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Raleigh School


May 2010

BY KELLY BEATTY Mahika – I have learned to use my time

The Raleigh School
wisely at TRS, and that will help me in
Mission Statement we all have our reasons for choosing middle school.
The Raleigh School as the place where Chloe – No matter how bad the
The Raleigh School is a
our children will learn the information they situation, continue to work hard and
cooperative community move on.
need to navigate their worlds. For some,
of children, parents, and Jenna S. – I learned that true friends
it is the emphasis on child-centered
teachers that fosters a learning, for others it’s The Raleigh never turn their back on you.
love of learning in an School’s belief that the active involvement What is your favorite Raleigh School
atmosphere of challenge, of parents is crucial to a successful memory?
inquiry, and respect. education. Still others just like the feeling Emily – My favorite Raleigh School
they got when they toured the campus for memory is going to the Blue Ridge
the first time. But, what about our Mountains. When we got there, we
children? Do they see The Raleigh played on some rocks in a stream that
School as a special place? We thought ran under a bridge.
Inside this issue: we would ask graduating fifth graders to Jenna Q. – My favorite memory was the
reminisce about their time here. Their Halloween party in fourth grade. We
Message from our answers to a few questions will make us had a bunch of fun Halloween activities,
Head of School all proud to be part of The Raleigh School we got to sit wherever we wanted, the
community. food was AMAZING, and there were
Young Authors 3 spider webs hung in the cubby room.
Board News 4 Olly – My favorite Raleigh School
moment is when I went to Sound to Sea.
Donations Listing 5 Andrew L. – My favorite school memory
is, well, everyday is a memory at The
Preschool 6 Raleigh School.
What have you learned that will help Chase – Spending the night at the
Fifth Grade you in middle school and beyond?
7 school in third grade.
Nick – Treat people the way you want to Aryan – Black Mountain and other field
Carnival Pictures/ be treated. trips.
Results John – I learned that learning can be fun Matthew – My favorite memory is the
if you make it fun. sleepover at the school when we put
Committee Chairs 10 Patrick – I have learned how to be underwear on the flag pole and said the
confident with who I am. pledge.
Alumni 11
Rachel – I have learned to be organized, Katie – Mr. Storck taking us to catch fish
Calendar 12
and I think that will help in middle school. in the creek/pond.
Elizabeth – How to work together with Davis – My favorite Raleigh School
classmates. memory was going to the sleepover from
the auction.
Page 2 The Raleigh School May 2010

The Raleigh School Endowment – A Major

Milestone for the School
will spend 5% of the endowment fund’s average balance
This year the Board of Trustees each year.

has taken a giant step forward by

officially establishing an How will The Raleigh School use the endowment funds?

endowment for The Raleigh Endowment proceeds will be used to support five key

School. This is a very significant areas:

Harriet Lasher
Head of School milestone in our school’s history. Financial aid
Faculty and staff
What is an endowment?
Endowment funds are assets held permanently by a
Programs consistent with the school’s mission
school or other non-profit organization. School
endowment policies establish restrictions on how the
funds may be spent. An agreed-on portion of the
How do people donate?
endowment’s value is spent each year and the rest of
Gifts of cash or publicly traded securities will be
the assets are invested so that the fund is able to grow
accepted. Endowment gifts may also be made as
over time.
planned gifts in a variety of ways. Gifts of $25,000 or
more may be “named endowments” to honor the donor or
What are the benefits of an endowment?
other individual.
There are many benefits to the school and its donors.
The fund generates income for the school. The spending
We are thankful to the Endowment Committee, led by
policy sets a percentage of the total to be used for school
Robert Glosson, for all their efforts in establishing this
purposes each year. As a result of gifts from donors and
endowment. This new endowment fund has been
income from investments the endowment grows over
seeded by $250,000 of school reserves. Now begins the
time. A well-managed endowment sends a clear
hard work of publicizing and raising money for the
message of long-term stability, fiscal responsibility, and
endowment. The sooner that we get to $1,000,000, the
financial viability. It enhances the school’s prestige and
sooner we can start spending the money! We are
credibility. A well-funded endowment may relieve
currently establishing a committee of parents,
pressure to increase tuition to support the needs of the
grandparents, alumni, and friends to begin the
school. Endowments are often attractive gift targets for
fundraising efforts. If you are interested in playing a role
donors who appreciate the forward looking focus.
in this important endeavor, please contact me.
Endowments encourage outright gifts as well as planned
gifts that will mature in the future.
Harriet Lasher
Head of School
How will money be spent?
Once the endowment fund has accumulated $1,000,000,
(919) 564-0788 x 111
or after five years (whichever happens first), the school
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This past year the topic was harder than most-
The "Young Authors" writing "surfing the waves of literacy." Given the enigmatic
competition hosted by the nature of the prompt, faculty and school
International Reading administrators decided only to engage fourth and
Association, IRA, is an arena fifth graders in the process. Still, even with the
where students from The challenge of a difficult topic, five Raleigh School
Raleigh School shine. Every students were recognized at the county level. They
fall a topic is given to are Hope Ferris, Chapman Fitzgerald, Davis Braswell,
elementary school students Kaelin Rost and Catherine Sugg.
from second through fifth
grades throughout Wake Elementary School Director Mary Golden says even
County. Winners at the though it is a competition, the teachers do not
county level go on to the pressure the students, but simply encourage them to
statewide competition. do their best independent work. She says it is all
about the process itself, not about the competition.
“Traditionally our school has
done extremely well. We’ve “The teachers get students to brainstorm. They get
had more winners than other them to write,” Golden says.
schools,” says Jan Schnurr, a
first grade teacher at the Raleigh School Students
school as well as a Recognized at the County Level for the
competition judge for the IRA. Young Authors Project
“I think it encourages them to
want to write and to do quality writing.” Hope Ferris
The competition is unique because it gives students Chapman Fitzgerald
an opportunity to interpret the topic creatively and
make a connection to literary techniques in an Davis Braswell
essay, a short story or a poem. All of the students Kaelin Rost
at The Raleigh School who are eligible participate.
Every year the faculty chooses which entries to Catherine Sugg
send to the countywide competition.

