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Simple healthy pudina (mint) chutney, a great accompaniment for breakfast items or

even some appetizers. There are several ways of making pudina chutney, this
particular preparation is popular in Tamilnadu.

1 bunch Mint
4 tbsp Split black gram
3 nos Dry red chilli
1 no Green chilli
1 inch Ginger
1 no Tamarind (small marble size)
5 stks Coriander leaves
5 nos Curry leaves
tsp Asafoetida
tsp Salt (or to taste)
no Fresh coconut
3 tsp Oil


Separate mint leaves from the stalk, wash and keep them aside. Heat oil and fry
split black gram until golden, in the same oil fry red and green chilli along with
the mint leaves. When they turn slightly tender, remove them and fry coconut pieces
too. Now grind the sauteed mint leaves, fried gram, chillies, coconut along with
ginger, tamrind, coriander, curry leaves, asafoetida and salt. Add little water
while grinding, or to make the consistency light.