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Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook,
ird Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
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Neal Levin, Fraser Ronald, David Woodrum
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Class structure
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Guilds and Social Clubs
e Gnomes
Gatherings and Festivals
Social Etiquette
Gnomes and Aging
e Arts
e Gnome Cultures
Food and Drink
Clothing and Fashion
C : T [e Hill Gnomes]
Religion and Myth
e Life Cycle of the Hill Gnome
e Military
e Family
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e Clan
Society C : D G
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C : T T [e Mountain Gnomes] C : S M I
e Life Cycle of the Mountain Gnome Common Spells
e Family Common Magic Items
e Clan Magical Buckles
Marriages Spells and Items of Prestigious Gnomes
Society Bandycooks Spells
Class structure Bandycooks Magic Items
Guilds and Social Clubs Dooblebips Spells
Social Etiquette Dooblebips Magic Items
Recreation Emerithops Spells
e Arts Emerithops Magic Items
Food and Drink C : P C
Clothing and Fashion Burrow Savage
Religion and Myth Earthbound Lord
Government Gnome Guardian
e Military Gnome Naturist
e Law Illusioneer
Master of Gnomonics
C : T D [e Imperial Gnomes] Stump Knight
e Life Cycle of the Imperial Gnome Tiger Monk
e Family

The Gnomes Appearance
Little can be said in general about the multiple cultures Adult gnomes range in height from to feet, and weigh
that comprise the race of gnomes. However, all are sociable between and pounds, on average. Just as with any
to a high degree, having ties to both family and the area other race, there are occasional gnomes who fall outside
in which they live. is high degree of social interaction this range.
makes gnomes very capable at organization, but it also Gnomes appear proportional to a human. ey tend to
means they are very conscious of the opinions of others. be of medium build but have large shoulders. eir arms
eir strong ties, beginning at a very young age, also act as are more muscular than the average human. Male gnomes
a social deterrent against criminality or non-conformity. often sport hair on their arms and chests, though much less
Outsiders sometimes join gnomish societies, but never on their legs and backs. Female gnomes sometimes have
fully integrate. hair on their arms, though rarely on their legs. Gnomes
Overall, gnomes tend to be adept at problem solving have eyes slightly larger than a humans, and their eyebrows
or logic. Many gnome cultures developed mathematics tend to be thick. Perhaps their most noticeable attribute is
and engineering very early in their history. is propensity their large nose.
toward logical thought has diminished neither gnomish e bulbous proboscis is probably the single most
creativity nor aptitude in magic. Gnomes not only excel at famous gnomish characteristic, especially to humans
invention, but area know for refining and perfecting devices who know little about gnome culture. Of course, to
invented by others. gnomes, humans seem to have quite pathetic noses, and a
e most common type of gnome is a member of what derogatory term for humans in the hill gnome language is
is simply called the People (Quarden, or simply Den). or little nose. Due to this large nose, gnomes
ey are a democratic, clan-oriented culture known for have very acute olfactory senses. is also means that many
their merchants and engineers. Humans often refer to fragrances they consider enjoyable, humans cant even
the Quarden as hill gnomes. Another race of gnomes is smell, and while gnomes might consider their cooking to
known as the Tirisden, or the Mountain Folk. ey are a have strong smells, humans would notice nothing. A result
hierarchical society with a relatively rigid caste structure of of this olfactory sensitivity is the extreme cleanliness of the
nobility and commoners and tend to live in mountainous average gnome.
areas. Finally, there are the imperial gnomes, the Daewan, e coloring of gnomes tends to be darker than
whose language and society is quite different from the humans. e eyes of gnomes are usually light, often green
other gnomish cultures. or hazel. Blue eyes are very rare and gray denotes a kingly

disposition among mountain gnomes. Gnomish hair Gnomes and Aging
tends to be of dull, earthen tones, often deep browns but e life expectancy of gnomes is about years. ey
sometimes dark red or even sandy blonde. Hair color is reach physical maturity at the age of , though the age
often consistent within family lines and may even help to of adulthood in each society varies. e debilitation
distinguish different groups within a single clan. At young that comes with old age usually begins for a gnome after
ages, hair tends to be curly, often quite so. Curly hair on the one hundred fiftieth year of life. Strength tends to
an adult is seen as a sign of frivolity or other childish be the first noticeable failing, though Constitution also
behaviors in the hill and mountain gnome cultures. is is weakens. Gnomes rarely lose their Dexterity, keeping their
not necessarily a bad thing. Many entertainers spend long coordination long into their old age. Mental faculties often
hours having their hair curled. remain strong until extreme old age, well after a gnome
Mountain gnomes physiques differ only slightly from reaches the elderly age of .
other gnomes. ey are often short, rarely growing taller
than 12 feet, but are stocky of build, with thick chests Languages
and limbs. Mountain gnomes often exceed pounds in ere are only two gnome languages, though there are
weight, but this is due to their musculature rather than fat. multiple dialects of each. e most common is the hill
Mountain gnomes have excellent vision, though their sense gnome language, called D. Hill gnomes, as well
of smell is not as acute when compared to other gnomes. as mountain gnomes, use Denemer. Denemer is broken
eir skin coloring tends to be lighter, often a very pale tan, into V and R. Vandenemer, or
though often with a very ruddy, leathery appearance. eir simply V, is Denemer in its ancient form. Vander is
eye color is darker, often with no real distinction between rarely used, save in religious ceremonies and legal treatises.
pupil and iris. Rusdenemer, or R, is the common language used on
Imperial gnomes are very similar to hill gnomes, and the streets. e dialect of the mountain gnomes, called
have dark eye coloring, with fair colored eyes, especially T, or T, is closer to Vander than to
green, considered highly attractive. Imperial gnomes have Rusner.
light skin, even lighter than mountain gnomes. e imperial gnomes, the Daewan, speak a completely
separate language called C. Its alphabet is
Alignment pictographic and there are well over , symbols.
Due to the strong social connections within gnomish Chunghul has three variants and three main dialects. e
culture, gnomes tend toward lawful or neutral alignments. variants are modes of address. One mode, T, is
Chaotic individuals are not unheard of, but due to the used for those superior, and always when addressing the
social deterrence against non-conformity, these individuals Emperor. e second mode is M, and is used when
usually leave gnome society soon after reaching maturity. addressing those of the same station. P, the third
Other races have a much higher chance of meeting chaotic variant, is used when speaking to those below your station
gnomes because these individuals are more likely to be or children.
found outside of gnome society. Even when chaotic in e dialects of imperial are D, C
nature, a gnome is likely to be much more team-oriented and Y. Daechun is the court language, used in
and loyal than an average chaotic character. Gnomes of any the capitol and by all nobility and government officials.
alignment are very amenable to teamwork and cooperation. Chulchun is the standard language, used by the majority
If gnomes are to be believed, evil is very rare within of the populace in their everyday lives. Yangchun is a trade
their society. However, it is not unknown. Evil gnomes language, with no regional dialects or strong accents.
tend to gather in small societies outside of gnomish It can be heard anywhere in the Empire and is only
nations. Evil gnomes have been known to head small understandable to those who speak Daechun or Chulchun.
thieves or assassins guilds, as well as being involved in
other violent crimes. e same propensity toward logic and The Gnome Cultures
invention that drives gnome society also allows evil gnomes ere are really only two principle gnome cultures, just
to achieve great success in their endeavors. as there are only two principle gnome languages. e
Mountain gnomes are known for their tendency toward two main cultures are the Daewan and the Quarden, the
Good and Law. It is rare that a mountain gnome is evil, imperial gnomes and the hill gnomes. e hill gnomes,
though it could simply be these evil individuals are cast however, have a cousin-culture, distinct in the same way
out of society and disappear. Imperial gnomes rarely are that the separate dialects of the hill gnome language are
anything other than Lawful, however, Evil is much more distinct. e culture related to the hill gnomes is the
prominent among imperial gnomes. Tirisden, the mountain gnomes.

erhaps the most common gnomes to be found,
the Quarden or hill gnomes usually live in small
communities and prefer hilled or wooded areas,
thus the term Hill gnome. While not exactly insular, hill
gnomes have little interest in the happenings of the world
outside their small nations. ey welcome outsiders, and
are wonderful hosts, but they rarely travel outside of their
own borders except on short, mercantile excursions.
ough most common, hill gnomes do not consider
themselves superior to their cousins in any way. Most
hill gnomes are aware of other races, and their religion merchants. ese traders and shopkeepers rarely create
explicitly ties the creation of the gnomes and the actions great fortunes, but they are almost always comfortable and
of the gnomish gods to the gods of other races. While famously fair and equitable in their dealings. e markets
hill gnomes may not wish to travel into the lands of the surrounding hill gnome lands are usually very popular with
other races, those races would certainly find welcome in other races, due to the hill gnomes reputation for honesty
hill gnome communities. ose rare hill gnomes who in mercantile transactions.
leave their homes and wander the world return with By and large, hill gnomes are peaceful and friendly.
eyewitness accounts of the other races. Of course, because eir society could be considered Neutral Good. Hill
of the inherent peculiarity of a traveling-gnome, the other gnomes will aid those who need it and will rarely expect
gnomes will generally not believe anything related by them. anything in exchange. Likewise, when traveling outside of
Hill gnomes are known as merchants, engineers and their nations, they will expect to find aid when necessary
farmers. Many agricultural advances have filtered out of and are often surprised that not all cultures are such
the gnome lands. e same creativity and intelligence generous hosts.
gnomes bring to the sciences is applied to farming, and
most farmers have very effective tools and equipment. Hill The Life Cycle of the Hill Gnome
gnome farms tend to produce more than a human farm of From B to E C (Birth to years)
the same size, which is doubly useful, as gnomes eat less. Infant gnomes are a family responsibility. Even young
Hill gnome engineers are rarely able to make a viable siblings are expected to help with the care of infants.
living solely through engineering, unless they are willing to Fathers spend as much time with their infant children as
seek employment outside of their own nations. Often, hill possible. A child is considered the greatest treasure a family
gnome engineers have another livelihood that supplements possesses and no cost is spared to ensure it happiness and
their technological and mechanical studies. Most villages health.
and all towns have at lest one dedicated engineer who is e community will become involved if there are prob-
responsible for such things as mills, bridges, clocks and lems raising the child. Smaller families, without the same
other mechanical devices. level of support as extended ones, can often count on the
e small villages and larger towns found in the help of their clan and neighbors. Food, clothing and time
lands of the hill gnomes are commonly filled with small will all happily be donated to a family with an infant child.

C () they help with childcare or with teaching. Sometimes they
During childhood, hill gnomes begin to extend their train young artisans or work as political or legal advisors.
sense of family from its most basic level to include clan,
friends, neighbors, etc. is stage of development is very Death
important. Among gnomes, it is believed that those who e mourning for a dead hill gnome can last as long as a
do not properly bond outside of their family have aberrant week, depending on the importance of, or affection for, the
personalities. It is said this is how chaotic and evil gnomes deceased. e funeral begins on the sunrise after the death
begin. of the individual. Should a hill gnome die while sleeping,
Hill gnomes of this age are allowed great freedom and be found during the day, the funeral rites will begin
to interact and play with other young hill gnomes. immediately.
Considerations of family position or wealth are not e mourning rites include singing the history of the
involved. Children learn to play as equals. Older males and deceased: an impromptu lay regarding the virtues of the
females who no longer have responsibilities in their homes deceased performed by a member of the family. Before the
often volunteer to watch over these young children. ere sun sets, a feast begins, in which the best and most creative
is always an adult present during the playtime for these jokes played by the deceased are remembered. Any great
children, but these adults are not there as disciplinarians accomplishments made by the deceased are praised, and,
but as guardians, ensuring the childrens safety. as the night progresses and the alcohol flows, songs are
sung, jokes are told and finally, with the sunrise, each adult
Y A () gnome in the community makes their personal farewell to
Once a hill gnome reaches the age of , she begins her the deceased.
studies. Most communities have formal schools in which
all young hill gnomes of the community study, regardless
of position or wealth. Adult hill gnomes who no longer
have children usually run these schools. Often, these adults
are individuals respected in the community. Children learn
basic literacy, history, natural sciences and mathematics.
By the age of , a young hill gnomes career path
should have been chosen. Usually, the eldest of the family,
male or female, will take on the familys business, be
that a farm, a pottery, trade, etc. If schooling can offer no
opportunity to improve the skills the young adult will use
in the future, a hill gnome can leave school at the age of . e bodies of dead hill gnomes are interred in family
gravesites. Hill gnomes are buried in wooden caskets,
A M A () usually dressed in nothing but a cotton shirt. A piece of the
At the age of , a hill gnome is considered an adult. ere deceaseds favorite food is placed in the mouth of the body,
are celebrations, shared by all the community, in which the and an object representing something the deceased loved in
hill gnome is welcomed into adulthood. is also means life, like a pipe, a book or a pair of walking shoes, is placed
that the hill gnome is free to marry. Until reaching adult- in the casket.
hood, a hill gnome can date and court, but never marry.
Reaching adulthood means that a hill gnome is The Family
expected to contribute to the community and the family. Hill gnome society is patrilineal. Children take their
Often, this is through labor, though if the hill gnome has family names from their father. A wife does not take her
chosen to pursue work outside the family, it can be though husbands name, and children will often have a mothers
contributions of food, clothing, goods, money, etc. family name as one of their middle names.

O A (over ) T H
At the age of one hundred and fifty, a hill gnome is ere can be as many as four generations (or more) in a
considered an elder. e hill gnome no longer needs single hill gnome household. Depending upon the size
to work, and will be supported by the family or the of the family and their wealth, all the descendants of a
community if the gnomes family isnt up to the task. couple may live together. Hill gnomes consider family
Elders are still expected to contribute, but through their co-habitation extremely desirable. Resources are pooled
knowledge and experience, not through their labor. Often, to create an estate large enough to house everyone. If the

family is not wealthy enough, or just simply too large, In most villages or towns, formal schools exist, either in
multiple homes may be needed to house the family, but dedicated schoolhouses, or in other buildingssometimes
usually these families remain as close as possible. e term even in fieldswhere gnome children congregate to study.
living on different lanes is considered derogatory, as it e common age for beginning school is . At this time,
denotes a peculiar family, one without the proper amount the father stops being the main teacher, but it remains his
of love and respect to live together. responsibility to ensure the child is studying with adequate
No areas or zones are created in a hill gnome home. diligence. If a child causes a problem at school, the teacher
e bedrooms and living areas may seem haphazard, in will contact the father. For children who live in rural areas
that parents and children are not close by, nor are adults without schools, fathers will take time during the day to
and children segregated. It simply tends to be a situation of teach their children all they think is necessary.
convenience. Rarely do arguments over accommodations It is the duty of the father to find employment or an
arise in a hill gnome household, as a bedroom is not apprenticeship for his children. While hill gnome females
considered a desirable place to spend time. Kitchens and rarely work, it is not unheard of. Traditionally, the father
sitting rooms are considered very important, as the family chooses the career for his children, however, in practice the
regularly meets in these areas. choice is usually made in consultation not just with the
If all the family cannot stay under the same roof, child, but the entire family, often including uncles, aunts,
usually the unmarried and the youngest siblings remain cousins and even teachers.
with the parents. Parents will reside with their children e father is also the disciplinarian. It is rare that hill
even after their children are married and have their gnome children need strict discipline, as the tight-knit
own children. Unmarried children remain with their family structure is usually adequate deterrence against
parents. Siblings will live together if they cannot all misbehavior. ere are always fights, pranks, ill-
live with their parents. erefore, it is common for considered jokes and ownership disputes, but
at least one or two great grandparents, three or with the father as the judge, jury and punisher,
four grandparents, four to eight parents these problems rarely become worrisome. In
and many children to be living in most families, the silent glare of a father
a single domicile. As would be is enough to make a hill gnome child
expected, hill gnome homes are reconsider some improper action.
quite large, even the smallest having e mother, from the very creation of
twenty different rooms. the child, is the nurturer. In this role, the
mother feeds, clothes, bathes and ensures
R P the children get enough sleep. e all-
Father and mother both play very encompassing responsibilities seem quite
important roles in the hill gnomes daunting, especially among larger hill
family. e structure is patriarchal, gnome families, but when children
and the father is seen as the leader are old enough, the father makes
of the family and the main certain they take on chores to
decision maker. e mother help their mother.
is the nurturer, but in matters Infants, of course, demand the
of the household, she reins most care. Most gnome children are
supreme. Fathers accept born at least ten to fifteen years
the dictates of mothers in apart, sometimes more. Because
matters of the home. of this, a gnome mother very rarely
A father is expected to be a has more than one infant to care for.
young gnomes first teacher. Time spent with Neighbors, friends and family members
a father is rarely just playtime. With very young gnomes, all join to help a mother care for her infant. Strangely, this
the father will work on vocabulary and pronunciation of may be the most restful time for a hill gnome mother. e
words, usually through repetition. It is the father who mother is usually the first to whom the children rush for
spends time helping the child to learn how to walk and the aid and sympathy. Because of her healing skills, fathers
where and when of bodily functions. As the child grows, often look to mothers when they too are ill or have been
the father teaches sports, which are often based on martial hurt. e greatest problem arises when a mother becomes
practice, though few recognize this. Wrestling, archery and ill. At this time, the responsibility for care devolves to
the javelin are often taught at a very young age. family and neighbors.

Once the children are old enough to attend classes Not only do all adult hill gnomes help with the upkeep
or to help their father in his livelihood, the mother may of their home, they also help with the needs of all the
have another young child to care for. If not, a mother hill family. No hill gnome would willingly horde food or have
gnome may have friends and neighbors she is expected three pairs of breeches hanging in the cabinet when a
to help. ere is little free time, as, once she is no longer family member is hungry or has breeches that are more
responsible for her children through the day, a mother may patch than original. In fact, this sense of familial obligation
help her husband with his work. often extends to the entire clan, if not the entire village.
When the children finish school, and become either
apprentices or full-time helpers for their fathers, the The Clan
mother has more free time. Usually, once all her children ere is no firm definition of clan. e hill gnome
have become adults, a hill gnome mother begins to actively word that is translated as clan, , has as much
seek out other mothers to help. Usually there are enough to do with geographic proximity as extended familial
children within a single household to keep a mother relationships. Clan can be used to cover the population
constantly busy, but if not, there are always neighbors to of a farming community, or all the hill gnomes with the
help, new clothes to sew, and cooking to be done. surname Ketger. Its most common usage is as a more
encompassing familial designation, for example, all the hill
G G-G gnomes who can claim relationship to Jonneke Jennekel
Hill gnome children are likely to live with their Harmien Dekke Lencart of Hermantie.
grandparents, great-grandparents and sometimes even e hill gnomes consider the fluidity of the word a
great-great-grandparents. e term used among the hill great asset, though it has frustrated scholars studying hill
gnomes for these elders of the family, , loosely gnome society. Faced with this frustration, hill gnomes
translates as blood parents or kin parents. Kin parents will likely point to the words and .
are always available to parents as support. Hill gnomes e former is closer to a familial clan, in that it is used
living in towns usually have only two or three children, and to trace descent from a single family or individual. e
so kin parents have little need to help. However, in rural latter indicates a community or group that considers
areas, especially among farming families, large numbers of its relationship familial. So, if one considers all the hill
children are common. In such a circumstance, kin parents gnomes who can claim relationship to Jonneke Jennekel
act as reinforcements for regular parents. If a mother is Harmien Dekke Lencart of Hermantie, a more proper
busy with an infant, a kin parent will take responsibility for term than kenneden would be jertemern. When one
other little ones. considers a close-knit farming community, the proper term
Kin parents also act as an important resource for new would be latje. Hill gnomes themselves commonly use
parents. When a hill gnome mother is uncertain, she has kenneden, or clan, in both situations, the imprecision of the
a plethora of grandmothers, great-grandmothers, great- term notwithstanding.
aunts, etc. to turn to for advice. A fatherwho feels he is
not performing well can turn to kin parents for a frank Marriages
appraisal. However, while they may enjoy offering up In hill gnome society, marriages are a matter for two
the benefits of experience, kin parents will only make individuals, and no one else. Once the union is completed,
suggestions when they are asked. No one wants to force his the families of the two individuals become one family. e
or her opinion on another. concept of marrying into a family is firmly a part of hill
gnome tradition. is new, combined family will support
T E F the married couple in all things save the dissolution of the
e large family that inhabits the average hill gnome home, marriage. While divorce is a legal reality among the hill
with many cousins, uncles, aunts, kin parents and such, gnomes, the idea of splitting a family is abhorrent. In cases
means that a hill gnome can rarely feel alone. Families work of divorce, the married couple might separate, but the two
together as a common unit with a common purpose. While families joined by the union do not.
friction is a given in tight quarters, the tradition of the Arranged marriages are part of hill gnome history,
hill gnomes is that family is the most important aspect of but are very rare occurrences. Hill gnomes are told to
any beings life. erefore, even in homes that seem full to marry for love, though a few marry for other reasons. e
splitting, one rarely hears complaints about a lack of space. wedding ceremony is presided over by a respected elder,
If one is lucky enough to live in a home with a large family, known to both families. e ceremony is short, usually
one shouldnt worry about something as unimportant an exchange of vows, the formal introduction of the two
space. families, a prayer for a long and prosperous union and a

percentage of the hill gnome populace no longer has any
special political or social privileges, but their family names
are often heard in legends and tales of ancient adventures.
An underclass, which is sometimes referred to as the
, or street-feet, also exists in urban areas. e
andewien are a guilty secret of the hill gnomes, as it shows
a breakdown in communal relationships. Most andewien
are social deviants, who have left home and do not feel
the same familial and communal attachments as other hill

Guilds and Social Clubs

Trade and craft guilds are common in all urban and market
areas. Some of these guilds are extremely powerful. In
larger cities, there may be as many as eighty guilds, for
everything from merchants to knife-sharpeners. ese
guilds have their origins in the time hill gnomes first began
to interact with other races. Frightened by the naked greed
and savagery of the other races, the hill gnomes banded
closing speech by the elder. Ceremonies are usually held in together for protection. Guilds originally consisted of
the morning. e rest of the day (and most of the night) geographically linked merchants and artisans. Individuals
is spent feasting, singing, joking and dancing. However, in the same professions soon joined to create guilds. e
during the marriage day and first night, the bride and purpose of guilds now is to add another level of communal
groom are immune from practical jokes. It is the one day in relationships. e guilds also act to protect their members
any hill gnomes life in which that gnome need not worry from laws or regulations that might hinder their work or
about being the victim of a prank. prosperity, as well as acting as a safety net for those who
are not successful.
Society Social clubs had their origins at the same time as the
Hill gnome society is very much like the hill gnome family: hen Anniemer. While not knightly orders, these were loose
open, accepting and tight-knit. Personal relationships are collections of individuals with some interest in common.
treated as valuable beyond measure. is strong sense of e social club offered a chance to share stories, hear
community has resulted in an almost complete lack of gossip, and find out about the most recent and biggest
crime, an extreme sense of equanimity and fairness, and an practical jokes. Social clubs now offer a good reason to get
excellent reputation among other races. together with friends, eat, drink, gossip and plan practical
Social aberration in hill gnome society is usually jokes. Most clubs are open to all hill gnomes, regardless
marginalized. It is not through intent to shun those who of sex, profession or place of birth. Some, however, are
do not share the values of family and community, but a lack specifically for certain clans, certain geographic areas or
of ability to interact with the same. Such deviant behavior even to promote certain games or sports. e social clubs
is especially uncommon, which is another reason why hill also act as another safety net for those who may have hit
gnomes have never really learned how to deal with it. a stretch of bad luck. e clubs all maintain a special fund
for members in need of a little charity.
Class structure
While class and caste do exist in hill gnome society, they Gatherings and Festivals
are of little importance. Equality, before the law and Gatherings are very common and are held on the flimsiest
ones peers, is important to hill gnomes, even those of of excuses. Birthdays, graduations, a new job, a new child,
great wealth and station. Like a family, each member of a even an early start at planting or harvest can be used as an
community is valued, loved and accepted as much as any excuse to gather the community and enjoy a feast. Each
other. To accord some members greater privileges would be family brings food and drink. Familiar are often known
like having a spoiled child in a family; it invariably causes for specific dishes, which are requested in advance. During
friction and lessens the cohesion of the whole. celebrations, the morning is usually spent in preparation,
Hill gnomes do have a hereditary nobility, called the afternoon in feasting, and the evening in drinking,
A, amounting to about twenty clans. is small singing and dancing.

When there is a specific celebration, such as R, other, and always
the aw Feast, and G, the Harvest Feast, ensure that elders and
the planning begins months children are served first
in advance. Each family in at the table. When hill
a community or clan will gnomes greet one another,
take turns planning these the words are heartfelt. If one
important three-day-long asks, How are you today? and
feasts. ese two festivals is answered by anything other
are even more egalitarian than: Wonderful, the asker
than regular society, as will certainly ask the cause,
everyone is subject to the and truly be interested. A hill
most casual of manners and practical jokes are necessary. gnomes politeness is not a faade, but a
Each family must be the victim of at least one good true reflection of his respect for others.
joke, and the planning of the jokes usually exceeds the
planning of the rest of the festival. Recreation
Other than the two major celebrations, there As one might guess, the most common
is at least one festival day per month. Each form of recreation is the joke and the
community or clan has different festivals and prank. Hill gnomes can spend days
different dates for them, but there is at least one and weeks planning and perfecting
a month. e wealthy in the community are a trick that may only last a heart-
expected to donate more than those of beat. Many of the most elaborately
lesser means, but they are also afforded planned pranks are visually unim-
more appreciation. Extremely pressive, but may have a depth
wealthy families who prove of irony or meaning that
exceedingly generous may hill gnomes con-
have special festivals held in their sider even funnier
honor. than the physical presentation of the joke. Visually amus-
No gathering is complete without singers performing ing is fun, but visually and intellectually amusing is art.
the lyrical histories of the families present. Many of these Hill gnomes also engage in many sports, often reflecting
musical histories are mostly fabrication, but no one really martial beginnings. Wrestling and archery are hugely
cares. popular. ere are also many games involving balls,
whether it be kicking, hitting or throwing. Many rural hill
Social Etiquette gnomes favor the javelin throw and target slinging. Some
Manners are very important to hill gnomes. A good gnome games also include the construction of objects out of items
is a polite gnome. One must always act with consideration available in a given space. is may be a statue built out of
and respect, no matter the station or actions of those one stone and sticks, or buildings made of sand or clay.
meets. e rudest of Outsiders must still be treated with Games using small, numbered cards, which have been
the same respect one would offer up to an elder of ones introduced by outsiders, are becoming popular among
clan. ere is, however, one glaring exception. many urban hill gnomes. Many different types of card
Humor of all sorts, but most especially the practical games are now played, both individually and as part of a
joke, is considered art by hill gnomes. If the joke is team. ese games are especially popular during the winter
enjoyable and not meant to insult or harm, a lack of months in areas that receive heavy snowfall.
manners and consideration is overlooked. Tricks and
practical jokes are common, which is something non- The Arts
gnome visitors sometimes have difficulty adjusting to. Performing arts are as, if not more, important for hill
Victimization is actually a form or honor. One would never gnomes than the visual arts. e status accorded a great
play a trick on someone one did not like and respect. To storyteller or illusionist is in all respects as great as the
lack a sense of humor is perhaps the worst possible curse status of the finest painters and sculptors. In hill gnome
in a hill gnomes opinion. If one cant laugh, one will spend society, such artists are accorded great status indeed.
too much time crying. e arts in hill gnome society are still a patronage based
Other then during pranks and jokes, hill gnomes are system, but patronage may include the local or national
polite and well mannered. ey hold doors open for each government, or even a community, guild or social group.

