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A preliminary overview.(5 MAY 16) In 1995, I began writing 3 major books on trauma-
based mind control because the subject had never been well-explained. The first (which is
now out of print) was based on 100 pieces of Ciscos extraordinary art work showing
internal programming images. The second was based on my extensive files on tbmc, and
the third was based in part by collaboration with ex-Illuminati programmers. Recently,
while working with another survivor, it was mentioned how important child alters are in the
healing process. I had observed this already, but had never explicitly said it. When the
topic was brought to my conscious attention, I realized that the literature on
DID/MPD/TBMC is very weak on the subject. Once again I write to fill in a gap in our

ROLE OF ADULT v. CHILD ALTERS. The host alter (the main front alter that holds the body
for the outside world) ages day-in day-out like the rest of humanity. (There may actually be
more than one adult front alter in a system.) The programmers also take strong alters &
hypnotically age progress them to have late teen or adult ages, so that they can function
in their internal & external cult jobs as adults. But the majority of alters in an MPD system
will be child alters, and they are the ones holding the programming, as well as having
some of the key rolessuch as being the reporting alters. They will often be the age of the
trauma that created them. Dealing with child alters is very similar to dealing with abused
non-DID children. Dealing with child alters is different from dealing with adult alters. 99%
of the alters are children. 99% of the important alters that hold the key to deprogramming
and successful therapy are child altersand yet child alters are fundamentally overlooked
by many therapists & deprogrammers, who typically spend most time with the host alter
(which at times they mistake as the core).

OVERLOOKING CHILDREN IS A COMMON THREAD. The neglect of the important role

children play is quite widespread. Christs disciples tried to keep children from him, which
upset Christ because children were a high priority to him.(A) Let the children come to
me, Christ said. (B) Then Yahshua said that Whosoever receives one such child in my
name receives me (C) Studies show that 85% of people who give their lives to Christ do
it between age 4 to 14. But adult evangelism still gets the most attention. Yet the Satanists
are not neglecting the children; most victims of t.b.m.c. receive it while children. Very few
adults get adult-initiated mind control. I like what Pearl S. Buck said, If our American way
of life fails the child, it fails us all. A study of 1,000 American children (ages 2-14those
critical ages for receiving Christ) revealed that about 90% had specific phobias & fears. We
are failing when such a high % of the children have phobias. People are acknowledging
that children are our futurebut they are also important people right now. Therapists
seem to feel more comfortable speaking to a coherent front host alter that is an adult,
than a difficult child alter that may have obsessive-compulsive behavior, be aggressive,
appear to think purely programming thoughts, be suicidal, be sadly depressed, afraid of
intimacy, and need lots of approval. If you think therapists should do better, think a
momentwould you like to deal with a two yr. old throwing a temper tantrum or a rational
adult. Yes, child alters are where the problems are, and also where the answers are. The
host alter generally does not realize the MPD to begin with. The child alters may be totally
hip to it.

PERVASIVE ABUSE OF CHILDREN. The little lambs who are so vulnerable and who Christ
took in his arms & blessed (D), and of whom he said were so importantare unfortunately
widely abused by the adult world. It is estimated that globally 10 million children are used
in the global sex industry. Nepal, where I grew up, has a problem with the poor villages
selling their children to Bombay, Indias brothels. Once bought, they are traumatized by
their masters to make them obedient. Thailand & Sri Lanka have been pedophile
paradises, with an est. 90,000 children used in Thai child prostitution. Brazil reportedly has
a million child prostitutes. Therapists report little success in helping people who began
with an abusive life as a child prostitute. Now carry that over to the t.b.m.c., where sexual
abuse occurs 100% of the time as part of the trauma programming. The child alters within
a system carry the worst abuse. The adult alters have little awareness of how damaged
these child alters are. What needs to happen is for the host alters to develop rapport &
understanding for their small hurting parts. Therapists should be teaching these host alters
how to talk with these internal little ones. The little ones will be afraid of adult therapists
so the place for them to begin to heal is for the host alter to take them under his or her

working with his or her child alters. The child alters have had their thinking warped by the
abuse. See my book Deeper Insights (esp. pgs. 405-410) for the damage caused to the
little child by abuse. Child alters are fearful, they need to be introduced to new situations
gradually. They need to be pampered & listened toand when the host listens, the host
needs to listen without judgment. Assign small tasks that they can succeed at to build
their self-esteem. A childs thinking includes having good imagination but being poor at
analyzing different possibilities. Their self-esteem is rock bottom. They still feel the same
helplessness as when they were created by abuse for more abuse. They fumble for words,
and will be cautious at what they say. Hopefully, the host can begin to share new ways of
looking at things and replace their destructive beliefs. Listen to the child alters for what is
not said also. If I could describe my experience with successful host alters, the hosts have
had to realize the child may be in filth and be willing to go down into that filth to pull the
child alter out, to take them and clean them up. The host alter needs to discover ways to
soothe themperhaps give them the lollipop they never got. Take them placeslet them
see the positives of life they havent experienced.

with the host to provide safety and safe-place imagery for the child alters. If the therapist
wants to talk to child alters, therapists need to be aware it will take time to build trust.
They can talk through the host and inside child alters may be listening. But dont assume
that all parts are aware of what is going on. Some will if interested, and others wont.
Certain words and things will attract certain alters. Counsellors need to be safe & stable
people for the child alters. Stories & art work well for child alters just as other children.
When a child alter serves the handler & owner as a reporting alter, the child is merely
doing its job. Dont condemn it for doing its job. Tell the child it has done a good job, but
now it is time to have a different job. Have lots of sympathy that the mind of the child was
abused to the point it became dysfunctional and only functioned because the programmer
rebuilt it with mind control to operate. It was never intended to operate on its own.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Hopefully I will write more on this topic to do it better justice. In review,
I have detailed how the abuse of children is widespread, and how our focus on helping
children has been poor. The importance of child alters to healing MPD survivors has been
poorly understood. The first place for MPD work is for the host alter to begin to develop
awareness of & rapport with the host systems child alters. Therapists will have to work
slowly & steadily to develop trust with the child alters. When these children are
comfortable they can contribute a great deal in the healing & deprogramming, as they are
the ones who carry most of the pain & programming.

(A) @ MK 10:13-14 the disciples were trying to prevent children coming to Christ, but he
talked about their importance as recorded in MK chapt. 9 (B) MK 10:14a (C) LK 9:48 (D) MK

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(30 APR 16)

This is an article written to appeal to all sensible Americans. There is a saying, An ounce
of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With that kind of thinking, many Americans went
along with the Bush administrations Patriot Act & the creation of a huge bureaucracy
called Homeland Security (HS) in 2002 with Bushs Homeland Security Act. The Act set up
HS to protect us from terrorism & natural disasters with the wording that HS would
protect us so our way of life can thrive. So what are key features of our way of life?
People flock to America because of our economic opportunities & the concept of liberty
(that the Statue of Liberty represents). In fact, for many immigrants the Statue of Liberty
was their first view of America as they entered the nation through Ellis Island.

RESULTS. The creation of DHS resulted in massive expenditures of money: $241 billion in
its first 4 years. The govt. budget doc. for 2016 said $64.9 billion total for DHS, but when I
added up the various budget parts for HS I got $103.8 billion. Either way it is a large
budget. In 2007, the federal govt.s General Accounting Office (GAO) had the job of
grading the success of HS and they flunked it! Of the 24 emergency prepardness criteria it
was assigned only 5 had been met. Of the 171 directives (goals given) it had accomplished
less than half. Effective preventive measures had often been neglected. For instance, most
airplane cargo is not inspected. By the govt.s own assessments, a massive expensive
bureaucracythe largest in American history, with 5 levels to it, 22 departments and 187
agencies had been created with 220,000 employeesbut our ability to deal with disasters
had not improved, nor were we any safer. A massive security apparatus had been built
with essentially no checks on the surveillance of Americans & foreigners. The overall result
of spending many hundreds of billions of dollars on HS was to weaken our economy and
walk over all the Constitutional rights, especially the fourth & fifth amendments in the Bill
of Rights. In other words, the two values that people most appreciated about America,
economic opportunity and liberty, were both severely weakened by HS. Certainly, the
wording to preserve our way of life so that it could thrive, got overlooked in the haste
to built up a police state that can track all your communication.

IF THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS, then the poor results from HS do not justify the means.
For instance, FEMA, which is part of HS, did more harm than help during Katrina. They
prevented state and local relief efforts from going in. And when FEMA went in, their acts
were outrageous. Thats an entirely separate story from this article. As stated, the
weakening of our economy and our civil rights by HS has destroyed the very things that
make America great. Rather than protect our way of life, HS has destroyed it. Liberty was
what the American Revolution was all about.

WHAT IS THE GOAL OF TERRORISM? The purpose of terrorism is to cause terror. So every
time our government & the mass media scare Americans they are aiding & abetting the
terrorists. HS was founded on its manifestos words: Todays terrorists can strike at any
place, at any time and with virtually any weapon. Over the years, the mass media and
the govt. continue to scare us that terrorism is just next door about to happen; it is
permanent fear from a permanent war on terror. Keeping people in a constant state of
terror is actually doing the job for all terrorists. Late in WW 2, the Japanese sent almost
10,000 bomb-loaded hydrogen balloons via the jet stream to attack America. At least 300
were observed arriving to America. In order to prevent this terrorist attack from
succeeding, every one (incl. the media) were forbidden to talk about the balloons. The
mass fear that the balloon attacks would have made never happened. That is how one
deals with terrorist attacksnot by gutting our Constitutional rights, creating a police state
& creating an enormous bureaucracy and scaring the tar out of people daily. America will
not be saved by bureaucracy and pork!

CAN GOVT. PROTECT US FROM ALL HARM?? Even though it sometimes acts as if it were
God, govt. does not equal God. Israel, a small nation with a security apparatus many times
stronger than ours, still has terrorist attacks. Our water & food supplies are poorly
protected. So we are still very vulnerable, yet for all our vulnerability, terrorist attacks are
quite rare. Even arrests of true terrorists are quite rare. (I will explain why in a minute.)
The Justice department claimed it charged 400 people with terrorism-related cases, but
its own Inspector General said that figure was bogus & inflated. A close exam reveals that
except for a few nut cases running their mouth as to what they were going to do, the FBI &
HS have not been arresting real terrorists. No genuine Al Qaeda cell was ever arrested.
One wanna-be group that talked with an FBI agent posing as an Al Qaeda rep is the best
that they got. They may tell us that ISIS cells are in every statebut they are not arresting
and shutting down ISIS cells. So what is going on?

Place yourself in a jihadists shoesthey are more upset about Islamic rulers (like the
House of Saud) who claim to be Islamic but are totally corrupt. The jihadists call them
infidel Moslem regimes. If they decide to spare some of their hate for apostate Moslems
in order to spend it on Americans, they hardly have to go all the way to America. There are
American targets all over the middle east, incl. Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, where locals
are calling for jihadists to fight infidel armies on Moslem soil. So there are plenty of
distractions to get the attention of violent jihadists long before they think of going to
America. So the Middle East has been soaking up the blood of jihadists, long before they
think of making the long trip to America. And many Americans dont realize that jihadist
leaders have actually considered attacking American civilians as counterproductive. Bin
Ladens approval rating with jihadists crashed after 9-11. Which is all very good, because
frankly even though a police state has been created to supposedly protect us, we are still
as vulnerable to terrorist attacks as we ever were, only now we are poorer & still scared.
There are deadly health threats that are being neglected that are far more of a threat to
Americans than terrorists, but are not receiving funds or attention. Because HS is not
arresting genuine terrorists here in the US, the FBI director said, I remain very concerned
about what we are not seeing. So the quiet, is used to scare us some more!! So
bureaucrats of the largest American bureaucracy ever created frequently give us scary
warningsif anything, they are preserving their jobs. The mass casualty event has been
our civil rights & liberty. Bear in mind that the maker of a bio-weapon or dirty radiation
bomb has a high chance of killing himself trying to make the weapon.

9-11, the reality is that you will probably have to take care of yourself during the most
critical first stages of the disaster. Who knows how long it will take for help to arrive, but
obviously before it does you are on your own! Bloated bureaucracy and pork from pork
projects will not be there to save you. We in America need to refuse to be terrorized from
the govt. & media fear mongers, and continue to ground our lives in rational thinking and
faith. We need to analyze if there is any difference between the acts of our government
and terrorist organizations. Sadly both kinds of agencies do the same behaviors. No
wonder the administrations after 9-11 have felt that the rule of law was used by
terrorists (hence the Bush administrations justification for illegal detentions & torture).
Both groups feel constrained by legal & moral laws, and feel the end justifies the means.
As this article points out, the end results in this case dont justify the means.

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Because China will play a major role in the worlds 21st century geopolitics it is critical for
those who want to understand world politics to understand China. The acts of China are a
function of dynamics that are deeply embedded in Chinese circumstances & history, as
well as a subtle role that they play within the Illuminatis script (chess game). The reader
should understand the thinking behind Chinese geopolitical moves when finished.

CIRCUMSTANCES OF GEOGRAPHY. The circumstances of Chinas geography play an intrinsic

role in their problems & how they have historically dealt with things. The heartland of
China is called Han China and without showing a map, in rough terms it is the eastern half
of what the maps call Chinaexcept for about a 100 mile buffer zone along the borders to
the north of the Han China region. And this explains what the rest of China is all about.
Western and northern China function as buffer zones for the heart of Chinathe Han
Chinese. Inner Mongolia, Tibet, and parts of north Manchuria are controlled by the Chinese
as buffer zones to protect Han China. This has been the traditional way that the Han
Chinese protected China. It is why they built the Great China Wall in the north. So far, we
have only discussed the west & north buffer zones. What about the southern border? The
Himalayas and Hikakabo Razi (nearly 19,000 high) are mountains that protect the
southern border by isolating Chinese controlled land from what is south. There is not much
commerce between these southern nations & China simply due to the rough geography,
and it explains how they stayed free of Chinese rule over the centuries. In WW 2, the U.S.
built the Burma road, an engineering feat, through this barrier to try to provide a supply
route to China because Japan controlled the coast of China and the waters off of it. So
China, if it controls these buffer zones is protected & isolated from the rest of the world.
And historically the Han Chinese have been content in their cocoon. Because they never
had any nations pose a naval threat to their east coast, they never were required to have a
large powerful navy. Then the Europeans arrived with powerful navies & the Chinese could
not protect their coastal regions.

THREATS. Traditionally the Chinese have faced threats from the north from the Mongols &
Russians, and in the west by the Russians. No one threatened them from the south. The
east coast was safe until the Europeans & Japanese came. Russia used Kazakhstan as a
buffer to protect it from China. (Now Kazakhstan is independent & China is doing some
major things therewanting to build transportation through it to Europe & working with
Kazakhstans energy production. (Russia will tolerate Chinas moves in the area only so
much, before they feel threatened.) Russia was not worried about China attacking Siberia
as there was nothing important enough for China to lust after in the vast Siberian
heartland. Where Siberia reaches the Pacific at Vladivostok, the Chinese might want that,
but since it is so priceless to Russia as an outlet on the Pacific, China knows Russia would
never give it up. So now traditional enemies, Russia & China are close allies. If one did not
understand history, and Chinas long term goal to have buffer land around the Han
heartland, their stubbornness to keep Tibet in the face of world condemnation would not
make sense. So all Chinas traditional external threats are under control except from the
Pacific Ocean. Under Mao & the communist leadership after him, the Chinese got rid of all
the foreign control of the coastal regions incl. regaining Macao (from Portugal) and Hong
Kong from the British and eliminating all the foreign corporation commercial interests.
Under Mao, they went into their cocoon, and isolated from the world.

HAN CHINAS DIVERSITY. China actually consists of thousands of ethnic groups &
languages, but in the big picture, if we ignore tiny minority groups, Han China has two
major parts, the south which speaks Cantonese Chinese and is centered on the Yangtze
River (plus the Pearl River) and the north which speaks Mandarin and is centered on the
Yellow River. Cantonese & Mandarin are two totally different languages that are mutually
not understandable. They are united by the same writing system of characters, which Mao
simplified so that everyone could become literate. The older unsimplified form of Chinese
characters continue to be taught & used in Taiwan (which was ruled by Japan until Japan
surrendered) and by the Japanese (who added their own extra writing systems-yes
systems, so they could grammatically change the Chinese meanings as well as incorporate
new words phonetically into their languagein other words, the Japanese took Chinese
characters & adapted it to their language & improved it.)

THE SECOND PROBLEM. The reason I mention all this Chinese diversity is that the second
traditional problem that Chinese rulers have had, after they protected the heartland, was
to maintain unity of the heartland. Only a strong central Chinese govt. could keep this
diversity from splintering. Whenever the central govt. has gotten weak, China naturally
splinters into its diversity of more natural national groups. The unity of the heartland is
vulnerable to foreign wealth. When China stays in its cocoon, it is safebut on its own it is
poor. Too little resources for too many people. But if it opens up to the outside world, the
coastal commerce regions get wealthy & influenced by foreign thoughtstherefore
threatening the unity of the heartland. The Chinese leadership after Mao decided to
promote economic growth by opening up to the world, and using their human resources to
become an exporting nation, meanwhile trying hard NOT to allow the increasing coastal
wealth and new ideas to splinter the unity. It has been a hard balancing act, and they have
become a major exporting nation, whose economy is based on exports, but they have had
to accept that the unity of the Han heartland has been compromised. Secret societies, if
they gain in power could topple the powerful central communist govt. How has the central
communist govt. maintained control? By allowing loyal party members to become a
wealthy ruling elite. While raising the general economic national situation, while allowing
the common man to gain some wealth, they have allowed a loyal filthy rich elite to rise to
maintain their control of the Han heartland. Sort of like creating loyal warlords like in past
history. So the Chinese ruling elite are willing to allow these new wealthy loyal warlords to
remain, because they are an answer to the traditional problem of keeping Han China
unified (!!), even though the common people detest the filthy rich communist elite. But
they struggle to keep foreign ideas out, the Internet is controlled, foreigners are closely
watched, and if they have to, they will resort to Tiananmen Square massacres to maintain
strong central control. In other words, China is inherently destable & will fall apart if there
is not a strong central govt.

ILLUMINATI CHESS MOVES. The Illuminati have maintained points of influence & control in
China all along. They devised a mutually beneficial program, where Chinas elite use their
masses of people to produce cheap goods for the west, in exchange for Chinas elite
getting filthy rich. They would also use China, as a means to bring in a global currency to
replace the American currency. Why is it so important to move the world in such a fashion?
What is wrong with the American $ being a world currency, rather than a genuinely world
currency?? The only way to understand this is Satan, and his desire to totally control the
world. Look at the Tower of Babel & the attempt at a one-world system. God split the world
up into separate nations speaking separate languages to prevent Satan from having the
power he lusted after. Since then he has repeatedly inspired men to work on world unity
cosmopolitan is what they were called in the pasttoday they are called globalists. To
describe all this would sidetrack us from specifically China. But one must understand that
Chinas policies also interweave with a larger script.

REVIEW. So now you can understand, for instance the Korean War better. The Russians
controlled North Korea after WW 2 and encouraged them to attack South Korea which was
free & under American protection. Why then did China join the war & attack American
forces as they approached the Yalu River? They ending up losing over a million men in
their assault on U.N. (American-led) forces. They attacked to protect North Korea as a
buffer. It was the centuries-old mentality of keeping buffer states to protect the Han
heartland. It was also something the Illuminati wanted to insure a costly war to keep their
military industrial complex making the big bucks.

WHY THE WORLD CLASS NAVY? Today, no one can assault Chinas coast. No one has the
power or desire. So why is China building up a world-class navy?? China has to engage in
world trade to move forward economically. The U.S. navy is the only threat to Chinas
worldwide trade. We can also use Taiwan as a major base to put pressure on China. Should
China misbehave on a global level, the U.S. navy could be used to check China by
initiating a blockade. Any halt to imports & exports would be devastating. The
intermediate goal of the Chinese leadership was to build a navy that could make a clash
with their navy so costly that America would not consider a blockade as a viability card to
play. Other than a blockade (or economic or weather control acts) there are not many
controls on Chinas behavior. Why does China want the ability to do what it wants?
Because the Chinese leadership doesnt want China merely to protect the heartland &
keep unity (completed goals), they want China to become the worlds superpower, the
greatest nation on earth. They will be stepping on toes, muscling their way around the
world. So they have developed anti-satellite systems to destroy our satellites, cyber attack
weapons, anti-ship missiles, and spy satellites to insure that America cant check any
questionable behavior. No one can check them.(Almost) No one will want to face them
down.(Almost) The U.S. currently has no desire to blockade China. Trump will try checking
their unlimited global growthso future problems are not out of the question. So their
naval might is being built so that geo-politically no one can check their global actions.

NEW ACTIONS. China wants to control global oil production to insure their industry &
nation has a large dependable supply as well as the global power it gives them. EP
Petroecuador (Ecuadors oil company) has been operating only by Chinese loans. China
recently has quietly behind the scenes moved in to finance Iran & Iraqs oil production
infrastructure. Iran kicked the west out, then was under sanctions, and tried to bring in
Russian & Chinese help. The help from Russia & China to run their oil fields failed to
operate the infrastructure properly, so Iran began to use their own peoplewhich hasnt
worked either. Now the Iranians need help desperately to keep their oil infrastructure
functioning now that they are selling lots of oil worldwide. Chinese Banks are beginning to
very quietly help Iran (& Iraq too) with financing rebuilding their infrastructure. China has
been playing roles globally, sending their military to many hotspots, buying key things
globally, and taking control over economies of smaller nations like Ecuador. These are all
part of Chinas goal to become the worlds sole superpower. Both the U.S. & China are now
interdependent. If one suffers economically so will the other, but one has to factor in the
agenda of the globalist elite, and how China will be maneuvered to develop that agenda.

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APR 16)

To start this message let me briefly quote from the Word of God: YOU WILL BE HATED BY
ALL NATIONSthen there will be great tribulation, such as has NOT BEEN SINCE THE
BEGINNING OF THE WORLD (A) And the kings of the earth who committed fornication &
lived luxuriously with her will weep and lament for her FOR IN ONE HOUR SUCH GREAT
RICHES CAME TO NOTHING.(B) The Word of God can be rather blunt with its prophecies,
and many of you have heard these dire prophecies your entire life. So where is America
today??? By the end of this message, I will have answered that in detailbear with me.

AMERICAS STATUS. Americas natural wealth is God-given; be humble. Americas success

with their God-given talents & wealth is man-made; let us be thankful to our wise
hardworking forefathers. Americas pride & conceit are demonic-given; let us repent! Over
the years, Americas moral high ground, our core of spiritually strong godly people, has
been weakeningand other nations are taking the moral leadership. During the 70s, 80s
and 90s, I could be heard warning about Americas moral free fall. During high school in
the early 70s, I publicly told a story before audiences that had the punchline that the
Mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly smallGod will not be mocked. Trust
me, God will not be mocked. We have ourselves to blame, not God, for what is coming.

BILLY GRAHAMS DAUGHTER SPEAKS: God warns a nation that judgment is coming. He
doesnt want any to perish. But if a nation does not heed His warnings, He unleashes His
anger and there is nothing no one who can prevent it. If God would judge His own
beloved nation of Judah, why would we think America could escape? The truth is the
truth, and Billy Grahams daughter should be close enough to power to discern the times.
Are the rest of us?

WORLDS RESERVE CURRENCY STATUS. Many informed people, even in the 70s, thought
that Americas economy would crash & burnfriends & relatives of mine were convinced
of a coming crash which never came because America was the worlds reserve currency
and could manage to weather the storms that hit other nations by inventing more dollars
(which was a hidden tax on the world of people everywhere that use dollars for
international transactions). So our situation today has taken many troubled years & many
bad decisions to arrive at. And the fact that America has escaped judgment for its poor
moral & poor economic decisions, could easily mislead people to think America is
invulnerable. WHERE ARE WE? Americas day of judgment could come at any moment!!!
Perhaps life as we know it will go another year, and when judgment falls, the media will
not be reporting its arrival. Its like a tsunami is ready to hit, but until it has hit, almost no
one is warning about its presence & its movement towards us. Or to use another analogy,
our collective head is in the guillotine, but we are not fully aware of the bladeand when it
is released, it will only be noticed when its work is done.

The HURRICANE GATHERS. Now that we have discussed the spiritual side of things, lets
look at how this is playing out in global affairs. Everyone loves a winner, but a loser gets
abandoned quickly. Popularity is fickle, & success is fickle. One moment things are good,
then the next the crowd has abandoned you. America has lost all her friends. It is worse
than you could imagine. You knew from my writings that China & Russia wanted to
dethrone Americas reserve currency status & that they were ignoring the Bretton Woods
agreement. You know from my writings that Chinas currency was granted reserve
currency status(yet nothing dire seemed to happen when it happened last year). I have
told you that Russia & China have secretly stockpiled hundreds of tons of gold & are trying
to establish an alternative to todays system (which is the U.S. dollars status, the IMF &
World Bank). Their alternative is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) HQed in
Beijing. The AIIB has a benign name, but its purpose is not Asian but global. It is pushing
for a new global currency. By the end of 2015, 57 nations had joined and on 25 DEC 15 it
opened for business. But what is amazing is that the U.K. joinedand then Australia &
South Africa. These nations were once strong American allies. 27 more nations are joining
Chinas alternative by the end of this year. Even Canada & Mexico are considering
abandoning us and may before the year is up! Only Japan and Columbia are not interested
in abandoning the dollar! The central and northern African nations have not joined China
either, but will of course jump ship when a new global currency comes out.

THE HURRICAN HITS. When will the worlds nations let the guillotine fall on America??? Will
China & Russia wait until the end of the year, so that Canada can be added to the nations
that have betrayed the USA? With most of the world lining up with Chinas AIIB (bear in
mind China kept majority shares), the blade could fall any dayI tend to think they will
take their time and let the rest of the world abandon the USA. No use hurrying what is
inevitable. Meanwhile they are selling U.S. treasury bonds. This connects with the story I
broke on 29 JUNE 14 about Van Duyn propping up our dollar by buying $412 billions of
treasury debt. He told me he was going to prop up our dollar and then the U.S. treasury
site said Belgium had bought $412 billion in our debt. Believe me that was not the govt. of
Belgium. He also told me that he & friends were planning to buy $1 Trillion of American
Treasury debt in 2015. Beside Van Duyn buying our Feds debt, the Fed has been buying
their own debtwhich now they have bought back 61% of their own debt!! Why have Van
Duyn and the Fed needed to buy our debt?? Because all the nations around the world are
selling & dumping Treasury bonds. Of course our media is not telling us of this impending
crisis. We are in the middle of a crisis of trust. No one believes in America anymore, not
even the majority of Americans. The nations are willing to jump on the bandwagon of
China. Let America drown in their own debt. The world is jealous of us, they feel the cake
has not been divided up equally. In some ways they are rightbut in some ways they are
wrong. In the late 1800s & early 1900s, Japan & the U.S. were two nations that pulled
themselves up in competition with the European nations. The Europeans have always
viewed themselves as special. Interestingly, now both upstart nations are isolated clinging
to the dollar.

THE DAY AFTER IT FALLS. It wont take long for the Almighty dollar to die. As the Word
says, in one hourand it will seem that quick. The stock market will tumble 60%real
estate values will dive 50%the govt. will take drastic measures to survive by raising
taxes & ending social security. Gas will rise to prices comparable to the rest of the world
$6/gallonand then slide further to $9/gallon as things worsen. Marginal businesses will
close. Some businesses will survive. It will be difficult to borrow and money will be scarce.
Gold and silver will rise to new highs of value compared to the dollar. Our lives will be
different. But the World, which is so jealous & spiteful of America, will collapse with us.
There is no way that a nation like America can collapse without a domino effect worldwide.
But the rest of the world are so sick of our leadership, they are willing to dump America
& take their chances. And now they are being led by Communist China and Putins
Russia and if you have followed my posts for the last 4 years, these nations are anti-
America. Look back at all my articles about Chinas preparations to fight America. And
from the Worlds perspective, the days when they have to tolerate abusive conceited
American global leadership are coming to a quick end.

FINAL THOUGHT: The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in
mercy. He will not always chide: neither will he keep his anger forever. Like as a father
pitieth (has compassion for) his children, so the LORD pitieth (has compassion for) them
that fear him.(C) You cannot save America, but you can save your soul. Heavenly Father,
forgive us for our sins against You & our fellow man.

(A) MT 24:9, 21 (B) REV 18:9, 17 (C) PS 103: 8, 13

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THE WILL OF GOD (10 APR 16) Yesterdays post received a good question that required
considerable explaining to do it justice. I realized that the best way was to simply use the
answer as another post, rather than try to clog the thread. Here is what Angela wrote:

Angela Jackson The world IS so confusing today! I almost got roped into the goals of a
conservative hawk, a jeffersonian christian. All this wisdom of the world meant they
believed in military solutions, and wanted me to add to the choir calling for open military
confrontation of Islam. They were drawing lines between thou shalt not kill, and thou shalt
not murder, without considering translation liberties(which i actually havent looked-up
yet). So I couldve been a shill for material goals, and not spiritual goals, in the name of
the superiority of Christianity, considering how evil Islam really is. Muslims conquered the
whole middle east, shall they now conquer Europe too? This person descends from the
Turkish Armenian population that suffered through a genocide; their grandparents

Perhaps we can shift our conversation away from nuking mecca and medina (to de-
legitimize the religious leadership). This American hawk certainly scared me with their
conclusions, as they were based entirely on reason and logic.

For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the
scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.
Very sorry for the long intro; I just see that people want to do something about the Muslim
issue and they dont like scriptural answers. At least the answers I can give.

Do you have any suggestions Fritz?

Angela, Thank you for your comments & questionalways clear insightful thoughts on
your part and on topic. The man (or woman of faith) walks by faith, comfortable that in
spite of the turbulence, the pilot of this planet (God) will bring it to a good destination.

The passengers on this journey have been instructed, thou shalt not kill. That is not a
false translation. The Hebrew there for not is lo and for kill it is ratsach. The
primary meaning of ratsach is indeed murder, but it has a secondary meaning simply to
kill another person. This latitude in meaning is taken by many as allowing civil death
penalties and just wars. And indeed, Israel did give some law breakers the death penalty
and did fight some just wars with Gods direction & blessing. Because you may possibly be
able to do somethingDOES not mean it is the correct thing. For instance, I could put all
my belongings up for sale & move to Detroit, and there is no law stopping me.(As the Word
says at one pt.: all things are lawful to me, but are they expedient??) But is it the right
thing to do? How do I determine what is right?

To answer that means I must separate my will from Gods will, and then I must understand
God has 3 different kinds of willHis Intentional will, His Circumstantial will, and His
Ultimate will. Unfortunately we use the term the will of God for 3 different things!!! The
confusion people have in separating out Gods will from our own, and then recognizing that
God has 3 different wills has people quite confused. God gets blamed for things He should
not be. It is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones
should perish.(MT 18:14) The fruit of evil creates evil circumstances, that the
circumstantial will of God allows such things as martyrdom or the death of an innocent
child. As God cannot be defeated, nothing happens that can defeat His ultimate will. So
God can permit evil and still redeem its bad fruits to what He ultimately wanted. He can
bring good out of evilas ROM 8:28 teaches. When evil is happening, it is blasphemy to
say it is the will of God. Evil is evil. We need to be careful how we use the phrase it is the
will of God.

Let us use an everyday father as an example. The father has a son and wants his son to
grow up a fine Christian man who will be a doctor like he is. This is his intentional will. But
the fathers thoughts are like this as WW 2 comes, If war comes, and my son wants to do
his service to his country and enlist I will agree. War comes, the son wants to join, and the
fathers circumstantial will is for the son to join, so he says, Go ahead son you have my
approval. Did the son change the fathers will. NO. From the sons viewpt. he changed it
by askingbut actually the fathers circumstantial will pre-allowed it. But bear in mind the
intentional will of the father is to have his son a doctor not a soldier. It would be unjust to
say that the fathers will was that his son would be a soldiereven though his
circumstantial will permitted it, his intentional will & ultimate will were against it. If the
father were heavenly Father he could even bring good out of these circumstancessay, for
instance, the G.I. bill + experiences in the war provide the means for the son to become a
great doctor.

Ultimately, all will be reframed into Gods Ultimate will; this is how we see the theme of
the Biblefrom paradise lost to paradise regained. But for now we have to deal with the
circumstances of evil being allowed to run its course. So this is the framework from which
we have to make moral decisions. Each of us should be completely persuaded that he (or
she) is doing what the Holy Spirit is calling him to do. The fundamental question we can
ask is: is what I am doing promoting & giving life, is this a decision for life, or is this a
decision for death??? In some circumstances, being armed or even using a firearm may
preserve life. But it is too easy for men to mistake their own wills for Gods and jump to
shallow easy answers, rather than take the straight & narrow path that Christ trailblazed
for us.

Angela, there is another issue involved in this discussionone which is not ever mentioned
because essentially no one has thought of itand I risk many readers rejecting me for
saying itbut the issue is entirely Scriptural. We are repeatedly called to love our enemies
and do them good, to bless them and not curse them.(This is really hard for people to do,
we need the love of Christ in our hearts to do this.) We are repeatedly called to have the
mind of God. (This again is difficult, most Christians are very shallow, & have no clue
where the mind of God is at.) But here is the catch few realize (perhaps its seldom
realized in part because few can really love both their fellow man & God)as I say here is
the catch which we see in this example: when Christ, the reigning God King returns, He
comes to wage war on Gods enemies. So a more accurate principle is this: We are called
to love our personal enemiesbut if God hates someoneand there are places in the
Word where it says He hates certain peopleIf God hates someone, if they are enemies of
His that He must hate, then we should have the mind of God. This helps explain how
Phineas pleased God so highly. He understood this.

So I have given spiritual scriptural principles and have clarified the thinking we must have
to sort out the answers facing us. The occult is guided by formulas & rituals. We are guided
by the Spirit of God who gives life, liberty & wisdom. That is why I have not given you any

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Object 16



TRIUMPH IN THE MIDST OF CHAOTIC TROUBLE. (9 APR 16) It is easy to access mainstream
news, its a flick of a switch or a few clicks of a computer mouse. But where is Gods
wisdom in the midst of all this chaos?? The illusion of knowledge prevents learning more
than mere ignorance. This post places relevant news into patternswith the goal that the
reader learns to distinguish heavenly wisdom from demonic wisdom. The foolishness of
God is wiser than men.(A) Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom with all thy
getting get understanding.(B)

WISDOM FROM ABOVE v. WISDOM FROM BELOW: JAMES 3:13-18. This section of Scripture
contrasts heavenly wisdom to demonic wisdom. It warns us that false wisdom produces
confusion, and is produced from mixed motives like pride & selfish ambition. While
demonic wisdom produces pride, & causes a person to value what he knows, the wisdom
from above produces meekness & humility and motivates a person to apply his learning in
a practical positive way. True wisdom is a gift from God and open to reason, while the other
kind derives from earthly, sensual & demonic sources/principles and is often insincere,
hypocritical & prone to anger. As it is written: the wisdom that is from above is first
pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits,
without partiality, and without hypocrisy.(C) One final thought on Gods wisdom, in line
with Christs teaching to take one day at a time, it works best to discern Gods wisdom for
the present, and not try to discern it years ahead.

MIND CONTROL WISDOM. Recently, I have written a couple of articles on Dr. Mengele, the
SS Angel of Death our govt. used to program our children w/ t.b.m.c. for decades. His
experiments for mind control at Auschwitz incl. dunking different children in vats of cold
water to see when they lost consciousness, electroshocking them, & having them stood on
their head for hourscharting all this in detail. But no one in the system has exposed
these experiments as trauma-based mind control experiments. So I have to. And if one
looks at the knowledge & skill he obtained, and compare it to the Biblical definition of
wisdom, it is obvious that his wisdom was what the Bible labels demonic wisdom.

CHURCHS IDENTITY CRISIS. The mainstream churches are groping around trying to make
their messages sound like worldly wisdom. The apostolic church turned the world upside
down with their heavenly wisdom. Todays churchs wisdom allows them to assimilate.
Instead of the John 3 cure for their disease (of sin) they have lollipops, picnics, & warm
fuzzy events. Gods heavenly wisdom is not abstract or irrelevant, so those who think the
traditional message is not practical dont understand its wisdom. If it is merely an opiate of
the people (like Marx coined), then it is not authentic divine wisdom. In Christ are hid all
the treasures of wisdom & knowledge.(D)

REPUBLICAN PARTY WISDOM. The mainstream Republican Party which is part & partial of
the Elites World system played dirty with Ron Paul, during his two presidential campaigns.
They broke party rules, lied, & manipulated to keep him from getting the delegates he was
meant to have, etc. And they got by with playing dirty. Now that Trump is having success,
the controlled party hacks are looking for ways to cheat Trump out of the partys
nomination. This time they wont get away with it like they did with Ron Paul. They may
destroy their party in their efforts to stop Trump. The split of the Democratic Party is what
allowed Lincoln to winand splitting the Republicans may do the same for Hillary.
Meanwhile, Soros does what hes good at, funding riots to make Trump look bad.

MOSSACK FONSECA & THE PANAMA PAPERS. Through the actions of western intelligence
assets about 11.5 million documents (collectively called the Panama Papers) have recently
been released of Mossak Fonsecas activities in providing shell companies to the political
elite around the world so that their large wealth could be hidden. The scandal involves 12
current/or former heads of state and 128 politicians in Europe, Russia, China, other parts of
Asia and Africa. Only two days after the release of the Panama Papers, the first head rolled;
Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson resigned on Tuesday. My question
is thishow did so many politicians in all kinds of countries know how Mossak Fonseca
could hide their assets, and the rest of us common people not know about the game?? And
the World tells us there are no conspiracies. Sounds like a lot of people were on the inside
of this secret for decades. Its been (foolishly) advised that it is better to be crazy with the
whole World, than sane & alone. So the World may teach yet Gods wisdom is opposite: it
is better to stand alone with God Almighty, than join the lemming-like crowds.

PUTINS RESPONSE. To allegations of Russian criminal wealth associated with Putin being
hidden by Mossak Fonseca, Putin is reported to have said, George Soros, you sly dragon,
this is war, When questioned by a top aide as to what he meant by dragon (a strange
word to use in Russian), Putin sighed heavily & gave the assembled group his trademark
stare before explaining that all is not what it seems in regards to how the world is run.
They report that next Putin told the meeting that 95% of the worlds ruling class are not
even human, but are cold-blooded hybrids who are members of an ancient cult. He
reportedly said that he was not one of them, but they [the western elitethe Illuminati]
are afraid of him and have attempted to lure him into their ancient Babylonian cult. Putin
then vowed to ramp up sanctions against Soross Open Society even further.

