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manufactures and international network of facilities worldwide globally through our local teams. polymer-sealing portfolio – a one-stop shop providing the best in elastomer. our parent company. based on our extensive the art manufacturing units. and development centers. Busak+Shamban. application engineering. ensure the deliveries of virtually every application conceivable within products to the highest standards through the aerospace. Busak+Shamban has an choice within our chosen markets. markets safety-critical polymer-based including strategically positioned research We build long-term partnerships with precision seals and associated systems. . industrial and automotive the supply chain. PTFE and composite technologies. Trelleborg AB. Our state of for sealing solutions. We offer a complete markets. featuring in our suppliers. working Solutions who develops. together with product and material portfolio. offers a Centrally located logistic centers offer President.Worldwide partner Busak+Shamban – a worldwide presence Leading sealing technology Busak+Shamban is the global sales and Globally servicing. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions dedicated design and development service integrated logistical support. one of the world´s leading Claus Barsøe companies for sealing technology. material development laboratories and leading technology and excellent service. thermoplastic. celebrated its 100th anniversary. supporting and supplying We will be the supply partner of first marketing organization of Trelleborg Sealing our customers. together with customers and suppliers by providing In 2005. Marketing Companies specializing in We are determined to be different.


Working in close • 7 manufacturing sites research and development centers and to customers. advanced testing capabilities and the resource of our material database. . fully customers with competitive advantages. which production. test and installation using product development programs to provide continuously succeed in the delivery of state-of-the-art design tools. our in-house leading edge Finite Element Analysis (FEA). prototyping.Global Resources Expertise – Our proven Innovation – In materials capabilities and supply Busak+Shamban globally services. sealing solutions to the highest standards. strategically positioned of this specialized technology directly materials technology. customer-compatible CAD systems and utilizing latest technologies.000 proprietary compounds. we are engaged in on-going material and focusing on application engineering. offering application international network of over 60 facilities systems. Busak+Shamban engineering Busak+Shamban has also acquired engineering worldwide. supports With over 50-years experience in the Continuously developing and • 11 marketing companies and supplies our customers from an development and application of sealing formulating our materials in-house. which includes over 2. This includes project cooperation with worldwide partners. internationally linked marketing companies management of design. This includes more than 20 personnel contribute their knowledge significant skills in the field of applied • 1 R&D center manufacturing sites.

• 15 marketing companies offering application engineering • 2 R&D centers • 5 manufacturing sites • numerous Asian joint ventures • 16 marketing companies offering application engineering • 5 R&D centers • 14 manufacturing sites .

whether it specific needs of each industry served be seals in proprietary Turcon® or Zurcon® including just-in-time delivery.Manufacturing Capabilities International excellence in production Flexible capabilities globally Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is one of the Through this policy. • Equally as capable of supplying standard • Quality certification to a variety of improve production efficiency. cell materials. exclusive product designs in our manufacture. production .1 and effective sealing solutions possible. direct line feed and kitting unique range of elastomers. Continuous in best practice techniques and lean diameter to 49 feet (15 meters) facilities investment ensures that we maintain and manufacturing skills. QS 9000.5 mm) inside • In-house elastomer mixing and molding facilities on four continents. we maximize our • Experts at developing custom solutions • Minimal lead times exploiting centralized largest seal producers in the world. including the • Cleanroom production with wash and groundbreaking Isolast® perfluoroelastomer. specialized custom-manufactured 2000. from product development for the most demanding of applications logistical operations over 20 strategically located manufacturing through to production. AS 9000. utilizing the latest • Sizes range from 0. with expertise. fulfilling our parts in very high volumes as a single international standards including ISO9001: aim of offering customers the most cost.02 inch (0. • Rapid ramp up from concept to mass Luytex® or Turcite®. pack to class 100 standards or bearings in market leading Orkot®. component TS 16949 Manufacturing locations specialize in a • Production methods matched to the single product group or type. VDA 6.

