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1. Freedom flotilla says Israeli threats will not stop them (With Comme From: Anisa Abd
el Fattah 2. Hamdan asks world community to change its attitude towards Hamas From:
Anisa Abd el Fattah 3. First flotilla relief ship leaves Ireland; heads for Gaza From: Anisa
Abd el Fattah 4. PIC voted most popular Palestinian website! From: Anisa Abd el Fattah
5. Jewish settlers kill Palestinian boy From: Anisa Abd el Fattah 6. Middle East mourns
occupation of Palestine From: Anisa Abd el Fattah 7a. Re: Pat Buchanan: Too Many
Jews On The Supreme Court From: Anisa Abd el Fattah 8. TTS May 15 Headlines...Must
Watch Videos of John Perkins exposing Ho From: Alex James 9. US executes Afghan
prisoners < From: Linda G. Richard
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Freedom flotilla says Israeli threats will not stop them

(With Comme
Posted by: "Anisa Abd el Fattah" HYPERLINK
Sat May 15, 2010 8:14 am (PDT)

*The occupation has threatened to act to prevent these ships from reaching
Gaza. Even though occupation forces
have no legal right to attempt to interfere with or to control Gaza's
waterways and shores, they will do so because
they want to preserve their claim to Gaza's waterways and shores, since
they want to claim a right to natural gas
and oil found offshore that belongs to Gaza. This in turn preserves their
claim that Palestine is "disputed" land,
when in fact it is not. Palestine is a criminally occupied land.

We (NAMAW) are asking activists throughout the world, to begin to plan now
for actions that will ensue that if
the occupation forces make any attempt to stop this flotilla, they will feel
the consequences of those actions.
We are asking activists to secure all necessary permits, etc. now, for
marches and protests, and also to organize
now and begin to educate people in preparation for mass international action
that will take place if Israel attempts
to prevent these boats from reaching Gaza. We must prepare to demonstrate in
front of the occupation's
consulates, the synagogues and every other place where aid and support for
Israel's continued brutal and illegal
occupation of Palestine finds support and protection. It is up to us, the
people, to end this barbaric and illegal
siege and the time to end it is now!



Freedom Flotilla: Israel’s threats will not stop us from sailing to Gaza
[ 15/05/2010 - 02:25 PM ]

LONDON, (PIC)-- The organizers of the Freedom Flotilla convoy said Saturday
that Israel’s intimidation tactics will not stop aid boats from sailing to
the besieged Gaza Strip, announcing that Rachel Corrie cargo ship, one of
eight vessels, had already set sail from Ireland en route to the
Mediterranean sea.

There are other seven ships from Turkey, Greece, and Sweden that will join
the cargo ship before heading together to Gaza.

The participating Free Gaza movement, which has launched eight other sea
missions to Gaza, confirmed that Israel has tried these kinds of threats and
intimidation tactics before in order to try to stop the missions before they

“They have not deterred us before and will not deter us now,” one of the
organizers said.

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) had said it would not allow the
Freedom Flotilla convoy to reach Gaza with its cargo of much-needed
reconstruction material, medical equipment, and school supplies.

According to Israeli news sources, clear orders were issued to prevent the
ships from reaching Gaza, even if this necessitates military violence.

The Swedish anti-siege ship, a Freedom Flotilla coalition partner, together

with lawmaker Mehmet Kaplan from the Green Party asked for a meeting with
minister of foreign affairs of Sweden, Carl Bildt, to discuss what measures
the Swedish government and the European Union will take to protect the

Earlier this week during a meeting with the European campaign to end the
siege on Gaza, another coalition partner, Turkish premier Recep Erdogan
expressed his support for breaking the oppressive siege on Gaza and stressed
that this matter is at the top of Turkey’s list of priorities.

Coalition partners, the Greek anti-siege ship and the Turkish relief
organization IHH, affirmed that the ships, passengers, and cargo will be
checked at each port of departure, making it clear that the convoy
constitutes no security threat to Israel.

“Israel’s threats to attack unarmed civilians aboard vessels carrying

reconstruction aid are outrageous and indicative of the cruel and violent
nature of Israel’s policies towards Gaza. The Freedom Flotilla is acting in
line with universal principals of human rights and justice in defying a
blockade identified as illegal by the UN and other humanitarian
organizations. Palestinians in Gaza have a right to thousands of basic
supplies that Israel bans from entering, including cement and schoolbooks,
as well as a right to access the outside world,” the Freedom Flotilla
coalition said.