ERROR CAN IMITATE TRUTH. Error can travel on the same info highways as truth.
Everything that looks like gold is not gold, it may be fools gold. There is an abundance of
that going around. Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall
depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies
in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron(E) In several verses we are
warned to try the spirits behind a messagewhat kind of wisdom are we dealing with.(F)
And Christ gives us the litmus test: Beware of false prophetsYe shall know them by their
fruits.(G) Does this wisdom draw me closer to God? Does it have the fruit of the spirit
assoc. with it? Is this wisdom inspired by selfish desires? Is this wisdom hypocritical or
sincere? Now it is the divine Spirit which makes us wise & spiritual. It is His work to make
us wise & spiritual. This is why it was so significant that God told people what He was
going to offer to mankind; A new heart I will give you and a new spirit I will put within
youand I will put my Spirit within you.(H)

(A) 1 COR 1:25 (B) PRV 9:1 (C) JAS 3:17 (D) COL 2:3 (E) 1 TIM 4:1-2 (F) 1 THS 5:21, 1 JN 4:1
(G) MT 7:15-16. (H) EZK 36:26-27

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Object 19



. A message to Gods noble servants about our irrepressible joy. Each morning the colorful
birds sing songs in thanks for another day. And at night, the beauty of the vast heavenly
amphitheater enthralls us with its twinkling stars. For since the creation of the world His
invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being
understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. ROM 1:20 NAS
Part of having the Spirit of God in us is we recognize the divine Creator through His
magnificent Creation & we are joyful, You have turnedmy mourning into dancing. PS

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. PS 19:1
The same stars that we enjoy were there in ancient times inspiring the fathers of our faith
such as Abraham & Yahshua . (The Word of God refers to the Big Dipper, the Pleiades,
Orion, Draco, Ursa Major, Taurus, Saturn, Venus and constellations in general. It
offhandedly tells us many things, for instance: the stars cant be numbered (A), stars have
different brightnesses (B), that there are physical laws that govern the universe (C), & that
the moons phases provide seasons & a calendar (D). It speaks of a spherical planet earth
(E) which is suspended in space (F) and that its 23.5 degree tilt was intentionally created
so wed have seasons (G). Christ talks about when he returns it will be day for some, night
for othersin other words our globe with its time zones. (H) Meteors & comets are
described. Within Revelations prophecies it speaks of a meteor Wormwood. (I) God still
surprises us with what He does, miracles have not ceased. When we see the Hand of God
at work, our hearts dance with joy. We comprehend that there is more to life than living,
there is divine companionship. Finding that divine presence has been our aspiration for
life. Yes, the earth is the Lords.(J)

of the night stars is expansive. The vastness of God power is displayed at night by the
stars. Who set this vast complex panorama in motion?? For nothing moves unless it has
been acted upon. Yes, we are without excuse if we dont sense the divine Creator. Dont
look at this natural cathedral in the night heavens & worship the stars. Unfortunately, God
had to even spell this out to people.(K) Thats not where your true destiny lies, it lies with
the Creator of those stars. From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the
Lords name is to be praised.(L) Sing unto the Lord with thanksgivingwho covers the
heaven with clouds, who prepares the rain for the earth, who makes grass to grow upon
the mountains.(M) (And by the way, his Word teaches us about the Water Cycle in ECCL
1:7, that same Water cycle they taught us in school using a chart with circular arrows.)

SACRED DANCE. Nature waltzes with God, relaxes in His care, and rejoices at life, and so
should we. There was dancing when the father threw a party for the returning prodigal son.
(N) There is great celebration & much joy in heaven when a sinner repents of his rebellion
to God. (O) That was the point being made when Christ told the story of the prodigal son.
And Gods servant David danced his heart out in joy over the Ark of the Covenant.(P) Our
souls are enriched by the majesty of creation, and there is even a healing that God gives
us through His Creation. It is alive and gives us life.

THE FOOL SAYS THERE IS NO GOD. Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have
eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear:He [God] made the earth by his
power; he founded the world by his wisdom and stretched out the heavens by his
understanding.(Q) The pagans celebrate Earth Day, and forget about You Father. They
are back to worshipping Your creation. And led by the Father of Lies they recommend
killing the innocent (by widespread abortion) to prevent harming their sacred earth by
added live births. Polluting the planet with the blood of millions of the innocent.
Heavenly Father, we will honor you as our Creator, our Lord & Saviour, and honor your
name. We will worship you in deeds as well as words. You have given us the beauty of the
dark night that is filled with stars. We need that darkness to appreciate their beauty. The
darkness of this World helps us appreciate Your light. You have fine tuned the parameters
of this planet so it could give life. Send the wind of your Holy Spirit to blow out the
cobwebs of our thinking, the dust of old ways, and the dead fallen leaves of hard times. In
the midst of this man-made satanic inspired World System, let us step out of it all to
worship You, the awe-inspiring Creator, the God of Joy. Our hearts sing, GREAT IS THY
FAITHFULNESS Summer and winter, and spring-time and harvest, Sun, moon and stars in
their courses above,
Join with all nature in manifold witness To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love. Amen.

(A) JER 33:22 (B) 1 COR 15:41 (C) JOB 38:33, & JER 33:25 (D) PS 104:19-23 (E) ISA 40:21-
22, also PRV 8:27 (F) JOB 26:7-10 (G) PS 74:16-17 (H) LK 17:30, 31b, 34: thus shall it be
in the day when the Son of Man [the Messiah] is revealedhe that is in the field, let him
likewise not return backI tell you in that night there shall be two men in one bed; (I) REV
8:10b-11 (J) PS 24:1-2 (K) DT 4:19 cf. EX 20:4 (L) PS 113:3 (M) PS 147: 7-8 (N) LK 15:25 (O)
LK 15:10 (P) 2 SAM 6:13-14 (Q) JER 5:21, 51:15

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Object 22

EVIL & THE ANGEL OF DEATH: An historical look at evil & the Illuminatis all-
time best trauma-based mind control programmer. (2 APR 16

) This article will help us by increasing our wisdom in understanding evil, as well as
documenting some historical details about t.b. mind control. Up to now, the primary
biography on Mengele was written by a member of the Astor Illum. bloodline.(A) Satans
color is green, one of Mengeles names was Dr. Green.

GOOD & EVIL CAN HAVE THE SAME FACE; the Word of God says Satan appears as an angel
of light. Satan has an evil smile; & one gets a feel for it in the 1997 movie Devils Advocate
where Al Pacino does a grand job of illustrating how the brilliant Satan can manifest his
pure evil with a smile. You need a Satan to explain the level of evil that the evil genius
Joseph Mengele reached as the Illuminatis all-time star programmer. There are plenty of
people (usually occultists) who try to convince us that evil is purely a human invention; for
instance, Nietzche said, Man is the cruelest animal. No. No. & No! This level of evil can
only be explained by realizing that people are taken over by a supernatural force (as the
movie Devils Advocate does so well to show the hidden dimensionswhen Kevin Lomax,
played by Keanu Reeves realizes he is Satans son, & consequently, that there has been a
major hidden dimension to his life!) And as another movie explains so well, in a statement
by David Wong (in John Dies at the End): Son, the greatest trick the Devil pulled was
convincing the world there was only one of him. This article looks at one of Satans
manifestations, known as the Angel of Death while he was alive Joseph Mengele, who
was a Grand Master (later Ipssimus) in the Illuminati, and was protected by our intelligence
agencies (& other collaborating acronym monsters) so he could program American
children w/ t.b.m.c. Such was the protection that the $4million reward for info for his arrest
after WW2 was never received by anyone. Mengeles conc. camp research, housed at
Suitland Annex, is still classified.

EVIL? People tell me that evil & Satan are merely things I have invented in my own mind.
While I am not a fan of Ayn Rand, mistress of a Rothschild, she says something so well in
Atlas Shrugged, that it is appropriate to quote it here: The man who refuses to judge, who
neither agrees nor disagrees, who declares that there are no absolutes and believes that
he escapes responsibility, is the man responsible for all the blood that is now spilled in the
world. Reality is an absolute, existence is an absolute, a speck of dust is an absolute and
so is a human life. Whether you live or die is an absolute. Whether you have a piece of
bread or not, is an absolute. Whether you eat your bread or see it vanish into a looters
stomach, is an absolute. Joseph Mengele was an SS medical captain who began working
as a Lagerartz at Auschitz in May 1943, who made the decision while smiling which of the
incoming slaves would live or die. He loved to choose whether someone lived or died. It is
estimated he pointed 300,000 people to their deaths. He was totally indifferent to human
suffering. For instance, he could do an amputation on a person with no anesthesia without
batting on eyelash. It has been said that EVIL begins when you begin to treat people as
things (& not wonderful creatures made in the image of God.) Why did Mengele frequently
lie (besides the fact his spiritual father was the Father of lies), even though he was an
honest person? He lied to hide the evil he was doing to people. Some people contend the
Nazi SS believed in what they were doing was good. If so, why all the secrecy & lies? They
pretended & lied to themselves they were goodotherwise who could live with doing evil?
Some of the conc. camp survivors (& m.c. survivors) of Mengele still called him papa and
Vterchen (papa & daddy). He began t.b.m.c. programming in the Auschwitz
concentration camp.

DESCRIPTION OF PURE EVIL. Here is an incredible description of Mengele by one of the

American children he programmed (after WW2) with trauma-based mind control. I wanted
to record this description for posterity, it is so good. Here it is: BTW [by the way], I
listened again to my odd recording about Papa Mengele last night,[a record of memories].
Papa was a dictator. He was an evil man with no feelings. His feelings were sterile, as he
had none but anger, contempt and hate. And sometimes he was curious. He had a
scientific mind. He was a very intelligent man. But he was bent on destruction with hardly
the blink of a (spiritually discerning) eye. Thats what was hypnotic about him. He was able
to get your attention IMMEDIATELY. He loved cruelty so much as a curious, intelligent
scientist with no morality whatsoever that it was almost like he wasnt cruel at all. It was
just normal for him this nightmare of a man who was dual at times. Add to that, he was
handsome; and it felt mixed up to be with him. Because he could be nice in odd,
suspicious ways But, sometimes he was so cruel it was hard to believe. It was beyond
your imagination of evil. You had to hide any of your emotions as you watched in horror
and disbelief what he did, even like his anger igniting like a match. He could go into a rage
that you never wanted to see again in your lifetime. His entire body became energized and
vibrated from his venom. Everyone around was traumatized. And he was GOD!! He let us
know that.

Papa often anally raped me as his morning exercise. Then he had me clean up. And he
made me love it and thank him for hurting me. I was numb. I was grateful to be alive (even
brought back from the dead many times). Blind loyalty and love of Papa was all I could
think of. ABSOLUTELY!! No other thoughts! None were allowed. I still cant bear to
remember the clear majority of this hell-hole of a life with him. THAT was Papa! And maybe
I miss him a little. I think I do. Maybe I hate him a lot. Maybe I still fear him and all those
who represent him.(B)

ALL POWERFUL? Satanic Beasts like Mengele expected total submission or instant death.
One conc. camp survivor recalls how he clubbed a womans head into mash, & then
whistled while washing the blood off his hands. But there are numerous stories of
individuals in the conc. camps (as well as t.b.m.c. survivors) who recognized the level of
evil they faced & outsmarted it. Stupidity & the denial of evil were not their tickets to
physical salvationbut wisdom; truly we are called as Christ taught to be wise as
serpents, & harmless as doves.

MENGELE ESTABLISHED HIMSELF AS GOD in his victims. Many conc. camp survivors & survivors remember his shiny boots and how he clicked them. Martin Greenfield
who wrote his memoir of Auschwitz speaks of meeting Mengele on the first page: They
say a mans shoes are the first thing a person notices. I can still see his in my mind.
Leather boots, dark like the night, shining like mirrors.(C) An American mind control
survivor says, The boots were well taken care of (like carefully oiled), and the silver
buckles shined. This seems vivid in my memory.Im having a huge problem believing I
was with such a monster. As a young child!! And, it appears theres surely more evil people
I was put with than just Mengele and Aquino! Mengeles boot clicking was so notable to
his victims, that other programmers like Michael Aquino have imitated it. Another
memorable thing was him saying Actung to those he programmed. He had green-brown
eyes & stood 58 or less w/ a notable gap in his upper front teeth. He grew up the richest
kid in town, but had been traumatized himself by his Illum. family. He believed his likes &
dislikes fervently, & could lose his composure instantly. He had a quick genius mind that
quickly sized up people, which helped him select those to live & to be programmed & to
serve as human Guinea pigs.

ONE KEY FEATURE OF MENGELES PROGRAMMING. (D) Mengele was familiar w/ Dantes
Inferno & piano music. Jewish Kabbalists at Auschwitz helped Mengele understand the
Kabala better. He was also knowledgeable about the Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia which
connects spirits to the body. So in his programming he installs a Kabballistic Tree of Life
(more properly a Tree of Death) that is perceived by the victim as residing within his
body w/ fallen angels (evil spirits) attached to the different body parts. Each room has its
own name, its own set of alters, programming attached, and access codes attached.
Rituals are done to create alters for the different rooms. Demons within the person guide
their pathworking magic. So the Yesod circle (room, quad or container meaning
Foundation) would be connected to the genitals & have relevant evil spirits attached.
Yesod is the meeting place of the earthly & evil spirits. Likewise Tepheret (meaning Beauty)
is attached to the heart, and animated with fallen Angels, who in turn both protect &
anchor the programming, while in turn being anchored to the human structure by trauma
& magic. If this kind of structure is embedded in the mind & body of the victim, the victim
will perceive that the evil spirits animate the body & are essential to his life. Illuminated
wisdom such as the understanding of the mysteries of human sacrifice will be placed
into the Tepheret circle. The top room (Kether=Crown) contains Satan & the Anti Christ in
spirit form & a goddess. Below this is Daat=Knowledge which is called the Blue Room and
houses front Mother of Darkness alters. This blue room is the balancing pt. and also
associated with twinning (which loomed big with Mengele in his research & programming).
At the bottom is Malkuth=Kingdom which is linked to the victims feet and has the spirit
(life force) of the first male child who the victim was forced to sacrifice attached to it.
Malkuth is the Gate of Death and as everything is upside down in Satanism, it is said that
its roots are in heaven. (These roots spiritually have the blood of the first born sacrificed in
a box at the bottom of Malkuth.) At any rate, plenty of gatekeepers are placed into
Malkuth. The Kabalistic Tree is said to need balance to operate (so ones good deeds must
balance ones bad). Prana kid alters are attached to the tree also. Prana kids are to know
about the human aura, chakras and the laws that govern our life to help them achieve
success. An alter of destruction & one of change is housed in Hochma=Wisdom, which is
the right ear, where ancestral spirits are attached for wisdom. Also the magical concepts of
blue, red and white roses are connected to the Kabballistic Tree & its programming. Other
concepts of Mengeles were complex 3D structures, lots of boxes, and games where the
life of the person was toyed with in a way that brought out the best in them.Truly
inspired by Satan. Later programmers lacked that creative zeal & fine tuning to animate
the persons inner drives, and tended to mechanically turn out uncreative assembly-line
mind controlled slaves. Mengeles programming was an evil work of art. To make an
analogy would be to compare the beautiful craftsmanship in older buildings & hand-made
artifacts, to the simplistic work & assembly line designs of today.

(A) Astor, Gerald. The Last Nazi: The Life & Times of Dr. Joseph Megele. Donald I Fine, Inc.:
NYC, 1985. (B) Confidential report by t.b.m.c. survivor to author, authors name
intentionally withheld. (C) Greenfield, Martin. Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor
to Presidents Tailor. Regenery Publishing, Wash. D.C., 2014. (D) Much of this Tree of Life
mind control info is found in my book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an
Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.

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Ive written this as an introductory article on the connections between the secret society of
the Illuminati & the Unitarian-Universalist (UU) movement & churches. Some of its
foundational info comes from Chapter 2.4 of my Be Wise As Serpents (1991).

WHAT IS THE UU CHURCH? Before I begin exposing, it would be appropriate to do some

explaining about the UU church. Even though Walter Martin in his Kingdom of the Cults
calls it a cult, it fails to function as one. The church stands for free thoughtfree
meaning basically free of Christian doctrine as its members are atheists, agnostics,
pagans, humanists & new agers, and as we will see even Illuminati members. Perhaps its
most famous member is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who worked for the Br. Govt. & created the
World Wide Web. The first web site was, by the way, built at CERN, & Sir Berners-Lee called
its first server CERN HTTP daemon. The church was originally conceived as the union of
two nearly identical denominations: the Unitarians (who rejected the Trinity & Christian
doctrine) & the Universalists (who rejected the concept of sin & believe all mankind gets
salvation). In line with their mega-ecumenicalism acceptance of all, after 9-11, they taught
in their rel. education classes that Islam was not radical or dangerous. (The reality of
Islamic teachings needs to exposed in a considerable article; others have youtube videos
for those interested.)

GOAL OF ILLUMINIZED FREEMASONRY. The three infamous assassins are Law, Property
and Religion. So says the official ritual of the 33 and last degree ritual of the Antient and
Accepted Scottish Rite. An illuminized 33 Mason wrote Once Religion is dead, Law and
Property will fall to our mercy, and we shall be able to regenerate society by founding on
the corpses of the assassins of man, Masonic Religion, Masonic Law, and Masonic
Property.(1) The creation of international communism was done by Illuminized
Freemasons to achieve the goal of overthrowing religion (Christianity), substituting
socialism for private ownership, and substituting their laws (replacing divine law). The
destruction of these 3 so-called assassins of mankind was an Illuminati goal.

COMMUNIST UNITARIAN-UNIV. MINISTERS. There have been a parade of Unitarian-

Universalist (from here on referred to as UU) ministers promoting communism & the goal
of illuminized Freemasonry (& by extension the Illuminatis agenda). John Lewis, a British
UU minister, specialized in Marxist philosophy; & during WW2 he travelled & lectured for
the Br. Army Education Corp teaching soldiers the blessings of having a Marxist ally (USSR)
on the U.K.s side. (He also was big into Boy Scouts, which has had a lot of Masons & Illum.
leadership.) L.P. Jacks (1860-1955) was another prominent Br. UU minister who was close
friends with the Fabian Socialists (an Illum. front). George Bernard Shaw, a Fabian Socialist
& admirer of both Stalin & Mussolini was a friend of both L.P. Jacks (Lawrence Pearsall
Jacks) and the UU minister of the Wash. D.C. UU All Souls Church, A. Powell Davies. A.P.
Davies was famous for saying God is dead: There is no God in the skyThere is no army
of angels One more example of a socialist UU minister is Mila Tupper Maynard (1864-
1926) who was a leader in Calif. of the Socialist Party & assoc. w/ the socialist utopian
community in the Mojave Desert in Antelope Valley, CA.


book Occult Theocracy gives a good detailed background how so many of these
revolutionary groups connected to the Occult Theocratic leadership (aka the Illuminati).
She describes in detail the Illuminati member & revolutionist Giuseppe Mazzini. The
Illluminati not only created revolutions throughout Europe, but wanted to split the U.S.A.
Mazzini helped create the American Civil War by working with a secret group of 6 American
UU ministers, who had created a secret group that they called the Bird Club. The Bird Club
was created to create a revolutionary type of war in the U.S.A. Gerrit Smith of the Bird Club
appears to have been an Illum. mmbr. Charles Sumner, a member of the Bird Club & a
student of Freemasonry & revolution, made personal visits to occultic revolutionists in
Europe, including Mazzini. He excited his fellow Bird Club members with his revolutionary
talk.(2) Besides the 6 conspiring UU ministers of the Bird Club, Harvard Univ. associated
with the UU church, brought in Illum. connected professors like Karl Follen of Giessen, Ger.
Karl Follen helped create the Illuminati revolutionary front Bund der Jugend (League of
Youth) in Europe. This League of Youth revolutionary group had links to the Carbonari &
illuminized Freemasonry. These movements at times moved under the guise of the Swiss
Bible Society. In August 1819, Christian ministers met at Carlsbad, Ger. & denounced the
movement, which was then broken up by the arrests of its members. In late 1824,
revolutionist Follen left Switzerland to be a Unitarian minister at Harvard. By the way,
Harvard Divinity School in 1805 began teaching Unitarianism.

THE BIRD CLUB FUNDS JOHN BROWN. William Ellery Channing, who was a Freemason,
Unitarian Minister, and abolitionist, rejected the Bible as untrustworthy & studied Illuminati
philosophers being strongly influenced by Rousseau, Voltaire & others. The UU ministers
secret society to foment revolution found a cold blooded killer/thief named John Brown.
They sent him funds, supplies, & weapons to fight slavery in Bleeding Kansas, which was
torn by civil war. They also sent him a professional revolutionist assoc. with the Illuminati,
a Jewish Freemason named August (Anschel) Bondi. He fought with John Brown in the
Kansas battles (butcheries) of Blackjack & Osawatomie. Before Bondi joined Brown, he
had fought in the Illum./Masonic created Metternich revolution as well as the Masonic
created revolution in Cuba against Spain. (The Scottish Rites New Age Magazine had an
article describing how the Masons had started & led that Cuba revolution.)(3) Karl Marx
was a reporter for the NY Times when John Brown attacked Harpers Ferry, VA in an
attempt to create a black slave revolt. Marx and similar reporters of the big newspapers
made John Brown into a martyred hero. Certainly, slavery was an evil institutionbut one
can see the communist direction his sponsors wanted to go in, because after the Amer.
Civil War they started some experimental socialist communities in the defeated south
which, by the way, all failed.

MASONIC BEGINNINGS. The beginning of the UU churches (before they joined

denominations) is full of Freemasons and people in the elite occult bloodlines. Thomas
Jefferson was both Illuminati & Unitarian. James Freeman was the first Unitarian preacher
at a Boston church in 1784. John Biddle (1615-62) (of the elite Biddle bloodline) is created
with being the Father of British Universalism. When Benj. Franklin was Grand Master of the
Freemasons in PA, Thomas Oxnard, who began the Unitarian congregation at Portland,
Maine, became the Provincial Grand Master for Freemasonry from 1743-54 for the entire
North America. Early famous New Thought Unitarians who were also Freemasons are
William Ellery Channing and Ralph Waldo Emerson, who began activity that led to the Bird
Club. William Ellery Channing was a grandfather or granduncle of Freemason George
Channing who help found Christian Science. Mary Baker Eddy, the dynamic founder of
Christian Science, was of an Illum. bloodline and her descendant Hazel E. Billings, who
came from a Masonic family, was an important member of the Illuminati in Portland,
Oregons UU Church (on Stark St.). During like the 70s & later, Hazels job was to receive
orders from the Illuminati & transmit those verbally to Portlands City Club, a non-profit
group which holds forums on city concerns & has influence on Portlands new policies.
(Portland & Oregon are test sites for the PTSNB.) She would have Illum. connected Jesuits
& Mormon come to her house. Many Illum. directives in modern times have been passed
face to face.


exposed for the first time the tremendous connection between Freemasonry & the
Universalist beginnings. The Freemason Hosea Ballou (who built upon the views of
Freemason & atheist Ethan Allan and mystic Caleb Rich) began the Universalist church.
The original 4 churches (called societies) began in the Woodstock area whose leading
citizens joined it. In 1852, the Unitarian Reverend Theodore Parker praised the high
ranking Mason Hosea Ballou (1771-1852) for having created a revolution in the thoughts
and minds of men more mighty than any which has been accomplished during the same
period by all the politicians of the nation. Richard Eddy wrote the best history of this
movement. Just to give a few more prominent Masons involved in the early UU movement:
The famous Albert J. Holden (another Freemason) was the pianist for the NYC UU church in
1841. Leon M. Birkhead and Howard M. Dow were Unitarian ministers who were also
Freemasons. Sylvanus Cobb, Jr. was a Universalist minister & both a Knights Templar &
Scottish Rite Mason.

MORE HELP FOR THE AGENDA. Building up knowledge of who have been Illuminati
members has been a slow step-by-step process as it is the mother of secret societiesand
they of course dont publish membership lists. Still there are ways to track membership.
Another way to view things is to simply monitor who helps their agenda. As I wrap up this
short article, I want to point out Francis Ellingwood Abbot (1836-1903). Abbot is one of
those surnames that is associated with the Illum. I have no idea if Francis Ellingwood Abbot
was a mmbr. but he was a famous philosopher who attacked the Christian scriptures and
said that theology should be based on science. He wrote Scientific Theism. He was a UU
minister. Another philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce, was Abbots defender. Both were

REFERENCES. (In brief.) (1) Jewish Mason Paul Rosen, 1888, quoted in Be Wise As Serpents,
p. 309Chapt. 2.1 (2) Be Wise As Serpents chap. 2.4 (3) All this is documented in the Be
Wise As Serpents book

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topics on elite bloodlines. Over the years various people have shared secret agendas
pertaining to elite bloodlines. Quite a few people have asked me about their surname, or
on the flip side told me about their elite family line. It is standard practice for children to
be sired by a relative that is not the proper legal father. Fathers commit incest with
daughters, and uncles-to-be impregnate their sisters or a sister in law.

THE ELITE. There are numerous elite bloodlines in every nation. The prominent Houses
have long histories, and keep track of their genealogies. High society is aware of each
other. They were barons and lords, or were important in other ways; while most of us are
commoners from common stock and often are only aware of tidbits about high society. I
had an article several years ago where I discussed the new generation of German
aristocrats (yes the bloodlines are still around). They know longer have the political power
that their ancestors had, but they still have something going on because of their ancestry.
And that is one of the points I want to make. While many people think that prominent
bloodlines have lost their specialnessthose in power still consider them special. The
bloodline of a House that carries the power, at times will use a spelling of their name
missing a letter to set them aside from the (common) lines that have no power. And you
will note various spelling of an elite surname like: Stewart & Stuart, Van Duyn & Van Dine,
Caboto & Cabot. A number of people have linked the House of David to bloodlines in
Scotland, Egyptian & Ethiopian lines to the British Isles and so forth. And while these kinds
of things seem old historyprominent bloodlines today (which may or may not be visibly
prominent) can have some very ancient histories, and old relations with other bloodlines.
And this takes me to one of their secret agendasthe murder of first born children of
certain Houses.

POWER STRUGGLES. Because few expect the elite bloodlines to be special in the modern
world, people are not naturally expecting that power struggles go on behind the scenes
the subtle murder of a first born is likely to be undetected. (More on firstborns further
down.) But these things quietly happenin the same fashion that insiders quietly tracked
down railroad land titles across the USA. Some of these agendas go completely
undetected. (And sometimes, like the murder of doctorsthat began with Dr. Bradstreet
who were aware of nagalase and Gc-MAF and their role in cancer, their secret agenda does
get noticed!) And at times following the money is helpfullike Hitlers inspiration Richard
Wagner & Gustav Mahler, whose studies were funded by Baron Albert de Rothschild. He
was also inspired by Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Wagners daughter married Houston
Stewart Chamberlain (one of the Illum.s Committee of 300), who was perhaps MPD.
Chamberlain was English, remained an English national, but adopted Germany as the
nation he loved. He tried to be more German than the Germans and taught the racist ideas
that Hitler later embraced to Houstons friend the Kaiser, who he advised to begin WW 1.
Long story short, British elite helped start both WW I & 2 that the Germans are blamed for.

HOUSE OF DAVID. I have written articles on the House of David and how it has survived
into modern times. Yahshua was the firstborn of Mary and had a right to the Davidic
throne.(A) And then King Herod killed the babies/infants in Bethlehem to keep a rival king
from surviving. In fact, he was willing to kill anyone who might be a rival to his house. And
this leads to the question: What is the significance of being firstborn? A number of cultures
in the ancient middle east esteemed the firstborn, including Israel. The first-born was to
get a double portionbut God on a number of occasions gave the blessing to the more
worthy child, for instance Cain was the first born, but his sins caused God to reject him.(B)
Reuben lost his double portion to Joseph (& his two sons Ephraim & Manasseh) due to sin.
(C) Elisah prayed to God to give him a double portion because he was the spiritual
firstborn of Elijah. The concept of the first born was given Scriptural status by Moses at DT
21:15-17. Many other scriptures followed that outlined the special status of the firstborn.
(D) As far as nations, Israel was YHWHs firstborn. (E) The spiritual significance of firstborns
goes back to Moses confronting Pharoah. The Egyptian first born were killed.(F) God set up
firstborn animals to represent the Egyptian firstborn, and it was these that were to be
sacrificed in the tabernacle/& later temples. As an animal (lamb) Yahshua, the Firstborn
Son, was to be killed as our Passover (I Corinthians 5:7). Throughout history Israel was
told: And all the firstborn of man among your sons you shall redeem (Exodus 13:13).
And it came to pass, when Pharaoh was stubborn about letting us go, that the Lord killed
all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man and the firstborn of animal.
Therefore I sacrifice to the Lord all males that open the womb, but all the firstborn of my
sons I redeem.

OTHER FIRSTBORNS. Israel is not the only nation that esteemed firstborns. Elite bloodlines
in many places also value them as they get special power & inheritance. Ever since Alfred
Adler, people have been studying the role birth order plays on personality. Firstborns on
average test out brighter than later children, receive more quality time with their parents
along better discipline & greater attention. (An example of their status as achieversall 7
of the Mercury astronauts were firstborns.) Middle children tend to be more diplomatic &
social. And the last child (the baby of the family who gets doted on) often loves
attention, & the ranks of comedians incl. many last children. So rival lines of a House have
reasons for taking out the firstborn, which explains the secret death program I mentioned
above. But my take on it, is that it also relates to evil branches eliminating less evil
branches in preparation to support a World ruler. And we must bear in mind the pattern we
see historicallyCain kills his brother out of jealousyReuben & brothers want to kill
Josephagain out of jealousy. So we can expect this same type of behavior within these
elite bloodlines, especially as Satans World slides deeper into evil.



WHAT DO I DO TO DEFEAT THE ILLUMINATI? (28 MAR 16) This post is an answer to the
following question: Hi Fritz! Its often on my mind that the Illuminati need to be defeated.
While I have often been tempted, by thinking someone needs to do something radical and
take them out by killing them, I realize such thoughts are futile and unwise. I have
considered praying that the powers the Illuminati wield, that of the military, for example,
turn against them. However, Im not sure if this is wise also. Would that be considered a
soulish prayer? So my question is, what do you do to defeat them? What are you own
prayers to protect yourself from them and see the light of God defeat their darkness? I
look forward to hearing from you about this, Fritz. Thanks!

ANSWER to an Excellent question: Light is naturally more powerful than darknessit

doesnt have to try to beit is. The moral high ground is naturally stronger than lies and
deception. The foundations of control by World elite is a foundation totally built upon lies
and deception. .. (I could write a book of examples: our fed. reserve notes, the income tax,
our commercial drivers licenses, a flexible Constitution, t.b.m.c. programming, ad
nauseum.) Christ said it so well that Satan was the Father of lies. His minions love to lie.
Even when they tell the truth it is for some evil purpose. So I consider my chief duty to be
in the light. Do I sin? Of course, and I immediately ask for forgiveness. Do I have some
reoccurring sins that are difficult to overcome? Of course, and I ask God for forgiveness.
And He forgives me. Hey, it is silly to think you get away with anything with God. I am
amazed at how many prideful people play games with Him. Seriously, do they seriously
think they get away with things?? Only pride & iniquity & demons could blind people. If we
come into the light, those that love darkness (like demons) naturally dont want to come
around. Total strangers will size me up instantly, and depending on where they are either
love or hate me. So my prayers are directed first to be close to God and His power & light.
Next, my prayers are directed to knowing His will. If I simply do His will out of faith & love
& devotion, then I can let Him be my effectiveness.

I dont have to have an agenda. When I started helping people escape the IlluminatiI felt
called to do it. I knew I was doing the right thing. So it did not concern me if I would
succeed or failbecause God is my effectiveness. We often want to know ahead of time if
doing right will succeed. We actually need to do what we sense from the Holy Spirit is
right, and let God be our effectiveness. But dont forget He warned us to be wise as
serpents and harmless as doves. Dont ignore all the wisdom that He has already handed
us. There is not a particular formula I can give youthe occult world works off of formulas
and rituals. They have to because they dont have a living divine guide. We are to live by
faith and our living guide the Holy Spirit. I dont want to tell you what to do, thats the Holy
Spirits job working with your spirit, conscience, mind & body. Give you whole self to Him.
As long as things line up with Scripture, there is not one particular set of things to give
you. Do what is right! Do what gives life!! God is about life. Everything we do is an act and
decision that will either give life or death. Give life in all you do. Christ came to give an
abundant lifeso give life abundantly. Celebrate life. Encourage life. Pray for peoples
health. To worry about evil is to give it power. Worry shortens life. I dont worry about
defeating evil, I focus on being in Christ, in the middle of what the Holy Spirit is doing. Be
concerned in the sense of how one respects a hot burner on a stove. Evil is dangerous. But
do not fear it. And if we are close to Almighty God we do not need to fear it. Christ
conquered the biggest enemydeath! Walk in the light, and dont hide your light under a
basket, as it does nothing while hid.

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BLESS THOSE WHO CURSE YOU. I had a nice turn of events this morning. A man, who the
other side was using to attack me, called & apologized. Wow! Ones enemies can become
your friendshe is turning on his handler who ordered him to repeatedly attack my
reputation. I will mention his handlers name, which is Ron Patton, because Ron has been
working with a large cast of characters to destroy me since 1991, all the meanwhile Ron
presents himself as a conspiracy expert. Ron recently moved from California to my
hometown Portland, and works with the radio talk show host Clyde Lewis. They run a
Ground Zero store, and Ron has put out the Paranoia magazine for years. Ron (and now
Clyde) mainly focus on ghost & goblin topics which casts people who believe in
conspiracies as a group of people who believe in unprovable weird things. Ron has a group
called Pacific North Weird that does ghost hunting.

IT TOOK ME YEARS to figure Ron out, and how he works for the CIA/Illuminati. He went to a
Jesuit school growing up. He comes across very congenial, and his personality wins people
over that he is safe. In fact, while he comes across safe, he orchestrates a cast of slimy
characters to take down opponents of the New World Order who he has befriended to the
point of knowing their daily life & vulnerabilities. It was Ron who got this minister Turel in
California to put up on the Internet that I repeatedly raped my son. It was a totally sick lie,
but lots of people have read it and swallowed the lie. Now some people around Ron have
witnessed how sick he is, and are apologizing to me for what they did to me. There are still
others out there. One of the individuals that Ron used to take people down was Kurt
Billings. Kurt is an Illuminati member whose job was to pose as a Christian against the
Illuminati. I watched Kurts modus operendi for years as he would take down one
legitimate Christian ministry after another.

these people have tried to take me down could fill a book. What has protected me is 1)
divine protection, & 2) my work speaks for itself. You can kill or discredit the messenger,
but the information (my message in my books & articles) speaks for itself. As long as I can
continue serving the good Lord I will. I have usually borne the brunt of their satanic attacks
in silenceit is nice to see the Scripture come true: Hide not thy [Gods] face from thy
servantdeliver me because of mine enemies. Thou hast know my reproachmine
adversaries are all before thee.Let their table become a snare before them: and that
which should have been for their welfare, let it become a trap. (PS 69:17-22). It bears
repeating: Evil contains the seed of its own destruction, and Scripture backs that up in a
number of places.

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entire anthology of posts see link


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Any person trying to make sense of what to eat is going to get frustrated at all the
conflicting morass of information available. The purpose of this article is to blow away the
confusion concerning the conflicting research & info on diets out there and to build some
understanding of health & nutritional concepts. The goal of this article is to give the reader
the tools of discernment to do further exploratory research on their own. It will be as
succinct as is reasonable.

STARTING POINT-1 SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. All humans share common features, but our
body chemistries, genetics, metabolisms and generational histories are different. So there
has to be a balance between recognizing commonalities while also recognizing that each
person is also different, and needs a diet that addresses each individuals needs. I have
talked about the research concerning eating right for your blood type. But it goes way
beyond that. The nutrition & health of your mother, grandmother, and other ancestors
directly relates to your makeup. The specific set of flora (helpful microbes) that are in your
gut at the moment makes a difference. The toxins that you are exposed to relate to those
environments & products you have been around, for instance common plastics which have
only recently been identified as poisonous. Those toxins which pollute your body also
interfere with the way it functions. Our modern lifestyle, which we think superior to
primitive cultures, is moronically inundated with toxins, while the primitive environments
have been usually clean of such things. So we also have take into consideration the
context our body lives in. The bottom line is that you will have to determine through
research and testing what works best for you. However, that does not mean that there are
not common truisms to build upon. 3 examples of individual differences: your set of
apolipoproteins (for instance ApoE) play a role in how you respond to diet (like lipid
metabolism)your set or absence of the lactase enzyme for digesting dairy& your
amount of amylase in your saliva for dealing with high-starch foods. This is not even
touching on the role of genetic differences.

FIRST TRUISM- The Matrix we live in spews out lots of good looking information but the
appearances are deceptive. The goal of the controllers of the Matrix is to reduce the
population through soft genocide, so a great deal of dangers surround usincluding a lot
of disinformation & dangerous drugs. (This is why I feel compelled to write articles like
this.) The Medical System is set up to make money & to control us. People need to be wary
of the established Medical System; they make money off of sick people. But there needs to
be a balance. One should not reject something just because it comes from some
mainstream source. Be wise in the sources you give credibility to, but stay balanced. The
government & its agencies are even tainted. For instance, I have explained how Monsanto
has placed their people into government regulatory groups. So dump all your socialized
Matrix groupthink.

SECOND TRUISM- Around the globe, there were primitive societies that over many
centuries had developed accumulated common wisdom on what potential foods in their
environment would give optimum health. Not all primitive societies discovered & employed
those things that would lead to perfect health. Indeed, there were plenty of primitive
societies that were not healthy. But there were places on the globe where people were
very healthy, lived long healthy lives, and did not suffer from western degenerative
diseases. They lived healthy without modern health care & had excellent teeth without
brushing their teeth daily. (I will list those in the next paragraph.) In my opinion, the best
study ever made of food & health of primitive societies was done by Weston A. Price, who
published his findings in the book Nutrition & Physical Degeneration (1939). He travelled
around the globe and carefully studied the health of different groups that were still living
as their ancestors had. He also carefully compared these very healthy groups to
individuals who had left the group and had been using modern diets. These traditional
societies are no longer available in their untouched forms like they were in the 1930s, so
the research by Price may remain in a class of its own.

Inner Hebrides, Swiss in Loetschental Valley, traditional Eskimos in Alaska, traditional
natives in the Rocky Mountains, certain Melanesians & Polynesians in the so. Pacific,
various African tribes, Australian & New Zealand aborigines, Malays on islands off of no.
Australia, and natives in the Andean mountains. None of these groups ate anything
remotely similar, yet all had exceptional natural health. But each of these diets had 4
times the level of vitamins and minerals recommended by nutritionists. Their diets were
high in the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, & K) which get neglected by vegan diets. In fact
none of these perfect health traditional groups were all vegetarian, their most prized foods
were animal products. In fact, many things they ate would not be touched by moderns:
organs, insects, dried fish eggs, cods head stuffed w/ oatmeal, etc. None of them ate
sugar, vegetable oils, processed grains and processed foodwhich are all big debilitating
elements of our modern diets.

POPULAR ALTERNATIVES TO THE MODERN DIET. Perhaps the 3 most popular alternatives to
the modern diet are some type of Paleolithic-style diet, a Mediterranean type diet, and a
Whole-food, natural, plant-based diet. Just like all the successful traditional groups had
different diets, likewise each of these are different, but each has given success and has
advocates that swear by them. All of them are superior to our modern processed-food diet.
And like the successful traditional groups diets none of them eat refined sugar, processed
vegetable oils, chemical preservatives, refined flour and processed foods. So it is obvious
from both the healthy primitive traditional groups and the successful popular alternatives
what NOT TO EAT: sugars, processed vegetable oils, and processed foods. Which now
leaves the truth seeker the question:now that I know what to avoid, what will work for
me?? Going back to the 3 popular alternatives, here is a little known fact to consider: none
have correct & full research. The Paleo diet research is not for the same food as the
popular diet. The actual people in the Mediterranean area eat things the popular diet does
not mention like omega-3 rich snails, wild vegetables that dont exist here, etc. The long
term effect of totally plant based diet (minus key animal based nutrients) is not known.

THIRD TRUISM. Avoid sugars, processed vegetable oils, and all processed foods.

HEALTHY FOODS. (Virgin) Olive oil, seafood, and all non-starchy vegetables have been
commonly found to be healthy. The traditional diet of Japan (with lots of seafood) has given
them health, not as perfect as the traditional societies had, but healthier than our modern
western society. Unfortunately, with the ocean used as a toilet by modern society and
Fukashimas radiation seafood is often toxic. And commercial vegetables are being
raised on soils full of toxins. The advocate of staying healthy really needs to not only
experiment with what works for his or her own body, but one has to revert back to growing
ones own food to be sure what environment the vegetable grew in. Eating things raw
often preserves more of the nutrients. And then there is the situation of how we combine
foods. Combining certain foods together when they are eaten affects how well they each
can be digested. So not only do we need to find healthy foods, but we need to learn how to
serve and eat them.

FINAL TRUISM. There is no single answer as to what will be healthy to eat. Even
traditionally healthy foods may be contaminated. Additionally we need to identify healthy
ways to serve & eat those healthy foods once we have identified them.

Conclusion. I hope that this actually clarifies things. You may wonder, how does it clarify
things?? Well, for starters you dont have to try to sort out who is right in the debate
between their alternative dietsyou could spend a lifetime trying to figure out which is
better, the Mediterranean or a Paleo dieton the false assumption that there is one single
correct answer. You need to examine what has worked for people and experiment.
Consider this a learning adventure, bon appetite!

