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Wooden Accent Wall Tutorial


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1 de 17 15/09/2017 10:22 a. m.
Wooden Accent Wall Tutorial

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A Little About Lady

I am a crafting,
Wooden Accent Wall Tutorial baking, party
planning, organizing
JANUARY 6, 2016 BY LADY 64 COMMENTS wife and mother. This
is me sharing my
A while back I blogged what I would like our babys room to look like if we had a every-day life. Let's
be friends. [Read
boy and what I would like it to look like if we had a girl. (See that post HERE) More ]
Well, we had a boy! So a rustic woodland theme it is!

And to kick off the decorating in this room, The Hubby built this wooden accent

wall that has me all sorts of excited. Its EXACTLY how I had envisioned.

Actually, its better.

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21 8 cedar tongue and groove 6 width boards

5 12 pne tongue and groove 6 width boards

9 8 31 boards
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2 long 18 gauge pin nails Craft/DIY (63)

Nail gun eats (128)

family (253)
Wood stain (We used Special Walnut)
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Cordless Skill Saw
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Carpenter triangle (or something else to ensure straight edges) Organize (42)

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Here is how we did it.
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First, we went to Lowes and chose our wood. We decided on a mix of cedar and
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pine boards, getting twenty-one 8 cedar tongue and groove 6 width boards
treats (35)
and five 12 pine tongue and groove 6 boards.
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2 de 17 15/09/2017 10:22 a. m.
Wooden Accent Wall Tutorial

We also got nine 8 31 boards that were pin nailed (using 2 long 18 gauge) to What We Wore (27)

the studs over the dry wall so that if we happen to change the room down the

road, we arent ripping the wood from the actual wall which would result in us ARCHIVES
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having to re-do the dry wall.
September 2017
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We decided on Special Walnut as our stain, and since we chose two different August 2017

kinds of wood, we knew it would vary the shade of color as well. My husband July 2017

stained all of these in our garage, and while drying put the 31 boards up. June 2017

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He then brought up a few boards at a time and started piecing them together,

making sure to pay attention to which colors were being put next to each other. July 2015

He cut them in varying lengths to give it that old rustic barn wood look using a June 2015

cordless skill saw, and he made sure his cuts were straight by using a carpenter May 2015

triangle. April 2015

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3 de 17 15/09/2017 10:22 a. m.
Wooden Accent Wall Tutorial

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And dont think he did this alone! Two little helpers were more than willing to
January 2014
lend a helping hand.
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Once the boards started going up, it actually went pretty quickly. September 2012

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Going around the outlets seemed pretty tricky to me, but he just sat down and

busted those babies out, being sure to cut the wood just right so that the outlet

covers would conceal it properly.

4 de 17 15/09/2017 10:22 a. m.
Wooden Accent Wall Tutorial

And in about half a day, this project was done from shopping to finish. And I am

BEYOND thrilled with the outcome!

I just think he did such a good job in varying the wood color and placing the

pieces just so. Franklins rustic woodland themed room is off to a great start!

Thanks for stopping by

If you like this and are curious how this is different from the shiplap look, go

HERE to see how we ship-lapped our stairs!

5 de 17 15/09/2017 10:22 a. m.