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Name Friday Report 2017-11-03

Release Date November 4, 2017

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Board Meetings & Minutes Drafts
Draft minutes for the November 1 special meeting are attached. Please provide necessary changes to Debbie
Vanderwilt by noon on Monday, November 6.
Attachment: Board Meeting Minutes 20171101 Special.pdf (13 KB)

Board Agenda Items
Everett Housing Authority McKinney-Vento Grant: The board of directors will hear an information item from the
Everett Housing Authority (EHA) as part of the regular board meeting on November 21, 2017, after which the board
will hear public comments. This is an atypical structure for an agenda item. EHA is applying for grants to build low-
income housing on the Baker Heights property, setting aside some of the units for Everett Public Schools' McKinney-
Vento families. Grant applications that are presented at a board of directors meeting, and that include a period for
public comment following the presentation, are prioritized for consideration. EHA is in the process of relocating all
the residents of the 244 units of low-income housing in the Baker Heights development. This process began in June
2017 and will take two years. The bulk of the property will be sold, with EHA keeping three acres. EHA is applying
for grants through the Washington State Department of Commerce Housing Trust Fund and Washington State
Housing Finance Commission to develop 82 units of low-income housing on that property. The applications require
some units to be set aside to meet the needs of a special population. EHA would address the set aside requirement
by prioritizing 75 percent (60 units) of the housing for families with McKinney-Vento eligible students enrolled in
Everett's schools. Families would be provided housing and services to enable them to gain or improve their
employment, address substance abuse, etc., with the goal of moving the family to stable housing. Children would
benefit from increased school stability, fewer family transitions, and increased security. School district homeless
student program transportation costs would be reduced. District staff will help recruit eligible families to live in the
new units, and will provide aggregate data to EHA about the McKinney-Vento students housed in the units, reporting
the number of absences during the two semesters following being stably housed and the number of students able to
complete the school year in their home school once housed. If this grant application is successful, units built with
grant funding are projected to be available in fall 2019.

Medic One CPR Training Grant: The Everett Medic One Foundation is granting $8,000 to Everett Public Schools for
the 2017-18 school year to provide CPR training and education to district high school students. Firefighters from the
Everett Fire Department provide the CPR training to high school students during health classes, and the Medic One
Foundation grant directly supports this program. The board of directors approved the initial Medic One grant
donation agreement at the May 20, 2011 regular board meeting. Board approval will be requested for this year's
grant at the November 21, 2017 regular board meeting.

Eisenhower Middle School PTSA Gift: Eisenhower Middle School received a gift of $5,921.43 from the Eisenhower
Middle School PTSA to help the physical education department replace equipment and supplies above and beyond
their allocated annual budget. PTSA understands this need and the impact it has on all our students. Policy 6114
provides that any gift to the district or to an individual school or department of money, material, or equipment
having a value of $5,000 or greater requires board approval. This item will be submitted to the board for approval at

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the November 21, 2017 regular board meeting.
Attachment: Eisenhower MS PTSA Monetary Gift 20171103.pdf (401 KB)

Board-Superintendent Communication
Six items of correspondence are provided for director background with this edition of the Friday Report. The first is
an email from an individual who expresses discontent with the district's handling of an alleged bullying situation
being discussed on social media, and the superintendent's response. The second is an email from a patron
expressing concern about the future of the decommissioned Longfellow facility, and a response from the
superintendent. The third is an email responding to a director inquiry regarding the Memorial Stadium baseball field
construction project. The fourth is an email from a patron regarding the reported size of the proposed capital bond,
and a response from the board president. The fifth are court filings regarding Craig Verver and others. These items
are public documents, and some have been sent directly to media outlets by the plaintiffs' attorney, prior to delivery
to the district. The sixth is a letter received from OSPI regarding the favorable determination (Level 1) for the
district's special education program under the provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
The district has received this rating for many of the past ten years; "1" is the top rating available to districts.
Attachment: Brodgon-Cohn Emails (Social media posts) 20171031.pdf (75 KB)

Attachment: Griffith-Cohn Emails (Longfellow building status) 20171027.pdf (113 KB)

Attachment: Gunn Email (Director Inquiry-Stadium ball field replacement) 20171023.pdf (98 KB)

Attachment: Nelson-Mason Emails (Bond and levy) 20171031.pdf (93 KB)

Attachment: District Court Summons (A.G. v EPS et al) 20171031.pdf (318 KB) |

District Court Complaint (A.G. v EPS et al) 20171031.pdf (4,024 KB)

Attachment: OSPI letter (IDEA determination) 20171101.pdf (2,481 KB)

Legislative Update
The WSSDA Legislative Update and WASA's This Week In Olympia (TWIO) keep school directors and school
leadership across the state informed on budget issues and legislation impacting K-12 education. The versions
available at the time this edition of the Friday Report was released are WSSDA's 2018 Legislative Priorities as well as
the 2018 Legislative Positions and Priority Ranking. Directors are encouraged to read these publications.