accomplishing when they were young and some even

Grandparents and Grandfriends talked about some important historical events.
Visit Our Classrooms We enjoyed sharing the school with our visitors - hope to
see you again next year!
On Friday, May 7th, The Raleigh School was happy to
welcome more than 180 grandparents to our campus for
the 3rd Annual Grandparents and Grandfriends Day.
The morning started in the Athletics & Arts Center with
Harriet Lasher giving us a brief overview of what is
happening at the school and a program filled with songs
and speeches from our talented students. Mrs. Medford’s
kindergarten class sang “The Presidents Song,” fifth
grader, Will Tooke read a selection called “Too Fast” which
described his years at the school and how they have flown
by, and both third grade classes rounded out the
performances by singing “The Raleigh School Song.”
Our guests were then escorted to classrooms for a sharing
session where they talked about many different things, like
what they ate for lunch when they were in elementary
school. They also talked about things they were proud of
Page 4 The Raleigh School May 2010


Leah  Goodnight  Tyler  (Admissions).    Leah  is  married  to 
At last month’s Annual Meeting, the  Runyon Tyler.   They have two children.   Runyon (IV) is 
2010‐2011  Board  of  Trustees  in Ms. DuPre’s kindergarten class.  Anna is 15 months, 
membership  was  approved.    We  are  and  attends  the  SAS  Montessori  School.    Leah  is  the 
fortunate  that  several  Board  Director of Marketing at The Umstead Hotel & Spa, as 
members  have  agreed  to  return  well as the retail buyer for its gift boutique.   Leah holds 
again  next  year,  some  in  a  new  a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Duke University. 
Lisa  Patel  (Diversity).    Lisa  is  married  to  Rohan 
Paul McSorley
Dave Carman (Community Rep)  Sabapathypillai.  They have two children.  Rayan is four 
Board Chair
Anu Mannar (Trustee Development)  months old and Keira is 2 years old.  Lisa and her family 
      Sandy Wood (Personnel Trustee)  are  new  to  The  Raleigh  School;  Keira  attends  the 
  Jennifer Ferris (Board Chair)  parent/child  class.    Lisa  currently  works  in  drug 
Thanks  to  all of  them  for their  continued  willingness  to  development  at  GlaxoSmithKline  as  a  Clinical 
serve  the  school,  wherever  the  need.    A  special  thanks  Development Scientist.  She obtained both her PharmD 
to Jennifer as she steps in as Board Chair next year. The  and her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology at UNC‐CH. 
Raleigh  School  once  again  has  an  outstanding  slate  of  Nicky  Dunlap  (Communications).    Nicky  and  her  husband 
parents  who  will  be  joining  the  Board.    I  would  like  to  Marshall  have  three  children.  Willi  is  in  Mrs. 
introduce them to you briefly:  Eisenstadt’s  4‐  year‐old  class,  Fletcher  is  in  Mrs. 
Artemis  Newman  (School  Life).    Artemis  is  married  to  Bill  Krouse’s  3‐year‐old  class,  and  Wicki  is  a  rising  2‐year‐
Newman.    They  have  two  children.  Will  is  in  Mrs.  old  preschooler.  Nicky  has  degrees  from  UNC‐Chapel 
Covington’s  third  grade  class  and  Anna  is  in  Mrs.  Hill  and  NCSU,  and  works  as  a  freelance  graphic 
Schnurr’s first grade class.  Artemis has practiced family  designer.  
dentistry in Raleigh since 1991.  She earned her B.S. in  I would like to recognize the individuals who have served on 
Biology as well as her D.D.S. degree from the UNC‐CH.    the Board for the past several years, but who will be leaving 
Don  Berger  (Community  Representative).  Don is married  us at the end of the year:  Courtney Callihan, Louise Martin, 
to  Heidi  Berger.  They  have  five  children.  Randy,  the  Meg  Revelle,  Tim  Rohde,  and  Dan  Tamburro.    We  are  all 
oldest, works in sales at Lifetime Fitness in Cary. Alex, a  grateful for your service to the school.   
junior at NC State, and Sarah, a freshman at NC State,  Though I will continue to serve on the Board as Immediate 
are  both  Raleigh  School  graduates.  Courtney,  a  senior  Past  Chair,  this  newsletter  marks  my  last  as  Board  Chair.  
at Cary Academy, is headed to East Carolina University  Looking  back,  I  am  very  appreciative  that  I  have  had  the 
next fall to study early childhood education. Anna is in  chance to serve The Raleigh School as Board Chair the past 
Mrs. Krouse’s 3‐year‐old preschool class.  Don has been  three years.  Looking ahead, I am very hopeful.  The Board’s 
Head  of  School  at  Cary  Academy  since  its  inception  in  most  critical  role  is  hiring  and  supporting  the  Head  of 
1997.    He  received  a  B.A.  in  Psychology  with  a  School.    Under  the  leadership  of  Helen  Lupton‐Smith  and 
concentration  in  English  from  Haverford  College  in  Jennifer  Ferris,  our  Head  of  School  Search  Committee  has 
Pennsylvania and an Ed.M. in Administration, Planning,  made  outstanding  progress.    Please  support  Helen  as  she 
and  Public  Policy  from  Harvard  Graduate  School  of  continues  to  lead  the  Search  Committee.    Also  support 
Education.    Jennifer as she takes on Board Chair responsibilities.   
Jennifer Dearman (Secretary).  Jennifer is married to David  Finally,  Thank  You  to  Harriet  Lasher.  She  has  been  an 
Dearman.    They  have  two  children.    Connor  is  in  Mrs.  outstanding  leader  of  The  Raleigh  School  for  nearly  three 
Allen’s  first  grade  class.    Avery  is  in  Ms.  Krouse's  decades  and  she  has  been  an  excellent  partner  with  the 
preschool  class  and  she  will  be  in  the  School  Day  4’s  Board of Trustees throughout.   
program  next  school  year.  Jennifer  is  a  CPA  and 
currently  a  Director  of  Professional  Services  at  I  encourage  all  of  you  to  engage  during  the  next  year  to 
SAS.    Jennifer  holds  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Accounting  ensure your views are heard and, importantly, your support 
from  NCSU  and  a  Master’s  of  Business  Administration  of Harriet, the administration, and our teachers and staff is 
from Carnegie Mellon University.   evident.    We  are  very  fortunate  to  have  so  many  parents 
who serve the school in so many ways.  The Raleigh School 
simply wouldn’t work without you.  My thanks to all of you!
Page 5 The Raleigh School May 2010