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Quite often establishment church leadership has taken their flocks off in directions
contrary to Christs teachings. There is a way that seems right to man but leads to
destruction. (A) The Word of God teaches that a fool is right in his own eyes.(B) And that
pride leads the way to destruction.(C) These things may seem like common sense, if so,
then common sense is not so common, especially among those who call themselves
Christians, who should know better.
CHRISTS STANDARD. In MT 22-23 Christ teaches the religious leaders & people in the
temple court on Passover week. After he finishes directly talking with these leaders, he
begins explaining their spiritual blindness to the crowd, while they obviously are still
listening. In MT 24, we find a continuation of him teaching, but this time to his disciples,
and the location has shifted to the Olive grove, which is outside the city walls just to the
east of the temple. He lays down his standard of behavior to his followers in the middle of
a prophecy: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one
from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheeps from the goats: And he shall set the
sheep on his right hand, but the goats on his left. [Is America a sheep or goat?]I was a
stranger and you took me inI was in prison, and ye came to me.Whendid we see
you in prison?Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren: ye
have done it unto me. (D) How we treat the least person, shows how we treat Christ.

USING LATIN AMERICA AS AN EXAMPLE. I frequently use Americans (USA) as examples, but
there are other Americans (Latin America, for example)and as my view on things is with
an international perspective, I will use two Latin American nations as my example. From
the beginning of Portugese settlement in Brazil, the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) had a strong
presence. Brazilian Catholicism accepted slavery & seemed totally oblivious to its evils.
Catholic convents & religious orders in Brazil had slaves. The sugar plantations (Brazils
main economy), created along the coast, operated using black slaves. There was no
concept of Christs teaching that what you do to the least person you have done to him!

CASTRO & COMMUNISM. When Castro took over Cuba, the Catholic church was anemic
27% of nominal Catholics reported having never seen a priest, and only 24% of Cubas
Catholics regularly attended church. Be that as it was, the Roman Catholic church was the
main denomination in Cuba, when the atheists of Communism took over. Members of the
Catholic church were banned from membership in Cubas communist party until 1991.
Priests & Catholics who thought communism was evil were either deported (like 135 on 17
SEPT 61) or arrested. Not surprisingly, those Catholics who remained were pro-Castro, pro-
Communism, pro-Moscow. The Cuban middle class, by & large, fled to Miami, taking with
them Christians who disagreed with communism. And for the record: Communism is evil.
Illuminism is evil. And the socialism we have adopted in recent years is simply
Communism & Illuminismand is just as evil, whether our religious leaders call it that or
not. So after Castro purged Cuba of Catholics who disagreed with his policies, what you
had left were Catholic officials who praised him and communism, and would spout to the
world the lie that there was no persecution of Christians in Cuba. In 1996, Castro visited
the Pope, and in Jan. 1998, Pope John Paul visited Cuba. Meanwhile, there were devout
Christians being tortured in Cuban prisons! By turning their backs on the plight of their
brothers in prison, there was no concept of Christs teaching that what you do to the least
person you have done to him!

LEST THE PROTESTANTS GLOAT Lest the Protestants gloat that the Catholics
compromised with evil, the sad truth is that the Protestants (by & large) immediately
embraced communism & Castro. The Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba stated when
the Communists began running things: The church lives joyfully in the midst of the
socialist revolution, because the revolution has inaugurated new development When
Martin Luther King was assassinated, Rev. Jesse Jackson, travelled to Cuba to spend time
with atheist Castro, and Castro went with him to the main Cuban Methodist church where a
service was held in memory of MLK. So long story short, the Protestant record of
supporting Castro is worse than the Catholics.

travelled by bus to visit Christians like Haralan Popov & Richard Wurmbrand, who were
men who had suffered torture for many years in communist prisons for their faith, before
coming to the United States & telling their stories in books. Richard Wurmbrand came up
with a message while he was in solitary confinement for Christians in the west. This
message is printed in his book With God in Solitary Confinement. (He also wrote Tortured
for Christ.) His daughter immediately brought me, a stranger, a cup of tea when I went to
visit him, & I was immediately reminded of Christs words about IF you give a stranger a
cup of water, then you have given it to Christ himself. I believe Richards message,
conceived many years ago in a communist prison, has relevance for today. And I will give
the gist of it here.

SPIRITUAL TIMING ON WHEN TO TALK. Richard begins his message to us from prison by
stressing timing. In fact, the Holy Spirit has stressed this to me so much. Spiritual timing is
critical. He quotes Joshua 6:10, Ye shall not shout, nor make any noise with your voice,
neither shall any word proceed out of your mouth, until the day I bid you shout. Keep your
mouth shut, until God gives you something to say.

LARGE PERSPECTIVE. Next, Richard says that Christians are doomed if their perspective on
life is only themselves or their local congregation. You need to know the bigger picture. Or
to add my own words, we need to know of all our brothers & sisters who are suffering for
Christ around the world. The presstitutes of mass media are not going to tell us this. And
why? Because Richard points out that all followers of Christ are in turn leadership for the
world. We are a nation of kings and priests. We are all partakers of the divine nature.

ABIDE IN CHRIST. Next Richard says we should abide in Christ. He quotes JN 14:23, If a
man love me, he will keep my words& our [GODs] abode is with him. He points out that
King David did not abuse his royal power to change the commandments, but danced in
front of the ark of the covenant that contained the tablets with Gods law. When we abide
in Christ, it then becomes our duty to transform this neurotic world into a world full of
serenity. Richard goes on: I used to wonder why the Church repeats the Lords prayer so
often.We have to see that his will is done on earth. We have to provide the hungry with
the bread of life. We have to forgive. It is I, and you, who must deliver the world from evil.

RELIGIOUS LEADERS. In my Be Wise As Serpents book I document how the big

denominations have all been co-opted by the World. One of the families who are part of
the Worlds elite, the Dulles family, gave us Allan Dulles (evil dir. of the CIA) and his
brother John Foster Dulles, an International leader of the Protestants. I expose them and
the org.s that they led in the book. On 18 MAR 43, John Foster Dulles gave a talk Six
Pillars of Peace: Cement Unity Now With Organized World Collaboration. I want to quote a
paragraph from this religious leaders speech:

In 1940, the Federal Council of Churches voted to set up a Commission to study the bases
of a just and durable peace. For over two years we have been at work. Until now we have
primarily emphasized spiritual factors. We have urged upon the churches that they
inculcate in men the qualities that Christ taught. We have pointed out that Christs way
was not to tell men what to do in relation to worldly matters, but to give them qualities of
vision, of mind and of soul so that they would be enlightened and filled with a righteous
faith. We have not sought, indeed we have opposed, the preaching from the pulpits of
politics and economics. We have said to the churches, give us men and women possessed
of Christian qualities, and then our citizenry can be counted on to take enlightened

NOTE he says, Christs way was not to tell men what to do in relation to worldly
matters FALSE. In other words, ignore the evil of the world.
NOTE this religious leader says, We have not sought, indeed we have opposed, the
preaching from the pulpits of politics and economics. Lets go back to the sugar
production in Brazil that depended on slave labor. According to Dulles, we should not
preach against that slave labor. Lets go back to those suffering in Castros prisons & other
Communist prisonswe should not preach against our brothers being incarcerated
because they ran afoul of the politics of the communists. No, according to Dulles, one
should not preach ethics and morality for real life situations and for your nation. So you
see dear reader what the corrupt clergy who are Freemasons & secretly Illuminati want for
you. Dont say or do anything to upset the evil of the world. Be a good little Christian and
just go to church, and keep your mouth shut.

But I tell you, like Richard told you, when God gives you the timing and the words, you
need to confront evil. We have more to do, than warm pews! As Richard said: It is I, and
you, who must deliver the world from evil. Because we are the Body of Christ to do Gods
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does the t.b.m.c. programming. It builds on my information given in my book The
Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind-controlled Slave, pages
365-375, and subsequent articles such as my 9/10/15 post. My info in the Formula
book (on those pages) about the programmers is still the best out there. It provides
general info on the programmers, and then focuses in detail on 3 main programmers: Dr.
Mengele (Dr. Green), Dr. Ewin Cameron (Dr. White) and the Anti-Christ, whose candidates
are being trained as master programmers. While articles like this relate dispassionate
facts, the reality of this trauma-based m.c. is horrific, as horrible as anything conceivable
for the torture & degradation of these millions of slaves is ongoing. Our media plays up the
holocaust, while covering up similar tragedies going on in secret all around us. Jeffrey
Dahmer, Ted Bundy & Charlie Manson were all t.b. programmed multiples. The police had
all kinds of evidence of Dahmers Satanism that they hid from the public. So while this
article simply gives facts, the sadistic horrors that these programmers perform transform
the programmers into human monsters.

PROGRAMMERS ARE GLOBAL. The t.b.m.c. has slipped beyond the direct control and
purveyance of the Illuminati, as it has spread globally. Programmers now speak Hebrew,
Russian, Arabic, French & Chinese, not just English or German as in the past. After WW 2,
the Americans wanted & brought over the German & Italian mind control researchers.
Mengele was not the only German imported to do t.b.m.c. There was also a man called
Heinrich Mueller, but I have not mentioned him very often because I was not sure that we
had the real name. My recent exposure of the German town of Stuttgart, Arkansas and
added info about the millionaire closed community of Slovak just 9 miles to the north of
Stuttgart (which was the site of a small military airfield), may reveal the original area that
these German programmers were housed. In the Middle East, Israeli intelligence, Arab
Intelligence/Police agencies, and American programmers are creating the m.c. people that
help stir up trouble in that region. Still the top programmers are Illuminati, they will be in
the Illum. hierarchy, a Grande Master, a 5-star general, or Ipsissimus. It is suspected that
the current Dr. Black operates in India, & further that he is a hierarchy member. Here in the
U.S., Dr. Black programming is connected to Assembly of God-Charismatic programming.
The results of Dr. Black programmers that I have seen were all allowed Charismatic
fronts. (That is not to say they didnt sincerely convertthe power of the loving Creator is
all powerful.)

LEVELS OF PROGRAMMERS. My 10 SEP 15 article brought out that there were different
levels of programmers: TOP PROGRAMMERS, MID-LEVEL, LOW LEVEL (handlers), and
SPECIALISTS. The top programmers use color codes, and their students who are being
trained as possible replacements who assist that particular top programmer will use the
same color code. The all-around top programmer is Dr. Green, and they select the best
interesting candidates to assist him. The original Dr. Green was Mengeleand the man
occupying that position now is also German. He will begin mentoring selected boys, who
will compete ruthlessly in hopes that they will someday become Dr. Green themselves. Dr.
Green often is responsible for the foundational 13x13x13 grid. The world is perhaps into its
4th generation of color coded top programmers. A victim will often begin with Green and
be handed to another color code. Students of the top doctors will operate under their
name and be assigned slaves to work with over long periods of time. His top student is
reported to look like a Ken Barbie Doll with gym muscling. Students who dont cut the
grade are simply discardedare not worth enough for the Illuminati to keep them around

FEMALE HELP. Besides using these boys, Illuminati girls will also assist in jobs connected to
the programmingperhaps wielding a stun gun to shock selected kids in cages. The
Illuminati Mothers of Darkness, who consist of 11 grades (ranks) and number less than
3,000 worldwide also help a great deal with programming. Selected Mothers will train the
children (for instance building internal worlds) and do the delicate work with the core.
Mothers-of-darkness alters are assembled in triads (trinities)maiden, mother, crone
combos on spinning pedestals. These alters are not in the deep trance that some of the
other alters are innor have they been dehumanized & brutalized like say, for instance,
Gatekeeper alters. Grande Dames, such as Mary Margaret, Doris Duke & Hillary Clinton will
have children who are programmed to serve them. They operate at what I call MID-LEVEL
programming. An example of a specialist was Navy shrink Lt. Comdr. Thomas Narut, who
helped develop Delta assassination alter programming. The Delta alters are put to sleep
internally, connected to the Umbrella programming. A typical female mind-controlled slave
will also have Delta alters trained to kill. An example of a top secret Delta Force m.c. site
has been at Waco, TX. A final thought: some female handlers (LOW LEVEL PROGRAMMERS)
can do some minor programming.

HISTORY PRIOR TO MENGELE. The Illuminati and MI-6 (which they controlled) were
programming before WW 2. There were also German t.b.m.c. programmers before
Mengele. I dont know the names of these early programmers, but their satanic handiwork
have come into to therapists in Europe & the U.S.A. In past centuries, some of the
programmers have traditionally hid behind the front of the Catholic church and various
Lodge systems. Mengele can be credited to taking things to a more scientific/German
engineered level. Some of the programmers like Michael Aquino (Mickey, Malcolm, etc.)
and Jerry Lee Lewis are sadistic monsters in the vein of Mengele.

DR. RED. If I remember correctly, this programmer is assoc. with the OTO. A Dr. Star, out of
Corpus Christi, TX did OTO t.b.m.c. programming. So far it appears that Dr. Reds
programming is confined to OTO areas, esp. the U.S. & U.K.

DR. BLUE. These series of programmers may have originally been Heinrich Mueller (Gog).
He has two sons who assisted, one of which was Theodore (Teddy Bear). Interestingly, a
multiple in Australia felt a Desmond Mueller (Australian military w/ ASD) looked like the
current Dr. Blue. Much of the programming in Australia is done via the ASD, bearing in
mind that all the intelligence agencies of the U.K.-U.S.A.-Australia-Can.-NZ are essentially
branches of one organization. While Dr. Blue can be seen in the west coast US and
Australiathere does not seem to be hard & fast guidelines as to where these various
doctors victims will show up. The current Dr. Blue was bn. perhaps in the 50s. I described
him in a previous post, gray haired, balding patch in the middle of the head, mustached,
and overweight like so many men his age. He wears glasses. He has a female associate,
who travels with him. His specialty in trauma was to overwhelm the olfactory sense.
MILITARY PROGRAMMERS. Over the years, I have given the names of dozens of military
programmers incl. : Lt. Col. John Alexander, Col. Wilson Green, Col. Height, Col. Manassah,
Maj. Strange, & Col. Taylor. All the American military bases are used for t.b.m.c.
programmingand all the military branches are involvedand this appears to hold true
for the U.K. & Australia. The Canadian m.c. appears to have frequently been done by
Americans. It would be impossible to sort this thing out by nationalities because, for
instance, Michael Aquino has been in the U.K. programming for MI-6. Unfortunately, this
scandalous activity goes all the way up to our generals & admiralsthe people we would
like to think of as heroes, are involved in the abuse of children. In one post, I gave the link
to one military wife exposing what her husband & Pentagon co-workers were involved with.
(I do know of one Gen. Russell Bowen who got disgusted & became a whistle blowerHe
was sent to Fed. prison. And Aldrich Ames said that he was a turn coat because the CIA
was lying to the public & deceitful about the value of their agency.)

CIA PROGRAMMERS. Over the years, I have given the names of many of these, incl. Dr.
William Jennings Bryan, Dr. Jensen, Dr. Meiers, Dr. James Monroe, & Dr. Orne. In the U.K. we
had Dr. Sergeant. The DCIs (directors of the CIA) have all known completely about the
t.b.m.c., and their top echelon leaders, the Sr. Intelligence Service also. Although
pretending to end MK Ultra, the CIA (which now clashes head to head with Russias SVR)
still uses t.b.m.c. One of the things I dont recall mentioning is that polygraph tests are
given to t.b.m.c. slaves after they have done a mission, before their memories are erased.
CIA polygraph tests are even hooked up to computer analysis to aid the tester. While the
CIA operates in many Amer. univ., hospitals & other institutionstheir main training ctr. is
Camp Perry (the Farm), a gated community learning paramilitary skills, spycraft and in
general tradecraft, across from Colonial Williamsburg, VA. No doubt there are on-site

THERAPISTS. Most of the therapists have been compromised. For a while the therapeutic
community was gaining awareness & beginning to help DID patients. One Rothschild
therapist in Louisiana, who I exposed, called & told me she had broken free of her own
MPD m.c. Another example of a cult hypnotherapist/rehab counselor is Kevin M. Grise.
People like him assist with the m.c. In another situation, one client (a DID victim) recorded
a session with her therapist by her phone which I listened to. The therapist is giving m.c.

CONCLUSION. This has been another look at the programmers. Much of this information
has been given by me in the past, but it has been reassembled & repackaged in a new
way, & hopefully provides a fresh look at the sadistic programmers.

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THE GNOSTIC MERCY OF ARISTOCRACY .(15 FEB 16) This short post is a frank discussion
on the global economy and the Worlds saviors when the economy crashes. It is
designed for those interested in the global economy. Readers & viewers of my talks will
remember that I have explained that the Gnostic beliefs of the Illuminati require ones
good deeds balance ones bad deedsso the occupation of Illuminati kingpins is often
listed as philanthropist. Our govt. is involved in creating the chaos that will display itself
several ways, incl. a financial crash, which will make people even more dependent upon
them. Investment banks and govt.s, and the U.N. have projects globally to help nations
needing help. But frequently, the idealism that is verbalized is a veneer, a faade, to hide
cynicism & greed. The director generals of U.N. aid agencies live like royalty. The head of
WHO has stayed there for 2 decades. Another example is Edouard Saouma, who was
director general of FAO of the UN from 1976-93. The state dept. had a secret evaluation of
him, He has done an excellent job managing the organization and keeping internal
program discipline. He has increased F.A.O.s capacity to deliver technical assistance &
strengthened its early warning system. Under his leadership, F.A.O. has steadily decreased
the proportion of its budget which is devoted to administrative expenditures. But another
State Dept. report contradicted this, Edouard Saoumasleadership[is] likely to
diminish the organizations effectiveness. There were accusations that he bought votes to
get a third term. Saouma became a multi-millionaire from his job & insisted people call him
Your excellency.

leader with almost royalty status is Janet Yellen, leader of the Federal Reserve. She spoke
on Feb. 10th to Congress, and in my opinion did a dodge-the-truth speech, where she said
the outlook [is] uncertain for 2016 for the global economy. Believe me, Illuminati
members like her know exactly what is coming. Yet, no matter what happens, such a
vague statement gets her off the hook. A Congressman (Rep. Brad Sherman) in response
to her report said to her that financial institutions that were too big to fail should be too
big to exist. Then he told her & Congress that I feel like Im at a ballroom dancing on the
deck of the Titanic.

BANKERS. In India, the top foreign investment banks are the Rothschilds Citi, HSBC India,
Standard Chartered & Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank has been making big money in
Indiabut is deeply in trouble overall. The NY Times of 21 JAN 16 (p.B3) said they had a
$7 billion loss in 2015, & managers wont get their bonuses. Top global investment banks
are Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, the Rothschilds Citigroup &
Deutsche Bankall of whom were Illuminati banks. Deutsche Bank Russia has been
helping to develop Russias financial market infrastructure. Deutsche Bank has been in the
news a lot lately for being insolvent. They rank 6th in global investment banking revenue.
Because of the LIBOR manipulation suit they were given a $2.5 billion fine for rigging
interest rates. Mr. Jain, head of the London bank ops for Deutsche Bank admitted his acts
were reprehensible (& has beat a hasty exit)and five former top managers of Deutsche
Bank were put on trial for having given false testimony in court. (And by the way, Morgan
Stanley is fined $3.2 billion for contributing to the mortgage crisis.) Deutsche Bank scaled
back its Latin American banking, leaving Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru & Uruguaybut
remaining in Brazil. RBS, ING Group, and BNY Mellon have also been pulling out of Mexico.
And other large investment banks like Goldman Sachs have also been scaling back in Latin
America. Several oil producers in Latin America are hurting, but Venezuela has been the
hardest hit.

VENEZUELAS ECO. MELTDOWN. On 18 JAN 16, Venezuelas president declared a 60-day

state of economic emergency. Because oil prices are low, revenues are very low, and it is
expected that the govt. will renege on $5 billion debt payments due in Oct. & Nov. of this
year. It has been hard for the country to import food so the grocery store shelves are
empty and the nation is having food shortages. Their inflation is expected to rise 204% in
2016. One dollar now equals 865 bolivars. The general consensus now seems that globally
the crash of 2016 will be worse than the one in 2008.

LOW GOLD PRICES. Not only are oil producers (like frackers, and small oil producers)
dropping out, but low gold prices have forced half the big gold mining operations to cease.
In recent days, gold & silver prices have been rising.

SHIPPING STOPPED. The Baltic Dry index provides an assessment of the price of moving
the major raw materials by sea. Taking in 23 shipping routes. There is also a Baltic Tanker
Index. These indexes are down indicating ships are stalled in ports.

CONCLUSION. Life provides us with tests & challenges. God never gives us more than we
can handle. We can spiritually thrive in the midst of difficulty. Hopefully, the reader will
view these things as a warning that 2016 may be a seriously difficult year economically.
Now is the time to turn to God to spiritually prepare for the upcoming difficult days.

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. This is a short expose concerning the history of t.b.m.c. in Arkansas, the homestate of Bill

MAJOR PROGRAMMING CENTERS. When the original Dr. Green (Mengele, aka as Jiminy
Crickett, Vaterchen, & other names) began programming Illuminati children in the area,
they chose Stuttgart (SE of Littlerock), a town started by a German which has an annual
German Heritage Festival. Stuttgart is the co-county seat along with DeWitt, Arkansas.
Stuttgart has had some beauty queens come out of it incl. Bunnie Holbert (Miss Ark. 77) &
Furonda Brasfield (part. Of Amer.s Next Top Model). Stuttgart is flat rice growing land. The
areas major programming center was shifted after a number of years to the Swiss Villa at
Lampe, MO which sits in the Ozark Hills close to the Arkansas border. Lampe is a small
community surrounded by numerous resorts on the reservoirs. The programming center is
a major foundational programming center that has the ability to split childrens minds, give
near death experiences, as well as employ new high tech m.c. devices such as virtual
realities. The Special Forces troops under m.c. train there, as well as some of the CIA black

CIA PRESENCE. Readers may remember that south of Lampe & SW of Little Rock lays the
city of Mena whose Inter-Mountain Regional Airport was the center of CIA drug running
flights. The CIA also used a secluded airstrip just north of Mena and just east of the village
of Nella. This airstrip also had FBI activity involved with it. Readers may also remember
Oliver North (of the Charismatic movement) who at the time used the code name Cathey
moving around the CIA ops incl. using Camp Robinson, Ark.s deactivated WW 2 ammo
bunker for his secret mtgs. CIA towns get extra security, so during that time period all the
pay phones in Mena were bugged by the CIA. (Ours here in OR is McMinnville & the
surrounding area, which is also involved in t.b.m.c.). By the way, Mena ran all its blacks out
by 1920, and became an all-white Sundown town. The name sundown town meant that
a visiting black had to leave town by sundown. Col. Sanders (of KFC fame) town of Corbin
was another Sundown Town. As you can imagine, the KKK was big in Mena, and their
airport had a reputation for doing illegal work on planeswhich was handy for the CIA
drug running.

THE ILLUMINATIS PRESENCE. After WW 2, Winthrop Rockefeller (1912-1973) moved to

Arkansas. His occupation was philanthropist & politician. People have probably heard me
comment how these Illuminati kingpins have as their occupation philanthropist which
means their occupation is giving away large sums of money. He was able to self-finance
running for governor of Arkansas which he served from 1967-71, while his brother Nelson
was gov. of NY. He lived on top of Petit Jean Mtn. near Morrilton, Ark. Winthrop went from
private to colonel in the U.S. Army & was placed into the Ft. Benning, GA Hall of Fame.
Over the yrs. I have dealt w//known a few of the MPD Rockefeller family members. One
person described Winthrop as ruthless. His drinking was legendary in Arkansas. His
philanthropy supported the creation of medical clinics throughout Arkansas. I have only
heard of 3 satanic covensone in the Rogers-Springdale, Ark. area, an Illuminati one in
Little Rock, and another one in Jonesboro, Ark. There are also cult chapels (that pretend to
be Christian) in Arkansas that are fronts for Satanic covens.

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. This expose is focused on the ABC show Once Upon A Time and its relationship with
t.b.m.c. and one of the Illuminatis deceased Grande Dames.

The trauma-based mind control programming scripts are conveniently based on fairy tales.
The Wizard of Oz and Alice In Wonderland being key programming scripts (but there are
many others). For years, TV has annually, faithfully given us the original popular classic
1939 version of The Wizard of Oz besides adding in spin off movie versions every little
bit for added spice to the programming: The Wizard of Oz (1950), Return to Oz (1964), The
Whiz (1978), The Wizard of Oz (1982), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1987), The Wizard of
Mars (2007), The Tin Man (2007), Oz the Great & Powerful (2013).

Now the programmers must have asked themselves, what if we combine all these fairy
tale characters into one show??? So they created an ABC TV series Once Upon A Time
where they got all their programming characters handily into one TV series. Once Upon A
Time brings together The Wizard of Oz, Alice In Wonderland, Fantasia (a foundational
programming script), Sleeping Beauty (core programming), Pinocchio, The Sword In the
Stone (King Arthur stuff), and other programming scripts. They advertise the show:
Discover a bold new imagining of the world, where fairy tales and the modern day are
about to collide. And indeed the world of movies, plus m.c. fairy tale scripts are right
there along with the reality of the Illuminati. They further describe the show: Characters
are from fairy tales who have been robbed of their real memories by a powerful curse.
Episodes incorporate in programming concepts & witchcraft as well as name one of the
characters after a deceased Grande Dame of the Illuminati, Mary Margaret, aka Mother

Remember the Adams & Collins families being portrayed on TV as witchcraft families?
and they are actually witchcraft families in real life. ABC has run this mind-control show
Once Upon A Time for 5 seasons (beginning in 2011) with the character Mary Margaret.
This show is related to m.c. programmingit is about witchcraft, curses, Snow White &
alternate realities. The shows Mary Margarets relatives are the Family[what the
Illuminati call themselves]. The Mary Margaret character is also in Reawakened: A Once
Upon a Time Tale. There are still many of Mother Marys programmed children out there.
Fiction can be based on reality!

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(8 FEB 16) Most of our life we have heard about the toxic effects of sulfur; and it is toxic as a gas.
Recent medical discoveries continue to increasingly reveal the healing power of sulfur in the body.
It is the 7th most abundant element in the human body. This articles purpose is to reveal the healing
life-giving power of sulfur. In nature, it reacts to everything but noble gases. Most of us think of
sulfur as that awful rotten egg smell. We also know it from our matches to light a fire. And another
connotation is judgmentit was used by God repeatedly in his judgments (think Sodom &
Gomorrah), and was called Brimstone. Satan & his demons dont like sulfurand now that the life-
giving properties of it are being discoveredit is clearer why he would dislike it. In these difficult
times, when the satanic elite put into action ways to slow genocide us, I consider the revelation of
medical info crucial. (By the way, more alternative doctors have been murdered since my last report
on that phenomena.)
BRIMSTONE. If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his
forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of Godand
he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone (sulfur) in the presence of the holy angels
REV 14:9-10

ENDOGENOUS SULFDIOXIDE. This is the form of sulfur which the body makes internally
that the body uses in critical functions. How is this form made by the body? SO2 is made
from the metabolism of L-cysteine which is converted from methionine via the
transmethylation-transsulfuration pathway. Firstly, L-cysteine is oxidized to form L-cysteine
sulfinate by cysteine dioxygenase (CDO), and then the latter is transaminated to form -
sulfinylpyruvate by AAT. A few health specialists are catching on to endogenous sulfurs
healing properties If you go to Dr. Joseph Mercolas website and type in a search for
sulfur products you get MSM Sulfur Powder, Glutathione, and NACN-Acetyl Cysteine to
mention a few notable ones. I quote from his site:
Support your body with this supplement for healthy connective tissue.
Sulfur from MSM is used to produce glycosaminoglycans present in proteoglycans such as
aschondroitin sulfate dermatan sulfate and hyaluronic acid
For best results use with Jarrow Formulas JarroSil

COLLAGEN. The endogenous sulfur builds collagen. People who have been around me, or
listened to some of my talks have heard me repeatedly mention collagen. It is the building
block of our bodies, and for some weird reason does not get mentioned (except on rare
occasions). We should have learned about it along with muscles in our jr. high biology
classes. Vascular collagen mainly consists of collagen I and III. Collagen I is associated with
the tenacity & tensile strength of vascular walls, while collagen III is associated with the
elasticity of vascular walls; both play important role in maintaining the integrity of vascular
structure. So guess what?? Endogenous sulfur helps cardiovascular diseases!! And a
deficiency of sulfur dioxide results in cardiovascular diseases, and such things as
hypertension. I bet your doctor never told you thatwhy? Because he or she didnt know
it. Here is what happens with weakened collagen in the vascular walls: Severe structural
changes in vascular walls characterized by vascular collagen remodeling are central to the
pathophysiology of vascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis and restenosis
after coronary angioplasty. And what stops the weakening collagen called remodeling?
Endogenous sulfur dioxide alleviates collagen remodeling via inhibiting TGF-/Smad
pathway in vascular smooth muscle cells (A) So now researchers are predicting that a
better understanding of SO2 in the body may lead to a new therapeutic strategy.
Hmmm. Endogenously derived SO2 or SO2 derivatives at physiological concentrations play
a crucial role in normal physiological process of the human body including regulation of
vascular tone and cardiac function!! Glutathione can increase the amount of the
endogenous sulfur (SO2). Hmmm.

WHO KNOWS WHAT? Apparently, more than a few researchers know about Endogenous
Sulfur dioxide, because a few products are quietly using it. And now you my friend also

(A) Gasotransmitter hydrogen sulfide inhibited the abnormal accumulation of vascular

collagen, and alleviated vascular remodeling. at [triple w:]

Endogenous sulfur dioxide alleviates collagen remodeling via inhibiting TGF-/Smad

pathway in

The study was designed to investigate the role of endogenous sulfur dioxide (SO2) in
collagen remodeling and its mechanisms in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs).




W/ CHRIS EVERUD & ROD SCARTH. The show was on hypnotism, mind control & the occult.
Rod Scarth, one of the worlds best hypnotists, has been exposing MK Ultra. Because many
of you will not get a chance to hear the radio show we did, here is a discussion of what was
talked about. (By the way, someone did not want me on the show, I had many unusual
computer problemsSkype, which has worked well all week long, all of a sudden did not
want to load or function!)

CHRIS: Chris discussed Aleister Crowley, his use of Boleskine House, and the organizations
and people he associated with. I discussed the Moon Child rituals (which Crowley wrote
about) which are done to a fetus to demonize it and capture the soul. The Moon Child
rituals are done by the Illuminati bloodlines, and were learned by Crowley from the
generational witchcraft families of northern Italy. Italian generational witchcraft is called
the Way of the Strega. He discussed Margarine Max a recruiter of spies for MI-6. Chris
discussed various buildings in London used by MI-5 and how computer buffs had been able
to trace with ISIS messages were coming fromthey were coming from MI-5 I.P.s in
London!! Then the excuse given by a Br. Politician when this was disclosed was that the
British govt. had sold these I.P.s to the Saudis. Well, you dont sell an I.P. it is geo fixed. So
we have learned how MI-5 is playing a role in the creation of ISIS.
ROD: Rod discussed the video he just made. I posted the link to it for you just before the
show. The video shows an impromptu unrehearsed trance that Rod puts a woman into. He
is able to give her a code to say. I found Rods comments interesting because the video
doesnt give enough background information for the viewer to fully appreciate what Rod is
demonstrating with hypnosis. Rod is showing that a good hypnotist can quickly induce a
subject and get them to do things they would not normally want to do. I ask Rod to explain
if it is possible for the hypnotist to have power over a person to get them to do something
they would not normally do, and he said yes in his answer. I asked him to explain how
the persons mind will abdicate control to the hypnotist. I asked him to explain if it is
possible for the hypnotist to disguise his words and hypnotize someone without their
consent. He explained that it can be done and it is called subversive hypnosis. I asked
him about various trance states and he said the somnambulistic state is the perfect state
to program someone in. MK-Ultra victims often have the programming put in at this
somnambulistic level.

CHRIS: Chris discussed Hampstead, where a big scandal has been brewing involving the
sexual abuse of children and the t.b. mind control. Chris discussed some of the British
politicians, and their connection to all these kinds of things. He asked me about the ritual
where a child must kill another child, which is talked about in the U.K.and I mentioned
how that is also common here in the U.S. for victims of t.b.m.c. Chris discussed Ian
Fleming, an assoc. of Crowley. Ian Fleming based his James Bond books on his own life.
Fleming liked Jamaica where he would watch voodoo. Chris discussed how voodoo was a
combo of African magic and magic that the slave owners had shown the slave. Many of the
slave traders had come from a Swiss town of Voudoun (sp.?). I had heard of the town
before, but am not sure of the spelling. According to Chris, the name of the Swiss town
influenced the adoption of the name Voodoo.

FRITZ: I asked Rod to explain the use of sounds, lights, color, flashing lights, and drugs in
hypnosis. He described how sounds and drugs are very helpful. He said singing can be
useful and that Benny Hinn is a good hypnotist and uses singing to induce his audience
into a trance. Rod said flashing lights detract from hypnosis. He said that a drunk cant be
hypnotized very well because they wont focus on what the hypnotist wants. So I ask him
about people on marijuanaand he confirmed that it acts like alcohol to prevent the
hypnotist from gaining the focus of the subject. The subjects mind wants to go on its own
peaceful triprather than go with the hypnotist.

CHRIS: Chris described how Freuds father was a disciple of Baron Jacob Frank, a Satanist
with loads of Illuminati friends. So I discussed how Freuds psychology theories are based
upon the Cabala. I have a couple of books that described the connections, which are not
necessarily apparent to the casual viewer of Freuds work. Chris then went into a
discussion of the importance of the Cabala. Chris asked me about the demonization of the
fetus, and I explained how a spirit guide will be placed into the child. The spirit guide will
be called a friend by the child; and the child will be taught the history of this family spirit
guide. A family guide is a totem. Chris discussed on lady who had a dinosaur that she
talked to as her spirit guide. Chris discussed how cabalistic gematria was being introduced
into the math curriculums. Chris asked me about love bombing, traumatization of the
fetus, etc. and I explained how these occur in the t.b.m.c. Chris brought up the subject of
Ken Anger going to Crowleys Italian temple, and how Alfred Kinsey was a disciple of
Crowley. He discussed how Kinsey used pedophiles who kept diaries of their abuse of
children. I discussed how Kinsey was financed by the Rockefellers and how they connected
to the Illuminati bloodlines.

That is an overview of the show today. Have a good day, my friends.

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JAN 16)

This is a short post exposing what appears to be an Illuminati temple hidden in Damascus,
Oregon. Records say the temple was founded in 2009, is privately owned, earns an est.
$260,000 in annual revenue, and employs 3 people. A few years ago, a friend took me to
the gate of this property where people have spotted hooded people doing rituals.(See
pictures of both the gate & the hooded people in the thread). The road to it was at one
time a one-lane road with expensive houses with big garages and is forested & ends in a
cul-de-sac. It reminded me of an Illuminati neighborhood that I had exposed years ago. I
sensed that we were being watched from the point we entered the road that leads to the
property. Some strangers actually have their vehicles followed. The little used road takes
off from Hwy 212 (the main street of Damascus) & goes SE. When you approach the gate,
it is obviously an entrance to a temple with pyramids. A 23 foot marble statue of the
Egyptian goddess Sekhmet can be seen through the gate. The gate is guarded by a pair of
lions (Aker). This post is a discussion of this ritual site.

DAMASCUS. Between Babylon & Jerusalem is the city of Damascus, which was referred to
in Egyptian writing as far back as the 15th century B.C. Damascus is a very significant city
for Freemasons, which is why so many Damascus Lodges exist. The highest ranking
Freemason to become a Christian, Jim Shaw, told me that in the 33rd degree rituals they
ask you whether you want to go to Jerusalem or Damascus. If you say Jerusalem, they
know you have religious scruplesIf you say Damascus, they know you have occult
leanings and will put you on the occult fast track to more occult knowledge. Damascus,
Oregon was named in the 1860s, perhaps by an early Freemason settler, and had a post
office est. there in 1867. It is a small town to the SE of Portland on hwy. 212.
SEKHMET. Sekhmet is an ancient Egyptian goddess that ranks up there with Kali and Lilith.
She loved to drink blood. Her name means the one who is powerful. She was the ancient
Egyptian goddess of war, and the protector of the man-god Pharaoh. She would lead
Pharaoh into war. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead we learn she had power over the
Underworld (what Christians call hell). Sekhmet is a lioness, and during t.b.m.c.
programming, alters that see themselves as cats are at times given the identity of
Sekhmet. There is a Temple of Goddess Spirituality in southern NV that is dedicated to
Sekhmet also. In the comic book Beasts of Burden: The Unfamiliar witches summon
Sekhmet. She is part of the Temple of Sets lore, which is heavily involved with trauma-
based mind control.

AKER. Aker is the guardian of the underworld (hell). Aker carries the nocturnal bark of Ra to
the underworld. The name means He who is beneath. An Illuminati mother of darkness
told me that two lions guarding a gate mean that it is an Illuminati house and may have
rituals done there. That does not preclude someone buying such a place or installing lions
unwittinglybut the few places w/ such guard lions that I could find info on all were
Illuminatioccasionally persons living there were programmed multiplesso you can see
what ran through my head when I saw the twin lions (called Aker in Egyptian mythology)
guarding this temples gate.

THE OCULUS ANUBIS TEMPLE IN DAMASCUS. When I first saw it, I went home & discovered
the property was blurred on Google Earth. Now who has the power to get Google Earth to
blur a forested property?? It was not like you were going to see that much through the
trees anyway! The property has paths through the woods with other statues of Egyptian
gods & goddesses. A Dr. Neal & family live on the property. They keep themselves low key.
The family is said to have bought the property in 1971. The cover story is that they simply
find Egypt interesting and they have lots of money. There are two houses on the property
which are connected by tunnels. They received permits from the county to build heated
tunnels. The extensive tunnels (see picture in thread) go to underground rooms and
represent the underworld, and have ritual purposes. Extensive masonry was done all over
the property, and a sample can be seen on the gate. There is no doubt that millions of
dollars were sunk into creating all this. To the west is Drake Rd. The word Drake has
occult significance also. So what we have here is a Temple which has a Gate of the Dawn
to the underworld (tunnels). Or Christians would call it a Gate to Hell. I would expect the
Temple would honor Sehkmet with the Festival of Intoxication at the beginning of the year.
I have not tried to hang out to see what other ritual dates they use the temple for.

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(1/1/2016) Its a good question for a new start on this first day of a new year. This message
is in response to that question which was just asked of me. The answer to this question is
really the nuts & bolts of what makes the walk in Christ work! How many Christians have I
met who cant seem to make Christianity work, who dont have a clue about most of this!
First, it is vital to understand the purpose of the armor.

UNDERSTANDING ITS USE. The primary Scripture that describes the armor of God best is
Ephesians 6:10-20although many other scriptures mention or touch on it.(A) The armor
passages in Ephesians were written by Paul, who had experienced (suffered) for acting like
a Christian about every possible problem, incl. being badly beaten, harshly imprisoned for
years, slandered, & chased out of towns. It seems no good deed happens without being
punished. Paul is thought to have written these words on the Armor of God while in prison
in other words, he knew firsthand how important the armor of God is to survive as a
person of God. Almost every man or woman of God is going to face problems where there
are no answersthings will make no senseand when you want to see God destroying the
problemHe does nothing. If one puts on and uses the armor of God, miracles often
happen, and one sees that God is there after all! I can testify that the armor works! I have
witnessed this many timesI think of one time where I felt backed into a corner with no
explanation or answers for what I facedbut I moved forward in total trust (faith in the
living loving God) and I saw the Spirit anoint me and do miracles. Out of confusion, & what
seemed defeat, the Spirit of God made me an overcomer. I didnt merely survive, but I
thrived in the midst of difficulty. Others have overcome incredible battles with the Armor of

THE INCREDIBLE PRESSURES OF LIFE. We have this treasure in earthen vessels [frail
human bodies], that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. We are hard
pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted,
but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyedalways carrying about in the body the
dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.(B) In
other words, we receive incredible pressures, so that we can manifest the life of Christ to
the world. The Armor of God is not some clever analogy, some skillful play on words, but it
is the practical method that we must use in our spiritual warfare against the Worlds forces
of evil.