Legislative Leadership & Alliance Conference: On October 31 a number of district leaders met with four members of
the "Education Eight" to discuss the most significant problems with EHB 2242, and short session repairs that would
likely alleviate the significant, negative financial impacts projected by all of these schools districts' financial offices.
The PowerPoint slides used in the meeting are attached for directors' background. On October 31, the Seattle Times
published an article suggesting that under EHB 2242 rich school districts benefit more than poor and rural districts.
The Alliance districts are working to address a number of concerns related to the article. As a valuable additional
perspective for the board, directors will also find attached a publication released by state Sen. John Braun, who
conveys the perspective of Republican leadership in the state Senate.
Attachment: Braun (Economic Sense K-12 Funding Infusion) 201710.pdf (1,433 KB)

OSPI & NWESD Superintendents Conference: District leadership attended an NWESD189 meeting this week to confer
with SPI Reykdal and OSPI CFO Lisa Dawn-Fisher regarding implementation of provisions of HB 2242 and 2224. Two
videos were provided from SPI Reykdal to better inform attendees' questions: A 2224 video summarizes legislative
changes in high school assessments. A 2242 video summarizes the SPI's thoughts and preliminary guidance around
the new basic ed funding model, local levies, collective bargaining and TRI. Also attached for directors' background
is a recent WEA newsletter that provides an overview of the messages being communicated to members about the
post-2242 world of basic education funding, collective bargaining, local levies, and TRI. The WEA statements are not
necessarily consistent with OSPI's communications, or those of legislators.
Attachment: 2017-10-27 13-51.pdf (10,227 KB)

Student Discipline Rules Criticism: Attached for directors' background is a white paper prepared by the Stevens Clay

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law firm providing critique, criticism, and recommended changes to OSPI proposed student discipline rules. OSPI is
currently conducting a series of public hearings and accepting comment regarding the proposed rules. Directors are
provided this deep background material as context for the complicated process in which staff have engaged in order
to bring directors timely and defensible policy changes, and to alert directors that further policy changes are likely.
Attachment: Stevens Clay White Paper (OSPI Proposed Student Discipline Rules) 20171030.pdf (329 KB)

Edmonds Community College Transition Meetings (Key Performance Outcomes: 1.1.a, 1.1.d)
This week leadership of Edmonds Community College and the district met for the first of a series of transition barrier
reduction meetings during 2017-18. These meetings are designed to parallel the long-standing meeting series
between Everett Community College and district staff. Recent data shows that Everett CC enrolls the most Everett
Public Schools graduates, and Edmonds CC the third largest portion of the district's graduates. The aim of this work
group is to increase the number of graduates accessing college, as the district's rate recently is about two percent
above the state-wide access rate. Directors may want to review the agenda for this first meeting. Directors are
strongly encouraged to review the two PowerPoint files attached; they contain updated data about college-going
patterns in which the board has expressed considerable interest recently, and about which directors receive a
presentation in the spring.
Attachment: EdCC-EPS Transition Team Agenda 20171103.pdf (332 KB)

Attachment: EdCC-EPS Transition Team State of the District 20171103.pdf (3,453 KB)

Attachment: EdCC-EPS Transition Team Postsecondary Enrollment 20171102.pdf (1,471 KB)

High School Smarter Balanced Assessment Retakes (Key Performance Outcome: 1.1.a)
On October 23, the fall high school Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) retake window opened. The fall SBA retake
is an opportunity for students in grades 11 and 12 to meet standard in math and English Language Arts (ELA).
Approximately 150 assessments will be administered during this window at each high school. Preliminary scores are
expected within two weeks of test completion and will provide teachers with important information about the
students' progress toward the state standards. These tests satisfy the state assessment graduation requirement in
ELA and Math. Students who meet at the College and Career Readiness level will meet the placement requirements
of Washington colleges and universities. The fall 2017 SBA is the last high school SBA based on the grade 11 math
and ELA standards. Starting in the spring of 2018, the SBA will be based upon grade 10 standards in accordance
with the Engrossed Substitute House Bill (ESHB) 2224.