The Freedom Flotilla coalition called on all signatories to the fourth

Geneva convention to pressure Israel to adhere to its obligations under
international humanitarian law, to end its deadly blockade on Gaza, and to
refrain from its intention to attack the convoy.

http://www.palestin uk/en/default. aspx?xyz= U6Qq7k%2bcOd87MD

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KrOStOQniZEtYfk7 96D2Y6qibFcuhy7U VFnXA0XlW1% 2bLS%2bdua9ZgPHQ
Bzt85GVWMU% 3d
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Hamdan asks world community to change its attitude

towards Hamas
Posted by: "Anisa Abd el Fattah" HYPERLINK
Sat May 15, 2010 8:17 am (PDT)

Hamdan asks world community to amend its stands

[ 15/05/2010 - 07:24 AM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC)-- Osama Hamdan, the representative of Hamas in Lebanon, has

called on the world community to amend its stands toward Hamas following the
meeting in Damascus between Russian president Dmitry Medvedev and Hamas
supreme leader Khaled Mishaal.

Hamdan told Al-Jazeera TV network on Friday that what Medvedev had said
about not ignoring Hamas constituted a step forward and an opportunity
before the world to amend its stands regarding Hamas.

He said that the Israeli dismay at the Medvedev-Mishaal meeting reflected

Israel's concern following its recent crisis with the USA, noting that
Europe was also disturbed by Israel's practices, which together with Russia
and the UN constitute the international quartet committee on the Middle

Medvedev expressed keenness on the release of the captured Israeli soldier

Gilad Shalit but he also expressed understanding at the movement's demand
for the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, Hamdan said,
noting that Hamas told the Russian head of state that it was interested in
concluding the prisoners' exchange deal and that Israel was the one impeding

http://www.palestin uk/en/default. aspx?xyz= U6Qq7k%2bcOd87MD

I46m9rUxJEpMO% 2bi1s7gaiH5p0bNs LMT2QC4HCB4RmkHK 70GklOPwUNx05lAq
dF5gAaE19XN9YbyJ HErUSLMHsqvAudBi 3HadMvp55j5PES3y
DmGxW2VkRC6HYu2A w%3d
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First flotilla relief ship leaves Ireland; heads for Gaza
Posted by: "Anisa Abd el Fattah" HYPERLINK
Sat May 15, 2010 8:24 am (PDT)

The ship "Rachel Corrie" leaves Ireland for Gaza

[ 15/05/2010 - 08:12 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular anti siege
committee, said that the break siege ship "Rachel Corrie" has left the Irish
port of Dundalk heading to Greece en route to Gaza.

Khudari, in a statement late Friday night, said that the ship's departure
was delayed for 48 hours due to "logistical reasons".

He noted that the ship would join the freedom flotilla heading to Gaza with
humanitarian and relief material to the besieged enclave.

The MP said that the flotilla of 8 ships is carrying solidarity activists

from 40 countries along with 1,200 tons of aid including cement, paper,
medical supplies, special equipment for the disabled, sports and other
assistance material.

The international alliance organizing the flotilla includes the Free Gaza
movement, the Turkish relief foundation IHH, the European campaign to end
the siege, and Malaysian, Greek and Irish institutions.

http://www.palestin uk/en/default. aspx?xyz= U6Qq7k%2bcOd87MD

I46m9rUxJEpMO% 2bi1s7BChmTwJi8m kbJdWqxECCfhMkSb W
%2fbK1JGMdkOMCi 5pKjrbDMrR5872PA rmOrH27W0pYYSJUg
PzktU4pfAWyF5Yus OXLw4VUdDFIA9orh XQ0%3d
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%20Gaza"Reply to sender | Reply to group | Reply via web post
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PIC voted most popular Palestinian website!
Posted by: "Anisa Abd el Fattah" HYPERLINK
Sat May 15, 2010 8:28 am (PDT)

PIC most popular and most interested in human rights issues in W. Bank
[ 15/05/2010 - 07:54 AM ]

LONDON, (PIC)-- Palestinian researcher Ayad Al-Qarra on Friday hailed the

Palestinian information center (PIC) as the most popular media website that
covers Palestinian affairs and the most interested in human rights issues in
the West Bank.

