inspiration
of yet, has raised $200,000.
Recently Solange Knowles
stated on Instagram that on BY NATHAN MILLER troversy for his most famous British government to be in The novel’s main theme is
September 28th, the proceeds FEATURES EDITOR novel,” The Satanic Verses,” hiding for 10 years. None- the concept of how someone
from a concert in Boston will in which he espoused his be- theless, Rushdie’s novels can be both good and evil.
go to Hurricane Harvey relief. On September 17, 2017, Sir liefs on the Islamic faith. The are works of art and inspire The novel follows a father
This goes to so how much Salman Rushdie, an acclaimed title of the book, refers to a many. and his two sons who move
others can accomplish, when novelist, addressed hundreds, sacred aspect of the Qur’an At the luncheon, moderator, to a new apartment in New
many people are in trouble. and promoted his new nov- that is said cannot be replicat- Steve Lerer, led the discussion York City. Similarly to Alfred
It goes to shows that when el, “The Golden House,” at ed. Thus, Rushdie’s decision with Rushdie, promoting in- Hitchcock’s film, “Rear Win-
someone is hurting or in trou- the 14th Annual Words Alive to “republish” these verses, sightful and interesting ques- dow,” all of the residents of
ble, we as a people will hold Luncheon, an organization is figuratively considered a tions about the premise and this apartment complex are
out our hand to assist them that promotes literacy for un- crime to the Muslim people. inspiration of his new novel. able to watch one another.
in any way we can. With the derprivileged youth. Additionally, Rushdie used Rushdie noted that his major The novel is told from the per-
help of these handsome dona- Rushdie gained fame for important characters in the inspiration for all of his work spective of an aspiring film-
tions made by several celebri- his 1981 novel, “Midnight’s Qur’an in a derogatory fic- is Charles Dickens, because maker, who watches his new
ties, millions of dollars have Children,” about Britain’s col- tional manner, assigning re- he imitates life in his sto- neighbors with intrigue.
been contributed to those onization of India. Rushdie ligious names to prostitutes ries; therefore, Rushdie said,
families who have lost almost won the Booker Prize, and and murders. After the pub- “A novel is a mirror walking
everything. These efforts will the Booker of Bookers for this lication of this novel, many down the road.” His new nov-
go far in restoring the life work, being noted as one of Muslim countries banned el, The Golden House, paral-
these people held so precious- the best novels ever written. this work, Rushdie received lels current events and allows
ly before it was ripped away However, Rushdie claimed numerous death threats, and them to play an integral role
from them. international fame and con- Rushdie was ordered by the in the novel.
September 29, 2017
September 29, 2017 11

Maxine Mclnerney
10th Kevyn Fernandez Marshall Mclnerney
Emma Nooren 12 Sasha Mascona 9th
“I am most excited to go to Home- 9th
10th “I am excited for drama club and “I’m excited to meet new people,
coming this year and have a great “I’m excited to be in the theater pro-
“I’m looking forward to getting track and field. Also Greece will be make friends, and of course become
time with my cursh.” ductions and expand my friend group.”
my Gucci belt.” very exciting.” king of the school.”

Student Plans
What students are
looking forward to for
the next school year.
Greg Nelson
Thibaut Losay 10th Naomi Kelley Maeryn Mcally
9th “I’m excited for all the home football 12th 10th
“I’m most excited for sports but especial- games because the fans are gonna be “It’s my first year here so I’m looking for- “I’m looking forward to watching the
ly soccer because its my favorite.” there.” ward to being more active in school.” strings orchestra band perform.”

Phillip Pacleb Mason Wilkins
Sean Brew
10th 10th Charlene Yue Hayden Johnson
“I’m excited for this year’s football sea- “I’m looking forward to expand- 9th 10th
“Swim season! I’m ready to get an even
son will be great and I’m really excited ing my professional rap career.” “I’m excited for badminton in “I’m excited for lacross season!”
bigger load from being an upperclass-
to win CIF’s.” the spring & ASB Ball!”
September 29, 2017
September 29, 2017

