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CODE OF CONDUCT This Code of Conduct is hereby adopted in recognition of the

role of discipline in the effective promotion of a healthy and
harmonious relationship among workers and the Company. The rules
and regulations embodied hereunder are designed for the following
1. To impress upon the workers their duties and obligations in
MONSTER HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL carrying out the companys objectives and goals.
2. To provide corrective or reformative measures in order to
improve the employees performance, enhance his capabilities and
gear his attitudes towards this end and thereby attain a higher level
of productivity
3. To establish a definite pattern of conduct and ensure a
harmonious relationship among workers and with the Company

This norm of conduct depends on the nature, gravity of

offense, and recidivism and absence or presence of mitigating and
aggravating circumstances.

Offense Frequency Sanction

COCO FIVE A 1st Verbal Reprimand
2nd Written Reprimand
3rd Suspension of 1-7 days
4th Suspension of 8-15 days
5th Dismissal

B 1st Written Reprimand

2nd Suspension of 8-15 days
3rd Dismissal

C 1st Suspension of 16-30 days

2nd Dismissal

D Dismissal

Section 6 Tampering of Company ID C to D
Article I ACTS OF DISHONESTY Knowingly swiping or entering the attendance
card or code of another employee or having
Section 1 Robbery, Theft, Pilferage and D ones attendance card or code swiped or
Misappropriation of Funds entered by another employee; or unauthorized
Stealing from a customer or from the Company alteration of attendance records
and its employees.
Section 7 False Testimony D
Section 2 Betrayal of Company Trust D Deliberately giving false information or
Unauthorized disclosure of confidential testimony to avoid responsibility or to distort
information which includes but not limited to the true facts and give undue advantage to
Company records, trade secrets, formula, oneself or another
financial operations statements and other
company documents Section 8 Fraudulent Acts D
Obtaining or attempting to obtain materials
Section 3 Falsification of Documents D based on fraudulent or falsified order and
Falsifying any document, records or information collusion with person doing so, in which the
in any study, inquiry, research, investigation or Company has suffered or stands to suffer
proceeding in which the Company is involved or monetary loss or improperly withdrawing
interested, or falsifying personnel records, Company records, equipment, tools, or other
production records, vouchers, receipts, time assets from Company premises without proper
records, application forms or other company authority, including entering own purchases in
documents or records the POS.

Section 4 Special Treatment or Bribery D Section 9 Swindling D

Bribery in any form or manner, soliciting or Any employee who shall defraud another
demanding anything of value in exchange for or employee, officer, or customer through false
in consideration of any act, decision or service pretenses or falsification of documents,
connected with the performance of the including counterfeiting or imitating signatures
employees duties or functions. or handrwriting shall be deemed to have
committed an act of fraud
Section 5 Borrowing, soliciting material favors from D
suppliers or customers Section 10 Unauthorized possession of master keys, D
Borrowing or accepting money, gifts, picklocks and other devices
commission, offers of promises or soliciting Unauthorized possession of master keys,
material favors from suppliers or customers with picklocks and or similar devices which can open
which the Company has a business relationship lockers, drawers, desks, cabinets, doors, offices,
for his own personal benefit or safety vaults

