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We are personally committed to setting standards in quality and reliability. precise laser material-processing machines are required. 3-D engraving or fine cutting. who complement their vast knowledge with vision and dynamic innovation. Our customers benefit from the specialized expertise of our team. meeting your requirements our moti- vation – ACSYS Lasertechnik is your customer-oriented partner for state-of-the-art system solutions in laser material processing. or micromachining… wherever innovative. structuring. and through to the final successful integration of our solutions into your operation processes. The enthusiasm and dedication of our entire team to finding perfectly customized solutions for our clients can be easily recognized. 3 . we will not only meet your expectations but exceed them. from the first contact to the planning and production process. Whether your application is marking.Know-how is our passion. We are fully committed to helping you gain efficiency and competitive advantage throughout the entire process. engraving.

vertically. as advanced and system-compatible products confirmed by our ISO 9001:2000 TÜV quality and services. 4 . we co-operate in addition to our in-house testing Profit from the principles of our company methods with renowned certification centers. We attach great importance to actively main- taining close relationships to our customers. our employees. machines use only components from well- known and respected suppliers. As a privately-held company. This obligation is guaranteed by our in. value on having a solid financial structure. Moreover. “Made in Germany” is a promise of our qual. culture: market-oriented R&D. We set the highest safety standards for the ported by our portfolio of technologically people who work with ACSYS machines. partnerships with our customers and our integrated production methods. house development of hardware and software This is the best guarantee for long-term as well as by our state-of-the-art. and partner-oriented cooperation. In order to place the product quality surely. we place great ity. ACSYS’ position as the market leader is sup. ing and implementation. management system. experienced and professional consult- standards. highest product ACSYS meets both domestic and international quality.


Our solution-oriented ingenuity and our relia- bility are targeted towards meeting your indi- vidual demands. meeting these challenges allows us to expand our own technological expertise to your advantage. ACSYS custom machines – for flexible. we set the technological standards for our target markets. We also help you to improve your company’s profitability by developing highly productive and reliable system solu- tions while keeping your economic considera- tions in mind. In each specific project requirement we see an active challenge. automatic marking of hand tools. Constant dialogue with our customers is what drives and inspires us. 6 . Through constant research and development of new and customized solutions.

7 .

vibra- materials available form the basis for excel. structing sturdy machines. we achieve the perfect interplay of precise solutions. The highest level of precision and efficiency adjustment mechanism that enables precise is the benchmark we have set for ourselves. 8 . We ensure our dominant advantage by con- The sophisticated configuration of state-of. and error-free programming with minimal set- The laser machining solutions from ACSYS win up time. precision and we offer high-precision modules for ODC consistent performance. ring with a convex surface. tailored to the processes and products. tion-free machine bed made of polymer con- lent solutions. Through the With the integrally view of the laser system extensive knowledge and experience of our and the machining process we attain high specialists. a material which guarantees that accu- LAS – Live Adjust System – a camera-based racy tolerances are consistently met. Punch for authenticity certification of jewellery. which are perfect custom all technical details to create unique solutions. clients over with their accuracy. (Microscope photo) Precision circular marking of Laser material removal in Decorative internal marking of a a miniature scale Ø 25 mm. If even greater accuracy is required. ACSYS is the pioneer of the crete. – online depth control and can also integrate glass scales with position control. ACSYS machines the-art laser sources and the best auxiliary are built upon on a temperature-stable. µ-range of a printing plate.

To attain the highest precision and consistency at high speeds. 9 .001 mm. we have integrated high-resolution linear scales with resolu- tions up to 0.

Multi axis solutions up to 7 numeric controlled axis. .Large series tag production with consecutive numbering.

we break new ground in simple. but also achieve a signifi- cant minimization of auxiliary processing times as well. which are supported by our own fully-graphical software packages. Laser marking of a tool holding fixture. available in any language with multiple interfaces. Our broad range of machine solutions enables us to react immediately to any product. 11 . solution-oriented thinking and a highly flex- ible product offering make us the preferred partner when- ever an exacting solution for your application is required. Circumferential marking on a flange- free casing surface. flexible solutions. Our solutions are based on the unlimited configurations of machines. variations in small batches. rapid production adjustments combined with a reduction of setup-times – ACSYS has defined a new level of flexibility in laser technology. or of a large series. 3-dimensional laser-scaling on a rotating stepdrill. providing the optimal customized system solution. Individualized. laser sources and optics. we concentrate not only on the reduc- tion of the main processing times. As a systems supplier. whether for the production of single parts. By combining our extensive experience with applications with our integral approach. Unconventional.or production-specific require- ment.

due to our modern in-house solutions. This gives us the flexibility needed to optimize design and to ensure We leave nothing to chance. pany and our products. going so far as to test the complet- tions. ment of the philosophy of our com- mable. in three-shift operation ard for depth control. even quality. we control the exact engrav- formers in automated production ing depth and have set the stand- processes. ed marking. even for customized solu. Product availability. 12 . Motor start-stop switch. Identification rings Hub for gear for water meters. fully-graphical software. Reliability is a basic ele- production and our freely-program. tooth forming. precise func. partic- ularly in the areas of high-perform- With ACSYS you can be sure of ance technology and cutting-edge these. your exacting expectations. With our proprietary touch-free laser depth measure- Our machines are reliable top per. ment. We tionality and guaranteed process offer production tools which fulfill stability. and for just-in-time logistics.