San Diego’s Hepatitis Outbreak Election Annulled by Kenya’s
Supreme Court
BY Megan Sweeny
Staff WRiter BY Evan Gold fused to conduct the presiden-
Staff Writer tial election in a manner con-
San Diego County’s Board of sistent with the dictates of the
Supervisors unanimously de- On Friday, September 1st, Constitution” and “committed
clared a local health emergen- Kenya’s Supreme Court an- irregularities ... in the trans-
cy on Friday, September 1st, nulled the presidential election mission of results”. The court
after a hepatitis A outbreak of August 8th, which reelected did not find any wrongdoing,
killed 15 and hospitalized President Uhuru Kenyatta, however, on the part of Presi-
hundreds. on the grounds that the Inde- dent Kenyatta.
pendent Electoral Boundaries After hearing the election
Hepatitis A is a serious Commission (IEBC) did not had been annulled, Odinga
disease that attacks the liver handle the election properly stated, “I am happy to be Ken-
Photo via
and has often proved fatal. It “Since the outbreak in March, and according to Kenyan law. yan today…it is a historic day
is found in human feces and mal. It is the largest surge to 19,000 have been vaccinated. The new presidential election for the people of Africa”. The
spreads through exposure to occur in 20 years, with more Of those vaccinations, 7,100 is planned for October 17th, ruling marks the first time that
unsanitary conditions, es- than 380 cases confirmed to were administered to the at- 2017. an African court has annulled
pecially those related to not date. County officials have risk homeless population,” Kenyatta’s opposition, Raila a presidential election with
thoroughly washing one’s reported that 70% of those in- Wooten said. Odinga, claimed that comput- irregularities. President Ken-
hands after using the re- fected were homeless, illicit On Friday morning, a pri- er systems of the IEBC were yatta respected the court’s de-
stroom. However, most out- drug users, or both. vate company working with a hacked in order to provide cision and agreed to the new
Dr. Wilma Wooten, the Kenyatta with an unfair ad- election.
breaks are associated with city contract began distribut- vantage. According to Odin- Odinga served as Kenya’s
sexual contact or specific county’s public health officer, ing hand-washing stations to
signed the declaration to raise ga, official forms differed from second prime minister from
foods or objects contaminated locations where the homeless electronically recorded results 2008-2013 and ran for Presi-
with the virus. the public’s awareness of the population typically reside. of the election. The Supreme dent in 1997, 2007 and 2013,
Since March of this year, health crisis and to request Next, street cleaning crews Court investigated Odinga’s losing to Kenyatta in 2013. The
local epidemiologists have the state’s assistance in legal working for the sanitation claim and substantiated it. A candidate is a member of the
noticed a pattern of infection protection for safety mea- plan were to shoot high-pres- technology expert for IBEC traditionally moderate to left
spreading quicker than nor- sures taken earlier that day. sure water spiked with bleach was murdered 10 days prior Orange Democratic Move-
to the election. Odinga and his ment. Kenyatta, on the other
Nuclear Testing In North Korea in efforts to remove feces,
blood, bodily fluids, from any lawyers claimed that approx- hand, is a part of the Jubilee
Party of Kenya, which was
Our president, Donald contaminated surface. imately seven million votes
BY CARSTEN FEHLAn went to Kenyatta that should formed in September of 2016
Staff Writer Trump stated in August that Free vaccines have been have been recorded in Odin- through the merging of the
nuclear threats, “will be faced issued for those without in- ga’s favor. Jubilee Alliance Party with 10
On September 3rd, North Ko- with fire, fury, and frank- surance at any county health The court stated that the other political parties.
rea conducted a nuclear test ly power.” But within hours clinic. IEBC “failed, neglected, or re-
North Korea responded stating
near the Punggye-re test site.
North Korea says that it tested that they are considering fir- World War II Bomb Discovered in Frankfurt
a hydrogen bomb that could be ing on U.S territory in Guam. BY SARA EVANS The bomb weighed 4,000 Germany has encountered
mounted on an ICBM.The test, This caused fear in Americans STAFF WRITER pounds and was most likely this situation before, and took
North Korea’s sixth in eleven that they had developed mis- dropped by Britain in an ef- educated steps to inform the
years, created an earthquake siles that can reach Guam. In Frankfurt, Germany, almost fort to fight Nazi Germany. public and keep people safe.
with a 6.3 magnitude. In 2017 North Korea has 60,000 people were evacuated The bomb probably landed German authorities acted