2 3
Section 18 Use of Company time, premises, vehicles, D
Section 11 Engaging in Competitive Operations D tools, equipment, or materials for
Engaging in businesses similar to those of the personal benefit
Company or in conflict with the Companys
interest Section 19 Unauthorized Possession of Company D
Section 12 Malicious destruction of Property D Unauthorized possession or use of any
Maliciously destroying, defacing, or damaging Company, employee, or customer property and
property of the Company, employees, officials, Company supplies
or customers
Section 20 Unlawful Entry D
Section 13 Kickbacks D Entering or assisting other persons to enter any
Entering into arrangements with suppliers, restricted area without specific authority or
customers to gain kickbacks or other permission
preferential treatment
Section 21 Unauthorized Clearing D
Section 14 Substituting Company Products D Unauthorized clearing of account or clearing
Substituting company product, materials, or without receiving any payment
equipment with another of inferior quality or
lesser value with intent to defraud Section 22 Unauthorized Giving of Discounts or Price C to D
Section 15 Unauthorized Foreign Currency Exchange D Giving of discounts or changing prices of
or Encashment of Personal Cheques products without due authority or for personal
Unauthorized exchanging of currency to benefit
Philippine Currency or vice versa, involving
Company funds or those of customers or Section 23 Fraudulent Reporting C
encashment of personal cheques Any employee falsely reporting as such in order
to obtain sick leave benefits or for other
Section 16 Unauthorized Sale of Company Property D purposes
Engaging in unauthorized sale of Company
property for personal benefit or financial gain Section 24 Eating Leftover Foods D
Eating or taking food to be served to customer,
Section 17 Padding Customer Bills D leftover from kitchen or dining
Padding customer bills, deliberate overcharging,
using paid invoice from another customer, using Section 25 Food and Beverage Pilferage D
unauthorized invoices, shortchanging and other Obtaining food and beverage or possession of
similar acts of dishonesty food and beverage from the kitchen or pantry

4 5
drawers or files without official authorization
Section 26 Cooking and Eating Food from the Kitchen D such as cleaning or repairing

Section 27 Unauthorized Bringing into or taking out C to D

any Company article from Company Article III - CRIMINALITY
Section 1 Conviction D
Section 28 Other Acts of Dishonesty D Conviction of any criminal offense under the
Committing any other acts of dishonesty where law.
there is a clear intent of personal gain or
advantage or when the dishonest act is Section 2 Commission of Crime During Working D
prejudicial to the customers, officials, Hours
employees, and others, or when the dishonest Committing a crime during work hours and or
act is patently to avoid responsibility or serious within Company premises whether on or off
consequences duty

Article II - ACTS OF IMMORALITY Section 3 Prohibited Drugs D

Pushing, selling, supplying prohibited drugs to
Section 1 Indecent Acts and Utterances D employees or customers or possession and/ or
Indecent, lewd, immoral conduct, sexual use thereof inside Company premises
harassment, as well as grossly indecent
utterances within Company premises Section 4 Gambling D
Financing, collecting, or placing bets for jai-alai,
Section2 Immoral or Unethical Practices D jueteng, lottery and the like or any form of
Engaging in any immoral or unethical practices gambling is prohibited within Company premises
or offering services to customers or co-
employees like pimping, providing female Section 5 Carrying guns or dangerous weapons D
companion, etc. which are immoral or unethical Carrying or possession or attempting to bring
in nature or engaging in any conduct which firearms, explosives, or dangerous lethal
violates common decency or morality weapons such as knives, darts, bolos, and the
like unless issued a written authorization by the
Section 3 Pornographic Exhibits or Show C Company
Showing or exhibiting pornographic materials,
pictures, films, or literature within Company

Section 4 Prying into the Privacy of Customers and D

Peeping, entering toilets, looking into lockers,

6 7
and brushing teeth daily and in compliance to
the hygiene and grooming standards set by the