Library Fund Donors 2009‐2010   
Mr. & Mrs. Allison  Madeline Lamb 
Dr. & Mrs. Reevis Alphin  Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lewis 
Bob & Brenda Autry  Dr. & Mrs. Robert Logel 
Mr. & Mrs. L.D. Baker  Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Maddison 
Tony & Joan Blando  David & Harriet Martin 
FEBRUARY 16 ‐ MAY 5, 2010  Ann & Phil Ballengee  Suzanne & Everett McBride 
Fran Betancourt 
Frank & Kathryn McCulloch 
CHALLENGER Clarence E. Jr. Briggs 
Celito Communications Libby Neri 
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Burner 
Robert & Marie Rafferty 
EDUCATOR Betty & Julian Butler 
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ruff 
The Carriker Family Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Chao 
Sundeep & Sapna Chandra John & Penny Scandalios 
Ms. Barbara Churchill 
The Harris Family Giles & Rachel Clark  Thomas & Joanne Smith 
Kevin & Jessica Lee Dr. & Mrs. William E. Sonntag 
Mrs. Mary‐Breck Clayton 
Frank & Tammy McDowell Helene Tamburro 
The Rohde Family R.E. and Beth Cobb 
Susan & Doug Connor  Mr. & Mrs. Billy Walker 
LEARNER Marla & Ted Cramer  Jane L. Webb 
Rob & Lisa Autry
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Draper  Feriba Weltin 
The BenMoshe Family
The Dwight Family
Martin & Marcia Ferris  The Wosaba Family 
Joe & Michelle Judge Colonel and Mrs. Zane Finkelstein 
The Mann Family Nancy Gibson  Thank you for these generous gifts to 
Craig & Heather McCall Mr. & Mrs. Robert Glosson  the  Library  Fund!    Through  your 
Forrest & Diane Smith Wanny & Ashley Hogewood  donations,  we  have  been  able  to  add 
STUDENT Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Jennings  numerous  titles  to  our  library 
Patrick & Valerie Balestrieri Bill & Janice Jones 
collection  for  your  grandchildren  and 
Allison Brewer Mrs. Sandra C. Kegan 
Harriett Butler
all of our students to enjoy! 
Linda Key 
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Hale Jan & Hank Kopf 
Mike & Susannah Hughes
Hon. William & Mrs. Patricia Lamb 
Jim & Jana Passe´
The Peckham Family IBM DONORS - The Raleigh School was very fortunate to have IBM
Jason & Catherine Piche
The Werness Family employees take part in the K-12 Matching Grants Program. The school
The Zhu Family received numerous in-kind gifts including ThinkPads, desktops, monitors
and memory upgrades. Thank you to the following families:
Marc Johnson The Emma Briggs Family
The Miller Family The Conde/Stephenson Family
The Dholakia Family
Amount Raised 09/10  Pete & Alicia Elliot
$118,300  The Hussain Family
Participation Rate 09/10  The Jotwani Family
78%  Dan & Sharon Mitchell
2009‐2010 Annual Fund Concludes  The Parker Family
June 30, 2010  The Grace Sawyer Family
Brian & Traci Wachter
Gifts are still being accepted. 
Thank you for supporting this effort.  SILENT AUCTION RESULTS - Congratulations to the Silent Auction
Committee for raising more than $32,000 and collecting more than 250
Silent Auction Items!
Page 6 The Raleigh School May 2010