College Board AP District Honor Roll (Key Performance Outcomes: 1.2.a, 1.3.a, 1.3.b)
District staff received a phone call from the College Board this week with advanced notice that Everett Public Schools
is once again an AP District Honor Roll honoree! Based on the phone call, staff believe the district is one of four
Washington districts to be awarded the designation. The official announcement will be made at the beginning of
December, so this information is embargoed. The Honor Roll comprises school districts that simultaneously achieve
increases in access to AP courses for a broader number of students, and also maintain or improve the rate at which
their AP students earn scores of 3 or higher on an AP exams over three years. Staff note the district was one of the
Honor Roll districts nation-wide once before --five years ago.

Secondary Literacy Intervention Adoption Implementation (Key Performance Outcomes: 1.2.a, 1.2.b, 1.3.a,
This summer district secondary literacy teachers attended a two-day professional learning session for the newly-
adopted LANGUAGE! Live instructional materials, which are aligned with English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core
State Standards (CCSS) and evidence-based best practices for secondary students who struggle in literacy. Because
these resources represent technology-transformed learning, the first day of professional learning focused on how to
implement the personalized online learning experience for students, the online assessments, and other program
resources. Day two of the training provided teachers with time to learn about other components of the blended
learning environment, including teacher-directed learning in small groups, annual pacing guides with benchmark
assessment testing windows, classroom management systems, and development of a growth mindset (a 21st
century skill). Teachers had an additional professional learning opportunity right in their own classrooms in October
when three LANGUAGE! Live coaches visited the district to teach a model lesson and provide one-to-one coaching,
providing teachers with a model of how to teach the very next lesson with their own students and get just-in-time
professional learning related to their key implementation questions. One-to-one coaching by a LANGUAGE! Live
coach is also scheduled for November to ensure that all teachers implementing the new instructional materials and
instructional model engage in this powerful professional learning experience during the first half of the year.

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Holiday Support Partnership with Volunteers of America and Community Transit (Key Performance
Outcomes: 1.5.a, 5.1.a)
The holidays and winter months can be the most challenging for families experiencing homelessness. Last year, in
partnership with Volunteers of America (VOA), the district's Kids in Transition (KIT) parents shopped at Santa's
Workshop, where they were treated with dignity and respect. Gift cards and toys were provided in part by
Community Transit staff who sponsored the district's KIT families with their Holiday Giving Tree and donated to
Santa's Workshop through VOA. Some McKinney-Vento students are without guardians and are considered
Unaccompanied Homeless Youth. Transit staff shopped, wrapped, stuffed, and tagged for 70 fo these high school
youth the backpacks donated by local stores including Target and Fred Meyer. The backpacks were stuffed with gift
and hygiene items that were also provided through the Holiday Giving Tree at Community Transit. Transit then had
a team of delivery people who coordinated with the McKinney-Vento program facilitator to drop off the backpacks at
the schools for delivery to the students. Transit staff invited the Everett Department of Social and Health Services
office staff to join the effort.

Learning Management Services Technology Updates (Key Performance Outcome: 2.2a,b,c)
During the Learning Improvement Day on October 13, the Learning Management Services team provided breakout
sessions in Office 365, elementary gradebook, Skype/Google Hangout, and teacher device tips and tricks. The
professional development was focused on teachers learning more on how to utilize technology tools for collaboration,
communication and creativity (21st century skills). There is ongoing learning at the monthly teacher technology
roundtables and on-site training sessions. With Office 365, students K-12 now have the collaboration tools offered in
Office 365 in addition to the tools within the EPS Google Drive. This provides access to all office tools and the ability
for families to download Office 2016 at home while a student is enrolled in Everett Public Schools. LMS also trains
district staff on updating mobile devices, utilizing their cameras and microphones, exploring tablet settings on the
device and taking full advantage of digital inking for students to select the best tool for the task. Building mentors
and the LMS team are working together to transition the elementary progress report to our gradebook. Early
adopters are utilizing the data collection features of gradebook to record progress toward standards shared in
semester reporting.