Section 1 Discourtesy, Insult C to D Section 7 Refusal to Serve Customers D

Flagrant discourtesy, using disrespectful,
offensive scurrilous or obscene language, or Section 8 Misinformation or Lack of Information B to C
insulting a customer, co-employee, or officer of Giving false, inaccurate, misleading, incomplete,
the Company or engaging in any argument with delayed or no information to customer when the
a customer employee knows, should know or is in a position
to obtain such information resulting in
Section 2 Libel or Slander D inconvenience, discomfort, dissatisfaction,
Libelous utterances or publications including expense to the customer, loss of revenue or
posts in social media which tend to cause additional cost to the Company
dishonor, discredit, contempt or embarrassment
to an employee, customer, the Company, its Section 9 Neglect of Customers C to D
products, or any of its officers Inattention to or neglect of the needs of any
customer, refusal or failure to assist such
Section 3 Smoking, Chewing Gum B customer, ignoring the presence of a customer
Smoking or chewing gum while on duty and in causing inconvenience to him/her; Performing
the presence of customers non-work related tasks or engaging in non-work
related chatting or conversation resulting in
Section 4 Drinking Liquor or Taking Prohibited D inconvenience to or neglect to a waiting
Drugs customer, causing unnecessary delays in
Drinking liquor except in Company authorized responding to customer needs or requests or
functions during working hours or consuming otherwise failing without justifiable cause to
prohibited drugs whether on or off duty provide prompt efficient and courteous service
to a customer
Section 5 Improper Use of Uniform or Identification C to D
Card Section 10 Failure to Cooperate B
Using the Companys uniform or Identification Failure to cooperate in harmony with other
Card under scandalous circumstances or to employees in consonance with his/ her duties
deceive; damage to the uniforms caused by and responsibilities which disrupts or affects the
recklessness, carelessness, negligence or smooth operations of the business as well as
sloppiness of the user refusal to attend meetings and trainings without
valid cause
Section 6 Grooming A
All employees are expected to report for work Section 11 Mishandling of Customers C to D
personally clean and well groomed by bathing, Culpable, unjustified and avoidable errors
whether deliberate or through negligence in the
8 9
profession or undertaking, especially with a
handling of any customer transaction, especially competitor, whether for compensation or not,
if errors result in customer dissatisfaction, whether or not actual loss of company income is
engaging in any argument with a customer, incurred
answering back..
Section 12 Failure to Provide Necessary Supplies B INSUBORDINATION
Culpable and unjustified failure to provide or
procure materials, supplies, facilities, or services Section 1 Fighting or Assaulting Official and D
in a timely manner, which are essential in the Supervisory Personnel
proper handling of customers at the required Fighting, assaulting, threatening, intimidating,
level of quality insulting officials or supervisory personnel

Section 13 Shouting, Laughing in the Presence of B Section 2 Discourtesy and Use of Disrespectful C to D
Customers Language
Boisterous laughing, talking noisily and shouting Flagrant discourtesy either by acts or words,
within store premises is not allowed use of disrespectful language, impolite or
obscene language in addressing superiors
Section 14 Improper Decorum B
All employees are expected to behave Section 3 Insubordination D
professionally especially in the presence of Willfully Defying or Disregarding Company
customers. Spitting, clearing of throat, Authority:
coughing, etc. should be avoided while in the a. Refusing to cooperate with Company C to D
selling area. supervisors, department heads or officials or
representatives of the Company
Section 15 Restricted Areas B
Entering restricted areas or premises where b. Refusing to accept work, change of shift, or C to D
employees are not allowed without prior work locations assigned by a superior or the
permission from supervisor or manager management

Section 16 Forum Shopping B c. Willfully refusing to render overtime despite a B to C

Involvement in exchange of malicious reasonable advance notice
utterances or intriguing against the honor of a
co-employee, superior or official of the d. Willfully failing to carry out verbal or written B to C
Company job instructions, policies and procedures or
Standard Operating Instructions issued by the
Section 17 Engagement with Competitor D immediate superior
Actively participating in any trade, occupation,

10 11
e. Making false, vicious, or malicious statements C to D
against any officer, supervisory personnel or Section 3 Riots and Disorders D
any employee of the Company Inciting, instigating, provoking or participating
in any riot or disorders or concerted activities as
f. Refusal to leave place of work or the premises C to D showdowns
when required to do so by a supervisor or
Company officer who is acting within his Section 4 Horseplay B to C
authority Engaging in horseplay, running, scuffling, or
throwing things while working in the premises
g. Refusing to cooperate in giving valuable C to D
information involving a case under investigation Section 5 Other Acts of Disturbing Peace and Order C to D
Committing any other acts which are scandalous
h. Refusal to wear or show or surrender ID card B to C in nature or in any manner disturbing the peace
at the request of the immediate superior or and order within the Company premises
Security Guard on company premises whether on or off duty