INSTRUCTION ON THE ARMOR IN GODS WORD: my brethren, be strong in the Lord and
in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand
against the wiles of the devil.(C) The entire suit of armor is needed, for our opponent will
attack where we are weakest. The advice to put on the whole armor is repeated two
verses later.(D)


the midsection is truth. How important it is to know ourselves, to know the truth of others,
to know truth in this World of lies. Christ said he was the way & the truth. Another verse
teaches us that it is the love of truth that will save us.(E) It is not merely having the
truth, but loving the truth, because Satan will have all kinds of power to do lying wonders
and every unrighteous deception. (E) What pill do we want to takered or blueto leave
the Worlds matrix of lies, or to stay in the comfort of this World of lies? The first piece of
armor to put on is to take the truth pill to leave the Matrix.

2ND PIECE OF ARMOR, the Breastplate of righteousness, i.e. taking the moral high ground.
When we have truth on our side, when we have right on our side, it gives incredible power.
Having righteousness gives us incredible courage & confidence. Have you ever been
righteously indignant about some injustice? Do you see how that indignation empowers
you? For instance, you may have the courage to go up to a bully and say, Thats mine, I
want it back. But we all start out weak, we need to ask for forgiveness, repent of our
immoral ways, and start life new with the imputed righteousness of Christ, who promises
forgiveness to those who admit their wrongs and ask for forgiveness.

3rd PIECE OF ARMOR, the gospel of peace. When we come in peace, when we come to
help others, to find win-win solutions, rather than trying to hurt, it gives us confidence.
Imagine how bold you would feel if you had $100 bills to give everyone. Normally you
would not approach people, but because you know you have something valuable to give
them, you have courage and confidence to approach them. The gospel of peace is the real
gospel of Christwho taught us the golden rule, to do unto others as we would want done
to ourself. The real gospel of Christ is a gospel of love to build others up. It is a treasure
that is worth far more than $100. Peace blesses us too; I will both lay me down in peace,
and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makes me dwell in safety.(F) Peace was what Christ came
to give: Peace, I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world gives, give I
unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.(G)

4th PIECE OF ARMOR, the shield of faith. Our faith and trust that God is good functions like
a shield to protect us from all the fiery arrows that the enemy shoots at us to take us down
with discouragement. The enemy is trying to weaken us, and things fly at usbut they
dont attach to us and penetrate us if we use our shield of faith. When things dont make
sense, move forward with that shield of faith. For we walk by faith, not by sight.(H) The
first book written of Scriptures was about Job. Job, a man of God, had it all, until God
permitted Satan to attack his life. Job lost everything, and his wife told him to curse God &
die. But he kept his shield of faith in place and it carried him through the battle. We need
our God every moment. So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of
God.(I) This is why Christians treasure the Word of God, because washing our minds with
the Word, cleans out the lies of the Matrix and builds our faith in a good God.

5th PIECE OF ARMOR, helmet of salvation. There is power in knowing that you are a child
of God. There is power in knowing your Father is Almighty God. There is power in knowing
that this world is not all that there is, and that your true hope is a heavenly hope of your
future home with God. Satan will send demons of doubt to cause a person to doubt
salvation, to doubt God, to doubt the future that is promised believers. The helmet of
salvation is important. One needs to know ones identity is Christ. One needs to keep ones
heavenly hope and heavenly perspective. I am reminded of a German Christian in the last
month of WW 2; the German people had trusted in having the best technology, in having
the baddest army, in having the strongest willpower of all the nations, and indeed they
had these thingsbut those things had let them downand now all their cities were
rubble, allied jabos fighters roamed the over the country looking for anyone to shoot, &
their enemies had said they wanted to take Germany back to the stone age. He wrote 13
days before the surrender (V-E day): there is in fact only one genuine reason for joy: the
hope of Gods coming kingdom. True indeedif they had only realized that before they
began the war.

6th piece of Armor, the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God which is powerful.
attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayingsFor they are life unto those that
find them, and health to all their flesh.(J) The Word of God functions like a 2-edged
swordit will cut both waysto both the user and the one receiving it.(K) It also functions
as a flashlight to light up the path and show where to go.(L)

7th piece of weaponry, prayer. Ephesians 6:18 says praying always with all prayer and
supplication in the Spirit.. A key component of prayer is that it is God-breathedin the
Spirit. I have been compelled to pray prayers that I knew were inspired by God and knew
at the same moment that they would come true. God was behind them. How is this
obtained?by moving into the center of Gods will.

So this then are the components of spiritual armor, to know our identity as a child of God,
to walk in that gospel of peace & love, to move forward with a shield of faith, having
obtained the truth that removes us from the Worlds matrix of lies. To cherish the truth that
we would diligently look for it, using Gods Spirit of Truth to reveal the Worlds incredible
deceptions. We carry our Sword and know how to use the Word of God, which functions as
the Sword of God. We continually are in contact with our commander by all manner of
godly prayer. Prayer is like a radio for the soldier who needs to call in artillery or call for
other help. But we must use it correctly by moving in the center of Gods will.

(A) Other scriptures on the armor incl. ISA 59:17, ROM 13:11-14, 2 COR 6:7, 10:3-6, 1 THS
8:8 (B) 2COR 4:8-9 (C) EPH 6:10-11. (D) EPH 6:13 (E) 2 THS 2:10 (F) PS 4:8 (G) JN 14:27 (H)
2 COR 5:7 (I) ROM 10:17 (J) PRV 4:20-22 (K) HEB 4:12 (L) Many verses say this incl. PS
119:105 & PRV 6:22,23

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There are millions of trauma-based total mind controlled slaves in the U.S. This article is a
preliminary review of records & books kept on individual trauma-based mind controlled
slaves in America. Different levels of groups operate each slave, & each has its own levels
of security with diverse kinds of records, & records are compartmentalized, stored in
controlled areas, and dished out on a need-to-know (NTK) basis. Some places are even
designated SCIF (meaning sensitive compartmented info. facility). Sensitive
Compartmented Info, which will have code names, is called SCI. The programmers keep
medical programming files on all slaves. One book that is kept on all programmed
multiples is the Systems codes, and anymore many of these are kept on laptops rather
than on paper. In the old days they were typically in a black binder, or on rarer occasions a
grey binder. (I provided a sample page in the Formula.. book on pg. 88.) The goal of this
article is to begin to develop an awareness about records & books that pertain to each
specific mind controlled slave in America. Illuminati slaves will also have internal books like
the Great Book of Records, and an internal library.

HIGHEST LEVEL. At the highest level, everything there is to know of a person is available to
the Beast computers. Every slave is also a citizen and as such will have digital school
records from first grade, all of his or her digital health records, credit records, voting
registration records, marriage records, real estate & tax records. In fact, all known records,
such as purchases, plus many more are all compiled with A.I. and are available for the
Beast computers. Bear in mind that psychologists will keep track of their client history &
assessments, clients initial presenting complaint, treatments, clients status on visits,
diagnoses, & more. All psychologists do this to protect themselves, for insurance
companies, & for the Fed & state govts. These records seem to find their way into the
slaves masters hands. One therapist told me how the file system had been accessed on
off hoursso the sharing may not always be w/ the therapists consent. During the m.c.
programming & training records are kept, and there are reportedly a Neuron Mapping Book
and a Life Skills Book (the training & skills & responsibilities of individual alters).

ACTIVE GOVT. SLAVES. At the next level, 60,000+ slaves are actively used & monitored
daily by computer. (And this is likely an obsolete no.) These slaves may be Illuminati,
Church of Set, or CIA or other. A CIA slave may be also owned by an individual as well as
having handlers. If it seems complexit may be. Because the person is usually
programmed by a major programmer who may be Illuminati, the slaves mind may have
quite a few levels of programming, but may ultimately belong to the original master
programmer. Some of the programming has back door entrances. Back door codes are
kept in a secret notebook by the master programmer, or other programmer. One slave
reported actually getting to peek at her code book when the handler was not paying
attention. Handlers (such as those working for the CIA) may keep diaries for their
superiors. The slave himself will have codes kept in certain internal areas. For those who
are not handlers, yet have a Top Secret Clearance, they will have access to some of the
mind control information, enough that if that person is astute, he will be aware from the
limited info available that there is mind controlled slavery. Just as the 3rd degree in
Freemasonry is the highest degree and then you get side degrees to go higherlikewise
Top Secret is the highest clearance and then you get collateral eligibility for specific
access. For instance SI clearance is for COMINT clearance. Often the SCI has a code name
like Yankee Red. In addition, specific groups may have their own security clearances.

LAYERS OF USERS. Some victims of t.b.m.c. are owned directly by an individual (like some
Illuminati kingpin), or a cult, and then some are owned by some government agency. In
most cases there is an occult connection, so a govt. slave could also be an Illuminati
hierarchy member, a Church of Set member, or a coven member. When slaves are used,
the owner may be giving the slaves services as a perk to the recipient, or may be lending
the slave in some kind of exchange of favors, or may be making money off of the slave. As
example of an exchange of favors between the owner (pimp) of the slave & a policeman:
in exchange for sex you give me protection. Some kind of record is going to be kept of all
this history. From this discussion, the reader can see that records on a slave may be kept
at a number of different locations, by various users. There should also be a record (chart-
like chronology) somewhere of all the activities done with the slave, which I expect has
ownership/handlers written in it. There is some record of ownershiplike how the title
has passed from owner to owner.

COVEN RECORDS. Each coven may have a person who sends in secret reports, usually
after All Hollows Eve of the membership to Illuminati HQ (I think in Belgium). A crone
serves as the covens Keeper of the Spiritual records & a younger female (maiden, the
Way-Shower) as the Keeper of the Keys, which may also relate to the records of spells. A
male high priest (called My Lord or Lord so & so in the coven) serves as Guardian of
the covens Book of Shadows. A m.c. slave who is also a member of a coven may have her
or his own Book of Shadows, written in his or her own handwriting based on the teachers
Book of Shadows. Some covens only have a coven Book of Shadowsnot individual ones.
There is no common Book of Shadows, most are personalized. Covens in southern
California are using a very secret leather bound Keepsake Satchel book for each person,
and a Guideline book, the latter book containing the spells that have been placed on the
m.c. slave incl. its birthday spell.

THE BOOK OF SHADOWS. This is a personally black handwritten book w/ rituals,

ceremonies, & spells. In the middle ages they called such a book a Grimoire, so the Book
of Shadows is technically a grimoire (although never called that) and it contains grimoires
from the past. A sample of a middle age grimoire is Clavicle of Solomon. The grimoires are
used for programming as my books reveal. The first published Book of Shadows was
Arcadia Gospel of the Witches (by Charles Godfrey Leland, 1899); and a sample of a
recent one written to appeal to the loner is The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New
Generation Solitary Witch (by Silver Raven Wolf). Examples of handwritten coven Books of
Shadows and their original writer(s): Welsh Wiccan Book of Shadows (compiled by Ed
Buzynski), Saxon Book of Shadows (The Tree), Artus Wiccas New Wiccan Book of
Shadows by Ceisior Serith, Gardnerian Book of Shadows (by A. Crowley & Gerald Gardner),
Alexandrians Earthwise Book of Shadows (by Alex Sanders), and StarKindler Book of
Shadows (an evolution from the Alexandrian one). By the way, the Coven StarKindler calls
themselves Brotherhood of the Star.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This has been a preliminary review of the secret books kept on a slave,
which may number up to perhaps 8, as well as computer records pertaining to all the
various kinds of details of the slave. All these records will be accessible only on a NTK
basis. If readers have more information on this subject, I would enjoy getting emails at

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. My entire life has been spent ferreting out truth, studying geography, science & history
w/ an informed skepticism. My father was a scientist/engineer; & for a while I pursued the
rare college major of scientific journalism. This post offers insights & wisdom about the
maze of research spewed out by expert prognosticators, often contradictory.For
instance, cell phonesgood or bad?drinking water while exercisinggood or bad? UV
good or bad? Experts line up on both sides of countless issues.

In 1958, the Chairman of IBM said that there was only a market for maybe 5 computers
in the world. Ten years later one of his engineers at IBMs Advanced Computing System
Division exclaimed that he saw no use for computer microchips. 14 years later, IBM had
updated their forecast that the world might be able to use 200,000 PCs, & RCA had
predicted 220,000 PCs worldwide by 2001. Changing channels, in 2006 there were 1.5
million Americans diagnosed w/ cancer, 40% of that no. died of cancer that year. That
year, the NCS spent $5.2 billion on cancer research, & one source noted over $15 billion
was spent worldwide on cancer research. (I give these as only ballpark representations to
make the pt. lots is spent each year.) Going back in time to 1973, I note that the no. of
deaths was only 30% of those diagnosed w/ cancer, & one source said $.8 billion was spent
that yr. in the U.S. on cancer research. Another source said mortality rates for cancer are
basically the same now as in the 1950s. What have all the experts done with the billions
of dollars annually spent on cancer research for over half a century & why havent those
countless pages of cancer advice & studies made a significant difference to the no. one
killer of adults under 85?? Could it be that our experts are fallible?? Its much worse than
that, most published research esp. the dazzlingly research written up by the mass media is
false. Falsifying data is common in research. A review of studies on new drugs show that
65% under reported the dangers of the new drugs& when confronted only 14% fessed
up to underreporting it. Two quotes from 2 incredible men of science sum up this
paragraphSir Francis Bacon noted that preconceived ideas create our observations.
Einstein declared, If the facts dont fit the theory, change the facts. And strangely, most
experts, because they have agendas (careers, funding to raise, & preconceived ideas)
rather than seeking the truth, do exactly like Einstein described.

What really is the nature of the problem? For starters, the problem is that life is complex.
For instance, there are 1,000s of variables that function as to why a person may be fat.
But the common person doesnt want a limited explanation that is qualified a dozen ways,
he wants a doubt-free, do-able, interesting, one-size-fits-all, simple solution. However,
such advice is most likely wrong advice because genuinely good advice is not good
sounding advice. Real advice comes w/ qualifications & conditions, ifs, ands or butswhich
my experience has shown people, esp. Americans, detest. An engineer close to me got
upset when I answered his questions truthfully by qualifying my answers in detail rather
than simplistically giving a yes or no answer, neither of which would have been truthful.
This career engineer is an example of how the very people that should be exacting are in
the mindset of giving careless answers. Scientific studies are notorious for not controlling
countless variables that in reality invalidate any finding they claim from their data, if the
data is even for real. Much data today is obtained w/ sloppiness, or altered to create a
good discovery. Whistle blowers like Margot OToole lose their jobs, or at least get
retaliated against. We have developed a culture of letting colleagues get away w/ bad
research. In 99, Nat. Geographic published research about a missing link between birds &
dinosaurs which was a hoax; missing link hoaxes have been common concerning mans
alleged ancestors, & even Dr. Leaky manufactured his great discoveries. Science, esp.
pharma, loves to use mice (& other animals) to determine theories about people. In the
long run, these flashy discoveries based on mice studies are usually found to be irrelevant
to humans, as the two species are that different, but the Worlds media gets an interesting
health story to keep their ratings up; who cares if the health conclusions are bogus?

Watch out for the fads. I saw efficiency experts come in, later I was taught Total Quality
Management (TQM)by the way, management fads like 3 letter acronyms like BPR &
MBOthey promise the moon, and after a while are tossed for the next management fad.
Meanwhile the experts get rich. In the last decade about 1,000 books/yr. came out
preaching globalization for corporations. Before that it was computerizationall the top
Fortune 500 companies that computerized experienced productivity drops for years
(according to research I read). I can believe the productivity drop, because Ive seen the so
called experts wrong more than right most of my life. In terms of business, todays winners
are often tomorrows losers, but experts watch a company, then pick something they are
doing & prognosticate that everyone elses companies will succeed by doing it. For
instance, experts said that companies that specialized rather than diversified were
successful. They used the stat that 78% which had a particular set of profit criteria were
specialized. Sounds like focusing is goodbut wait, of all the companies that specialize
only 35% meet any of the profit criteria. In other words, most companies that are focused
are failures. You have to be very careful about what a statistic means. Todays science is a
religion, and their evangelists are journalists, who unfortunately have no standards of
honesty. Most medical research (95%) is never challenged by someone trying to replicate
it, & if someone did finance & disprove it, research journals dont like to publish negative
articles so your warning will not get publicity.
So watch out for simplistic universal one-size-fits-all health advice. Look for researchers
who are flexible and understand the complexity of life and are above tunnel vision. Some
scientists have a sixth sense for knowing what to research like Sir Isaac Newton. Dont give
credence to animal studies & small size studies. Pay attention to who gains from the study
& its advice. Remember that we tend to want good sounding (but incomplete &
misleading) advice, rather than the complex truth. Also watch out for PC, group think
research. Its popular to say the whites/U.S. govt. had a policy of genocide of natives.
False. It is true that there were brutal massacres by both sides, but there was no policy to
genocide all natives. For instance, the massacre of Pequots was part of a war between the
Dutch & English and each sides natives. 200 natives fought w/ the English when they
retaliated against Pequot brutality by hitting a Pequot town. Yet the History channel talked
like the massacre was a policy of genocide by whites against all natives. It is now popular
to denounce America as an embarrassment because it was built on slavery, & yet the
same people extoll the virtues of ancient Rome & Egypt. I hate double standards. Many of
the great civilizations were built on slavery, Americas venture into slavery, while an
abomination, was mild compared to many of these other great civilizations. The point is
that there are PC historical fads that distort the truth for agendas, such as the author who
faked evidence to support his recent book that claims Americans had little to do with guns
before the Civil War. Watch out for PC fads; even the churches have fads. Groupthink does
not make something real. A lazy thinker will run with the herd right to slaughter. In
contrast w/ todays mass media PC experts, Christ said that the way to destruction is
broad; the way to truth & life is narrow & only a small minority find it. If the Worlds mass
media experts advise one way, a safe bet is that they are wrong! You know what I mean?!

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This post discusses concepts of undersea warfare for the near future, incl. vulnerable
spots, new technologies & more. For those who are interested in how things work in the
World, this post is designed as a concise insightful look at this vital subject. Water covers
71% of the globe. While most attention is focused on satellite communication, basically all
of the worlds information travels over 200+ highly active cables deep under the sea.
These deep cables (some miles underwater) cross all the oceans & seas, and are the
lifeblood of the World System. Recently, Russian subs have been monitoring undersea fiber
optic cables (in the same way that American subs spied on Russia during the Cold War.
This takes precision work.) The global underwater cable system does have a few non-
operational dark cables in reserve as back up, but not enough to prevent the system
from being very vulnerable to destruction. Also the U.S. created a secret global grid
underwater to insure that underwater craft could accurately determine their location. This
grid has also been monitored by the Russians.

SIGNIFICANCE & SIZE. American subs have virtually unlimited endurance to stay
submerged. They routinely go into hostile waters. Their missiles can hit essentially
anywhere on the globe. 14 American nuclear ballistic missiles provide the nation with their
most credible nuclear response. Americas 4 nuclear guided missile subs (each carrying
154 Tomahawk missiles) in 2011 fired 90 Tomahawks into Libya. (In spite of their
importance, the no. of these went from 41 subs in 72 to 14 Ohio class subs in 2014. And
the 4 guided missile subs are scheduled to retire in 2025.). The third classthe Virginia
class attack subs are being upgraded, the Block III Virginias now coming into service (for
instance, the USS North Dakota), while 10 Block IV subs are in the pipeline. Each of these
VAs cost around $3 billion, and take perhaps 74 months to build. In all, 28 Virginia class
subs are deployed or on their way. American subs are not under U.S. operational control all
the time, at times they are under COMSUBNATO, whose HQ is located in the London area
just off of the M25 loop. Thirteen other NATO nations have subs, which at times do ops
together. American subs operate in all the oceans. Russias Typhoon-class & Boris-class
subs are much larger than Americas nuclear Ohio class subs, but not as powerful. Each
Ohio-class sub has 2 crews: a Blue & a Gold. Building these modern subs takes years. If a
sub fleet shrinks, it is difficultmaybe impossible to expand its size quickly.

NEW CAPABILITIES. Every new resource is being looked at by the Navy to see how it can be
incorporated to improve their abilities, such as new computer tech & new materials. The
security of a sub is its invisibility. This today means silence & stealth. Stealth in a sub is a
function of how it is built. It is also important how the crew operates (they have to move
around quietly on the ship) & how it is maintained. Ever improving stealth technology is
important for Amer. subs, & has given them an advantage over soviet subs during the cold
war. American subs are improving their abilities to go under the Arctic ice and into shallow
coast areas (Littoral areas). For instance, they mapped the Arctic sea bed, and installed
improved sensors for many things so that they can avoid underwater ice ridges projecting
as deep as 100, uncharted volcanoes and other Arctic threats. Cool handheld devices are
being tested that allow a user to move through the sub seeing all the information on his
screen (or her screen, as women are now serving on U.S. subs). Watch teams may
someday sit around a digital table. METOC (satellite info) streams in to add to situational
awareness. More electric controls and high power-density electric motors have been
installed. Guided torpedoes that compensate for target evasions are deployed. The Navy
believes its underwater abilities are far ahead of any rivals. It is trying to improve by
improving its info flow.

DEEP ABILITIES. The U.S. Navy leads the world underwater. The Navy has a diving bell (SAT
FADS) that can take 6 divers down to 1000 for up to 21 days of work. Unmanned
Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) can do a lot at deep depths. The NR-1 deep submergence sub
goes to 3,000 & can sit on the bottom. It recovered a missile lost in the Atlantic. There is a
NSRS rescue submersible that can mate with any sub and go very deep. The navy can also
contract with civilian vehicles if need be. Also I believe there are secret underwater
installations. Isnt interesting that large flying saucers at times are seen coming out of the
water? Where are these different kinds of bases? Several UFO reports are from the Pacific.
What has been the sub forces role in relation to these?I dont know. Seeing a saucer
come out of the water was what woke up William Cooper.

MYSTERIES. Seismic reading showed 9 nuclear explosions in Nov. 17-18, 2008 in the Arctic
Ocean. One has to wonder what kind of secrets have U.S. navy personnel been forced to
withhold from their fellow Americans.

TEST SITES. ONR operates China Lake test facility in So. Calif.s desert which has been
used for t.b. mind control. An important sub test site for the Navy is Lake Pen Oreille, ID
near Bayview & Carderock is the Navys primary research organization. The lake has over
26 sq. miles and is over 1,000 deep. The Naval Undersea Warfare Ct. Div. is at Newport,
RI. NATO maritime research is done at La Spezia, It.

RUSSIAN STRATEGY. Russian naval strategy has been based on trying to win in the first
strikean overwhelming first strike because they know their navy cannot exist in a
protracted war. This means that if an engagement occurs involving undersea military craft,
the Russian initial strike will be as intense as they can make it. Even with the help of
Communist China, they would have a difficult time dealing with our subs even if they tried
an all-out surprise attack. Russias new subs are the Borei class (which costs about 1/3 of
its American counterpart) and the Yasen class. The Borei class use a new pump jet
propulsion system. China is constructing a major underground nuclear submarine base
near Sanya, Hainan. It was reported (The Daily Telegraph- 1 May, 08) that tunnels were
being built into hillsides which could be capable of hiding up to 20 nuclear submarines
from spy satellites. Currently, they have 6 nuclear attack subs, as well as 4 Jun class
ballistic missile subs. They have newer classes being built. Russia has assisted them in sub

FINAL THOUGHTS. The American undersea force exceeds any other national powers. The
U.S. is down sizing while trying to improve their subs & how they are operated &
maintained. They hope they can keep their advantage this way. Even with their current
abilities, they are stretched thin with the missions they are given. The global cable system
is open to Russian spying & sabotage, just as it has been to American subs in the past. If
current info is accurate, the American submarine fleet still has the power to deter any
nation. This leads one to speculate if there is any way for an enemy to neutralize it in the
foreseeable future

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322 & the Illuminati Chapter of the Order of Skull & Bones

to the question, do you have any idea what the 322 means in skull and bones? The short
answer is yes, the longer answer forms this article. 322 is a sacred number for the
members of the Order of Skull & Bones, and they refuse to talk about its meaning. The
number is placed under their skull & bones logo and on their Tomb door (their frat
building at Yale is called the Tomb which contains their temple). The floor of the Temple
within the Tomb also has 322 inlaid on its floor.

The Illuminati bloodlines, which hid themselves within the Rosicrucians & Freemasons
during the 1700s, sponsored the German Philosopher Adam Weishaupt to form a branch of
the Illuminati which would promote their agenda. He began this in 1776 in Bavaria. Soon
afterwards, an affiliate began in the U.S. in Virginia called Phi Beta Kappa (which this
article will refer to PBK). Phi Beta Kappa transferred its base to Yale, and set up a chapter
also in Harvard. Its rituals were based on Egyptian magic, masonic in nature, & they
illuminated their candidates. Another early secret society of Yale, Society of Brothers in
Unity, had Joseph Dulles in ithis progeny John Foster Dulles & Allen Dulles (assoc. with
Rockefellers) show up in the public eye a century later. In 1825, there was a public outcry
against secret societies after the murder of the Freemason Capt. Morgan. The first political
party in the U.S. was the Anti-masonic party, which attacked secret societies & the power
they had in America. In 1832, the Harvard PBK chapter decided to quit being secret, & sent
a rep to the Yale chapter telling them so. Seeing the handwriting on the wall so to speak,
the Yale PBK decided to become an open society, which before the century was out, faded
into non-existence. In its place, the smaller, more obscure Order of the Skull & Bones was
created by several PBK members.

The main PBK founder of the Order of the Skull & Bones was William Huntington Russell, a
member of the Russell Illuminati bloodline, as well as an initiate of a German chapter of
the Bavarian Illuminati, which he had participated in the during 1831-32 time period when
he was student there. He also founded a prep school for elite boys, and this led to the
Phillips Academy (prep school) for the elite. By the way, the Bavarian Illuminati continues
in Bavaria even today. They are a branch of the Illuminati, and Skull & Bones has been a
branch of the Bavarian Illuminati; and they do the same rituals that were exposed by the
respected Freemason Robinson in his Proofs of a Conspiracy book exposing the Bavarian

In the occult world, things have an exoteric name & meaning along with the hidden occult
name & meaning (called the esoteric or arcane). The esoteric name for S&B is The Order
322. The obvious meaning of 322 is that it was the second chapter of this Bavarian
Illuminati chapter which began in 1832. That is so obvious that it then begs the question
why people like Pres. Bush and John Kerry would refuse to say anything about 322. The
Kabala, gematria, and sacred numbers are the foundation of the occult. Aleister Crowley
wrote 777. Another Satanist, who I wrote about in Be Wise As Serpents, W. Wynn
Wescott said in this book The Occult Power of Numbers (p. 15): Numbers are a key
to the ancient views of cosmogony spiritually as well as physically to the evolution of
the present human race; all systems of religious mysticism are based upon numerals. The
sacredness of numbers The number 322 is used by Skull & Bones members in many
ways, showing that it is considered a sacred number.

It is important that my work showing where & how the Illuminati operate are understood to
realize the bigger context of what Skull & Bones operates within. They have been a
chapter of something powerful & global. This is how a 1943 special legislative act gave
their S&B legal corp. special exemption from having to file corporation reports. It is why
Prescott Bush could be publicly proven to be an agent working with the Hitler regime after
the U.S. went to war, and yet he was able to keep & use his profits to finance his family
going into politics after the war. Because the members of S&B are members of a much
larger secret society, you can see the S&B members throughout history move around with
incredible power. You would expect the occult meaning of 322 to be much bigger than the

NEW BEGINNINGS. The Vernal (Spring) Equinox falls on March 21. The first day of Aries (the
first astrological sign) is Mar. 22. The Illum. do celebrate the Spring equinox with rituals. In
essence, 3/22 is the beginning of the new year. 1832, was the beginning of S&B, but more
important 3-22 is the beginning of the new year. The S&B, along with the rest of the Illum.,
look forward to the beginning of a new agea new world order, the return to the Golden
Age. The word Revolution was coined because (according to Illuminati occult beliefs)
violent revolutions would revolve us back to the Golden Age. So 322 is a symbol of the
New Order, the new beginnings, that the Illuminati strive to bring in. Two S&B brothers,
Capt. Prescott Bush and Capt. Henry Mallon were assigned to the 322nd Regiment of Field
Artillery. The 2nd President Bush was fined $3.22 for missing a S&B meeting. The S&B
Class of 1858 gave a note: 322 from the S.E.C. of 1858. The overall HQ capital for the
Illuminati is Brussels, Belgium, whose city code is 322. The S&B members add 322 to our
calendar year to derive their cult date, in other words this year is 2015+322=2137. The
number 322 is not assigned as an area code in the states321 is East Central Floridas
Brevard Co., FL where Cape Canaveral, JFK Space Ctr., Patrick AFB, and a navy test unit are
located. This is just north of Jupiter Island, part of Treasure Coast and an important
Illuminati private island. 323 is the Hollywood-central LA area. Scams have frequently used
322 as their alleged area code for their scam phone numbers.

THE ELITE LIKE PRIVACY. Jupiter Island, FL is tied to S&B. Bonesmen Prescott Bush & Averell
Harriman were part of Jupiter Island. It was bought in 1931 to use as a secret elite
community. (Deer Island is another private S&B island used as the site of a club house.)
When a judge dismissed a case against Jupiter Island, he said, The community is unique
it is the one and only, different from all others, having no like or equal. It is unusual,
extraordinary and rare. It was cut from one mold and its counterpart cannot be found
elsewhere. Many people would consider it dead but it is very much alive with genteel
living, friendship and compatibility. The Town doesnt want what many others have, but
many others would be better off if they had more of what this Town has and wants to keep-
seclusion, solitude and tranquility. Richard M. Bissell, Jr. of the Bissell Illuminati family was
associated with the Island. His father, Richard M. Bissell, Sr. ran a mind-control project
called Neuro Psychiatric Institute, which used one of its victims to create the Mental
Hygiene Society, which was a S&B mind control project years before MK Ultra. Bissell, Jr.
joined the CIA as one of Allen Dulles close aides. He and other Bonesmen worked with
creating Cuban assassination squads. (By the way, Antony Sutton, who exposed the S&B,
died on June 17th, the date S&B was founded & the ritual feast day of Corpus Christi
mocking Christ.) The Dulleses were in Princeton secret societies. It was said that the occult
families of the secret Eastern establishment that fed into groups like S&B, Wolfs Head,
Porc Club, Scroll & Key which also use secret cult names for its members numbered 32
bloodlines. (See my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book, pgs. 483-493 for a discussion of
these groups, as well as the families that supply them with members.)

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Stand Strong Side by Side


A message on the power of leaders with strength of character who come alongside their
brothers in combat. Fear can defeat a person & prevent him from even trying. Coming
alongside ones brother is personal up close leadership, like the love & encouragement a
mother gives to her infant daughter. One native American tribe would blindfold a boy on
the night of his 13th birthday, and leave him to the spookiness of the night. In the morning
after light, he could take off the blindfold, & when he did, he would see his father standing
nearby with bow & arrow protecting him. This messages lesson has application for those
in the war between the Kingdom of God & the Kingdom of Death. The storms of life reveal
who we are, and our character will be reformed by those storms.

TEARING OFF SOME PAGES FROM SECULAR HISTORY. Lets look at 2 Civil War generals, one
Confederate & one Union. Stonewall Jackson at the Battle of Bull Run and Phil Sheridan at
the Battle of Winchester both by the strength of their character personally turned a
defeat into a victory. A similar type of leader during WW 2 was Leon Degrelle, who helped
prevent the annihilation of the surrounded German army at Cherkassy. At Cherkassy, he
was the leader of the legion of Belgium Walloon volunteers who fought communism on the
Eastern front for Germany. He & 150 other Belgium Walloons received Knights Crosses for
their outstanding courage & tenacity at Cherkassy. During the entire war, the Belgium
Walloons amazed everyone with their astonishing courage & their ability to win in hopeless
impossible situations. They had the hearts of lions. After their 1944 parade across Belgium,
the legion was being rebuilt with new recruits. Before the new recruits could be trained, a
new Russian offensive in Estonia threatened to shred Germanys Army Group North.
Desperate, Army command sent the Walloons, new recruits & all to rescue the situation.
Leon Degrelle had been such a notable hero that Hitler had forbidden him to serve at the
front, but Degrelle knew the men would have a better chance w/ his presence &
leadershipso he risked a court martial to go back to the front to lead the Belgium troops.
Here is his conversation with German army command.
DEGRELLE: With or without authorization I will leave tomorrow for the Estonian Front.
ARMY COMMAND: This is a court-martial offense.
DEGRELLE: It is also a court-martial offense to send 4-day old recruits to combat.
ARMY COMMAND: Do as you wish.
His leadership & presence did indeed make a significant difference, for starters, he got
training with the best trainers for his new recruits before they went into combat. With
Degrelle by their side, the Walloons continued their astonishing combat feats.

AS CHRISTIANS DO WE HAVE ANYONE BY OUR SIDE? Paul was convinced, even while facing
execution, that Christ would be at his side. (2 TIM 4:18) Peter wrote, [We] are kept by the
power of God through faith. Christ, an excellent example of a leader who comes
alongside, said: I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. He was following in
his Fathers example.

GODS PRESENCE. DT 20:1, When thou goest out to battle against thine enemiesbe not
afraid of them: for the LORD thy God is with thee ISA 43:2, When thou passest through
the waters, I will be with thee And who can forget the 23rd PSALM, Yea though I walk
through the Valley of the Shadow of Death We are told to be content with our situation
for He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.(HEB 13:5)

COMFORT FROM THE SCROLL OF ISAIAH. When the reader gets to chapter 40 of Isaiah,
there is a shift in mood & focus. It starts in verse 1, Comfort, comfort my people, says
your God. Each verse in the chapter speaks a volume. Verse 2 can be compared to MT
11:28 & PHIL 3:13-14. The third verse can be compared to what John the Baptist said &
did, as well the works of Christ. So YHWH affirms, I am with you. He is that leader that
comes along side. He wants us to draw strength from Him. When we get to ISA 41:10 we
are confronted with a powerful verse: Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed;
for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with
the right hand of my righteousness. WOW. Divine help with His divine presence is
promised. Isaiah 41:10 is worth meditating on!! One hears echoes of its message
continuing through the rest of Isaiahfor instance, 43:5 Fear not, for I am with thee


1/24/1865, a missionary couple to Persia (Iran) had a son named William Ambrose Shedd,
who in turn at the age of 17 became a missionary to Persia also. His godly heritage going
back several generations was a strength. William at age 5 came to America w/ his parents
on furlough. At age 15, he entered college, but dropped out at 17 when his parents asked
for his help in the mission field. By 1892, he was a full time, fully committed missionary to
Iran. William talked about how being close to God brought heat, He that is near Me is near
the fire. William had no illusions about Islam, Islam as a system I believe to be an
obstacle to social progress and another comment was a distinction can be drawn
between the truth in Islam and Islam

WILLIAMS LEADERSHIP FACING A DEN OF LIONS. Christians were massacred by Moslems

in Iran during that time period. Many Christian women & girls were raped, and during the
WW 1 period, 1,000 Christians were killed in Persia by the Moslems. Yet William was
courageously willing to lay all on the altar of God, and remained a successful missionary
for many years. William commanded confidence from people. In an Islamic nation that
hated Christians, he became very respected. One observer said, The whole Assyrian
[Persian] nation came to regard him as its counselor and guide. He himself valued the
warrior spirit & tried to encourage it in new Christians. Nor was William timid. He stuck up
for justice for all kinds of people. Moslems who could not trust their own leaders would
come to him for legal protection. Islamic law was not kind to Christians. A Christian convert
to Islam automatically gained the legal right to all the inheritance of all Christian relatives
within 7 degrees of kinship! Christians in Iran did not have legal rights equal to Moslems.
Yet, William rescued a number of Christian girls kidnapped by Moslem men and forced into
marriage. Thanks to Williams integrity, character & courage, it was quite a lesson for the
public when the local Moslem ruler tortured a Moslem man who had kidnapped a Christian
girl & forced her into marriage. The reason I included William in this message is because of
his willingness to be right beside his brothers & sisters in their times of trials. He fed many
refugees. He went to legal battle for many of them also. He not only was a leader, but a
leader who was truly right in the trenches with his fellow man.(A)

FINAL THOUGHT. We have a God who leads who by our side. As the Prophet Isaiah wrote,
Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes I will help you

Reference A: The story of William Shedd can be found in The Measure of a Man: The Life
of William Ambrose Shedd Missionary to Persia. Publ. Geo. H. Doran Co. (1922)

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THINGS TO COME. (20 NOV 15) This post is a continuation of my articles on gas/oil prices
& the global chess game that is going on. If we were to watch a grand master play, we
might not comprehend the ramifications of his chess moveseven his high level
opponents might not comprehend. Likewise, what we have going on are subplots in
subplots within larger plots. The Illuminatis global chess game is played with more than
one side and is more complex than 3D chess.
THE POLITICS OF OIL. The Worlds disinfo is that supply & demand determine oil/gas prices.
In reality, a large set of factors are involved. Demand has not decreased this year as prices
decreased. My posts have disclosed the meaning of a no. of moves impacting oil, for
instance, why Obama made a nuclear deal with Iran,it took the sanctions off of Iran and
now they are in the oil market attempting to regain their market share. (By the way, U.S.
Senate is entirely skeptical of the treaty w/ Iran.) Iranian oil will help keep oil prices down.
Saudi Arabia since Nov. 2014 has been allowing oil prices to tumble. The direct victim of all
these low oil prices is Russia, Venezuela and Algeria. (Low oil prices in 1986 directly
contributed to the fall of the USSR.) But the low oil prices also impact the U.S.A. in a
variety of ways.
THE EFFECT ON AMERICA. America spends perhaps $1.5 billion per day for oil. For the USA,
the price of oil is really a term that refers specifically to the price of WTI (which is Texas
Light Sweet Crude oil). Other kinds & grades have other prices. In mid-March, 2015 WTI
was at $44/barrel and on Aug. 24, 15 it was at a low of $38/barrel. North Dakota Bakken
Shale oil, which is obtained by fracking, costs between $54-$79/barrel just to produce! So
you can see why there has been a big American fracking bust with Marion & Dune Energy
and others going bankrupt. 100,000 shale oil workers were laid off, with more to follow.
Some of the more efficient hydraulic frackers will survive. And these bankruptcies also help
Saudi Arabia. Their new American competition has just been seriously destroyed.
THE EFFECT ON SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia in the short term is also hurting by allowing
their own oil prices to be so low, but they are gaining a number of benefits in the long run.
They help their ally America out by damaging the Russian economy. They get lots of oil
sold before the global environmental laws cut back on CO2 emissions. They help protect
their future oil sales to America by shutting down Americas producers. But Saudi Arabia
can only continue losing short term profits for long term benefits for so long. Up to now
they are replacing their short falls in profits by reaching into their reserves of money, but
they can only do this for so long. True they can borrow, but that may not work in the long
run. The Saudi royalty need to spend large sums of money on defense and social programs
to stay in power. So at some point, they will decide they have got the benefits of the low
prices, and then they will let it rise. Every $10/barrel rise is said to equate to a .25 cent
raise at the gas pump in the USA. Now how fast and how high will it rise?
THE EFFECT OF RISING PRICES. When the price for a barrel of oil riseswhere will it stop?
Because so many shale oil producers have been put out of business, and oil exploration
has been cut back, when the prices go up (because less oil is sold by Saudi Arabia), then
the prices will go up to a higher price than $3/gallon at the pump. It will take a while to get
Americas fracking back on line. Saudi Arabia will make up for this current period of losses
from low prices by the upcoming period of high prices. How high will American politicians
allow it to go, before they and the Saudis rein the escalating prices back?? But there is
another wild card that has been createdISIS. Granted ISIS was a product of America, but
it is like a zombie monster that will take on a life of its own. ISIS hates the immoral Saudi
royalty, and is attempting to blow up one of their oil fields. If they do, then that will help oil
prices go up. The price of oil makes up about a third of the price of food, due to production
costs involving oil products, and transportation costs. A rise in oil prices will cause the
price of food globally to go up. Ouch to those with fixed incomes! Now the Illum.s script
calls for chaos, especially the kind of chaos that looks natural. Like I say: plots & scripts
within other plots & scripts. Yes, it would be nice if the prices were more stable, all this up
& down movement wreaks havoc with economies around the world. Perhaps the amount of
plant material used for biofuel will change. Brazil uses lots of sugar cane to make ethanol
biofuel. In the U.S., maize (which is similar to corn) & corn are used to make biofuel. Rising
prices will give Russias economy some relief.
BOTTOM LINE. The bottom line of this post is that at some point, oil & gas prices will rise.
This will cause a rise in food & other product prices. The rising prices will seriously hurt the
U.S., Chinese, & Japanese economies. It would be fallacious thinking to mistakenly believe
that oil/gas prices will stay down. There may be large global reserves of oil, especially
geologically produced oil in places like the Arctic Ocean, but the question is not how much
is there, but what are the costs of obtaining it. You will see the prices rise, and when they
do, it is possible in a worst case scenario, they could rise to $4/gallon at the pump.
Another bottom line is this, the big oil companies of the Illuminati, and their politicians
around the world, have some control mechanisms that have serious economic impacts. My
friends, just thought youd appreciate having a heads up on all this.