“Maintaining NAEYC 
This school year, the teachers and administrators at  accreditation helps us remain 
The  Raleigh  School’s  preschool  division  have  been 
putting  in  long  hours  in  preparation  for  re‐ vigilant about continually 
accreditation.  In  1988,  when  The  Raleigh  School  was 
first  accredited  by  the  National  Association  for  the  considering and attending to 
Education  of  Young  Children  (NAEYC);  we  were  the 
first in the county to receive NAEYC accreditation and 
our values.”    
only the third preschool in the state. 
each  with  photographic  evidence  of  that  process  at 
The  preschool  goes  through  re‐accreditation  every  work. 
five  years.  This,  you  would  think,  would  make  it  old 
hat for the team working on the process. Not so ‐ at  So, why do it? “The NAEYC accreditation standard is a 
least  not  this  year.  Since  our  last  re‐accreditation,  good one, and it is consistent with the philosophy and 
NAEYC has made some significant changes, making it  practice  of  The  Raleigh  School,”  says  Preschool 
a  much  more  elaborate  process  than  it  has  been  in  Director  Elizabeth  Gilleland.  “It  promotes  a  ‘best 
the  past.  The  changes  are  to  the  standards  it  practice’  model,  and  it  keeps  us  focused  on  the  fact 
measures  and  the  evidence  that  preschools  seeking  that  a  good  preschool  is  created  through  intentional 
accreditation are required to demonstrate.  curriculum planning around topics that are relevant to 
little  children,  fostering  cooperative  and  exploratory 
The  NAEYC  accreditation  is  about  creating  and  play  among  children,  and  nurturing  teacher‐child 
maintaining  a  developmentally  appropriate  program  relationships.  Maintaining  NAEYC  accreditation  helps 
as  well  as  best  practices  in  education  and  social  and  us  remain  vigilant  about  continually  considering  and 
emotional development. The standards and practices  attending to our values.”    
of The Raleigh School are now and have consistently 
been  very  much  in‐line  with  the  NAEYC  standards  ‐  There  are  four  steps  in  the  re‐accreditation  process: 
our  curriculum,  teacher  education,  diversity,  and  enrollment/self‐study,  followed  by  application/self‐
inclusion  of  family  culture  are  just  some  of  the  assessment,  then  candidacy  and  finally  meeting  the 
elements  in  which  we  are  on  point  with  the  standards. The Raleigh School has been confirmed as 
accreditation  standards.  So,  the  challenge  for  The  a candidate, so we’re almost there. The final step is a 
Raleigh  School  isn’t  scrambling  to  be  in  compliance,  one‐to‐two‐day  site  visit  which  will  happen  at  some 
it’s  just  about  demonstrating  all  of  the  things  we’re  point before the end of the school year‐ with one day 
already doing.  of  notice.  Once  that’s  been  satisfactorily  completed 
and  the  school  is  approved  for  re‐accreditation,  the 
Compiling  the  evidence  of  compliance  has  been  a  next  four  years  are  spent  maintaining  the  standards 
challenging  and  time‐consuming  process,  with  many  before starting over again with re‐accreditation. 
teachers putting in as much as 50 hours of their own 
time  outside  of  any  time  made  available  during  Because  our  standards  are  so  in‐line  with  the  NAEYC 
teacher work days or other hours at work. There are  standards,  the  next  re‐accreditation  should  be  a 
ten  standards  by  which  the  program  is  measured:  simpler process. From here, teachers can maintain the 
relationships,  curriculum,  teaching,  assessment  of  evidence  they’ve  developed  and  update  it  instead  of 