Qarra, who received a master’s degree on his research study titled, “The
role of Palestinian websites in promoting the culture of human rights” from
the Arab institute of research and studies in Cairo, told the PIC that his
study was applied to a number of websites concerned with Palestinian news,
especially the PIC website.

Asked about the reason for choosing the PIC in particular, he expressed his
belief that the PIC is the most visited and the largest Palestinian website,
adding that his research showed that that PIC pays attention to violations
of human rights in the West Bank more than all websites, especially the
Palestinian ones.

The researcher stressed that his study highlighted the importance of dealing
with the file of human rights in Palestine with more than one way such as
documenting the issues of human rights in order to raise the public
awareness and exposing human rights abusers and war criminals.

The researcher added that these ways of dealing with this file can be
clearly noticed in a number of websites, including the PIC that also plays a
distinguished role in pressing for the adoption of reports condemning
Israeli war criminals.

His study called on human rights organizations to necessarily improve the

technical sides of their websites and make more efforts to keep in touch
with the public locally and internationally.

http://www.palestin uk/en/default. aspx?xyz= U6Qq7k%2bcOd87MD

I46m9rUxJEpMO% 2bi1s7DI0qyw2zoz rI7mBVJEvok7k90e ETD0x%2fR7KfPRgn
ae9lPXe5tdi8bEkH GL6JkvMhy9TuKCo0 AZdaVlZXDRafgLrd ykNjEHrf55RJ03Vo
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%20most%20popular%20Palestinian%20website%21"Reply to sender | Reply to group |
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Jewish settlers kill Palestinian boy

Posted by: "Anisa Abd el Fattah" HYPERLINK
Sat May 15, 2010 8:32 am (PDT)

Jewish settlers kill Palestinian boy

[ 14/05/2010 - 09:46 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- A Palestinian boy on Thursday night died of a bullet

wound to the back in the Wadi al-Harameyyeh neighbourhood of Beirzeit in the
southern West Bank district of Ramallah.

Palestinian medical sources told PIC correspondent that Aysar Yaser Fawwaz,
16, died after bleeding for three hours after being shot, at a late hour on
Thursday evening, by a bullet that penetrated his back and lodged in his
heart after Jewish settlers fired towards a group of Palestinian boys.

The sources said that the boy was taken to the Ramallah government hospital
and that his funeral is due to take place this afternoon.

Local sources said that there were a number of boys from the village in the
area and they were throwing stones when settlers opened fire towards them.

Israeli police confirmed that they received reports of stone throwing and
gunshots in the area and that they were investigating both.

http://www.palestin uk/en/default. aspx?xyz= U6Qq7k%2bcOd87MD

I46m9rUxJEpMO% 2bi1s70iVzr% 2f2hVDO%2b4HKv2z yQ4rBNrKFMrZFJNC
RQr5x0hZaS5tApYj xO1b00JpSYnFw1g8 jVxdcS1dIo3xEJ4x pdDSdBOETjTaFFzp
qVdCWdUqA% 3d
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Middle East mourns occupation of Palestine
Posted by: "Anisa Abd el Fattah" HYPERLINK
Sat May 15, 2010 8:37 am (PDT)

ME mourning Israel occupation

Sat, 15 May 2010 13:07:47 GMT
Font size : <javascript: inc()> <javascript: nor()> <javascript: dec()>
A Palestinian girl attends a rally in the Gaza Strip, marking the 62nd
anniversary of the 1948 Israeli occupation. Reuters photo
Marches continue across the Middle East to mark the Israeli seizure of the
Palestinian lands as well as its expulsion and killing of hundreds of

The thousands-strong rallies entered their second day on Saturday. Marchers

gathered in the Gaza Strip, the occupied West Bank and Lebanon, marking the
62nd anniversary of the May 15, 1948 Nakba Day or 'the day of the
catastrophe, ' the Palestinian Ma'an news agency reported.

The Israeli war forced more than 800,000 out of 1.4 million Palestinians
"out of their homeland to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, neighboring Arab
countries and the remaining countries of the world," said the Palestine
Central Bureau of Statistics in a demographic report.

Last year records by the United Nations revealed that currently some 4.7
million Palestinians, less than half of their entire population, lived in
refugee camps at home or abroad.