Trelleborg • Cadley Hill (UK): Airframe seals materials (Shamban) • Skellefteå (Sweden): premium O-Rings. Sealing Solutions Manufacturing Units are • Conde (France): specialized aerospace • Livorno (Italy): sealing systems for sealing plates and custom designed seals located around the globe: sealing systems (Impervia) heavyduty hydraulic applications (Polypac) (Skega) • Czechowice (Poland): Custom-made • Malta: O-Rings (Dowty) • Somersworth NH (USA): diaphragms • Ashchurch (UK): high-performance elastomer parts (Dowty) • Newtown (UK): Bonded seals reinforced with engineered textiles elastomer O-Rings (Dowty Engineered • Eugene OR (USA): advanced composite • Rio Saliceto (Italy): innovative compact (Palmer Chenard) Seals) bearing materials (Orkot) hydraulic and pneumatic seals in • Spilamberto (Italy): Mechanical seals (GSG) • Bangalore (India): advanced sealing systems • Fort Wayne IN (USA): advanced sealing polyurethane (Nordex) • Tijuana (Mexico): O-Rings (Dowty) in PTFE and thermoplastic materials systems in PTFE and thermoplastic • Rotherham (UK): advanced composite • Torino (Italy): radial shaft seals for materials (Seals Division) bearing materials (Orkot) demanding environments (Stefa) .Our worldwide manufacturing capabilities Busak+Shamban is exclusively responsible • Bridgwater (UK): Wills Rings®. • Guelph (Canada): gasket systems and • São Paulo (Brazil): polyurethane and for the global sales and marketing of sealing Turcon®Variseal® and PDR rotary shaft mouldings from heat cured silicone PTFE seals and bearing products manufactured by seals (Wills) rubber (Silcofab) • Shanghai (China): advanced sealing Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and we own • Broomfield CO (USA): spring energized and • Helsingør (Denmark): advanced sealing systems in PTFE and thermoplastic many of the longest established and leading radial lip Turcon® seals (American Variseal) systems in PTFE and thermoplastic materials names within the seal industry.

we invest substantial resources numerous sealing products that have proved us to offer formulations that can operate into areas of applied technologies such in research and development. especially leader. of today’s most demanding industries. Double polyurethane have yielded some of the groundbreaking designs where a offer virtually leak free operation in the Delta®.Research and Development Advanced applied Continuous investment Pioneering products technologies Busak+Shamban has an unrivalled At the forefront of sealing innovation applications. Glyd Ring®. • Isolast®: leading edge perfluoroelastomer life’ sealing challenges through product • Luytex®: High Performance Composite design. fundamental needs of our customers. for over fifty years. specialized materials and applied Proprietary materials Bearing Material technologies. Stepseal®. We in temperatures from cryogenic up to as coatings to enhance performance in products and services that meet the were responsible for developing most of 617°F (325°C) and provide almost universal automated assembly and quality control. Slydring®. cost effective sealing solutions. Ongoing developments Adhesives have also received special primarily concentrate on providing high today and our registered products include in engineered thermoplastics and attention. material test centers are dedicated to solving ‘real. • Orkot®: High Performance Composite Busak+Shamban is involved in the constant Bearing Material development of materials that meet • Turcite®: engineered thermoplastic specific application needs including the compounds requirements of standards and approvals. In addition. allowing us to offer quality. To evolve to be landmarks within the industry. bonded to metal. Slydway®. Hatseal®. VL-Seal™. extends beyond the seal itself to To retain our position as a technological been instrumental in the development of Expertise in elastomeric compounds allow the total seal configuration. D-A-S Compact Seal®. pharmaceutical manufacturing The expertise of Busak+Shamban reputation for technical excellence. • Turcon®: high performance engineered specified typically in water handling thermoplastic (PTFE) • Zurcon®: enhanced polyurethane material . Busak+Shamban has and food processing. we the PTFE sealing technology commonly used chemical resistance. Excluder®. most successful materials available of these perfluoroelastomer is effectively increasingly hostile sealing environments L-Cup®. Variseal®. V-Ring® and Our international network of research Wedgpak®. Wills Rings® is the • HiMod®: engineered thermoplastic and development facilities and in-house original metal O-Ring. that AQ-Seal®. types for sealing. Varilip®.


Quality & Service Exceeding expectations Busak+Shamban is constantly attempting to exceed our customers’ expectations with a commitment to providing sealing solutions from concept stage. to installation and design for manufacture. . combined with our expertise. through development and testing. international capabilities and effective global supply infrastructure. No other seal provider can offer an equivalent depth of product range.

The excellent service provided by Busak+Shamban is founded on Quality is of paramount importance. AS 9000. for direct line feed and kitting or cleanroom production and specialized packing for Semiconductor and CPI manufacturing.Commitment – To customers’ needs long-term The aim of Busak+Shamban is to Products are delivered via our integrated facilitate customers in the achievement of logistical support. simplifying and speeding up our customer’s final assembly process. needs.000 different seals and their specific business requirements and sealing systems to our customers worldwide. VDA 6. which efficiently cost effective.1 and for Just-In-Time delivery. whether it is Automotive needs 9001:2000. experience in fulfilling the most challenging Global facilities are certified to a variety of of requirements from a wide range of international standards including BS EN ISO industries. In support of our customers on critical applications. Aerospace demands TS 16949. . durable solutions that match distributes over 250. QS 9000. Busak+Shamban offers round-the-clock product assistance and sub-assembly of sealing elements into components.