i. Other acts of insubordination where there is D

an overt act which shows disrespect, Article VII - INEFFICIENCY, NEGLIGENCE,
disobedience or belligerence towards and VIOLATIONS OF WORK STANDARDS
supervisors and officers
Section 1 Gross Negligence D
Article VI - Causing damage to or loss of materials, parts or
DISTURBING PEACE and ORDER equipment or endangering the efficiency of
machines or safety of personnel or customers or
Section 1 Fighting or Inflicting Bodily Harm D disruption of operations through gross
Fighting or assault committed inside the negligence, carelessness or inefficiency
Company premises resulting in the infliction of
bodily harm or injury to another, whether Section 2 Gross Incompetence in the Performance D
employee or customer or outside Company of Ones Duties. Failure to deliver
premises but within Company time, except in expectations as verbally agreed or written in
case ones job description. Includes failure to submit
written reports in time without valid cause.
Section 2 Threat, Coercion D
Threatening or intimidating another with bodily Section 3 Receiving two (2) successive D
harm or doing something illegal or immoral to unsatisfactory ratings in the Employee
the other employee or his family in connection Performance Appraisal within a 24 month
with his job, or against customers period while holding the same or an
equivalent position

12 13
Section 4 Non-Observance of Quality Standards B to C Section 9 Loafing, Loitering, Malingering A
Violation, refusal, or failure without justifiable Loafing, loitering, malingering, wasting time and
reason to comply with the quality standards of prolonging rest period more than what is
service or similar programs and other rule and authorized
regulations, prescriptions and policies aimed at
achieving customer satisfaction (eg., Clean as a. Frequently receiving visitors during working A
you go) hours for personal reasons, or receiving or
making personal telephone calls, except in case
Section 5 Tardiness A of emergency.
Incurring habitual and excessive unexcused
tardiness of more than 15minutes for five (5) b. Remaining in Company premises after the A
times or more in a 30 calendar day period is end of working hours to loaf, loiter, chat with
considered habitual other employees, etc. or pass away the time

a. Undertime A c. Loitering in comfort rooms, bunkhouse or A

Coming late for work for more than 30 minutes any place within Company premises, co-
but less than 2 hours or leaving the office or employees workplace, away from the subjects
place of work not on official mission for less assigned work place while on duty
than 2 hours of any work period without asking
permission. Any unexcused tardiness of more d. Leaving place of work or duty stations and C
than thirty 30 minutes going outside of Company premises during
designated working hours without authorization
Section 6 Absenteeism B or proper relief
Unjustified failure to notify HRD of tardiness or
absence at least two (2) hours prior to start of e. Cutting working hours or deviating from C
shift; Absences of more than two (2) times approved itineraries without prior request and
within a 6-month period authority from immediate superior.

Section 7 No Show C f. Being reported as not at home by the visiting C

Failure to notify Management through phone or official or any representative of the company
note why one cannot report for work after being sent home by the Company or after
having sent a sick notice
Section 8 AWOL D
Incurring absences without leave for two (2) g. Loitering around the Company premises after C
consecutive days or more having been sent home by the accredited

14 15
h. Working or indulging in strenuous physical C
activity at the time of a home visit after being Section 16 Moonlighting, Sideline or Part Time Jobs D
sent home or after sending a sick notice Having sidelines or part time jobs outside the
Company is prohibited unless reported and
i. Refusing to work after being certified as fit to C approved in writing by Management. Employee
work by an accredited physician. concerned will be asked to give up either job or
face the prospect of dismissal from the
j. Bringing in or using cellular phones while in C company
the selling area without approval from superior
Section 17 Inducing or Abetting Employee to Violate C to D
Section 10 Reading While on Duty A Rules
Unnecessary or unauthorized reading while on Inducing, encouraging, coercing, bribing, or
tour of duty including reading via social media otherwise abetting any employee to engage in
(reading relevant materials directly pertaining to any practice in violation of these rules
an employees work or of material provided by
the Company is excluded in this rule) Section 18 Tampering with Employees Personal C to D
Section 11 Storing Company Property in Employees B Tampering with another employees personal
Personal Belongings other than those belongings constitutes violation of an
issued for staff use individuals privacy and destruction of Company
Section 12 Vandalism C
Writing on walls, or any other Company Section 19 Unauthorized Solicitations C
property Soliciting for money or any other form of
contribution for the benefit of any person
Section 13 Sleeping during Working Hours C whether employees or not within Company
Sleeping while on duty premises without proper authorization from
Section 14 Failing to Report Loss of Company Property, C
spoilage of products as soon as practicable or Section 20 Posters B
failing to report an accident or injury involving Putting up of notices, announcements, posters
the Company, its employees and customers or other similar materials in Company premises
without proper authority
Section 15 Failure to Comply with Control Procedures C
Serving food, beverage, or drinks without Section 21 Unauthorized Removal of Posters C
corresponding order slips, receipts or failure to Removing, defacing, tearing, mutilating, or
comply with control procedures; Failure to otherwise altering the contents and or form of
report spoilages, shrinkages, damaged goods any official posters, announcement,