The Saturday demos are also expected to condemn Israel's occupation of the
West Bank, al-Quds (East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip in 1967.

http://www.presstv. ir/detail. aspx?id=126564& sectionid= 351020202

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Re: Pat Buchanan: Too Many Jews On The Supreme
Posted by: "Anisa Abd el Fattah" HYPERLINK
Sat May 15, 2010 8:51 am (PDT)

It's not about Pat in my view. I agree with him on this. We don't want the
Talmudization of US law through a predominately Talmudist court. These
people are not Jews as in the people of Moses. They do not follow Mosaic
law, they follow the Talmud. Read the Talmud to understand why that is
problematic for a secular democratic republic. Also, Kagan is a person that
is opposed to free speech and who said that the entire world is a
battlefield. For my money, she was disqualified by that radically illogical
and aggressive world view.


On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 9:13 PM, visionaries4 <visionaries4@>wrote:

> Pat Buchanan: Too Many Jews On The Supreme Court
[UPDATE]<http://www.huffingt 2010/05/14/ pat-buchanan- too-many-
jew_n_576948. html>
> First Posted: 05-14-10 05:01 PM | Updated: 05-14-10 05:17 PM
> Okay, so, filed under "Kagan, Elena; reasons she would be the Supreme
> Court's greatest monster," I have: secret lesbian, Ivy League, friend of
> Obama, played softball (cf. secret lesbian), no children (cf. secret
> lesbian, also see "Cohen, Richard, worst columnist in English language<http://voices.
washingtonpost. com/postpartisan /2010/05/ elena_kagan_ does_not_ fear_locu. html>),
> wrote thesis on socialism in New York, hiring practices, treatment of
> military recruiters, no paper trail, no judicial experience, reminds
> everyone of that time President George W. Bush tried to nominate Harriet
> Miers on some sort of dare, and secret lesbian.
> Am I leaving anything out? Oh, hey, MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan! You
> wanted to add something <http://mediamatters .org/blog/ 201005140037>?
> Indeed, of the last seven justices nominated by Democrats JFK, LBJ, Bill
> Clinton and Barack Obama, one was black, Marshall; one was Puerto Rican,
> Sonia Sotomayor. The other five were Jews: Arthur Goldberg, Abe Fortas, Ruth
> Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan.
> If Kagan is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S.
> population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats.
> Is this the Democrats' idea of diversity?
> But while leaders in the black community may be upset, the folks who look
> more like the real targets of liberal bias are white Protestants and
> Catholics, who still constitute well over half of the U.S. population.
> Oh, well, there you go. Pat Buchanan has counted up the Jews on the Supreme
> Court (no doubt with the help of current Bob McDonnell crony<http://voices.
washingtonpost. com/virginiapoli tics/2010/ 05/post_679. html>/former
> Nixon White House "Jew-counter" Fred Malek) and has discovered that there is
> just not enough Protestantism on the Supreme Court, thus continuing
> America's rich tradition of only letting Protestants do just about
> everything else in American society.
> Remember the last time we had a fresh-faced Supreme Court nominee to obsess
> over? Back then, Pat Buchanan was all worked up about Sonia Sotomayor
> successfully learning English<http://www.huffingt 2009/06/02/ pat-
buchanan- criticizes- s_n_210322. html> and
> going to Princeton, and how awful she was for doing so -- or something! It
> *did not make sense*. Later, Buchanan got together with a bunch of fellow
> travelers and talked about Sotomayor's Hispanicity at some sort of
> conference<http://www.huffingt 2009/06/22/ pat-buchanan- mocks-
sotoma_ n_218976. html>.
> Oh, wait! I'm sorry. At a "CONFERENECE" <http://images. huffingtonpost.
com/gen/87842/ original. jpg>
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%20Court"Reply to sender | Reply to group | Reply via web post
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TTS May 15 Headlines...Must Watch Videos of John
Perkins exposing Ho
Posted by: "Alex James"
Sat May 15, 2010 11:59 am (PDT)

http://groups. groups/img/ dot_clear. gif

The Depth of the Darkness.

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/93

Israel increasingly
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/0f
4f665629f425dc> resembling a police state - Mel Frykberg;Israeli gunships
open fire at Palestinian fishermen in Gaza;

HR 2278 To BAN 17+ TV

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/32
030f8c3a4e6237> stations that broadcast Middle East News in the UNITED
STATES!!!... this needs immediate public attention.