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AS THE WORLD TURNS (12 NOV 15). A brief update on current events.

ECONOMIC WAR AGAINST RUSSIA. People may have heard me, or may have read
something I wrote to the effect that these low gas prices are part of an economic war
against Russia. Sanctions were placed on Russia and Russians for Russias aggression in
the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Putin talked like the sanctions meant nothing, but the
truth is that Russians in the street are seriously hurting economically. Saudi Arabia is
helping the USA out. They have replaced Russia in supplying crude oil to Poland & Sweden,
who traditionally have bought from Russia. Eastern European refineries are set up to refine
Russias Ural Crude and Irans crude is similar to this. Saudi Arabias crude could not
replace the Ural crude, but Irans can. Now I have a better understanding of why the
nuclear deal with Iran took place. It allowed the 2012 sanctions against Iran selling its oil
to be lifted. Iran plans to regain all its former markets, and will slip into Eastern Europe and
replace their crude for Russias. Just one more loss of oil & gas revenues for Russia, which
is the principal foundation of the Russian govt.s budget. Meanwhile a few days ago, I
actually bought gas for less than $2 per gallon. Its been a long time since that happened.

SABER RATTLING FOR AN ACTUAL WAR. Russia today leaked (supposedly by accident)
their plans for a long-range nuclear torpedo Status-6. Our military keeps leaking their
focus on planning for WW 3. As you know, U.S. troops are in combat in the Middle East.
Every few months, the Israelis bomb some military base in Syria. And we have the
American & Russian militaries in Syria. This conflict has allowed Europe to open its borders
to massive amounts of refugees, who are causing massive amounts of stress to the
countries they have flooded into. Germans are now calling for the removal of Chancellor
Merkel. In spite of Merkel, the German govt. has just reversed its asylum policies to a
stricter stance and is talking about deporting some of the refugees. Unfortunately, the
same widespread stress & chaos that Europe is experiencing, may be coming to the USA.
These refugees from Africa & the Middle East carry diseases that dont (or barely) exist in
the US. By spreading them all over our nation, they are bringing in diseases that we have
been free of. Once here, it will be hard to eradicate them. And you know what the govt. will
try doingmandatory vaccinations which will be laced with all kinds of deadly things. (This
is genocide population control that the US govt. has legally committed itself to carry
out.) Bear in mind that earlier the USA signed treaties in Geneva that ban the forceful use
of medical treatment. You have a right not to accept any medical treatment. Keep your
rights and say no. It is criminal for anyone to force a treatment on you. In some places, I
hear they have police roadblocks where they are forcing Americans to take vaccinations.
Learn your rights concerning medical treatment, and demand them. You and your kids
lives may depend on you demanding your rights. Pray for strength as we are assaulted on
every side.

WARS & MORE RUMORS OF WARS. And the beat goes onFather in heaven, there are so
many hurting & sad people. Activate our compassion for those who are hurting. Comfort us
in all our troubles, Forgive us of our sins Father, thank you for showing us ahead of time
what these days would be like, in Christ we pray, Amen



THE BEATLES & YOKO ONO. (10 NOV 15.) I was asked to comment on a discussion about
Yoko. I decided to answer and use my answer as a post or should I say provide my answer
to everyone who follows my articles. Yoko has received lots of hate, and it is not my
purpose to add to that. The role of Yoko Ono in the lives of John Lennon and Paul
McCartney is an interesting subject. There are many things happening in the world today,
so the subject of Yoko in a sense is not a high prioritybut, the sociocultural revolution
that she was a part of is an important subject, because it is instructive about how an entire
culture can be manipulated.

First, the Beatles were a product of Tavistock, and the band was so good that they were
major players in creating a sociocultural revolution. I lived in the 50s and the 60s, and I
saw this cultural revolution. It was a big change. The master minds of this revolution had a
lot invested in the Beatles, so I doubt that they would have let Yoko Ono just waltz in do
whatever she wanted. So who was she?

Yoko had royalty on her Dads side, and bankers on her moms side. She was born to a
wealthy aristocratic Japanese family. Japan has been a fascinating subject for me. The
Japanese have a national consensus on how to do everythingthere is a certain way
(shikata) to do everything if you are to be Japanese. When someone goes overseas and
picks up foreign ways, that person is somewhat shunned and no longer considered
Japanese. Yoko is clearly not Japanese by her actions, but when I have seen her do things,
some actions are definitely the result of having been Japanese. In other words, some of her
strangeness may be the carryover of the Japanese way of doing things. But she does many
things that are NOT Japanese. What is behind that?

She was born in 1933, and came to the U.S. when she was two. So she grew up in
California, which back then was liberal compared the rest of the U.S. Just before WW 2, her
family went back to Japanso she got to endure WW 2 in Japan. After 53, she lived in NYC.
For art, CA && NYC are great statesfor conservative values they are not. In 1962, at
around 29 yrs. old, Yoko was placed in a mental hospital in Japan. Yoko just released the
new album Yes, Im a Witch too. One of her previous ones back in 1980 was Double
Fantasy. (By the way, for those who havent read my books, mental hospitals, are used
for mind control.)

In regards, to the discussion I was asked to comment onI entirely disagree that the
Beatles purpose was to get people to smoke pot. Ringo in 1966 was saying positive things
about LSD. Their song Yellow Submarines was about drugs too. It was not about one
particular drug, but a mind-set to try drugs and experience themto liberate yourself
with their use. It was clearly a sociocultural revolution that alienated the younger
generation from their parents and mainstream culture. I saw it, I lived through it, I saw the
enormous change.

That whole revolution was manipulated. Now people are realizing that the CIA was behind
itwell it wasnt just the CIAMI6 was behind the Beatlesand further behind it all was
the mother of secret societies. So like I said, Yoko was not just going to waltz into Johns
life and take control of it. The Beatles were an important thing to many people. Someone
had to allow itor more likely orchestrate it. What was her role? I dont know the specifics
on thatso I will let others speculate on that. I can say this, the controllers like controlled
conflict. There is no doubt in my mind, that they took control over the anti-war
demonstrations. Yoko played a big role in anti-war demonstrations. The Vietnam War tore
America apart. Americas cities were burning. Demonstrators got hurt and even killed.
America was being fractured. The war was used to enrich the Military-Industrial Complex,
to cause our youth to turn to drugs, and to fracture America. And the Control freaks
wanted to control the process. Yoko, representing the iconic Beatles, was going to be heard
when she denounced war.

Today, we have the exact same dynamic at work. I have repeatedly warned that the
movement to protest Obama and create almost a civil war in this nation is heavily
manipulated by the mind-control programmers. I hate to see demonstrations against the
New World Order and the WTO and Obama co-opted by these insiders, but that is what is
happening. In the 1990s, my work against the New World Order got no attention from the
mainstream media, while some planted agents, who got control of the movement
received lots of negative attention. The point is that they got attention. In other words,
during the Vietnam War protests, protesters they controlled were going to get center
stagewhile more qualified anti-war protesters were going to get ignored and arrested!

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A collection of little known information. In the past, some friends have voiced an interest
in prophecy. Yesterday, some expressed an interest in ancient history. This article is a little
of both, with the goal of presenting new information.

USING PSEUDO-SCIENCE. Yesterdays article was on the priestly city of Cutha, whose city
god was Nergal (Satan); it discussed how the city contained an observatory for
astrology/astronomy. The priests looked for heavenly signs to justify the govts actions,
such as to make a war or an alliance. Likewise, globally the modern elite are using pseudo-
sciences like global warming & psycho-babble to justify their actions. Of course, the
ancient Mesopotamian mystery religion priests, who were fascinated by the stars as much
as our culture is about outer space, had lots of scientific babble to sound sophisticated and
snow the common person. They had temple libraries with all the factoids. (Interestingly,
tablets were stored on shelves, like our libraries.) Now you know what kind of educated
people Daniel came up against.
For centuries, they kept daily diaries of celestial movements. For instance, the 1800 B.C.
Venus Tablet 63 (aka Venus Tablets of Ammizadaga) records the positions of Venus. By
2000 B.C., the priest astronomers had books (tablets) that gave squares, square roots,
cubes, reciprocals, & other math values. They invented the abacus & algebra (history has
not given them credit). By 1000 B.C., they were solving quadratic equations. They had
sundials & water clocks. Their number system was the best in the world & was great for
large numbers (which you find in astronomy), and great for working with fractions. The
Babylonian number system used place values, and had a marker for zero.(Their use of a
zero marker has not been widely recognized, & was thousands of years before the Arabs
used zero. The Romans did not use place value nor zeroin other words 2,000 yrs. before
the Roman empire, the Babylonians number system was ahead of Romes.) Our system is
base 10, theirs was base 60. We use base 60 for time, for geographic coordinates, & for
angles. For instance: 60 seconds = 1 degree360 degrees= 1 revolution. 60 sec.=1 min.;
60 min.=1 hr. Around 500 B.C., they created the 12 sign Zodiac system with 30 degree
intervals. Much of their science, and pseudo-science (like astrology) were adopted by the
Greeks. The word Zodiac is actually a Greek word we adopted. They were ahead of many
civilizations that came after them. Their sexagesimal time system broke time down to 2
microseconds. They had the equivalent of 6 a.m. hours, & 6 p.m. hrs., with their minutes
equaling 2 of ours. They worked w/ irrational numbers like pi & the square root of 2.

USING SLAVERY. The temples used slaves and everyone else could too in Babylon. Slaves
were bought, sold & branded. Sometimes it appears people took poison & died along with
someone great who died. In China when an emperor died, the entire household was killed
& buried with him. The Babylonians loved roads & great buildings, like other tyrannical
govts. have (like Rome, Hitler, and now us). When I think of what the Babylonians knew,
and that they had that information for many centuries, some of it for 2,000 yrs. or more
(because much of it, like their writing & astronomy, came from Sumer)then it begs the
question: why did they not progress more? They had intelligent priests who had all the
time they wanted to study things. I have a theory that they were held back by slavery.
Necessity is the mother of invention. When they needed to develop irrigation, they were
brilliant. Babylon & Nineveh were reported to have incredible Hanging Gardens irrigated by
aqueducts & machines with screws for lifting water to great heights. A parallel may be
Americas old South; George Washington Carver noted that slavery kept the South
backward. If slaves can do the work, why progress?

BABYLON THE GREAT: A CRYPTIC NAME. The Word of God tells us that Babylon the Great
is a mystery and that her name is cryptic.(A) Obviously, the end time Babylon the
Great of prophecy is not historic Babylon. Bible prophecy in REV tells us that Babylon the
Great is:
a commercial center with a great port
a global military & financial power over all the nations of the earth
responsible for all the people slaughtered in history, and all the prophets of God who
were killed in history.
has 7 kings (and 7 mountainstranslated hills, whatever mountains means, whether hills
or kingships)
trades in the souls of men
by its sorceries (& drugs) all nations were deceived, and its spiritual adultery made the
nations drunk
I have argued that the power that matches this can only be the Illuminati, which is Satans
organization to control humanity. Rome is not a seaportit is landlocked. Neither Rome nor
the US were around to be guilty of all the people slaughtered in historys warfare and to be
guilty of all the prophets of God who were killed. Many prophets were killed before the
Catholic church was even thought of, and most before America was even created. But the
Illuminati goes back to these ancient mystery religion priests. These mystery religion
priests were plotting wars & justifying their actions by the stars. The elite, which have run
things, is responsible for all the wars. Their ancestor Nimrod is credited with inventing war.
Sumer invented the wheel, which was developed into war chariots. The Illum. today has
great commercial power (basically all the multinational corporations), great financial power
(IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve), and great military power (there are secret
international Illum. meetings where their military men gather & discuss how the Illum.
control all the nations & are having the globe play out their script). Its highest council is 7
people, while they have delegated a Council of 13 men to rule Europe, and other councils
for other areas.

PROPHECIES IN JEREMIAH. There are a number of prophecies in Jeremiah on Babylon that

should also apply to today. Prophecy is truth, and in similar situations, similar things
happen. In other words, prophecy can have more than one fulfillment. JER 50:40 says that
the destruction of Babylon is like the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah. This matches end
times prophecy in the New Testament.

HER PLAGUES. (REV 18:4) And JER 51:6, 24 says, Flee from the midst of Babylon, and
deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity; for this is the time of Gods
vengeance; He will render unto her a recompenseI will repay Babylonfor all the evil
they have done in Zion, says YHWH. JER 50:28 is similar. It is helpful that the prophecy
of Revelation, which builds upon Jeremiahs prophecy teaches us that the end time
equivalent to the World power of the ancients, is not the same as ancient Babylon. But
there is still some continuity and similarityand so again I call attention to the continuity
of the modern continuation of the mystery religion priesthoods (the Illum.) and the many
similarities they have to their forefathers. These Illuminati kingpins have repeatedly
referred to their modern creation of a united Europe (EU) as the rebuilding of the Tower of
Babel. Indeed they are re-uniting mankind under a global govt. And it will be stopped just
as the original Tower of Babel.
(A) REV 17:5, REV 18:23-24

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COURAGE & HOPE 11/4/2015


More ideas on things to come w/ a focus on Israel by analysis. (11/4/15) The title reflects
my approach: we need the courage to face our problems with hope. I am not talking about
passively being an optimistic day-dreamer, but rather a spirited force for future good. Four
forces shall affect the future: leadership, technology, resources & demographics. They will
be discussed in the context of todays complex World Order with its fault lines. Those
that manipulate the world as a stage will manipulate the hate in the World. It takes
courage & hope not to hate.
ACCURATE PREDICTIONS BASED ON ANALYSIS. There have been long list of books that
accurately predicted the future. In 1925, the entire scenario of the Pacific War of WW 2
(1941-45), incl. a surprise attack by Japan, and how aircraft carriers would be used was
written up in the book The Great Pacific War by a Hector C. Bywater. The Japanese high
command used the entire book to help plan their strategy. In 1898, (the English version
was 1899) the book Is War Now Impossible? by Ivan Stanislavovich Bloch (aka Jan Gotlib
Bloch, a Polish banker) accurately predicted how the WW 1 would start, how the attacker
would not have a swift victory, & how a stalemated trench war would develop, where vast
numbers of men would be caught in the open to die without seeing anything. It described
a war between Germany & Austro-Hungary against France, the U.K. & Russia where armies
of millions of men fight over enormous fronts. In 1920, a French historian Jacques Bainville
predicted exactly how the Versailles treaty would lead to WW2 in 1939. In 1907, MO5 (the
forerunner of MI6) made surveys of Belgium where the British Expeditionary Force might
have to fight in case of a war with Germany, as well as accumulated info on German subs
& Zeppelins. Marx (connected to the Illum.) & Engels lived in Brussels from 1845-48 (along
w/ others like George Weerth). Marx & Engels believed in centralized power, discipline &
hierarchy, even though they wrote about free associations of producers. Their ideas were
copied & put into effect by their future disciples. In 1887, Engels envisioned a world war
of never before seen extension and intensityeight to ten million soldiers will slaughter
each other and strip Europe bareall over the continent; famine, epidemics, general
barbarization of armies and masses, provoked by sheer desperation; utter chaos in our
trade, industry and commerce(A) I wonder if these prescient men had inside info or just
made good analyses of the world.

LEADERSHIP. The World will continue to be led by the dark forces that motivate it. The
people of God will continue to be led by His Spirit. Of the 4 forces, leadership at the top will
be the most constant element. God has delegated much of His active force to His people,
lovingly allowing us to participate in His work. When Moses went to see God, His glory was
too great to behold. God is not directly before & in our faces, He is using great yet limited
people like Moses. So it is crucial to see how Christ is leading & working through the Body
of Christ, and how people are struggling & wrestling with/against God. Can we work with
God to make the future He wants, or will we try to resist?

REMNANT OF ISRAEL (B). We Christians are part of an age old faith, the story of the Bible.
Romans chapter 11 is very revealing. It explains how the blindness of the Jews & Israelites
was prophesied long before Christ & his church came. It points out that through all the
indifference and apostasy, God always preserves a remnant, and that the Christian gentile
believers were grafted into the spots where those branches of Israel were broken off by
apostasy. In Christs day there were an estimated 8 million Jews worldwide & today that
number has only increased to 13 million. But that number is increasing, as many discover
their Jewish roots. In Spain, the forced Jewish conversions during the inquisition created
the Marranos (Bnei Anousim). Genetic tests have revealed that around 13% of Hispanic
Americans have unrealized Jewish blood via the Marranos. Both the Jewish people & the
Christian people have endured incredible persecution numerous times in history and
survived. Both will survive the future. There are Jews who secretly believe in Messiah.
There are Jews who want a personal connection with God and pray & act to receive His
presence. The Word prophecies, in the last days it shall come to pass, that the
mountain of the house of YHWH shall be establishedand he will teach us of his ways,
for the Torah shall go forth of Zion(C) Also it says something positive about Israel, that it
has an extremely low suicide rate.

NATURAL ISRAEL. The modern secular socialist nation of Israel is not Biblical Israel, but the
nation of Israel is still an important piece of what is going on now that will change the
future. Jews in Israel and in America both number approx. 6 million. But the trends in
American Jewry and Israeli Jewry are different. American Jews have a low birth rate & are
increasingly turning their back on the Scriptures. Israeli Jews have a high birth rate (over
3) and the younger generation are turning back to their religious roots. (The exception in
America are the religious Orthodox Jews (Haredi) who have a high birth rate & reject
secular America & secular Israel. (Some Haredim in Israel would like to secede from Israel.)
(By the way, the repeated incidents of rabbinic sexual abuse of children are evidence that
t.b.m.c. extends into those communities also.) The Orthodox Jews, the Old Order Amish,
and Latino immigrants to America all have high birth rates. (By the way, having been
Amish & talked w/ the Haredim, there are many similarities, in fact, the settlement I lived
in bought their oil heaters from Israel.) If you study genealogy charts & demographics,
when members of these groups quit their cultures to join other denominations &
mainstream culture, the statistics show they take on the low birth rates of mainstream
America. They also take on the ethos of individualism that is the compass of independent
selfish modern persons & reject discipline & sacrifice for the common good. You will note
that non-Orthodox American Jews, like mainstream Americans, are reducing their time &
commitments to formal institutions. (The Haredim & Hispanic Americans are examples of
demographics affecting the future.) Like so many ethnic groups in America, Jews are
assimilating, and their distinctiveness melting away.

Throughout history, Jews have been seen as different, malevolent & powerful. Those
familiar with history view their rivals, Islam, as potentially homicidally barbaric, with a long
history of deception, gang-raping, beheading, stoning & enslaving. We are watching at
present the escalation of a dangerous situation by the embedding of American troops into
Syria. (Hillary, possibly Americas next president is in favor of this.) Rather than restraining
the worst of Islam, Obama has been encouraging it. The choices in the near future will
have significant impact on the future. The govt. of Iran, which is secretly loathed by the
common Iranian, got a facelift by its recent nuclear treaty with the U.S. Why would our
Congress including its Jewish congress-people, which has in the past supported Israel, turn
& support this Iranian treaty? Will America someday be embarrassed by an Iranian nuclear
bomb explosion?

RESOURCES. While most global attention towards the Middle East is focused on military
technology and fighting and violence, there is a major crisis that is creeping up
resourcesesp. water. The Dead Sea has been widely drained to provide Israeli irrigation.
James Calhoun, a local Christian who heads a think tank, has developed a desalination
project called Abrahams Well. His groups desalinization plant will have a 95 dome on it
(will look like a nuclear plant) and will produce perhaps 11 million gallons of water ec. day
per plant. His group is in the preliminary stage in working with Jordan, and if the project
goes through will take ocean water and refill the Dead Sea in a way that the environment
will not be damaged. Water collection tanks & the hydroelectric power for the plant will be
supplied by gravity. Israels export of natural gas & shale oil will prevent Arab oil pressure.
(Even during periods of tension, oil tankers quietly ran from Saudi Arabia, et al to Israel.
The elite need their profits.)
AMERICA & ISRAEL. American support has made the nation of Israel (Am Yisrael) possible.
Jewish participation in running America has been major: for instance, one third of
Americas Supreme Ct. is Jewish, etc. Hillary is considered Jewish by some Jewsand
indeed her grandmothers 2nd husband was a Russian Jew, Max Rosenberg. Like a good
politician, Hillary told Jews that Jerusalem is the eternal and indivisible capital of Israel.
The problems that America faces are also Israels problems. If Americas dollar becomes
worthless, Israel can buddy up to China (which they have begun to do), but China will
never be the bulwark for Israel that American aid has been. The military aid that America
has given has made the difference at times. In the Yom Kippur war, anti-tank weapons that
were emergency speed rushed to Israel (authorized by Gen. Haig) made the difference at
the last moment to win. Chinas friendship will never be on that level. The increase in
Moslems in Europe will put more pressure on European Jews, and in line with this, Jews
have been leaving Europe for several years. Most of the readers are familiar with fault
lines such as the Dome of the Rock and the Jewish desire to build another temple where it
stands. There is no way that the tension in the area is going to melt awayno matter what
people want to wish.

Conclusion: This look on the future was to be brief & informative. The reader can expect
those who identify themselves as Jews to be increasingly more religious. One can expect
that Christians & Jews will survive in the futurebut there are already plenty of indications
that both groups are in for major challenges in the near future. The globe has entered into
a dangerous time of tension. Hate will be exploited. I expect there is some book that
accurately predicts how the next major war will occur, just as WW 1 & WW 2 were
described ahead of timeunfortunately, I dont know the title to such a book.

(A) Foerster, Stig. Unpublished paper presented at the Augsberg Conference, 1994, pg. 4.
(B) ROM 11 (C) Micah 4:1-2

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11/6/2015. This is my third post on Cutha and Nergal. (Wikipedia spells it Kutha.) The goal
is for us to place our faith in God, & to understand the history of Satans methods. Gods
wisdom teaches us to be humble about the future: Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou
knowest not what a day may bring.(A) Christ taught, Take therefore no thought for the
morrowSufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. (B) We would like to think we know the
future, whether it appears to be bad or good, but the future is full of surprises. Terrible
times end up blessing us. Wonderful times end up cursing us. Patience, my dear brothers &
sisters, let us endure to the end. This post will explore some issues that Cutha raised for
Gods people which still face us, such as astrology. Joseph & Moses faced the astrologers of
Pharaoh (C), & Daniel faced the astrologers of Babylons Kings Nebuchadnezzar &
Belshazzar (D). With Gods Spirit of Prophecy the astrologers were shown to be wicked &
clueless. Paul & Barnabas faced the worship of stars in Lystria, when Barnabas was called
Jupiter & Paul Mercury.(ACTS 14:11,12)

Astrology was invented in ancient Mesopotamiaand records of Babylonian astrology go

back to at least 1950 B.C. From there it spread all over, except to the faithful in ancient
Israel. I have read translations from the ancient cuneiform astrological readings and they
sound like a modern newspapers astrology reading. Today, a quarter of Americans believe
astrology, which is by definition a form of divination. Pres. Reagans court astrologer was
Joan Quigley. Astrology is widely used by modern witches. Babylon also used other
methods like trends shown by data similar to modern stock predictions to predict the

For those who dont remember, Nergal was the Babylonian God of the Underworld who we
call Satan today. Cutha (mentioned in 2 KGS 17:24,30) was the priestly city built on the
Euphrates to worship Satan. It had its pyramid temple to Satan, and an astronomical
observatory for Babylons astrologers (its wise men called philosophers). The city was
said to be the home to demonic spirits. Assyrias & Babylons demons were known by
several names incl. the children of Anu, and the Seven (even though there were more
than 7). Interestingly, the Seven Sisters (the Pleiades) has been a prominent set of stars
even before history. In the Babylonian Star Catalog the Pleiades is called MUL.MUL (the
star of stars). In Japanese it is called Subaru (which explains the Subaru logo). It was
mentioned in the most ancient of Bible books, Job.(E)

A BRIEF HISTORY OF CUTHA. It never ceases to amaze me that Cutha & Nergal are rarely
mentioned & explained. Its as if the history of the ancient worship of Satan is unimportant
to know about. Nergal began as a god of Sumer & besides being connected to what we call
Hell (the Underworld), he was also connected to hunting as Nimrod was; and Kutha was
called Gudua by the Sumerians. Later, King Shulgi of Ur (2029-1982 B.C.), during his 46 yr.
reign, built a temple to Nergal at Cutha. 165 yrs. later, King Sumu-la-El of Babylon rebuilt
Cuthas walls. He was the 2nd king of the first Babylonian dynasty, and the 6th king of that
dynasty was famous King Hammurabi, whose army conquered Cutha by storming it.
Hammurabi in the prologue to his famous laws, writes about his loyalty to Cuthas god
Nergal. Cutha & Nergal were still important when King Sargon II of Assyria took the captive
Israelites to Cutha (2 KGS 17:24-30). History records that these captives who settled in
Cutha came to be known as the Samaritans.(F)

NERGAL MYTHOLOGY. Nimrod, Ninurta and Nergal were all known as mighty hunters.
Ninurta was the god of hunting, and his ancient sacred city is now known as Nimrud (a
variation it is said of Nimrod). In Bible times Nimrud city was called Calah (GEN 10:11,12).
According to myth, Nergal was a cocky fellow who ended up attracting the Queen of the
Underworld, Ereshkigal, to have long sexual trysts with him. Observing this, the gods
decided that it was o.k. for him to co-rule with her. Nergal represented the sun-god when it
was being seasonally killed. The sun has a shadow of turning. But Gods Word says
specifically that He doesnt. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above [God not
the stars], and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness,
neither shadow of turning.(G)

AN EXAMPLE OF A BABYLONIAN KING & ASTROLOGY. The Babylonian text of Assur (c.700
B.C) tells of how King Esarhaddon used astrology. Finding the stars favorable, he took the
damaged idols (gods) and restored them. This king was the grandson of Sargon. His treaty
with the Median King Ramataia in 672 B.C. reads: In the presence of the planets, Jupiter,
Venus, Saturn, Mars, Sirius, and in the presence of Assur [who determines the fates], Ann,
Enlil, Ea, SinNergalIshtar of Ninevahby all the gods in[various cities]by all the
gods in Babylon, Borsippa, Nippur, by the gods of Sumer. An example of an almanac
(from 568 B.C.): On the 18th of the month, Dilbat was 2 degrees 55 seconds above
Regulus (the brightest star in the Lion constellation). Night of the eighth, evening, Sin
stood six degrees 15 seconds under the Balance of the North. A further example is a
horoscope from King Darius time, which still survives.

sit in the dust,daughter of Babylon;your shame will be seen;go into darkness,For
you trusted in your wickedness;Therefore evil shall come upon you; you shall not know
from where it arises. And trouble shall fall upon you; you will not be able to put it off. And
desolation shall come upon you suddenly, which you shall not know. Stand now with your
enchantments and the multitude of your sorceries, in which you have labored from your
youthLet now the astrologers, the stargazers, and the monthly prognosticators stand up
and save you from these things that shall come upon you.Your merchants from your
youth; they shall wander each one to his quarter. No one shall save you.

Gods people had a chance to accept the wisdom of Babylon and its astrology for over two
thousand years. Gods faithful rejected it, for they believed God has direct control over
things not the stars. But there were also those who should have known better so Gods
prophets constantly warned not to practice divination (esp. astrology).(H) Those that did
practice it were described: And they shall spread them before the sun, and the moon, and
all the host of heaven, and whom they have served, and after whom they have walked,
and who they have soughtand death shall be chosenbythis evil family.(I)

CONCLUSION: I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.(J) The Words of the
Lord are pure words.

(A) PROV 27:1 (B) MT 6:34 (C) Joseph-GEN 41:8,16; Moses-EX chptrs. 7 -11 (D) DAN 1:19-
21, 2:10-13, 27-28 and 4:4-7, 5:10-11, 15, 17 (E) JOB 9:9, 38:31 (F) Josephus. Antiquities of
the Jews: IX 14, 3 (G) JAS 1:17 (H) the list of scripture warning about astrology and
divination in general include: DT 18:9-10, 13-15, 2 CHR 33:2,3,6, ISA 44:24-25, JER 27:9-
10, 29:8, ZECH 10:2, & GAL 4:8-11 (I) JER 8:2 (J) 1 COR 10:20

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Object 100



TAMPERING WITH REALITY: MAGIC OF THE MIND. (3 NOV 15) This post will discuss an
aspect of t.b.m.c. which was (by accident) not mentioned in my two large mind control
books, and will discuss the situation with ISIS and the recent destruction of the Russian
Metrojet Airbus 321-200.

SENSE DELUSIONS. Hallucinations of all the senses and delusions of every conceivable
kind can be suggested to a good subject, wrote Ormond Gill, Dean of Amer. Stage
Hypnotists. (McGill, n.d., p. 71) He further explains, Every suggestive idea which enter
[sic] the consciousness, if it is accepted by the subconscious, is automatically transformed
by it into reality and becomes an element in our life. (McGill, n.d., p. 29) Sense delusions
are likewise common in hypnotism. (McGill, n.d., p. 70)

SELECTIVE HYPNOTIC BLINDNESS. One aspect of trauma-based mind control that appears
in victims who are used for sexual abuse by the elite or for spying is selective hypnotic
blindness. Alters will be programmed not to see faces (only a blur) or even not to see
certain people! An alter can also be hypnotized not to see certain objects or to
misconstrue what the objects are. This may explain some of the blisters or scars that can
be programmed to appear on alters.

RECENT NEWS DISCONNECTS. Islamic militants are operating in the Sinai area where
recently (Oct. 31) a Russian airbus (operated by Koglaymavia Airline) exploded about
30,000-31,000 feet in the air as it approached the Sinai territory near Gaza. These
militants, connected to ISIS immediately claimed responsibility. Yesterday (2 Nov.),
watching mainstream American news, they were saying that No group has claimed
responsibility. The American news emphasized that a maintenance problem might be
responsible, while it doesnt take much common sense to realize that a maintenance
problem could not explain a situation where a plane explodes into pieces that spread over
7 sq. miles of desertand the pilot has no opportunity to radio any explanation of a
problem. The Russians are analyzing the two black box flight recorders. Meanwhile, in
contrast with American media reports, 4 major international airlines have suspended flying
over the Sinai, but the American carrier United continues its flights over the Sinai.

ISLAMIC MILITANTS HAVE MISSILES & DRONES. It is no secret that Islamic militants have
drones. Drones by Hamas & Hezbollah have been shot down over Israel. Last year,
Business Insider reported that ISIS had used a surveillance drone. (Tadjdeh, 2014) The ISIS
drone surveyed a key Syrian military airfield before ISIS captured it. It is also been
reported that Islamic militants have MANPADS (surface-to-air) missiles capable of hitting
up to 16,000 feet. And last year ISIS displayed what looks like a SCUD missile. (I will post a
picture of it in the thread, along with an unexploded Tomahawk missile that ISIS
recovered.) There is speculation that the U.S. may have provided moderate Islamic
militants with missiles. Sen. John McCain mentioned in one public interview that Hillary
Clinton and others in the Obama administration were in favor of arming moderate
Islamic militants. ISIS and Al-Queda have repeatedly been reported to have called for
strikes against Russia.

FINAL THOUGHT. In what ways are our perceptions of things being manipulatedstage
McGill, O. (n.d.). Professional Stage Hypnotism. Westwood Publ. Co.
Tadjdeh, Y. (2014, 8 24). ISIS Used a Surveillance Drone. Business Insider .

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BELGIUM: A MISSION FIELD. The majority of Christians dont live in the West anymore. Europe
was one of the first mission fields & now is one of the newest. Christianity in the Old World is
decayed. At first thought, I wanted to do a post on Western Europes spirituality, but the topic is too
big. Even narrowing it down to 3 important countries: England, Germany & Belgium is too vast of
a subject. So I picked the nation which sports the capital of the EU, Belgium. Brussels is also HQ
for the European Ecumenical Commission on Church & Society. It is also the center of the
Illuminati, although a distance of 300 miles beyond Belgium would include many other important
covens, sites and businesses. The whole area is dark. It seems to me that if the heart of darkness
accepted the light of Christ, it would have great leverage. In the U.K. & Germany, they have openly
embraced witchcraft & paganismin Belgium it is still nominally Catholic, although many of these
nominal Catholics have never seen a Bible, and some claim to not even know who the person Jesus
Christ is. One said he thought hed heard his name before. In 2005, there were 43,899 missionaries
in the world from North America. In 2007, it was reported that there were a total of 134 North
American missionaries in Belgium.(A) That equates to being less than a 1/3 of a percent of the N.A.
missionary force being in Belgium. In about 2 months (the beginning of 2016), the population of
Belgium is projected to be 11,159,884. Belgium, and by extension Europe, are strategic. Some who
give their lives to Christ, kept their nominal membership in the state approved church so as not to
antagonize things, and continue to pay their taxes to these state churches. Like in Germany (perhaps
Belg. too) there are fellowship groups which dont meet on Sunday so that they dont compete with
the state churches. These fellowships function as churches, but are tolerated by the state ministers.
NARROW IS THE WAY(B). Christ said that the Way, his Way would always be narrow and
have few following it. When the Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity a state-
accepted religion, it opened things up for individuals to be nominal Christians. Prior to this,
Christians had been heavily persecuted in the Roman empireeven going into the
catacombs. One recent documentary claims to prove Christianity was created by the
Romans. Supposedly, according to this recent silly documentary (which probably
convinced its share of viewers) Rome created Christianity to pacify the Jews. Besides
ignoring 2 centuries of history, it goes against common sense that the Romans would
create what they were persecuting. The pacifist teachings of Christ also were a threat to
Rome, a very violent society. The teaching that Christ was both man & almighty God also
threatened Romes paganism. They had no problem with men being deifiedmany men
were worshipped as god, they had a problem with Christ being the God the Son.

Once Christianity had a relationship with the Worlds power structure, we see nominal
Christians (tares) multiplying, while the true Christians became isolated living quietly apart
or underground. One can trace the history of Bible believing, Spirit following, born-again
Christians in Europe through the Middle Agesbut they have always been a minority.
While Europe was nominally Christian, just because everyone got an infant baptism did not
make them a follower of Christ. Europe under the Roman Catholic church did pass laws
based on the Bible. Today, the govt. of Belgium pays the salaries of the clergy in Belgium.
The Christian-based laws of western Europe (Belgium included) began changing with the
1960s cultural/sexual revolution. Bible standards for laws on obscenity, abortion, divorce,
contraceptives and sex education were tossed aside. The Roman Catholic church tried hard
to stop the legalization of divorce & abortion in Italy. To show how weak they are in Italy,
they were not able to stop the legalization. Many Italians have only contempt for the
Catholic church. Across the Belgium border in France, the govt.s Public Service Channel
broadcasts the Catholic churchs shows.

The Reformation (approx. from 1517-1648) was an attempt to reform Christianity. At the
time, the Catholic church only permitted the Bible in Latin, and the common people could
not read Latin, which all the upper class could read. The Reformation was helped by the
relatively new invention of the printing press, and the brave work of translators to give the
common man Bible translations in their common languages. (By the way, Tyndale, the
brave man who gave us an English translation, was killed for his Bible work near Brussels
Belg. on 6 OCT 1536.) But Martin Luther, the catalyst of the great Reformation, adopted
the territorial principle. This principle held that the majority belief became the official
religion (denomination) and minorities were free to move away! Local rulers often were
leaders of their official church. The peaceful, Spirit-led, Bible-believing Anabaptists were
sentenced to death by an agreement between the Catholics & Lutherans at the Diet of
Speyer. This was one of the results of the Territorial principle. Consequently, many true
believers found in central Europe, incl. what is now Belgium, were tortured and burned (or
drowned). And that happened while the state church, the Roman Catholic church,
synchronistically allowed paganism to be mixed with Catholic worship. The Bonfires of St.
Johns Eve (June 24) practiced in Belgium goes back to ancient Babylon. In Belgium, there
are annual tree cuttings, where the pieces are distributed for good luck for the coming
year. This is a Druid custom. Another Druid ceremony, is the tree burning on a hill at
Grammont, Belgium. When the Spanish conquered Belgium for the Hapsburgs, the Spanish
Inquisition wiped out all the Protestants.

CATHOLIC STRONGHOLD. The city of Mechelen (in Fr. Malines) is the seat of the Cardinal
Archbishops and recently had 700 monasteries and 3,000 convents. The Jesuits are also
strong in Mechelen. Another Catholic strongpt. of note is the Catholic University at
Louvain, Belg. which trains many of the men who gain secular power.

Belgium (Belgian) Illuminati members are often assoc. with the Catholic church, which is
the primary denomination. And many of the few protestant ministers in Belgium dont
believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. According to studies, there are Belgian youth
who want to believe in God but find the spiritually dead churches are not relevant to their
lives. The study I saw actually showed a high % were in this category, but I am skeptical
that all who said they were sincere at getting answers, really were. It is ironic that the
former Belgium Congo, which has about the same % of people who claim on surveys to be
Christian, probably offers a person a better chance to actually hear the gospel of Christ!
People need to realize the 3rd world countries are not the ones in need of missionaries.
Western Europe (Belgium included) needs missionaries from the 3rd world.

THE ENLIGHTENMENT. After the Reformation came the Enlightenment. This was the period
of the birth of the Bavarian Illuminati. Deism & atheism became popular with the European
aristocracy. Jean Meslier wrote his classic for atheists called Testament in French. Note
that many of Belgiums citizens speak French as their first language. These are called
Walloons. Most of the others speak a Dutch dialect and are called Flemish. During this
period the Illuminati gained strength, and the number of Christian books published &
housed in libraries relative to all books declined. A number of historians have pin-pointed
this time periodwhen the Illuminati was active in the second half of the 18th century as
the point when Europe began a twin process of secularization & dechristianization.

TWO WORLD WARS MAKE PEOPLE CYNICAL. The spiritual damage that two world wars did
to Europe, esp. Belgium (which was invaded during both), Germany and the U.K., seems to
be in general not realized or perhaps ignored. When people in Belgium (& Ger.) recovered,
their goal was to be wealthy and comfortable. Belgium at one time had the highest beer
consumption per person in the world. Now they are only 18th with Germany and Austria up
at the top.

HINTS OF THE ILLUMINATI. The book Holy Blood, Holy Grail reveals the hidden beliefs
that the Magdalen was Jesus wife and was secretly worshipped throughout history as the
Black Virgin. This also connects to Isis worship, the Knights Templars and Illuminati beliefs.
Whatever the actual historical events in Christs life, the reality is that many Catholics pray
to the Black Virgin, and the Illuminatis leader, who is from Belgium, believes he is
descended from Christ & Mary Magdalen. (I wrote quite a bit about this holy bloodline in
Bloodlines of the Illuminati.) Annually, around 40,000 assemble for the Adoration of the
Black Virgin Festival at Halle, Belgium. (Reportedly, Polands Black Virgin draws 5 million
pilgrims annually.) Another Belgian festival (on the 1st Monday after May 2) is the Sacred
Blood Procession of Bruges, Bel. which is related to the Knights Templars & paganism. The
Knights Templars relate to the Illuminati holy bloodline (which they guarded) and to
Masonic rituals.

