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Give the

When and where

Aim of the

How did/do the students learn


of the routine.


the routine is


about this routine?

that the


How is the routine reinforced?

(If possible, take a photo


(what student

of the routine as it is


(e.g. at the end of the school day etc.;

behaviour it hopes to achieve)

(e.g. mentoring; classroom signs; reminders by the teacher; use of

happening, or of any

or to guide presentations after group work)

peer interaction by the teacher to promote such behaviour etc.)

display related to the routine)


Sing the days of the week

Singing and using the fingers for counting the days of the week.

In the first of the day on the circle time.

Learn the days of the week.

Mentoring the students.



Repeat the rules.

Say it in order.

The first of the lesson.

Learn to behave. Learn to be quite.

Mentoring the students.



Learn yesterday,


The beginning of

Learn the days.


today and


the day in the


circle time.


Repeats the letter


After the circle

Learning things


of the week and things starts with the letter.


time and before starting the lesson.

starts with the letter.


Learn to write numbers.

Write it on the white board.

The Middle of the day, while the children sitting in groups.

Learn how to write numbers.

5 Learn to write numbers. Write it on the white board. The Middle of the day,

After the Task - Reflection

Reflect on the routine of the classroom and how it is being effective with the students? Explain how this routine will affect student learning in a KG class.

The routine is essential in the classroom, because it effect the management of the classroom. It helps the children what they are going to take next and it help the children to be ready and engaged for the lesson. For example, when I do the transition they know how they will move from the circle time to the groups, so the classroom be managed. Also, it helps the children to learn more when there is a routine, so the teacher repeats the lesson every day for them, they can remember it and learn it.