Earlier, on August 29, North been building up their num- when a British World War II and failed to explode before fast and remained calm as
Korea launched a missile over bers of missiles and chemical bomb was found. The bomb plummeting into the ground. they handled this daunting
Japan. The missile reached weapons, raising the ques- was found in a construction The scale of the evacuation task. This sort of discovery
550 km in height and flew ap- tion of what will they do with site and had to be deactivated was huge. People left their is not uncommon in Germa-
proximately 2500 km around them. The leader of North Ko- in order to declare it as safe. homes and possessions and ny. Many other unexploded
the country of Japan before it rea, Kim Jong Un, has stated Authorities recognized this relocated to other cities, or bombs have been found in the
crashed in the Pacific. many times that he has many potentially dangerous situa- to shelters. In addition, all country, being that it was a
The United States, obvious- missiles that are able to reach tion and recommended that the hospitals and clinics were major force in World War II.
ly concerned with these trials, mainland U.S. This could be a anyone living in Frankfurt evacuated in order to keep all
says that all options are on problem for the U.S, which has evacuate as soon as possible. the patients safe.
a poor relationship with North
Rohingya Crisis Continues
the table with regards to how
to deal with Korea. US De- Korea. There is no definitive
fense Secretary Mattis warned reason for North Korea’s sud-
“there would be a huge re- den buildup of missiles and against her.
sponse” to any threat given by nuclear tests but some say it is A third of the Rohing-
Korea on the US or any of their to compete with the U.S. ya population in Myanmar
territories or allies. has left the country as what
Betsy DeVos on Campus Sexual the UN is calling an “ethnic
cleansing” rages, something
Assault Legislation process either protects every- that the government of Myan-
BY NIZHONI HAWTHORNE one, or it protects no one.” De- mar denies.
Staff Writer Vos said that she will meet with The evacuation started
university officials and experts when a group of Rohingya
In a speech given at the Antonin militants attacked police out-
Scalia Law School in Virginia, to come up with a new plan.
In response to her plan to re- posts and a military base, kill-
Secretary of Education Betsy ing a few guards. In response,
DeVos said that her depart- place the “failed system”, many
sexual assault survivors were the Myanmar military began
ment would revisit the Obama to raid villages, claiming to
Administration’s guidelines on shocked, believing that the dis- Photo by European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations via Flickr
missal of the Obama Adminis- look for members of the mi-
campus sexual assault, which BY NIZHONI HAWTHORNE The UN Secretary Gener- litia. As a result, thousands
protected students under Ti- tration’s guidelines will make it
harder for survivors to get re- STaff Writer al Antonio Guterres has said have had to flee. Thousands
tle IX and even threatened the that the attacks against the have been displaced inside
loss of fundings for schools that lief. Supporters of the previous
guidelines think of DeVos as The Human Rights Office Rohingya are completely un- the country.
didn’t do enough to stop sexu- of the UN declared that the acceptable. “The humanitar- Refugees arriving in Ban-
al assault and harassment on nothing more than a defender
of rapists, and find no reason to crimes against the Rohing- ian situation is catastrophic,” gladesh have spoken of their
campus. ya could amount to crimes he said. The UN human rights villages being burned and
Title IX bans sex discrimi- trust her because she is part of
the Trump administration. against humanity, and that it chief, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, men, women and children be-
nations in educational insti- regretted the Myanmar gov- has called the violence “a ing slaughtered. The military
tutions that receive federal On the other side of the de-
bate, supporters of DeVos’ de- ernment’s failure to act upon textbook example of ethnic has denied this, saying that
funding. The Obama Admin- recommendations set out by cleansing”. the Rohingya burned their
istration issued the “Dear Col- cision think that the guidelines
put in place by the Obama ad- the UN, like lifting restric- The words of Secretary own villages.
league Letter” in 2011, which tions of the Rohingya. General Guterres and Zeid The Rohingya Muslims
gave instructions on how ministration were too harsh on
accused rapists, and failed in Since August 25, at least Ra’ad Al Hussein have only have always a minority in
schools should investigate and 370,000 Rohingya Muslims added to the growing interna- the mostly Buddhist country
