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Ruo goes shopping with her friend Xiao Wen, looking for a new look. She
finds something that seems to fit her new style. Watch the video to find some
useful phrases for shopping and bargaining!
这个怎么样?Which means: “What do you think of this one?” “这个” means
“this one”; 怎么样 means “What about…?” Both of these are extremely
useful. I think that 这个 is pretty self-explanatory. The only thing I’ll add is
that if you want to say “that one” you would say “那个”. This one, 这个;that
one, 那个. 怎么样 is a very useful way of asking someone’s opinion.
Usually the structure is that the thing you want to talk about comes before the
phrase 怎么样. For example, 我的车怎么样?”What do you think of my car?”
This is a quite common expression.
Something that you do, unfortunately, have to ask. Here 多少 how much.
多 means “a lot” while 少 means “a little”. When you put them together it
means “how much”. 钱 means “money”.
百 means hundred. To say three hundred you add a three, 三, at the
beginning. Four hundred, you add a four: 四百.
能 means “can”, while 便宜 means “cheap”. 吗 is an interrogative particle
that’s used at the end of statements to turn them into a question. For
example. 他是中国人 means “he’s Chinese”. If I add a 吗 to this statement
it becomes: 他是中国人吗? which means, “is he Chinese?” Adding a 吗
to the end of a sentence is probably the most common way to ask a question in
两百六. If it was 206 they would say 两百零六.
试 means “to try”. Sometimes in Chinese verbs are repeated twice to lighten
the tone of a sentence and make it sound nicer. Another example would be

------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------

com ------------------------------------------------ . 这个 怎么样? How’s this one? Expansion: zhègè rúhé ? 这个 如何? How’s this one? -----------------------------------------------------. “take a look!” Language Focus Key Words and Phrases 1.EzyChinese. Learn Chinese the Easy Way “你看看”. 200 èrbǎi two hundred Expansion: 三百 sānbǎi three hundred 四百三十 sìbǎi sānshí four hundred thirty 5. 钱 qián money 3. 这个 zhège this one Expansion: 那个 nàgè that one 2. 便宜 piányi cheap Expansion: 贵 guì expensive 4. 试试 shìshi try Key Sentences zhègè zěnmeyàng ? 1.

: How do you sell this) Dialogue xiǎo wén : zhègè zěnmeyàng ? 小 雯 : 这个 怎么样 ? Xiao Wen: How’s this one? -----------------------------------------------------.EzyChinese. 这个 多少 钱? How much is this one? Expansion: zhègè zěnme mài ? 这个 怎么 卖? How much is this one? (lit. Learn Chinese the Easy Way nàgè zěnmeyàng ? 那个 怎么样? How’s that one? néng piányí diǎn mɑ ? 2. 能 便宜 点 吗? Can you go cheaper? Expansion: zài piányí diǎn bɑ 。 再 便宜 点 吧。 You can give it to me for cheaper tài guì le 太 贵 了。 Too expensive zhègè duōshǎo qián ? ------------------------------------------------ .

ruò : èrbǎi bɑ 。 若 : 200 吧 。 Ruo: How about two hundred? lǎo bǎn : nà nǐ shì shì bɑ ! 老 板 : 那 你 试 试 吧 ! Boss: Go a head and try ------------------------------------------------ . -----------------------------------------------------.EzyChinese. Learn Chinese the Easy Way xiǎo wén : zhègè ne ? 小 雯 : 这个 呢 ? Xiao Wen: This one? ruò : zhègè duōshǎo qián ? 若 : 这个 多少 钱? Ruo: How much does this cost? lǎo bǎn : sānbǎi ! 老 板 : 300 ! Boss: Three hundred! ruò : néng piányí diǎn mɑ ? 若 : 能 便宜 点 吗 ? Ruo: Can you sell it cheaper? lǎo bǎn :èrbǎiliù bɑ 。 老 板 : 260 吧 。 Boss: Two hundred sixty.