Painting is quite popular among hill gnomes. Education
Landscapes are now waning in popularity while portraiture Most communities have a formal school with a permanent
and mythical subjects are rising. Because of their interest teacher. ese schools can be elaborate, with many rooms,
and ability in engineering, hill gnome artists have long the students broken down into age or ability categories, or
used perspective art, as opposed to the illogical size very simple, like a single room in which all the students are
relationships found in many human and Halfling pieces. taught together.
While perspective increases the realism of the painting, hill Teacherscalled if they have a college education
gnomes demand some fantastic element in all visual art, or or if they dontare respected members of the
why bother looking at it and not the real object? is has community who have no children to care for. Usually the
led to an increase in works based on mythology and legend. parents of the children who will attend the school gather
While writing and literacy is widespread in the hill to choose whom they would like as a teacher. Rarely is
gnome nation, hill gnomes would rather listen and watch the request to become a teacher ignored. ere is a fairly
than read. Storytellersor J, a word that also generous stipend, paid through the local government, and
means bardare famed as much for their performances the position is highly respected within a community.
as for their stories. Sometimes, a talented writer will team Young hill gnomes leave school to pursue apprentice-
with a storyteller. e most famous Jarbien, Haike Vennien ships or other careers. At the age of , a hill gnome makes
Adderje Arijn of Skoss, had three writers to supply him the choice of testing for a position in a college or finishing
with stories. Like Haike, most great Jarbien are excellent school. Hill gnomes need not leave school until they
illusionists, able to illustrate points in their stories as they become adults.
relate them. ere are only twelve colleges in the hill gnome nation.
Illusionists themselves hold a special place in the hill Some are famed for specific studies, such as the College of
gnome culture and its arts. An illusionist need not be a Einca, which produces the finest engineers in the nation,
Jarbien to entertain. Some illusionists create grandiose or the College of Hanke, which is the center for magical
illusions, just as a sculptor or painter would create a work. studies. Entrance into these colleges is through a test. e
Others have moving first application test takes place at the aspiring students
illusions, not neces- own school, and then there is a second test at the college
sarily telling a story. itself. ose who complete the college exam, an oral
ese illusionists examination with written components by four or five of
are judged by the the colleges professors, have the right to use the honorific
realism of their work, .
and the subtleties of
it. Does that male hill Food and Drink
gnome have stubble? Hill gnomes are not great users of spices, though they do
Are the boots of that appreciate salt. A good hill gnome cook will know how to
farmer worn at the mix regular vegetables and meats to create pleasing aromas
heel? and tastes. e stew is the standard food of the hill gnome,
served with breads baked in circular loaves. Beef and pork
are popular meats, though poultry is common among
those of lesser means. Almost every hill gnome home
as a vegetable garden, and farmers markets are weekly
occurrences in every community.
Drink is very popular among hill gnomes, and while
spices are not used in cooking, beer and wine are common
additives. Most communities have a public housea
whose owner has opened his doors to those
wishing to partake of his beer and wine. e owner of
a vonnek, an , also sells jugs or pails of beer
and wine for consumption within ones home. However,
most hill gnomes who enjoy these spirits brew their own
Humans usually judge hill gnome wine as weak and
beer as thick. However, in those areas bordering the hill

gnome nation, humans are known to visit vonnek, mostly appellation. At his birth, Oserien lived in a place of cold
for its congenial atmosphere and the chance to watch a and heat, which he called the Five Burning Trees
great Jarbien or an illusionist at work. F. Oserien shared this place with powerful
gods, natural forces and the spirits of unborn generations.
Clothing and Fashion As Alsenal gave birth in his dreams to many things, it
Few hill gnome families buy ready-made clothing. began to fade, until nothing if it remained. Oserien
Each clan, and each family within each clan, has a joined those gods who lamented Alsenals passing,
distinct style, with certain patterns and fabrics not recognizing it as the progenitor of them all.
used elsewhere. Hill gnome clothiers have learned Other gods, like those of the Orcs and Goblins,
to cater to these demands, selling undyed, and welcomed the death of Alsenal, for no other beings
sometimes raw material. Dyers among the hill would be born to challenge them.
gnomes are more likely to carry and mix dye Fennebrektere broke into war, as the
rather than actually applyit. Mourning Gods and the Faithless Gods
e standard hill gnome outfit con- strove for mastery. ough brave beyond all
sists of drawers worn under the breeches. comparison, Oserien and the other gnome
Breeches ride high on the belly and do gods did not enjoy war. ey hit upon a
not reach the ankle. Boots, high in the plan. ey created the perfect illusion,
winter and ankle-height in the summer, copying the forms of the Mourning Gods.
are worn on the feet. A tunic of light While the Faithless Gods fought with this
material and a heavier vest with pockets are illusion, the Halfling gods snuck the Dwarven
common. In warmer climates, the knee-length gods behind the Faithless. e Dwarven gods
cloak is popular, but in wintry or northern dug deep into the realms below Fennebrektere
areas, an overcoat, like a cloak or robe, with while the Elven gods imbued the entrance with
armholes rather than sleeves, and a high collar, is spells to prevent escape. e human gods tricked
worn. ese overcoatsor have become the Faithless Gods into believing them to be allies
popular among other races, especially the Dwarves. and promised to lead the Faithless to a great magical
Hill gnomes are known as practical rather than treasure. e human gods led the Faithless into
fashionable dressers. Jewelry is not common, but is R B, and Oserien sealed the entrance with
worn to gatherings and festivals. Hill gnome jewelry is a lock he designed, that was so perfect, it could never
intricate, with many fine details hard to see without be opened, except by him.
special lenses. e hill gnomes are famed as With the threat of the Faithless forever
gemcutters and jewelers, and while hill gnome banished, the Mourning Gods began to
tutors and engineers may be in highest demand take the material of Fennebrektere and
in the outside world, gemcutters and jewelers create worlds and heavens. Unfortunately, the
run a close second in popularity. Mourning Gods could not agree as they designed these
worlds. e Dwarves wanted mountains, the Elves wanted
Religion and Myth forests, the Halflings wanted hills and the humans wanted
While not a fanatically religious people, the hill gnomes are all of those and plenty of shoreline. Oserien attempted to
known to be pious. eir gods, however, are rarely strict mediate, but it was no use, and the unity of the Mourning
or serious. Like the hill gnomes themselves, the gods they Gods dissipated.
revere are more interested in a good joke than a roomful of No one knows whom, but one of the other gods began
supplicants chanting or glorifying their name. to take material from the Realms Below to continue
building worlds, and so the Faithless broke free. While
C M not able to enter the worlds completely, thanks to the
e Great Spirit Revered by Even the Godscalled perfection of Oseriens lock, their adherents and the
A by the gnomesdreamed the cosmos into being. creations of their malice could. e golden age of paradise
With each dream another star or another spirit was born. ended.
However, everything slept, as did Alsenal. en Alsenal
laughed, and out of the vapors of its breath came Oserien. T C G
e most revered hill gnome god is Oserien Anntilien While the others argued about the shapes of the heavens
Mareleos the Golden. Oseriens names often change, and the worlds, the gnome gods asked Oserien to create
but at the present time, Oserien is his most common more beings like them. Oserien could not make gods,

but he formed living bodies out of the finest materials in common, as there are many stories of the tricks and pranks
Fennebrektere. He imbued these bodies with the spirits the gnome gods have played.
of unborn generations. e gnome gods were very pleased
and began to teach the newly created gnomes how to speak Government
and write. Hill gnomes are not known for their appreciation of
intrusive or powerful government. At the same time, hill
T C O R gnomes do not appreciate chaos or uncertainty. ey
e other Mourning Gods noted the gnomes, and decided have, in their past, had monarchies and oligarchies. Now,
to create beings like themselves. Since Fennebrektere had however, the hill gnomes follow a republican model,
been used to make the heavens and the worlds, the other voting for representatives. While the government is not
gods had to use more mundane material. Oserien aided universally loved, it is tolerated, and its greatest asset is
the Halfling and Dwarven gods, who built their races out that the government rarely tries to increase its own power.
of clay from rolling hills and stone. e Elven and human While hill gnomes are quiet and polite, they are not stupid,
gods refused any help, which is why Elves and humans nor do they patiently endure stupidity.
are so freakishly tall. e Elves were created out of wind
and stars, while humans were fashioned out of material T S G
scavenged from the seashores mixed with mud found in e L is a small building, devoid of furnishings,
the Realms below, which explains humans dark nature. in or near the center of all hill gnome settlements. Inside
the Lirotekte, hill gnomes have traditionally gathered to
T C make decisions affecting the community. Debate is free and
e world on which the gnomes live is not the only world, open. Usually an elderly and respected hen Anniemer acts
for the Mourning Gods made many. Since Oserien decided as H, a cross between a speaker and a president.
to deposit his gnomes on this world, it must be the best. e Helechtike controls the proceedings and casts the
e stars are worlds that have not been formed, and still vote to break tiesthis last responsibility has never been
glow, just as ready to be formed metal glows in a forge. e used in the recorded history of the hill gnomes. When an
sun is a great fire which Oserien or Roend Getrer, smith impasse is reached, rather than casting the deciding vote,
of the gods, sometimes uses when he needs to forge metal. the Helechtike will usually call for more debate.
e moon is the sling bullet Oserien used to slay a great Each community sends a representativea
Orc god. Oserien kept it as a memento, and left it in the to the K L also called the Clan Council. e
sky to remind the gnomes that he watches over them. translation of the name is a remnant of times when clans,
not communities, sent representatives. While large urban
T A centers have no more say than small communities, the Ket
After death, gnomes join their gods in a heaven of fertile Lirotekte has very limited power. e Ket Lirotekte chooses
hills, topped with short trees and broken by small, slow one member to act as Helechtike. Matters of national
streams. Oserien is the most respected god, but he is not attention may be debated in the Ket Lirotekte., though
a king or lord. He is wise, and a master at building strange it has no ability to tax, thus real power rests within the
machines, but he is also a trickster. All the gnome gods communities. Pitrigje act for terms not to exceed three
have an affinity for humor, even K, the Harvester years, are free of taxation, interest does not accumulate
of Soulsthe closest thing the gnomes have to a death on their debts, such debts cannot be collected, property
god. e gnome gods live like a family, loving and loyal, cannot be alienated save during criminal proceedings and
if not always agreeing. Other gods do not trust them, if the family of a pitrigje does not serve during a martial
only because the other gods are jealous Oserien was smart muster. A local Lirotekte may remove its pitrigje at any time
enough to make gnomes out of the fabric of Fennebrektere. and replace that individual.
e Ket Lirotekte maintains three ministries: trade,
R O defense and state. Each ministry is lead by a governor or
In the middle of the week, at sunset, the gnomes gather at a, chosen from among the Ket Lirotekte. Each
the nearest temple in order to give thanks to Oserien for ministry is staffed by , civil servants in the
their creation. Priests lead the ceremony, but individuals national government. e ketwerrtje are protected as
in the community may be involved. While the temple is the pitrigje are, but act until removed or they leave their
quiet during the lesson, it breaks into discussion when the positions. e Ministry of Trade governs all relations
priest tries to relate the knowledge of the gods and apply it with other governments, nations and races. e aim of
to a regular gnomes life. Singing and humorous stories are the Ministry of Trade is to maintain good relations and

ensure that the merchants of many nations visit the hill e government of the hill gnomes is not removed
gnome markets. e Ministry of Defense is small, but does from the daily lives of hill gnomes, nor would they wish
maintain a permanent corps of officers, preparing for the it that way. e government is comprised of good, honest
eventuality of a national muster. e Ministry of State gnomes, and so the hill gnomes embrace it as they do any
governs relations with the local Lirotekte, and attempts to other part of their culture.
gain funds for any projects the Ket Lirotekte may embark
on. L G
In most rural communities there is no local government.
T S G e meeting of the Lirotekte is rare, often only to choose a
Hill gnomes are great innovators and adapters. e pitrigje or to recall one. A rural community may have one
government as it exists now is an amalgam of many ideas werttje to govern weights and measures and ensure the
from many different philosophies, cultures and races. As roads are repaired and open for traffic. In large, urban areas,
time passes, more reforms will be adopted. Hill gnomes do the Lirotekte sits often, and there are scores of werttje.
not expect their government to remain stagnant, neither at e Lirotekte is the only body in the hill gnome nation
a local nor a national level. ose voted into government, that can tax. If the Ket Lirotekte needs funds, it must
as (see L G, below) or pitrigje, request that the pitrigje contact their local Lirotekte and
are usually respected, intelligent, ethical and honest. request a vote for taxation. Taxes are, in any case, minimal,
ere have been individuals who have risen to positions as there is no real bureaucracy to maintain.
of respect through duplicity, but these individuals rarely Daily administration, when such is needed, is
maintained their positions for long. performed by those elected for such services by the
Corruption is not a problem that the hill gnomes are Lirotekte. e word werttje is sometimes translated as
used to. It has happened in the past, and will likely happen burgher or urban citizen, but the correct meaning is closer
again in the future, but the hill gnomes make no special to civil servant. e term of a werttje is one year, but can be
preparations for it. Should a werttje prove corrupt, the renewed by vote indefinitely. A werttje
Lirotekte will remove him or her. A corrupt sqotje will likely receives the same exemptions from taxation,
be removed by the superior werrtje, or by the Lirotekte, debt and military duty that a pitrigje enjoys.
if the werrtje does not act. In large urban areas, there are
A corrupt pitrigje has administrators, called , who are
little opportunity to actually paid employees working as aides
profit through the performance of his or her and officers for the werttje. e werttje hire
office, but would, in any case, be removed by the these sqotje, though they can never be from the
local Lirotekte. same family or clan as the werttje. e Lirotekte
reviews the performance of a sqotje annually.

The Military
e hill gnomes have no standing military, but
tradition dictates that every hill gnome adult, be
they man or woman, be prepared to fight to protect
the hill gnome nation. Each household has one suit
of armor, sometimes two, and either bow and sword
or spear and shield. Most hill gnome males maintain
some kind of armor, even if it is simply an old suit of
leather armor that great-grandfather wore. Hill gnome
females are notable slingers, and more than one also has a
hauberk or shield they can carry.
e Lirotekte of any community can call for a
muster. One armed and armored adult from each
household must then assemble on the second day
after the call. Large households usually field three
or four, and the households of hen Anniemer
have pony riding cavalry with chain or even
plate armor.

e Ket Lirotekte can send black bucklers to maintains a distance from the courts, although
local Lirotekte, which indicates a national the Ket Lirotekte does elect a body of five
muster. e Lirotekte are obliged to call respected citizens to act as a court of final
the muster no later than the fifth day appeal, called the P. e Pietwer is
after receiving the buckler. is added often very important in reforming laws that
time allows the Lirotekte to obtain prove to be unjust or ill-considered.
supplies and perhaps even cash It has the power to recommend
for the soldiers being sent the revocation or reform of any
to the national muster. If a law. It also has the power to
national muster is called demand a local court recon-
the thinking goestheres sider a verdict. e Pietwer is
little chance the soldiers an advisory body only. It can-
will be home soon. not force the court to change
In battle, localities the verdict, nor can it actually
remain together as much revoke a law. It only recom-
as possible. However, mends or advises that these
units of like equipped actions be taken.
troops will form without
much prodding. e E
grouped soldiers elect A
captains who are usually L
known to have either martial Each community has
training or actual experience. ose few gnomes at least one judge
who have traveled the world and seen war and combat are elected in the Lirotekte, who serves for a term of three
suddenly the most important individuals, rather than just years. Larger areas usually have five or six judges. A judge
odd gnomes with strange stories. may have a staff, depending upon the workload. Judges
ose hill gnomes with magical capabilities, be they are chosen from those hill gnomes in the community
wizards, clerics, sorcerers, etc, report to the J, the who have completed time in a college or have acted in a
Wizard-General, a permanent post staffed by an individual position with the Ket Lirotekte.
assigned by the Ket Lirotekte. ese magical troops All decisions are subject to appeal. A judge cannot
sometimes fight as a single, large unit, or are divided and preside over the appeal of a decision he made. In some
shared among the regular units, depending upon the foe cases, this means the appeal must be heard in another
being faced. Since winning without any blood is always locality. Occasionally, the Lirotekte will appoint a
preferableas is a good laughJatger are often known special judge to hear the appeal and make a ruling. If
more for their cunning and creative use of illusion than the sentence is to be banishment, two local and one
their bravery. national appeal must be heard. In such a case, if the first
judgment was guilty, and this is later overturned, a new
The Law trial is held.
e Ket Lirotekte creates the laws of the hill gnome nation. When there is a proceeding, there is a complainant and
However, a local Lirotekte may appeal any law it feels is an accused. e complainant can be the community in a
prejudicial to its interests. e hill gnomes consider their criminal proceeding. Each side presents its arguments. e
laws extremely fair. While most laws focus on commerce judge then questions each, and may ask for items, witnesses
and trade, there is a well-developed body of criminal law. and evidence to be produced. e judge then renders a
e most heinous crimes are murder and mutilation. Any verdict.
crime that threatens the bonds of family is punishable by While few communities have anything like a regular
special penalties. ere is no capital punishment in the police force, some cities and towns have units of Urban
hill gnome nation, but there is banishment, considered by Watch, calledW. ese can be volunteers from
many to be much worse than death. the community or special sqotje. Rural communities will
not usually have a jail. Most urban areas do. Jails are for
T C holding individuals who are considered dangerous or
e court system of hill gnomes is considered quite fair, who might flee before a hearing. Imprisonment is never a
especially by the hill gnomes themselves. e government sentence in itself.

iving on the sides of great mountain ranges, and
sometimes in the foothills surrounding such ranges,
the mountain gnomes are often said to have more
in common with the Dwarves than with their Gnome
brethren. While on a certain level this might be true,
mountain gnomes are much more like hill gnomes than the
dour, serious Dwarves. Mountain gnomes may not be as
capricious and humorous as their cousins in the hills, but
they maintain that same sense of humor that distinguishes infant. Fathers and uncles do not spend a great amount of
the Gnomes. time with infants, but they are expected to make an effort
Mountain gnomes are rather insular, and will attempt to help the mother. It is an important display of support
to dissuade visitors from remaining for any length of for ones wife and allows a relationship to be forged with
time among them. is characteristic is what has led hill the infant.
gnomes to use the derogatory term Half-Dwarves for their
mountain cousins. C ()
e greatest talent of the mountain gnomes is mining is period is considered the most important for the
and the creation and production of mining equipment. growth of a young mountain gnome. is is a time of
Even the dwarves look to mountain gnome designs for games and excitement. Mountain gnome children of this
their apparatuses. Dwarves are not as comfortable with age group are all sent to , a cross between a nursery,
machines as mountain gnomes are, but more than one playgroup and school. Children spend much time there,
ambitious Dwarf miner has hired a mountain gnome but their family is still the most important aspect of their
overseer and increased production. lives. During this period of their lives, mountain gnomes
e structured, hierarchical society of mountain begin to forge ties with others their age, and extend their
gnomes can be considered Lawful Good. Order is very sense of family and community.
important to the mountain gnomes, but every individuals
rights and honor must be protected. As such, though Y A ()
visitors are not welcomed, they will not be harmed or Study is the center of a young adults life. Until the age of
hindered as long as they remain orderly and law-abiding. , mountain gnomes study in schools very similar to the
schools of the hill gnomes. At , young mountain gnomes
The Life Cycle of the Mountain Gnome move into specialized colleges, much different than the
From B to E C (Birth to years) colleges of the hill gnomes. While studying is central to
While the mother is the chief caregiver for infant this period in the Mountain Gnomes life, this is also the
mountain gnomes, aunts and female siblings all willing time that young adults learn about relationships and forge
help mothers with the great responsibility of rearing an friendships that often cross caste barriers.

A M A () The Clan
Most mountain gnomes graduate from their colleges at is is a much more important concept among mountain
the age of . ey then begin to pursue the career they gnomes than among hill gnomes. e term kenneden is
have studied. However, advanced students may remain in used among the mountain gnomes to denote a group that
the college until the age of . At that point, the mountain has a sense of familial kinship, but has no actual ties. As
gnome will need to make a choice about beginning a such, it has no real bearing on familial ties or legal relations.
career or considering an academic life. Mountain gnomes A member of a kenneden has no more responsibility
are allowed to marry once they have graduated college, to another member than to any other member of the
but most wait until their s or s. e average age of community.
marriage is among males and among females. e term latje, denoting a community or group that
considers its relationship familial, is not used by mountain
O A ( ) gnomes. Such a sense is encompassed in kenneden. True
Mountain gnomes often continue working until well after clanship to mountain gnomes is through bloodlines, so the
their th birthday. ey are, however, considered a term jertemern, meaning familial kinship, is the mountain
, or elder, at the age of . is birthday is a great gnome term for clan.
celebration, and the family members will offer up gifts After the family, clans are the most important body
meant to ease the teneds retirement, when that retirement of trust and loyalty. Clan allegiance can cross caste
comes. boundaries, but this is rare. When mountain gnomes rise
Tenedir have a special home within the clan, though in caste, they usually are drawn into another clan within
living there is not mandatory. Often, old college-mates will the new caste.
move to these together. e teneds family is
still expected to support him or her, though the clan also Marriages
supports the tenedbore. For the most elderly of tened, there Parents arrange marriages within mountain gnome society,
are special doctors. Wealthy families can hire one for their though the participants are expected to agree. A priest
aging tenedir, though the clan also supports two or three or aspirant from a nearby temple performs the marriage
such doctors for the less wealthy members. rite, the Stilmarga. Unlike hill gnomes, mountain gnomes
consider the act of marriage to be a solemn occasion, in
Death which the female leaves her old clan for a new clan, with
Death is considered a step into complete peace, and so is its new loyalties. On the rare occasion when individuals of
not a time for mourning but rejoicing. e less painful the different castes wish to marry, a dispensation from the local
death, the greater the celebration is. For an elderly tened, ruler must be received.
who has died in his or her sleep, the celebration would
probably be a full day, with continued festivities for the
immediate family.
e bodies of dead mountain gnomes are interred in
underground mausoleums. e bodies are mummified
and put into stone sarcophagi. Families maintain cata-
combs, many containing ten to fifteen generations of
remains. Once a catacomb becomes full, it is filled
with mined stone and sealed off with a marker so
that the departed will not be forgotten.

The Family
e family structure of the mountain gnomes
is very similar to that of the hill gnomes. As
mountain gnomes tend to live in mountainous
areas, they are often able to excavate and create
more rooms and space as the family grows. Some
mountain gnome homes are huge labyrinths with rooms
that have not been visited for decades. e greatest
difference between mountain gnomes and hill gnomes
is the concept of clan.

Once the ceremony has ended, there is a formal ey can buy their way into the sannemeiker, but until
farewell, as the brides family releases her from her then, they owe special duties, like labor, food or tax and
obligations. e bride and groom then attend a great service in war, to the local hen Anniemer ruler.
celebration, with drinking, feasting, songs and jokes. Like the hill gnome society, the underclass is called
When the sun sets, the couple is carried on a single bench the andewien. ese are laborers tied to the land or to
from the celebration to their wedding bed. Friends and specific mines or families. Not slaves, they also have little
unmarried members of the family keep watch outside the hope of every really becoming free. Caste is very strict,
room. is is a holdover from a time when the brides clan and movement is almost non-existent. Only through
might try to kidnap her and return her to her family. exceptional service in wartime, or through paying a caste
taxthe can a family move into a superior
Society caste. e echtiranje is exorbitant and, consequently,
Mountain gnome society is very different from their maintains the status quo. When a family increases their
cousins, containing a caste system that hill gnome society caste, they must petition to join a clan of that caste.
does not have. While the hen Anniemer remain among
the hill gnomes but have no real power, the hen Anniemer Guilds and Social Clubs
remain a hereditary aristocracy among mountain gnomes. Guilds and social clubs are nearly identical to those found
Above the hen Anniemer are the Houses Royalthe in the hill gnome society, save that they are always divided
a collection of families who can claim royal by caste. e only exception to this is in urban areas, in
descent. which trade guilds can petition the local ruler for a city
chartera which allows a guild to include
Class structure members of all castes, save the ducalies.
At the pinnacle of mountain gnome society are the
ducalies. From these families come the princes who rule the Social Etiquette
mountain gnomes. ey can only marry from among the Because of the rigid observance of castes, mountain
hen Anniemer, though, occasionally a mountain gnome of gnomes are forced to adopt much more polite forms of
the ducalies will marry a foreign gnome, like a hill gnome or address than hill gnomes might. One must always be aware
plains gnome. is is considered preferable to marrying a of the caste of the person one addresses. If one is unsure,
mountain gnome from below the hen Anniemer. one must opt for the most polite form of address.
e hen Anniemer is a hereditary aristocracy, ruling When eating or drinking, the higher caste individuals
the various counties of the mountain gnome nation. ey are always served first, and once they finish, all others
lead the mountain gnomes both politically and militarily. must stop. Usually, those of superior caste continue to
Nobility does not necessarily imply financial success, pick at food and take small sips until it is evident everyone
though the demands on the hen Anniemer often else is done. However, as a show of power, or to indicate
seem to indicate this. Some of these clans displeasure, an individual of superior caste could eat
and families are noble in name but always quickly and perhaps be finished before those of the
hovering on the edge of bankruptcy. lowest caste have even been served.
e is a middle-
class, consisting of neither peasants Recreation
nor nobility. Independent Only during games can caste be ignored.
artisans, farmers and miners Certain games, such the javelin throw
would fall into this middle-class. and archery, are reserved for the
ey usually have the greatest nobility, while other games, such as
participation in the Lirotekte, and
from this group are drawn most
e great majority of the
mountain gnome population belongs
to the , translated simply as the
commons. ese are the farmers, artisans,
miners and workers who are free and may
own their own home and possibly land,
but are not independent of the nobility.

wrestling, are strictly for non-nobles. Pranks also ignore are never divided by caste or career. ey all learn the
caste, and this is the great leveler in mountain gnome same lessons, consisting of literacy, mathematics and the
society. Of course, one must be sure that the prank sciences.
is not spiteful, or penalties will be incurred. A good- By the age of , mountain gnomes are expected to
natured prank may be perpetrated by one of the andewien specialize and move into colleges. Colleges are divided
on an individual of the ducalies without punishment. into specialties. is is the only time that a mountain
In fact, there are legends of a prince or noble who is so gnome may transcend caste. If a young mountain gnome
impressed with a great practical joke, that he becomes the of an artisan family shows aptitude for warfare or magic,
jokers patron. that mountain gnome will be sent to the college for that
art. Conversely, if a mountain gnome of noble birth has
The Arts talent with metalworking and a desire to pursue this, that
e mountain gnomes value arts and artists as much mountain gnome can enter that college.
as their hill gnome cousins. In fact, one of two ways to
increase in caste without paying the echtiranje is as an artist. Food and Drink
e families of artists who are judged to have an impact on Along with beer and wine, mountain gnomes distill a
the future of mountain gnome art become hen Anniemer strong alcoholic beverage called . Hesselke is
after that artists death. Granted, this does little to help the distilled from malt and has a sharp, clear taste. is is
artist while hes alive, but many still strive to attain this, as considered the finest possible drink in mountain gnome
it is a gift without measure for later generations. society, and any who can afford it, or who can distill it,
drink it. Certain distillers enjoy the patronage of the
Education Houses Royal and have become quite rich.
Mountain gnomes begin their education in the groven.
ree adults, usually two females and a male, are Clothing and Fashion
responsible for fifteen children. e adults are not called Mountain gnomes regularly wear the perried and very
teachers but rather , which has connotations of an rarely wear a cloak. Also, mountain gnome designs and
older sibling but also a figure of authority. In the patterns are much more subdued than the clothing of hill
(plural for groven), the (plural of hamed) lead gnomes. As gemcutters, mountain gnomes surpass their
the children in games that are intended to strengthen the hill gnome cousins, and they are also much
childrens sense of unity within the clan. more likely to wear jewelry. Rings are
e hamedir also prepare the children for their lives as very common personal ornaments, but
young adults. e children are taught some rudimentary women often wear
skills based on their familys craft. Grovena for braceletsif they
farmers are separate from grovena do not participate in
for artisans or grovena for nobles. manual laboror
While the segregation of the grovena necklaces.
reinforces camaraderie among castes,
there are large play meetings called
, in which
all the grovena for a clan
meet. ese krogrovena
are frequent enough that
children from different casts
know each other quite well.
At the age of ,
mountain gnome children
graduate the grovena and
move into regular schools.
ere is usually one school
for each clan, but larger clans
may divide the schools into
age groups. By this time,
mountain gnome children

Religion and Myth purpose and practice vary greatly. As such, the mountain
Mountain gnomes are much more serious about religion gnomes believe that the hill gnome government is a
than hill gnomes. Every clan, as well as many wealthy bastardization of what a true government should be.
families, endow churches and have clergy on their payroll. Officers of the hen Anniemer staff the mountain gnome
Guilds regularly have a priest as well as a church for its government. ere is no entrance exam, though all are
members. Rulers are never completely respected until they expected to have completed college for war, magic, finance
raise a temple or two for their ancestors and the glory of or diplomacy. Usually government staff are the second or
the nation. third sons of noble families, though sometimes may be first
sons of particularly impoverished hen Anniemer families.
e greatest difference in the mountain gnome T S G
interpretation of the creation of the world is the part A prince of the ducalies rules over the mountain gnome
Oserien played. Mountain gnomes also discount the nation. Upon the death of the prince, the ducalies will hold
existence of the being hill gnomes refer to as Alsenal. e a special Ket Lirotekte, open only to those of the ducalies,
mountain gnomes believe that at least the Gnome gods and will elect a new prince. at prince then becomes
spontaneously came into being, ormore likelyare prince for life. While the assassination of princes is not
eternal and have always existed. common, it has happened. e families that instigated
those assassinations are no longer a part of the ducalies, if
T C G O R they exist at all.
e mountain gnomes believe that not only were Gnomes In the Ket Lirotekte, the Prince holds one vote and can
the first race to be created, but that the other races veto, by refusing to sign, any legislation or decree of the
were not created by deities, like the Gnomes were, but Ket Lirotekte. e ducalies hold ten votes, broken down
were created later, about the same time as the animals. into clans. e representatives of the hen Anniemer also
Mountain gnomes believe that other gods latched on have ten votes, broken into clans. e representatives of the
to these other races because they could not entice the local Lirotekte have twenty votes, broken into geographical
Gnomes away from Oserien. blocs. As such, the local representatives have little hope of
passing legislation without the support of one of the other
T A blocs, or, at least, of the prince.
is is a time of complete peace, when the soul enters a e Ket Lirotekte does not have the right of direct
land of perfect tranquility, devoid of need or want. e taxation. e prince controls all customs and levies.
mountain gnomes envision this much as a perfect material As such, the two financial powers for mountain gnome
paradise, but eternal and unchanging. Unlike the hill government Ket Lirotekte are the prince and the local
gnomes, the mountain gnomes cannot imagine they will Lirotekte. e ministries are broken into the D,
have much congress with the gods after death, though it is or Royal Ministries and the T, or National
believed that all knowledge will become available and the Ministries. e Douvente include War, State and Justice.
truths behind all secrets will be revealed. e Tekvente include Trade, Finance and Public Works.
Both the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of State
R O pursue international relations, which can result in one
While a mountain gnome is only expected to attend the mountain gnome ambassador acting for the prince and
temple during the middle of the week, many attend more another for the Ket Lirotekte at the same foreign court.
frequently. Services are held every night. While the service e governors of these ministries are all of the ducalies
may be animated and loud, mountain gnome ceremonies caste. e junior ministers are usually hen Anniemer, but
tend to be more serious than hill gnome ones. Stories of particularly talented member of the sannemeiker can hold a
the tricks and jokes of the Gnome gods are included, but junior ministers post, but never a governors.
these are usually greeted with quiet, respectful comments
rather than laughter and suggestions as to how the gods T S G
could have played a better prank. While hierarchical and jealous of their power, the
government is rather unobtrusive in the average Mountain
Government Gnomes life. Because of the princes need to maintain
Mountain gnomes and hill gnomes live in similar cultures, his treasury, merchants are the ones most affected by the
but the political systems of the two nations are greatly actions of the government. Some Gnomes who need to
different. Many of the same institutions exist, but their appeal to the princes court may also learn about the tone

and personality of the government, but to most mountain Mountain gnomes tend to be very serious about their
gnomes, a new prince just means a new individual to raise martial responsibilities.Every adult male of the hen Annie-
their glasses to and drink the health of. mer has a suit of superb armor and a collection of weapons.
When the government is involved in a citizens life, it is During war, it is rare that any but the hen Anniemer march,
usually quite fair. It is no shame for a government official save as fodder to send into the spears of the enemy. For
to admit to making a mistake, even to an individual of such fodder, the captains usually scoop up andewien, the
an inferior caste. When acting as a government official, underclass, as it is assumed no one will miss them.
a mountain gnome really represents the prince, so
apologizing in the princes name does not impact on a The Law
government officials perception of his or her own worth or In many ways, the prince is the law. e Ket Lirotekte, more
caste. often than not, bows to his wishes. Unlike hill gnomes, the
mountain gnomes do have capital punishment for treason
L G and the murder of hen Anniemer or ducalies citizens. e
e Lirotekte remains the only body capable of levying prince always hears all capital court cases. e cases are
taxes. However, the real power in the Lirotekte is reserved subject to a mandatory review.
for landholders. Also, caste plays a part in the influence any
individual can have within the body. e local ruler always T C
acts as the Helechtike, and holds one vote. Estate holders, e local ruler acts as judge in any court case. Each hen
meaning families which own property of more than twenty Anniemer who governs a county or town receives a charter
, each hold one vote. ese estate holders are almost from the prince. is chartercalled a
always hen Anniemer, though some wealthy sannemeiker allows the local ruler not only to act as a judge, but also
also own land. e average farm among mountain gnomes to raise soldiers during a muster. Usually, local rulers take
is only five fiet. Landholders each hold one-fifth of a vote, their responsibility very seriously.
so they must vote in blocs of . Any landholders unable Any citizen has the right to appeal to the local
to form a bloc with other landholders lose their Lirotekte. A second appeal may be lodged with the
vote. Since andewien, by their very nature, do not Ministry of Justice. Finally, the prince acts as the
own land, their concerns are never addressed in final arbiter. ere is no appeal from the princes
the Lirotekte. justice. Given the number of recourses, and the
Urban Lirotekte act very similar to rural, generally objective approach to justice taken
save that the basis for attendance is by the majority of local rulers, most citizens
not land but wealth. e Ministry consider the courts
of Trade measures family wealth very fair.
every ten years, and representation
in an urban Lirotekte is based on
that report. As such, an urban
Lirotekte tends to be much more E
biased toward the interests of the A
sannemeiker. L
A mountain gnome court is
The Military very similar to a hill gnome court,
rough the Ministry of War, the save that the judge is the local ruler. It is very
prince maintains a small, professional common for the ruler to assign representatives
standing army. e army consists to help prosecute the crime and to help defend
of five hundred soldiers and an the accused. If not, the ruler will set questions
undisclosed number of wizards, and call witnesses.
illusionists, scouts and spies. It is Individuals of the rulers household or
divided much as the hill gnome military clan act as a regular policing body. In larger
is, save that it is more professional and towns and cities, hiring a winolaos is often
better trained. Professional soldiers of necessary, and the Lirotekte pays the cost
the hen Anniemer caste captain the units for this. e jail is usually within the rulers
of the standing army. Beyond the standing castle or tower. e expense of housing
army, the prince may also call a muster. prisoners is borne by the ruler.