50 years of into which Busak+Shamban does not Busak+Shamban development partnerships experience is the basis for developing supply sealing solutions. Based on global are responsive to the automotive drive for engineered dynamic sealing systems involvement with the leading manufacturers higher vehicle efficiency. Busak+Shamban a one-off delivery to meet the extreme places strong emphasis on global service. on critical applications and new polymeric from within each sector. manufacturers and their tier-1 and 2 all major commercial and military aircraft. Busak+Shamban occupant safety and quality. kitting and subassembly capabilities. there are virtually no sectors of industry suppliers through a global network. direct line feed. major vehicle producers. Serving the world’s original equipment Busak+Shamban seals feature on almost automotive and general engineering. emission control. . compounds.Industries Sealing solutions of choice Automotive Aerospace As a leading supplier to aerospace. while still allowing aerospace applications. encountered in today’s the varying needs of each industry. performance requirements of a Formula 1 with round-the-clock product assistance. designed to withstand the offers a range of specialized materials and Long experience and a flexible approach extremes of temperature and aggressive products. specifically engineered to meet enables efficient high volume supply to chemicals. Established as a world-leader. application.

These combine static seals. in Process) and SIP (Sterilization in Process) complex total sealing configurations. Complex seal configurations deteriorate standard seals. while ensuring external media is maximum efficiency with minimum chemical compatibility. technology. pneumatic sealing and bearing systems Busak+Shamban provides engineers with The chemical processing environment is for specialized fluid power applications. agricultural and material handling along with the chemicals processed. seals. construction. Stringent regimes of CIP (Cleaning work with customers in the design of train applications in diesel. these are achieved through withstand the extreme operating demands advanced seal design and material of this industry.Fluid power Off-Highway Chemical and Processing Industries Leading experts in hydraulic and Drawing on a unique depth of knowledge. including wipers and backup rings. leading to operating under pressure and dynamic must withstand extreme operational extended downtime for seal replacement. A variety of demands. for moving elements. which are able to excluded. exposure to hostile media and development resources in engineering fulfill a dual function of sealing fluid environments and the requirements for specialized materials with almost universal in. . maintenance. meeting the challenge of Busak+Shamban has invested research and seals. sealing and bearing solutions for the perhaps the most destructive for sealing Busak+Shamban development engineers toughest of mobile hydraulic and drive systems. usually equipment.

in the most hostile of external conditions. For this rotary applications. Meeting the challenge of specially engineered FDA and USP Class that offer virtually leak free performance of maximizing seal life. processing lines is mandatory. Engineers work with extreme environments.Food and Pharmaceutical Machine Tools Oil and Gas Safety first. are key words in the production Special materials and product designs for For both onshore and offshore applications. environments are also available. thereby reducing pressure. bearings and bushings offer machine Busak+Shamban offers seals that perform products. while minimizing maintenance. We also have and with the possibility of explosive cleaning chemicals and process media at experience designing sealing systems that decompression. Nothing can be left to chance tool manufacturers low friction sealing. of food. over wide temperature ranges are capable of withstanding aggressive maintenance downtime. under developed innovative materials and Specialized products for super clean heavy loads. contact with abrasive media. often under high VI approved materials. subject to vibration and in products that achieve peak performance. Busak+Shamban has high peak and continuous temperatures. Busak+Shamban provides a range customers to develop seal configurations chemicals and gases. These products over long service periods. perform well in harsh environments. . pharmaceutical and medical seals. and avoidance of deteriorating seals in even countering stick-slip in dry running. facing up to the ravages of the sea. highly aggressive industry.

gases components used within motors. thereby minimizing overall cost of ownership. Optimum for both vehicle and mechanical materials and seal designs. often at elevated transmissions and hydraulic drive systems temperatures or in a vacuum. . Busak+Shamban offers a range invariably housed in areas where they need of sealing options to suit systems and to withstand highly corrosive liquids. Industries Power Transmission and Semiconductor Propulsion Technology The semiconductor manufacturing process For power transmission and propulsion is extremely aggressive and seals are technology. extending mean time between planned maintenance (MTBM). and plasmas. maximize the performance free operation. specifically engineering. Advanced rotary sealing engineered by Busak+Shamban for these solutions aim to meet objectives of leak conditions. increasing service life and and rotational speeds. even when sealing against of semiconductor manufacturing lubricants and oils. at high temperatures equipment.

