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Comparison between RISC and CISC:


It stands for Reduced Instruction It stands for Complex Instruction

Set Computer. Set Computer.

The RISC processors have a The CISC processors have a larger

Definition smaller set of instructions with few set of instructions with many
addressing nodes. addressing nodes.

It has no memory unit and uses a

It has a memory unit to implement
Memory unit separate hardware to implement
complex instructions.

It has a hard-wired unit of

Program It has a micro-programming unit.

Design It is a complex complier design. It is an easy complier design.

The calculations are faster and The calculations are slow and
precise. precise.

Decoding of instructions is
Decoding Decoding of instructions is simple.

Time Execution time is very less. Execution time is very high.

It does not require external memory It requires external memory for

External memory
for calculations. calculations.

Pipelining does not function

Pipelining Pipelining does function correctly.

Stalling is mostly reduced in

Stalling The processors often stall.

Code expansion Code expansion can be a problem. Code expansion is not a problem.

Disc space The space is saved. The space is wasted.

Used in high end applications such

Used in low end applications such
as video processing,
Applications as security systems, home
telecommunications and image
automations, etc.