eparated from their gnomish brethren by language
as well as culture, the Daewan, or Imperial gnomes,
live in a highly urbanized, rigid society with strict
class structure and an extremely bureaucratic government.
e Imperial gnomes believe that their society and their
race are the epitome of civilization. ey are xenophobic
in the extreme, considering other cultures and races as
barbaric at best. When one is the pinnacle of perfection,
what interest do others present? capitol itself. e government regulates all merchants
Imperial gnomes allow for contact, mostly mercantile, engaged in internal or foreign trade, and trade without a
with outside cultures and races, but this trade is limited license is a crime.
and constrained. e Imperial bureaucracy controls all e society of the Imperial gnomes is orderly. is
aspects of foreign trade, and licenses are both necessary order has brought peace, if not prosperity. Imperial society
and expensive. Imperial gnome merchants are, of course, could be considered Lawful Neutral. Good government
favored in this system. is not so important to the Imperial hierarchy as the
Even with their superior and insular attitude, Imperial maintenance of public order. is has led the government
gnomes are respected merchants. ey are no less skilled to adopt expedient solutions that may not be in the best
in the mechanical sciences than their hill brethren and are interest of the populace.
famous for their philosophers and scholarsphilosophy
being one of the disciplines on which the Imperial govern- The Life Cycle of the Imperial Gnome
ment entrance exam is based. eir agricultural techniques, From B to E C (Birth to years)
though, are not as advanced as other gnome cultures, most- Imperial gnome mothers are the exclusive caregivers for
ly due to the lack of respect for farmers shown by the elite. infant children. Even in wealthy families, a child will not
Vast irrigation systems and canals cross the rural be given into the care of a servant until they pass their
landscape like a grid. is proved necessary early in the fifth year. By this time, the child has closely bonded with
Imperial age due to the climate and value of the land. the mother, a bonding that seems to endure for the life of
Engineers became important to the government. A talented an Imperial gnome. Fathers are involved very little with
Imperial gnome engineer willing to ingratiate himself to the infants, visiting them and playing with them for short
political figures could find himself a lucrative and easy periods of time, though never developing the kind of
position in the Imperial Court. bond a mother shares with her children. It is believed that
Due to the massive urban centers that dot the Empire, the masculine aura must invoke respect and reverence. If
merchants can be found everywhere from the small rural the child does not learn this early, that child will become
marketpurchasing food for the cities while selling confused about the masculine and the feminine when they
pottery, metal implements or even booksto the Imperial become older.

C ()
At the age of fifteen, an Imperial gnome child will either
begin schooling or will be sent to work with the rest of the
family. Childhood is a time to learn ones place in society
and how to interact with others without bringing dishonor
to ones family. Schools teach basic literacy, the sciences,
mathematics, history and philosophy. ese basic subjects
might later lead to a government position. A male child
will help on the family farm or other place of work. He will
be given menial jobs that do not tax his ability, but will give
him some understanding of the scope of the work going on
around him. A female child will begin to help her mother
around the house, learning those things that will be useful
when she is married.

Y A ()
is is a difficult time, an in between period when the
young Imperial gnome is expected to act very much like
an adult, but is still only accorded the respect due a
child. is is also the time when a young male might
begin studies destined to lead him into govern-
ment. A young woman will begin to prepare for
marriage. Imperial law dictates the age of consent
for marriage is , although the age of adulthood is .
A M A () Funeral services depend upon the station in life of the
Upon the age of , Imperial gnomes become adults. deceased. For a poor farmer, a local dignitary will give a
For the male, this means a weeklong festival, with much small speech, then condolences will be offered the family
drinking and carousing, a last gasp of freedom before he by friends and neighbors. For the Emperor, or a member
must become a respectable and conscientious citizen. For of the court, the mourning would go on for months, with
a female, there is a daylong celebration with just her family, dedications of temples, recitations of achievements and
led by the head of the household public displays of grief. Imperial gnomes are buried under
An Imperial gnome is expected to marry early and mounds, with a stone indicating their ancestry raised above
produce many sons for the glory of the Emperor. A male them. Emperors have temples built on their burial sites.
adult is expected to work hard and make a good home for Tombs of ancestors are grouped together. Twice a
his family. An adult female is expected to marry well year, families travel to these tombs to clean them and give
through the arrangements of her familyand keep a good sacrifices of food and alcohol, indicating their indebtedness
home for her husband and his family. to their ancestors. On the anniversary of the deaths of
important members of households, families also hold
O A (over years) ceremonies of remembrance.
An Imperial gnome who lives to the age of is con-
sidered old, and would be called grandfather as a sign of The Family
respect by any younger Imperial gnome who addressed him.
A female would be called grandmother for the same reason. T H
e members of their household hold a week long festival, A single Imperial gnome household consists of parents,
much like the festival for a male entering adulthood, for their oldest sons family, their oldest grandsons parents,
either a male or female reaching this advanced age. and so on. Four or five generations will all live together.
An Imperial gnome who has reached the age of Because an eldest sons foremost duty is to care for his
years will retire, unless he has no sons to support him. parents in their old age, he never moves out. His eldest
Without a son to take care of him, a gnome would need son will also remain in that household. When the head of
to continue to work, hoping to save enough money for the household dies, his son becomes the new head of the
retirement. household and, by extension, of the family, including those

some cases, such as a family with a large farm, younger
sons will remain in their parents home after marriage. is
is much less common in urban areas, as space is at a greater
premium, and only the wealthiest of families can afford
large homes.
Sometimes, if a family has only daughters, a husband
will move into their family home and will assume the role
of the eldest son. e parents show eternal gratitude to
their son-in-law for this great courtesy and sacrifice, which
often puts the parents in a position of subservience.
Daughters leave the family when they marry. e
youngest daughter-in-law in any household is a veritable
slave. She is under everyones command, sometimes even
her own niece and nephews. Traditionally, mothers-in-
law and daughters-in-law have horrible relationships. e
cooking of the daughter-in-law is always tasteless, the
home isnt cleaned thoroughly, the clothing the daughter-
in-law makes or purchases is ugly or of poor quality. e
list goes on. While marriage to an eldest son is a great
honor, the responsibility and hostility of the mother-in-law
may make a younger son appear more appealing.

e role of the father in an Imperial gnome family is much
the same as the role of the Emperor. A father exists to be
obeyed and respected, never questioned. Only three groups
not under his roof. e head of a household is called the can question a fathers authority: the gods in the Heavens,
jungpa, or father-lord. Eldest sons who do not take care of the Emperor and the teacher. A father and a husband
their parents are changelings, the assumption being that are truly the king of the family. Even the jungpa cannot
a devil or evil spirit switched the natural child with one question a mans treatment of his wife or children. e
of their own. No natural son would reject the honor of fathers right of authority is so powerful that killing a wife
supporting his parents. or child for disobedience is often accepted by the courts of
e Imperial gnome household has rigidly divided the Empire as reasonable.
areas. e kitchen is the womans area, and a man will e fathers care for a child ends after he impregnates
enter it only to chastise. e men of the household have his wife. From that point on, all he must do is ensure his
a sitting room which women and children enter only to child is obedient and shows respect to his elders, the gods
serve. e dining room is a meeting place for the family, and the Emperor. However, just as the Emperor sustains
though wealthier families have a separate family sitting and protects his subjects, a father and a husband must
room where the family can gather. e jungpa and wife sustain and protect his family. is means that a father or a
have a bedroom, as does each married couple. If there are husband is responsible for feeding, clothing and protecting
four generations in the home, there will be a bedroom for his family. If the family lives in an urban area, this means
the jungpa and wife, their eldest son and wife, the eldest the father works to pay for food, rent and other essentials.
grandson and wife and then a room for the children. In rural areas, it means the father must oversee a farm or
Additions are made to the home as is necessary. Rich other project that will provide for the family.
families may have multiple rooms for children, though this ough uncaring and distant fathers are common,
is not always considered desirable. most fathers dote on their childrenat least their sons.
When a son other than the eldest marries, he sets off Fathers often spend time with their children, playing
to begin his own household. at household, for many games, helping them with their lessons and telling them
generations, will still be the responsibility of the jungpa stories. In a situation with a loving father, usually the eldest
of the sons family. ere is no rule for when a household son is more than happy to maintain the parents when they
breaks away, but usually after four or five generations, the become elderly. Happy homes are common, though loving
cadet branch breaks away and a new jungpa is created. In homes are rare.

A mother, on the other hand, is the workhorse of jungpa and then her mother-in-law. ough her life may
the family. Care for the children rests firmly on not be as hectic as the youngest daughter-in-law, it is by
her shoulders, as does care of the home and her no means easy.
husband. e only rest comes after the delivery If the mother is married to a younger son who has
of a child. If the child is a boy, a mother has a begun his own household, her chores are no less
month of rest, in which she is not to perform in number, but may be easier to accomplish with
any work and must be waited on, even by only a single family to care for. Younger sons who
her husband. She is free from discipline and separate from their familial household tend to be
criticism during this month. If the child more supportive and understanding husbands
is the eldest son of a family, the mothers who take more time to help in the care of
period of rest may extend up to a year. If the child. is is not tradition nor is it a
the child is a girl, the mother has eleven certainty, but it tends to be the case.
days of rest, and no more. If a mother As the children grow, the mothers
produces only girls, her period of rest responsibility does not lessen. She must always
becomes shorter and shorter with each prepare her children for school, ensure they
girl she produces. complete their homework, or must ensure
Imperial gnome fathers want only her children do their chores and help around
sons. Infanticide, especially in urban areas, the home. While a father is responsible for
is often seen as a solution to the birth of an discipline, any lack of respect or deviance
unwanted girl. is has caused an imbalance exhibited by children is often considered the
in the numbers of available wives and made fault of the mother.
many Imperial gnome males unable to find As children grow older, they usually show
wives. is has sometimes led Imperial great affection for their mothers. ey may
gnomes to seek out wives among the other respect and fear their fathers, but they love
gnome cultures, though a wife brought into their mothers. Even a married son will usually
Imperial society would be hard-pressed to take his mothers side in any disagreement
accept her situation with the fatalism of between his wife and his mother. As the
her Imperial sisters. children grow into young adulthood,
Once her period of rest is over, daughters will help their mother with
a mothers responsibilities are household chores, making life much
dictated by her position within easier. Once a daughter-in-law enters
the household. If she is in a jung- the household, a mothers work is done.
pas household, and she is the youngest Her only responsibility then is to ensure
daughter-in-law, she is responsible to care for her own that her daughter-in-law works hard.
children as well as the children of any elder daughters-
in-law. She must cook for the whole household, clean the G G-G
home, mend clothes, and perform all the menial chores. e responsibility of the grandparents seems to be spoiling
If the household is rich, there may be servants whom the their grandchildren and great grandchildren. ey would
daughter-in-law can direct to perform many of these tasks, never dream of interfering in a fathers discipline, but they
but she is ultimately responsible, and if her mother-in-law can certainly coddle a child after that disciplining. If the
decides the work is not adequate, the punishment will fall childs mother tells the child they cannot have more candy,
directly on the daughter-in-law. it is the grandparents responsibility to give the child candy.
e only bright spot in a young daughter-in-laws life While a fathers dictates are law, a mothers dictates mean
will be the occasional kindness shown her by the jungpa of little more than a crows cackling.
the household. While mothers-in-law tend to be vicious Grandparents in an extended household may be a
and over-bearing, jungpa often hold affection for the resource for child-care, but certainly nothing too onerous.
household daughters-in-law. is affection may be the only A grandparents responsibility ends with the adulthood of
protection from the extreme demands of a mother-in-law. their own child, so they cannot be expected to put effort
If she is an elder daughter-in-law, then her into the nurturing of their grandchild. at does not mean
responsibilities are much less. She is expected to care for that a grandmother cannot find fault with her daughter-in-
her husband and any infant children. Other than that, laws child-rearing abilityquite the opposite. And while
she must follow the dictates of her husband first, then the grandparents are not interested in responsibilities or work,

they may baby-site on occasion, for as long as the child is jungpa and the eldest income earner. Families frequently
easy to take care of. Once the baby becomes difficult, or the work a farm together, everyone sharing the work, even
grandparents become bored, they will pass the baby back the jungpa, as long as he is physically able. Everyone must
to the mother. contribute to the stability of the household. e youngest
daughter-in-law will certainly bear the greatest load, and
T E F may be assigned the most menial chores, but it is also more
In most urban areas, uncles and aunts are visitors rather likely that she will find some compassion and possibly
than members of the household. ey will visit the home friendship among the other wives.
of the eldest male of the eldest linethe jungpaduring Financially, brothers and sisters are supposed to be
holidays and festivals. ey are also expected to contribute generous amongst themselves. If one brother is having
to the continued well-being of the jungpa and other elders difficulties at work or in his business, his brothers are
in their home through the contribution of food, clothing expected to help with offers of money, time or business
and money. Family members will offer clothing as a gift connections. If a sister is having problems managing
during holidays and festivals, while the food and money are her familys money, her sisters must help her to
regular contributions to the household, learn better practices and possibly even loan
usually to the eldest working male, who her money to hide her deficiency from her
is considered the income earner for the husband.
In times of distress, whether it is T C
financial hardship, marital difficulties Beyond the extended family is the clan.
or health problems, brothers and While clans were historically very
sisters are expected to be the first important to the life of the Imperial
to offer help. Brothers will act as gnomes, they are more a romantic
resources for the man, offering notion of the past than a present-
whatever assistance they can day reality. Although rural families
without making him appear weak or sometimes still hold the clan
unable to cope. It is important for important, the ties of clan and kinship
a man, especially an eldest brother, are failing. Local ties and business
to offer the image of self-reliance. arrangements have superceded the clan
Youngest brothers, though, may as the basis for loyalty and support. Clan
receive any type of assistance in a names are still used by most gnomes, and
very open manner, as the youngest sometimes ambitious politicians try to
brother is expected to rely on his use clan ties to further their positions,
older, and therefore wiser, brothers. but the advent of the bureaucratic,
For a woman, the assistance centralized government, with its many
and support of her sisters is representatives and arms has made the
much more overt. A woman may clan structure obsolete.
sometimes count on the support ough rural areas still cling to
of other daughters-in-law in local clan identities, these ties are
the household she lives, but this actually to a locality. Even in such
is not always the case. Her real areas, clan leaders hold much
sisters, though, will offer whatever assistance she may need, less power than the nobility or the Imperial representative,
sometimes taking her into their homealong with any and are used rather as a disinterested arbitrator for local
children she might haveuntil the distress has passed. For disputes by the commons than as a rallying point for
the youngest daughter-in-law of a large family, exhaustion loyalty or governance.
is always a threat. e problem being that upon her
return, the other daughters-in-law, who had to take on her Marriages
burdens while she was gone, will likely hold a grudge, and In Imperial society, the marriageable age is set at , even
life may not be pleasant for some time. though adulthood is considered the age of . In the
In rural areas, where extended families living in the vast majority of cases marriages are arranged by jungpa,
same household are more common, the brothers and with some input from the parents involved. Love is never
sisters, uncles and aunts offer constant support for both the a consideration. Astrology can be. Fortune-telling is

considered a science and the date and time Finally, as night falls, the grooms brothers and
of an individuals birth, along with the place friends kidnap the two and force them into their
of birth, is used to offer up prognostications. bridal suite together, where the groom sees his
Before a marriage is arranged, fortune-tellers wifes face for the first time and they are expected to
from both families make predictions as to consummate their union. Depending upon the level
the success of the marriage. A marriage is of trust and the importance of the union, the sheets
considered a success if the wealth of the may later be inspected by one or both families.
family is increased and if many sons are
produced. Society
Marriage arrangements can Much like the family, Imperial society is
be made at any time from birth structured and hierarchical. One must act in strict
to adulthood. Even an income- accordance with traditions and always present a
earning son of one hundred who is respectable and honorable face, even when enjoying
not yet married has no say in the ones self at a drinking establishment with friends.
arrangement of his marriage. e Only in moments of great privacy can Imperial
age of the two participants may also be gnomes break away from the strictures of society
ignored if all other signs are favorable, and allow themselves to be truly free, speaking
which may mean a year-old woman their minds and throwing caution and manners to
married to a year-old groom, or a the dogs.
year-old man attached to a year-old e higher ones position within Imperial
bride. society, the less the rules of that society affect
e marriage ceremony is not one. e Emperor and his court may act with no
a religious one, nor is it a civil one. thought for manners or even common sense and
A respected elder usually leads the never worry about censure. A merchant or even a
marriage ceremony, though never the wealthy farmer or provincial noble must always
jungpa of either family. A teacher, renowned worry about giving offence or acting with
philosopher or, especially in rural areas, dishonor. Family honor is guarded as closely as
the clan leader may lead the ceremony. e any family treasure.
groom arrives first and is presented to the
father of the bride, who offers the groom Class structure
two wooden ducks as a symbol of marital e hierarchical class structure of the Empire is
fidelitythis species of duck reputedly mates not rigid. A gnome of promise and talents can rise in
for life. e bride then arrives on a palanquin and is government, taking his entire family with him. However,
presented to the groom, her face shrouded in a veil. e one must always be conscious of ones station and the
two proceed to the front of the audience. ey sit opposite respect due to and from all those around.
each other, separated by a small altar on which the ducks e highest level of society is the Imperial family,
are placed. e leader of the ceremony makes a speech headed by the Emperor. e only powers greater than the
about the virtues of married life. e bride and groom eat Emperor are the gods in the Heavens. e succession is
and drink, then servants trade their plates and cups, and from father to eldest son, though sometimes other family
they again partake of food and drink from their betrotheds members attempt to change that. e Imperial family
vessels. At this time the leader brings them together before is rich beyond comprehension. In fact, the Emperor can
the audience and makes a shorter speech in which he confiscate by decree any property within the borders of the
exhorts them to be faithful and good spouses. e groom Empire. By tradition, the members of the Imperial family
then leads the bride to a waiting palanquin, which takes are subject to Imperial law, however the Emperor is not.
them off to a small reception. In fact, as long as the Emperor favors an individual, that
At the reception, the bridge and groom thank their individual need not fear the law.
many guests and receive gifts of money. e amount Below the Imperial family is the Imperial court: the
of money and the name of the benefactor are carefully ministers and high functionaries who regularly have
recorded. Family of the married couple offer gifts of contact with the Emperor and the Imperial family. ese
clothing and furniture, and the bridges father offers up the menand they are all maleswield enormous power and
dowry, which would have been decided upon during the amass enormous wealth while they are in favor. However,
marriage negotiations. as soon as the Imperial favor turns away from any of these

courtiers, they could lose everything. Because of this, few and power than those within the hereditary nobility. e
courtiers wish to alienate the others in the court. No one usual answer to this is to award Bone Rank to the wealthy
knows when he may need to ask for help. outside of the nobility, and sometimes to remove Bone
e nobility are those with hereditary land holdings Rank from a noble family that has fallen into disrepute
and titles. Some possess great wealth; some have only and penury. However, the nobility have fought hard
their lands and the rents from them. e nobility itself to maintain the class system as it has stood for untold
is divided into the B R, called K. centuries. As such, many wealthy and powerful individuals
Bone Rank is not rigid, and one can increase or decrease are considered to be in the same class as poor farming
in ranking. Bone Rank is applied to a family, not an families.
individual, though an individuals actions may be the basis e middle class does exist, though outside of the
for a move up or down in the ranks. Imperial class structure. e urban centers all have many
e highest rank, C can be translated as rich gnomes who do not have Bone Rank. ese non-
T B, and all members of this highest level of the nobles can wield excessive power, sometimes more than
nobility can all be found in the Imperial capitol. Rich and their noble fellow citizens. In time, the richest gnomes
influential, these nobles can often be found within the either purchase or are awarded Bone Rank. Until that
court, however, their wealth and family power allows them time, the middle class relies on its guilds to protect it from
to act as a check to Imperial power. ese nobles could the predations of the nobles and the Imperial court. e
challenge the Emperor both financially and militarily, if rich merchants and artisans also protect their less wealthy
they chose to. True Bone is only one step away from the neighbors, knowing that their power is derived from this
Imperial family. e law rarely touches those of True Bone unnamed but wealthy and self-interested class. Most in
quality, as they can pay any bribe or make those threats the upper middle class never need to worry about the law,
necessary to protect themselves. being able to bribe officials or call on allies or
Below True Bone rank comes R, which friends in the nobility.
can be roughly translated as S-H B. ose artisans and merchants who do not
Next is S, T-H possess great wealth, or who operate in the
B. . ose nobles of Six-Headed quality smaller towns and market centers away from
are usually powerful nobles outside of the the capitol, have no status greater than the
capitol, not capable of threatening the power farmers in the countryside. e only power
of the Emperor, but powerful allies for either the that protects them is their cohesion under
Imperial family or the True Bone nobles. ree- craft guilds. ese guilds are able to call on
Headed quality nobles are poor, provincial nobles, the resources of the richer members, but
usually little better than rich farmers, who wield also on the collective abilities of their
inconsequential power outside of their locality. members. Few urban nobles wish to
Nobles of Six-Headed quality are rarely cross the guilds, which, while not
troubled by the law, though those of ree- militarily powerful, wield enormous
Headed quality have as much to fear from economic muscle. Guilds have
the local magistrate as any other citizen proved to be both resolute and
of the Empire. resourceful in settling quarrels or
ose not of the nobility pursuing vendettas.
are divided into two classes, the In the countryside, there is also a
, or good people and the middle class, but without the protection
or lowborn. e yangwan are of guilds. Some landowners and
not exactly a middle class, but rather a farmers have become quite wealthy,
non-serf population that has the right but remain within the yangwan level
to possess land. e chonmin are little of society. Usually, in the countryside,
more than slaves, tied to the land and away from the political squabbles of
considered part of the property when the city, this has little real bearing.
land changes hands. Everyone in a rural community knows
e lack of a real middle class in the who is powerful and who is weak. If one
Empire has caused a large problem. family is rich and has a great estate, but
Many gnomes without Bone Rank is considered yangwan, while the local
have accumulated more wealth nobility are little more than fellow farmers,

the rural populace will know whom they should approach those of similar economic level. ese hunting groups,
for help. Even the rich among the yangwan are under the or , began as collections of rural nobles who
law. e richest might try to bribe the local magistrate, would meet monthly to hunt. e nobles brought these
but too often, those magistrates are nobles jealous of the social clubs with them into the cities and towns. e rich
rich yangwans power, and will not even accept a bribe that now consider them essential for creating and maintaining
might be in the magistrates best interest. alliances, both political and economic.
e lowest of the low are the chonmin. If they have In order to limit the membership, most ranhang have
any land at all, they dont own it. ey owe rent, labor membership dues set to a certain level. Some ranhang are
duties and monthly tithes to their landlords. e chonmin so elite that only the richest of ministers in the court can
are made up of those who lost freedom through crime, afford to belong (such as the Chongkanji Ranhangthe
debt or war. Butchers, gravediggers, prostitutes, actors Moons Light Over the Flowing River Hunting Group
and domestic servants are always classified as chonmin, which only has four members, all in the Imperial family).
no matter what their financial status. Sometimes great Unlike the chapkwa, a ranhang is truly a club for
noble families who oppose the Emperor and fail find socializing. ere is usually a physical location, a
themselvesthose who surviveas chonmin in some clubhouse, associated with a ranhang, to which its members
community far from the capitol. e lives of the chonmin go to eat, drink and have fun. Courtesans and musicians,
are desperate, uncomfortable and quite often short. ey the property or employees of the club, are often part of
have no protection from even the grossest depredations the fun. Some clubs use masks and codenames to hide
of their landlords, the yangwan, the nobility or the law. members identities and allow the members to say and do
Conversely, societal norms are never applied to the what they please without incurring any dishonor to their
chonmin, as they are considered too lowborn and common family.
to accept or understand normal manners. Even respect for
ancestors and elders is not expected from the chonmin. Gatherings and Festivals
Social gatherings are extremely common in the
Guilds and Social Clubs countryside. At least twice or thrice a month, rural
e middle class, those yangwan who live in urban communities come together to socialize. is is a time to
centersusually merchants or artisansoften group negotiate marriages, make plans for transporting goods
together to form trade guilds. ese guilds, called to markets and pass along news. If there is a wealthy
or ritual clubs, began as funerary associations. yangwan family, the jungpa will often be the host, using the
Often, urban dwellers fell on hard times in their old age frequent and lavish gatherings to maintain the loyalty of
and did not have enough money to purchase a grave or the other yangwan families. Local nobles also use this as
hold a proper ceremony. e members of ritual clubs a time to create ties to the local people. More than once,
would pay dues while they worked and the club would nobles have been spared during rebellions at the behest of
ensure they were buried properly. e clubs began their neighbors, who tend to remember the extravagant
to become involved in more aspects of the members gatherings.
lives, protecting them when they were brought before ere are innumerable reasons for a gathering.
a magistrate, bringing concerns to local government Marriages, the birthday of a local notable or historical
and other such activities. e clubs were founded along figure, the anniversary of a great event or even the
professional lines and later developed into very specific completion of a building can be reasons for a gathering.
trade guilds. ese trade guilds then began to act as Special birthdayslike the th or the th are
political entities, often ignoring the purpose for which they reasons for immense gatherings that can last upwards of a
were founded. week.
e chapkwa hold great power in the urban centers and Rural gatherings tend to be daylong affairs, beginning
at many of the smaller market towns. Local government at sunrise and lasting long after sunset. Food is prepared
is always aware of the power of the guilds and tries hard in the proceeding week, stored in the local cold-caves or
to assuage them. What town wants to be without jugs in massive ceramic jars buried behind homes. Special food
because of an argument with the local potters guild? What is often purchased at markets in the weeks before the
town wants to be unable to shoe their horses because gathering, sometimes at great expense.
the smiths guild is fighting a tax placed on it by the local Religious festivals come once a month, and families
government? usually celebrate them together. Religious observances
Somewhat similar to the guilds are the social clubs. are performed at the family gravesite, usually at the tomb
Rather than linked through trade, these clubs unite of the most recently deceased jungpa. If the family has an

especially revered ancestor, observances will take place at Other religious festivals have similar rituals and feasts,
that ancestors tomb. but are usually celebrated by smaller groups, often the
e two greatest religious festivals are the harvest immediate household. In all festivals, the women have no
festival of S and the New Year, called O. time for relaxation or socializing until long after sunset.
In both cases, the familys tombs are cleaned the weekend Once all the men have passed out, the women are able to
before the festival. Food and drink is prepared up to a enjoy some quiet time and begin their own festival. Often,
week in advance. All members of a family will gather, even the womens festival can stretch until the rising of the sun.
though their numbers may reach into the hundreds. e women are still able to get a fair amount of sleep, as
During Shirdo and Ohnjang, sacrifices of rice cakes, the men tend to rise extremely late after festival days.
squash and wine are brought to the graves of the familys
ancestors. e present jungpa and his eldest son perform Social Etiquette
a ritual praising the ancestors at the tomb of the most Etiquette and manners are always based upon the
recently deceased jungpa. is involves a special cup, station and age of the gnome with whom one is
filled with wine, which is poured in a circle around the interacting. An elderly gnome of True Bone rank need
headstone three times. e jungpa and then his son take not even acknowledge an adult of yangwan rank. e
turns completing the ritual and then kowtowing to the young yangwan, though, must show respect and even
headstone three times. Any young male of the family who obsequiousness to a gnome of any Bone Rank.
has come into adulthood since the last ceremony then e first show of respect is the deep bow. An elder or
takes part. Rice cakes and squashes are left on or beside the one of higher station need only offer a slight bowmore a
headstone. nod really. ose of lower station must bow from the hip.
Once the religious observances are completed, the e chonmin must offer deep bows, though not kowtows,
family feasts for the rest of the day and long into the night. to all gnomes of Bone Rank. A chonmin may not rise from
Traditional games and sports, such as archery and javelin- a bow to a Bone Rank gnome until that gnome has given
throwing are played, songs are sung and poetry showing permission for the chonmin to rise, or has left the vicinity.
reverence to the ancestors is recited. By the time the sun All in the presence of the Emperor, regardless of rank or
has set, most of the men are too drunk to do much more station, must kowtowthat is bow to the floor, hands at
than mumble amongst themselves and occasionally break the sides of their heads.
into song. When passing or serving a gnome of higher station,
one must always do so with both hands. When drinks are
served, the server shows respect by holding the vessel in
two hands, one near the mouth of the vessel and one at its
base. e serviced individual should raise his cup. To show
respect while being served, one would hold ones cup in
both hands, one hand near the mouth and the other at the
base of the cup. is is also true when being served food.
If an object is being passed, holding or receiving it in both
hands shows respect.
One never shows an open mouth to an individual of
greater age or higher station. When eating, a younger
gnome will turn away from an elder, so the elder cannot
see the food enter the mouth. One should do the same
when drinking. To be genial, an older host will encourage
a younger or lower stationed guest to ignore this particular
point of etiquette. As a host, that is expected. However,
the guest should never accept this encouragement, but
continue to eat and drink while turned away from any
gnome older or of a higher station.
e eldest male at a table will always be served first.
e order of service will be from eldest male to youngest
adult male. Women never eat or drink with men unless
the women are hired courtesans, in which case they will
be serving the men, but can accept drinks and foods as a

form of gratuity. Any woman seen eating or drinking with
men will be assumed to be a prostitute or other form of
A younger individual or an individual of lower
station should never maintain eye contact. To do
so indicates equality. Eyes are always averted when
speaking with a superior. e listener can grunt or
otherwise verbally indicate attention. One never
interrupts an elder, no matter what that elder might
say. Even if the elder indicates an intention to murder
the Emperor, an inferior would listen politely, agree
with everything said, and then report the elder to
the magistrate.