May the Holy Spirit embolden & enable people of God to share the light of Christ to this
dark area of the world.

REFERENCES: (A) Mission Handbook, 2007-2009, pg. 395 (B) MT 7:14

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Object 106


THINGS TO COME (10/23/15). This is an analysis of what is happening, in order to predict 4

things that Americans can expect to face in the future. (You will have to read my other
articles for some good news!) I believe that knowing what will hit us, will help us deal with


WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REPORT. There are a number of signs that indicate that the
PTSNB will cause a terrible terrorist attack on America. 9-11 worked beautifully for the
terrorists that run America. But the PTSNB need something better to motivate Americans
in the direction they want to take us. Thanks to the Internet many people are waking up.
There are still individuals who are waking up to the 9-11 false flag and their string of
subsequent false flags that happen with regularity every month or two. The awakening
process continues. The string of shootings these last 2 decades was predicted to me by
members of the Illuminati who were trying to escape that organization. Some even
accurately predicted a war on terror would be created. (For instance, John Todd and others
talked about how the Arabs would become terrorists.) They thought things would
culminate by the year 2000, but that date obviously was changed & the manufactured
terrorist campaign continues. I noticed on 10/1/15, that the Roseburg Umpqua Community
College shooting was followed within 4 hours by the President calling for more gun control.
Knowing how the Presidents day is scheduled in detail, I find it eye raising that he was
able to give a well prepared speech so quickly. I had the opportunity to listen to part of it. I
have been convinced that these shootings are planned eventswell, as I just said, people
in the Illuminati had been told in meetings in the 80s that they would occurso obviously
someone is planning them.

As I said in a previous article, there is a purpose to the confusing info that we get
concerning these bizarre false flag shootings. How can anyone be sure of what to
remember? The details are constantly changing, making it hard to focus in the haze of
contradictory reports on what really happened. For instance, in our recent Umpqua C.C.
shooting, the shooter was at first identified as 20, then later as 26. At first I heard he had
been neutralized (shot) by police in a gun battle. Then 3 days later the news reported he
had committed suicide. It reminded me of both Sandy Hook & our nearby Clackamas Town
Ctr. shooting. In both, the details changed while being reported. At Sandy Hook, all the
elements of the story constantly changed: the identity of the attacker, his weapons, his
means of attack, the wounds that victims received, etc. And facts that were given were
goofy. The event had all kinds of strange things about it, incl. the actors that were involved
in the staged event, who showed up later as victims in other false flag events. As I pointed
out about the Boston Marathon bombing, that guy in a wheelchair who they claimed had
lost a leg was so patently bogus, that he alone exposes the whole thing as a manufactured
terrorist event. Still many rational people are not able to accept the facts of this and other
manufactured events. To do so, means distrusting those who run things! Have our
presidents ever lied to us??? O.K., Wake up America!!!


is being stolen (perhaps even allowed to be stolen) so that someone can use it against
us. This may be used to justify even stiffer controls on our lives. In 2013, Snowden
revealed the details of what I have been warning about for 30 yearsall our important
information is being recorded by the U.S. govt. [& supplied to the Illuminatis Beast
computers]. But this is not all, there have been repeated security breaches where your
various I.D. numbers (s.s.#, passport #, drivers license #, home address #, bank act. #),
your history incl. financial history, your social relationships, your health details, your
personality details, yes all these things were obtained by hackers. Recently, it looks like
the hackers were Chinese, and they stole over 22 million personal records from the U.S.
govt. Last year, a hacker got 5.4 million health records from the govt. In 2011, it was
LulzSec that hacked personal records that the CIA held. And besides hacking govt. records,
corporate records have been even more vulnerable. The list of companies who had their
personal records of people stolen is long including: Anthem Health Insurance (2nd largest
health insurance lost up to 80 million personal records stolen), Common Health Services
(4.5 million personal records in 209 hospitals in 29 states), Home Depot (53 million
personal records stolen), Michaels, Sony, & Target. Whoever is stealing theseperhaps the
Chinese govt. or whoever, may well sell these to the criminally minded who can wreak
havoc on this nation. I expect these large breeches in security will be used to harm
Americans. This may be as bad a scenario as the major false flag event of the previous
section above.

of 12 doctors who were in the know about GCMAF and the destruction of our immune
system is proof that the campaign to restrict our knowledge of real cures and the real facts
about our health continues full blast. The Illuminatis sponsorship of dangerous
counterproductive medical practices (and the agendas of their companies like Monsanto)
will continue. In order to keep us weak & unhealthy vulnerable to their control & their
agenda of genocide to reduce our population numbers will insure that their widespread
campaign to prevent us from being healthy will continue full force. You can expect that
false helpers will pop up proclaiming false alternative cures and giving bogus warnings.
Healthy foods will be warned about, and fake cures will be heralded. The responsible
person will need to do some astute weeding out of erroneous health info. Pay attention

DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA. Anyone watching trends, will note that those in powerlike
Obama have been working to destroy America. Our work ethic, our morals, our health,
our unity, etc. have been destroyed. While giving lip service to those things which are
important, the decision makers who control things like advertising, education, Hollywood,
the mass media etc. have been on a long term campaign to reduce us to a dumbed down
animal level. Only by looking at history can one notice how big the changes have been.
Look at the education requirements & tests in the late 1800s compared to today. Look at
the movies and the way they have changed. (For instance, look at some Shirley Temple
movies, and you will realize that such movies with prayer, morals and clean fun would
never come out of Hollywood today!)

In one of my college classes I said that it is an assumption that diversity is a good thing.
Sometimes it isnt. The teacher immediately corrected meDiversity is always, 100% of
the time the best thing! Well, tell that to Mexicans who want to live with other Mexicans,
Vietnamese who want to live with other Vietnamese, the Wealthy elite who want to live
around other wealthy elite in rich neighborhoods, etc., etc. People like to be around like-
minded similar people. They always have. But that is politically incorrect. City designers
are being told that they need to mix everyone together. Yet, what rich neighborhood wants
hobos living next to them? Well, dear there goes the neighborhood and our property
values! Socialism is now P.C. The goal is to socialize America and reduce us all to the
same level. This is what Stalin did to Russia, and what the controllers want for America
more socialism. All animals are equal. (Read Animal Farm comrade.) It is being directly
taught us in college, and except for a few old dinosaurs like myself, it has become the
politically correct way to think. Communism was rejected when the USSR fell in 1990, and
now is being dumped down the throats of Americans, who are being dumbed down to
accept it. Dont remember the failed socialism of the Nazis & Communists! America needs
to be destroyed so we can fit into the New World Order. America is well on her way down.
And when I listen to people on the street talk, I hear them say they want Hillary for
president so that they can get her socialist programs. My dear readers, I realize many of
you do not want Hillary as our next president. This is because you are awake! But there are
plenty of people who have been brainwashed to think socialism is a great thing! I listen to
them talk! They think diversity & socialism & homosexuality and a nation free from all
those witch burning Christians is the way to utopia. I hear it in college too. Americas
decision makers will continue to destroy us as they destroyed Russia with the Russian

So there you have my 4 predictions: a great terrorist act to socially engineer America,
some kind of horrible use of our stolen personal private information to justify more govt.
controls, more controls & censorship of real health alternatives to the big pharma
controlled medical system, and more anti-Christian socialism and more destruction of
America to reduce us to the level of the third world. I would not blame you, my friend, if
you feel like listening to some uplifting music after reading this!

FINAL COMMENT. YHWH Gods plan is bigger than the Illum.s plan. For I know the
thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace & not of evil, to give
you a future & a hope.pray to Me, and I will listen to you. JER 29:11, 12b

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Object 109

. (10/20/15) Therefore, let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch & be soberlet us,
who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith & love (1 THES 5:8) In
ancient Israel, the officer in charge of Temple security in Jerusalem would make the rounds
at night to check the security police to see if they were awake. If they were caught asleep,
their clothes were taken from them & burned, so they would be publicly naked, a fitting
visual demonstration of how they had left the Temple security naked. What kind of spiritual
clothes & armor do we wear?? How well do we protect our Temple of the Holy Spirit, which
the Bible says is our body?

The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness,
& let us put on the armor of light. ROM 13:11-12

TAUGHT BY THE SPIRIT NOT BY WISDOM. God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit:
for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of GodNow we have received, not
the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God: that we might know the things that
are freely given to us of God.(A) It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught
of God(B) 1 COR chap. 2 gives the clearest explanation of how the Spirit teaches us:
We interpret what is spiritual in spiritual language.(Moffatt trans.) Or KJV: the Holy
Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. 1 COR 2:13 So the Spirit places
things into us in the language of spirit, and our knowledge, wisdom and skills play a role in
how we translate that into human words. We see an example of this at ISA 61:1,3 The
Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because YHWH hath anointed me to preach good
tidingsto appoint unto them that mourn in Zionthe garment of praise for the spirit of
heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the YHWH, that
He might be glorified. Spiritual garments of praise, sounds interesting. The Word of God
recognizes that His people may be burdened with a spirit of heaviness.

affect thinking, and even those that do, may not realize that what we do can affect
others. The Bible is clear that in terms of criminal law, punishment/guilt is only for a
persons own actions.(C) But there are consequences for our neglect that can hurt others.
If a sentry goes to sleep, an entire army could suffer the consequences. The consequences
of Davids sin with Bathsheba were for their first child (conceived in sin) to die.(D) The
nation of Israel had a treaty with the Gibeonites in the name of YHWH, which Saul violated.
(E) A famine comes to Israel and Sauls 7 grandchildren are put to death because of that
broken treaty.(F) This is an example of corporate responsibility & corporate consequences.
So we need to ponder, who else will suffer if we neglect our spiritual responsibilities? Our
children? Our grandchildren? Our city? Our nation? All the more reason to spiritually listen
to God & to watch the signs around us. You impress God more by how you listen to him,
than by what you say.
STAY AWAKE. Awake, Awake, put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O
Jerusalem, the holy city(G) We need to be awake & watching out for moral infiltration of
our land. Let us clothe ourselves with righteous deeds. And that knowing the time, that
now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we
believed.(H) Christ warned us that the last days would be like the last days of Sodom.(I)
Many are aware of sodomy, named after Sodom, but what were Sodoms other 3 major
sins? People will be shocked to learn what they were. They were PRIDE, PROSPERITY, and
IDLENESS.(EZEK 16:48-49) Hmmm. America is more like Sodom than we realized! May we
not be like those described at 2 TIM 3:1-7, Ever learning & never able to come to the
knowledge of the truth. Let us listen to the Spirit and watch for moral infiltration & moral
assaults, and then let us come to the knowledge of the truth. AMEN.

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Analysis of the Japans renunciation of pacifism. (10/18/15) People who have been around
me have heard me repeatedly say that we draw to ourselves that which we fear.

FEAR OF FOREIGNERS. After Commodore Perry of the U.S. displayed superior naval power
to Japan and forced their nation to open up to the outside world, the Japanese worked
towards the goal of having the military might to push foreigners out again. Operating
under the Meiji Constitution and absolute monarchy, militarism was given complete
control. The resulting war, the Pacific War (part of WW2) gave a foreign power (the USA)
total control over Japan. MacArthur, was given power to rule Japan. MacArthur had studied
Japan in detail & had numerous important ideas on how to improve it. He was the driving
force behind Japan adopting a peace constitution (Heiwa-Kenpoo).

RENOUNCING MILITARY FORCE. The Peace Constitution, adopted in May 1947, has blessed
Japan. In its Article 9, it said that the Japanese people forever renounce war as a
sovereign right of the nationand the threat or use of force as a means of settling
international disputes and that land, sea and air forces, as well as other war potential,
will never be maintained. Note that military forces would NOT even be created. As the
Korean War dragged on, the U.S. govt. felt overstretched in its military obligations, and
encouraged Japan to create a self-defense force to give the U.S. some slack. This was
the first major fudge of Article 9. Recently, the legislature of Japan passed legislation that
nullifies Article 9. Again, the U.S. govt. quietly encouraged this new law because again it
takes some pressure off of America to defend its interests in the Orient. The new law also
allows Japanese companies to export war material, so I can see that Japans businesses (a
budding military industrial complex) will be excited at the profits to be made. Supposedly,
according to the men in Japan who pushed for full military power, now Japan can do
something about Japanese citizens taken hostage by terrorists. Well, the U.S. has had a
military second to no one, and that has not done much to help hostage taking. How well I
remember Carters aborted military strike that failed to release the Americans held captive
in Iran.

FEAR OF CHINA & NORTH KOREA. Japans preparation for national security threats in the
region is not sufficient, Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned, We must cover all the
bases to protect the peoples lives and safety in any possible scenario. Abe used the
aggressiveness of China to begin a campaign to revise the Constitution, which successfully
resulted in the legislation he wanted to reverse Article 9. The Philippine govt., which is to
receive 10 new coast guard ships from Japan in 2016, was in favor of Japan allowing its
military to fight overseas. However, my analysis is this, by allowing itself to use war as a
means to solve problems, Japan will only draw what it fears to itself. Red China will be even
more certain to consider Japan a threat. Now Japan can have missiles & strategic bombers.
And in the same way that military threats ended up leading to WW 1, Japans adoption of
war as a means to settle disputes, will, in the end, lead to war with China. The principle
here is that our fears draw what we fear to ourselves.

OPPOSING VIEWS FROM JAPAN. My friend Ryu Ohta, a writer who exposed the New World
Order to his Japanese readers, said to readers that we should not go onto the World
powers playground to defeat them, but we should fight it spiritually, which was a level
where we could win. Ryu Ohta has passed on, but the truth of what he said continues. How
quickly pacifism was tossed aside by Japans governmenteven though there were fierce
protests around the country to keep Article 9, which by the way continue. Naomi Takasa
has been one of the leaders opposing the new militarism and working to preserve Article 9.
I regret to see a nation that had something positive, throw it away to return to methods
that history shows to be defective.

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GRACE v. SIN: A message on how to live wisely by

understanding sin & the nature of sin.

Yesterday, I met with a young Christian man who had resisted months of recruiting pressures from
a Satanic cult. He had some questions on the nature of demons. As I reflected on our conversation, I
realized that the practical concepts that I was teaching him on sin & demons are basically unknown
to most church goers. In fact, the situation today is even worse than that; not only do Christians (in
general) not understand sin & the drama that is involved around sin, but they are accepting
deceptions such as: It is a sickness, not sin. By this last statement, I am not saying Christians
realize how shallow their understanding isno, I expect most are quite confident they understand
things. And in some churches, great pretensions of having mastered sin are being made; but this
message is not about teaching pretensions but honesty.
MADNESS IS IN THE HEART (ECCL 9:3). Sin & its madness are in the heart (LK 6:45)the
Word uses the term heart for that which is deep in ones being, the will, the mind, & the
conscience of a person. A rich man does acts of commission (crimes against humanity)
and acts of omission (neglects to use his wealth to help others)but the common thread
here is whether it is by commission or omission, both are choices. Our minds guide our
choices and have a big role in sin. What motivates our minds?

MY EPHIPHANY. My natural man before accepting Christ included a melancholic propensity

to fall into depression & self-pity. One day the Holy Spirit convicted me of this great self-
centered sin which is a lack of faith. I realized the enormity of this sin, and tearfully asked
God to forgive me. I did not want such a great sin in my life. (And yes-depression is usually
a sinnot a sickness, in spite of what the confused sinful World teaches.) When I was
cleaned up from this sin, I began to notice that demons of depression were hanging around
usually from behindwaiting for me to willfully open a portal up for them to quickly jump
back in and take up residence again! This was quite a revelation, for until then I had never
had any awareness of demons. When one is dirty ones whole life, one doesnt realize one
is not clean. I hardly do this episode justice as there is so much more that can said as well
as lessons to learn from it. What I want to explain further is: our will is involved in sin, sin is
a choice, and there is a demonic element involved in sin.
Devout men who have worked hard to understand sin have realized that a man will fall into
a passion that locks him into doing something sinful that he really on some level did not
want to do. If one wills to be angry, demons of anger enter & take up residence. They will
help insure that the victims behavior is locked into anger. An act of anger can lead to the
person becoming an angry person. An act of murder or theft can lead to that becoming a
way of lifebecause the demonic element that is allowed in will lock the person into it.
Cain was offering sacrifices to God, but he opened himself up to spirits of anger & murder.
He never regained freedom from these. His descendants formalized these sins into their
traditions and codes.

NOTES ON THE FIRST SIN. The account of the original sin in the Garden actually provides
us with key points in understanding what happens when we sin. God had provided all
Adam & Eve neededlikewise, we also are provided for, whether we can recognize Gods
provision or not. So their sin was not out of necessity, but was a willful choice. The role our
will and our choice plays in sin is often quite obscure. Adam had a choice to listen to God,
and a choice to obey Him, or not. (By the way, the drama of sin is that it has all kinds of
consequences, sometimes I hear Christians complaining about negative circumstances,
evidently forgetting that the consequences of a single bad sinful choice can domino &
multiply for generations.)

Next we note that in GEN 2 there was an evil intelligence promoting Adam & Eves bad
choices. God has set things up so that evil will not prevail in our lives, unless we somehow
will it, that is, to allow it by willing it. If we chose not to have it in our lives, it will be gone.
Resist the devil and he will flee from you.(A) This is so true. At one point, Christ merely
said, Away with you Satan!(B) Another time: Satan get behind me.(C) The power of the
light sideAlmighty Godover the dark side is no comparisonlike shining a small
flashlight into the dark. The light instantly overwhelms the dark. If we dont hide the light
of God, it will naturally shine forth, for instance, a city on a hill cannot be hidden.(D) What
if Eve or Adam had said, Away with you Satan!? Their choice to listen to him, was
opening their will to his deception. Demons of deception had a right to enter them. And
sure enough, their choices showed that their clear thinking had been clouded. We often
unwittingly have already allowed the enemy key positions in our mind BEFORE we realize
the temptation or spiritual problem. Revelation of the method and other things the enemy
does are in part calculated to cause us to line our will up to some demonic agenda. We
unwittingly give the enemy ground before we realize it.

RENEW YOUR MIND. The Word of God repeatedly explains that we need to cleanse our
mind, renew our mind, become a new creature in Christ and so forth. When we are taken
over by the Holy Spirit, demonic spirits dont want to hang around. This is why new
converts are often initially cleaned of sinful habits automatically without effort. The
Hebrew scriptures describe this prophetically as circumcision of the heart and it is why
OT circumcision was a picture of the new birth by the Spirit.

In Romans chapter 7 it describes the power of sin as like a law (called the law of sin) that
captures a man. This powerful law of sin lives in us (ROM 7:20), is present with me
(7:21), and in my members (7:23). Our minds do much out of habit. We have habitual
thinkingand before we give our lives to Christ, we have habitual sinful thinking that
allows demons to live & direct our minds. (The Worlds great thinkers dont even give a
moment thought to their sins & sinful thinking.) If we dont erase all the old habits of
thinking, after we give our lives to Christ, guess what?, our old habitual thinking will pull
the same old demons back in. The whole drama makes it seem as if sin lives in us. Yes it
does demonically and in the old ruts of thinking, the old paths of sinful thinking that need
to be erased. But behind all this sin, is our freedom of choice, our will. It is why the
Christian wants the Holy Spirit: I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.(E) This is not just
Christianese word mumbo-jumbo, but the essential mechanism to keeping the demonic
influences out. One has to anticipate when one will be weak and perhaps give into wrong
thoughts. The battle with the sin of adultery is lost when one thinks of it in a positive way,
and thereby ones will has opened itself up to demons of lust. That is why we Christians
are warned to anticipate spiritual danger & pray.(F) Cleanse thou me from secret faults
let them not have dominion over me PS 19:12-13

FINAL THOUGHTS. In the text of Deut., the primary sin discussed is choosing other gods
rather than choosing Almighty God the creator. Choice. Sin is a function of the will, and is a
choice. And those choices become habits and traditions& perhaps even laws. True
freedom is the ability to make good choices, i.e. not sin. Satan through sin takes people
captive. Some are deceived that they can make some sort of peace with the demonic
forces that lock them into sin. They make provisions for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts
thereof.(G) Feeding the demonic, only increases their power, and makes the paths of poor
choices a deeper rut in the mind. Further, many Christians have no strategy to prevent sin.
They have little understanding of how our will can unwittingly permit demonic spirits to
enter us & lock us into certain behaviors. They have no idea how our ruts of thinking need
to be bulldozed into oblivion, and new ways of thinking replace them if we are to have a
chance to beat sin. While lots of talk is given to freedom, our worst enemy when it comes
to true freedom is often ourselves, for true freedom is the ability to make good choices.

(A) JAS 4:7 (B) MT 4:10 (C) MT 16:23, MK 8:33, (D) MT 5:14-15 (E) GAL 2:20 (F) 1 PTR 4:7
(G) ROM 13:14



How the PTSNB are destroying our immune systems & causing widespread autism. I am
talking about an aspect of the Illuminati agenda to kill us & dumb us down. This short
article is to expose a dangerous criminal conspiracy. A few people have already been
exposing this information.

Gc-MAF= GC Macrophage Activating Factor. Gc-MAF is a naturally occurring part of our

immune system. Macrophages are a type of white blood cell. A number of researchers in
Japan, America & Europe discovered that Gc-MAF plays an important role in our immune
defense system to protect us from serious things like cancer. This should be no surprise if
one thinks logically about how the body functions. However, the politically correct view is
Gc-MAF may play a role in various diseases. may? Beginning in 2008, various
researchers began publishing papers describing the role of Gc-MAF. For instance the
article: Immunotherapy of HIV-infected patients with Gc protein-derived macrophage
activating factor (GcMAF). Journal of Medical Virology (Jan. 2009 issue # 81 (1): pages 16
26) by Nobuto Yamamoto, Naofumi Ushijima & Yoshihiko Koga. Another article was
Cancer cured for good? Gc-MAF and the miracle cure by Kat Arney in Dec. 2008. All the
magazines in Europe & America that printed such articles were forced to retract them.

DR. JAMES JEFFRY BRADSTREET MURDERED. James Jeffrey Bradstreet was one of the
worlds most famous physicians. He was at the center of awareness in America about the
role of Gc-MAF. He had a group of alternative physicians in Florida that he had awakened to
a conspiracy to destroy our health. He believed vaccines caused autism. He even testified
twice before Congress about how vaccines were causing autism. Here is what he & other
researchers discovered (!!): nagalase proteins (made by cancers) were being intentionally
put into vaccines by big pharma, and that the nagalase acted as a blocker of Gc-MAF.
When the Gc-MAF was blocked by the nagalase, the body developed immune disorders
including autism. Not every body vaccinated with vaccines laced with nagalase will have
the same reaction as body genetics & chemistry play a role in the bodys response.
Unfortunately, many of the little children given these nagalase-laced vaccines have
developed autism. Dr. Bradstreet was intelligent, as well as excited to defeat Big Pharma.
Then he was found shot in the chest this summer (July 2015) in the mountains of North
Carolina after his body was dumped into the Rocky Broad River. The system said it was
suicide. His family, patients and friends who knew him said it was murder & immediately
pooled $33,000 to investigate the murder since the police were not interested in
investigating. Come on people, it is obvious it was murder. And after Bradstreet, the
murderers went after other researchers & doctors who knew about the Gc-MAF. So what
does that tell us??? Why were the Illuminati and their Big Pharma companies so scared
that they began to murder a number of these doctors? Obviously because these doctors
were exposing their nagalase conspiracy to kill us & dumb us down through vaccinations.
Notice how all over the USA, they are giving free vaccinations, & in places like California
making vaccinations mandatory.

SOLUTION TO NAGALASE. Researchers in Europe discovered a way to replace the Gc-MAF

and reverse the effects of nagalase. They called their product Gc-MAF. It was produced in
Europe, but quickly banned by the FDA from use in America. Bradstreet said 85% of
autistic children had their autism reversed by the Gc-MAF product. 5 people who received
treatments in Europe died and that stirred up a hornets nest against the factory that
made the Gc-MAF and the doctors using it. (One Internet site on this: [extra words
to keep the link from showing as part of article] /government/news/regulator-warns-
against-gcmaf-made-in-unlicensed-facility-in-cambridgeshire.) One group that protested
hard against Gc-MAF was the Belgian Anticancer Fund. The thing is this peopleif you
were to look at statins and many other drugs by Big Pharma, you would see all kinds of
deaths and harmful effects that get covered upthe whole system does not come unglued
like they did with the Gc-MAF cures. How they killed those 5 patients who received Gc-
MAF, I dont knowbut a naturally occurring protein that activates a white blood cell is not
going to be lethal! For those in the know, it is evidentit is recognizablethat the
Illuminatis entire system was upset by the product called GcMAF. The product had been
quietly researched & produced in hopes it would not attract the negative attention it got.
Well, that failed. The day before Bradstreet was murdered, his clinic was raided by the Fed
& State authorities. Other doctors have also been raided. One of the doctors that also had
the proof about nagalase was a Dr. Gonzales. It is not clear to me if he was murdered or is
still alive.

FINAL THOUGHT. It is not funny all the ways the Illum. are trying to kill us. You know the
Georgia Guidestone goal. Who else will get in the way of that genocidal agenda?? On the
other hand, how soon will it be reached??
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10/11/15 AS THE WORLD ORDER TURNS. This post is a short review of important world

DAM EXPLOSION. I have been watching out for dam explosions for a number of reasons, for
instance, it is one of the targets that are on the Illuminati agenda for chaos. On 8 Oct., the
powerhouse at the Priests Rapids Dam on the Columbia River, which is 200 miles
downstream from the Grand Coulee Dam, had an explosion from a high voltage short. Six
workers were hurt, two ended up in critical condition in the intensive care unit. According
to a Grant Public Utility spokesperson the hydroelectric dams structural integrity is still
solid. Last yr., its sister dam, Wanapum Dam, had to be shut down for repairs when a
spillway crack appeared.

DEUTSCHE BANK AG (USA). The Illum. global Deutsche Bank is having serious financial
problems due to poor management operating procedures & decisions. Considering the
sensitive nature of the global markets, a collapse of Deutsche Bank could seriously
escalate the global economic meltdown. You might be thinking that things are resolving
themselves, after all, last week Glencore PLC, who I wrote about, seems to be recovering
after Citibank praised it. Unfortunately, it still has lots of problems, and is a high risk for
failure. Likewise, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Nasdaq, and S&P 500 rallied to
show gains this last week, but the same factors that caused a 2 month crash are still
lurking around. And it looks like the Fed. Reserve wont raise interest rates in the next 2
months. Dont be fooled. This is a similar situation as the Scripture prophecy, Watch out
when they say, Peace Peace. Watch out when they say the economy is strong and the
stock market is turning around.

DISQUIETING DISCORD. Red China continues to prepare for war with the U.S.A., while
Russia actually successfully stands up to the U.S. and eliminates ISIS. Netanyahu & Putin
met in Moscow and set the stage for further cooperation. On Friday (9 OCT) Israeli &
Russian military chiefs set up protocols to prevent clashes between the two nations in
Syria. While Israel is flirting with Putin, there are other nations that were solidly behind the
U.S. in the past, which have become less supportive. The U.S. continues to lose its
dominance. This growing weakness will only encourage Russia & China to further challenge

DISASTERS. The same kinds of disasters that made the 20th century so lethal still threaten
mankind in the 21st. Obviously, the wrong kind of people have been running the show for
humanity is not that stupid.

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In 1996, I described the infiltration of a number of Mennonite & Amish Mennonite groups in
my book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled
Slave. This post will build upon that information which was on pgs. 150-155 of the
Formula book, as well as some articles. This article is not designed to make Mennonites
& Amish look bad, as there are many wonderful servants of Christ among these groups.
What this article does show is how much power & leverage the PTSNB have to corrupt
denominations & to spread both their mind control, as well as their secret control over
church hierarchies.

DEVELOPING THE MIND CONTROL. In the 40s & 50s, the Illuminati had been upgrading
their trauma-based mind control of individuals. In the 1960s and 70s, they began shifting
their research into the control of religious groups. They not only created religious groups
whose members were generally under t.b. mind control, they studied and co-opted groups
that already existed. While the CIA fronted for the Illum. in these projects, when I study
them in detail, you will notice that all kinds of people in various groups controlled by the
Illuminati such as Freemasonry, their politicians, the controlled media and NASA also
appear in the cast of characters involved. So you will notice Jim Jones Peoples Temple
(began in 60s), Eckankar (began 1965), Marshall Applegates Heavens Gate (began about
73-74) and Roberts Brethren (1971), all m.c. ops.

They also took over organizationsElizabeth Claire Prophet began the Church Universal &
Triumphant in 1975 from the previous new age activity of others. Her organization was run
by the CIA, and was MK Ultra. Not surprisingly, it was given help by the media &
Freemasons. (One of the first multiples I met, before I met Illuminati t.b.m.c. members,
was a MPD person who had escaped C.U.T., which is how I had first hand info as well as a
large box of inside printed material for the pages on C.U.T. in the 1991 Be Wise As
Serpents book.) David Koresh took control over a group of the Branch Davidians in the
early 80s & turned it into a mind control operation. The denomination under discussion in
this article came under study during the same period. In the early 70s, a NASA scientist
(pretending to be a Christian) joined this denomination, and brought in a son w/ t.b.m.c. A
number of other people were involved in the process of using this denomination. Bear in
mind also that the Vietnam War was used to program Mennonite & Amish boys who did
alternate service in the mental hospitals with t.b.m.c. These young men then went back to
their various communities & denominations. Amish families directly said to me that they
did not recognize their boys when they returned as their personalities had been altered.

CONTROL THE TOP. Churches that function with a powerful hierarchy have been ripe for
subversion. Some churches operate without these types of hierarchies, but this one
particular Mennonite one has a powerful one. (For various reasons, this article is not
providing specific details, but is offering a pattern with the goal that others may see
similar things in other denominations.) When men become miniature religious kings with
almost the power of life or death over peoplethey become vested in that power. The
particular denomination under discussion can excommunicate & shun a member, and the
power is used arbitrarily. Out of the blue, you might be told one day by the ministers that
you are proud or rebellious, and you must submit. Either you submit to the church
leadership or you are gone, to be shunned by even close family. This particular
conference when its membership was less than 10,000, had a church wide purge that
kicked out about 1,000 members. A close look at that paneling purge, which began in
the early 70s, reveals that its purpose was to solidify church power, the top hierarchy now
had unquestioned authority. But we are describing men that will protect their positions of
power. And this is where the Illuminati catch them. Using bait, these powerful men are
placed into compromising situations, and then blackmailed.

AN EXAMPLE OF BLACKMAIL. One reliable trick that works with many power-drunk
hierarchy members is sexual entrapment. There has been an organized active campaign to
entrap ministers. A programmed multiple sexual kitten can easily be brought in and used
to seduce a man. (Women who were trained to do this have described it to me, and how
they operated, etc.) One technique would be to have a skillful sexual alter taunt the man
into rough sex, questioning his manhood for not been rougher, & begging for abuse. Most
men are not prepared to resist because they dont know about the mind control and how
they are being set up. During the abusive sex, the woman can switch to a dead alter
(one that appears dead), and the minister is then told by authorities that they will conceal
the crime of murder if the minister cooperates. Of course, once a man is entrapped, the
entrapment campaign will continue. In a denomination that gives unbridled power to men
at the top, once those at the top are controlled, there is no relief for the rank & file, as they
are not in a position to challenge the power of God at the top. These hierarchy leaders
claim they speak for God, and resisting Gods true church is resisting God.

GRASS ROOTS. My observation is that these kind of compromised religious leaders

(controlled by the PTSNB) begin to have a trickle-down effect on the rank & file. Mind-
controlled victims seem to increase in numbers in groups that have been taken over, which
is no surprise. In this particular instance, at a time when the mind control researchers &
programmers wanted to take control over Haiti, you will notice that this Mennonite
denominations leadership decided of all countries, Haiti was one of the top mission fields
in the world. The groups missionary efforts raise a number of questionswhat was really
going on? Who were the ones that were sent and why? After decades & lots of activity &
effort a few hundred converts have resulted. It looks like the organizations missionary
efforts were really a front to allow things to be done for the t.b.m.c. that the PTSNB were
enveloping Haitis population with.

SUMMARY. This has been a look at how a denomination could be controlled & used.
(Specific details where known have not been discussed.) One final conclusion would be for
people to stay away from religious power & cults. We have more than our share of them in
America, & I note they are proliferating in Russia now.

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10/6/2015 CHAMPIONING TRUTH: a spiritual message on the question of truth &

challenging unbelief. Truth & Christ (the Way, the Truth & the Life) exist regardless how we
perceive them. In these times, truth is under savage attack. The Spirit of this Age is to
reject the idea that truth even exists; and the Emerging Church has embraced this and
abandoned Biblical truth. These Emerging Church pastors are skeptical that anyone knows
what the Bible means, & half of the born-again Christians no longer believe there is
absolute truth. The skeptic resists the truther with How do you know?? Who says? and
Says who? While I believe in sincere investigation, I am skeptical about skepticism.
Whats lifes meaning? What happens after death? How do we tell right from wrong? There
is more promise in faith than cynicism & skepticism.

TOO SMART FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. Sophisticated thinkers think that knowledge does not
exist. If we know nothing, how do we know to doubt? To become a skeptic, one must have
certain ideas and knowledge. I ask the skeptic if he can prove to me & convince me that
my knowledge in Christ is bogus. Oh the skeptic may claim the possibility, but he has no
knowledge with which to disprove me, and the possibility I am wrong is not the certainty of
it. We need to allow our thinking to penetrate reality. Faith in God allows us to penetrate
the satanic Matrix of lies. The truth sets us free!! (JN 8:32) The Worlds inability to admit
truth exists is debilitating. And to be honest, these skeptics will not handle a hot stove, and
when the doctor says take a certain med, they do. In spite of their professed skepticism
towards truth & knowledge, they know more than they will admit! The Word of God warns
us not to walk in the vanity & futility of these peoples minds, Having the understanding
darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them,
because of the blindness of their heart:But you have not so learned Christ, if indeed you
have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus(A)


PROGRAMMABLE MINDS. When people have no absolute convictions, and no moral
absolutes, their minds are easy to control. When I worked with trauma-based mind control
victims, I noticed their minds were malleable to believe that the truth was whatever the
programmer said it was. Some people think we are better off not knowing the truth, even if
it does exist. Without truth, our minds are ships without anchors which the waves & winds
toss anywhere. Students coming out of high schools & universities today are rarely able to
think systematically by using evidence step by step to build a conclusion, & are ignorant of
basic facts & knowledge once considered foundational. Instead they have been socially
programmed, and their mind controlled minds respond to visual images & buzz words. For
instance, engage some of these students on environmentalism and they use buzzwords &
slogans. Attempt to engage them with facts & knowledge, and they cling to their
programming. Our Christian forefathers had convictions, while these deChristianized public
school grads have only opinions, and have been convinced truth does not exist. Virtue in a
person strives for truth; public opinion cannot do this, and often strives to aid & abet vice.
Deniers of truth have no anchor to their mental boats & are mentally tossed around to be
blown by the winds of popular opinion & programming. In contrast, Christians are told to
take every thought captive to Christ.(B)

2:10) The context of this verse is the End times when the AntiChrist arrives with all power
& lying wonders, and all the deceptions of unrighteousness. Satan animates himyes,
Satan who is the Father of lies.(C) But if there is no single truth, but simply relative truth,
if this is my truth & that is your truth, then Satans job is finished. If everything can be
truth, then there are no lies to uncover! The age old wisdom of the Word of God says, Buy
the truth, and sell it not.(D) But truth is not popular anymore. It is on the modern junk pile
of discarded ideas. It never ceases to amaze me how the World will get very specific in
how you are to do something, how to be successful at some competition or how to get
somewhere by driving, and then tell us that all roads lead to God. Supposedly, there are no
wrong turns to get to God. It is silly to think that everyone is right, & nobody is rightand
junking absolutes leaves us nothing to define evil. So you can see that all truth is Gods
truth. The Word of God teaches that there is a specific way, and that everyone on the side
of truth listens to Christ.(E) Christ went on to say, Everyone that is of the truth hears my
voice.(F) In fact, the Word of God says that the truth can be seen in nature, so that we are
all without excuse.(G) How can anyone think they can fellowship with the God who is
called the God of Truth(H) without believing in truth?

We are commanded to be ready to give a reasoned defense of our beliefs. This is called
apologetics. Christian apologetics is unpopular today, because supposedly everyone can
have their own truth. The apostle Paul repeatedly used the absolute truth to defend the
Christian faith.(I) Jude 1:3 tells us to contend earnestly for the truth. And 2 COR 10:5
teaches us to destroy speculationsagainst the knowledge of God. At first, you may
wonder about your faithlike Pilate you ask, What is truth?(J) Do you remember your
experience when Christ forgave your sins?! It was real, wasnt it? (By the way, the Greek
word for when something that was hidden is unveiled in an epiphany is aletheia. When we
experience forgiveness the epiphany is an aletheia.) Gods wisdom created the earth &
you also. The goodness & good purpose of God fill this earth. There is purpose to your life.
(K) And rational, godly, scientific inquiry can provide us with a better understanding of this
planet. It is what motivated the early scientists. Faith & the truths of God are not at war
with reason. They are at war with lies & deception. They help us get beyond propaganda
spins & appearances. Christ constantly exposed appearances. The Worldly churches are
using the Worlds methods of buzzwords, images, and emotions for evangelism, rather
than articulating the truths of Christ.

LIMITS TO OUR KNOWLEDGE. To acknowledge truth & knowledge exist, does not mean that
we dont have limits to knowing these. Of course we have limits. It is part of the reason
that Gods Word establishes the standard of using multiple witnesses. This standard is not
limited to Christians, it is a well-established concept worldwide. Further, the Word of God
uses symbols to communicate truthsso we see two witnesses described in REV as these
are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.
(We can read more of these symbols of the two anointed ones at ZECH 4:3-14, EX 25:18-
22 & KGS 6:23-28.) Symbols, patterns, prefigurements, and templates are some of the
Biblical methods to communicate deep truths through the centuries. Babylon is a template
of the power of false religion married to evil political power. Sodom is a template of
unrestrained immorality. Egypt is a picture of the World System.

RIGHT KNOWLEDGE GIVES RIGHTEOUSNESS. Four modern historians describing an event

will not necessarily emphasize the same items, some will be omitted, some down played,
and some over-emphasized. So written history is a construct; by its very nature it will be
limited in its descriptions of eventsbut that does not make it fiction. History is a search
for truth. Facts are truth makers. The Bible is also a book of historysharing the same
limitations that all history has, even though it was inspired by God. Many Biblical
narratives leave off important detailsfor instance, what happened to the converted
population of the town that the woman of the well brought to Christ? There is no way to
give all the details of a happening, and to have all viewpoints of an event be exactly the
same. But we know history is important to GodHe is called the God of Abraham, Isaac &
Jacob. The Word records Almighty God breaking into human history and actively doing
things. Christians have always seen a purpose to history. Likewise, your personal history is
full of meaning & purpose. Much more than most Christians realize. We Christians have a
new identity in Christ when we got a new life. In ancient & modern times, many Christians
have died for the love of truth & their new Christian identity. We are inwardly renewed
day by day.(L) When difficulties happen, and God seems remote, we are to remember,
that nothing can separate us from the love of God. (M) God has special plans for His
martyrs. Knowing our limitations, we sing, Further along we will know all about it.
Just as history is limited, this article is too; much more could be written on its subject of
truth. More is not necessarily better. Christ was sparing of words. Be blessed my friend,
and may you recognize & walk in your true identity in Christ.

(A) EPH 4:18-21 (B) 2 COR 10:3-5 (C) JN 8:44 (D) PRV 23:23 (E) JN 10:1-3, JN 14:6,21,23 (F)
JN 18:37 (G) ROM 1:20 (H) God is called this in DT 32:4, PS 31:5, & ISA 65:16 (I) see ACTS
chapters 14,17,18,19 (J) JN 18:38 (K)One sees this early on at GEN 1:26-28 (L) 2 COR 4:16
(M) ROM 8:38

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COMMON PROBLEMS. This is a look at how Germany is dealing with some of the same
major issues that face America. This post is meant to help the reader not only understand
upcoming decisions by Germany, but also to find ways to improve or appreciate the USA

DESTRUCTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT. Germany has faced much more serious

environmental destruction than the U.S. I remember the German rivers in 1971 being black
sludge. In response, Germany did a major overall on its cities & countryside. It focused on
green issues so well & worked so hard, that it has become the leading nation worldwide in
green technology. Those who want to study green technology can study at German higher
education for free. About 85% of university instruction at these green technology schools
is in English, and 15% classroom teaching is in German.

