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DUCUSIN, John Paul S

B.S Architecture 3
Saint Louis University
Department of Architecture

An exceptional
Filipino Diner

The Filipino outdoor dining typically takes place inside a food court or turo-
turo. The use of mediocre cubism layout of the space and lack of interaction of
both user & and environment are evident. These inspired me to come-up with a de-
sign to transform and formalize the conventional run-down interior structure and
ambience of a Filipino food court to make it more vibrant, flowing, and sustainable
place to eat.
Bold like the taste of the Pancit Batil Patong, the interior design incorporates
curvilinear elements which most Filipino food courts are lacking. THE CONCEPT
BE FREE The concept is adapted from the famous
The design sets a Free and dynamic mood which defines a new eating experi- Pancit Batil-Patong of Cagayan. Extensive
ence. use of whirling strands in the interior
originated from its pasta.
The design itself will benefit the community in terms of social and unwinding
purposes as well as it will become a great landmark on the region. 2
The color schemes were derived from the basic colors found in Batil Patong
2 6
which are shades of Yellow, Orange, Gray, and White. These colors not only depict 2
the said dish but also stimulate hunger.
The design has a minimal impact on the environment and proved efficient on
energy. Some of the innovative features include a two story atrium space with ac- 2
cess to daylighting and natural ventilation, Yellow and white colored concrete ceil- 2
ings. Recycled wood planks were reused as cladding for the wall and an improvised 5
greenery rack distributed around the core of the seating area for a seemingly fresh
environment. 3

1 Reception
2 Food stalls
4 3 Dining Area
4 Bar
5 Restrooms
6 Mall vicinity


The BAR Walls and ceiling are cladded with carved
wooden panels, displaying wavy/ swirling patterns. The
room's ceiling and dark color scheme decorations create a
space that is quieter and more intimate.

The research method is lifted from library and other journals

that are related for this project considering the following queries:
1. Psychological effects of streaming curves on food court interior.
2. How to make a food court that is flexible enough to suffice the
needs of the community.
The dining area poses a breathable space for the crowd.
Found at the center of the food court, a 6-meter tall curved
sculptural element, inspired by the Pancit Batil Pa-
tong (a Filipino noodle dish and is a staple in Caga-
yan region second to rice), adds appeal and serves as a focal
point of the space.
Like a living creature freely roaming, these luminous tubes
whirl upward and intertwine with the ceiling resulting in a space
brimming with a feeling of lively motion.
A simple meal seems that much more appetizing when
paired with wooden tables and chairs, great atmosphere coupled
with an alluring accent lighting coming from the Pancit-inspired


The whirling sculptural element also acts as a water harvest-

er which stores and purifies rainwater that can later be used
to maintain the pond and other vegetation.

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