Why isn't there a law against

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/54
cdd5b58b86ae38> false imprisonment and the torture of solitary confinement
dungeon (a practice from the middle ages)?

Video: Senator Daniel Inouye

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/ed
1ea399a4804077> on the shadow government youtube/Webster Tarplay's 405 page

Quotes to Remember about

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/4f
b53b5301415508> Khazars, Edomites, Marxists, Bolsheviks, Talmudists, Gog &

A reminder about the 14 characteristics

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/fb
0c5230fa768b3b> of fascism. (America only lacks a shrieking megalomaniacal
dictator. The rest seems to be in place.)
Jewish settlers kill Palestinian
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/88
a8fd9db20c89ab> boy

The Proud Rabbi Lebovits

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/19
c8e3dffd354403> Sentenced-32- Years-For- Sexually- Abusing-Teen

More Hidden
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/d1
70c587b7b8c05d> & Covered-up HISTORICAL FACTS about Genocide/Holocost of
10/12 - Million Ukraineians <<<----->>> Reply by a convertred JEW.

UK's Cameron-Hague
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/75
863fb0417d45ea> "fagging" for Israel | Israeli secret police arrests of


<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/1a
e83b2ac439c5af> CONTROL

[Alert] US funds
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/32
1044d82c47a00e> Israel’s apartheid roads plan: settlers benefit from
Israeli-only routes

Video: Jesuits, Zionists,

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/c6
fcb221251077eb> Hitler, Pope Ratzinger

Big Oil Keeps Its Bailout --

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/92
cd3b2555635187> For Now, capped at $75 million

Vicki Polin
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/19
7baad553ea8307> & Tina Grossman expose Satanic heresy within Judaism that
engages in ritual human sacrifice -- cult established among members of
Chicago's ruling class etc.

Unlimited Talk, Only $679

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/61
daa94f663db57c> Million: Inside the No-Bid Deal for Afghan Interpreters

Seasonal flu vaccinations

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/50
fc9d2706ab3b60> have been suspended in Australia for all children under the
age of five; Can This Simple Process Actually Eliminate Pain?

War on Freedom: Falsely

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/ab
7664f45facaa27> Accused/Framed persons have no recourse to defend
themselves: Proposal Would Extend Pre-hearing Detention, Withhold Miranda
Warnings in Terror Cases

Murkowski blocks oil

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/e2
2df38b136dd2d3> liability bill, received over $400,000 from Big Oil;US let
BP drill in Gulf without permits;Size of Oil Spill Underestimated,
Scientists Say

Obama Linguistically Morphing

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/e1
cb89565fdc7084> Into Bush;Obama to fund Israel's missile system;Pentagon
awards massive KBR Iraq contract without competition

Must Watch Videos of John

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/9c
e1345a39d8e76c> Perkins exposing How IMF/World/NSA Banksters Steal Funds
around the World by bribing, regime change, wars, etc......

From: Alex James [mailto:HYPERLINK

Sent: Friday, May 14, 2010 9:37 PM
Subject: TTS May 14 Headlines... VIDEO: Who Really Are The Rothchild Family,
Leaders of the Parasitic Banksters... ..

http://groups. groups/img/ dot_clear. gif

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/e0
b3f86693060897> Who Really Are The Rothchild Family, Leaders of the
Parasitic Banksters

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/5a
2e6a66b8580479> The Franklin Cover-Up: Elite Child Abuse, Satanism, and
Murder in Nebraska leading to Reagan/Bush White House

How the Zionist Controlled

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/a5
679762dd20ce61> Media Portraits a False View of The World....

Interesting facts on legal

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/54
d920fe15457c09> corruption.

Record 40 Million, 1 in 8 on
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/58
b65ea96c6645d2> Food Stamps ; Recovery? Show me the Money

Eric Magolis: Can't Win in

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/a3
edbf1d4ebafcc8> Afghanistan? Then Blame Pakistan.... ..

