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Industrial Components for

Agricultural and
Construction Machines

Working together to design successful solutions APSOvib® APSOfluid® APSOplast® Antivibration Technology Fluid Handling Technology Engineering Plastics Technology Features a broad product line specifically designed to dampen High-quality engineering solutions High-tech products made out of vibrations and minimize noise emissions. In addition to our extensive standard product ranges. 1 Cone Mounts. for all hydraulics hose lines. Machine 3 Gas Springs 5 Multi Couplings & Fast Couplings Mounts & Bushings 2 Sound Absorbation Material 4 Buffers 6 Suction & Pressure Hoses 7 Semifinished & Finished Products & Damping Mats . as quick couplings and fittings. our interdisciplinary technical know-how enables us to supply special customized solutions that are precisely tailored to customers’ specific requirements. Angst + Pfister has served the leading manufacturers and operators within the agriculture and construction machines industry. as well engineering plastics materials.INDUSTRIAL COMPONENTS FOR AGRICULTURAL AND CONSTRUCTION MACHINES 2 9 12 3 7 9 7 4 6 5 14 13 14 15 10 4 10 1 10 15 Angst + Pfister – Your Partner for Agricultural and Construction Machines 10 11 Ensuring Smooth Operation of heavy machines and equipment For over half a century.

5 6 6 8 3 10 2 3 7 14 9 8 4 10 11 2 8 8 13 13 6 1 11 7 7 1 15 6 10 5 6 10 10 APSOseal® APSOdrive® Sealing Technology Drive Technology High dependability with quality O-Rings. profiles Mechanical and electrical drive solutions for smooth operation along and flat gaskets for Agricultural and Construction machinery. 8 O-Rings/Round Cords 10 Rotational Seals 12 Timing & Transport Belts 14 Chains & Sprocket Wheels 9 Profiles 11 Punched Flat Gaskets 13 V-Belt Drives & Pulleys 15 Couplings . rotary shaft seals. the conveyer belts.

Under the APSO (Angst + Pfister Solutions) brand. Sealing Technology.000 different stock-keeping units • High product availability for bot h standard and custom-engineered items • Workshop services: CNC machining. just-in-t ime and kanban logist ical solut ions • Material handling costs at incoming goods inspect ion t hrough Angst+Pfister’s comprehensive quality test ing Logistics and Quality Assurance We coordinate logistics and distribution to precisely match your demands so that all of our products reach you at the right place at the right time. supply management • ISO 9001:2008-cert ified complete quality assurance system .com Saving Money from Concept to Production Engineering Assessment and Design-in Over the years. high-tech welding. Angst + Pfister has enhanced the competitiveness of many industry leaders by improving their working capital across multiple global production facilities – reducing: • Procurement costs by consolidat ing t heir suppliers to reduce t he number of orders and bundle shipments • Cost of goods by leveraging Angst + Pfister’s huge purchasing volumes and global network of suppliers • Inventory costs t hrough preassembly services. Through cooperation with our partners. it is possible to implement kanban and just-in-time (JIT) solutions that reduce your working capital. kanban. Let our application engineers serve you with tailor-made solutions in the areas of Antivibration Technology.angst-pfister. Engineer- ing Plastics Technology and Drive Technology. Engineering Services Technical industry expertise from around the globe that benefits our local customers: • Design-in and development support (CAD. CAE) • Experimental validat ion and virtual design • Fast prototyping and samples • Material and compound specificat ion • Industry approvals and cert ificat ions • Technical seminars and training courses Integrated Supply Chain Management A core competency of Angst + Pfister is centered on ensuring our customers’ business continuity while increasing their profitability. • State-of-t he-art logist ics center wit h more t han 150. Fluid Handling Technology. prototyping and subassembly • Fast delivery t imes • Just-in-t ime. our engineering specialists develop tailor-made solutions for practically any application within our five core product areas. www. Angst + Pfister has built up a comprehensive team of highly qualified application engineers who have amassed expertise across a broad range of industries.

angst-pfister. The Angst + Pfister Group serves its customers internationally with uncompromisingly high-quality products and comprehensive solutions.000 standard items suppliers. The breadth Our Core Product Devisions APSOplast ® APSOseal® APSOfluid® APSOdrive® APSOvib® Engineering Plastics Sealing Fluid Handling Drive Antivibration Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Our Customers Include . a not only simplifies your search. but also enables you to consolidate vast product range comprising more than 200. Our global supplier and distribution platform enables us to guarantee the same product quality and price regardless of whether you are manufacturing across Europe or Asia. Our engineering solutions are designed to seamlessly and integrated supply-chain solutions. interface with your R&D in ways that save you research time and money in the product development Angst + Pfister – Your Supply and Solutions Partner We help our manufacturing clients to save hundreds of thousands of our standard product assortment makes us a one-stop shop that of euros every year by providing custom-engineered components. www.

A. West Tower Phone +41 (0)22 979 28 00 AT-1210 Wien NL-2713 HA Zoetermeer Zhong Rong Hengrui Building Fax +41 (0)22 979 28 78 Phone +43 (0)1 258 46 01-0 Phone +31 (0)79 320 3700 No.p. CH-1290 Versoix Floridsdorfer Hauptstrasse 1/E Boerhaavelaan 19 Rm 1402. Belgium. companies in varying industries. Austria. the Angst + Pfister Group has The Angst + Pfister Group is headquartered in Switzerland.angst-pfister. Thurgauerstrasse 66 Schulze-Delitzsch-Strasse 38 Via Montefeltro 4 Kleine Laan 26c Postfach DE-70565 Stuttgart IT-20156 Milano BE-9100 Sint-Niklaas CH-8052 Zürich Phone +49 (0)711 48 999 2-0 Phone +39 02 30087. 560 Zhangyang Road www. the Fax +43 (0)1 258 46 01-98 Fax +31 (0)79 320 3799 CN-Shanghai 200122 ch@angst-pfister. Ltd.Ninety Years of Being There for You Since its founding 90 years www.H. Angst + Pfister Trade (Shanghai) Co.2012_2000 EN_ODW ch@angst-pfister. the Angst + Pfister in various locations in Switzerland.000 France. rue des Chardonnerets ZAC Paris Nord ll FR-95950 Roissy CDG CEDEX Phone +33 (0)1 48 63 20 80 Fax +33 (0)1 48 63 26 90 www.angst-pfister. Group supplies a worldwide customer base of more than 75. As an continually grown and currently employs more than 750 personnel internationally networked group of .b. the Czech Republic and 0886500702 POB A + P Group_NP Phone +86 21 5169 5005 at@angst-pfister.angst-pfister. Angst + Pfister B.angst-pfister.angst-pfister.angst-pfister.1 Phone +32 (0)3 778 0128 Phone +41 (0)44 306 61 11 Fax +49 (0)711 48 999 2-69 Fax +39 02 Austria Netherlands China Angst + Pfister SA Chemin de la Papeterie 1 Angst + Pfister Ges. Switzerland Germany Italy Belgium Angst + Pfister AG Angst + Pfister GmbH Angst + Pfister S. Angst + Pfister SA Boîte postale 50115 Fax +86 21 5835 8618 France www. Italy. Germany.V.A.100 Fax +32 (0)3 777 8398 Fax +41 (0)44 302 18 71 www. Angst + Pfister N.angst-pfister.