Games and sports are very popular. Archery is a
favored form of recreation among the nobility. e
yangwan have a game of javelin throwing, , in magistrates crop to the naked calfhowever such a poet
which participants throw five short javelins each into would never be respected or, more importantly, hired by
javelin-quivers. e quivers are moved after each round the nobility.
until only one participant is able to land a javelin. e Painting is taught to noble children at a very young age.
yangwan also play , in which two opposing teams Sometimes, even young females, if exhibiting impressive
kick a ball back and forth over a small net or other obstacle. talent, are taught. Many of the greatest painters lived
If the ball touches the ground, the team whose side the through teaching while creating masterpieces in their spare
ball landed on loses a point to the other team. Games are time. Patronage and teaching are the only two acceptable
usually played to fifteen points. ways for an artist to acquire money. Paintings are never
Hunting is a popular pastime with the nobility. Foxes sold, rather they are offered as gifts. An artist who took
are common prey, though deer and boar are also hunted. money for his or her work would be considered mercenary
e most skilled and brave hunters sometimes hunt and would soon be unable to find patronage or students.
tigers, considered the greatest prize. Tradition holds that Some of the finest painters and performers of poetry
a gnome who has slain a tiger will have five generations of are the courtesans known as . ese females are
strong sons before a daughter is born to the line. is is not prostitutes, as their primary function is not sex. Some
considered a blessing among the Imperial gnomes. females who offer the services of the shimgi also offer sex
to clients, but they are not true shimgi, who are expected
The Arts to maintain virginal innocence to further captivate clients.
Poetry and painting are considered noble hobbies. A Shimgi are really entertainers, and they are expected not
gentleman is expected to be able to write, or at least only to paint while being observed, but also to recite poetry
appreciate, poetry. e forms are very rigid, with specific and be capable of holding conversations on topics that
styles for specific subjects. For example, the interest men. Shimgi must therefore understand politics,
style is used for poems relating to great historical figures business, hunting, gossip and philosophy. Women, of
(though not historical events), and can be no less than fifty course, consider shimgi whores. What especially incenses
lines. e first two lines must have ten syllables or beats, the female Imperial gnomes is that their men consider
while the third line must have eight and the fourth twelve. shimgi more intelligent than regular women. is is most
is format is repeated four times, and then four lines of likely because regular women are not allowed to speak
six beats are used. is -line structure is repeated, and their minds.
then the final ten lines alternate between eight, ten and
twelve beats. Education
For some poetry styles, the rhythm is important. In Most young Imperial gnomes begin their education at
other forms, it is the rhyming pattern. All, however, are home. Depending upon the familys profession and class,
very strict and alteration of the styles is not allowed. e the child may learn about farming or tanning, or the
penalties for composing poems outside of the accepted child may learn to read and write. Only the wealthy and
forms are not harshusually a single stroke of the the nobility teach their children literacy. For the average

Only those who have a teaching license may teach at
a haddon or mundon. Also, wealthy families wish only
for tutors with teaching licenses.
e are special schools of magic. Most focus
on the magic of illusions, which seems to be a natural
affinity for gnomes. e teachers at these schools must
pass the teachers exam, but they must also pass the
M-the wizards exam. Not all those who
study or practice magic undergo the wizards exam, but if
they do not, they may not seek a position in government
or legally teach others magic. Most of shien are tied to

Food and Drink

Imperial gnomes enjoy food very much. Meals consist
of numerous small dishes, many of which are spicy.
Each meal includes soup and rice. Rice is the staple of the
Empire. Even the currencythe Wis based on the
measurement of rice for one adult for one month. Fish is
also extremely popular.
e diet of an Imperial gnome depends his wealth
and station. e Imperial family and the court eat a
yangwan and chonmin, literacy is a tool they never need, so stunning variety of food. Fruit from the farthest corners
why waste time with it? of the Empire and even beyond, are common. All types of
At age , the children of families of means enter the meats are eaten, and the types are regularly rotated so the
private schools called haddon. Haddon are found in all the Emperor and his ministers never become bored.
urban centers as well as in the countryside near famous Nobles eat meat with almost every meal. Meat is as
temples. In haddon, young gnomes learn basic literacy, the common to the noble as rice. Beef is the most sought after
sciences, mathematics, history and philosophy. ese are meat because it is the most expensive. Pork is the cheapest
considered the cornerstones for an ethical life. e students meat. Noodles are also popular with the nobility, and
live in the haddon, and are only allowed to leave during the competitions between noble houses can arise over which
coldest month in winter, the warmest month in summer, houses cook can prepare the best noodles. e poorer
and for religious festivals, including Shirdo and Ohnjang. nobles may be eating pork more often than beef, but they
By the age of , students of promise continue their are still eating meat every day.
education in a . ese schools focus on teaching e yangwan, save for those rich merchants in the city,
ethics, astrology, philosophy, history and the sciences. eat mostly vegetables and rice. Some farmers will have a
e civil service tests focus on these subjects. Mundon are small amount of pork in their soup at the midday meal,
considered the nurseries of the future court. As such, most but this luxury is not common among the yangwan. Poorer
receive endowments from the Imperial family or families of farmers eat little more than rice and the vegetables they
True Bone rank. e Imperial court and the nobility both grow or can scavenge from the wilds around the village.
recruit from and send their children to these schools. e e chonmin rarely even are able to enjoy rice, but eat
Mundon are usually built in isolated areas, allowing the millet instead.
students to ignore everything but study. Alcohol is ubiquitous in Imperial society. From the
Around a students th birthday, the opportunity palaces of the Emperor to the chonmins hovel, everyone
to take the civil service exam or the teachers examthe drinks. Even the monks of the temples brew a potent form
S-is presented. Most students attempt of rice beer. e least common spirit is called . e
the civil service exam. Very few attempt the teachers purest of this liquor is served at the Emperors table. is
exam, which is both harder and opens fewer profitable is called , or heavenly rice liquor. Anjul is
doors. However, a teacher is a respected individual, no distilled and served all over the Empire, but its cost makes
matter that familys station in society. Many yangwan gain it the drink of the nobility and the rich.
respectability through the teachers exam, while other gain T is a type of rice wine, common among the
wealth through the civil service exam. yangwan and used in religious observances as a sacrifice.

Even the Emperors family uses tanjul as a sacrifice during publicly adheres to the ancient religion, but many
Shirdo and Ohnjang. influential philosophers have been insisting that religion is
B is a thick, cloudy rice beer. is is the most a weakness. Respect for ones ancestors is almost universal,
common drink for farmers and chonmin. It is easy to but not for the religion which spawned the rituals with
brew, and is surprisingly palatable. Hostels for travelers which the Imperial society pays respect.
commonly stock baejul, but rarely can offer more than a
jug or two of tanjul. When the merchants of the town go C M
out to get drunk, they more often then not do it in a baejul In the most ancient myths of the Imperial gnomes, there
shop. is no world, nor a sun or moon, only the stars of the
Drinking establishments are called . is is the Celestial Empire. e gods lived within the light of these
room in a home for alcohol storage, but the name is also stars, under the Celestial Emperorthe C. On the
applied to establishments that serve alcohol. Most such fringes of the Empire lived demons and devils, evil spirits
establishments have large open areas, or open patios under that hated the light and order of the Celestial Empire. To
roofs rather than indoor drinking areas. ose mirshul that battle these evil spirits, the Celestial Emperor fashioned
also have prostitutes are , or tearooms. A shemgis guardian spirits. One type of guardian spirit is the ,
place of business is a , which is also the word for the which takes the form of a giant turtle.
mans den in a home. One haetae ate a demon while protecting the Celestial
Emperor. It took three thousand years for the haetae to
Clothing and Fashion digest the demon, and when this had been accomplished,
e clothing of the Imperial gnome is very simple. Men the haetae belched forth the sun and the moon. e
wear a shirt and pants under robes. e shirt is loose and Celestial Emperor blessed the haetae for its loyalty. In the
open at the neck. e pants are loose at the tops, but taper light of the sun and the moon, the blessing brought forth
down. Sandals are worn when that is practical, otherwise life on the haetaes shell. In time, the haetae fell into a deep
boots of leather are worn. slumber. Sometimes the haetae moves in its sleep, and thus
e main difference in dress between the nobility and come earthquakes and tidal waves. e sun gave the haetae
the commons, and between the rich and the poor, is the the earth in thanks for its birth, and the moon gave water.
material of the clothing, and the colors and embroidery of
the robe. e average farmer rarely wears a robe, except T C
as an over-garment to keep warm. e nobility always Soon after the creation of the word, one bear, named
wear robes dyed in expensive colors and embroidered with W, wanted to understand the Celestial Emperors
gold or silver thread. Dragons are common adornments mind better, and petitioned the Celestial Emperor to hear
for the edges of robes, while geometric patterns may be some of his thoughts. e Celestial Emperor told Wentai
embroidered on the sleeve cuffs. Only the edges, cuffs that no bear could ever understand the thoughts of the
and shoulders of a robe may be embroidered. Designs Celestial Emperor, but if the bear stayed in a cave and
elsewhere on a robe are considered ostentatious and vain. ate nothing but ginger, on the third year, the bear would
In areas where winter temperature makes more clothing grow into a being that could understand. Wentai agreed to
necessary, extra robes are worn. Cloaks are used by the this, gathered up enough ginger for three years, and found
commoners of the northern reaches and are sometimes himself a cave. A tiger, named H, also wanted to
trimmed in fur. Fur is rarely seen in urban areas, as the be more like a god, so he gathered up ginger and joined
Emperor has imposed a luxury tax on furs. Such taxes, Wentai in the cave.
however, are rarely imposed outside of the cities and After one year, Hungwa could no longer eat only ginger.
market centers. e tiger went out and killed a deer. After eating his fill of
Nobles of Bone Rank have the right to wear the small, meat, Hungwa tried to return to the cave. He could not
triangular cap called the . Ministers and those find it. e Celestial Emperor came and told Hungwa that
who have passed the teaching exams wear a circular cap, because he could not restrain his nature for three years,
slightly taller than the kadshi. ese round caps are called he would always remain an animal. Since that time, the
. e right to wear the kadshi and the saengkut is children of Hungwa, the tigers, despise the children of
jealously guarded. Wentai.
At the end of three years, Wentai emerged from the
Religion and Myth cave. When the Celestial Emperor visited him, Wentai
Religion does not play as important a part of the Imperial found he could understand that god much better. Wentai
gnome society as it once did. e Imperial family still was also no longer a bear, but the first gnome. e Celestial

Emperor was so pleased with Wentai that he fashioned Imperial gnome astrologers have charted the
him a mate out of clay and breathed life into her. movements of the stars across the sky, and have concluded
that the world circles the sun.
Just as female gnomes were made from clay, so too did T A
the other races spring out of the ground. However, the When a gnome dies, the Celestial Emperor judges him. If
Celestial Emperor did not have a hand in the creation of he has lived well, he is reborn as nobility, or possibly as a
the other races, only the Imperial gnomes. e Imperial member of the court. If he has not led an ethical or useful
gnomes still are not certain the Celestial Emperor created life, he will return as an animal. e worse a life one has
the other types of gnomes that they know of, but they are led, the worse a life one will be reborn into. If a gnome
willing to accept that the Celestial Emperor may have at has led a perfect life of absolute ethical behavior and
least blessed the birth of the other gnomes. extreme humility, he will ascend to the Celestial Empire, to
Elves sprang forth when water from the Celestial contemplate the cosmos, free of all wants and cares.
Empire rained down on some tall trees. W, Only the Celestial Emperor is immortal. All other
the Celestial Emperors War Minister, breathed beings will eventually perish. When all has perished,
on some soldiers he had made from stone, and the Celestial Emperor will begin again, crafting a
so the dwarves awoke. An evil spirit once new Celestial Empire.
tried to steal fire from the brazier of the
Celestial Palace. When a haetae caught R O
the evil spirit, the spirit dropped Temples are common around all areas of
the brand of fire, which landed on settlement. ese are places for worship. In the
a beach. Stuck in the earth and Empire, there is no set timetable for worship,
cooled by the sea, the burnt but temples usually have a
stick became a human. e sunrise service, as well as
halflings were once toys made services throughout the day.
for the children of the Celestial ese temples are not dedicated
Empire. Y, the son of the to any particular deity, but rather to
Celestial Emperor, broke his the idea of bettering oneself so one
toy and asked H, may achieve the Celestial Empire,
the Celestial Emperors smitha and be free of cares and wants.
small and misshapen god, much Meditation rather than supplication
like Heavens yangwanto fix marks the Imperial religious services.
it. Hwajaeng, remembering the Far away from urban centers are
Celestial Emperors success with the monasteries. ese are places
the creation of the female of contemplation and learning.
gnome, attempted to create e priests who oversee the
life within the toy. Hwajaeng temples are all graduates of the
succeeded, but created a being monasteries. e general public
inferior to the gnomes. is welcome at monasteries.
However, monasteries are always
T C built in areas not easily accessible, usually far up large
e world was once encompassed on the back of a giant mountains. ose who do find their way to the monastery,
haetae. However, once the gnomes awoke in the world, then, have already illustrated their deep piety.
the Celestial Emperor wanted them to live in a world full
of light and wonder. Taking the stars from the Celestial G
Empire, he fixed them to float around the haetae. e e government of the Empire is highly structured and
Celestial Emperor shaped the world to cover the sleeping centralized. It is involved in almost all areas of a citizens
haetae completely. He knows that someday the haetae will life. e government limits prices and values currency. It is
awaken and will destroy the world. In preparation for that the sole arbiter of the law, which it also fashions. It protects
time, the Celestial Emperor is preparing the Heavens to the citizens but also controls them to a great degree.
accept the Imperial gnomes. e other races will all perish e government, though, is no monolithic organization.
in the cataclysm as the haetae awakens. Factions within government work towards their own goals

and follow self-serving agendas. Depending upon the the D and the H. e Sahunthe
character of the Emperor, this may be ignored, accepted, government censorsseek out dishonesty and irregularity
limited or eradicated. e Emperor, in many ways, within the government in the capitol. e Dosahunthe
embodies the government. His word is law, his decrees are provincial censorstravel the provinces and border regions
final and there is no appeal to his justice. seeking out corruption. e Hongmunhunthe Board
While the public may never have contact with the of Literary Counselorssurrounds the Emperor during
Emperor, his decisions and attitudes affect their lives. debates and political discussions. e only purpose of the
Stories of the Emperor and his court are always in demand officers of the Hongmunhun is to remind the Emperor of
in all areas of the Empire, and the citizens often consider the words of the great philosophers and religious figures
him their only bulwark against the depredations of the whenever the Emperor seems to be acting in a less than
nobility. How true this belief may be is dependent upon ethical manner. e aura surrounding the Hongmunhun is
the character of the Emperor. so great that only the most immoral of Emperors would
Individuals enter the government through the civil every dare harm them.
service examthe W-. e test is offered once A part of the Council of State is the Royal Secretariat,
every year in the capitol. Only one thousand students may also called the Six Ministries. ese ministries are
take the test, and these are usually chosen from the mundon Personnel, Treasury, Rites, War, Justice and Public Works.
and shien, however three places are always left open for A senior minister and a junior minister from each ministry
others. ese places are rarely taken, as the mystique of the sits in the Council of State, but their reports and votes may
civil service test is quite strong. Occasionally, a yangwan, be questioned or countered by the members of the Sahun
or even a chonmin, will dare to enter the palace to take the and Dosahun.
test. Usually, these daring individuals attain the highest e Council of State advises the Emperor, but only
scores. It is a common dream for a mother that her son will the Emperor can make law. An Emperor is free not to
be one of the few to score high in the test and a world of call on the Council of State and rule without their advice.
opportunities will open for that son and his family. Many good Emperors have done just that, rightly pointing
ose with the highest scores are placed in the offices out that the Council of State is really the Council of the
of junior ministers in the governments six ministries. Bone Ranks, with no input or interest in the yangwan and
Sometimes, those deemed highly ethical will be sent to chonmin.
the Ministry of Finance and into the office of the censors. An Emperor is not absolute. e philosophy and
It is very rare for an individual to be placed in the office of religion of the Empire includes the concept of the Mandate
a senior minister, or even the Imperial household, but it of Heaven. An evil ruler, who ignores the needs of the
does happen. Once within the government, an individuals Empire, and threatens to create chaos, may be removed.
career is based on currying goodwill, exchanging favors and Often, the challenger comes from the Imperial family, or
sometimes blackmail and deceit. a family that had previously held the Imperial family role.
A contender of True Bone rank, with most of the Council
T S G of State and the military behind him, can remove the
At the pinnacle of the government is the Emperor. He Emperor if the Emperor has lost the Mandate of Heaven.
is the sole authority that cannot be opposed or checked Once, a yangwan soldier who had become a general, and
in any way. is power is often too much, and many whose family had great wealth, challenged the Imperial
Emperors become egocentric hedonists, interested only in family during a time of great chaos and social unrest. He
their own pleasures and happiness. Some Emperors take became Emperor and a period of unequalled prosperity
their position quite seriously, and an intelligent Emperor, followed.
truly interested in the well being of the Empire and its
citizens, can quickly bring about a golden age of peace and T S G
prosperity. Unfortunately, a despotic Emperor can destroy Order is the aim of the Imperial government. e
the tranquility and unity of the Empire with the same philosophy and religion of the Empire all espouse the
speed. virtues of order. e breach of public morals is considered
Around the Emperor is the court, his handpicked as grave a crime as treason. While treason might threaten
ministers. e official name for the court is the Council of the government, the loosening of public morals could
State, or J. e most powerful part of the court is threaten the entire fabric of the Empire. Not even the
the ree Offices. ese ree Offices are all within the Emperor is free to act contrary to the public morals.
Ministry of Finance (a separate body from the Ministry of Immoral actions may cause him to lose the Mandate of
the Treasury). e Ministry of Finance houses the S, Heaven. is is part of the reason the Hongmunhun exists.

Innovation is not encouraged. ere have been a few Provinces are divided into counties, each governed by
rare moments in the Empires history in which an Emperor a local noble answerable to the governor and Council of
decides reform is necessary. Only in times of incredible Magistrates. Within each county is the county courtthe
stress, such as invasions or financial collapse, is reform ever . e county courts are made up of local
considered. e government believes its very structure notables, often-petty nobles and wealthy yangwan. e
derives from the government of the Celestial Empire, and county court functions as a watchdog of the local rulers,
is thus sacrosanct. reporting to the governor or even the Dosahun in the
Ministry of Finance if they get no satisfaction from the
L G governor.
Urban areas outside of the capitol are governed by a
mayor assigned by the Council of State, usually through The Military
a recommendation by the Ministry for Personnel. ese Most nobles hold the military in disdain. True power
mayors rule with the help of an Urban Council, made up comes from knowledge, not the end of a spear. However,
of local notables, often acting as a miniature Council of the military has had periods of great influence. e main
State. Mayors need not accept the recommendations of route to social betterment for yangwan and chonmin is the
these councils, or even call them into being. military. One yangwan general even became Emperor.
Provinces are ruled by governors, appointed by the e military has long felt the nobilitys disdain for
Emperor in consultation with the Council of State. e it is unwarranted. is has caused a rift between the
Council of Magistrates, made up of magistrates assigned commanders of the military and their superiors in the
by the Ministry of Personnel, in consultation with the Council of State and the Ministry of War. e military
Ministry of Finance and approved by the Emperor, advises usually proves highly effective. ere have been only a few
the governors. Governors and magistrates cannot be times in the history of the Empire when the armies have
assigned to the province of their birth, and governors been unable to counter a military threat to the Empire.
are changed every year. Magistrates are reassigned Most soldiers realize the nobility hates the military
every five years. because it is not controlled by the nobility.
e Imperial military is mostly infantry. ose
nobles who are interested in pursuing a military
life make up the small amount of cavalry. Five
armies exist, named after the compass point
and the Army of the Capital. e Army of
the North is the largest, always needed
to guard against barbarian incursions.
e Army of the East, facing the
sea, is also the navy of the Empire.
e Army of the Capitol is the
policing force for the capitol
city and acts as the Emperors
bodyguard. e soldiers of
the Army of the Capitol
are the most loyal,
highly trained and
well paid.

Each company is divided into five battalions of one Emperor. e only exception to this is a death sentence. In
thousand soldiers. e battalions are likewise divided into such cases, three trials are necessary, all judging the party
five companies. ese companies are then divided into the guilty, before even the first appeal is necessary.
divisions of foot, horse, bow and command. e command
divisions include any wizards attached to that company. E A L
Integrated combat is the forte of the highly disciplined e local rulers act as judges. e policing of the counties
soldiers. Against most normal foes, the military of the is left to the inhabitants in most cases. If a complaint is
Empire is successful because of its discipline and the not brought before the local ruler, the local ruler cannot
educated use of tactics and strategy. Magic is also a be expected to ferret out the criminal activity on his own.
powerful tool, especially illusion. Most armies will readjust Complaints may also be brought before the magistrate
their tactics even if they suspect that other company during his visit, though his time is limited.
coming over the hills is likely an illusion. In urban areas, the mayor is expected to pay for a
police force. ese police are expected to patrol the
The Law streets after dark as well as to apprehend those who have
e laws of the Empire are aimed at maintaining peace complaints lodged against them. Most urban areas will
and order. ey are based on the idea of public morals. have a jail, which is used only to house the suspect until
Such things as showing disrespect to elders, ignoring the trial. Prison is not a possible punishment for criminal
needs of ones children or not supporting aging members activity.
of the family are all crimes against public morals, and are e Urban Council acts as a court of appeal in
considered as grave as thievery and fraud. In some cases, urban areas, but it is limited to recommending a new
such as allowing an elder member of the family to die due trial. e mayor can ignore this recommendation, but
to neglect, offences against the public morals are capital the council may then take their recommendation to the
crimes, calling for the death penalty. governor or even the Ministry of Justice in the capitol. A
magistrate may be assigned to especially large urban areas
T C by the governor, which would relieve the mayor of his
e courts of the Empire are not immune to the responsibilities as a judge.
machinations of politics. e farther from the capitol a In the capitol, the Army of the Capitol acts as the
court is, the less likely it will be impartial. e mayors of police force, patrolling the streets in the day and night and
cities and towns act as judges. e local nobility may also apprehending suspects. Sitting magistrates, appointed by
dispense justice. Imperial magistrates travel the countryside the Ministry of Justice, oversee the courts in the capitol.
to deal with the most serious cases and to hear appeals e mayor of the capitol is the first court of appeal, while
against local justice. ese magistrates are often nobility, the Emperor is the final.
and so have a natural sympathy for the men who are the
local judges.
e main reason why a citizen outside of the capitol
might hope for a fair trial is the Dosahun. e officers of
the Dosahun travel in disguise, but carry a writ with the
Emperors seal ordering all court, military and political
officials to render the officer aid. Dosahun officers also keep
watch on other Dosahun officers. e fear that a Dosahun
officer might witness an injustice and return with a division
of soldiers to arrest the magistrate or local noble
helps to keep the provincial courts somewhat
Any judgment of a court is subject to
appeal. Technically, the appeal is directed to the
Emperor. In practice, it is directed to Imperial
magistrates who travel a circuit throughout an
assigned area. A magistrates area is reassigned
every five years, another step to limit corruption.
A magistrates judgment may be appealed,
but only in the capitol and before the

the ability to retain and use such knowledge easily.
Prerequisites: Int +
Benefits: You gain a + on all Knowledge skill checks.

You are nimble footed and
very agile. You seem to slip
from the grasp of any who
attempt to hold you in place,
even if they chose to use ropes
to bind you.
Prerequisite: Dex +
Benefits: + Escape Artists, + to
AC to resist grapple attacks.
[G] [G]
Your nose is finely attuned You have the ability to create potions
to senses, and you are that have a less permanent duration.
able to use this to discern Prerequisites: Brew Potion
levels of various materials Benefits: is skill is an enhancement to the
in a chemical substance. standard Brew Potion feat, for those casters to
Prerequisite: None create quick and dirty potions not expected
Benefits: You gain a + to alchemical skill to last long periods of time in disuse.
checks, and an addition + to the check to
identify potions. is stacks with any racial L XP R
bonuses. E B C
year / 12 base
A E [G] month / 14 base
You have a innate ability to sense things about week / 14 base
magical items. day / 18 base
Prerequisite: Knowledge (arcane): ranks
Benefit: May make a knowledge (arcana) check C F [G]
to determine the effects of magic items. e You are adept at making your
attempt takes a minimum of minute to opponents think you are going to
determine the effects. do something completely different.
Retry: Yes. All retries will require the While attempting to determine your
expenditure of a variety of incenses and other actions, it makes them more susceptible to
testing materials equivalent in cost to the DC. any trickery you attempt.
Benefit: + bonus to Feinting in Combat.
Identify Potion F F [G]
Identify Plus of Weapon or Armor You have extraordinary ability when it comes to dealing
Identify Wands with fey creatures. When trying to deal with such creatures,
Identify Weapon or Armor Qualities you gain a bonus to diplomacy checks.
Identify Miscellaneous Magic Items Prerequisites: Chr +
Identify Rods and Staffs Benefits: You gain a + to Diplomacy skill checks when
deal with fey creatures.
B [G]
You show special aptitude with knowledge and learning. A F [G[
good deal of book learning comes easy to you and you have You are capable of amazing bursts of speed when in danger.

Benefit: Double the standard movement L T [G]
rate when fleeing from combat. You know how to
make good use of your
F [G] size in leveraging a
You have extraordinary resistance trip attack against an
to foul potions and ingested opponent. Usually your
poisons. ough perhaps not whole body gets thrown
helping with the consumption into the procedure, sort of a
of alcohol very much, your combination of all-out grapple
stomach seems able to and body blow. is attack seems
handle substances and to throw off opponents such that you
liquids that would can effect much larger creatures.
normally cause great Prerequisites: Gnome, Str +
amounts of harm to Benefits: You count as two size categories
you. is feat is common larger in regards to the creatures you can trip.
amongst very experimental
alchemists. L D [G]
Prerequisites: Con + You know how to use fancy footwork and a small
Benefits: You gain a + size to your advantage. Swift and fluid movement
to saving throws against around larger creatures makes it harder for
harmful potions and them to keep track of you in combat.
ingested poisons. Prerequisites: Gnome, Dodge, Dex +
Benefits: Against giants your dodge is +.
M [G] M O C [G]
You have an almost otherworldly knack with music. In You show special aptitude with skills related to
additional to the normal gnome talents with other illusions, clockworks, gears, and gear cutting. Such mechanized
you have gained the ability to create odd sounds while gadgets and objects come easily to you, and you have a
perfecting your own music. natural mind for figuring out the mathematics and skills
Prerequisites: Gnome, Int + involved for making such precise devices.
Benefits: Cast Ghost Sound (/Day) and + bonus to Prerequisites: Int +
Perform. Benefits: You gain a + on all skill checks that involve
clockworks or gears.
I W [G]
You are trained to make the best use of any weapon in any M I [G]
situation. You never seem to understand why no one else You are well versed in knowing what illusions can and cant
can use your weapons the same way. do. e innate ability to determine illusion from reality
Benefit: Cobbled weapon has the same effect as a makes it easier to tell how a spell is done.
equivalent well made weapon. Prerequisites: None
Benefits: + Knowledge (Arcana) and + Spellcraft with
J-R C [G] regards to Illusion spells. os with this feat also gets an
You know how to substitute items accordingly to shorten additional + to saves versus Illusion spells.
the creation time or lessen the cost of an item. Items
created with this feat tend to have a homemade apprentice R H [G]
type of feel to it, as opposed to a smooth masterpiece You have an extreme loathing of a specific type of opponent.
work that comes from normally utilizing masterwork Prerequisite: Racial attack bonus against a specific race.
components. Benefit: + damage to attacks when made against a
Prerequisites: Any Craft Magical Skill favored foe.
Benefits: When crafting items, an item will take 12 the
time to create the item, for twice either the XP cost, or S [G]
price of raw materials. Or 12 the cost in raw materials, for You are exceptionally trained at maneuvering around
twice the XP cost. opponents at extreme speeds.