child  progress,  health,  teachers,  families,  community  starting  over.  The  NAEYC  accreditation  is  considered 
relationships,  physical  environment,  and  leadership  the gold standard in preschool accreditation. Through 
and  management.  Under  each  standard  there  is  a  completing  this  process,  The  Raleigh  School 
series  of  elements  of  that  standard,  each  requiring  demonstrates  its  commitment  to  our  children  and 
examples  of  the  school  philosophy  and  process,  and  their success.
Page 7 The Raleigh School May 2010


you never know what is going to happen.
Catherine C. – When you come in on each new day,
What will you miss most about The Raleigh School? wonders and learning await you inside these doors.
Andrew G. – I will miss Mr. Storck because he is a great You can never tell what you’re going to do, and it’s
teacher and was fun to be around. never boring.
Kyra – Having friends that are like family. Sujay – My favorite school memory is all the laughs we
have had and all of the friends we have made.
Jane – My favorite memory is the time spent with our
kindergarten buddies at the ginger bread hunt.
Kaelin – My favorite Raleigh School memory is when
we learned that Ohio was not a Middle Eastern country
What have you learned at The Raleigh School that will next to Iraq.
help you in middle school and beyond? What will you miss most about The Raleigh School?
Ruhi – I have learned to go further than expectations and Will C. – I will miss my great friends and teachers most.
to go for challenges.
Griffin – Sorry, I can only answer this with one word,
Chris Kartawira – I have learned that you can do “Everything.” The place is heaven.
anything if you believe in yourself and do your best.
Benita – I will miss the teachers because they were
Catherine S. – I learned to never give up. My first grade caring and were open minded, especially Mrs.
teacher Mrs. Allen always said, “You think you can – you Stikeleather.
can. You think you can’t – think again.”
Chris Konanc– I will miss The Raleigh School’s charm,
What is your favorite Raleigh School memory? playground and teachers.
Caleb – My favorite Raleigh School memory is when we Emma B. – Even though I have only been here two
got to dissect a squid at Sound to Sea in second grade. years, it feels like I’ve been here forever. The teachers
are caring, and students are accepting. I will miss The
Laurel – My favorite memory is when Conner helped us
Raleigh School family.
all learn that Ohio is not in the Middle East next to Iraq.
Emma M. – The thing that I will miss the most is all of
Tyler – My favorite school memory is when in second
my friends that make me laugh every day and all of my
grade we went to Sound to Sea, and Matthew put a frog in
teachers that have prepared me for middle school.
the girls’ cabin.
Liam – What I will miss most about The Raleigh School
Laken – My favorite Raleigh School memory is when my
is everyone I’ve met and all of the caring, loving
fourth grade class went to Black Mountain. We got to tell
teachers like Mrs. Yakopcic and Mrs. Stikeleather. I will
ghost stories and eat s’mores.
never forget any of
Conner – My them because
favorite memory is they have helped
the time at News me through all of
Bowl when my group my good and
got the question, n e g a t i v e
“Name a Middle experiences, and I
Eastern country.” thank them all very
My group thought much.
the question was
Will T. – I will miss
“What is a Middle
my classmates
Eastern state, “ so
and teachers the
we answered,
most. I wish that
there could be a
Mackenzie – My Raleigh School
favorite Raleigh middle school.
School memory is
whenever we play Don’t we all Will
News Bowl because T? Don’t we all?
Page 8 The Raleigh School May 2010