IMMIGRATION. As Germany miraculously rebuilt itself (called Wirtschaftswunder in German)

after WW 2 (and no it wasnt a free ride paid for by America) it had more jobs than people.
Germany & Turkey have had close relations, so it was natural for German firms to recruit
Turks for temporary workers, with the understanding that after they were no longer
working in Germany, they would be helped to return to Turkey. These were Gastarbeiter
(guestworkers), and they were recruited from 1961-73. The firms that hired them, liked to
staff whole areas with blocks of Turkish workers as it reduced the need for interpreters.

In 1973, due to the oil crisis & other factors, the guestworkers became viewed as foreign
workers and new policies were put in place in Germany. Specific money was set aside to
help these workers return after two years. The Germans began to realize that enclaves of
Turks in German cities like Berlin & Hamburg (called Little Istanbuls), much like Americas
Chinatowns had developed. The German media began giving attention to a number of
social time bombs associated with these un-integrated foreign workers. When a German
classroom had more than 30% of foreign children, the foreign children would be pulled out
and given separate classes. This time period is the point that the German people realized
they needed a policy of assimilation or return. It would not work to have Turkish ghettos
& large parts of the population who had no concept of German culture or German values. If
Germany did not insist on assimilation, the concept of Germany would be lost. (It is
interesting that America has not protected itself this way. In speaking with lots of illegal
aliens (Latin Americans), I can report first hand that most have no concept of American
values, and no loyalty to America. (That is not to say there havent been some great
Americans from Latin America who do understand.) Obviously, people like Obama would
like to dilute our culture to where it fragments & falls apart. This is just the practical nature
of how things work. And it has become pc to hate on the white race and their contribution
to America.

1987 to 1999. A period of upheaval, perestroika & questioning. Ethnic Germans

(Aussiedler) were allowed to come to Germany and join the Volksnation. The Turks in
Germany saw the double standard. Ethnic Germans were accepted for citizenship quicker
and easier than Turks. The German govt. moved to block people keeping dual citizenships
if they wanted German citizenship. 1999 to 2001. The backlash in Germany from this
unfairness, caused the Social Democratic-Green govt. to announce that they would pass a
new citizenship law that would make Germany an open country to immigration. If a foreign
worker had one parent with an 8 yr. legal status & an unlimited residence permit, then the
German-born foreign worker had a right to German citizenship.

Since 2001. Most Germans today want to help the millions of Syrian refugees. But the
concept of assimilate or leave! is still intact. Numerous incidents since 9-11 have led to
most Germans feeling like Islamic culture is incompatible with German values. For
instance, Moslems are intolerant of other religions, Germany is not. Moslem youth in
Germany have high rates of criminal activity and studies show they are more violent than
German youth. So Islamic immigration has been a public issue since 2001. Immigrants
from Sweden, France & the U.K. have integrated well into German culture, while Moslems
(incl. Turks) have not. Studies of this difference, have reinforced German attitudes against
the Islamic tide of immigrants. A well-publicized study in 2010 reported that teenagers
who were strong adherents to Islam in Germany wanted to be violent. And of course this
study created a lot of controversy. Some Turks have created new organizations like
Deutsch-Plus which are creative approaches to join German society. They hope to keep
their identity as Turks and still join Germany.

Tens of millions (or perhaps it is hundreds of millions) of people have been displaced in
recent times in the Middle East. During the first half of 2015, 137,000 were asking for
asylum in Europe. The enormous numbers of refugees is causing some Europeans to ask
that the flow of refugees & migrants be limited before their fragile economies crash.
Already 1 in 8 residents in the U.K. are foreign born. Meanwhile, homeless refugees are
building little refugee cities where the number of people using a single toilet may number
300. I hear these refugees saying the same thing that I heard illegal Latinos in America
say, We just want to live & work, thats all. The refugees in Germany, by & large are
happy as it is a good place to find work. And the Germans, by & large are welcoming them,
happy to help, but are also expecting that they will learn German & German values over
NATO AND ITS FACE OFF W/ RUSSIA. Germany has a lot of economic ties with both Russia &
the Ukraine, and now has lost a lot. Due to the sanctions against Russia, the northern
German harbors (Hamburg to the North Sea and Kiel to the Baltic) are being seriously
impacted. Northern German logistics firms are hurting, and some may soon be out of
business. There has been a serious drop in trust & enthusiasm for NATO. It went from 73%
to a level of 55%. And the majority of Germans dont want to be involved in military action
against Russia, if Putin starts fighting NATO countries which border Russia. NATO is an
organization that is pledged to defend any member. So it is no wonder some Germans
(who dont want to go to war) are talking about leaving NATO. There is a serious problem if
Russia attacks Latvia or Poland. Most Europeans think America will jump right in and
protect these nationsmy research shows the U.S. doesnt have the military muscle to do
it, because we are spread too thin. (Obama has played a big role in that.) Nor are the
Germans pro-Ukraine, and anti-Russian. The majority of Germans dont want the Ukraine in
the EU, nor in NATO. What this signals to me, is that NATO and the Illuminati will try to set
the Ukraine up as a buffer nation between NATO and Russia. Also of note is that there is
still a tremendous carry-over of cold war attitudes in Germany. In West Germany only 19%
have a positive view of Putin, while in east Germany, formerly a satellite nation of Russia,
40% have a positive view.

SUMMARY. Germany has taken a different approach to the immigration of workers than the
U.S. Germany is also taking a different attitude towards the Ukrainian civil war than the
U.S. Because the Ukraine (& new cold war) is closer to Germany and impacts Germany
directly, positive feelings towards NATO has declined, and Germans dont want to get
sucked into a war in eastern Europe. One also has to keep in mind that the attitudes of the
people of former east Germany, which are now part of a united Germany, also pull
Germany away from NATO.

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A short unveiling of the ruling decision makers. My Be Wise As Serpents book (1991) was
my first attempt to expose how the Worlds systems of systems operates; & how the heart
of it all is generational Satanism. (The book is, by the way, still available at my What you see externally is not the hardcore substance of the World
system. My next comprehensive clarification came in 1995 with my series of Prophecy
Club talks, plus a few similar privately scheduled lectures, which shared the same kind of
material. During these talks, I showed charts that broke down how the control is
structured. (The Prophecy Club talk is on YouTube.) So this condensed unveiling is intended
to enhance what I have already exposed.

(Before I begin, allow me to state that the power of pharaoh, who was the god/king of the
most powerful nation, and who believed he controlled the sun & other things, discovered
that the he was powerless compared to the creator God of the universe.likewise the
same situation continues today. And since Ive mentioned this confrontation.I want to
add that the Biblical account of Moses & the Hebrews in Egypt is substantiated by
archeology in spite of the mistaken ideas of many experts.)
THE RULING ELITE. The inner core of top decision makers have two things that the rest of
us dont: power & wealth. Many of us have incomes. Some of us common people have
incomes that keep us in the black & others are in debt. But we are living basically from
paycheck to paycheck. Even the upper middle class lack real wealth. Usually their
relatively small wealth is bound up in the home they need to live in. Not so for the elite.

The approx. 7,000 ruling elite in America are in key positions where they call the shots for
all important decisions. The world is like their private club. The mass media is their
mouthpiece manipulating public perceptions. Lobbying groups like the Business
Roundtable, the Committee for Economic Development, and the Conference Board insure
that public officials realize the policies they should support. Their elite schools like Yale,
Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and the University of Chicago play key roles in developing
people to play key roles in the World system, & also help with policy research. Their
foundations (for instance, the 100s of Rockefeller Foundations, Carnegie Endowment for
Peace, & the Bradley Foundation) & think tanks (as I have previously described) play vital
roles in getting events in line with their agendas. Policy Planning Groups like the RAND
corp. and the CFR plan for the future & provide a false model of the worldI might
describe it as the view of the world that the Matrix wants people to see. Citigroup
(Citibank), Morgan Bank and B of A is each granted about a dozen or more reps in the CFR.
Illuminati banks, insurance companies, and other big corporations are insured
representation in the Illuminatis CFR.

These American elite spend their vacations in Europe and interact with global Illuminati
organizations such WTO, World Bank, Davos World Eco. Forum & the IMF. The European
elite meet at places like the European Roundtable of Industrialists, and the Union of I&E
Confederations of Europe, and have policy planning groups similar to our CFR for each
nation. While the European Illuminati elite are the top decision makers, America &
Japanese elite still play a role in running things. A great deal of time & effort are taken to
build consensus among the various players.

CORPORATIONS. One of the cleverest devices is for the elite to pool their power & wealth
in corporations. Because Americas court system has tended to support what the elite
want, they were able to get some key Supreme Court decisions to go their way: in 1819,
the Dartmouth decision protected corporations under the contracts clause of the
Constitution; in 1886, the Santa Clara decision made a corporation into a natural
person(!) with the Constitutional rights of persons. Unfortunately, they have not been held
liable for killing people & other criminal acts, in the same fashion as the rest of us true
natural persons have been. The corporate structure creates a buffer zone between the
elite who control them with interlocking directorates and the public. The corporations take
the heat, not the elite. The larger multinational corporations are financially larger than
most nations, and loyal to the ruling elite. For instance, General Motors has a larger
economy than Saudi Arabia & So. Africa. The interlocking corporate directorates is one way
that the elite see each other face to face. A great deal of the Illuminati elites
communication is actually face to face. And some of this is in subtle ways of speaking.

USE OF THE GOVT. The Illum. elite have used governments to support their corporations
overseas. For instance, the British and American militaries have quite often been used to
promote elite corporate agendas. The intelligence agencies have likewise been used to
promote elite agendas. And then they amazingly (& hypocritically) get the masses to
support these elite agendas under the falsehoods of spreading democracy and free
trade. If you will support the elites policies there are jobs around the world for youin
govt., in corporations, and so forth. And if you dont support their policieseven if you are
a democratically elected leader, you have a high chance of losing your job.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Attached to the Illuminati membership are those in the Network, people
who have attached themselves to them because that is how to get ahead in the World.
Many of the people in the Network manage the day to day operations for Illuminati
organizations. They are the technocrats that make the system function right, while the rest
of humanity form the exploited masses upon which these parasitical elite structures thrive.
Even when nations appear to be at odds with each other, a rule of thumb is that the power
elite in these nations are still in communication & cooperation at some level.

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A spiritual message on finishing the race with faith. The quote comes from 2 TIM 4:7. This
verse was used to adorn the casket of C.H. Spurgeon, a faithful brother who fought the
good (noble) fight. The word translated good is kalos & means noble. For those who
fight the noble fight and finish the race, they can look forward to being congratulated,
Well done, good & faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord.(A)

FINISHING THE RACE. Paul in 2 TIM 4:7, as well as in some other verses (B), emphasizes
finishing the racenot winning. The implication is that our life of faith is like running a
marathon. Completing the event is an achievement. It reminds me of a sign at one of the
Olympics: the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The
essential thing isto have fought well. When troubles come our way, our response to the
crisis can be more important than the eventual solution. Paul kept his faith during all the
enormous troubles he encountered during his Christian walk. As they say, Anything
worthwhile takes time & effort, and the good life of walking with God is one of those things
that takes effort. At times we see the end result of things, without realizing the struggle
someone invested. Leonardo da Vinci worked ten hard years to paint The Last Supper.

BLOWING IT. Sometimes in our Christian walk we trip & fall. When I did, mature Christians
told me it is not how much you fall, but that you pick yourself up & keep going. PRV 24:16
teaches: For a righteous man may fall seven times, and rise again.

OVERWHELMING BAD DAYS. Every so often in life, I encounter one of those rare days
where everything goes wrong and major bad things seriously rock ones life all in a single
day. (On days like this, it is easy to amuse oneself by repeating, If it werent for bad luck,
Id have no luck at all.) In my early Christian years, I might respond by praying all night,
or calling a mature brother-in-Christ for help. Over the years, experience teaches one that
things are never as bad or good as one would think. Many times I was hard pressed, but
not crushed..(C) Over time, a person gets spiritually battle hardened, which allows the
person of faith to keep his (or her) peace. When King David got overwhelmed by bad
things, he says that his solution was to remember what God had done in his life (PS 143:4-
5). Remember how you were drawn to give your life to Christ, and remember how He
inspired you with a calling! Good stuff huh?

DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS. What works for us to deal with overwhelming
negatives will change from incident to incident and from person to person. One Bible verse
may wipe out ones overwhelming discouragement, while the next time it will be a
different verse that touches ones heart. Sometimes, certain music, or hobby, or other
distractionor even sleep is all that one needs to regain ones balance. There is not one
answer for all time. We are encouraged, Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due
season we shall reap, if we faint not.(D) And lets keep this in mind, problems that seem
resolved, have a nasty way of resurfacing. So the walk of faith is indeed a marathon. A few
Christians have benefited from spiritual journaling, and journaling would help many out.
Going back and reading ones spiritual trials in a journal is a good way to see for oneself
how one has matured.

GAINING MATURITY. As we achieve maturity, we comprehend the truth of ROM 5:3-5: And
not only that [that=rejoicing in our hope], but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that
tribulation produces perseverance, and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now
hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by
the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Our spiritual life is the life of Christ living in us. As we
mature, we walk in the Spirit, and have the power of the Spirit. Our sufficiency is in God (2
COR 3:5).

PAULS NOBLE FAITHFUL FIGHT. The troubles Paul encountered are said by the Scripture to
be common for all faithful believers.(E) How was the Apostle Paul faithful to the end? He
was loyal to God, and kept serving Him. He was consistently faithful to his calling. He was
faithful to the truth (the doctrine) that he had received. Paul in verse 4:7 was at peace &
confident about his past. In the next verse4:8, he looks to the future and he is still at
peace & confident about his impending death. His life with Christ prepared him for death.
Part of running this spiritual marathon is to follow the course laid out by the Lord!
Following the course may be easier than we sometimes make it. In Acts 15:36, Paul & his
brother Barnabas realize their responsibility to all those people who they have preached
to. On their own initiative they realize that they should go back and visit all these
locations. They dont need a special revelation from God, no thunder from heaven, nor an
angelic visit or divine dreamthey simply apprehend an opportunity to do good, & they
take it. Let us make the most of the wonderful opportunities that God gives us. (It helps to
do this, if we are not so distracted by modern lifeliketurn off the T.V.! It is your choice
you can build sand castles, or build on the solid rock of Christ.)

(A) MT 25:21 (B) for example Acts 20:24 if only I may finish (C) 2 COR 4:8-9 (D) GAL
6:9 (E) 1 TIM 6:2 and other verses

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This post is a review of thoughts I have shared going back to 1990 on sacred places & Hopi
kivas. But first, I must review how we add knowledge. As a Bible believer I acknowledge
ISA 8:20: To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is
because there is no light in them.

GAINING NEW INSIGHTS. Those of us who trust the integrity of the Word of God find we
have to be very careful simply accepting every idea that comes along with some Bible
reference or some persons testimony. On the other hand, I reject the notion that the only
source of truth is the Bible because that concept is itself unbiblical. Christ himself said
observe nature, and the Word says men will be inexcusable for rejecting God because even
nature declares Gods glorious existence. Paul & other Christians worked within the context
of the Roman laws. In other words, they acknowledged reality. During the Reformation the
terms Solo Scriptura & Prima scriptura were used. Solo scriptura meant that beliefs should
be compared to the Scripture & if they are contrary to scripture to be tossed aside, but I
find that nowadays most people I talk with, mistakenly think it means any idea not found
in Scripture is false. The Messiah said, I am the truth. Christ is our foundation, & we build
on that foundation using concepts that dont contradict Scripture. If I learn algebra, I dont
reject it because it is not taught in the Bible. I look at Scriptures & see it does not
contradict the Word, and so I add it to my base of knowledge & wisdom.

SCRIPTURAL CONCEPTS. There are a number of concepts that we find in the Bible: (A)
certain sites are holy sacred sites where it is easier to connect with God or angelic beings,
(B) In terms of worship, we can worship God anywhere, we do not have to restrict our
worship of God to special sacred places. (C) There are gates & windows to the heavenly
dimensions. Can we personally experience these concepts?? Yes, when we line ourselves
up with Gods truths, we can worship Him anywhere. Yet, we also experience Him in
special close ways when we enter certain locations, that send holy shivers up our being,
where we know we have entered a sacred location. Christ goes into the abyss and gets
keys to where evil spirits are located (REV 1:18) Keys to portals, interesting.

OCCULT CONCEPTS. The occult world has many special places where they contact spirits.
In my book EZE 6:3 on spiritual warfare, I gave numerous rituals sites around the U.S. The
fact that a certain cemetery or house is used by the Illuminati hierarchy or anarchy level
for rituals was for me more of a historical type of descriptive fact than a spiritual truth. We
receive our direction from the Holy Spirit, not evil spirits. But there was one set of portals
that did have importance to understand what is going on, the sipapu or kivas of the Hopis.
The Hopis function like the Tribe of Levi for the natives, and they historically recorded in
ancient drawings the beings that came through the Kiva portals. Over the years in modern
times, some of these kinds of portals have had photos shot of light orbs, mists, & even
light figures coming through them. In 92, I wrote about the Hopi, and the kiva portals. In
93, I visited the Mesa Verde (Nat. Park) ruins which contain one of the great Kivas. Chaco
Canyon and other sites in the area contain kivas, great ones, and more modern ones. The
ancient Hopi account (not widely known) is that a giant race came through the portals, and
terrorized man. This lines up with Biblical knowledge. What can we accept about the
Arizona region? Sedona, AZ is considered a sacred site with special spiritual energy. As
Christians we can acknowledge that the occult world may experience spirits there, but this
vortex of energy is not coming from God. The Juniper trees may unusually slowly spiral as
they grow, perhaps giving witness to special occult energies, but these are not energies
that are sacred to us. They may relate to the evil energies connected to the numerous
strange entities in SW USA that our secret govt. works with. They very well may be part of
the grand strong delusion warned about in 2 THES 2:11s prophecy. I was scrutinizing the
subject & comparing notes with Phil Schneider concerning our govt. interaction with these
entities. He was murdered the day before we were to have had another meeting at my
house. (Phils intelligence handler, who was also sharing w/ me, had warned me he was to
be killed, & he was approx. when I was researching in SW USA in 93.) Back to the pt., I
believe there are portals to other dimensions, and that the Bible mentions such portals.
The Druids called these places thin places where our material world & a world of spirits
were very close. The Hopis experience with the entities coming through these portals
helps us understand why the U.S. (actually the secret World Order) has so many secret
bases in SW USA. We are dealing with evil entities that are interdimensional, not exalted
races from exotic planets. The original Hopi experience with them many centuries ago was
one of horror.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This has been a review of ideas that I have shared occasionally over the
years but have not written about for some time. I notice that others are now discussing
these things, and felt it worthwhile to weigh in on the topic. I continue to feel that we have
to be very guarded as to how far and how much we accept. Something may have a kernel
of truth to it, but if we are not careful, we might be fed some disinfo. I had to be guarded
when dealing with Phils info, but was hoping as we broke down the mind control we would
get down to the brass tacks of what was going on in these DUMB bases where the World
Order interacts with these interdimensional beings.

(A) An example of this is Elijahs instructions to go to Mt. Horeb to speak with God (1 KGS
19:11-18). Mt. Horeb is generally held to be another name for Mt. Sinai where Moses met
God, others think Mt. Horeb was in the area of Mt. Sinai). Note also how Christ went to a
certain mtn. w/ his inner circle of disciples for the transfiguration. Thus saith the Lord
God; This is Jerusalem: I have set it in the midst of the nations & countries that are round
about her. (EZK 5:5) Jerusalem has been a special location to meet God since the
beginning of history. (cf ISA 2:3, 28:16, 59:20, & PS 4:12 & other verses). (B) In spite of
verses like ZECH 8:3 emphasizing Jerusalems location, Christ said, Woman, believe me,
the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the
Father. (JN 4:21) Yahshua goes on to emphasize that the key to worship is not location,
but having the right spirit and worshipping IN TRUTH. (C) Lift up your heads, O you gates!
And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in (PS 24:7) He
commanded the clouds above and opened the doors of heaven (PS 78:23 plus v.24-25)
Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of
my doors(PRV 8:34) MAL 3:10 refers to the windows of heaven. And a portal (opening) is
referred to by Yahshua: Most assuredly, I say to you, hereafter you shall see heaven open,
and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of ManJohn 1:51. Other
scriptures that might be looked at are Jacobs dream GEN 28:10-17, and Daniels revelation
of how the Gods angel was trying to come through and was being blocked. DAN 10:13.

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STIRRING UP CHAOS: Thoughts on Syria (on 9 Sept. 15). The controlled mass media has
muddled the reporting on Syria so much that in effect its followers must be confused to
the pt. they likely accept whatever the U.S. govt. claims. Many western media have
connections to intelligence agencies (no surprise) so its no surprise our news promotes
agendas. The goal of this short article is to help clarify a complex situation. Our govt. &
military actions are creating chaos in the region.

ARAB SPRING or NWO meddling? Tunisia, Egypt & Quadhafi in Libya (beginning 2/17/2011)
saw their nations turned upside down by revolutions (significantly aided by the World
Order) called Arab Spring, as if these revolutions were the start of great things. Since its
Spring, Libya is still in chaos broken up into warring factions. In 2011, Basher al-Assads
Baath govt. was supposed to be overthrown by an Arab Spring revolution but he stayed
in power, although the nation is now also broken up in warring factions. Both Libya & Syria
were not participating in the Illum.s Central bank system, and at least some of their
citizens realized fully what the controlling role of Illum. central banks have on a nation
and they, along with their leaders, did not want to be part of the World Orders banking
system. This is not to imply that the only reason for creating chaos was to bring these
nations into the World banking system, there are many reasons behind the turmoil.

QUADHAFIWHAT WAS HE? The Western press has demonized Quadhafi. In 1979, because
my father was helping to operate an experimental ag farm in Libya for the FAO, I spent an
entire summer in Quadhafis Libya working w/ my father. I saw firsthand Quadhafis rule, &
heard the man speak over the radio. Overall, I can state a couple of factsQuadhafi was
a complex man who was not afraid to act on his visionary ideas which were sometimes
unrealistic. (He called his ideas for Libya Jamahiriya.) The second thing I noticed was that
he sincerely was trying to help his nation, although some of his ideas were
counterproductive. He did not want to be part of the Soviet or NATO blocs, but proposed
nations be independent of the World System and its dialectic. Children were paid salaries
to go to school. Women were paid for giving birth to children. Everyone received a blue
Honda pickup from the govt. An example of an idea that back firedQuadhafi proclaimed
if you lived somewhereyou owned the place. Landlords quickly shoved their renters out
& put their family into their rentals to retain control. So his proclamation had the effect of
making many people homeless. I was listening to him on radio, with a Palestinian
translating his speech. Quadhafi said that he wished America would have fought him when
he asked for Wheelis AFB (near Tripoli) so he could have had a war w/ America. Either he
was a bag of wind, or seriously out of touch w/ reality (or something) to make such a
statementas he his puny military would have lasted perhaps a day against America in a
war. So Quadhafi is a complicated figuredifficult to label. Unfortunately, our media gave
us a 1-D image of him as a dangerous dictator. Likewise, Assad in Syria is painted in
negative terms, when many of his people are supportive of him.

SYRIA. Syria has been a multicultural, multi-religious nation. Assad is about as fair as that
region is going to get. Health care & education are free in Syria. Like Libya, he has
supported Syria being part of the non-aligned movement & not participating in the elites
central bank system. Russia (formerly the USSR) has been a supportive ally for years. The
nation is governed by codified sharia law, but was basically under martial law for much
modern history. Two sensitive areas are the Golan Heights & Hatay Province (now Turkey,
but claimed by Syria). The Israelis have realized that the Assad rulers, because they single
handedly command things, could any day wake up and decide to attack the Golan Heights
to recover what Israel annexed (after conquest) in 1981. Israel definitely wants Assad
gone, and could care less the chaos that might create. Turkey has been absorbing refugees
(2.1 million of them) & is now bombing Syria along w/ the U.S. The bombing has been a big
reason people want to flee, and Syrians are proposing some no fly zones to protect
civilians. And I ask, who should decide what govt. Syria has? And what countries have a
right to train insurgents to terrorize & destabilize Syria?

TARTUS NAVAL BASE & RECENT TENSION. In 1971, an agreement w/ Syria allowed the
Russian Black Sea fleet to est. a naval base for medium size ships at Tartus, Syria on the
Mediterranean Sea. It is not capable of docking large warships, & a storm in 2012 ruined
the facility. The Russians have been repairing it, and working to make it feasible to bring in
larger ships. It was recently used by Russia to enlarge its presence in Syria. Russia has
traditionally had a military presence in Syria, so it is indeed hypocritical and bizarre that
the U.S. & NATO are raising such a stink about Russias recent decision to bomb ISIS. The
U.S. & NATO tried to block Russian planes going to Syria flying over Bulgaria & other
nations. These silly acts are raising the tension, but are accomplishing nothing productive.
The Russians called these acts strange hysteria, which is an accurate description.

REFUGEE CRISIS. The Syrian refugees are biggest refugee crisis since many years. Reports
for numbers of refugees in various countries: Turkey (2.1 million), Jordan (1.4 million),
Lebanon (1.2 million), Iraq (248,000), Germany (105,000 acceptedthere are others), U.K.
(5,100), Canada (2,400), Brazil (2,077), and the U.S. (1500 as of Mar. 15). The tragedies of
these refugees is enormous. The result of all this is to keep all these traumatized people
(in & out of the nation) in a state of fight or flight. One result of all this stress to everyone
is to reduce peoples immune systems, setting the stage for more problems. The refugee
problem is bound to create a number of further problems.

META-VIEW of the not so wonderful media WONDERLAND. I am tempted to call our media-
view of events Wonderland as it is a grand fairytale. Beware lest anyone cheat you
throughempty deceit(A) evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse,
deceiving and being deceived.(B) Be sober, be vigilant [alert]; because your adversary
the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.(C) Part of being
vigilant is to not allow the enemy to steal our joy. Another part is not to allow the enemy to
tie us up with deceptions. Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute
darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet, and sweet for
bitter.(D) Wow, if anything describes our govt.s involvement is this versefor they are
constantly confusing evil for good and bitter for sweet. One day they claim such & such
group is good, & the next day they are a dangerous enemy. Our govt. helped est. ISIS, and
now is fighting the monster they created. Al Queda is now being portrayed as a good thing
for Syria.

Keep your joy, and have a blessed day my friend.

(A) COL 2:8 (B) 2 TIM 3:13 (C) 1 PTR 5:8 (D) ISA 5:20

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BY SPIRIT & BOLDNESS: An analysis of Putin v. America. Putin is highly intelligent &
aggressive. His goal is to maximize Russias borders & sphere of influence, and he believes
he can do this by spirit and boldness. Putin is calculating & will move when he thinks he
can win. This post is my personal analysis of the political & military tension between the
U.S. & Russia. George Soros recently claimed we are headed towards a third world war, &
different intel agents are claiming similar things.are these credible claims?

INTERCONNECTED. The world is clearly more interconnected than before, for instance, the
elite Russian mobsters own lots of property in the U.S., and western companies are
intertwined with Russias economy. However, history is full of many examples of wars
breaking out in spite of lots of economic connections between the combatants. Is it
possible that a war could develop between Russia & NATO?

ESTONIA. Estonia is an example similar to the Crimea, in the sense that Putin could easily
decide in a moment of American or European weakness, to assert Russian power in Estonia
like he did in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine. What would be NATOs response to a quick
invasion? Would Estonia be a trip wire leading to a large war like Poland was in WW II, or
would the Europeans & Americans try to negotiate instead of fight like they did when Hitler
invaded Czechoslavakia? Likewise, China (which is acting like an ally of Russia) is also
trying to maximize their land & sphere of influence. One point of contention is the Spratley
Islands, which the Chinese aggressively continue to bring under more Chinese control. So
far, everyone has preferred negotiation with China.

AGGRESSION. When nations are aggressive, it forces other nations to choose how they will
respond to that aggression. Different nations perceive acts from their own perspective. A
case in point was in todays news. Today, the U.S. denied a visa to Russias top woman,
Valentina Matriyenko, to visit NYC for an IPU conference. The U.S. State Dept. did this
because she was put on a sanctioned list when Russia acted aggressive in the Ukraine. But
from Russias viewpoint this new development is itself an act of aggression. A Russian
ministry called the action a flagrant violation of universally accepted norms of
international law and are contrary to the obligations of countries hosting multilateral
forums on their territory. They went on to say that the act was undemocratic, because it
prevents foreigners, in this case the Russians, from having different approaches to that of
American political directives & priorities. Having Matriyenko miss a conference is not
going to hurt Russia. On the other hand, it could seriously hurt the U.S. if the U.S. does not
act strong, & would back down in weakness. In the high stakes game that is being played,
to act weak is to invite Putin to push the envelope some more. (Whether Putin is more
right or not is not my pt. of discussion. Hitlers aggression was very justified from a
German standpt. Even his assault on the USSR was a pre-emptive strike, for if he had not
attacked, Stalin was well into the preparations to attack him!) The pt. is this, how does
NATO or the U.S. act in the face of that type of aggressionwhether justified in the minds
of the aggressor or not. On the flip side, Russia also finds some of our actions provocative.
In such a world, both sides have to face off & appear strong.

PRECARIOUS. So the globe is susceptible to a world war breaking out. The spooks who
warn us of world war are warning of a distinct possibility. But what is the probability??
Those of us who lived through the cold war lived through decades of precariousness! And
total annihilation of the human raceand the elevation of cockroaches to rule the world
did sincerely come very close a few times. It is possible that the new cold war will remain
just thata war fought behind the scenes instead of with the large militaries of the main
protagonists going head to head in all-out war. (My educated view is that at worst, we
might face a limited nuclear exchangeperhaps tactical nukesin the futurebut not all
out global nuclear destruction.) While Putin will continue to aggressively push, I dont see
any large wars in the immediate future. Russia & China will continue to advance their
secret military R&D to develop incredible weapons. At the moment their militaries are
powerful, but not overly impressive against the U.S., NATO and their allies. That balance
will change as they secretly develop their best secret weapons, & the U.S. economy goes
into the toilet. I think the global economic situation is more of a threat.

CHINAS[]MANIPULATE STOCK MARKET. The Chinese stock markets have always been
political/profit tools of the Chinese elite. In Walter & Howies book Privatizing China they
refer to an example of stock manipulation by Lu Liang where he used around 14,000 ghost
accounts. Let me explain where I am going with this discussion: I believe the
signs/evidence show that someone manipulated the China stock market crashing. One sign
was the dumping onto the market on July 1 of 200 million shares of Sinopec Oilfield Service
shares. Those of you who follow my research are aware I maintain that we are following a
script. How all this post fits into Biblical prophecy, I will allow each to his own beliefs. I
think it is safe to predict that we will at the very least continue living under conditions of a
new cold war. At this pt., Americans should be more concerned with preparing for the
difficult economic days ahead.



TOTAL CONTROL OF THE WORLD BY CONTROL OF SPACE: exposing the Apollo deception of
going to the moon. This is an intro to the link to an excellent 3 hr. video documentary
exposing the Apollo lunar missions. It is well worth watching. I recommend it. Some of you
may have already seen it, and some of you may not have time to watch it, & can get an
idea of what it proves from this post. As I was watching it, I realized that exposing that the
Apollo manned missions were faked is a better way to break people out of the Matrix than
exposing JFKs assassination & 9-11!! Why did it need to be faked?

PURPOSE BEHIND THE SPACE RACE. There were many purposes behind NASA & space
exploration. Lets discuss it from the view of the worlds controllers. Satellites & unmanned
vehicles in near space are able to provide communications, spy capabilities, and other
abilities for the elite to control this entire planet, for example, weather modification and
instant global communication. Years ago, I had documented that the Russian & American
governments were secretly working together. By creating a space race, the funding of
enormously expensive space projects was justified. The concept of man going to the moon
captures the romantic excitement of most everyone. Behind this banner issue, NASA was
able to spend large sums of money, do mind control, and put in place a series of satellites
that could be used to control humanity. This video (see the linked documentary) proves
numerous problems with the official NASA Apollo story, incl. lots of evidence of faked
photos, evidence that the spacecraft left the astronauts basically unprotected to lethal
radiation (making it impossible that they could use it to go to the moon), and other signs
that America did not send men to the moon.

FAKED MOON SHOTS. The supposed images sent back to earth by the Apollo missions are
full of obvious evidence that they were faked. The shadows in many of the pictures show
that they are inconsistent with one light source, and were obviously not created by the
sun, but by large lights from some staged performance. The type of camera & film used
designed by a Lundberg in Sweden is discussed. Some supposed photos taken of the earth
thru the porthole of the Apollo are easily debunked. The method of how the video film
views were created is broken down and explained. When the lunar rover drives across the
lunar terrain it is obvious that the dust does not act like it would on the moon with its
limited gravity. The American flags wave in the breeze.

IGNORING THE REALITY OF RADIATION. Two belts (the Van Allen Belt) of lethal radiation
(full of gamma rays & x-rays, etc.) which begin at 272 miles out into space cover the
globe. A third belt of radiation (orig. 100x more intense than the Van Allen belt) was
created in the 1960s when the U.S. exploded a megaton nuke in space under Operation
Starfish Prime. The sun has an 11 yr. cycle of radiation that peaks every 11 yrs. It peaked
in 1958 allowing the Van Allen belts to be detected easierand then the Solar Particle
Events peaked again in the 1969-70 period which was supposedly the time we were
sending men to the moon. So NASA picked the very worst time, when space radiation is at
its worst, to supposedly send the men to the moon. In the 1970s, the Amish church I was
a member of, did not believe astronauts had gone to the moon. They were the first I heard
to question things, but since they are not into science, I felt their objections were merely
allegations. In 1979, when I got to go the Air & Space museum in Wash. D.C. I looked at
the Apollo craft & realized for myself that the astronauts were indeed unprotected from the
radiation that they would have experienced going through the radiation belts & then on
the lunar surface. That was when the lights began to go on in my head.

OTHER PROBLEMS. The video explains other problems with the official story & discusses
whistle blowers. From the video I learned that Astronaut Irwin decided to come clean &
confess the hoaxes, and then he and his wife died of heart attacks within 3 days of his
decision. A geologist who wanted to expose the fake moon rocks also died. Supposedly we
brought back 750 lbs. of moon rock, and this was supposed to be shared with the Russians,
but little was. It is believed the little real moon rock was retrieved by unmanned vehicles,
& that most of the moon rock was merely terrestrial rock that was altered (irradiated, etc.)
to look a little different.

What Happened on the Moon

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.
The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State

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LIFE SAVING LESSONS FROM FRANCE (sauver des leons de vie de la France). The nation of
France has had its National Health care rated the best in the world. Some of the
questionable medical practices that have been common in the US, never tainted their
nation. Their media is certainly not as controlled by big pharma as much as ours. The
French have been known for centuries for their healthy outstanding cuisine (fine delicious
food) & incredible red wines. Resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine, if taken as a
supplement, has been shown to add years to a persons life span. The rural areas of France
still know what good healthy real food looks like in contrast to Americans & our addictions
to junk food. When we take these kinds of things into account, it makes it understandable
why 40% of the French are anti-vaccination, 58% of their doctors question whether child
vaccinations are helpful, and 31% of their doctors question the safety of vaccines!! (BUT
dont expect our controlled media, who are lackeys of big pharma &/or uncritically p.c., to
report on Frances anti-vaccine negative vaccination attitudes! We are to falsely believe
that vaccines are universally loved.)

LOW AUTISM RATE & OTHER BENEFITS. The French autism rate is only 45% of the
American rate! (Would this low autism rate be helped by their lack of enthusiasm for
vaccinations?!) The cost of getting a masters degree in France is something like $2,256
dollars on average, and their business schools are some of the best in the world. Their
obesity rate is the lowest (best) in Europe and a long ways from America. Their govt.
outlawed manufacturers from putting out products with planned obsolescence; while here
in America, we consumers are expected to spend our hard earned dollars on consumer
products that will soon be junk. Their nation outlawed Monsantos MON 810, which is a
corn that is genetically modified to excrete a poisonous toxin to kill bugs. Their Pres.
Hollande has wanted a GMO-free Europe. Even after a court ruling allowing MON 810, the
govt. was still not going to allow it.

FRANCE WAS NOT A MINDLESS LACKEY OF BUSH. When Bush, Jr. lied about weapons of
mass destruction & pressured France to join in his illegal war, France stood their ground
and refused to join in Bushs war crime. I personally felt apologetic for all the nasty things
said about France because they did not want to participate. The first significant book in
English exposing 9-11 had to be printed in France. One of my books was translated early
on into French. My French is limited (Cest la Vie.) & dont expect to ever live there; but I
am impressed with many of their good decisions, & wish America might learn from such
good decisions. And as a last parting shot, the USA would never have gained our
independence from Britain had not France helped us defeat the British. Their navy & troops
& supplies were decisive. How short American memories of history can be! Have a great
day my friend.

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Because He lives
BECAUSE HE LIVES, I CAN FACE TOMORROW. As I sang this old hymn today, I contemplated
how true it is. We often fail to focus on His solutions, and focus on our fears of the
problems. Our minds exaggerate the problems, and often fail to see that solutions have
been created and are waiting for us. I have a family member who faces death due to
cancer, and all around cancer is taking people. The Blush Wood Berries found in the rain
forests of Far North Queensland in Australia have been found to cure melanoma cancer
quickly in 75% of the cases, and cure it so it doesnt return. Sea cucumbers kill all kinds of
cancers. This is in line with the Bible verse, and the leaves of the trees were for the
healing of the nations. The context of this verse is where people are in perfect fellowship
with their Creator, and I believe would apply to us today if we were in close harmony with
Him. The reason these cancer cures are not widely known or used is that greedy pharma
cant make money off of them. Good hearted people still have a voice, they can still share
with each other globally using the Internet. If we realize what we have, we realize that we
are not living in a hopeless world.

BECAUSE HE LIVES, ALL FEAR IS GONE. The songs chorus goes like this: Because He
lives, I can face tomorrow, Because He lives, all fear is gone; Because I know He holds the
future, And life is worth the living, Just because He lives! We need to take a moment and
pause and reflectthe World is sliding into a time of fearthe global economy wants to
melt downstock markets are crashing around the worldnations are devaluing their
currenciesnatural disasters are popping upour govt. & the elite are creating civil
disturbances in the U.S. between races & helping create Islamic terrorists even on own
soilcertainly it seems normal to live in fear. But what about Yahshuas time period? Those
living back then faced many of the same kind of things. It is why the crowds gathered
around Christ, because he had answers to all these countless problems. And people are
still amassing around him to seek answersjust not much in the U.S.A. or Europe, because
the masses have been taught to be politically correct with the World. As one political figure
recently said, Political correctness is killing this nation. And that is one political
statement I can agree with. Gods Word encourages us: For ye have need of patience,
that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. Life is worth the
living, just because He lives!

A GENERATION LOOKING FOR SIGNS. We live in an age where American Christians are
more anxious for signs of being divinely rescued than whether they are living holy lives
approved by God. The churches are spending vast sums on their properties, even taking
out loans w/ balloon payments, expecting that it will continue to work out. They are looking
at the short term & neglecting the long term in several ways, in particular how the new
young generation are being dealt with. The churches are finding entertaining ways to keep
the young people busy to keep them coming to church, while neglecting to build
overcoming spiritual skills into them. This is due in part to their rapture mentality. When
difficulties come, and the churches cant pay their overhead property expenses, & the
older generation that is paying for things dies off, & the younger generation flakes off due
to immaturity to overcome spiritual problems, then it is obvious many of these churches
will close their doors. Perhaps missionaries from more spiritual areas of the world can bring
a revival to America. (If it be Your will, grant us this help.) As I said earlier, there are
answersnot the worldly quick fixes that the churches look forbut the answers that God
has for us. These will be by the Spirit, not by the so-called worldly prophets with their
revelations. God does speak to His loved ones on the Sonship level, & provides them
understanding line upon line. It is a spiritually organic process between a Father and His
collective adopted sons, who are willing to recognize His still small voice, rather than the
flashy signs of the worldly church.