Benefit: You do not provoke an attack of opportunity Sample Gnome Pantheon
when using a Double Move or Run movement in combat. B ( )
Normal: Double moves may provoke an attack of e Illusion Mistress, e Flickering Hand, Lady Of e
opportunity, and a Run always does. Swirling Fog
Alignment: True Neutral
S D [G] Portfolio: Illusion, magic, fog, tricks
You can shrink down small and make your shield cover you Domains: Knowledge, Trickery, Magic, Air
better than it does for most people. Symbol/Crest: A pointing hand surrounded by swirls of
Prerequisite: Proficiency with Shield fog and colorful, twinkling lights
Benefit: May use a small or larger shield to provide the Favored Weapon: A magical rod that can assume the form
same type of cover as a tower shield. and function of any enchanted (+) mundane weapon.
Normal: shields just provide AC bonuses. Brindatriske, better known the Illusion Mistress, e
Flickering Hand, and Lady Of e Swirling Fog is a
S T [G] powerful goddess who is claimed to hold control over all
If you are aware of an opponent with missile weapons, you forms of illusion magic. ough having followers who
know just how to present the least amount of you to your are elven, half-elven, and human, Brindatriske is mostly
opponent, making it harder for them to hit you. popular amongst the hill gnomes. While truly neutral in
Prerequisite: Dodge alignment herself Brindatriskes followers come from all
Benefit: Against known opponents you may gain an forms of alignment.
additional + to AC versus missile weapons. ough mostly worshipped by gnome illusionists no
one is really for certain of the exact race that Brindatriske
T D [G] most accurately resembles. To her gnome followers she
You know the gnomes make the best traps, since they are appears as a stunningly beautiful female gnome but when
the best with all things mechanical. Your skill includes around her few human and elven followers Brindatriske
finding which areas in a cluttered room are safe to sit down appears to be either half-elven or fully human. Brindatriske
in. herself claims to have gnomish blood coursing through
Prerequisites: None her but the deceptive Flintflick has often claimed that the
Benefits: + to reflex saves versus traps. + to search Illusion Mistress is actually little more than a powerful
checks to find mechanical traps. doppleganger. Brindatriskes followers wear bright, multi-
colored robes.
T B F [G]
You have extraordinary ability with fast-talking and pulling C ( )
tricks on the big folk. When trying to bluff medium or e Cog Mist, Lawful Scholar, Master Of Gears, e Star
large sized characters, you gain a bonus. Mist
Prerequisites: Chr +, size: small Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Benefits: You gain a + to Bluff skill checks when deal Portfolio: Law, life, knowledge, inventions
with medium or large sized characters and monsters. Domains: Knowledge, Law, Travel, Sun
Symbol/Crest: A series of gears hovering in a starry
T [G] swirling mist of blue, gold, and purple
You have a knack of making minor magics work around Favored Weapon: Mace (when in gnome form)
you with minimal exertion. ough the most solemn and respected by law abiding,
Prerequisite: Gnome, Int + conservative gnomes Continuo is perhaps the most bizarre
Benefits: Ability to cast Prestidigitation a number of times looking of all gnome deities. In his native form Continuo
equal to the Int bonus. resembles a Large to Huge sized mass of rotating gears and
cogs that are protected in a swirling, starry mist of gold,
U [G[ purple, and blue. He sometimes, however, appears in the
People seem to neglect the fact that you are around. You form of an aging gnome.
are skilled at making it easier for them not to notice you. While there are quite a few imperial and hill gnomes
Benefit: You may attempt to hide while being casually have established temples to Continuo his popularity is
observed with a penalty. the greatest amongst mountain dwarves. e followers of
Normal: You may not hide if anyone is observing you, Continuo typically wear robes of blue and yellow gold with
even casually. trimmings of purple.

F ( ) ough having this obvious kobold relation and being of
e Half Dwarven, e Brander Of Gnomes a lesser godlike status Flintflick is worshipped by many of
Alignment: Lawful Evil the wicked outcasts of the gnomish community. Flintflicks
Portfolio: Fire, death, pain, punishment, law followers usually wear robes of green and rusty orange red.
Domains: Law, Death, Fire, Evil
Symbol/Crest: A glowing brand with a flame like shape H B ( )
Favored Weapon: Flaming Staff with branding iron head Grandmother of gnomes, Good Elder Woman, Good
With dark, mine stained flesh and eyes burning like Witch Of e Kitchen
two hot coals it is said that Firebrander is an unnatural Alignment: Neutral Good
union of dwarf and gnome. is evil deity demands Portfolio: Gnomes, cooking, homes, magic, charity
absolute loyalty and respect from his followers and has Domains: Good, Protection, Magic, Luck
no regrets when it comes to slaying those who get out of Symbol/Crest: An old broom
line. Being a harsh stickler for law, Firebrander is also quite Favored Weapon: Broomstick (used as staff )
fond of delivering out punishment as well. ere have While many gnomes might claim full devotion to
been many gnomes who have suffered the burning end of another deity, theres hardly a good gnome in existence that
Firebranders branding staff. hasnt called upon Hazel Broomsweep when they were in
As evil and harsh reign are not too terribly popular a time of need. is smiling, friendly goddess is considered
amongst the gnomish population Firebranders status to be a good witch of charity and protector of the burrow
amongst his fellow deities is intermediate at best. ose homes. Gnomes look to her for care over their homes
who do follow him, however, do so without question of his or in times when they could use a bit of luck or useful
strict rule and many of these individuals have risen up to enchantments.
prominent positions of power and influence. Hazel is a fairly active deity, and often appears
Firebrander keeps his normal appearance, which is amongst her followers in the form of a kindly female
best described as having both the features of a dwarf gnome whos well advanced in her years. Quite often
and a gnome. He is usually garbed in dark gray or black even her most devoted of clerics have no clue that they
garments with are accented with trimmings of orange, gold, are in her presence until after Hazel departs from their
and silver. His followers usually wear robes of black and presence, leaving behind a cloud of sparkling dust and an
orange during ceremonial activities. incense like aroma of baked fruit pies. She often makes
a point to visit various gnomes in need, especially during
F ( ) the various festivals, and as such theres been many a
e Rebellious Wanderer, e Kobold Son, e Flooding poor Hill gnome whose meager celebration has been
Of Flames made a fair bit better.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil Unlike many deities, theres hardly an enemy of Hazel
Portfolio: Chaos, rebellion, deception, floods, kobolds Broomsweep. e kindly old goddess keeps to her self
Domains: Chaos, Trickery, Water, Travel mostly in regards to other deities and takes little interest in
Symbol/Crest: A glaring eye that bleeds a mixture of the events of cosmic politics.
water and blood
Favored Weapon: A hand axe that constantly drips with K ( )
watered down blood e Harvester Of Souls, Deaths Caretaker, Futures
Unhappy with a growing rise of discontent amongst Visionary
the gnomes in regards to his status Firebrander decided Alignment: Neutral
to create the perfect general for himself. Taking the Portfolio: Death, rest, dreams, fortune-telling
blood of gnomes and kobolds he crossed the two races Domains: Death, Knowledge, Magic
to create a hideous godlike creature known as Flintflick. Symbol/Crest: A covered, cloaked face
is misshapen, repulsive creature turned out to be the Favored Weapon: A sickle
accidental nemesis of the branding god, however, and ough many gnomes fear the name Kartjon as
thus Flintflick immediately rebelled against his creator though the deity was of the greatest of evils some hill and
Firebrander. mountain gnomes realize that Kartjons responsibility
Flintflick keeps a normal form at all times which over the dead is a perfectly natural harmony with nature.
resembles a hideous cross between a gnome and a kobold. Likewise Kartjon is able to see into the future to some
ere are numerous brandings of shame covering his body degree and has passed on elements of this ability to his
that were placed by Firebrander upon Flintflicks rebellion. most devoted of followers.

Kartjon appears to be a humanoid of gnome height that R G ( )
is dressed in heavy funeral robes with his face covered. It e Great Smith, Arm Of War, e Hammering
is said that neither the dead nor the living has ever seen Strategist,
this covering over Kartojons face removed so it is difficult Alignment: Neutral Good
to say whether or not Kartjon bears any true resemblance Portfolio: Blacksmiths, mining, strength, war
to gnome blood or not. Kartjons followers wear robes of Domains: Earth, Fire, Strength, War
black and dull maroon. Symbol/Crest: A sturdy wrist and hand gripping an iron
war hammer
K ( ) Favored Weapon: An iron war hammer
Lady Of Nature, e Forest Woman Roend Getrer, e Great Smith, is a favored god of
Alignment: Neutral weaponcraft, strength, and war amongst the gnomes of the
Portfolio: Nature, water, plants, animals hills and mountains. Due to his nature and interests it is
Domains: Water, Plants, Animals, Earth often believed amongst scoffers that Roend is not truly of
Symbol/Crest: A leafy, twisting vine covering a knotty gnomish line and is in fact of some sort of ancient dwarven
branch blood. at is not the case however, and Roend himself
Favored Weapon: quarterstaff declares that he was once a gnome himself before his
As the gnomes are quite fond of nature Knotaleafa ascension.
holds a high degree of respect amongst all gnomes. Roend usually appears as a muscular gnome with a
Knotaleafa, correctly referred to as being the Lady Of deep tan and graying black hair. His followers usually wear
Nature, holds reign over the creatures of the land and of robes of gray and dark blue.
the sea. While many see her as being quite good in all
honesty Knotaleafa is truly neutral in alignment. She holds S ( )
interest in the laws of the wild and sees the aspects of law Traitor of gnomes, Polluter of lands
and chaos or good and evil as being the results of petty, Alignment: Neutral Evil
civilized philosophy. Portfolio: Smog, pollution, evil, trickery
Knotaleafa normally appears as a young gnome female Domains: Evil, Magic, Trickery, Destruction
who is dressed in greenish dyed buckskin and weilding a Symbol/Crest: A cloud of dark smoke flowing from a
quarterstaff. Her followers usually wear ceremonial robes potion bottle
of beige, green, and yellow gold. Favored Weapon: Morningstar
ough many gnomes prefer to cling to the virtues
O A M of good, there are quite a few who have followed by the
( ) wayside in search of power through darker, sinister paths.
e Golden, e Sun Holder Waiting to receive these evil gnomes with open arms is
Alignment: Lawful Good Smogchoke, evil traitor of the gnomes. Smogchoke is a
Portfolio: Life, sun, health, light, good crude old gnome with dark grayish beard, soot covered
Domains: Good, Sun, Healing, Protection clothing, and burning red eyes who entertains the darker
Symbol/Crest: An outstretched hand holding a ball of aspects of gnome industry. Taking delight in both polluting
glowing sunlight the lands and minds of gnome kind, the followers of
Favored Weapon: An enchanted mace whos head Smogchoke are encouraged to use their inventiveness to
constantly emits burning sunlight craft great devices of destruction and evil.
Amongst the many gods and goddesses that the Smogchoke is reasonably active on the Prime Material
gnomes of the hills and mountains worship no single plane, often appearing in his native form and escorted by
deity is given more respect than Oserien Anntilien an array of filthy looking, rusted iron constructs. Smoke
Mareleos. is deity is declared to be protector of the boils from his mouth, nose, and ears as he speaks and
gnomes and a master over the sun itself. ough he has every single step that Smogchoke takes leaves behind sooty
many forms Oserien usually takes on the appearance of a footprints that dirty up floors and stain rugs.
young adult gnome with strikingly good looks and deep, Smogchoke is mainly worshipped by evil Hill and
golden yellow hair. Mountain gnomes though there has been rumor that he
As there are so many hill and mountain gnomes holds court over a small population of Imperial gnomes as
devoted to Oserien the deity has many temples in his well. He holds some degree of interest in cosmic politics
honor. His worshippers usually wear robes of yellow, and has been known to assist other evil deities from time
orange, and ivory white. to time.

Gnome Views on the Classes Disadvantages: If you happen to be a hill or mountain
A gnome, however, other gnomes are quick to judge you as
ough somewhat common in the mountain and imperial being little more than uneducated and uncouth. While
gnome societies hill gnome adepts are quite a rarity. As an barbarian gnomes with imperialist blood-stock are looked
adept of gnomish blood you serve as both a magic user and upon as being heroes amongst their kind you are more
a spiritual guide for your people. While your abilities are than likely considered to be nothing more than a social
useful in a practical sense you lack the mightier skills of a outsider attempting to pursue an unlikely profession.
sorcerer, wizard, cleric, bard, or druid.
Advantages: In a village lacking in more sophisticated B
arts your abilities are quite welcome. ere are a great many varieties of gnome bards as the class
Disadvantages: As an adept you are on the lowest rung is a reasonably popular career amongst the members of
of mages and spiritual guides. the gnomish races. e exact nature of the bard, however,
changes from sub-race to sub-race. All gnome bards have
A a degree of the needed musical aptitude but their stronger
While not as common in hill and mountain gnome points of mundane performance go beyond the nature
societies the imperial gnomes yield a high number of of song and melody. Mountain gnomes as well as quite a
aristocrats in the middle to upper castes of their social few hill gnomes are highly regarded as keepers and tellers
orders. Such gnomes tend to be either rich or influential of the stories and legends of their people. ere is also a
or both. ough it is in the heart of most gnomes to be strong streak of poetic verse amongst the gnomes of the
wishful of goodness for all of their kind the aristocrats hills and as such quite a few hill gnome bards have been
of the imperial gnomes have often been unknowingly regarded as being some of the finest poets in the lands.
or even semi-knowingly responsible for the oppression Imperial gnomes, however, have a rich traditional history
of the lower castes. As a gnome aristocrat you enjoy a for the performing arts of fine theater. When not engaged
more prominent position in your society. Perhaps you in adventure bards of imperialist gnome stock work the
are of royal blood or maybe you have entered the realms performance houses where they take on a variety of
through the wealth generated from a successful trade or costumes and roles. Such gnome performers are legendary
profession. ough you could be personally responsible for their mixture of acting and song.
for your own slot in the rungs of aristocracy it is most Advantages: As a gnome bard you come from a rich
likely that you achieved such a rank from the success or history of performance. ere were many great performers
position of your family line. before you and as such your presence will most likely be
Advantages: As an aristocrat you enjoy a more eagerly welcome amongst others.
prominent position in society, making life essentially a Disadvantages: Due to such a rich history you will
luxury for yourself and your family. be expected of a great many things if you have desires of
Disadvantages: As an aristocrat you are naturally seeing your name become legendary. In a heritage where a
a prime target of uprisings, theft, and the armies and bard of reasonably good talent is considered hardly above
assassins of your communitys enemies. the mediocre one must be exceptional in skill if they wish
earn their in history.
While barbarians are somewhat of a rarity amongst the C
hill and mountain gnomes such individuals are actually In addition to fascination and respect for the arcane, as
reasonably common amongst the unwashed masses of the well as mundane crafts, gnomes are also a spiritual people.
imperialist gnomes. As a imperialist gnome barbarian you While many hold a druidic-like faith in the forces of
are usually regarded as being a hero of sorts amongst the nature, there are many gnomes who pay great homage and
populations of poor and oppressed. ough shunning devotion to various deities. As such gnomes need proper
magic and other more sophisticated learning and arts, instruction and guidance the clerics of gnome villages enjoy
gnome barbarians such as yourself often tend to be quite an important position.
stylish. It is not uncommon for you to employ a variety of Advantages: Among the gnomes clerics are needed, but
tattooing, ritual scars, war paints, branding, and piercing are not as common as many of the other classes. As such
into your appearance. it is quite easy for you to become rather important in a
Advantages: Provided that you are an imperialist gnomish community.
gnome you are most likely considered to be a rebellious Disadvantages: Such degree of influence and
hero amongst the poor, unwashed masses. prestige comes easy, of course, if you are good or neutral

in alignment. Gnomes with evil intentions are fairly E
uncommon and most of these are not very well organized While experts enjoy a reasonable degree of prestige,
or structured in regards to their wickedness or wrong importance, and respect amongst all gnomes the experts
doings. For this reason evil gnome clerics tend to dwell in of the mountain gnomes are perhaps looked up to
temples that are isolated from a normal gnome community. and respected the most. Many of these individuals are
craftsmen and inventors who are masters of the many
C trades that the mountain gnomes favor. In the hill
While the commoners of the imperial gnomes toil under societies gnome experts are over the more complex trades
the mindless labors assigned to the members of the lowest and professions, leaving the commoners to do the more
caste systems the mountain and hill gnome commoners do simplistic bulk labor. e same also holds true in imperial
not seem to have it as bad. While their degree of efforts are gnome societies, with experts usually serving trades or
no greater the need of such labor is respected amongst the professions ranked in between the skills of a commoner
gnomes who dwell within the hills and mountains. and an aristocrat.
Advantages: As a commoner your life is usually simple Advantages: As a gnome expert, particularly one of the
and lacking in events. While many would shun upon a mountain gnomes, your skills or ability in a profession is
situation you can at least find hope in the fact that more regarded with high favor and a great deal of respect.
than likely your day to day existence will be predictable Disadvantages: Like a commoner you are probably
and unchanging. quite helpless should danger arise.
Disadvantages: Your
life is boring and though F
you find its repetitive cycle ough the career of a fighter is not exactly popular
somewhat comforting there amongst the gnomes of the hills and mountains the
is always the chance that imperial gnomes take great pride in their fighters. Most of
some form of danger or such fighters are skilled in many aspects of melee weapons,
another could enter the missile combat, and hand to hand strategy. As
lives of yourself, your a gnome fighter your choice of expertise and
family, and your fellow technique often reflects upon your heritage. As
villagers. When and if such a the ranks of hill and mountain gnomes are
nemesis should arise you will
more than likely find yourself to
be completely helpless.

While the illusionists are
perhaps the most popular
of spell casters amongst the
hill gnomes there is a high
regard for nature and
its magic amongst all
gnomes. As a druid
you are capable of
working such natural
magics, causing the
other gnomes of your
community to often
view you as a wise and
capable leader.
Advantages: Gnomes are
appreciative of both magic and nature,
making your position as a druid rather desirable.
Disadvantages: ere are really no disadvantages to
being a gnome druid.

somewhat low, you are pretty much guaranteed a favorable distance. As a hill ranger you come from a heritage of
militia status if you happen to be a fighter with such a rangers who have learned the advantage of using your races
heritage. If you are of imperial stock then your options small size to move about nearly unseen in the surrounding
greatly vary. You might choose to take on the royal attire wild. As a mountain ranger you are well trained in focusing
and boldly represent your land on the battlefield or the in on distant, approaching targets and striking from above
more shadowy operations could fancy your liking and style whenever possible. ough the imperial gnomes hold less
instead. interest in the ranger class you have learned to use the
Advantages: If you are an imperial gnome then the missile weapons of your people to take down larger, greater
traditions of skilled fighters run naturally through your threats.
blood. If your heritage lies in the hills and mountains Advantages: As a ranger your races size is not as much
then your success as a fighter will surely guarantee you a of a problem when dealing with combative situations.
favorable military position. Disadvantages: ough there are not nearly the
Disadvantages: Whether you are of hill, mountain, same degree of disadvantages that the gnomes of other
or even imperial heritage it is important to remember combative classes suffer the role of a ranger is still probably
that there are a great many races that are much larger and not the optimum choice for a gnome.
more physically powerful than you. Likewise many of
these creatures are also skilled more in the combative arts, R
making these enemies that much more challenging. While many gnomes tend to shun thieves, particularly
the mountain and imperial gnomes, the rogue class is still
M somewhat more favorable for members of your race. You
While a few societies of hill and mountain gnomes are small, stealthy, and thus have more advantage when it
encourage the training of a monk the monks are more comes to moving about without raising much attention.
common amongst the imperial gnomes. As a gnome monk Advantages: As a gnome you are considered to be
you rely on the powers of your mind and body to overcome just the right size for a rogue. Likewise, the streak of
the weapons, armor, and sheer size of your opponents. materialism that so commonly runs in the mentality of
Advantages: Gnomes often have to face opponents that the mountain and imperial gnomes makes such rogues
are much larger and better armed than themselves, making naturals when it comes to appraising the worth of a
the training and philosophies of a monk quite favorable. targeted item.
Disadvantages: Despite the training, philosophy, and Disadvantages: Most members of the gnomish
dedication that comes with being a monk there is still the societies generally shun rogues.
issue of facing opponents who are of much greater stature
and physical power. S
ough not as common a wizard there are quite a few
P instances of great gnomish sorcerers recorded in history.
ough not nearly as common in the imperial gnome e blood of a sorcerer runs through the veins of many
societies the good aligned temples of the hill and mountain gnomes though a fair deal of these individuals ignore such
gnomes have held a reasonably rich history of paladins. As natural potential and end up pursuing the more educated
a gnome your duties as a paladin are little different the arts of a wizard illusionist.
tasks of the other races that take up this way of life. Advantages: Quite a few gnomes, whether they realize
Advantages: Paladins are quite welcome among the it or not, have the ability to become great sorcerers.
more religious communities of gnomes, particularly Disadvantages: e gnomish society tends to be more
amongst the hill and mountain gnomes. geared towards turning out illusionists.
Disadvantages: You suffer many of the same
drawbacks that gnomes of other combative classes face. W
ough gnomes usually tend to avoid the brutality of
R combat if possible it is a requirement of all intelligent races
While careers involving a fair degree of combative skills that one must do what they can to defend their people
and practices are typically shunned by most gnomes and their land. As such individuals skilled in the trade of a
the role of a ranger is a bit more popular. e hill and warrior are common in all gnome communities.
mountain gnomes are particularly proud of their rangers, Advantages: Warriors are needed by all societies,
especially since their arts in ranged combat offers the even those of a gnome. For this reason you hold a fairly
ability of effectively dealing with larger brutes at a safe important status as a gnome warrior.

Disadvantages: Gnomes are not usually naturally Physical Description: Frightlocks are for the most
driven towards the nature of combat. Likewise, your skills part much like gnomes in physical makeup though they
are inferior to that of a fighter. do have some obvious differences. eir skin is pale and
pasty like in tone, and their hair is typically dull and black
in shade. e eyes of a frightlock are normally either
pinkish red or yellow green in coloration. Other than
such features the physical makeup of a frightlock is no
different than a normal gnome race.
Relations: ough normally evil in desire and
intent, frightlocks tend to keep to themselves. ey
have been known, however, to associate themselves with
drow from time to time.
Alignment: While a few good and neutral frightlocks
are know exist many frightlocks are evil, particularly
neutral evil, in alignment.
Frightlock Lands: ough reasonably rare amongst
the hill gnomes, the frightlocks are fairly common
amongst the mountain and imperial gnome lands.
ough quite a bit more morbid in design Frightlock
burrows are built in much the same manner as normal
gnome burrows.
Religion: ere are many Frightlocks who worship
Kartjon. Others, however, choose to pay homage to
Language: Frighlocks use the standard gnome
Names: ough Frightlocks differ in outlook and
appearance than normal gnomes they still share the same
W general names as other gnomes that live in their area.
Wizardry, especially in regards to the trade of an illusionist, Adventurers: ough there are many frightlocks who
runs deep in the history of gnomes. Hill gnomes are keep their matters of business close to home quite a few
skillful in the arts of illusion and there is usually at least of these gnomes take up the life of adventure. Most of
one or two old elders in a hill gnome community who is these frightlocks are necromancers.
willing to pass on their knowledge to an apprentice.
Advantages: Wizardry, particularly illusion magic, is F T:
quite popular for gnomes, who seem to have a knack for ] Small Size: As small-size creatures, frightlocks gain
the trade. a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on
Disadvantages: ere are no real disadvantages to attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but
becoming a gnome wizard. they must use smaller weapons that humans use, and
their lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of
Subraces those of Medium-sized characters.
F ] e Base Speed of a frightlock is 20 feet.
Frightlocks are a foul, offshoot subrace of gnomes that ] Low-light Vision: e frightlock can see twice as far as
have an unsettling interest for the necromantic arts. humans in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and other
ough their general overall anatomy is the same as a such similar conditions of poor lighting or illumination.
normal gnome Frightlocks have features that are pale and e frightlocks retain the ability to distinguish color
unsettling. and detail under such conditions.
Personality: Frightlocks, unlike most gnomes, tend ] Gnome Blood: For all purposes of special abilities and
to be frighteningly antisocial at the worst and melancholy effects a Frightlock is considered to be a gnome.
at the best. Even the most surprisingly goodhearted ] +2 racial bonus on saving throws against necromancy.
frightlocks tend to be too morbid and depressive for most Frightlocks, unlike most gnomes, shun the petty
individuals tastes. tricks of illusion for the dark arts of the dead. As such

the frightlocks have become so acquainted with the Oakcap Lands: Oakcaps make their homes in the
workings of necromancy over the years that they are wild. While many do in fact have burrows there are many
considerably familiar with the workings of such spells oakcaps who dwell in caves or in the hollowed out trunks
and their use in combat. and stumps of ancient trees.
] +2 racial attack bonus against other gnomes: Due to Religion: Most oakcaps are druidical in nature.
their necromantic ways Frightlocks have a keen sense Language: Oakcaps use the standard gnome language.
of knowledge regarding the anatomy. As such they are Names: ough oakcaps differ somewhat in way of
more effective at striking other gnomes in combat. life than normal gnomes they still share the same general
] +2 to Alchemy checks. Frightlocks, like other gnomes, names as other gnomes that live in their area.
have a keen sense of smell and can easily distinguish Adventurers: As they live in the wild many oakcaps
between different fabricated substances. are in a sense adventurers to some degree. Rangers and
] +2 Sense Motive checks. Frightlocks tend to be on their druids are quite common, as are fighters and even a few
guard around others. barbarians.
] +2 to Listen Checks: Like other gnomes Frightlocks
have exceptional hearing. O T:
] Automatic Languages: Common and Gnome. Bonus ] Small Size: As small-size creatures, oakcaps gain a +1
Languages: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Goblin, size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack
and Orc. rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but they
] Favored Class: Wizard (specializing in Necromancy). must use smaller weapons that humans use, and their
A multiclass Frightlocks necromancer class does not lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those
count when determining whether he suffers an XP of Medium-sized characters.
penalty. ] e Base Speed of an oakcap is 20 feet.
] Low-light Vision: e oakcap can see twice as far
Oakcaps as humans in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and
Oakcaps are a subrace of gnomes that choose to dwell other such similar conditions of poor lighting or
amongst their wilderness friends. ough civil in behavior illumination. Oakcaps retain the ability to distinguish
the majority of oakcaps shun the idea of dwelling within color and detail under such conditions.
established villages. ey will, however, visit the villages ] Gnome Blood: For all purposes of special abilities and
of the hill and mountain gnomes in order to trade, form effects an oakcap is considered to be a gnome.
alliances, and gather information. ] +2 racial bonus to Fortitude saving throws: Oakcaps
Personality: Oakcaps are friendly but in a quiet, are hardy individuals who have a substantial degree of
solemn way. ey are not a particularly stern race but they extra resistance against the harsher physical aspects of
do tend to have somewhat of a serious, sober mind. Most the environments that they explore and dwell in.
of this is due to the unpredictable environments in which ] +2 racial bonus to Intuit Direction checks: Having
the oakcaps make their homes. a good background in finding their way through the
Physical Description: ough they have certain forests, oakcaps have a exceptional grasp when it
attributes that set them apart there is very little physical comes to direction.
differences between oakcaps and gnomes of common stock. ] +4 racial bonus to Wilderness Lore checks: Due to
e oakcaps do tend to have darker hair however and the the fact that the oakcaps spend their entire lives in the
males are a bit stockier. Most adult oakcaps tend to be wild they have an exceptional degree of knowledge
reasonably muscular and physically fit, but this is more due about their surroundings.
to their way of life rather than any genetic traits. ] +1 racial attack bonus against evil humanoids.
Relations: ough technically a subrace of the normal Oakcaps are devoted protectors of the forests against
gnome in many aspects, hill and mountain gnomes evil humanoids. As such they have exceptional
consider the bulk of the oakcaps that live near the borders attacking abilities against humanoids with wicked
of the gnomish villages to be kin. ough typically solemn intents.
and quiet oakcaps are usually greeted by their neighboring ] Automatic Languages: Common and Gnome. Bonus
gnomes with a great deal of friendliness. In fact, though Languages: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Goblin,
choosing to dwell in the wilderness borders there are quite and Orc.
a few oakcaps who ] Favored Class: Ranger. A multiclass oakcaps ranger
Alignment: Most oakcaps are neutral good in class does not count when determining whether he
alignment. suffers an XP penalty.