arbitrate accusations of sexual protecting due process rights
on campus. The guidelines have fled into Bangladesh, and tional criticism of the military of Myanmar, and the govern-
violence. The letter has become thousands more are escap- actions in the Rakhine. The ment does not even recognize
a symbol for the support of sex- were unfair to the wrongly ac-
cused and accused these peo- ing every day. Women have Dalai Lama has also criticized them as citizens. Myanmar
ual assault victims to some, but been raped and hundreds are the military and Daw Aung sees them as immigrants from
a symbol of the failure of due ple with little evidence, they
said. Being accused of rape thought to be dead. Other ac- San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Bangladesh that came over
process on campuses to others. counts describe babies being Prize winner and effective when the country was under
DeVos said she plans to replace destroyed careers, and even
brought some close to taking thrown into rivers and decap- leader of the country who has British rule. They were de-
these guidelines in order to itations. Ultimately, the crisis yet to say anything about the scribed as one of the largest
protect both the sexually ha- their own life, DeVos men-
tioned in her speech. “We must in Myanmar has resulted in situation. Other Nobel stateless populations after a
rassed and the accused. “Due the death of hundreds of peo- Peace Prize winners have census was released in 2014
process is the foundation of do better, because the current
approach isn’t working,” DeVos ple and the displacement of also criticized her silence, and and didn’t count the Rohing-
any system of justice that seeks thousands. many people have protested ya as citizens.
a fair outcome,” she said. “Due said.
May 19, 2017 @ljhitide
Albums to Come this
Harry Potter Takes Broadway Fall
The Hit Series Brings Magic to Life
BY MaYa GeSSner
Staff writer Taylor Swift
Nov. 10, 2017
Gucci Mane
Mr. Dane U2
Sept. 15, 2017 Songs of Experience
Dec. 1, 2017
ringo Starr
Give Me More Love Fall out Boy
Sept. 15, 2017 MANIA
Jan. 19, 2017
Double Dutchess iggy azalea
Sept. 22, 2017 Digital Distortion
Photo via Gemini Kanye west
Sept. 22, 2017 Turbo Grafx 16
Miley Cyrus
BY nizhoni haw- The award-winning play fol- Delphi Diggory. Seven mem- Younger Now Juicy J
thorne lows the new story written bers of the Original West Sept. 29, 2017 Rubba Band Business
Staff writer by J.K. Rowling, and was cre- End Company will return on 2017
ated by award-winning Jack Broadway, consisting of the Demi Lovato
After the popularity of the Thorne and directed by John actors who play Harry, Her- Tell Me You Love Me Major Lazer
Harry Potter series, it’s not Tiffany, who has also won mione, Ron, Ginny, Albus, Sept 29, 2017 Music is a Weapon
hard to see why the play multiple awards. The sto- Draco and Scorpius. They will TBA
would be a big hit. ry follows Harry as a father be joined by many other new Jennifer Lopez
and over-worked Ministry of actors, all excited for the op- Por Primera Vez rae Shremmurd
The two-part play Harry Pot- Magic employee. His three portunity to be on Broadway. Oct. 2017 SremmLife 3
ter and the Cursed Child is set school-age children attend The cast will also include four TBA
to come out on Broadway in the Hogwarts school, and children who will alternate P!nK
Spring of 2018 at the newly the play mostly focuses on two roles. Beautiful Trauma MGMt
renovated Lyric Theatre in his troubles and his youngest Oct. 13, 2017 Little Dark Age
New York. Previews of the son, Albus. Harry Potter and On September 1st, Harry Pot- TBA
play will start in March of the Cursed Child is the eighth ter and the Cursed Child was Kelly Clarkson
2018 and the official opening addition to the Harry Potter welcomed to Broadway with The Meaning of Life Christina aguilera
is on April 22. books, and the first to be pre- the appearance of a billboard Oct. 27, 2017 TBA
sented on stage. in Times Square. 2017
The play was very popular Billy ray Cyrus
when it premiered at the Place The London production cast- Tickets will go on sale on Set the Record Straight
Theatre in London in 2016, ed Jamie Parker as Harry Pot- October 12th exclusive- Nov. 10, 2017
where it continues to play ter, Noma Dumezweni as Her- ly through Ticketmaster,
sold-out shows. The London mione Granger, Paul Thornley but people can buy tickets
production won 22 awards, as Ron Weasley, Poppy Miller through a registration process
including a record of nine Ol- as Ginny Potter, Alex Price that opens 10 AM EDT Octo-
ivier Awards and became the as Draco Malfoy, Sam Clem- ber 1st and ends October 5th
most awarded West End pro- mett as Albus Severus Potter, 10 PM EDT. Ticket prices are
duction in history. Anthony Boyle as Scorpius not yet available.
Malfoy and Esther Smith as