16 17
memoranda, circulars, and other official and exit designated for employees without
Company documents placed on Company authority
Bulletin Boards by management or
dissemination and information of employees or Section 28 Using Customer Comfort Rooms B
any acts of vandalism All personnel are prohibited to use the comfort
rooms intended for customers only
Section 22 Unauthorized Selling and Vending B
Selling and vending any kind of item or Section 29 Lost and Found Items C to D
commodity within the Company premises Failure to report lost and found items or failure
to turn over lost and found items according to
Section 23 Unauthorized Undertaking During Office B standard procedures
Doing unauthorized undertaking during office Section 30 Driving without Proper License C to D
hours within Company premises Driving without authorization or without a valid
Section 24 Holding of Unauthorized Meeting B
Holding of unauthorized meeting during office Section 31 Improper Use of Tools and Equipment B
hours within the Company premises Improper or incorrect use of parts or tools and
equipments in doing work.
Section 25 Unauthorized Distribution of Printed A to B
Matters Section 32 Wasting Material C
Distributing written or printed materials of any Wasting material to cover defective or
description within Company premises anything erroneous work
without proper authorization
Section 33 Negligence Resulting to Damage to C to D
Section 26 Non-cooperation on Energy Conservation A to B Property
Everyone is expected to cooperate on Negligence or carelessness in the course of
conserving power, resources and Company work performance resulting to damage to
supplies, eg. unnecessary lights must be turned company property and/or disruption of normal
off and running water from taps that are not operation/ activity
being used must also be turned off. Supplies
such as paper napkins, ballpens, clips, etc. must Section 34 Operating Defective Equipment or Vehicle
not be used wastefully and unnecessarily. Deliberately operating or continuing to operate C
any Company vehicle or equipment knowing it
Section 27 Exit/Entrance B to D to be defective or not operational per standard
Gaining Entrance or exiting from store by any operating procedure of the Company
means other than without the official entrance
Section 35 Failure to Turnover Duties After Shift B to C
Failure to turnover instructions, arrangements,
18 19
orders, or pending duties after designated shift a. Failure to report while knowing another C
thereby resulting to confusion, inefficiency and employee is suffering from a contagious or
customer dissatisfaction communicable disease to supervisor,
department or Company officer
Section 36 Unauthorized Opening of Sealed D
Documents b. Spitting, urinating, littering not in the proper C
Unauthorized or unofficial opening or permitting receptacle for the purpose and performing other
to be opened any closed or sealed documents unhealthy or unsanitary acts

Section 37 Unauthorized Taking in of Passengers C to D c. Failure or refusal to submit to medical and or C to D