Toedirts Adventurers: While toedirts are often content to spend
ough any gnome race or subrace naturally has its own their lives rummaging through garbage or hanging out in
share of the impoverished and destitute the subrace their barrel homes and hovels there are a few who develop
known as the toedirts seems to wholly embrace the life enough curiosity and boldness to become adventurers.
of an unwashed vagabond. Filthy from head to toe and ough lacking in any real sense of greed these toedirts
content to make their way in life by living off the things surprisingly excel at becoming rogues. is is mostly
that others have tossed aside and left behind the toedirts due to the fact that they have a natural sense of finding
are perhaps the truly fittest for survival in crowded urban treasure amongst worthless looking piles of garbage as well
environments. as slipping around unnoticed.
Personality: ough generally friendly as a whole there
are few individuals outside of the subrace who actively T T:
pursue the company of a toedirt. ough these tattered ] Small Size: As small-size creatures, toedirts gain a +1
little gnomes do not actively seek the opportunity to cover size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack
their bodies from head to toe with cobwebs, dust, and filth rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but they
their general nature makes it impossible to stay clean very must use smaller weapons that humans use, and their
long. Toedirts are natural scavengers of possessions and see lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those
no reason to work towards a more lavish life when other of Medium-sized characters.
races (including other gnomes) are so content to throw ] e Base Speed of a toedirt is 20 feet.
perfectly good junk away. Likewise a toedirt sees no need ] Low-light Vision: e toedirt can see twice as far
in establishing a fine burrow for him or herself when there as humans in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and
are plenty of discarded barrels, crates, and abandoned other such similar conditions of poor lighting or
dwellings lying about to inhabit. illumination. Toedirts retain the ability to distinguish
Physical Description: Other than their constant color and detail under such conditions.
covering of filth and dirt there are little differences in a ] Gnome Blood: For all purposes of special abilities and
toedirt and a normal gnome on the outside. Many do, effects a toedirt is considered to be a gnome.
unlike other gnomes, have slight differences regarding their ] +4 racial bonus to saving throws against disease:
coloration of eyes and hair. While some toedirts share the While toedirts are not entirely immune to disease their
common gnome trait of fair colored hair and blue eyes a long lived legacy of dwelling in filth has made these
great deal of toedirts have lavender purple tinted eyes and creatures highly resistant to the effects of illness.
hair that is a dark moldy looking green to black. Likewise, ] +2 racial bonus to saving throws against poison: Like
most toedirts, males included, tend to have little or no with their resistance to disease, the often polluted
body hair nor beards. environments and foods that the toedirts live in or
Relations: While many races including other gnomes consume have made them a bit more resistant to
tend to look down upon the toedirts these creatures tend poison.
to get along rather well with halflings. ey have also been ] +2 racial attack bonus against vermin, rats, and dire
known to form tight bonds with the poor humans that live rats: Toedirts live amongst such creatures constantly
in the same community. Human beggars and toedirts have in their filthy environments and as such have become
a rich and colorful history of looking out for one another. rather skilled in attacking such creatures when such a
Alignment: ough neutral and even evil toedirts exist monster happens to threaten a toedirt or their homes
most toedirts tend to be chaotic good in alignment. and families.
Toedirt Lands: Toedirts usually have no real ] +2 to Search checks: Toedirts are natural scavengers.
established homes of their own, much less kingdoms. Most As such they constantly have their eyes open when it
toedirts tend to inhabit the poor, rundown slums of large comes to searching an area.
human settlements. ] Scavenge Food: Toedirts are notorious when it comes
Religion: Toedirts tend be a bit lighthearted about to making do with what resources are available when
religion, but do hold preferences towards religions that they need to be fed. In an urban environment or a
encourage selflessness and good will towards others, temperate area with plenty of vegetation (such as
particularly the poor. a forest, marsh, or meadow) the Toedirt may use a
Language: Toedirts use the standard gnome language. skill check (such as Wilderness Lore or Knowledge:
Names: ough Toedirts differ somewhat in outlook Urban areas, DC 8) to find any form of nourishment
than normal gnomes they still share the same general that they might need with the exception for water
names as other gnomes that live in their area. (though many toedirts are happy to drink from mud

puddles). If the toedirt is in an underground or area Gnomes, on the other hand, must be a bit more careful.
that is reasonably lacking in natural resources or Whenever a gnome with bleeding or freshly scabbed over
recently cast off food sources then the skill check is injuries is forced to be exposed to the conditions of an area
a bit more difficult (DC 12). In the event that the inhabited by goblinoids for more than hours then the
toedirt and his/her companions kill a non- humanoid, gnome is at risk for contracting goblinscabs. Goblinscabs
undead, or construct opponent the toedirt will is caused by a bacterium carried around by goblinoid hosts
consume the targets flesh, blood, bones, organs, etc. that set up in fresh wounds on a gnomes skin. Once the
for food provided that such a creature is organic and illness has set in the wounds turn blue gray and leak a
not entirely poisonous or diseased. Toedirts can live green and blood red pus.
on reasonably little and as such most Tiny creatures Preventive Treatment: If the gnome is allowed to leave
will feed a toedirt for 2 days while Small to Medium the unfavorable surrounds for at least four hours a day in
creatures can subtstain a toedirt for up to a week. order to bask in sunlight then the gnome gains a + bonus
Large and greater sized creatures can feed a single to checks against goblinscabs.
toedirt for up two weeks or more but usually after a
week or so the carcass beyond being concievably edible, L
even for a toedirt. ough such appetites seem to hold little danger for other
] Automatic Languages: Common and Gnome. Bonus races it is generally unhealthy for a gnome to consume
Languages: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Goblin, the meat of any reptile. Unless subjected to heavy boiling
and Orc. the meat of lizards, snakes, turtles, and other reptiles can
] Favored Class: Rogue. A multiclass toedirts rogue cause a bacterial reaction in the digestive system of most
class does not count when determining whether he gnomes, causing an illness called lizardfoam that is quite
suffers an XP penalty. dangerous and painful. Gnomes suffering from lizardfoam
show symptoms that include a reddening around the eyes,
Gnome Diseases violent stomach cramps, vomiting, and a constant foaming
Just like other races, a gnome is not immune to all forms of heavy saliva.
of disease. And in fact there are several diseases that only Preventive Treatment: If a gnome happens to eat a bit of
seem to infect gnomes. oregano and wild onion, garlic, or leeks with the reptilian
dish then they gain an additional + bonus to resisting the
B contraction of lizardfoam.
Burrowmites, unlike most gnome illnesses, is actually a
parasitic infection consisting of small, clear mites that N
inhabit unclean gnome burrows. When these creatures While some young adult lovers have often believed that
manage to burrow underneath a victims skin the ailing the story of a disease called nosentoes was simply made
gnome has small, pus filled pock marks covering their skin. up by their gnomish mothers to keep them from flirting
ese areas causing burning, itching sensations that often with one another along the creek banks, the ailment
lead up to a loss of balance. does indeed exist. Nosentoes is an infection that occurs
Preventive Treatment: Rubbing ones self with in gnomes as a result of inhaling the spores of the fungi
peppermint oil before entering a filthy burrow gives that grows along the banks of swift moving water in the
a cautious gnome a + bonus to checks against early spring. e symptoms include runny eyes, excessive
burrowmites. sneezing and drainage, moderate loss in strength, and a
tinting of green on the nose and toes of the victim.
G Preventive Treatment: During the springtime most
ough goblin lairs tend to be quite filthy most creatures gnomes are able avoid catching this illness by drinking
can move about in such places with little fear of great harm. a hot tea every night that consists of horehound, honey,
lemon balm, wild
D: I: DC I T D mint, and honey.
Burrowmites Contact day d Dex Drinking this tea
gives a gnome
Goblinscabs Injury day d Con
a + resistance
Lizardfoam Ingested day d Con against contracting
Nosentoes Inhaled d days d Str Nosentoes.

Exotic Weapons: Melee
is weapon is a -foot long staff with a e fan staff resembles a sturdy war fan that has been
narrow, cylindrical head. In the middle of the mounted to a -foot wooden handle.
weapon head is a rotating bearing from ough usable by medium-sized
which are three -inch diameter, spiked characters, small sized characters
metal balls attached to the bearing by are best suited for using the
-foot lengths of chain. e bearing fan staff. As such, medium-
allows the balls to flay about due the sized characters suffer a
attackers motion, allowing the bola penalty to attack rolls when
staff to deliver three painful strikes. using a fan staff.
While this weapon is usable by either
medium sized or small characters, small P S
characters tend to favor the bola staff. is peculiar weapon looks like a cross
between a short staff and a sword. e
C T prong sword has a toothy, 12-foot
is short weapon resembles a small trident with a blade attached to a -foot long,
-foot long handle. ough usable by medium sized wooden handle. It is used for
characters, small sized characters are best suited for both piercing and slashing
using the chub trident. As such, medium sized attacks. ough usable by
characters suffer a penalty to attack rolls medium sized characters,
when using a chub trident. small sized characters
are best suited for using
the prong sword. As such,
small sized characters gain a
+ bonus to attack rolls when using a
prong sword.

Chub Trident gp d lb Piercing
Gnome Fan Staff gp d lb Slashing
Bola Staff gp d lb Bludgeoning
Prong Sword gp d / lb Piercing/Slashing

Imperial Gnome Mundane Items D S
A sweet, yellowish orange sauce that is often used on
meat dishes. Duck sauce normally has a fairly mild flavor.
Beaded Curtain, Common sp lbs ough the gnomes were simply satisfied to use this
Beaded Curtain, Fancy gp lbs specially blended sauce on a plate of vegetables and rice, it
Betel Nuts cp lb was the human hunters who discovered its unique ability
Duck Sauce, flask sp lb to heighten the flavor of game fowl and other such dishes.
Hot And Sour Soup, bowl of cp 12 lb
Hookah, Common sp lbs ough a bit dangerous if handled improperly, fireworks
Hookah, Fancy gp lbs are usually associated with either times of celebration or
Hookah, Noble gp lbs to mark a signal of distress. roughout the ages gnomes
Kite, Common cp ** have used their skills in alchemy to advance the
development of these explosive wonders.
Kite, Fancy sp **
Painters Enamel, Common, jar sp lbs H
Painters Enamel, Fancy, jar gp lbs ough the gnomes are a hard working and very
Patchouli Essence, flask gp ** productive race, they too know how to sit back
Perfume Oil, jar sp lbs at the end of the day and enjoy the fruits of their
labor. One of the great pleasures is the smoking
Pung Chow, Common, tile set sp lbs
of imported tobacco or a special blend of herbs
Pung Chow, Fancy, tile set gp lbs through a water pipe, or hookah.
Shoyu, flask cp lb For the gnomes in particular, a
Silk read, Common, spool sp ** hookah is also an important
Silk read, Fancy, spool sp ** family heirloom and quite often
a symbol of social status. Common
Smoking Herbs cp lb
hookahs are usually made of
Tofu cp lb ceramics or clay that has been fired
Special And Superior Items and glazed. Fancier hookahs are
Fireworks, Simple ( charges) cp ** usually made of brass and bone or
Fireworks, Fancy ( charges) sp ** shell. Hookahs of royal value are
often made of ivory or jade.
Fireworks, Grand ( charge) gp **
** weight of little to no value. H A S S
ough this soup was originally developed by the
B C human cultures, it was the gnomes who perfected the
ese curtains usually hang over the entrance to hallways recipes. ough the exact contents of the soup vary
and are made with a variety of materials. Common beaded from region to region, the gnome variety most always
curtains usually employ dyed or natural bamboo and wood offers a distinctive texture and pleasant moderation of
while the fancy version often has baubles and beads of strength. While hot and sour soup would normally seem
either colored glass or tumbled, semi-precious gems. unworthy of mention other than its purpose as a typical
meal, victims of a flu or common cold often take delight
B N in the soups ability to bring forth a sweat and open sinus
Popular especially amongst the gnome passages.
elders, betel nuts are chewed in much the
same manner and reason that tobacco is K, C F
sometimes chewed. As the juice of the ough often mistaken as being little more than a childs
betel nut stains the teeth dark red plaything, kites can also be culturally symbolic and can
and is commonly spit out upon the signal times of good cheer and celebration. Exceptional
ground, the practice of chewing kite craftsmen are honored with the status of master kite
betel nuts is often found to be maker and the poor and rich alike offer their coins for such
somewhat repulsive by outsiders. high quality items.

P E classes. A typical spool usually has around yards of
ese are sturdy enamels thread on it.
that are often used to do fine
details on a variety of materials. S H
Common enamels are usually the While some gnomes prefer tobacco that has either been
most basic of colors while fancier grades imported or grown on local farms, the usual smoking
include a wide variety of choices, including medium of choice is a blend of assorted herbs.
metallic shades. ese enamels are sold in sealed jars ese dried herbs can be of any single plant
that hold a gallon of one specific color. or a combination of many, and the exact
blend varies from smoker to smoker. Most
P E often such a blend might include skullcap,
is is the concentrated essence of patchouli, a plant with motherwort, mugwort, catnip, lobelia, mullein,
a fragrance that is very popular in perfume oils. A flask of golden seal, grape root, and valerian.
concentrated patchouli essence is enough to properly blend
up to eight gallons of perfume oil. T
Legends claim that when the weather began to grow colder
P O there were more and more threats of hunters invading
While some perfumes use a water the hillsides. In an effort to feed their own culture as
or alcohol formula base, fine oils are well as the humans, the gnomes took to the bean fields
also considered a respected and noble in an effort to experiment with an alternate food source.
medium. Such oil is derived from a By crushing up the soybeans and then boiling them, the
variety of plants and is sold unscented inventive gnomes eventually stumbled across the discovery
in gallon jars. While a variety of of bean curd, or Tofu as it came to be called. Tofu,
flowers and plants may be used with though somewhat lacking in a great deal of taste, is quite
this oil to create a fine fragrance, nourishing and often used as a food source by the poorer
patchouli essence holds a high degree of classes. A one pound block of tofu is well more than
popularity. enough to get a gnome through the day and worthy of a
single meal for a medium sized character. Usually the tofu
P C T is seasoned and served in a variety of manners, including
Pung Chow tiles, or Mahjongg as the humans often call soup.
it, are simply a set of decorated tiles from which a variety
of games are played. Local humans will often flock to Standard Mundane Items
gnome craftsmen in an effort to purchase a set of such I C W
tiles, as the patrons of their taverns enjoy a solitaire version. Chimney Sauce, flask sp *
is version of the game simply involves the removal Ditty Box, Common gp lbs
of matching sets of like tiles in an effort to clear all the Ditty Box, Masterwork gp lbs
tiles from a variety of structured layouts. Most gnomes, Gear Cutters Shop gp *
however, prefer more traditional versions of pung chow, Gnome Garden Kit gp lbs
which often resemble human card games in the manner of Inventors Shop gp *
rules. Common sets of these tiles are usually made from Medicine Pouch, Common sp
bamboo, wood, or bone while the more fancy versions are Medicine Pouch, Fancy gp
usually carved from ivory or white onyx. Soup Powders ( servings) sp lb
Tinker Vest, Small characters sp 18 lb
S Tinker Vest, Medium characters sp 12 lb
Shoyu, or tamari soy sauce, is a popular sauce and
Trading Figures, dozen sp *
seasoning that is used to flavor many foods, including
Tumbled Gems, lb batch gp lb
Tumbled Gems, Beaded, batch gp lb
Tumbling Grit, Coarse cp lbs
S T, S
Tumbling Grit, Fine cp lbs
e common variety of this silk thread is very plain and
Tumbling Paddle gp lbs
not dyed. e fancy variety is dyed in shades of brilliant
Walking Stick Tea cp lb
colors and most often used by members of the better

S A S I haul, requiring the drinker to rest an additional two hours
Ant Dust gp lb during their sleep time following the consumption in order
Burrow Mead, pint/mug cp lb to gain the full benefit of the rest.
Burrow Mead, pitcher sp lb
Cream Keeping Powder gp lb C K P
Drip Clothes gp lbs/34 lb is odorless, tasteless, white powder is used to keep
Ginger Mead, pint/mug cp lb cream and milk from spoiling, even when kept out in the
Ginger Mead, pitcher sp lb open, warm air for great periods of time. Harmless to most
Skunk Soap gp lb creatures, the powder simply kills off any bacteria and
Stinker Wax ( applications) gp lb prevents the curdling of the milk or cream. Such fluids can
Trick Spice, vial ( application) gp still be curdled by the means of using vinegar or lemon
Trick Spice, jug ( applications) gp / lb juice, but the effects of enzymes, bacteria, and mold even
Ugly Blanket gp lbs are prevented. A pound of the powder will protect up to
*variable weight weight of little to no value
fifteen gallons of milk or cream.
the weight of three pounds is for the standard of medium
sized characters. Drip clothing for small characters such as C S
gnomes and halflings weigh only three quarters of a pound. ough originally intended for culinary uses, chimney
sauce has been the delightful prank of countless young
A D gnomes, often resulting in angered big folk with blistered
Created with the intentions of keeping ant hills from lips. A very hot concoction of tiny peppers and herbs
destroying the burrows, ant dust is a strange concoction steeped in vinegar, chimney sauce is a flavoring that is to
of alchemy that is irritating to all forms of normal sized be treated with great care. A flasks worth, if used properly,
ants, termites, fleas, and ticks though it is harmless to all will flavor up to forty or fifty meals.
other creatures and beings. For some reason quite
unknown, giant ants and other such monstrous D B
insects seem to be unaffected by ant dust. e e ditty box is a strange little box-like instrument thats
dust is scattered across the ground either played through the pressing of assorted keys. Inside the
outside the burrow or brushed along the walls, actual box these keynotes control various pegs, hammers,
ceiling, floor of the inside, causing a protective levers, and arms that strike chord strings, pump tiny
shield that keeps unwanted pests away. e bellows, and hammer against small jingling cymbals,
dust quickly soaks into whatever dirt it has causing the variety of these devices to work together in
been spread upon and one pound of the harmony. ough the proud invention of gnomes, ditty
ant dust is enough to cover a thirty foot by boxes are quite popular with human bards, who describe
thirty foot area. While a good dusting is the overall sound being as though there was a tiny band
enough to take care of an indoor area for of minstrels echoing away within the chambers of the
an indefinite period of time, outside areas instrument. Due to their complex construction, ditty
must be treated twice a year, usually in boxes cost twice as much as normal instruments. A
the spring and then again in the fall. common ditty box usually sells for gp and such boxes of
masterwork quality go for gp.
Burrow mead is a specially formulated drink that is D C
popular amongst the gnomes during the coldest and Drip Clothes are simple but durable peasant quality
darkest months. is drink starts out like traditional mead, clothes that are specially treated to withstand the effects of
though perhaps spiced up a bit more, but then goes under wet, cold winters. e material of drip clothing is soaked in
a second distillation where subtle elements of alchemy are a special alchemist formula, causing them to both hold in
added to the batch. e result is a hardy, flavorful drink body heat and resist moisture.
that toughens one up before heading out into the harsh
weather. Any small character who has consumed a pint or G C S
more (or two pints plus for the larger folk) gains a bonus As gear cutting and clockwork making require a wide
of + towards saving throw checks against cold attacks or range of different precision tools, even the most average
effects. is bonus lasts for a total duration of hours. On of gnome craftsmen quickly find themselves investing a
the downside, burrow mead tires the body over the long fortune in such equipment. Included in the typical shop

are the turning lathes, chucks, hand tools,
working lens, craftsmans lamp, smelting pots,
heating stove (with bellows), molds, dies, taps,
files, bench, table, stools, as well as a variety of
other gadgets that a proud gear mongering
gnome would need to carry about his business.

ough usually laughed about in human taverns
and described as a drink best suited for the
little folk and children, as neither have any place
at the table of real grownups, ginger mead
contains a usefulness that gnomes are quick
to keep secret from a scoffer. After a character
of any size consumes a pint or more of ginger
mead, they gain a bonus of + towards
any saving throw against nausea (including
against the stench of a troglodyte) for a total
duration of eight hours. ough a few of
the taller folk have discovered the virtues
of ginger mead, they have had little success
in trying to brew it on their own without
the help of the expert gnomes. Usually the
result is quite pitiful, being watered down ale
that holds little competition to the full body,
flavor, and effect of a mug of the gnome variety.
e true secret lies not only in the brewing of
the ginger and honey, but also in the addition of
several useful plants.
more expensive versions that incorporate gem beads and so
G G K forth are frequently found.
e garden kit features several different tool heads that
can be quickly attached to or removed from a single pole. S S
e pole itself is three pieces that are threaded together is is a specially treated soap that is used to remove the
and thus can be quickly torn down to allow easier storage. smell of skunk from ones body. A pound of this soap is
ough created for the little folk, fairly larger versions can usually good for ten baths or so. While some claim that
be made for the same cost. skunk soap will even take the smell off a troglodyte, theres
not been a gnome yet whos been willing or able to hold
I S one down long enough to try the experiment out.
e inventors shop includes a wide variety of
furniture, tools, mechanisms, beakers, bottles, S P
chemicals, raw goods, and so forth. As the exact Soup powders are claimed to be the creation
needed items vary from inventor to inventor, this of an adventuring gnome who was rather
shop listing covers a general cost and description pushed around and neglected by the taller folk
for such needs. with whom he was traveling. As the trail grew
more unforgiving and the nights colder, the
M P majority of the party would fight for what little
A small pouch of leather, suede, or bit of food could be obtained, shoving the poor
embroidered cloth used to hold various gnome aside to fend for his own or starve to
medicinal herbs or healing crystals around death. Fend for himself he did, learning that
ones neck. Such pouches are often looked by taking the crusty scrapings at the bottom
upon as a item of heritage and jewelry, and thus of the cooking pot along with several herbs and

mushrooms that he gathered along the trail, the gnome anything. Typical examples include faces, dragons, goblins,
could make himself a simple soup by boiling this crude gnomes, dwarves, cottages, animals, and towers. While
mixture in an old mug of water. ough the majority of naturally a toy for the young and a collectible for the older
the adventuring party eventually died of starvation, the generations, trading figures actually serve an important
gnome survived. Not only was he still in surprisingly good function in the gnome culture. Whenever a trade or pur-
health, but he had perfected a small collection of recipes of chase has been made or plunder divided and an exact or
such soups through trial and error. equal amount cannot be made, it is common practice to
Soup powders are made by the much of the same both offer and accept a trading figure in exchange for very
methods of the legendary recipes, though have been made small sums of value (usually over no more than cp). Like-
better thanks to the access of a greater range of ingredients. wise, if a mild error or mistake has been made in service,
Mostly composed of various herbs, roots, barks, and such as a serving wench spilling a patrons glass on accident,
edible fungi, the contents of these soups are dried and it is considered a just measure of apology and acceptance
then crushed into a dry, almost powdery like blend. Two by both offering forth such a figure and by accepting it
servings of this powder in boiling water is the same with kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude. ough not all
equivalent as one days worth of trail rations, with a total of communities of gnomes still practice this tradition, the
twenty servings per pound of the powders. continued use of trading figures are considered to be in
keeping with proper fashion and gentle manners.
For the proud gnome craftsman, T S
there is hardly anything that ough the darker uses of trick spice cause it
speaks of his heritage and trade to be sought after by thieves, this substance
more than his tinker vest. Tinker was originally created by gnomes in an effort
vests are made of light suede or to protect their homes, families, and food
durable cloth and feature a variety pantries from aggressive, hungry intruders.
of pockets and tool loops. Usually Trick spice is a fine substance, resembling
a half a dozen or so extra buttons a well ground spice of some strange source,
are sewn on to the inside of the and has a very delicate but pleasing taste. In
vest as to be there in case the fact, it mixes so well that larger folk tend to
tinkering gnome should loose not notice its presence if put into their food
one. roughout the years it is not (DC to detect, halflings and gnomes gain
uncommon to see the gnome to add an additional + bonus towards checking
trinkets, small bits of jewelry, or embroidered for/detecting trick spice). When even so much as a small
designs of special meaning to his vest. ough many a portion (larger portions carry no additional effects) is
merchant will often have at least one or two tinker vests consumed, the victim must make a fortification save
sized for medium characters , the best designs are reserved (DC ) or be reduced to a state of delirium within two
for gnomes and other characters of smaller stature. rounds. Immunity to poison prevents the effects of trick
spice and thus any special resistance towards poison also
S W applies.
Stinker wax is not really a wax in as much as its sort of a ough trick spice is not damaging or otherwise
waxy, powdery, cake of a substance thats often enhanced harmful, the victim of trick spice poisoning is unable to
with a mild fragrance. e value in stinker wax is in function for a total duration of four hours. During this
the application to parts of the body that tend to smell, time the victim sees sounds, hears colors, and is otherwise
including the bottoms of feet and the pits of the arms. A under the influences of vivid hallucinations. Body
single application to the feet or armpits will prevent the movement and response is shut down, and at best all the
build up of unpleasant smells for a full day. victim can do is fumble about blindly on the ground in an
attempt to crawl to a safe, dark hole to hide. After the four
T F hours, the effects of the spice fade away and the victim
ese are diminutive (around in height) little figurines recovers to a normal, if somewhat shaken up, state of being.
that are usually carved of wood or bone. While not exact- While it has been the determination of many a thief to
ly detailed in a sense of master quality, the designs are learn of the proper plant in which they may harvest the
extremely diverse, often simple wooden ones are painted, trick spice, the substance is actually an alchemy formula
stained, or dyed and the little miniature can be of most that has been kept more or less secret amongst the gnomes.

T G smooth. Usually the wheel of the paddle is around
ese are simply small, smooth fragments six to eight foot in diameter and the barrel can
of gemstones, usually of the semi-precious often hold up five pounds of gems at a single
quality, that have been tumbled together and given time. For each batch of gems, four
sold for general collecting interest or for the applications of tumbling grit are needed,
making of in-expensive jewelry. e quality of and the total time to tumble these stones
such gems is inferior to that of better cut grades requires a period of a month for perfection.
and sizes and thus usually not regarding in the
same reference as normal gems. ese gems are U B
usually sold in a mixed batch weighing roughly is blanket is simply a normal winter blanket
one pound, and usually anywhere from to gems thats been coated with a light, weather proofing sealant
make up a batch. Assortments often include tumbled on its outer side. e blanket fits the bedroll of a small
bits and shards of amethyst, aventurine, citrine, smoky or medium sized character, and is most often used as an
quartz, rose quartz, strawberry quartz, blue quartz, rock added means of protection against the elements in foul
crystal, jasper, moss agate, banded agate, hematite, tigers weather. ough the sealant is dry, it makes the blanket a
eye agate, onyx, sardonyx, moonstone, peridot, lapis lazuli, bit stiff so quite often a lighter blanket is placed between
azurite, carnelian, chalcedony, chrysoprase, iolite, turquoise, the ugly blanket and the sleeper.
bloodstone, obsidian, rhondochrosite, and many others. e legend of the blankets name tells of a gnome
alchemist who had a tendency to dabble with the
T G, household belongings with his wife was away. One day he
Same as above but with a small hole drilled into the center got the idea to test a new type of sealant, and could not
of each gem. Usually most of these gems are either roughly find anything to try it out on other than the old blanket
round, natural, or disc shaped in appearance though all that was lying on the bed in his burrow. When his wife
sorts of shapes exist. returned, she immediately threw a fit on the gnome for
ruining the only blanket that they had in the household
T G, and making it look all hideously ugly. Fortunately for the
Coarse tumbling grit is used in a tumbling paddle for the alchemist, he was able to prove use of his invention to his
process of tumbling gemstones. e tumbling paddle wife. Later that night, while his wife was asleep on the
requires four stages of tumbling grit, and the coarse grade bed and the gnome on the floor with his blanket, a fierce
is used in the first three of these stages. While a full five storm of rain pounded the hillside, causing leaks in the
pounds of coarse grade is needed for the first application, roof of the burrow. While his wife lay on the bed drenched
the second and third applications use only two and a half from the leaks in the roof, the alchemist gnome was able
pounds of the coarse tumbling grit. to seek a means of shelter underneath his blanket. Since
then, these blankets have become a popular item amongst
T G, adventurers and to the delight of merchant gnomes who
Fine tumbling grit is used in a tumbling paddle for the have the rare opportunity to wander the outskirts of
process of tumbling gemstones. e tumbling paddle human establishments yelling Ugly blankets for sale! Ugly
requires four stages of tumbling grit, and the fine grade blankets for sale! Buy yourself and your darling, toothless
is used in the last three of these stages. While a full wife a high quality, ugly blanket!
five pounds of fine grade is needed for the final, fourth
application, the second and third applications use only two W S T
and a half pounds of the fine tumbling grit. Walking stick tea is simply a blend of dried plants and
leaves and is commonly gathered by elves, gnomes,
T P druids, and herbalists. e basis of the tea often includes
is simple wooden instrument can often be seen hanging bergamot, chamomile, lemon balm, horehound, assorted
off the side of a river bank, going away at its work while mints, marshmallow root, birch bark, tea berry, mullein,
the flow of the water causes an attached paddle wheel to skullcap, basil, fireweed, and feverfew. Dried berries are
turn the axle of the device. On the opposite end of the often added, as are fruit rinds and rose hips also. ere is
paddle wheel is the tumbling bin, a barrel with a hinged, no single, definite blend of walking stick tea, and many a
sealed lid thats quite often locked. e insides of this gnome whos traveled a bit beyond his hill naturally has his
barrel hold a combination of water, tumbling grit, and own particular batch that he claims to be perhaps superior
rough gemstones that are in the process of being tumbled to all others.

Common Spells
Illusion (Glamer)
Level: Bard , Sor/Wiz
Components: V, S
Casting Time: action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: minutes/level (D)
is minor spell allows the caster to change some aspect
of one of his or her features. For instance, teeth can be
made to appear straighter and whiter, skin can look more is glamer spell causes a banquets worth of perfectly
tanned, hair or eyes could be given a different color, scars or good food to appear and smell as though it had been
moles could be covered or added, etc. e caster still looks rotting for several days and was full of live, squirming
the same except for the minor change. Note that only one maggots. e food is actually quite normal, and will
aspect may be altered with each casting, although multiple return back to its more appetizing appearance and smell
castings can be in effect. us a bald caster could make once the duration of the illusion has ended.
himself appear to have hair, and vice-versa, but could not e real purpose of this spell is yet unknown, it is
use the same casting of alter feature to also add a mustache. believed that gnomes in the past used it to not only
e spell grants a + disguise/level (maximum +) protect the contents of very large meals that they were
e spell is very popular with bards who often use it to preparing but to also ruin the banquet dinners of their
accentuate their most flattering feature, or cover up their enemies.
least flattering one, or to make some dramatic change like Material Components: A handful of dead maggots and a
having deep purple hair. Petty criminals with some arcane drop of spoiled milk plus target food.
talent also enjoy using this spell to cover, or create, telling
marks such as scars. B M I
Illusion (Figment)
B R Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz
Illusion (Glamer) Components: V, S
Level: Sor/Wiz Casting Time: action
Components: V, S, M Range: Personal or touch
Casting Time: action Target: You or a single creature
Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels) Duration: minute/level
Targets: up to lbs of freshly prepared food Saving row: Will negates (harmless)
Duration: hours/level Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
Saving rows: None As mirror image except that the spell can be placed on a
Spell Resistance: No creature other than the caster.