New York Film Festival
What Will the New Trends of 2017 Be?
Photo via

Photo via

BY CaroLine PorChe ferent raced models on the cat lace London takes simple cotton
Staff writer walk. However only 9 out of 116 clothing and turns it into modern
fashion shows featured diverse and sexy every-day wear. There
The New York fashion week is models, but things are pick- were dozens of trends displayed
held in February and Septem- ing up. According to the Fash- at the fashion show as well. Sea- Photo via
ber of each year. This Septem- ion Spot, more women of color side stripes have become quite
ber’s fashion week starts on the walked the runway than ever popular as of 2017, adding a
7th and ends on the 14th. These before in the New York Fashion boost of color to the summer
fashion shows are a semi-annual Week show this year. There were wear. It also seems as if almost
series of events where interna- many standout models featured every designer included khaki
tional fashion collectors are dis- who added into the diversity of into their clothing line. From a
played to the public, press, and the show such as, Alicia Burke casual day to a night on the New
the buyers. and Mayowa Nicholas. York streets, khaki material will
As of 2017, the runway’s “one Not only were there a wide fit the mood.
size fits few” phrase is currently range of models, there was also All in all the world of fashion is
in the midst of changing. Some a variety of different designers slightly changing in a positive
of the featured plus sized models throughout the week. Juicy Cou- way. From the model diversity
in this years event were, Ashley ture was one of the many de- to the new clothing trends, 2017
Graham and Iskra Lawrence. signers at the show, who mainly has become a year of renovation. Photo via
Not only is there a bigger trend wardrobe focused on new track-
of plus sized models, there has suits. In addition, a unique brand
become a broader range of dif- featured in the show named So-
15 A+E
September 29, 2017

SD Film Festival Upcoming Local Con-
Join the Excitement at the 2017 San
Diego Film Festival certs
BY MeGan SweenY
BY eMMa FiSh panel will discuss women’s Staff writer echosmith Fall out Boy
Staff writer role and impact on modern When: October 21st @8:30pm When: November 15th @7pm
film and movies. 20th Annual Pacific Beach- Where: Music Box Where: Viejas Arena At Aztec
Each year the San Diego In- “Business Side of the Busi- fest Cost: tickets starting from $72 Bowl
ternational Film Fest is host- ness” This panel is about When: October 7th @11am Cost: tickets starting from $45
ed in various theaters in the what needs to in order to Where: Pacific Beach C4C’s Country Music Fest
San Diego area, such as Ar- make the film business work. Cost: free When: October 22nd @12pm Jay-z
clight, Balboa Theater, Pendry “Actors Panel” Hear actors Where: Rawhide Ranch When: December 19th
San Diego, and Regal Theater talk about their experiences Coldplay Cost: tickets starting from $30 @7:30pm
Horton Plaza. The festival and advice to aspiring and When: October 8th @7pm Where: Viejas Arena At Aztec
lasts from October 4, 2017 at successful actors and film- Where: Qualcomm Stadium enrique iglesias + Pitbull Bowl
5:30 pm to October 8, 2017 at makers alike. Cost: tickets starting from $69 When: October 22nd Cost: tickets starting from $50
9:00 pm. The weekend starts “Branded Entertainment Film @7:30pm
with the Opening Night Film & Panel” this panel is also a oh wonder Where: Valley View Casino The Killers
& After Party, where you can way to screen movies. The When: October 15th @8pm Center When: January 30th @8pm
meet and see filmmakers and ones they’re going to screen Where: Soma Cost: tickets starting from $15 Where: Valley View Casino
celebrities, and film fans get are the “One Screen Global Cost: tickets starting from $45 Center
ready for a weekend of fun. Shorts Winners from The One aSaP Mob Cost: tickets starting from $25
The festival includes movies, Club” then a discussion on arcade Fire + angel olson When: October 22nd @8pm
panel discussions, and celeb- branded entertainment. When: October 18th @7:30pm Where: North Park Observa- Shakira
rity guests. Some of the over Where: Viejas Arena At Aztec tory When: February 9th @7pm
100 movies include: There are also sets of short Bowl Cost: tickets starting from $78 Where: Valley View Casino
“The Student Short Films”, films with themes, including; Cost: tickets starting from $34 Center
short films made by students “Twisted Humor” “Global halsey, Charli XCX, + Par- Cost: tickets starting from $24
in San Diego county. Consciousness” “Animation The Kooks tynextDoor
“My Friend Dahmer”, the new Film making” “For Shorts and When: October 20th @8pm When: November 5th
film about serial killer Jeffrey Giggles” Where: North Park Observa- @7:30pm
Dahmer before he commits Sir Patrick Stewart is being tory Where: Viejas Arena at Aztec
his first murder. honored this year for the Cost: tickets starting from $45 Bowl
“Wasted! The Story of Food Gregory Peck Award of Ex- Cost: tickets starting from $32
Waste” As the title suggests, cellence in Cinema. oee of his
this movie is a story about the most popular movies are the
food we are wasting. X-Men Series as Professor X
“48 Hour Film Track” The and as the Poop Emoji in the
ever popular and sleepless Emoji Movie. Stewart will
event where teams have 48 be awarded at the VARIETY
hours to direct, film and edit NIGHT OF THE STARS. This
a short film. exclusive event is two hun-
dred to three hundred and fif-
There are 5 panels that are ty dollars per person. If you
open to viewers:“Social Im- attend this event you will be
pact” hear influential people able to see many celebrities
talk about our impact on so- walking down the red carpet
ciety. and watch the award ceremo-
“Unstoppable Women” This ny. Photo via