or involves one of our specialized complex. whether it is a demand from simple moldings and machined for a standard O-Ring or customised components through to large. whether it is for a static or rotary available. highly solution. pneumatic system.Product range One-stop shop for sealing solutions Busak+Shamban offers one of the most The optimum choice is available whatever comprehensive ranges of sealing products the need. fabricated assemblies. The products such as airframe seals or engineering teams at Busak+Shamban are proprietary bushings and bearing products. . involved in the development of innovative products utilizing our database of over 2000 unique materials formulated to meet specific application needs. Our solutions can fulfill the sealing situation. within a hydraulic or whole breadth of sealing requirements.

including specialized grades and high performance performance from cryogenic temperature up to 1562°F performance in high-pressure hydraulic pump and engineered thermoplastic compounds and Orkot™.35 to and covers. in extreme vacuum and pressures to 145.85‘‘ (5. for more challenging static sealing applications. a non-asbestos are available in a wide range of elastomer materials. has includes the QUAD-RING®. plain.014‘‘ to 1.57‘‘ (0. axial. . linear or wear-ring bearing 40 mm) and inside diameters of up to 196. To prevent gap extrusion a range of Back-up up to 500°F (260˚C). Turcite® and HiMod®. lubricants for outstanding bearing wear life primarily in marine environments. Wills Rings®. give reliable us to provide a rotary sealing range that has exceptional synthetic composite material.000 mm) rings is available in elastomers. media. These include Luytex®. at surface resistance and excellent performance under dry and made it the most commonly used of all seals.000 psi motor applications. and the square section Kantseal. a double acting four lip seal shaft seals provide virtually leak free sealing. Combined PTFE and elastomer expertise enables elements. This to secure their service life and Busak+Shamban rotary materials offer dimensional stability. PTFE and polyurethane. especially in arduous off-highway a unique synthetic woven fabric incorporating solid (1000 MPa).O-Rings Static seals Rotary seals Bearings and bushings Offering the designer an efficient and economic sealing Busak+Shamban provides alternatives to the O-Ring Rotating or pivoting devices require a lubrication fluid Busak+Shamban proprietary bearing and bushing element for a wide range of primarily static applications. Isolast®. along with wear the relative low cost and ease of use of the O-Ring. Options are available Cross-sections of approximately 0. environments. primarily for flanges speeds reaching 131. while preventing ingress of external for use as radial. (850°C). metal O-Rings and C-Rings.2 ft/sec (40 m/s) and temperatures boundary lubrication conditions.

accumulators and connectors.2 ft/sec (15 m/s). interior couplings. gaskets. Offering PTFE compounds. a shrouds for hydraulic jacks.600 psi (80 MPa) Busak+Shamban offers sealing systems that meet rubber venting valve primarily used as a ventilation unit seals for doors and hatches.Fluid sealing systems Pneumatic seals Custom manufactured solutions Customized aerospace sealing Busak+Shamban provides complete integrated sealing A complete range of Zurcon® piston seals. inflatable and at speeds reaching 49. pumps. rod seals. actuators. These include specially designed wing and moving surfaces such as complex aerodynamic operate in temperatures from -94°F to 392°F (-70°C up unrivalled service life in both dry and lubricated air. Busak+Shamban offers a range of valves. . strength and excellent resistance against wearing and utilizing our wide range of innovative elastomeric and customized seal designs that includes airframe seals for These low friction dynamic fluid sealing systems will tearing required in pneumatic applications. and other pneumatic components. leading edge Fire seals have been configurations designed to prevent ingress of external providing the ideal option for effective sealing in valves groundbreaking individually developed products that proven to withstand flame temperatures of 2012°F media and back pumping. including cockpit canopy seals and fabricated swing-wing fuselage Zurcon ® materials are ideal for such applications. in high pressures up to 11. including cylinders. perfluoroelastomer to metal. Ground Balls and Ventseal. in batteries. (1100º C ). extrusions and fabricated to +260°C). Turcon ® or requirements for low friction in dry running. low. Expertise in bonding elastomers. allows us to provide fairings. scraper and cushioning seals provide the high mechanical also provides specialized custom manufactured solutions aerospace sector. Alongside this broad range of products. with pressure situations in static and dynamic conditions. Busak+Shamban Recognized as the leading supplier to the specialized systems for hydraulic equipment. In addition. reduce assembly and fit into compact housings. diaphragms.