Check out all of the pictures of our
children enjoying a wonderful carnival
on our school campus!
There were so many activities, it was
difficult to decide whether to go gem
mining, create some sand art, make a
jump rope, play a game, take a train ride,
or ride on a pony!
Thank you to Rita Walia who has worked
since last summer planning and creating
the “explorers go west” theme. She had
a great crew of helpers who put
everything into place.
The day was a huge success - just look at
all the happy faces!
Thank you to our presenting sponsor,
bb&t! along with our other sponsors:
American drywall, cary neck and back
pain clinic, celito communications,
center for digestive diseases, form
fitness, llc, integrated design, pa, law
offices of f. bryan brice, Jr., Myers
Bigel Sibley & Sajovec, p.a., Raleigh
orthopaedic clinic, wake orthopaedics
llc, and Yoga with Julie!
Thanks also to dawn spencer for
organizing the pie baking contest again
this year and to john Peterson, Raleigh
school parent for bringing food and

2010 Pie Baking Contest Winners 
Youth Category: 
1st   Catherine Cobb  Cloud Key Lime Pie 

2nd  Leah Rohde  Coconut Cream at the Beach 

3rd  Mason Reece  Plum Good Pie 

Adult Category:  
1st   Kim Hammer  Chocolate Cinnamon Caramel 
2nd  Christine Barbrey  Spicy Blueberry Pie 

3rd  Lyle Humphrey  Key Lime w/Gingersnap Crust 

Page 9 The Raleigh School May 2010


Page 10 The Raleigh School May 2010


The Raleigh School 2009/10

Committee Name Chair(s) Committee Name Chair(s)

Admissions Support - Elementary Lauri Andrews Library - Preschool Susannah Hughes
Admissions Support - Preschool Chris Peoples Robin Peoples
Alumni Kelly Cotronis Logo Sales Mary Golden
Caroline Schwentker DeAnna Ranheim
Auxiliary Erika Gower Lunch - Elementary Jessie Brinkley
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Page 11 The Raleigh School May 2010



On  left,  Jennifer  Johnson,  TRS  Class  of  2003 

volunteers  at  the  Carnival  helping  with  the 
jump rope making booth. 

To the right Jacky Gordon, TRS Class of 2005 
helps  Carnival  goers  in  one  of  the  teepees 
with a craft. 

Below,  at  the  gem  mining  station,  Tyler 

Stohlman,  Andrew  Park,  Lauren  Pederson, 
and  Amanda  Riley,  TRS  Class  of  2005  are 
volunteering through the Cary Academy Key 
and Beta Clubs. 

Alumni Notes: 

Michael Hemminger, Class of 2008 competed in the Raleigh 
Regional  Science  Olympiad  with  Max  Clingroth,  Class  of 
2009 for Daniels Middle School. 

Jacob  Warwick,  Class  of  2005,  recently  participated  in  the 

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics  Festival 
in the viola section symphony orchestra. 

Marshall  Newman,  Class  of  2009  is  attending  St.  Mary 


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on our alumni pages.

At the Carnival, we had a Homecoming for The Raleigh 
School  Class  of  2003.  Back  on  campus  were  Mary 
Jackson, Samantha Thimsen, Zora Martignoni, Jennifer 
Johnson,  Izaak  Earnhardt,  and  Jessica  Dwight.  
Mackenzie  Hopkins  joined  the  group  later.    Traveling 
the  farthest  was  Jessica  Dwight  who  flew  in  from 
Texas for the weekend to visit with old friends. 

Izaak Earnhardt, Class of 2003 received the Morehead‐
Cain Scholarship from UNC‐CH. 
Emily  Bissett,  Class  of  2003  received  the  Park 
Scholarship from NCSU. 
Jessica Wirsing, Class of 2003 was not able to attend, 
she is at the University of N.C. School of the Arts and 
will attend Virginia Commonwealth University.
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