Unauthorized taking in of passengers while in physical examination when required by the
the course of drivers official trips company or failure to renew required
government health card
COMPANY RULES AND REGULATIONS d. Driving any type of Company vehicle B
recklessly or at excessive speed beyond the
Section 1 Office and Operating Procedures area limit.
a. Failure to clock in and out A
b. Failure to carry, wear prescribed identification A e. Riding in any company moving vehicle or C
cards, if required machinery when not assigned to such duty or
c. Violating office/work rules and procedures, A riding on fenders or running board of any
promulgated from time to time moving vehicle.
d. Failure to notify HRD of change of address, A
civil status and other personal information f. Refusal to use protection gears required by C
the Company including toques, aprons, lab
Section 2 Health, Safety Rules, Unsatisfactory B gowns, hairnet
Creating or contributing to poor housekeeping g. Using, removing or tampering with fire C
and unsatisfactory conditions protecting equipment for purposes other than
fire fighting.
NOTE: All employees in the food and beverage,
food preparation, kitchen/laboratory and service h. Refusing to be subjected to reasonable C
departments must wash their hands with soap search, without justifiable reason, by Security
and water after touching their body clothing, or personnel or representative of the company as
any foreign object that might contaminate the dictated by the right of Management to protect
food on which they are working. Every its operations and the nature of the work of the
employee is also required to wash their hands employee
with soap and water after using the toilet

20 21
i. Driving while under the influence of liquor D
Section 2 Bringing in of personal belongings in the A
j. Failure to discard waste products after C to D place of work (except in offices).
closing time

k. Serving spoiled food to customers D Section 3 Recidivism D

Recidivism, where the employee commits the
l. Committing other violations of any established B to C same offense inspite of maximum penalties,
Company health and safety rules warning or disciplinary action given

Section 2 Smoking in Prohibited or Restricted Areas C to D Section 4 Abuse of Authority C to D

Smoking is strictly prohibited or restricted in Coercion, maltreatment or any retaliatory act
areas where gasoline, petroleum or highly towards subordinates or employees, favoritism
inflammable materials are stored or kept or or partial behaviors towards subordinates
declared as no smoking zones or areas including
but not necessarily excluding the following: Section 5 Engaging in Illicit Affairs with Co Workers C to D
a. Generator Engaging in a romantic relationship with a co worker
b. Exterior Warehouse/Stockroom who is married or engaging in a relationship with
c. gas area ones supervisor or manager or subordinate
d. Employee bunkhouse
The foregoing listing is among the common offenses for which
If any violation of the rules result in damage to disciplinary action may be taken. Company regulations are not limited to
Company property, the employee concerned the above list and from time to time additional rules shall be
shall be held liable for any such damage posted/publicized on bulletin boards and or issued through circulars,
instruction, guidelines, and the like. Furthermore, nothing herein shall be
Section 3 Deliberate failure to comply with national B to C construed as a waiver of the Companys right to take disciplinary actions
and local government requirements, ie. for just causes as may be provided under the law.
Health certificates, police clearance, etc.
As a general rule, offenses will be treated individually and independently
even if they fall under the same type of penalty.

Section 1 Usurious Loan C to D

Lending money by an employee to a co-
employee at a usurious interest rate

22 23

To exercise justice in the execution of this Code, due process shall be Again, welcome to Monster Kitchen. We look forward to working with
observed at all times. The following steps shall be taken before a you and well do everything we can to make your job a pleasant one.
decision is made.
We have now outlined much of the information you will need to know
1. Show Cause the employee shall be given the right to explain to make your experience a success.
his or her side.
1. Reply within prescribed period the employee must reply Please remember to review this handbook from time to time; and
within the prescribed period. Failure to do so means the above all, when you arent clear on something, please be sure to ask.
employee is waiving his right to clear the issue at hand
2. Investigation HR will investigate the matter involving all We will from time to time make modifications and improvements in
concerned and will follow due process and exercise objectivity your handbook to reflect any new policy or changes that might be
at all times placed into effect. This information will be passed on to you at the
3. Employee Court On a case to case basis, an employee earliest possible time. As we have stated before, we, of course,
hearing may be called to confront and interrogate all personnel welcome any suggestions or recommendations you might have
involved concerning our policies, as well as your handbook.
4. Decision - A decision will be made by HR based on all
evidences and affidavits gathered. We hope this will help you get started. The real key from this point
forward is your own attitude. If it shines, we shine.


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