CANCER. I used cancer as an example of how God has provided us with solutions which are
being neglected. Further along this line, I would call attention to some research. There is a
book The China Study based upon 20 yrs. of medical-nutritional studies in China. A
trilogy of authors wrote the book. The conclusion of all this research is that cancer is
caused and can be stopped by diet. I quote a wiki report on the book: The China Study
examines the relationship between the consumption of animal products (including dairy)
and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate
cancer and bowel cancer. The authors conclude that people who eat a whole-food, plant-
based/vegan dietavoiding all animal products, including beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs,
cheese and milk, and reducing their intake of processed foods and refined carbohydrates
will escape, reduce or reverse the development of numerous diseases. This is certainly
food for thought. Another idea for us to consider in dealing w/ cancer is cesium chloride
therapy, which is a natural alternative cure. One more set of concepts to consider is the
role the pancreas & its enzymes play in fighting cancer. Trypsin is one of the important
pancreatic enzymes that has been supplemented w/ cancer victims that has helped. On
the flip sidethere are some cultures like the Maasai in Africa, and the Eskimos who eat a
high intake of animal protein & dont have our rates of modern diseases like cancer. So
there is certainly a vast set of factors involved in getting cancer, but obviously our modern
processed food, our modern diet & the toxins in our environment & food are seriously
contributing to the cancer problem. Again, if we look to the age-old wisdom, the diet given
by God would help us.

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A look at the Military-industrial Complex (MIC). Who can argue with the cause of National
Security? Today, a powerful secret web of arms manufacturers, congressional
committees, bankers, arms dealers, & the U.S. military named the Military-industrial
Complex stands in the way of the ideals of the Constitution. Its technology of violence not
only expanded to give it the ability to destroy the planet, but also created unsolved
problems such as nuclear waste, such as Plutonium-239 with a poisonous half life of
24,400 years! Nuclear power plants cant be dismantled, & once deactivated will stand as
monuments to the satanic philosophy that built them. The original American ideal of
freedom conceived our military as protecting our freedom & serving the nations needs,
not dominating its institutions. Playing upon that ideal, leaders who have secretly desired
the MIC to gain predominance, have asked Americans to support the creation &
enlargement of the MIC. Today, regardless of realities, military needs, or economic
justifications, & the ideals of American freedom, the MIC is able to manipulate the
government to continue supporting its expensive projects. It was part of the consortium of
powers that assassinated JFK. It served as a key player in the Illuminatis goal of
perpetual war during the 20th century. It is now supporting the American militarys role
as policeman for the World Order, & helping with projects to bring in a visible New World
DISTINCTIONS ELIMINATED. The framers of the Constitution, in order to achieve a balance
of power, so that power was not concentrated created several levels & branches to govt.
The MIC has collapsed distinctions between the private & public, business & govt., civilian
& military, and the individual & the state. High ranking officers when they retire frequently
enter the civilian side of the MIC. Jesse Ventura, in a well researched, well-written book
They Killed Our President, explains how Pres. JFK was at odds with the hawkish MIC. He
explains that after Gen. Lemnitzer, Chrmn. of the Jt. Chiefs of Staff, and DCI of the CIA
Allan Dulles, treated JFK like a kindergartner when trying to get him to approve a surprise
nuclear attack on the USSR, JFK & the MIC were at war with each other. Shockingly, Sen.
Proxmire has called the MIC stupid, and arrogant and said they had little regard for
integrity. Bear in mind, that at least 10% of American workers work directly or indirectly for
the MIC, and 50% of adult males are former or present mmbrs of the armed forces.(U.S.
Statistical Abstracts, 1971, Tables 392,397,399,417)
ORIGINS OF THE MIC. The idealistic rational creators of the Declaration of Independence &
the Bill of Rights lived in a pre-industrial era. In 1852, navy Cdr. Samuel Francis DuPont, of
the Illuminati DuPont family wrote an important paper Report on the National Defense
which advocated a large navy that we may at no distant day, be forced, in our own
defense, to aid this cause of freedom by an active war. DuPont proposed building state-of-
the-art warships that could rival the best European warships by using propellers driven by
steam engines. His proposal was backed by the Young Americans. Now let me digress &
explain who the Young Amer. movement wasIlluminati member Giuseppe Mazzini created
the international Young movement, personally founding Young Italy & Young Europe
groups. Young Poland was founded by Freemason Konarski in 1834, and Young Switz. by
Freemason Melegari. Young America was founded by Jewish socialist Edwin de Leon, mmbr.
of the Euphradian Soc. The Young Hegelian movement backed the Young America
movement. Also supportive of DuPonts ideas was influential & famous Hungarian
Freemason, lawyer & revolutionist Lajos (Louis) Kossuth. Kossuth put out the Hungarian
Decl. of Independence & had many places in the U.S. named for him, as well as
monuments. Pres. Pierce, of the Illum. elite Pierce family & mmbr of the elite order Society
of the Cincinnati, helped get DuPonts modern fleet proposal pushed through Congress.
Pierce stated in 1853, the policy of my administrationpreservation of the rights of
commerce and peace of the world would require expansion of the navy. Congress in Apr.
1854 passed a bill to build DuPonts 6 new steam frigates & 2 others which had been
started. The 1854 Frigate Engine contracts could be used as the beginning of the MIC.
Because the contracted engines notoriously failed, the Merrimac frigate was in dry dock
when the Confederacy took over Gosport Navy yard in Virginia early in 1861. The Merrimac
was rebuilt as the Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia. Informed of its construction, the U.S.
Navy sped up its contracts to build the Monitor-class ironclads, which continued the
evolution of the MIC.
EISENHOWERS FAMOUS MIC WARNING. The evolution of the MIC, started by the Navy in
the 1850s, & stimulated by the construction contracts for battleships in the early 1890s,
WW 1s War Industries Board, WW2s War Production Board, reached such levels of power
in 1961, that Eisenhower warned in his outgoing Presidential speech that the MICs power
was everywhere in the lives of Americans!! In fact, it was that speech that gave us the
name Military-industrial Complex. Prior to that, the public called them Merchants of
Death, which in some ways is a less descriptive term as it misses the govt./mil./banker
aspects of the MI Complex. Did Eisenhower have a change of heart, a gasp of conscience
when he was leaving the White House?? I ask that because Eisenhowers brothers were
high ranking Masons, & Eisenhower himself had worked with Bernard Baruch on the 1930
M Day Plan (which were the plans to change a peacetime democracy into a centrally
controlled war economy) where Ike suggested that the President should be a dictator. At
the time, Pres. Hoover, a Rothschild agent, believed that the elite decision makers of
industry should come together & regulate the market. He believed govt.s job was to
protect the public from laissez-faire capitalism. Bernard Baruch ran the U.S. war economy
during WW 1 as chrmn of the War Industries Bd., & FDR considered having him run it in
WW 2. He was part of FDRs brain trust, had been a Wall St. broker, philanthropist, & an
advisor to presidents. He was Jewish w/ a mansion in So. Carolina. In 46, he was the U.S.s
delegate to the UN Atomic Energy Commission. The elite-run Bechtel corp. is just one
example of a MIC corporation that I have exposed in the past, who have enormous power
in Washington. Pres. Lyndon Johnson was their man, as was Reagan, who had 4 Bechtel
men in his cabinet.
IMPORTANCE OF THE MIC. The MIC is intimately interwoven into the creation of computers
and the Internet. They helped refine the concept of MIL specs, mass production &
interchangeable parts. When the U.S. military had to expand in WW2 from a small
peacetime size to incorporate 15 million men & women into the armed forces it severely
taxed the organizational & production ability of American industry. Planes, merchant ships,
and tanks were prodigiously produced at rates that were at times unbelievable to the
enemy. The complexity of modern equipment is perhaps not realized by the reader. A
Lockhead C-141 Starlifter has 250,000 parts and requires 20,000 engineering drawings to
make. The Armys Nike-Hercules System has even more parts-1,500,000 parts and
requires 80,000 engineering drawings to produce. Large warships take years to produce.
Skilled workers, equipment, factories, dry docks and technology are not acquired
overnight. Maintaining an MIC can serve a national defense purpose, IF that is what they
are used for. Currently, one can document for oneself the direction our military is going
martial lawstudy FM 3-39.4 (an Internet explanation of this & its connection to Jade Helm
15 is found at ) The U.S.
govt. has been hiring staff for these concentration camps since 2009. The creation of these
conc. camps has been a long term project. In a World system full of Hitler wanna-bes, a
MIC seems vital to preserve freedom, except that this is not its intention. If anything, they
are working to help move us into a New World Order. For sure they manipulate our
patriotism & survival instincts. For decades the MIC has directed academic research, and
has instructed the U.S. govt. how to give foreign aid, to whom & with what strings should
be attached. The MIC has thousands of lobbyists in Wash. D.C. Lest we forget, the control
of the entire U.S. economy, for instance the railroads, was granted to the MIC during the
world wars.
TODAYS AMER. MIC & ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Marine fire teams train on the video
game Doom. The Navy designed a ship command ctr. as the Disney Room. The MIC is
now in alliance with the entertainment industry. Virtual war, where the next generations of
warriors can destroy the enemy by playing what seems to be a video game is being
created. This is the next step in the evolution of the MIC The army has been carrying out
digitized warfare experiments in the Mojave Desert at their National Training Ctr.
Researcher James Der Derian went into the belly of the beast to write the book Virtuous
War: Mapping the Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network. He reports on such
things as the collaborative efforts of Hollywood, the Univ. of So. CA, and the Pentagon to
est. an Institute for Creative Technologies, where such things as video games are designed
for the next war.
TODAYS RUSSIAN MIC. The counter part to the US MIC is the Russian MIC. Historically, the
West, incl. the US industry, have helped the USSR, even during the Cold War. Today, that
continues, for instance Sukhoi-Ilyushin-Boeing work together to create new jets with a
range of 6,000 km. The Gagarin Aircraft Manufacturing Assoc. based at Khabarovsk-On-
Amur (in the Far East) is using U.S. made engines in their BE-103 amphibian plane that
needs no runway & lands on water or snow. The traditional buyers of Russian military
equipment incl. China, India, Iran, Malaysia, & Indonesia. From 91 to 98 the Russian MIC
declined, but Putin has been re-invigorating it. There are 15 branches to the Russian MIC,
and the aviation branch accounted for 60% of Russian MIC exports in 2001. Gas & military
equipment are Russias 2 top export items. Russias MIC has developed some excellent
weapons, incl. a Vikhir supersonic anti-tank missile which can pierce 1 meter of armor! Its
KAB-500Kr smart bombs were said to be the worlds best. On the flip side, Mig 21s & Mig
23s made in India have had a history of crashesperhaps due to poor quality spare parts,
poor pilot training, & old machinery making the parts.
FINAL THOUGHTS. In a technological World like today a MIC is important to survival.
Unfortunately, the American MIC is not going to preserve the ideal American values which
so many Constitutionalists value. The new generation of young Americans are being
indoctrinated to hate such freedoms as free speech. The American MIC is actually an
extension of the World system commanded by the Illuminati, & is increasingly involved in
global projects for the elite.

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Object 158



JUST THE FACTS ON 2 MYSTERIES. Tonight, I was watching a video on the Internet where
someone was warning about CERN, & in connection to CERN he mentioned crystal skulls.
The purpose of this post is to provide the interested reader with some basic facts about
these 2 things. Wherever the reader wants to take these topics from these facts is the
readers choice.

CRYSTAL SKULLS. Most of these skulls were created from milky white quartz (aka rock
crystal), although one is from smokey quartz & one is from purple quartz (aka the
amethyst skull). While the subject of crystal skulls has gained popular attention in recent
years from such things as Nocerino & Shapiros 1989 book Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls
Revealed & the BBCs 1996 documentary The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, the subject
has existed for several hundred years. In the early 1700s, a Scythian crystal skull was
found near Luv, Russia. (It is now owned by a Ms. J. van Dieten.) In 1878, Alphonse Pinart
donated his crystal skull to Paris Muse de lhomme (Museum of Man). (I became aware of
the subject when I read Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed in 2004. I also saw the
National Geographic article Crystal Skulls, Oct. 1, 2014 issue.) Lest these first sentences
give a false impression, for the most part, the crystal skulls originate in Central America. At
one point, 13 of the skulls were assembled, and witnesses claimed that they had power.
One of the powers attributed to the skulls is healing.

both the hierarchy of the Nazis & the Illuminati hierarchy have been interested in obtaining
legitimate crystal skulls, then it is obvious that something significant is involved. There is
also no doubt that some of the crystal skulls are modern creationsbut what is un-nerving
is that at least a few show no microscopic evidence of modern manufacture. Within NYC,
the Rock Star Crystals holds the largest collection of crystal skulls in NYC. Holland (& the
US) have a World Mystery Research Ctr. which studies the skulls.

CERN is a subatomic particle lab with particle accelerators located in Switzerland. Its name
is an acronym for the name Conseil Europen pour la Recherche Nuclaire, which in
English means European Organization for Nuclear Research. CERN consists of 20 European
nations & Israel as members. It has a logo of 666. The research it conducts pertains to
quantum physics. Quantum physics was able to mathematically show many things such as
multiple dimensions beyond our normal dimensions, however the scientific proof by
detection of what the math showed has been lacking. CERN hoped to discover the proof of
quantum mechanics, and indeed in 2012, a boson particle with mass around 125 GeV/c2
which was in line with predictions for the Higgs boson was discovered. They have been
discovering other things about physics at the subatomic level. The CERN Large Hadron
Collider (which is 27 kilometers in circumference) has caused many people (incl. some top
scientists & Christians) grave concern about the negative consequences of their research,
which is to make antimatter. (By the way, antimatter is also produced by atomic
radioactive decay, so the uranium bomb we dropped in WW 2 created antimatter long
ago.) Antimatter is not the same as dark matter. Dark matter is theorized to be ubiquitous
and benign.

I first became aware of CERN when I first looked into quantum physics in the 90s. It
appeared to be concerned with legitimate physics research into particles by smashing
them together at high speeds & watching the parts created by the collisions. Frankly some
of the fear of CERN being generated in recent weeks seems grossly out of placebut
there are some clues (such as comments by CERN itself) that maybe there is something
more sinister to the research. Lately, there have been some mysterious deaths of
scientists assoc. with CERN. And Stephen Hawkings, the greatest theoretical cosmologist,
someone who is brilliant, is quite concerned about what the Large Hadron Collider might
create. Some Christians are concerned that CERN is the key to unlock the abyss & release
the demons of hell. As evil fallen angels have been around since history began, I am
perplexed why they would need a particle accelerator to come.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I realize some fictional Hollywood movies & some Christians speakers
would have one think these experiments will end the world. My response is to call us back
to faith in our Creator. It is written [in the Word of God]: I will destroy the wisdom of the
wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. Where is the wise? Where is
the scribe? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? (A) There is no reason
to fear CERN. There is no reason to fear antimatter & dark matterthere is reason to fear
Almighty God! Whether the World has evil intentions or not with CERN, the Lord God will
help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I
know I shall not be ashamed.(B) For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether
we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lords.(C)

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Object 161

WORLDLINESS. When we soak up real love & get into the groove, we find we feel
invincible. When we know we are doing something excellently & we know we are doing
what we should, then we feel wonderful. This message reminds us of the heart & soul of
life in the Spirit. This message is to inspire us not to settle for stale spirituality & a
shriveled spiritual life. Life should be more than a paycheck. (I know my soul is not for
sale.) So Christ advised us to labor for the food that endures to the end, rather than that
which perishes.(A) Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men,
knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve
the Lord Christ.(B)

ARE YOU LIKE CHRIST??? And a typical answer is, Well ahhh, naa, but no one is! Peter,
under inspiration wrote: Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should
follow his steps(C) John, under inspiration wrote: He that saith he abideth in him ought
himself also so to walk, even as he [Christ] walked.(D) And Paul under inspiration wrote:
Be ye therefore followers of Godwalk in love, as Christ also hath loved usLet this
mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.(E) TO BE LIKE CHRIST IS OUR PRIMARY
PURPOSE. Question, do we take Christs Sermon on the Mount to heart??


Christ told Nicodemus if he wanted a spiritual life, he needed a spiritual birthfrom the
Spirit of God. He said you could not see the Spirit, only the works of the Spirit, just as we
cant see the wind, only its effects. The life of Christ is Christian spirituality. When we use
the Spirit as our Guide, we live in Christ. Christian spirituality is not an academic or social
experience, but rather it is getting into the current joining the flow of the Spiritright
down the line. Christ & his Spirit, He is the only Way, Truth & Life for those of us who want
to have Christian spirituality. Christ also taught us, Your [Heavenly Fathers] Word is
truth. So the Word of God, inspired by the Spirit, is also a textbook for those seeking
Christian spirituality. Most of the churches today have compromised with the World. Many
teachings of the Word of God are being neglected by the mainstream Worldly churches. It
is rare that they preach against worldliness. The Word of God warns that if we are a friend
of the World (System), we set ourselves up as enemies of God.(F) Christ got in the Worlds
face & testified that its works are evil, and then pointed out to his disciples that is why the
World hates him.(G) Later, it was explained that the World wont treat his disciples any
better. With this in mind, we happily sing, The World behind me, the cross before me, no
turning back, no turning back!

TODAYS WORLD, groping in the dark vs. THE FAITHFUL, hoping in this dark age. These end
days are described as being like the days of Noah. One aspect of those days was that Noah
was a lone dissenter, a prophetic voice in the wilderness (so to speak), who was
considered to be like kook carrying a sign the end of the world is coming. The people had
a false sense of security. A similar evil time was during Ahab & Jezebels reign, when 400
mainstream church prophets said whatever the majority of people wanted to hear, which
was that everything was going to be great. Only one prophet took the attitude, As the
Lord lives, whatever the Lord says to me, that will I speak.(H) For thousands of years the
majority of the religious leaders & people had consistently rejected the truth from Gods
prophets; so Stephen asked the religious leaders of his day, Which of the prophets have
not your fathers persecuted?(I)

Today we have nominal Christians with a superficial spirituality who hide behind false
labels, slogans, pat formulas, and a complacency from a false peace. They chase the
popular winds of doctrines that are Christian fads planted by the enemy. Those who have a
genuine trust in their heavenly Father need to realize that like Christ experienced, there is
often a death of the vision God gives you. A similar phenomena for us true believers is to
find that what we know fails, this is so that only that which is taught by faith is seen.
Likewise, when the vision God has given us is allowed to fail, God later miraculously can
resurrect it in such a way that it is clearly seen to be only His work. These phenomena are
discussed here, because for a season, the false believers can seem to have more success
but if we wait on the Lord, continue to love Him, and live like Christ in the Spirit, then we
will be rewarded like Noah. Gods truth will prevail. The Worldly churches fads will pass as
wasted energy, and old time religion will continue to be preserved by Almighty God. Hold
fast to the truth dear believer, and dont agree with the brain-washed, bought off,
collectivized compromised false ministers of the Worlds churches. What concord hath
Christ & Belial??(J)

BE NOT CONFORMED TO THE WORLD(K). If you are on the path of truth, dont be surprised
if you are outnumbered 400 to 1 by those worldly Christians who refuse to say anything
about the upcoming dangers that the world faces. You will hear them say, Our
government would never lie, 9-11 happened exactly like they say. You may hear them
say, As long as someone believes something and it works for him, that is o.k. Hmm. You
mean to tell me that if some ISIS fighter chops off the head of some young girl or mutilates
her clitoris, thats o.k. because he believes he is doing right?? The Word of God makes
more sense than such confusing nonsense!

FINAL THOUGHT. Many of us faithful believers who trust our good & almighty God may find
ourselves thinking something similar to the Psalmist: Whom have I in heaven but You?
And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart fail; but God
is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. PS 73:25 May God bless you my
friend, and give you the strength to hold fast to the truth.

(A) JN 6:7 (B) COL 3:23-24 (C) 1 PTR 2:21 (D) 1 JN 2:6 (E) EPH 5:1-2; PHIL 2:5 (F) JN 10:27
(G) JN 7:7 (H) 1 KGS 22:14 (I) ACTS 7:52 (J) 2 COR 6:15 (K) ROM 12:2

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Object 164


JADE HELM MAY 30TH UPDATE ON JADE HELM. This update will approach the subject from
a new dimension, the spiritual dimension to Operation Jade Helm 15. The purpose is to
stimulate the readers attention to the spiritual issues involved so that a better conscious
awareness pervades. Call this food for thought for those who care about spiritual things.
What were the Luciferians who planned Jade Helm thinking when they made the logo, the
purpose & objectives of Jade Helm 15???

JURISDICTION. The spiritual children of God are in a legal dispute with Gods enemy.
Satan (the fallen Arch-angel Lucifer) has certain limiting parameters that God Almighty has
placed on him. Lucifer was originally given jurisdiction over this planet, and has hated
humanity ever since Adam was given authority over what had been his. The control &
destruction of Gods ultimate creationmankindhas been the goal of Satan & Satans little
helpers.(A) When we come into agreement with the Kingdom of Deathand there are
seemingly countless ways to come into agreementwe give evil spirits jurisdiction in our
lives. The Principalities & Powers of Satans system use symbols as a way to communicate
and to gain agreement. Most of the time that we come into agreement with Satans
Kingdom/World, we are not even aware of it. The whole topic of Revelation of the
Method, where we are given predictive programming, relates to the occult desire for our
wills to give jurisdiction to Satans spirits & the right for him to carry out his agenda. Satan
is getting around those certain limiting parameters that God Almighty has placed on him.

MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN. There is a subtle but powerful double meaning to the
Jade Helm objective: Mastering the Human Domain. What power in the World most wants
to master the human domain?? Yes, the Non-Human Spirit Realmcall them evil aliens if
that helps one understand. The area of Jade Helm 15 is in SW USA where the major
underground DUMB bases of these non-human interdimentional entities are based & where
eyewitnesses have seen them interact in secret with our compromised evil World govt. The
whole topic of jurisdiction gained by us moving in, working in & assenting to their
jurisdiction is worthy of a bookit parallels to some degree our own court systemwhere
you give the court jurisdiction by coming into its realm, for instance, when you cross the
wooden barrier. Mentally, we give agreement to spirits to build spiritual strongholds in our
minds. Much of this goes on without the awareness of the person. A drunk gets locked into
his addiction, by giving jurisdiction to spirits of addiction & booze to build spiritual
strongholds. Yet, he is not even aware why it is so difficult to break his addiction. The 12
step program discovered that a higher power is needed, but the complete dynamics of
why & what is happening are not realized.(B)

Some Christians have discovered their enormous power & authority they have as reps of
Christs Kingdom. We are given a window to this when Christ teaches what we bind & loose
will be done on earth.(C) They can rebuke the authority of these strongholds and
agreements. There are all kinds of oaths & agreements made by survivors of t.b.m.c. and
these need to be broken to move forward. We are given a heads up on this, when Christ
told us that one first has to bind the strong man (in the context he means powerful
Spirits & Satan).(D) We can resist Satans jurisdictional moves by coming under Gods

RUMORS OF WAR. The realm of Satan, a Kingdom of Death, feeds off of fear & other
negative emotions. These evil spirits harvest (feed off of) these negative emotions. They
not only encourage, control these emotions of humanity, they feed off of them. In the last
days, which are to replicate the days of Noah, you will note that Satans World not only has
a plan to create warsBUT ALSO rumors of wars. So Jade Helm is part of the mission to
instill fear, anger, and the martial spirit to fight the Beast system by carnal means. Seeing
Super soldiers moving around SW America, encourages Patriots to want to fight back
against the tyranny. (Dont get me wrong, there is a place for self-defense.) We must be
careful to plan our measures as the boy David against the giant Goliath. Davids story of
victory is clearly a spiritual example of what we must do. He was fearless because he was
in the Kingdom of Life, using the authority of God. There is a way that leads to life & true
power; there is a false way that gets us wrapped up into fighting the World without the
jurisdiction of God being applied. You cannot beat Satan at his gameyou must make him
play your game.

SPIRIT BATTLES. Seven Powerful Spirits serve before the throne of God.(F) Ezekiel saw a
vision of powerful living creatures, and so have other people of faith.(G) There are battles
fought in other dimensions of which we know little or nothing about. Spiritual truth sets us
free from the power of the lies, the lies are an aspect of the Kingdom of Deaths
jurisdiction. A parallel is how our present judicial system, the Straw man capital letters of
your name, and a thousand other tricks, are used to establish a false jurisdiction over us.
Most of us are totally unaware of these legal moveslikewise, the subtle jurisdictional
moves of Jade Helm 15 will go over heads of most observers. Notice, that great effort was
made across the nation to get local govt. officials to write/email & request and invite Jade
Helm into their area. Do you see the jurisdictional issue & how there are spiritual
jurisdictional compromises created by the Jade Helm exercise?! Even the American super
soldiers & police involved are giving mental agreement to treating the American people as
the enemy.

THE LOGO. The sabot shoe in the logo is related to the word sabotage. Spiritually, there
has to be significance to the wooden shoe (sabot in French, a language of Belgium), and
the arrow. The arrow has many spiritual meanings. It is an offensive weapon. We are told
to defend against the fiery darts of the enemy. And where we are told to Be still and know
that I am God(H), it teaches us, Come behold the works of the Lord, who has made
desolations in the earth. He makes wars cease to the end of the earth; he breaks the bow
and cuts the spear in two; He burns the chariot in the fire.(I) In other words, the
jurisdiction of Gods Kingdom of Life, destroys the works of the Kingdom of Death!

The arrow in the Jade Helm logo obviously symbolizes force & power. It may have other
occult meanings, such as the arrow that hit Achilles used by Apollo. According to occult
myth, Apollo was angry that Achilles had desecrated Apollos temple, & he took over
Pariss body & shot the arrow that killed Achilles by hitting his only weak point, his heel.
Apollo was the Son of Zeus, the Father God figure of the Greeks. The Roman Emperor
Domitian (51 A.D. to 91 A.D.) claimed he was the reincarnation of Apollo, as well as the
new Caesar Augustus & therefore deserved worship. Apollyon (mentioned in REV 9:11)
means destroyer, and in Heb. is Abaddon. In the occult world, Apollyon is at times linked
with the destroyer side of Apolloin other wordsApollo is Apollyon when he is in his
destroyer mode. Apollyon in the Word of God is both the angel controlling the bottom less
pit and the King of the destroying locust. One Illuminati t.b.m.c. survivor had a statue of
Apollyon given to her by an Illum. Grand Masterin other words, implying that Lucifer, the
one worthy of worship, was recognized as Apollyon.

I realize that this concept of the arrow meaning Apollo (the Anti-Christs) power is only
conjecturebut by pointing out the occult story of Apollo shooting the arrow that killed
Achilles in the heel, it was hoped that the reader might realize that someone in the
Illuminati hierarchy, who would be fully aware of this occult story from Greek myth, would
likely have these associations in mind when an arrow was mentioned. At the very least, the
context of the arrow in the Jade Helm logo represents force & power projection. It is
possible that an extended occult meaning is the projection of the AntiChrists power &

This has been a short look at the spiritual ramifications of Jade Helm 15. The Luciferian
Powers are projecting their spiritual power & jurisdiction into America.
(A) This theme occurs a no. of places, for instance, 1 PTR 5:8-9a (B) cf. EPH 6:10-18 (C) MT
16:19, 18:18 (D) MT 12:29, MK 3:27 (E) James 4:7. COL 1:13, PRV 18:10 (F) REV 1:4 (G)
EZEK 1 & 2 (H) PS 46:10 (I) PS 46:8-9

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Object 167



yesterdays post about losing Gods guiding presence. It shares what the Spirit gave both
me & another brother with some of my own comments. Certain churches are using worldly
strategies to market themselves & to gain revival. But they lack spiritual understanding.
What is spiritual understanding for the person of faith? It is linked to knowing Christ & that
he is truth, being filled with knowledge of His will, being knit together in love with Christs
Body of fellow believers, walking spiritually & listening to ones father.(A) Do you detect a
common element here?? Yes, it is relationship. As yest.s message said, we were created
for relationship. God even created Adam lonely!(B) Adam was lonely prior to sin entering
his lovely Garden home. So we were created to want a relationship with our Creator & with
fellow humans. The ability to become lonely & seek company is a God-installed trait. In
fact, Gods leaders (as some of the Biblical prophets) can find themselves in a lonely
leadership position. Even Yahshua went to a lonely place.


linked aspects of understanding (listed above) that the Spirit showed me (& are also
backed by the Word of God), consider Christs teaching recorded at MT 13:18-23: When
any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the
wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. WOW. If you dont have
understanding, the devil steals what God put in your heart! That is why these worldly
church building strategies will backfire! Neither the implementers nor the new recruits are
using a foundation in spiritual understandinghence, the wicked one along with Satans
little helpers, will steal back what was lost. These (false) great revivals are forerunners to
the false glory cloud. The remnant reader knows that Christ is coming with power & great
glory(C) and coming with clouds(D). And now you have heard that the enemy intends to
create a false glory cloud.

CHRIST TAUGHT ON SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Yahshua taught, Every kingdom divided against
itself is brought to desolation; and every city or home divided against itself shall not
stand(E) Mankinds military history demonstrates the principle: the isolated straggler
gets picked off by the enemy; for instance in WW 2, straggling bombers got shot down &
straggling merchant ships were sunk. Hence, there is the proverb: There is safety in

FAMILY LIFE. Ex-Illuminati members told me how they were taught in Illum. meetings how
the Institution of the family was to be destroyed. The skill by which this has been done is
amazing. Every aspect that makes a family strong has been undermined & attacked by the
World. But the destruction of the family has far wider ramifications!! The Word teaches,
For if a man knows not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of
God?(1 TIM 3:4-5) Imagine an entire generation of young men not knowing how to create
a successful family, and what this means is that there are no eligible candidates to take
care of Gods church. The skills in being a successful father overlap the skills to be a
successful pastor. The fatherhood of faith is an organic part of our faith. Half the time in
America, fathers are removed from their families. If the skills of fathering are lost, in the
church we will have the blind leading the blind.(F) Christ as the good shepherd prays &
cares for His own.(G) He taught that we need to spiritually clean the inside before we clean
up how we look on the outside.(H) This is another reason that the worldly methods for
church growth will spiritually backfire.

SOME THOUGHTS ON THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY. There are a number of important skills that
were practiced in the successful old traditional family. I personally witnessed these skills as
being common among Amish families, which are very successful traditional family units.
These skills include: appreciation for each other, a commitment to help each other, the
ability to communicate with each other and people at all the different stages of life,
spiritual unity, spending vast amounts of time with each other, and finally the ability to
adjust or deal with adversities. These things build strong character. Actually, the first year
of a child is important. Amish children learn to open their heartyou knowrisk a heart-to-
heart involvement with another human. I see many children in our society never
developing that trust. They are so battered and abused they will never open their hearts,
and so they will go through life limping along emotionally. This is the beginning of the
isolation that the enemy desires. Good words are powerfulpleasant words can make one
emotionally strong (PRV 16:24), wise words can be unforgettable (ECC 12:11) and
encouraging (ISA 50:4). The right word can turn away anger. (PRV 15:1) The ability to
speak such good words comes natural in some Amish familiesand it is sad that such
social skills are not just neglected today, they are lost.

JEZEBEL SPIRIT. In the early 90s I mentioned the rise of the Jezebel spirit. The original
Jezebel, a dominating feminist, had an evil son Ahaziah, who walked in the ways of his
father & mother.(I) No surprise there. The enemy of God wants to destroy the hearts of
the fathers & children for each other. Malachi 4:6 is the last verse of what is called the Old
Testament. It ends with a curse, which is why Jews read another verse after it, in order not
to end on a curse! Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet, before the coming of the
great & dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,
and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I [God] come and strike the earth with a
curse. WHEW! Lets think about Malachi 4:6 Elijah was a prophet of reconciliation
turning the people of Israel back to YHWH. Both Moses & Elijah are mentioned by Malachi
and appear with Christ at the Mt. of Transfiguration. Both restored Israel to God. Elijah
typifies a type of reconciling prophet. God wants to restore the family. In fact, much of
what the Christian life is about is restoration & reconciling (i.e. the new birth, the
resurrection, etc.)

yrs. ago, I never would have guessed how isolated our entire society would be from each
other. There has been a big breakdown in intimacy. The traditional family has almost been
destroyed. Most people in my city (for example, on public transportation) have their faces
locked onto a screen, and refuse to communicate with those around them. The controllers
have fragmented us (especially the young generation) into self-focused individuals who
have few if any deep relationships. Although they dont have the perspective in time to
realize it, todays generation lacks basic social skillsmany have never enjoyed a family
meal together, or learned how to tell a good story, or learned how to yield personal rights
by transferring (dedicating) them to God. Abraham, who was the father of many nations,
and who was prophesied to bless the entire world (& did), had to dedicate his right of
fathering his son Isaac to God. When God receives our cherished rights & possessions, He
takes good care of them. No matter what, what we have given to God (like our lives) are
His to do what He wants. David gave his life to the Lord & was provided with hiding places
by God when everyone spoke vanity & godly people werent around; & this inspired him to
write, Thou shalt keep them [the remnant of the godly], O Lord, thou shalt preserve them
from this generation forever .(PS 12:7) Joseph, who was hated by all his brothers, years
later forgave them, which reunited the family.(J) That forgiveness was crucial to the
creation of the 12 tribes of Israel.

ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL. We must wait on the Lord. If we abide in Christ, the fruit of
the Spirit will naturally be there.

(A) These links are found in 1 JN 5:20, PROV 4:1, 15:20, & COL 1:9, 2:2 (B) GEN 2:18 (C) MT
24: 27, 29-30 (D) REV 1:7 (E) MT 12:25 (F) Christ warned about blind leaders leading the
blind at LK 6:39 (G) This theme appears frequently: MT 9:22,36; 14:14; 15:32, LK 7:12, JN
10:11, 14:18, HEB 4:14-16, 2 THS 3:3 (H) MT 23:25-26 (I)1 KG 22:52 (J) GEN 42:24

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Object 170

Seeking What is Lost


SEEKING WHAT WAS LOST. Most of us know how motivated we are to find something
important which we have lost where can it be??? But what if one forgets what one lost??
Unfortunately, what this message discusses has been both collectively & individually lost &
FORGOTTEN! We are so disoriented spiritually, that we dont realize that we have lost the
guiding presence of Godwhich was what directed the lives of many of the early settlers
to the New World AND was a major factor in their desire for liberty when this great U.S.A
was created. Not realizing it has been lost, we are slow to look for it. Intuitively, we still
know God, & realize we need some spirituality, yet we ask what are the spiritual
possibilities for us today?

THE BIBLICAL FOUNDATION OF LIBERTY. Long before the Christian English colonists came
to the New World, the seed of liberty had been planted in their hearts. When the English
began to read the Bible in their own language, they realized that all men are equal in the
sight of God. Wickliffe [an early English Bible translator]published certain conclusions
that the New Testament or Gospel is the perfect rule of life and manners and ought to be
read by the peoplehe was the first that translated the New Testament into English.(A)
All of this is echoed several hundred years later in 1698 in England, This appears so
plainly in scripture, that the asserters of liberty want no other patron than God himself;
(B) And yet again later in 1772, it is echoed by Samuel Adams, a Christian involved with
the creation of the USA, The right to freedom being the gift of God AlmightyThe
Rights of the Colonists as Christiansmay be best understood by reading and carefully
studying the institutes of the great Law Giverwhich are to be found clearly written and
promulgated in the New Testament.(C) These are just a few samples of a great amount of
written records that show that Christians in colonial America looked to Gods Word (the
Mind of Christ)(D) for how to live life, and they could easily see that the Bible ennobles
men & wants them to have liberty. This Christian view of man (that man is made in Gods
image & meant to have liberty) was in contrast with the pagan view (such as one could so
prominently observe in Babylon & Egypt). The pagan view (adopted by Catholic church
along with other paganisms) is that a man had value in what he could contribute to the
State or Church State. America has returned to this pagan concept. Weve disconnected
our lives from the soul of the Universe. Now where are we headed? Lets take a min. to
remember where we came from

LOCAL SELF-GOVT. In colonial America, the congregations of the Puritans, the Amish &
others were based on local self-govt. A person established his God given purpose, and
recognized it in others. Each congregation fellowshipped with other congregations based
on their unity of faith & hope, not ecumenicalism or denominationalism. Today, large
organizations with hierarchies direct many churches.

AN INVISIBLE GOD USES VISIBLE WRITTEN WORDS. The Word of God establishes that our
God is invisiblewhich is disconcerting to many, even Moses asked God, Show me Your
glorytherefore, Gods Spirit has spoken to men and expressed the deep things of God in
human language. Granted, the entire universe speaks for God, and He enjoys speaking
through the universebut to clarify things, He has inspired written words to help us find
His guiding presence in our lives. It was the written Word of God that was so treasured in
the early history of America. Those Christians who were led by Gods Spirit also realized 2
COR 3:6, The letter kills, the Spirit gives life. In other words, what is the Spirit behind the
words? When we legalistically apply the Word of God to our lives without the Spirit of Life
those same words can bring death. This is the difference between rules v. relationship. And
the Bible is clearwe were made by God for relationship & fellowship & love, we were not
made for rules. More rules is not the answer we seek.

SOLVING THE PUZZLE. The missing piece in our lives is Messiah. As some are saying,
Jesus is missing, and we miss Jesus. Yes, deep down many are missing him & not
realizing what it is that is lost! Yahshua said, And you shall know the truth, & The truth
shall set you free. you shall be free indeed.(E) In fact he said that his purpose in life was
to bear witness to the truth.(F) The messiah offered more than freedom, he offered real
life, As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me
will live because of Me.(G) He describes himself as life giving bread, and a life-giving flow
of spiritual water.
A FAMINE OF GENUINE SPIRITUAL NUTRITION. Todays time period, in which we have lost
the guiding presence of God is prophesied by Gods prophet, Behold the days are
coming, says the Lord God, That I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread,
nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.They shall run to and fro,
seeking the word of the Lord, but shall not find it. (H) So it is. People are going to church,
getting spiritual fast food, with no spiritual nutrition, and not feeling filled. They may sing,
Worthy is the Lambbut do they really understand WHY the lamb is worthy?? Do they
understand why their unclean lips make their singing unworthy? Spiritually disoriented
people are seeking everywhere for spirituality. They want to find God on their own terms,
not His. Maybe, they think, we can buy happiness. But without hope, they are dead inside.
They need the life Christ promised. They need the liberty he offered. He gives liberty &
guidance, he doesnt sell them. But he only gives them if you seek it with all your heart,
and want to have a new identitya new life. As many people cant even find themselves,
no wonder they dont find God. But anyone can put all their failures behind them, and
open their heartAND then amazingly, when they look to Christ, one discovers He was
there knocking on the door to our heart all along! Talk about being spiritually disoriented!

THE MYSTERY OF THE FUTURE. As we move deeper into the reality of God, we are asked to
lay hold of the hope before us. (I) [God]who made heaven, and earth, the sea, and all
that therein is: which keepeth truth for ever. (J) Most people believe in an afterlife. Most
people even believe in heaven. But it seems so remotein another world, that they rarely
think about it. Seeing heaven is part of seeing a better world, the world of possibilities for
us. In the Lords prayer, Messiah taught us to prayer Thy will be done, on earth as it is in
heaven. We need to cultivate that, it is part of the cultivating the guiding presence of God
in our lives. This is part of how we sanctify everyday things. This is how we recognize God
in our everyday life. Nurture the divine spark in you. Like making a fire in the dark cold
woods from a small spark, likewise we can bring the fire of the Spirit into our lives. A little
match can send out a lot of light that may be seen for miles. In this dark time, in this new
dark age, may we find the guiding light of Christ, both individually & collectively. This
nation has already wandered around lost in the dark enough.

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