JFK Kennedy Executive Order

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/36
76941134104ef8> 11110 on issuing government debt-free/interest- free money

Al Gore and Trotsky

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/41
2c77ea18e66b43> connection/Schiff family/What about Gore's connection to
Armand Hammer? hmmmmmm

Eustache Mullins: The World

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/90
feea75dbb504ec> Order a Study in the Hegemony of the Parasite Class
(through the Banking system)

Bush Laws to Steal Protesters

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/7c
671533e8719012> Assets;Israeli settlers attack Palestinian mosques - Mel
Frykberg;U.S. Jews 'proud' of Obama Supreme Court nominee

Reframing the 9/11 Litmus

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/7c
6d63de57d4e06e> Test: buried in NIST report is the free-fall demolition of

Remembering Al-Nakba
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/d4
f9ca48e4f7c85c> (Occupation End Notes Vol 8 No 9)

Arrest Cheney - 9/11 RUN BY

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/3b

Video: Former employee of

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/9d
892ccae0dc653c> Controlled Demolition, Inc. talks about the WTC ...

9/11 Judge Connected to

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/a4
895e851c9afa95> Rothschild-Funded Mossad Culprit ICTS-Bollyn/ Truthseeker

Structural Engineer Ron

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/5b
cf704b7a783024> Brookman Dismantles NIST Analysis of WTC 7; NYC CAN,
AE911Truth Ask NYC Council to Investigate WTC 7; Asner Voices AE911Truth TV
Spots Airing in New York City

Video: The Official 9/11

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/fe
b1526123cf4463> Myths Exposed by Firefighters, Architects and Engineers

9/11 Mysteries Explained:

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/8d
eac206fbef21f7> Patriots question 911 ; American Hijacked by Zionists ; Who
did 9/11; How 9/11 was done

The City of London's Council

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/09
9854b0f56048a4> on Foreign Relations release their propaganda vidoe: wolf
of Babylonian paganism

What Federal actually mean?

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/73
c4f744ac6b5607> it means not FEDERAL GOVERNMENT; both IRS and Federal
Reserve are private corp. like Federal Express, etc....

Video: Controlled Demolition

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/c9
9423aaab883dfa> is the only scientific explanation for WTC1,2,7,6 collapses

More on the Pearl Harbor/FDR

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/17
4c6a70ea9f9bef> issue: The Great Deception/Treason to give a pretext for US
to enter War on Behalf of Zionists

Gulf of Mexico oil spill:

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/ce
e1a054bdf0d233> dead dolphins found washed up on US coast

Patriots Question 9/11 - Dr.

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/67
26109c29476315> Robert Bowman (US Air Force) Interview - video

Exposed: Genocide/Holocost of
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/ba
71edc19e8c5d5c> Millions of Ukrainians by Communist Jews


<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/54

Righteous Jews Commemorate

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/55
0b3dc977ca64cf> Memory of Disposses Palestinians

America Hijacked by Zionist

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/3e
b30605bb38fbf2> Israel's Mafia Guardians in the Senate, at least 76 of them

Good essay on the

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/32
f326d90b9a3a87> psychopathic personality (slightly edited)

Are the bombers in Iraq Al-Qaeda,

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/16
6981d06bab6a49> the CIA, MI6 or Israeli Mossad?

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<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/9f
0c15bd8c4fd3c0> SYMPATHIES TO THE PEOPLE OF GREECE! - Adrian Salbuchi

The FED Pumps Money in and

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/1d
dadc5b79186f48> the IRS Takes it out, both are agencies of the Banksters
and not of Government

The Orion Conspiracy / Some

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/97
f8d5d84c0b952f> 9/11 missile strike images (some are from the movie and not

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/fc
very bad news
I'm afraid

From: Alex James [mailto:HYPERLINK

Sent: Friday, May 14, 2010 12:02 AM
Subject: TTS May 13 Headlines... Was There A Plan to Blow Up The Economy?
deregulation is the decriminalization of fraud! The subprime conspiracy

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Was There A Plan to Blow Up

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/23
d7c542efe9ac84> The Economy? deregulation is the decriminalization of
fraud! The subprime conspiracy

VIDEO - Chemical Spraying -

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/45
7acc06124f94ca> Megatons of Aluminum to Rain Down from Global Experi

Oil Companies Control

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/93
9b157821247d88> Billions Of Gallons Of Colorado Water Rights

Do We Understand How Billionaires

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/ba
264bec04154049> Are Screwing Us? | Disabled Kids' 'Shocking' Backpacks |
Frank Rich Targeted by the Right

Flashback Katyn Massacre: Blamed

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/ca
a40d8bfce83a6c> on Germans but actually done by Communist Jews from Russia
under Stalin's Orders

Who is Producing some of the

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/d4
402a8f0edff4ff> fake Binladen Tapes? Mossad's Rita Katz......