B F A Upon completion of the spell, all creatures within a
Transmutation ' ' ' area perceive hundreds of brightly colored
Level: Sor/Wiz dots floating in the air. e dots gently swirl about, rising
Components: V, S and falling as if on a gentle wind, but never leave the area.
Casting Time: action ose who succeed at a Will saving throw find that the
Range: Touch dots simply disappear and are not further affected. ose
Targets: non-magical piece of armor creatures who fail their saving throw find themselves
Duration: Instantaneous unable to see anything other than the dots as long as they
Saving rows: None remain within the area; they are blinded and suffer all of
Spell Resistance: No the limitations and penalties associated with that condition
is transmutation spell causes a non-magical set of until either the spell ends or they leave the area.
armor to enlarge in size, making the armor suitable for a Creatures outside of the box perceive the dots as well
character one size larger than original intended size. is and, if they choose not to disbelieve or fail their Will
spell affects armor made for small characters only. As saving throws, are also affected if they move into the area
such, armor made for a small character becomes sized for or if the dots are blocking their line of sight.
medium characters. e change is permanent, but can be Material Component: a pinch of brightly colored confetti.
reversed by little folk armor.
N: Suits of full plate armor still need to be adjusted C C
to suit the form of the wearer. Illusion (Glamer)
Level: Sor/Wiz
B F F Components: V, S, M
Transmutation Casting Time: action
Level: Sor/Wiz Range: Special
Components: V, S Targets: natural cloud overhead
Casting Time: action Duration: hours/level
Range: Touch Saving rows: None (harmless)
Targets: non-magical piece of furniture Spell Resistance: No
Duration: Instantaneous While viewed as a pointless cantrip, colorize cloud is
Saving rows: None none the less a favorite spell of the performance wizard.
Spell Resistance: No When a single, natural cloud hanging overhead is selected,
is transmutation spell causes a non-magical piece of the wizard selects a desired color by using a material
furniture to enlarge in size, making the furniture suitable component that is in the same shade, and casts the spell.
for a character one size larger than original intended e cloud changes to the selected color of the wizards
size. Chairs made for Medium characters become sized choice and remains so until the duration of the spell has
for Large characters and beds made for Tiny characters ended.
become sized for Small characters. e change is Material Components: A pinch of colored powder or
permanent, but can be reversed by tiny folk furniture. sand, in the shade that the caster wishes the cloud to be.
Strength and weight of the objects is not increased with
size, and may cause problems if a heavy weight is placed on D D
the object. Illusion (Phantasm) [Mind-Affecting, Evil]
Level: Sor/Wiz , Cleric
B D Components: V, S
Illusion (Pattern) Casting Time: minutes
[Mind-Affecting] Range: Unlimited
Level: Sor/Wiz Target: One living creature
Components: V, S, M Duration: Instantaneous
Casting Time: action Saving row: Will negates
Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels) Spell Resistance: Yes
Area: Creatures within ft cube You send a vision of death to a specific creature you
Duration: round/level (D) name or otherwise specifically designate. e vision is of
Saving row: Will negates such power that, if the subject fails its Will saving throw, it
Spell Resistance: Yes is instantly slain by fear. Even if the saving throw succeeds,

the target still suffers d points of damage, is fatigued for e subjects form appears distorted, warping with
hours, and may not memorize any arcane spells during motion. is deformation grants the subject one-quarter
that time. concealment (% miss chance). Only a true seeing spell
can counteract the distortion effect.
Divination D W F
Level: Sor/Wiz , Hatalyst Illusion (Phantasm) [Mind Affecting]
Components: V, S, M Level: Sor/Wiz
Casting Time: action Components: V, S, M
Range: Touch Casting Time: action
Area: Headwear touched Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
Duration: Concentration, up to minutes/level (D) Targets: target
Saving row: Will negates (object) Duration: rounds/level
Spell Resistance: Yes (object) Saving rows: Will negates
e caster can sense the alignment of the last individual Spell Resistance: Yes
who wore, or who is currently wearing, a particular hat or is spell causes the target to see a small sized spirit
other piece of headwear, provided their aura still lingers. dragon of unknown origin and type hovering in the air
e amount of information revealed depends upon how feet in front of them. So beautiful and friendly is this
long the caster studies a particular hat. dragon that the target feels compelled to approach the
creature. When doing so, the dragon illusion beckons to
] 1st Round: Presence or absence of evil.
the target and instructs them to follow. e target will
] 2nd Round: Presence or absence of chaos.
aimlessly wander after the dragon, ignoring responsibility
] 3rd Round: Presence or absence of good.
or prior circumstances. e direction of the dragon
] 4th Round: Presence or absence of law.
illusion deviates from time to time, causing the target to
] 5th Round: Aura strength good or evil
become potentially lost from their original location.
(whichever is applicable)
Material Component: A piece of jade worth at least gp.
] 6th Round: Aura strength chaotic or lawful
(whichever is applicable)
e strength of each aura and the length of time Transmutation
an aura lingers are determined as per the spells detect Level: Drd , Rgr , Animal
chaos, detect evil, detect good, and detect law. Any of these Components: V, S
detection spells may be used to counterspell detect hat aura. Casting Time: action
In addition, an undetectable alignment spell cast upon the Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
target hat conceals the auras of all previous wearers of the Target: Mouth or claw of one creature
hat. If the hat has been worn by a wearer who was herself Duration: minute/level
subject to an undetectable alignment spell at all times while Saving row: Fortitude negates
she was wearing the hat, leaves no aura. However, in that Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
case, the caster may still be able to pick up the aura from Dull fang causes the teeth, fangs or claws of a creature
another individual who has worn the hat provided that the to become blunted and dull causing the creatures attack to
aura still lingers. do less damage. e damage caused by one natural weapon
Arcane Material Component: A piece of hair and a tassel. of the target of this spell is reduced by hit points per
caster level (up to hit points). e spell can affect a
D slam attack, fist, bite, or other natural weapon. Only one
Illusion (Glamer) natural weapon is affected and the target continues to do
Level: Sor/Wiz , Bard normal damage with its other weapons. For instance, if the
Components: V spell is cast on a target with two claw attacks, only damage
Casting Time: action from the targeted claw is reduced and the second claw does
Range: Touch damage as normal. e spell has no affect on the targets
Target: Creature touched attack rolls. Even if a targets damage is reduced to zero
Duration: minute/level (D) and thus it can no longer damage others with its natural
Saving row: Will negates (harmless) weapon, the target may still use any grab, grapple, trip or
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless) other abilities as normal.

As dull fang affects only one natural weapon on a target, G C
the spell may be cast multiple times on the same target. Transmutation
Each time the spell is cast, it affects a different natural Level: Sor/Wiz
weapon. e affects of the spell do not stack on the same Components: V, S
natural weapon. For instance, if a targeted creature has two Casting Time: action
claw attacks, to affect both claws, the spell must be cast Range: Touch
twice. However, if the spell is cast twice on a creature that Targets: raw gem material up to lbs in weight
has only one bite attack, the second spell is lost and has no Duration: day/level
affect. Saving rows: None (harmless)
Spell Resistance: No
F H is spell causes raw gem material to be formed
Illusion (Phantasm) [Mind Affecting] into flawless, faceted gems. e exact amount of gems
Level: Sor/Wiz depends on the exact pieces making up the weight of raw
Components: V, S material. Typically this spell makes the value of the gems
Casting Time: action worth ten times as much as the original value of the raw
Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels) material.
Targets: target e spell lasts for day/level, afterwards the gem
Duration: hours/level collapses into a pile of gemstone dust.
Saving rows: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes G P
is spell causes the target to think that the floor or Transmutation
ground below him/her has turned into a living, writhing Level: Sor/Wiz
horrible mass of barbs, tentacles, teeth, and claws. e Components: V, S
illusion is visual, audible, and reasonably believable to Casting Time: action
the touch. e base surface appears as such for a ' Range: Touch
radius around the affected target, causing the target to Targets: raw gem material up to lbs in weight
climb up upon stairwells, tree limbs, furniture or even Duration: Instantaneous
try hang to columns and rafters in an effort to get away Saving rows: None (harmless)
from the floor. Fully convinced that the floor or ground Spell Resistance: No
is alive, targets of floor of horrors have been known to is spell causes raw gem material to be formed into
remain in such a position for hours at a stretch, afraid of smooth, polished gem specimens. e exact amount of
the horrors that seem to seethe across the ground and gems depends on the exact pieces making up the weight
floor. of raw material. Typically this spell makes the value of the
While under the effect the target suffers a morale gems worth five times as much as the original value of the
penalty on saving throws. raw material.

Transmutation Illusion (Phantasm) [Mind Affecting]
Level: Sor/Wiz Level: Sor/Wiz
Components: V, S Components: V, S
Casting Time: action Casting Time: action
Range: Touch Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
Targets: hard, inanimate object up to lbs in weight Targets: target
Duration: Instantaneous Duration: day/level
Saving rows: None (harmless) Saving rows: Will negates
Spell Resistance: No Spell Resistance: Yes
is spell causes a hard, inanimate object weighing up is causes the target to see a very clear, bizarre
to lbs to become transformed into a precise shaped reflection any time they happen to appear into any form of
gear. e ratio of teeth and exact dimensions are of the liquid and likewise the target will hear a gurgling, giggling
casters choice. noise any time they come within ' of standing liquid. is
Gear cut is a popular spell among gnome craftsmen who source of fluid may be anything from a pond, lake, well,
need to save time or need a difficult cut gear made. puddle, or even as small as a mug of ale or a goblet of wine.

While the noise is unsettling, it is relatively harmless. e Target: You
reflection, however, is a bit more potent. Whenever the Duration: minute/level
target gazes into the source, they see a stunning, vivid Saving row: None
reflection of themselves. So real is this reflection it is Spell Resistance: No
almost as there was an actual tiny face staring back out at e caster gains the ability to speak with hats or other
them. is face quickly changes from a mirror image of headwear, which relate to the caster who or what has worn
the target, however, into a hideous, grotesque gargoyle like or touched them as well as where they have been. e
beast that laughs with a gurgling howl and seems to mock headwear relates complete descriptions if asked. Note, the
the staring target. At this point, the target must succeed headwears perspective, perception, and knowledge may
an additional Will save (DC ) or immediately flee from prevent the headwear from providing the details the caster
the liquid. e target will refuse to return to that source is looking for (as determined by the DM).
for the duration of the spell, but may be coaxed into going Material Component: A silver hat pin.
near other sources of liquid (at which the same effects
happen over again). e targets reaction to this illusion is I O I
treated as fear. Illusion (Glamer)
While some claim that gurgle gargles is little more than Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz
a trivial cantrip, there have been stories of victims who Components: V, S, M
have refused to bathe or have perished from thirst as a Casting Time: action
result of the spells influence. Range: Touch
Target: A creature or object weighing no more than lbs.
H S Duration: minutes/level (D)
Divination Saving row: None or Will negates (harmless, object)
Level: Clr , Hatalyst , Sor/Wiz Spell Resistance: No or Yes (harmless, object)
Components: V, S, M As object invisibility except that the spell does not end
Casting Time: minutes when the object is used to attack someone, nor is the
Range: Personal creature revealed.

Level: Sor/Wiz
Components: V, S
Casting Time: action
Range: Touch
Targets: non-magical piece of armor
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving rows: None
Spell Resistance: No
is transmutation spell causes a non-magical set of
armor to enlarge in shrink, making the armor suitable for a
character one size smaller than original intended size. is
spell affects armor made for medium characters only. As
such, armor made for a medium character becomes sized
for small characters. e change is permanent, but can be
reversed by big folk armor.
N: Suits of full plate armor still need to
be adjusted to suit the form of the wearer.

Illusion (Glamer)
Level: Sor/Wiz
Components: V, S
Casting Time: action

Range: Touch Components: V, S
Targets: painted portrait Casting Time: minute
Duration: Instantaneous Range: Unlimited
Saving rows: None (harmless) Target: One living creature touched
Spell Resistance: No (harmless) Duration: Instantaneous
is rather unusual spell is placed upon a hide or skin Saving row: None
rug, particularly varieties like the more popular bearskin Spell Resistance: Yes
rugs where the claws and head are still attached and As dream except that the messenger can send the
preserved. Whenever an individual happens to step upon phantasmal message to one living creature per your caster
the affected rug, the rug growls and seems to jiggle or level.
tremble. e effects of the lively rug spell when placed upon
a rug are considered to be permanent and may only be M M I
removed by a wish. Illusion (Figment)
While little more than an illusionists cantrip, lively rug Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz
has been often used to shock guests or ward off trespassers Components: V, S
and thieves. Casting Time: action
Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
M T R Target: One creature/level, no two of which can be more
Transmutation than ft apart
Level: Sor/Wiz Duration: minute/level
Components: V, S Saving row: Will negates (harmless)
Casting Time: action Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels) As mirror image except that the spell can bestow images
Targets: up to lbs of rice upon multiple creatures at once.
Duration: Instaneous
Saving rows: None M N
Spell Resistance: No Illusion (Phantasm) [Mind-Affecting, Evil]
is spell causes up to lbs of crawling maggots into Level: Sor/Wiz
rice. Originally created many ages ago by a gnome wizard, Components: V, S
the intentions of maggots to rice was for the purpose of Casting Time: minutes
feeding his people. According to ancient legend, the land Range: Unlimited
that the wizard lived in was scarred from many battles, and Target: One living creature/caster level
maggots swarmed the carcasses that filled the marshes and Duration: Instantaneous
fields where farmers once planted and harvested the food Saving row: Will negates
of the people. Spell Resistance: Yes
As nightmare except that you can send the phantasmal
M D D vision to more than one creature.
Illusion (Phantasm) [Mind-Affecting, Evil]
Level: Sor/Wiz M G D
Components: V, S Enchantment (Compulsion) [Mind Affecting]
Casting Time: minutes Level: Sor/Wiz
Range: Unlimited Components: V, S, M
Target: One living creature/level Casting Time: action
Duration: Instantaneous Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
Saving row: Will negates Targets: target
Spell Resistance: Yes Duration: day/level
As death dream, but you can designate up to one living Saving rows: Will negates
creature per level to receive the vision. Spell Resistance: Yes
is spell causes the target to wander around, openly
M D saying things that would bring dishonor upon both the
Illusion (Phantasm) [Mind-Affecting] target and the rulers of the targets land. e target may
Level: Sor/Wiz claim that the daughters of the emperors are so loose in

ways that they would be unfit for even the harems or that have found it handy at times. As with the invisibility spell,
the target him/herself is nothing but a lowly thief with if the creature directly attacks another creature, the spell is
greedy eyes for the possessions of all who come near. broken.
While perhaps such a spell might not be so severe in a
land where honor is not observed so highly, mouth of great P S
dishonor is often considered to be the worst of the foulest Illusion (Phantasm) [Fear, Mind-Affecting]
evils in certain empires. Level: Sor/Wiz
Material Component: A handful of teeth from a Components: V, S
slaughtered sow. Casting Time: action
Range: Medium ( ft + ft/level)
M F Target: One living creature
Illusion (Glamer) Duration: round/level
Level: Sor/Wiz Saving row: Will disbelief (if interacted with), then
Components: V, S, M Fortitude
Casting Time: action Spell Resistance: Yes
Range: Touch e subject affected by a phantasmal stalker spell
Targets: up to lbs of dried mud sees his greatest enemy stalking him and about to strike,
Duration: hours/level rendering the subject helpless as he prepares for the
Saving rows: None stalkers assault. e subject gets a Will saving throw the
Spell Resistance: No moment the spell is completed to recognize the images as
is causes up to lbs of dried mud to look, taste, false. If the subject fails, for the duration of the spell the
and smell like delicious baked fudge. As this is merely subject is considered to be cowering, unable to act and
an illusion, the mud provides no nutritional value and losing his dexterity bonus to AC. Foes gain a + bonus to
thus cannot be substituted for food. is does not stop strike the cowering subject, however any successful strike
unknowing customers to buy and consume the mud, immediately grants the subject another Will saving throw.
however, as many a crook has made good use of the spell at Only the subject can see the phantasmal stalker, and
faires and other such events. then only as a glimpse here and there; no matter which
Material Components: A pinch of sugar and a hens egg way the subject turns all he can see is a series of fleeting
along with the target mud. but familiar images at the edges of his vision, such as the
flash of a cloak, the gleam of a particular weapon, or the
O I knowing grin of his mortal enemy. All of these images
Illusion (Glamer) quickly disappear if the subject tries to get a closer look,
Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz only to reappear at the edge of his vision.
Components: V, S, M Upon completion of the spell, the subject must succeed
Casting Time: action at a Fortitude save or be fatigued from the ordeal.
Range: Touch
Target: A creature or object weighing no more than lbs P D
Duration: minutes/level (D) Illusion (Phantasm) [Mind Affecting]
Saving row: None or Will negates (harmless, object) Level: Sor/Wiz
Spell Resistance: No or Yes (harmless, object) Components: V, S
is less-powerful version of the standard invisibility Casting Time: action
spell functions as that spell in all respects except that it can Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
only be employed upon creatures or objects weighing ten Targets: target
pounds or less. Its most common use is to hide, usually Duration: round/level
for the purpose of smuggling, individual weapons or other Saving rows: Will negates
items; more than one noble has met his demise at the Spell Resistance: Yes
hands of an assassin wielding such a weapon; note that is spell causes the target to think that all normal
attacking with an invisible weapon breaks the spell, but plants around him/her are dancing, swaying, and striking
by then it is usually too late. Of course, it is a favorite of out an eerie fashion. So shocking is this illusion that the
gnomes who use it to play tricks on others. target turns and flees in terror from any source or location
Due to the weight limit, the spell is rarely employed on of normal plants for the duration of the spell. e targets
creatures. However, arcane spellcasters with small familiars reaction to this illusion is treated as cause fear.

R S lumps. ough this illusion is actually in the targets mind
Transmutation and otherwise not real, the target moves at half speed and
Level: Sor/Wiz stumbles around in a curious manner, as though the target
Components: V, S, M was trying to navigate the rolling waves of ground. In
Casting Time: action addition, for every feet that the target moves, the target
Range: Special must succeed a Reflex save (DC ) or trip and fall down
Targets: a rain shower as a result of their struggling to keep balance against the
Duration: minutes/level illusion.
Saving rows: None
Spell Resistance: No R J
ough often considered to be harmless, rain of stain is Enchantment (Compulsion) [Mind Affecting]
still a dreaded spell for the terrible, destructive effect that Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz
it has on beauty. is spell causes the droplets of a normal Components: V, S
rain shower or thunderstorm to become a powerful, non- Casting Time: action
toxic dye that ruins the coloration of anything it touches, Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
including clothing. When landing on the skin, the stains Targets: target
take several days to remove and any stained hair must Duration: hours/level
be grown out. Clothing is ruined, and the stain can also Saving rows: Will negates
seep into stonework and wood, causing the appearance of Spell Resistance: Yes
such structures to be ruined for several months unless the Invented by a gnome who grew tired of having to listen
staining is cleaned or polished away with great care. to the same old endless supply of tavern jokes day in and
Material Components: A small vial of staining berry day out, ruin jokes causes the target to be unable to tell any
juice or plant dye form of joke successfully during the duration of the spell.
When the target goes to tell a joke, they suddenly belt out
R T M the punch line mid way through. e target, try as they
Transmutation might, seems to have no sense of control over this action
Level: Sor/Wiz and though a few persistent targets may attempt to carry
Components: V, S on with the joke as though nothing happened.
Casting Time: action
Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels) S F M
Targets: up to lbs of rice Transmutation
Duration: Instantaneous Level: Sor/Wiz
Saving rows: None Components: V, S
Spell Resistance: No Casting Time: action
is spell causes up to lbs of rice to turn into living, Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
crawling maggots. ough the exact purpose of rice to Targets: up to gallons of sake
maggots has never been fully confirmed, it is believed to be Duration: Instantaneous
a corrupted variant of maggots to rice and created by an evil Saving rows: See below*
gnome for the purpose of starving his enemies. Spell Resistance: No
is spell causes up to gallons of sake to become laced
R F with strange, mystical properties. e sake itself receives
Illusion (Phantasm) [Mind Affecting] no saving throw against the spell and shows no immediate
Level: Sor/Wiz physical change although detect magic will identify that the
Components: V, S sake has become laced with the effects of the sake of fiery
Casting Time: action malice spell. Whenever someone drinks the sake, however,
Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels) the fluid explodes once it reaches the victims stomach,
Targets: target forcing the victim to succeed a Fortitude save (DC ) or
Duration: hours/level take d points of fire damage.
Saving rows: Will negates According to ancient legends, the spell known as sake
Spell Resistance: Yes of fiery malice was originally designed by an evil gnome a
is spell causes the target to believe that the ground great many ages ago. It seems that this gnome wizard held
beneath them is constantly rolling in small, wave like a particular hatred towards drunken brutes and wished to

see such individuals meet a flaming, suffering death from Material Components: A drop of fresh cream and the
their bouts of drinking and carousing. ground up bits of an old peach pit along with the target
Illusion (Glamer) S BY E
Level: Sor/Wiz Illusion (Pattern) [Mind-Affecting]
Components: V, S, M Level: Sor/Wiz
Casting Time: action Components: V, S, M
Range: Touch Casting Time: action
Target: Creature touched Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
Duration: hour/level (D) Area: Several living creatures, no two of which may be
Saving row: Will negates (harmless) more than ft apart
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless) Duration: round/level (D)
You become cloaked in shadows gaining a + compe- Saving row: Will negates
tence bonus to Hide checks in conditions of low light such Spell Resistance: Yes
as shadows, dark or gloomy areas, or at night. Note that Cousin to the box of dots spell, this incantation affects
neither low-light vision nor darkvision reduces this bonus. d HD worth of creatures. No creature with or more
is spell does not provide a bonus in conditions of bright HD is affected, and creatures with lower HD are affected
light such as within the radius of a torch or during the day. first.
You do, however, retain your mysterious appearance. ose who fail their Will saving throw see their vision
filled with brightly colored spots. e effect is akin to
S P having been blinded by a light, but in a multitude of colors.
Illusion (Glamer) Creatures so affected are blinded for the duration of the
Level: Sor/Wiz spell with all the appropriate limitations and penalties.
Components: V, S, M Creatures who succeed at their saving throw see the spots
Casting Time: action suddenly pop out of existence as quickly as they came into
Range: Touch existence.
Targets: up to three dozen fruits/vegetables Unaffected creatures can see the dots swirling before
Duration: hours/level the eyes of those affected, but are in no danger themselves
Saving rows: None as the dots only remain with those who have fallen subject
Spell Resistance: No to the spell. Of course, an unaffected creature could choose
is causes up to three dozen to disbelieve the spots and
pieces of fresh, rotted, or unripe they would be gone, but that
fruit or vegetables of the same does not help the affected
general size of a peach to resemble creature. is spell does not
nearly flawless, fresh peaches of affect sightless creatures.
wonderful texture and flavor. e Material Component: Light,
original intentions of this spell such as that provided by a
were to pass off inferior pieces of torch or even daylight.
fruits and vegetables to unknowing
customers at a much higher price. S P
Some assassins though have been Illusion (Glamer)
known to enchant various poisonous Level: Sor/Wiz
fruits with this spell, causing victims Components: V, S
to consume such an item as they Casting Time: action
think that the object is nothing more Range: Touch
than a delightful peach. Targets: painted portrait
Sneaky peachy is a similar variant Duration: Instantaneous
to the spells strawberry mud custard Saving rows: None
and mud fudge and many believe (harmless)
to have been created by the same Spell Resistance: No
illusionist. (harmless)

is strange, mostly unknown spell is placed upon Common Magic Items
portrait style paintings, causing the eyes of the face in B G
the portrait to stare with an uncanny intensity. Likewise, is item appears to be little more than a common leather
whenever someone walks by, the eyes of the face on the belt with pockets for storing small tools. When worn,
portrait turn as though to follow the individual in the however, the wearer can resist up to points of electricity
room. e effects of the staring portrait spell when placed damage each round.
upon the painting are considered to be permanent until Caster Level: rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
dispelled with Dispel Magic. resist elements; Market Price: gp, Weight: lb.
While little more than an illusionists cantrip, staring
portrait has been often used on paintings in an effort to C T
ward off trespassers and thieves. e chair of tossing is one of many items available for the
very rich gnome prankster who has run out of things to
S M C waste his savings on in an attempt to amuse himself and
Illusion (Glamer) his friends. is item appears to be a normal chair in all
Level: Sor/Wiz aspects but when someone happens to sit upon it, they
Components: V, S, M must make a Reflex save (DC ) or be tossed out into the
Casting Time: action floor. ough the chair of tossing is reasonably harmless, it
Range: Touch can be quite embarrassing. Usually the chair of tossing is
Targets: up to lbs of wet mud made for small sized characters but medium scaled ones
Duration: hours/level are known to exist from time to time.
Saving rows: None Caster Level: st; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
Spell Resistance: No Unseen Servant; Market Price: gp; Weight:
is causes up to lbs of wet mud to look, taste, and
smell like delicious strawberry custard. As this is merely G F
an illusion, the mud provides no nutritional value and ough initially resembling a plain metal gear of about
thus cannot be substituted for food. is does not stop inches in diameter with a very simple tooth ratio, this gear
unknowing customers to buy and consume the mud, can be commanded to enlarge, shrink, or change its tooth
however, as many a crook has made good use of the spell at setup to replace any particular gear that the owner might
faires and other such events. be needing for whatever project.
Strawberry mud custard is a close variant of mud fudge Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
and many believe to have been created by the same Enlarge, Shrink Item; Market Price: , gp; Weight:
illusionist. variable (native form is lbs.)
Material Components: A handful of wild strawberries
and a hens egg along with the target mud. G T L
is item appears to be little more than a fancy, bejeweled
T F F set of womens dress gloves that cover most of the arms.
Transmutation Upon the will of the wearer, these gloves allow the wearers
Level: Sor/Wiz arms to stretch to lengths up to ' greater than their
Components: V, S original length. While the wearer is actually unable to
Casting Time: action effectively fight in this manner, they still retain reasonable
Range: Touch mobility and motion with their hands and fingers, allowing
Targets: non-magical piece of furniture them to pick up small items from a fair distance away.
Duration: Instantaneous Caster Level: rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
Saving rows: None Enlarge; Market Price: , gp; Weight:
Spell Resistance: No
is transmutation spell causes a non-magical piece of G A C S
furniture to shrink in size, making the furniture suitable is gray, pointy hat, named after the island of its
for a character one size smaller than original intended origin, allows its wearer to temporarily become a
size. Chairs made for Medium characters become sized natural-looking magical stone. When the wearer pulls
for Small characters and beds made for Small characters the brim of this hat down over her eyes, she instantly
become sized for Tiny characters. e change is permanent, transforms into a natural looking stone of roughly the
but can be reversed by big folk furniture. same volume as the wearer. While in stone form, the

wearer retains her Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma G R
scores, level and class, hit points, alignment, base attack is rod is shorter than most other rods and at one end
bonus, and save bonuses. e wearer can see and hear of it is a cone-shaped button that vaguely resembles the
things as normal and communicate telepathically, if she pointy hats that are commonly worn by gnomes. If grasped
already has the means to do so. However, the wearer is firmly, the rod grants the holder low-light vision and the
immobile in stone form. e stone form has no arms ability to speak and understand the gnome language. In
and no mouth which to cast spells. Any equipment the addition, upon command, the holder can cast dancing lights,
wearer was carrying, including spell components, meld ghost sound or prestidigitation.
into the stone form. If any piece of the stone is broken In addition, when the cone-shaped button on its end is
off, the corresponding part of the wearers body or piece pressed, any Medium-size or larger holder of the rod and
of equipment that was separated from the whole reverts all equipment worn or carried by that holder is reduced by
to its original form. In any event, the wearer reverts to its %, as per the spell reduce. In this reduced state, the holder
original form after minutes. receives a + bonus on saving throws against illusions, a +
Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, bonus to Listen and Alchemy checks, and a + dodge bonus
polymorph self; Market cost: , gp; Weight: lb. against giants. e holder remains in this reduced state until
the button is pressed again. If the holder of the rod is a Small
G A S S creature or smaller, the holder remains at its current size,
ese shoes shed continuous light whenever they are however, it still gains the above abilities and bonuses when
within feet of each other, as per the spell light. A single the button is pressed.
shoe sheds no light and is otherwise an ordinary shoe. In Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Rod, tongues,
addition, when the shoes are together, upon command, the and either polymorph self, dancing lights, ghost sound and
wearer can cause the shoes to give off a burst of dazzling prestidigitation or the creator must be a gnome; Market
bright light, as per the spell flare. Price: , gp; Weight:
ese magic items are quite common among gnome
communities, but have generally been treated with G D
contempt among non-gnomes. At first, this seems Although most gnomes relish in complex schemes and
unusual given the practicality and usefulness of these systems, there are a few who prefer to find shortcuts and
shoes. eir use as a continuous light source is most to conserve time. To that end, a few masters of gnomonics
handy in dungeon delving and, as one gnome adventurer broke from tradition and developed the gnomonic device,
pointed out, Its easier to forget a torch than to forget your a combination of mechanical apparatus and magical
shoes. enhancement.
However, given the penchant for practical jokes among e device is in the shape of a smooth, pointy helmet
the gnome owners of these shoes, the disdain for these resembling a metallic version of the predominant gnome
items becomes clear. Gnomes love to use these items in form headwear. e helmet has two flaps that fold down
their jokes. Some gnomes will divide a pair of Gnome over the users ears and a series of small glass shields that
Anns shiny shoes among a pair of similar looking mundane fold down over the users eyes. e glass shields each have
shoes and give the mixed pairs as gifts. en, when the gnomonic charts and visual cues etched on them to assist
new owners of the pairs get together, they are surprised an individual in applying a simplified gnomonic method of
to find that one of their shoes is giving off a pronounced memorizing spells. e earflaps emit a magical voice that
glow. If this occurs at an inopportune time, such as when adds verbal cues to assist in memorization.
two secretive lovers choose the same place to hide from e device may only be activated once per day, and the
one of their spouses, the results can be unpleasant at best. user must wear it for a continuous minutes, each day, to
When that very trick was pulled on the prominent Baron gain its effects. e gnomonic device grants its wearer the
Slaudeth, revealing one of his many secretive trysts, it ability to prepare or retain additional spells, once per day,
caused the Baron to issue a reward for the capture and as per the spell, Rarys mnemonic enhancer.
extradition of the individual called Gnome Ann. is Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
decree sparked quite a few chuckles among the nearby Rarys mnemonic enhancer and magic mouth; Market Price:
gnome community who are well aware that Gnome Ann , gp; Weight: lbs.
is not the name of a person, but, in fact, Gnome Ann is
an island. H D
Caster Level: rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, is curious item appears to be little more than a normal
light, flare; Market cost: , gp; Weight: lb. gentlemans hat. Upon the owners command however, the

