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Emp_no Emp_name Department Salary Experience

E01 Ahmed Hussain Accts 15000 3
E02 Ravinder Singh System 35000 5
E03 Jully Bhatt System 20000 5
E04 Shiva Mathur Accts 15000 7
E05 Sonia Jolly Accts 12000 3
E06 Sumita Singh Purchase 18000 10


Emp_no Leave
E01 3
E04 5
E05 5
E06 1

i. To display all employee names in descending order of salary.

ii. Display the no. of employee whose salary > 15000 and experience > 5 years.

iii. Display the average salary of each department.

iv. To display Emp_no, Emp_name, leave for all employees who have taken leave.

v. Increase the salary of all employees of Accts Department by 1000.

vi. Delete the employee details whose experience is less than 3 yr.

vii. Insert a new row in leave with details E02,3