Laser marking of cylinder block. Laser marking on tools. 13 . Target depth Actual depth ODC – Online depth control.

You can also profit from Our customers trust us to be leaders in current our inventory of spare parts and consumables. electronic components. Wherever ACSYS products are used. Deep laser engraving Multilateral marking of Laser marking of of date stamps. which allows us to quickly ship a broad range mated position control. Whether with – we set the pace for your laser processing. we help you to production line. but also create free capaci. Greater efficiency in production and service machining of 3-D structures. ess. multilateral marking of parts for all laser systems directly from with high-speed laser systems and efficient stock. But we act quickly to ensure that your ACSYS laser are not only concentrated on the potential in machines are always available to help you your production. stand-alone solutions or integration into a By minimizing setup times. topics such as complexity science with auto. you will Our service team is available 24-7 and will find technology with a unique beat. maximize the value of your production proc- ties due to minimized setup times. successful start to your production process. 14 . electronic housings. ACSYS ensures an easy and maximize your production potential. We also offer online support with modern diagnostic systems.

15 . ACSYS Lasertechnik for day/night buttons.1 increment.2 µm with consistency of up to +/. Dynamic linear drives with resolution of up to 0.

we have developed a unique level of creativity that al- lows us to develop solutions for product applications which no one else has dared to tackle thus far. Many specialty applications have now become ACSYS stand- ards and represent state-of-the-art technology. Our software offers a flexible range of features and is constantly being improved to meet the new requirements of our customers. With our specialized team of R&D engineers. know-know. From the design stage to our testing procedures carried out under actual production conditions. Wherever innovation and economical laser material processing is needed. 16 . our goal is to meet your targets with technology made by ACSYS. Vision. which allows us to remain one step ahead at all times. we create our custom- ized solutions and software applications in close cooperation with our customers. solutions – we scrutinize. design and implement with creativity. our state-of-the-art 3-D design tools and the knowledge that comes with many years of experi- ence. Our customers profit from our performance and our visionary creativity. The solution portfolio of ACSYS demonstrates that techno- logical limitations are always changing.

. Laser engraved die. Laser-matting on engraved die. 30 x 15 mm. Circumferential laser engraving on jewellery without unwanted initialization marks. Precision laser cutting of jewellery. approx.

through multi-axis systems for linear or rotational movement or through the integration of special modules. we can integrate different laser sources such as disk lasers. From standardized to customized – the product offerings of ACSYS provide optimal laser mate- rial processing solutions to meet every requirement. Depending upon the application. fiber lasers. or CO2 lasers with a power range of up to 400 watts. each stand- ard machine can be enhanced to perform an individual specialized solution. Target depth controlled axes. Multi-axis solutions for LAS – Live Adjust System® ODC – Online depth control up to seven numerically. These tools are made to order according to your specific production needs. We determine the appropriate production method according to your requirements. such as the Live Adjust System® (LAS) and the Online Depth Control (ODC). Actual depth 18 . With outstanding customizability.

even serial parts can be marked in a cost.INLINER Integration systems. highest quality results are guaranteed. ample power and working space. ORCA® Laser system. 19 . variety of interfaces. Thanks to optional automation mod. Designed especially for the inte. Space. it provides a facility. Specially saving mobility – the compact class is ideal designed for the marking of large. working area of 1200 x 800 mm. beam quality. The flag- OYSTER® Tabletop unit. short processing times and the efficient manner. warehouse or production up to 1000 kg or palletized lots. the perfect solution for single part marking reliefs. rounder offers the highest level of flexibility for rations for laser marking. The ma- engraving. This all- and flexible laser kit offers limitless configu. providing the highest surface quality. filigree structures or 3-D mold engrav- or for marking small batches of various ma. The tabletop unit is large metal-removal tasks such as engravings. the system offers a customized solutions. Exceptional ules. terials. engraving and deep limitless marking and engraving jobs. This compact system ship of ACSYS combines high power and the provides you with an economical entry into highest precision and is the first choice for modern laser marking. chine offers exceptional value for parts up to gration into stand-alone units and fully-auto. SHARK® Laser engraving system. This versatile BARRACUDA® Laser marking system. heavy parts for the workshop. This power tool offers ® PIRANHA Laser marking system. 300 kg and serves as the basis for automated mated production lines. ing.

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