American Horror Story:
Photo via

Season 7 the Scariest Yet?
BY Jenna CriSt season. Hints have also been
Staff writer dropped that the cults will
involve groups based off of
Season 7 of the hit television clowns to add an even scari-
show, American Horror Sto- er feel to it. Those who enjoy
ry, finally aired on September the horror part of this series
5th. As many American Hor- need not worry, the director
ror Story fans know, every of the show, Ryan Murphy,
season’s story is based off of claims that this might just
a new theme, this one’s being be the scariest season yet.
“Cult”. Along with returning Ryan Murphy also described
cast mates, Sarah Paulson and the season as being a “true
Evan Peters, the new season American Horror Story” in a Photo via
features new, yet familiar interview with Teen Vogue.
faces including actor Colton Although Trump winning the
La Jolla Art + Wine Festival 2017
Haynes from Teen Wolf and most recent presidential elec-
actress Billie Lourd from tion was the main focus this
Star Wars: The Force Awak- entire this season, it’s been
ens. The idea for this season said many times that no hard
is definitely a new concept feelings are meant to be tak-
because although all the pre- en. The writers and producers BY Sara eVanS is something to do for everyone donations received will go to-
vious seasons have caused worked very hard and care- Staff writer in the family. There is a “Family wards the public schools in La
their audiences a fair share fully to be as fair as possible Art Center” sponsored by Gep- Jolla. This event is fantastic for
of scares and screams, they throughout the story know- The La Jolla Art and Wine Fes- petto’s a popular toy store in La all ages, with attractions and ca-
have been based off of small- ing that this is a very touchy tival is a coveted event located Jolla. tered activities for different ages.
er and less relevant themes subject to many. Like Murphy in La Jolla, California. It features The event will be held on Gi- The festival has grown consid-
such as covens and insane said in another article with many local bands, breweries, rard Avenue in La Jolla Village. erably over the years. As stated
asylums. Season 7, however, The Hollywood Reporter, this wineries, artists and more. It is Girard Avenue features an abun- earlier, this is the eighth annual
hits a little closer to home as season won’t fully be An- open to everyone, and there is no dance of stores and restaurants, La Jolla Art and Wine Festival, so
their season premiere takes ti-Trump nor giving off lots cost for admission. This year will and the surrounding area of La it has gained many fans and en-
place in Michigan and starts of hate towards him, instead, mark the eighth art and wine fes- Jolla Village has many activities thusiasts. It is a great way to get
off with a woman’s meltdown Murphy said their main fo- tival held in La Jolla. During the to enjoy as well. The beach is just out and see La Jolla and to see
and a man’s uncontainable cus is more about “What did festival, there is a wide variety minutes away by foot, so guests some different pieces of art that
excitement caused by the Trump tap into? And how he of food offered. Also, there is a can experience all the awesome you normally wouldn’t enjoy.
outcome of this year’s presi- rises up to power”. Both views silent auction where participants things La Jolla has to offer. The If you’re looking for a unique
dential election. Although it on the presidential election can bid on a wide spread of activ- festival takes place October 7, excursion, with art, wine, beer,
isn’t certain how the theme will be included in the series ities and goods. Among the items and 8. This is a popular event food, and other attractions, head
of cults are tied in just yet, we but how Trump’s election be- going for auction: fine dining, which many locals and tourists to the La Jolla Art and Wine Fes-
know that Trump’s win is the gins a cult is something all us vacations, gift cards, trips to the attend. One of the benefits is that tival.
main cause of the chaos and viewers will need to stay in spa, and handcrafted items. This it is free, however, donations
the cults that arise during this tune for. event is not just for adults, there are always accepted. All of the
September 29, 2017

Summer 1. 5.

2. 3. 4.

5. 6.

1. Megan Sweeney 4. Annabelle Gessner

2. Jesus Sanchez Reeves 7. Brooke Kaufman

5. Sara Evans 8. Maya-Lucia
3. Evan Gold
6. Maya-Lucia Gessner