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all-in-one laser marking systems

.Mark your territory.. .

The foundation of ACI Laser’s success is our educated and motivated team of employees. Additionally. the employees at the company location in Nohra. Thuringia ensure the best possible quality.Company profile Innovation from Germany ACI Laser GmbH is an innovative company in the field of laser technology. From product development through to sales. . our trading partners assure sales and provide services for all of our products. Our long-term experience and permanent focus on market demands has helped us to become a leading manufacturer of laser marking systems worldwide. They are the most important factor in guaranteeing our customers satisfaction for the future.

plain text. plastics. Since that time. Graphic elements. barcodes or data matrix codes are among some of the many surfaces suitable for laser marking. ACI lasers are suitable for marking nearly all types of organic and inorganic materials and shapes including metals. numbers. Laser marking Mark your territory… In previous years. ceramics. wood and glass. . to those involved in machine and tool construction are increasingly putting their confidence in the advantages of laser marking. A high contrast mark can be achieved with all of these materials using the YAG or CO2 wavelength. laser marking was introduced to all industry segments. Laser marking provides a permanent identification of products for traceability. plain text. anti-counterfeiting and liability issues. numbers. technicians from the automotive and electronics industries. barcodes or data matrix codes are among the many images suitable for laser marking. Graphic elements.

Nd:YAG Laser CO2  - Laser DPL Magic Marker COTwo Marker DPLGenesis  Marker DPL Nexus  Marker DPL Fortis  Marker .

Decoration Electronics . Metals are often marked by engraving or annealing. wood as well as other organic materials. counterfeit-proof. Non-contact. abrasion-resistant and environ-mental friendly laser marking. The CO Two Marker is further on able to mark paper. Tools Medical technology Aviation Applications Individual Markings With the Nd:YAG Laser series different substrates can be marked by an annealed or engraved process. such as in the cases of cosmetics or jewellery. Apart from marking for industrial or technical reasons such as dates or serial numbers. or a carbonised marking – depending on their material and according to a client’s requirements. products can also be refined by high-resolution laser identification. a colour change. while plastic is usually marked by generating a colour change with the laser beam.

For the OEM-laser device. These are available user-ready and according to Laser Protective Class 1. Several of these options include Laser Protective Housing. a rotary indexing table as well as foil marking capabilities. x .z and rotation axes.y . WorkstationPROFESSIONAL . ROTARYTable 400 FOIL Star300 LIFTBoy100 Workstation Basic WorkstationComfort Workstation PROFESSIONAL Product options The suitable solution for each demand All lasers are offered in Laser Protective Class 4 for integration into existing equipment or production lines. ACI has developed several options that further simplify the use of the lasers depending on their applications.

Simple operation of the software’s graphical interface allows fast creation of complex marking. GIF) · Stretching / compressing of text · Laser Start / Stop . MagicMark V3 sets new standards. JPG. y. DWG. In the area of laser marking software. ROT) DXF. the software offers a Visual Basic programming module. In addition to its extensive graphic functionality. what is included in the scope of delivery and how innovative the laser system is. Even the most complicated data communication can be easily achieved by using this method. AVX. BMP. which facilitates integration into production lines. · Text and graphic rotation · Shutter operation (x. Software MagicMark V3 . z.function · Support of industrial control · Extensive barcode library and graphic elements · Monitoring of functions systems (digital I/O) · Data Matrix-Code · Marking in circles · True-Type-Fonts · Aligning of the marking elements · Single-Line-Fonts · Programmable type size · Extensive help-menus for supporting of · Serial numbers BASIC-programming · Processing of variables and · Complete text-/data input (access to subroutines Access data bases or Excel-sheets) · Object oriented programming · Stacking of complete processes and parameters in special menus Marking or data bases · Extensive help functions Software Software MagicMark V3 The factors to consider when deciding on a laser marking investment are how user-friendly the marking software is. Technical Data MagicMark V3 Software package MagicMark for laser and scanner control Laser Functions Control Functions Scanner Functions Scanner Functions · Parameter control · Support of motor driven axes · Integration of graphic files (HPGL.

+49 (0) 3643.4152-0 E-Mail: Fax +49 (0) ACI 01. All designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective Tel. .l-m-f.4152-77 LANDSIEDEL I MÜLLER I FLAGMEYER www. Mistakes and technical subject to change.ACI-Laser. Germany 99428 Nohra Österholzstraße 9 ACI Laser GmbH www.