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The only resource you need to start learning LUXEMBOURGISH


This is not a dry grammar book.

This is not a phrase book without explanations.
This is a book that allows you to teach yourself Luxembourgish.

It is the most comprehensive English guide to the Luxembourgish language on the market:
Fun and essential phrases
Speaking, listening, reading and writing practice
Pronunciation, spelling and grammar explanations
76 audio tracks to listen to
500 online flash cards of Luxembourgish vocabulary to study on-the-go
Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
Built on the course guidelines elaborated by the Luxembourg Institut national des langues

At the end of the book, youll be able to:

1. Greet someone
2. Introduce yourself and someone else
3. Tell someone more about yourself
4. Describe a person and a thing
5. Talk about your job and daily routine
6. Talk about recreational activities and make appointments
7. Ask for something
8. Situate yourself and ask for directions

Whether you are just starting to learn Luxembourgish or are enrolled in a course, this book
provides valuable information and practice in a simple way.

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ISBN 978-2-87978-138-9

9 782879 781389
Speaking Luxembourgish is about making the most Writing and publishing by Liz Wenger, Toronto: born and raised
in Luxembourg, Liz now lives in Canada with her husband and son.
of your Luxembourg experience She is the founder of, a website designed
to teach Luxembourgish to English speakers of the world.
This book will allow you to teach yourself the basics of Luxembourgish, whether:
She holds a Master of Arts (Social Sciences) in Business and
youre in Luxembourg for a short or a long time,
Management and Psychology from the University of Glasgow,
you live in Luxembourg and want to acquire citizenship, Scotland, and is a former business consultant turned corporate
you live abroad and come to work/study in Luxembourg, writer, proofreader, blogger, certified Luxembourgish teacher,
e-learning embracer and all-around Luxembourgish-English
you want to learn the language of your Luxembourgish ancestors.
specialist. Weird fact: she eats avocados for lunch every day
and puts butter in her coffee.
Learning Luxembourgish, however, is not about learning a language. It is about
improving yourself and your life at every level: knowing what your family, friends,
neighbours, coworkers, clients and customers are saying, taking part in the social,
cultural and political life, and, on an intellectual level, exercising your brain and
expanding your mind. Luxembourgish editing and proofreading by Jackie Messerich, Luxembourg: founding
member of Moien Asbl, Jackie is a noted Luxembourgish teacher and co-author of
I wish you the best of luck with your Luxembourgish adventure. numerous Luxembourgish publications, most recently Le luxembourgeois grande
vitesse, Assimil. Weird fact: she collects elephant figurines and snow globes, and is
Liz learning Finnish just for fun.

English editing and proofreading by Melanie Chambers, Toronto: travel writer, editor
Where is the audio for this book? and adventure-seeker par excellence, Melanie has written stories for renowned
publications like The Globe and Mail and Mountain Life Magazine. She is an instructor
Two possibilities: at Western University where she teaches travel and food writing for young explorers.
She can also be hired as an event lecturer. Weird fact: Melanie can do the splits. Follow
1) You can listen to and download the audio for this book on my website her around the world on #
2) You can scan the codes next to each audio track with your mobile phone
using a code reader application and the appropriate audio track will start Illustrations by Harini Kannan, Chennai: a graduate of fashion design from NIFT
to play. Chennai (2012), Harini worked with Happily Unmarried and C Bazaar and is currently
pursuing an advanced diploma in illustration at Srishti School of Design, Arts and
How can I access the 500 online flash cards that come with this book? Technology, Bangalore. She loves doing personalized wedding invitations, advertising,
editorials and wall art. Weird fact: she doesnt like it when people put a cactus on their
You can find the links to the flash cards on the desk. Check out her portfolio on
website (password: learnlux). You can study them on your computer or
download the Quizlet app on your mobile phone so you can study and
learn by playing games while you are on-the-go. Try it, its fun! Graphic Design by Jennifer Martin, Toronto: award winner at the 2014 Golden Bell
Festival and the 2014 Toronto Smartphone Film Festival, she is a multi-talented
How can I ask questions about Luxembourgish? videographer, photographer, and graphic designer. Weird fact: she is also a K-pop
dancer and teacher. See more of her work on
I would love to hear your feedback or answer your questions. Email me at or join me and hundreds of other learners on:
Twitter @LearnLuxembourg