Gateway Middle School selected for Second Step (Key Performance Outcome: 3.4.a)
Gateway Middle School has been selected by Committee for Children (CFC), the creators of the Second Step
program, as a "Lab School" for the 2017-18 school year. As a Lab School, Gateway will permit CFC staff to observe
classroom staff teaching the Second Step lessons, make time for the teachers and counselors to meet with
Community Resource Center staff to discuss the Second Step curriculum, and provide feedback on the Second Step
program. In addition, CFC may request that Lab Schools try new activities or new features of the program. This is a
27 week curriculum (roughly 25 minute lessons), and counselors, along with any teachers who volunteer, will
present these lessons each week in the same classrooms. This curriculum is an extension of the same curriculum
district elementary schools use. Topics covered include: Growth mindset; Goal setting; Values/relationships;
Thoughts/Decisions/Emotions; and Serious peer conflicts (assumptions/jumping to conclusions/resolving conflicts).

Creating a Strong Start for Full-Day Kindergarten (Key Performance Outcome: 5.2.a)
This is the second school year all seventeen of Everett Public Schools' elementary schools will have state-funded,
full-day kindergarten and are participating in the Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS).
Kindergarten teachers at Port Gardner are also participating as they too receive state funding for full-day
kindergarten. WaKIDS is a transition process that helps ensure a successful start to the K-12 experience and
connect the key adults in a child's life. There are three components of WaKIDS: family connection, whole-child
assessment and early learning collaboration. The family connection meetings took place the first three days of the
school year. These meetings facilitate teachers getting to know students and parents before the start of the
kindergarten year, which began on September 11. The goal is to start building strong parent/teacher relationships,
and help the parent feel comfortable coming to school and talking to the teacher. The early learning team wanted to
dig deeper and understand how many parents attended and possible barriers for attendance at the family connection
meetings. Currently, sixteen out of seventeen elementary schools have provided data. Ninety-five percent of the
families among those sixteen elementary schools attended the family connection meetings, a decline from ninety-
seven percent in the first year. Port Gardner reported one-hundred percent attendance. Most parents not attending
forgot, did not respond to the school to establish a meeting time, or enrolled their child late. Other reasons included
scheduling conflicts, contact information changed, and families out of town. Next steps include the early learning
team working with schools to refine the family connection process to connect with each family prior to the first day
of kindergarten.

Snohomish County Enrollment Growth
Over the past two weeks facilities staff received both FTE and headcount (HC) growth information for school districts
in Snohomish County. The former is produced by the NWESD 189 staff, and the latter by Dr. Les Kendrick, who
obtains data from OSPI’s P223 October 2017 Reports. Based on the HC data, Everett is the fast growing district in

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Snohomish County this year. Two documents are attached for directors' information. The first is the headcount
comparison that ranks Everett as number one. The second is the FTE information that ranks Everett as number two.
The third is the NWESD FTE enrollment report the district received. There are several important notes regarding the
FTE information:

Based on the FTE growth in the number of students, Everett is in second place after Mukilteo.
Mukilteo - 270 students
Everett - 141 students
Arlington - 91 students
Mukilteo’s growth of 240 students is more than 2x what it was a year ago. The 2015 to 2016 growth was 117
Mukilteo opened a kindergarten center this fall, implementing full-day kindergarten.
NWESD 189's superintendent notes FTE enrollment numbers for Mukilteo include the students at the Skills

Attachment: Snohomish County School District Enrollment (HC) Growth 20171103.pdf (80 KB)

Attachment: Snohomish County School District Enrollment (FTE) Growth 20171101.pdf (65 KB)

Attachment: NWESD Fall Enrollment October FTE Analysis 2017-18.pdf (56 KB)

Procedure Updates
Procedure 2410P, High School Graduation Requirements: Revisions to Procedure 2410P, High School Graduation
Requirements, have been reviewed by superintendent's cabinet. Revisions include information regarding assessment
waiver eligibility for the classes of 2014-2018. Revisions are provided for director’s information.
Attachment: 2410P IR 20171103.pdf (242 KB)

Procedure 3141P, Nonresident Students: Revisions to Procedure 3141P, Nonresident Students, have been reviewed
by legal counsel and superintendent's cabinet. Revisions include a new form and clarification to the language
regarding building and program capacity as determined by the district. Revisions to Procedure 3141P, Nonresident
Students, are provided for director's information. Please note that as the district's schools continue to grow over
capacity, the clarity and defensibility policy and procedures become more important. At this time, 21 of 26 of the
district's schools are closed to enrollment from outside the district's boundaries.
Attachment: 3141P IR 20171103.pdf (215 KB)

