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COBRA® checkpoint CT
provides superior detection
and higher throughput

Advance your checkpoint performance
• Superior detection
• Lower false alarm rates
• Laptops and liquids in bags
• Improved passenger throughput
• Lower lifecycle costs

Headquarters USA 8 Centennial Drive. securitysales@analogic. MA 01960 T 978-326-4866 analogic. bulks & HMEs • ECAC Type D Std 2 approved: Liquids in carry-ons • ECAC Type D+ Std 2 approved: Liquids & laptops in carry-ons • Lower false alarm rates • Upgradeable threat detection Higher Throughput • Up to 30% faster than current checkpoint systems • 550+ bags per hour • Continuous flow technology • Fewer bins per passenger Improves Airport Operations • Lowers lifecycle costs • Reduces staffing requirements • Reduces rescans of baggage • Simplifies operator training • Intuitive user interface • Large and small airport configurations Analogic Corporation .com The names Analogic and COBRA are registered trademarks of Analogic Corporation. The globe logo is a trademark of Analogic Corporation. Printed in USA • Copyright © 2013 • Analogic Corporation 16-01049 Rev 01 . Advance Your Checkpoint Performance Superior Threat Detection • 3D imaging • Automatic detection: liquids.