contact seals • Turcon®Variseal®: U-shaped Turcon® • Zurcon®L-Cup®: Zurcon® rod seal with ring with a metal spring energizer • Turcon®AQ Seal®: QUAD-RING® Seal back pumping ability • Turcon®VL-Seal™: Unidirectional rod inset into a Turcon® sealing element • QUAD-RING®: Four lip seal preventing and piston seal designed for aerospace • D-A-S Compact Seal®: Combination of twisting in standard O-Ring grooves • Turcon®Wedgpak®: triangular elastomer piston seal. back-up and wear rings • Turcite®Slydring®: Wear ring that sealing element with two Back-up Rings • Turcon®Double Delta®: Turcon® sealing prevents metal to metal contact • Wills Rings®: Metal O and C Rings for element energized by an elastomer • Turcite®B-Slydway®: Linear bearing strip use in severe operating conditions O-Ring used primarily on machine tools • Zurcon®Wynseal®: O-Ring energized • Turcon®Excluder®: O-Ring energized • Turcon®Stepseal®2K: O-Ring energized Zurcon® piston seal for dynamic scraper that excludes media ingress piston or rod seal in Turcon® or Zurcon® applications • Turcon®Glyd Ring®T: O-Ring energized • V-Ring®: Flexible elastomeric axial lip rod or piston seal for dynamic applications seal that prevents media ingress . Product range Product development Busak+Shamban is pioneering within • Turcon®Hatseal®: Aerospace seal • Varilip®: Metal cased PTFE high the sealing industry and continuously combining elastomer and Turcon® performance rotary shaft seal developing innovative products.

which lifted then 8-1⁄2 inches (220mm). including Turcon® Glydring®.35 meter) wide road decks four and 14 sealing elements. a new Busak+Shamban was approached to To meet the extreme demands of this They utilized a variety of different seals six-lane highway from Paris to Barcelona. The system they designed (145mm) to 12 inches (305mm) and rod the world. were tasked with materials and be capable of withstanding each individual cylinder’s operational proprietary materials and product designs development of a hydraulic system to push pressures up to 10. in bore system. Zurcon® Rimseal® Southern France. requirements.Reliable under pressure Millau Viaduct deck lifting The hydraulic sealing system challenge met The planned route of the E11. develop a sealing solution for the cylinders application. Busak+Shamban construction hydraulics. Enerpac. pushed decks into place.100 psi (700 bar). These combined between proved ideal for sealing this hydraulic 90 foot (27. . Busak+Shamban development and bearings. contained 388 cylinders in hydraulic diameters of 2-3⁄4 inches (70mm) to launching devices. specialists in function. resistance to ingress from abrasive configurations specifically matched to and Luytex® Slydring®. making a major contribution to onto the tallest concrete bridge piers ever diameters ranging from 5-3⁄4 inches the construction of the tallest bridge in constructed. took it across the Millau Viaduct in that would provide optimum sealing engineers designed complex sealing Stepseal® and Excluder®.

Demanding Sealing requirements Advanced solution Vital link Raising the road decks onto the tallest bridge piers ever The unique Busak+Shamban materials and products Successfully completed to schedule. thermoplastic material. the bridge across constructed. put massive demands on the sealing systems specified in the cylinder sealing configurations maximized the Millau viaduct was inaugurated in 2004. it is the highest bridge in withstanding operating pressures up to 10. . of the 388 hydraulic cylinders used to lift them. from Paris to Barcelona. that was the world and a critical link in the busy A11 autoroute (700 bar) and resistance to abrasive media. The proprietary Turcon® At 1.100 feet (336. proved ideal in this application.100 psi high performance. selected for the majority of the seals within the system. including hydraulic system performance.4 meters).