Public Records Request Updates
Bruce Gutschmidt: Bothell resident Bruce Gutschmidt submitted six requests for email records related to the
property acquisition underway for the new comprehensive high school. His requests are for email correspondence
concerning zoning, federal funding, HB 1017, and HB 2243 from the past legislative session regarding school siting,
chapter 8.25 RCW (eminent domain proceedings) and chapter 8.26 RCW (relocation assistance). Staff must create a
list of appropriate search terms and expect to work extensively with counsel to review correspondence that is
attorney-client privileged (which likely represents a great deal of the communication), along with the usual review
for exemptions or third party courtesy notification. The Public Records Office staff anticipate making an installment
of records available within 30 days.

Miscellaneous Attachments, News Releases & Articles
Attachment: WASA Hotline 201711.pdf (1,457 KB)

Attachment: Hanover Research (Strategies to Support Equitable School Discipline)(SIRS) 201711.pdf (937 KB)

Attachment: Hanover Research (Key Performance Indicators for District Operations)(SIRS) 201710.pdf (1,022 KB)

Attachment: EdWeek Spotlight (College and Career Readiness)(Sponsored) 20170830.pdf (2,665 KB)

Attachment: EdWeek Spotlight (Digital Curriculum) 2017.pdf (10,514 KB)

Attachment: EdWeek Spotlight (Math Instruction)(Sponsored) 20170426.pdf (5,008 KB)

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Attachment: EdWeek Spotlight (Social Emotional Learning)(Sponsored) 20170712.pdf (5,156 KB)

Attachment: EdWeek Spotlight (Personalized Learning) 20170329.pdf (4,080 KB)

Attachment: EAP Parasol 201710.pdf (103 KB)

Attachment: PFR Washington School Law Update 201711.pdf (611 KB)

Attachment: EPS Maintenance Newsletter 20171031.pdf (1,656 KB)

News Releases

Directors' Dates to Remember

Friday, November 10 - Veterans' Day Holiday - District Closed
Tuesday, November 14 - Special Board Meeting - 4:30 p.m. - Community Resource Center
Friday-Sunday, November 17-19 - WSSDA Annual Conference - Bellevue, Washington
Thursday-Friday, November 23-24 - Thanksgiving Holiday - District Closed
Tuesday, November 28 - Special Board Meeting - 4:30 p.m. - Community Resource Center
Monday - Friday, December 18-29 - Winter Break - District Closed
Monday, January 1 - New Year's Holiday - District Closed
Monday, January 15 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday - District Closed

EAP Parasol 201710.pdf (103 KB) 2410P IR 20171103.pdf (242 KB) 3141P IR 20171103.pdf (215 KB)

Brodgon-Cohn Emails (Social media posts) 20171031.pdf (75 KB)

Griffith-Cohn Emails (Longfellow building status) 20171027.pdf (113 KB)

Gunn Email (Director Inquiry-Stadium ball field replacement) 20171023.pdf (98 KB)

Nelson-Mason Emails (Bond and levy) 20171031.pdf (93 KB)

Eisenhower MS PTSA Monetary Gift 20171103.pdf (401 KB)

District Court Complaint (A.G. v EPS et al) 20171031.pdf (4,024 KB)

District Court Summons (A.G. v EPS et al) 20171031.pdf (318 KB)

Board Meeting Minutes 20171101 Special.pdf (13 KB) OSPI letter (IDEA determination) 20171101.pdf (2,481 KB)

PFR Washington School Law Update 201711.pdf (611 KB)

Snohomish County School District Enrollment (HC) Growth 20171103.pdf (80 KB)

Snohomish County School District Enrollment (FTE) Growth 20171101.pdf (65 KB)

WASA Hotline 201711.pdf (1,457 KB)

Stevens Clay White Paper (OSPI Proposed Student Discipline Rules) 20171030.pdf (329 KB)

NWESD Fall Enrollment October FTE Analysis 2017-18.pdf (56 KB)

Hanover Research (Strategies to Support Equitable School Discipline)(SIRS) 201711.pdf (937 KB)

Hanover Research (Key Performance Indicators for District Operations)(SIRS) 201710.pdf (1,022 KB)

EdCC-EPS Transition Team Agenda 20171103.pdf (332 KB)

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