RighteousJews. org
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/3b
6e41fc4f0f045f> commemorates the massacre of Palestinians by zionists
The Long Litany of Zionist
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/ea
bb28eb1fb602ff> Lies: Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben vows to fight German

Join US Army and Fight for

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/b1
a0bb10f7f442b2> Israhell: Is the top US brass getting tired of working for
the IDF? A general's revolt against Zionist Domination of US policy?

Leading European
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/ec
84bcc323ceb565> parliamentarian accuses France/Germany of forcing Greece to
buy billions of euros in arms in exchange for bailout money

Human Rights Watch: 'Gaza

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/24
13a1d1ddcac16e> homes destroyed unlawfully'

ex-UK Ambassador Craig

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/61
427f81f538a443> Murray's website: Western Collusion with Mossad in
Assassination of Al-Mabhouh in Dubai,

Nuclear demolition is another

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/08
720f5c98ccedfa> kind of controlled demolition (a possibility on 9/11)

Birth of Zionized Israel:

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/a0
d3cacb96c1a083> Tale of Lies, Deceit, Terrorism By William A. Cook Based on
classified documents from Jewish Agency & affiliated organizations seized by
British Mandate Police

Kerry-Lieberman bill is
<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/5f
3e33dc823c86f2> 'scientifically meaningless' 'Scientifically Flawed':
Climatologist ridicules new study claming climate doom

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/48
6a9b59e56f126f> "reform" bill will guarantee more stealing the fruits of our

Néjàd Vu, All Over Again: The

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/10
8a293189c2e2cf> Media, 'Pretext', Context, & 9/11, the propaganda drumbeat
towards zionizing Iran

Take Action to stop Cap and

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/db
166643b1640131> Tax: government’s newest threat to your liberty coming to
check your household appliances . . . your light bulbs . . . your thermostat
. . . and this is NO JOKE.

Spanish prosecutors want 13

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/65
bf7d337141c148> CIA agents arrested who were involved in 2004 extraordinary

Prof William Cook: Israel is

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/81
c1d9fc3dfb83d0> Born: A Tale of Lies, Deceit, and Terrorism

Official Movie Trailer -

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/df
369277ad96daa3> Don't Tread on Me: Rise of the Republic

Teenager Omar Khadr Trial:

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/f9
3b95c15ca1166e> Every single Western nation - except Canada - insisted that
their citizens be transferred home so as to receive a fair trial

The Coming Crash: Usury and

<http://groups. group/total_ truth_sciences/ browse_thread/ thread/0a
65d8c2cd594932> the Irrelevant Tax-Exempt Church: the real cause of the
economic catastrophees

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US executes Afghan prisoners <

Posted by: "Linda G. Richard" HYPERLINK
Sat May 15, 2010 1:20 pm (PDT)


US executes Afghan prisoners

As the Afghan occupation continues to prove troublesome for the Obama

administration, a report says US-led troops torture and execute prisoners in
the country.

Seymour Hersh, an investigative journalist with the New Yorker, made the
revelation during the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Geneva.

"I'll tell you right now, one of the great tragedies of my country is that
Mr. Obama is looking the other way, because equally horrible things are
happening to prisoners, to those we capture in Afghanistan, " Hersh said.

He also alleged that US forces were engaged in 'battlefield executions' and

other heinous offences, Raw Story reported.

"They're being executed on the battlefield. It's unbelievable stuff going on

there that doesn't necessarily get reported. Things don't change," Hersh

Hersh who worked for many years at The New York Times also helped break the
story that detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq were being tortured by
their US jailers.

The report comes as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has
recently confirmed reports about the existence of a secret detention
facility at a US airbase in Bagram in Afghanistan.

Human rights groups say Bagram and other US-ran jail facilities have
remained US torture centers since the toppling of the Taliban regime in
Afghanistan nine years ago.

However, US officials claim that all inmates in the facility are treated

Source <http://www.presstv. ir/detail. aspx?id=126589& sectionid= 351020403>