required. media. a take-off weight that can exceed 500 system suppliers who could employ new designed to operate in pressures up to In addition.900 pounds (1244 kN) solutions. four high-powered propulsion into the engine while excluding external units were employed. performance targets for safety and experience of sealing for ‘Common Rail’ provides optimum sealing with a composite the aircraft is the heaviest of its type with operating costs was identification of and ‘High-Pressure Unit Injector’ systems. unique tonnes.000 PSI and to generate was approached for a range of sealing propulsion units need to operate at aerodynamics and thus. extreme temperatures and seal lubricant and decreased fuel consumption. These seals offer improved 3. .000 PSI. their objectives.000 PSI hydraulic pressure.000 PSI to 5. noise reduction the thrust of 279.Proven Safety The challenge for economy Airbus A380 and safety met Despite Airbus A380 designers attaching A major factor in realizing ambitious Busak+Shamban was able to employ all our Our innovative design for this application great importance to weight reduction. To lift this load but avoid increasing technology to enable them to meet 29. in airfoil surface areas. Busak+Shamban The seals for the turbine blades of the and fairings. As a leading seal A380’s 5. fiber-reinforced construction material. a part in airflow optimization of the flaps Airbus increased hydraulic pressure from supplier to aerospace. to offer robust solutions for the Busak+Shamban silicone profile seals play weight and size of the hydraulic actuators.

providing effective sealing solutions. has led to for the A380. Boing. Bombardier and Embraer and are aircraft. BR710. consumption. NH 90 helicopter. Busak+Shamban made a major contribution in high pressure. BR715 and Snecma CFM 56 engine families. utilizing our unique range of materials programs including Eurofighter EF2000.Target objectives met Harsh environment sealing Leading aerospace supplier Advanced design of the new Airbus A380. to offer systems capable of withstanding Tiger. with its Busak+Shamban was able to provide optimum sealing Busak+Shamban supplies seals for most major aircraft carrying options of 555 or 850 passengers. and lubricants while improving aerodynamics and fuel V2500. Airbus. Trent 500. a variety of media integral to sealing on Rolls Royce Trent 900. operating costs 16 percent lower than other wide-bodied and products. extreme temperatures. .

the greater engineers. As a consequence. An original the comfort of the ride. compact design envelope. the resulting friction increased in ‘High pressure with low friction’ was pressure balance. this higher pressure lifted the load on their It was believed that this would improve the . Using the latest conditions on state-of-the-art test benches at would not allow an increase in component dilemma. however their vehicle design was enlisted to provide a solution to this seal design was proposed. (200. it acting configuration could not accomplish the sealing system was tested and successfully their shock absorber supplier increased as a damping element. Busak+Shamban results required. The new equipment manufacturer demanded from friction had a negative effect.000 miles the shock absorbers had to be raised and Turcon® Stepseal® with a Turcon® Twinseal. Instead of improving the design challenge for Busak+Shamban and giving the friction reduction needed. so a fundamentally different qualified by simulating road and load ride comfort. the pressure within option appeared to be to replace the existing equivalent to more than 124.Customized Performance Automotive twinseal The design challenge met Automotive engineers are continuously seals.000 kilometers). optimizing rod operation developing components to fit into a more direct proportion. in computer modelling techniques. Continuing with the same sealing This proved to be the case. the best Busak+Shamban laboratories for durations size.

balancing challenging application. developed softness for comfort and firmness for safety. Busak+Shamban had a unique ability to automotive industry. with a wide range of solutions bodywork according to load conditions. facilities allowed us to effectively prove that it would in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers and their meet the operating parameters required.Advanced shock absorption Innovative seal design Dedicated automotive supplier The new shock absorber system allows load dependent With proprietary materials and innovative product Busak+Shamban is a dedicated sealing supplier to the regulation of the vehicle’s chassis by supporting the designs. suppliers globally. . Suspension recommend the optimum sealing solution for this actively providing long term. effective sealing on most struts ensure the body rests on the same level. Extensive in-house testing systems for both cars and commercial vehicles.

Future .

we do not rely on our and protecting the environment. supporting previously believed impossible. we continue to identify the areas of their process that may have a changing needs of our customers to match detrimental effect. intelligent seals that provide users with information on working conditions and the status of the seal. Development them in meeting standards too.Protecting the environment Next generation sealing Busak+Shamban is committed to preserving At Busak+Shamban. effective water-based alternatives to Recent advances include interactive and solvent-based coatings and also in providing on-line software that support our customers’ solutions for sealing issues arising from use design process while new materials are of environmentally friendly media in our engineered to meet operating conditions customers´ processing systems. products and services has been made in the development of to their emerging requirements. . is ongoing with ‘Smart Seals’. Our success in the past to build our business in manufacturing units continuously examine the future. Considerable investment innovative materials. Though our previous experience ways to reduce waste and eliminate any is invaluable. Busak+Shamban is one of the world´s leading sealing suppliers and we are determined to proactively retain that position into the future.

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