hat will jump down off the owners head, perform a little Caster Level: st; Prerequisites: Craft
dancing like motion on a table or other surface, and Wondrous Item, unseen servant; Market
then jump back up on top the owners head. Price: , gp, Weight: lbs.
Needless to say, this item is rather trivial and
much too expensive for what its really worth, P C S
but amusing and perfect for the bored, rich is item appears to be little
gnome who has run out of things to waste his more than a common childs
precious coins on. play toy. When the command
Caster Level: st; Prerequisites: Craft word is spoken, however, the
Wondrous Item, unseen servant; colorful fan on the pinwheel
Market Price: gp; Weight: lb. begins to spin, causing an spell
like effect that is the equivalent to a
H G th level wizard casting color spray. e
is floppy hat provides a non-gnome wearer with low- pinwheel of color spraying may be used up to four times
light vision (if he or she does not already possess it), a + per day.
resistance bonus to illusions, a + bonus on Listen checks Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
and, if the wearer possesses an Intelligence score of or color spray; Market Price: , gp, Weight: 14 lb.
higher, the ability to cast dancing lights, ghost sound, and
prestidigitation one time per day. In addition, it provides a P A F
+ competence bonus on Charisma checks and Charisma- is item appears to be little more than a common
based skill checks when dealing with gnomes as well as the smoking pipe made of briar or meerschaum. When filled
ability to read, write, and speak the gnomish language. with a lit smoking medium and a proper command word
ese hats are often given to trusted friends to ease spoken, the smoke from the pipe of acid fog fills a medium
their entry into gnomish society as well as to give them sized area with burning acidic acid in the same general
a more sporting chance of avoiding pranks and tricks. manner that the spell acid fog works. Treat acid fog as
Some of these hats, however, are additionally enchanted though it was being cast by a th-level spellcaster. e
to provide the wearer with the illusion of a gnomish-sized pipe of acid fog may be used twice per day.
proboscis, a fact that becomes evident to the wearer only Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
upon looking in the mirror or from the curious stares of acid fog; Market Price: , gp, Weight: 18 lb.
those around him.
Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, P F C
tongues, creator must be a gnome; Weight: lbs; Market is item appears to be little more than a common
Price: , gp; Cost to Create: , gp + XP. smoking pipe made of briar or meerschaum. When
filled with a lit smoking medium and a proper command
H word spoken, the smoke from the pipe of fog cloud fills a
is magic item is a favorite among gnome travelers and medium sized area with thick, obscuring fog in the same
merchants. By all appearances, a hattent looks like any general manner that the spell fog cloud works. Treat the
other pointy hat that a gnome might have. However, upon items spell effect fog cloud as though it was being cast by a
command, the item enlarges and stiffens to become a cone th level spellcaster. e pipe of acid fog may be used three
shaped tent that stands feet high and can comfortably times/day.
sleep two Small creatures or one Medium-sized creature. Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
A hattent does not require the use of any poles and is fog cloud; Market Price: gp, Weight: 18 lb.
remarkably light. An additional command causes the
hattent to reduce back to its original size. P G
Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, is item appears to be little more than a common
enlarge; Market Price: , gp; Weight: lb. smoking pipe made of briar or meerschaum. When filled
with a lit smoking medium and a proper command word
L C T spoken, the smoke from the pipe behaves in a manner that
is item resembles a normal treadle lathe. Upon is much similar in effect to the spell glitter dust. e pipe
command, however, the lathe of commanded turning causes all creatures and objects within a -ft spread to be
operates on its own, creating whatever object of wood that covered in the mystical dust and potentially blinded. For
the owner desires. purposes of spell resistance, treat the glitterdust effect as

though it was being cast by an th-level spellcaster. e Secondly the shoes make their wearer extremely sure-
dust remains for a period of d+ rounds. e pipe of footed, granting an additional + competence bonus to
glitterdust may be used up to four times per day. all Balance checks involving the shoes and any Reflex save
Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, against slipping and falling.
glitterdust; Market Price: , gp, Weight: 18 lb. Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
creator must be a gnome; Weight: lbs.; Market Price:
P I , gp; Cost to Create: gp + XP.
is item appears to be little more than a common
smoking pipe made of briar or meerschaum. When filled T S
with a lit smoking medium and a proper command word e majority of gnomes never leave their humble villages
spoken, the smoke from the pipe of illusions can be and tight-knit communities. Most of those who do leave
transformed into a visual illusion of the smokers desire. eventually return within a few years to settle down. It is
e smoke works in much the same manner as silent image, not that gnomes discourage adventuring. Indeed, a fair
though the image lasts for as long as the smoking medium number of gnomes do take up the calling, at least for a
stays burning (usually d+ minutes). For the purposes time. However, adventuring is not for everyone and some
of spell resistance, treat silent image as though it was being gnomes simply find the outside world to be too humorless,
cast by a th level spellcaster. e pipe of illusions may be too intolerant, or too lonely for their tastes.
used up to three times per day. It is thus the rare gnome that takes up adventuring
Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, for any great length of time. After a gnome has been
silent image; Market Price: gp, Weight: 18 lb. adventuring for several years, it becomes apparent to
the adventurers friends and family that the gnome will
P S F not be returning and settling down. is is a bittersweet
is item appears to be little more than a common revelation, as a gnomes friends and family are always
smoking pipe made of briar or meerschaum. When filled sorry to be parted from loved ones, but they also realize
with a lit smoking medium and a proper command word the sacrifices that the adventuring life requires. Once this
spoken, the smoke from the pipe of smoke form surrounds revelation has been reached, the family and friends will
the smoker and turns them and their equipment into usually create a talking stick for the adventurer. ey then
a smoky form that is much similar in effect to the spell either present the talking stick to the adventurer when he
gaseous form. is effect lasts for as long as the smoking returns to the village for a visit, or commission another
medium stays burning (usually d+ minutes). e pipe adventurer to deliver the gift.
of smoke form may be used twice per day. A talking stick is crafted from the finest wood and is
Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, often laced with intricate carvings meant to resemble
gaseous form; Market Price: , gp, Weight: 18 lb. famous landmarks or prominent individuals in the gnome
village where it originated.
S G Gnome adventurers rarely have much contact with
ose who are fortunate enough to own a pair of shoes other gnomes, so talking sticks are designed to provide
of gnomekind find them to be one of their most valued the adventurer with a constant companion who
possessions. Not only is a pair of such shoes extremely appreciates gnome traditions, gnome customs and, most
comfortable but surefooted as well. importantly, gnome jokes. Talking sticks have the ability
e shoes have two major effects. e first is that they to speak and do so quite often. Most talking sticks are
reduce the wear and tear on the body from long travel as gregarious, if not more so, than their gnome owners.
allowing the wearer to move half again as far before the When it feels that it is being ignored or neglected, a
possibility of fatigue sets in. us a character hustling talking stick will try to start up a conversation with
would be able to hustle for 12 hours before suffering the any sentient creature within its vicinity. Talking sticks
first point of subdual damage with subsequent subdual are generally friendly, quickly bonding with both their
damage accruing at 12 hour intervals instead of the owner and the owners companions. Indeed, talking
normal hourly intervals. sticks seem fond of convincing the companions of their
e same applies to a forced march. A character wearing gnome owners to participate in practical jokes, often
shoes of gnomekind would be able to march for hours at the owners expense. Needless to say, these items do
before having to make his or her first Constitution check not always garner the favor of non-gnomes, particularly
and every 12 hours thereafter. Accrued subdual damage is those who unwittingly agree to deliver a talking stick to
recovered normally. its new owner.

In combat, a talking stick does damage as a + club. In Most buckles are used to duplicate spell effects,
addition, the item has the skills to Intuit Direction ( especially illusions. e general formula for figuring the
ranks) and Sense Motive ( ranks). cost of these types of magical buckles is:
e average talking stick has the following attributes: Int ] Spell level caster level 1,800 gp (command
, Wis , and Cha . Its alignment is chaotic good and activated)
it has an Ego of . All talking sticks speak Common and ] Spell level caster level 2,000 gp (continuous; use
Gnome. activated)
Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and e cost of such a buckle can be further reduced by
Armor, locate object, tongues, and magic mouth; Market Price: limiting its usefulness, usually to a number of uses per day.
, gp; Weight: lbs. In this case, after calculating the cost per the chart above,
the total is divided by the result of # of times per day
T H G the buckle can be used. us a buckle with a standard cost
To gain greater mastery over intricate alchemical of , gp that can only be used one time per day would
formulas and detailed illusion spells, the earliest gnome cost gp (% of the normal cost).
scholars developed a complex system of memorization Note that the example buckles below are created at the
techniques and concentration exercises known as lowest possible caster level for a given buckle and assume
gnomonics. Gnomonics is not easily grasped and no limitation on charges. Using the above formulas, a
requires intensive study before one can begin to apply buckle duplicating a st level spell cast at the th level of
its nuances. ose who learn and master the basics magic use would incur quintuple ( ) the cost of the
find that, over time, they are able to increase their same buckle cast at the st level of magic use unless this
memorization capacity if they continue to practice additional cost is usually offset by limiting the amount of
gnomonic techniques. times per day the buckle can be used.
is heavy book contains instruction on ancient Unlike rings, only one magical buckle may be worn at
gnomonics techniques to improve memory, but entwined any one time.
within the words is a powerful magical effect. Anyone
who reads this book gains the ability to recall with perfect F B
clarity up to minutes of an event the reader actually is well made but ordinary appearing belt buckle is an
experienced, up to three times per day, as per the spell emergency weapon much preferred by gnomes when facing
modify memory. Reading the book takes a total of hours bandits and other common threats of the highways. ree
over a minimum of days, unless the reader already has times per day, upon command, the buckle unleashes a
received at least a rudimentary education in gnomonics in cone of color spray at whatever the buckle is facing, ideally
which case the reader can complete the book in half the affording the gnome and his or her party a quick getaway.
time. e reader also gains the knowledge of advanced e cone originates from the buckle and travels out to a
gnomonics memorization techniques and concentration distance of feet. Creatures caught in the cone may make
exercises that allow the reader to eventually become a a Will saving throw against a DC to avoid its effects.
master of gnomonics. Caster Level: st; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, color spray; Weight: lb; Market Price: , gp; Cost to
modify memory; Market Price: , gp; Weight: lbs. Create: gp + XP.

Magical Buckles M I B
C M B Another popular item with traveling
Magical buckles can be enchanted in the gnomes, a mirror image buckle does exactly
same manner as rings and are often used what the title suggests. Upon command
as ring substitutes by the gnomes. us, the buckle creates mirror images that act
instead of a ring of invisibility, a hill gnome exactly as those conjured by the mirror
would wear a buckle of invisibility. e cost image spell and remain for a maximum
for a buckle that performs the same as a of three minutes unless successfully
particular sort of ring is identical to the attacked or dispelled.
cost of the ring, the only difference Caster Level: rd; Prerequisites:
being that the creator must have the Craft Wondrous Item, mirror image;
Craft Wondrous Item feat instead Weight: lb; Market Price: , gp;
of the Forge Ring feat. Cost to Create: , gp + XP.

Spells and Items of Prestigious Gnomes is cantrip restores an item of clothing to a fresh-
laundered state, removing all stains, smells, and even bugs
You stink!
from the garment in question. e cantrip does not repair
Bandycook e Clean igwhistle
any damage, such as rips or tears.

andycook earned the nickname e Clean from
his adventuring companions due to his constant B H T
obsession with cleanliness. While quite able to Transmutation
master the most complex of magics, all of his spell and Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz
magical creations centered on the idea of cleanliness Components: V, S, M
while traveling. Fastidious in all aspects of personal Casting Time: action
grooming, Bandycook even went so far as to shave his Range: Touch
head because he felt that hair was just something else to Target: Medium-sized creature or smaller
get dirty. Nevertheless, while his obsession often went on Duration: Instantaneous
his companions nerves, few complained when they got a Saving row: Fortitude negates
chance to soak the aches and pains of a tough adventure Spell Resistance: Yes
away in his portable bathtub. Upon completing this spell every hair on the body of
the creature touched, including fur, immediately falls off
Bandycooks Spells unless the creature succeeds at a Fortitude saving throw.
B B Note that this spell only affects follicular growth such
Conjuration [Creation] as hair, not scales or carapaces or other non-hair body
Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz coverings.
Components: V, S, M Material component: a tiny pair of scissors.
Casting Time: minute
Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels) B M C O
Effect: ft diameter structure Abjuration
Duration: minutes/level Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz
Saving row: None Components: V, S, M
Spell Resistance: None Casting Time: action
e caster conjures a large, round wooden bathtub. e Range: Touch
tub is -ft deep and otherwise has all the properties of a Target: Creature touched
normal large wooden tub. A small ladder hangs from one Area: Emanates ft from creature touched
side to allow easy access for shorter folk. Duration: minutes/level (D)
e tub is just like a normal tub; it needs to be filled Saving row: Will negates (harmless) (See below)
with water and, if the water is to be warm, it must be Spell Resistance: Yes (if the odor is caused by the
warmed somewhere else. At the spells expiration, the tub creatures magical properties)
simply winks out of existence. Any water and creatures As protection from odors, except that it covers a larger
inside the tub at the time are dumped unceremoniously area and has a longer duration. is spell is not cumulative
on the ground. Most innkeepers will not allow a portable with protection from odors.
bathtub to be conjured in a room citing previous water
damage. B P O
Material Component: A "-scale model of a wooden tub. Abjuration
Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz
B C C Components: V, S, M
Transmutation Casting Time: action
Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M Target: Creature touched
Casting Time: action Duration: minute/level (D)
Range: Touch Saving row: Will negates (harmless) (See below)
Target: One item of clothing Spell Resistance: Yes (if the odor is the result of magic
Duration: Instantaneous rather than the creatures natural smell)
Saving row: Will negates (harmless, object) is spell wards a creature from all odors and smells,
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless, object) good or bad, by creating a magical barrier around the

subject at a distance of foot. e barrier moves with the object is doused/immersed in a sufficient quantity of water
subject and suppresses all olfactory stimulants leaving the to remove the soapy residue. us an invisible creature
warded creature unaffected. Creatures that possess the could pop the bubbles, but would still be outlined in soapy
Stench special attack form, such as troglodytes or ghouls, residue unless it managed to douse itself with water.
have their odor suppressed when within range of the Any creature attempting to move in the area must make
barrier. a successful Reflex saving throw (DC ) or slip on the
Note that the creature warded by this spell does not soapy residue and fall. Each round spent moving through
smell anything. us they could not smell the smoke of a the area necessitates another saving throw to remain
fire or the noxious odor of a deadly gas. In addition, while upright and move. Likewise, any creature that falls must
odors are suppressed, negative effects from aspects other succeed at a Reflex save to be able to stand back up before
than odor, such as choking from smoke, are not suppressed. it can continue to move. Of course, the creature could just
At the DMs discretion, creatures exhibiting unusually decide to crawl.
powerful odors may attempt a Will save to overcome the e bubbles act just like regular soap bubbles and
barriers effects. Bandycook and his companions often used this spell for a
Material Component: a perfumed handkerchief. quick cleaning.
Material Component: A handful of soap chips.
Transmutation B W W
Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz Transmutation
Components: V, S, M Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz
Casting Time: action Components: V, S, M
Range: Touch Casting Time: minute
Target: A small piece of soap Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous Target: gallons of water/level
Saving row: Will negates (harmless, object) Duration: minutes/level
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless, object) Saving row: Will negates (object)
is cantrip creates a complete bar of soap out of a Spell Resistance: Yes (object)
remnant as small as a gnomish thumb. e bar of soap is spell brings water, or any water-like liquid, to
is completely identical in property to the remnant from a warm temperature. e water remains warm for the
which it was created; if the original bar of soap was duration of the spell, after which it begins to cool normally.
unscented, so is the bar created by the renew soap spell. Material Component: a piece of charcoal that is held in
Material Component: A piece of soap no smaller than a one hand while casting the caster dips the index finger of
gnomes thumb. his other hand into the water.

B S Bandycooks Magic Items

Conjuration (Creation) Upon his retirement from active adventuring, Bandycook
Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz took up the mantle of a merchant. Realizing that his
Components: V, S, M expertise lay in cleanliness he created a line of magical
Casting Time: action cleaning aids, some more successful than others.
Range: Medium ( ft + ft/level)
Target: Creatures and objects within a ft spread B C
Duration: minutes/level is lavender-scented white paste is available in small
Saving row: Will negates (blinding only) jars (about three inches in diameter and one inch high)
Spell Resistance: Yes with the cover bearing Bandycooks likeness.
A mass of soapy bubbles covers everyone and Bandycooks cleanser is a universal cleaning product
everything in the area. e bubbles effectively blind capable of removing even the most stubborn stains from
creatures that do not succeed at a Will saving throw; the clothing, restoring tarnished metal, burnishing brass, and
blindness lasts the duration of the spell. All within the almost any other cleaning use possible. e paste in one jar
area are covered by the bubbles, an effect which outlines can clean a total of square feet of material.
invisible creatures and objects. Caster Level: rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
e bubbles may be popped, but a soapy residue Brew Potion, Spellcaster level rd; Weight: lbs; Market
remains until either the spell expires or the creature or Price: gp; Cost to Create: gp + XP.

Can you hear me? Components: V, S
Dooblepib e Voice Humbnix Casting Time: action

Range: Medium ( ft + ft/level)
ne of the most famous of gnomish bards,
Target: One creature/level
Dooblepib earned her nickname of e Voice
Duration: minute/level
through her incredible vocal performances
Saving row: Will negates
delivered before packed houses the world over. Her voice is
Spell Resistance: Yes
still considered one of the finest ever to grace mortal ears
As muter, but the bard is able to affect up to one
and her retirement from the world of music was met with
creature per level within range. e bard may have the
much sorrow. She was a great student of the voice as well,
spell take effect in two ways. e first way is to have the
bending her considerable arcane talents to enhancing the
spell emanate from the bard in a circle with a ' radius,
vocal arts.
affecting creatures in order of their closeness to the bard
Dooblebips Spells (the closest are affected first).
e second way is to designate individual creatures up
to the maximum listed distance. e bard simply points at
Transmutation [Language-Dependent]
the desired creature and forces the save. e first creature
Level: Brd , Sor/Wiz
to be affected is designated as the spell is cast. Targeting
Components: V, S
subsequent creatures is a move-equivalent action with the
Casting Time: action
bard pointing at the creature that she wants to affect.
Range: Personal
Each targeted creature counts against the total for the
Target: You
spell whether it succeeds at its save or not.
Duration: minutes/level
e amplifier doubles the effective range of the speaker
or singers voice by strengthening her vocal chords. e D M
added volume is handy for making oneself heard in large Illusion (Glamer)
crowds or for calling out over greater distances and, as Level: Brd
a result, is often employed by heralds and other public Components: V, S
speakers. Note that amplifier does not affect the properties Casting Time: action
of any sonic-based spells such as shout. Range: Medium ( ft + ft/level)
Target: One creature
Duration: minute/level
Transmutation [Language-Dependent]
Saving row: Will negates
Level: Brd
Spell Resistance: Yes
Components: V, S
is spell causes the vocal cords of the targeted creature
Casting Time: action
to quit functioning unless it succeeds at a Will save. e
Range: Personal
affected creature is unable to produce any vocal sounds at
Target: You
all, not even a grunt or hiss, although it can still make noise
Duration: round/level
in any other manner.
is spell doubles the effective range of a bards
Note that muter also affects any vocal-based
bardic music abilities. A bard under the influence of
extraordinary, spell-like, and supernatural abilities (such as
improved bardic music could use a countersong out to a
a harpys captivating song) as well as making it impossible to
range of feet instead of , fascinate out to a range of
cast any spells requiring verbal components.
feet, and inspire competence and greatness to a range
of feet.
Note that this spell does not give a bard the ability to
Transmutation [Language-Dependent]
employ bardic music that he does not have sufficient ranks
Level: Brd
in Perform to use. In addition, improved bardic music does
Components: V, S, M
not affect any other aspect of bardic music except for the
Casting Time: action
range nor does it function for any other sonic effect beyond
Range: Personal
bardic music.
Target: You
D I M Duration: minutes/level
Illusion (Glamer) is cantrip helps entertainers overcome days when
Level: Brd their voices just arent up to par be it from illness, too

much drink, or even old age. e cantrip smoothes out herself. Possession of the staff grants anyone a +
rough patches and aids in tonal transition granting a + competence bonus to any vocal-based Perform checks.
competence bonus to any voice-based Performance checks Non-bards who possess the staff can use the following
for the duration of the spell. powers:
Note that only one casting of smooth voice may be in ] Message (3 times/day)
effect at any given time. Material Component: A mint leaf. ] Ventriloquism (3 times/day, DC 17)
] Tongues (3 times/day)
D T- It is in the hands of a bard, however, is when
Illusion (Glamer) Doobleblips Staff shows its true powers. e staff grants
Level: Brd bards + competence bonus to any vocal-based Perform
Components: V, S, M checks and a + competence bonus to any other Perform
Casting Time: action checks. In addition to the powers available to non-bards,
Range: Medium ( ft + ft/level) bards can make use of the following:
Target: One creature ] Smooth voice (continuous as long as the staff is in the
Duration: minute/level bards possession)
Saving row: Will negates ] Improved bardic music (continuous as long as the staff is
Spell Resistance: Yes in the bards possession)
is spell causes the affected creature to suffer from ] Tone-deafness (at will, DC 16)
tone-deafness leaving them unable to judge differences in ] Amplifier (at will)
musical pitch and suffering a competence penalty to ] Muter (3 times/day, DC 17)
any voice-based Performance checks as well as any Listen ] Shatter (3 times/day, DC 18)
checks performed near crowds as the affected creature has ] Sound burst (3 times/day, DC 18)
trouble judging different voices. ] Improved muter (1 time/day, DC 19)
Material Component: A small gag. ] Shout (1 time/day, DC 20)

Whats all this smoke?

Dooblebips Magic Items Emerithop Tinker Slockclick

is small, rune-covered cone of about two inches in amed engineer and wizard, Emerithop was
length allows the users voice to carry to twice its normal renowned for his clever, complex, and creative
distance. All a user has to do is place the narrow end of the contraptions. Not much of an adventurer, Tinker
cone toward the lips and speak normally. spent most of his time in his workshop, easily identified
Although other means of amplification exist, the by the giant sign reading Emerithop Slockclick: Clever,
amplifier is popular because it can be easily carried, usually Complex, and Creative Contraptions. An almost
on a chain, and also because it confers a certain status unmatched creator of machines with a renown for fusing
upon the user. mechanics with magic, Emerithop never lacked for work
Caster Level: rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, and his great success made him a very wealthy gnome.
Amplifier; Weight: lbs; Market Price: , gp; Cost to
Create: gp + XP. Emerithops Spells
S S Transmutation
is oaken quarterstaff is covered in carved notes and can Level: Sor/Wiz
cast the following spells: Components: V, S
] Shatter (1 charge, DC 13) Casting Time: action
] Sound Burst (1 charge, DC 13) Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
] Shout (2 charges, DC 16) Target: cu. ft/level
Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Staff, shatter, shout, Duration: Instantaneous
sound burst; Weight: lbs; Market Price: , gp; Cost to Saving row: None
Create: , gp + XP. Spell Resistance: No
is spell reduces constructions or fabrications of up to
D S (M A) cubic feet per level, such as a bridge or clothes, into their
is crystal staff is engraved with symbols representing component pieces instantaneously. A stone bridge collapses
each of the performance arts mastered by Doobleblip into its individual stones; clothes fall apart into pieces of

fabric and yards of thread. Any object larger than allowed S M
by the target dimensions is not affected. us this spell Transmutation
cannot be used to disassemble part of a construction. us Level: Sor/Wiz
the caster can disassemble a gate or wagon, but not part of Components: V, S
a large castle wall. Casting Time: action
Note that creatures or magic items cannot be Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
disassembled. Target: An object or mechanism employing motion
Duration: round/level
M D Saving row: None
Divination Spell Resistance: No
Level: Sor/Wiz is spell slows the mechanical action of any non-
Components: V, S magical machine or device to of its normal speed by
Casting Time: action slowing one of its movement components. A portcullis
Range: Long ( ft + ft/level) that takes round to lower now takes rounds. e
Target: Any single object or creature within range affected mechanism can resume its normal speed prior to
Duration: Instantaneous the spells expiration either by dispelling the effect, or by
Saving row: None succeeding at a Strength check (DC ).
Spell Resistance: No
is minor spell allows the caster to get a mental S M
impression of the distance, accurate to the nearest foot, to Transmutation
some other object or creature; the caster simply points his Level: Sor/Wiz
finger at the target and invokes the spell. Components: V, S
Note that this spell is handy for estimating both Casting Time: action
measurements during construction as well as distance to Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
targets during combat and is often used by spellcasters Target: An object or mechanism employing motion
prior to an assault on a stationary target to ensure that Duration: round/level
they have the proper range for their spells. Saving row: None
Spell Resistance: No
R M is spell completely stops the mechanical action
Transmutation of any non-magical machine or device by halting one
Level: Sor/Wiz of its moving components. us it can be used to stop
Components: V, S the motion of a portcullis by freezing the wheel or a
Casting Time: action mechanical pit trap by halting its opening mechanism. e
Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels) affected mechanism may be set in motion again prior to
Target: cu. ft of material/level the spells expiration either by dispelling the effect, or by
Duration: hour/level succeeding at a Strength check (DC ).
Saving row: None
Spell Resistance: No T/W
is spell strengthens the internal composition of Transmutation
material, making it more resilient. Effectively, reinforce Level: Sor/Wiz
material increases the hardness and hit points of an object Components: V, S, M
by one-half (fractions rounded down). us a wooden Casting Time: action
door, normal hardness of with hit points per inch of Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels)
thickness, would have a hardness of with hit points Target: cu. ft of material
per inch of thickness after being subjected to reinforcement. Duration: round
An object may only be subject to a single reinforce material Saving row: None
spell at a time. Spell Resistance: No
e caster can choose to reinforce a suit of armor. Light is spell fashions a tool, or weapon, from raw
and medium armors as well as shields gain a + armor materials. e caster could create a hammer from some
bonus and heavy armor gains a + armor bonus with no raw iron, or arrows from wood, as long as the total amount
other effects for the duration of the spell. of material used is not greater than cubic foot. A rule of
is spell will not affect magical items or creatures. thumb is that cubic foot of material is enough to create

one large tool/weapon, two medium tools weapons, four As with all such ranged weapons, the user must succeed
small tools/weapons, tiny tools/weapons and bolts or at a ranged touch attack to affect the target. Only one
arrows. e tools/weapons created with this spell are not creature may be targeted at a time and the shot is treated
magical in any way. as a flask ( pint) of the liquid, making it a grenade-like
Note that the tools/weapons can be created out of weapon, in terms of its damage and effects. us a shot of
unusual materials. It is perfectly acceptable to create a acid from the portable sprayer would cause d points of
wooden sword or a gold hammer, but such creations will damage on a direct hit and point on a splash. e tank
suffer from the inadequacy of the materials. Anything can hold up to flasks (pints) for a total of shots
more complex than a simple tool or weapon, such as a lock, before it has to be refilled.
cannot be created using this spell. Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
ranks of Craft (metalworking or engineering), gust
W M of wind; Weight: lbs empty, lbs full; Market Price:
Transmutation , gp; Cost to Create: , gp + XP.
Level: Sor/Wiz
Components: V, S E P S
Casting Time: action is very bulky leather suit includes a helmet, gloves, and
Range: Close ( ft + ft/ levels) over-boots and represents the ultimate in protection for
Target: cu. ft + cu. ft/level the intrepid engineer. e suit reduces the first points
Duration: hour/level of damage suffered per round from acid, cold, fire, and
Saving row: None electricity. Note that these effects stack so that if the
Spell Resistance: No creature wearing the suit is exposed to fire and electricity
is spell attacks the internal composition of material, the suit absorbs up to points of each energy type for
making it less resilient. Effectively, weaken reduces the that round, but no more than points per round for any
hardness and hit points of an object by one-half (fractions single energy type.
rounded up and never below ). us a wooden door, e suit provides protection equivalent to studded
normal hardness of with hit points per inch of leather (+ Armor bonus) due to its thickness, but is the
thickness, would have a hardness of with hit points equivalent of full plate mail for all other effects due to its
per inch of thickness. In the like manner, the caster could bulky nature (+ maximum dexterity bonus, armor
create a soft spot in a fortress wall for later assault. An check penalty, % arcane spell failure, speed of ft/ ft,
object may only be subject to one weaken material spell at and can only move at triple speed if running). Furthermore,
a time. the suit is difficult to put on correctly and requires the
If used on armor, light and medium armors as well as same time as donning full plate and may not be donned
shields suffer a armor penalty and heavy armor suffers hastily.
a armor penalty with no other effects for the duration of Note that to be completely effective the full suit must be
the spell. donned; omitting any part renders the entire suit useless.
is spell will not affect magical items or creatures. At the DMs option, the individual parts may provide some
limited protection, at least to those parts of the body they
Emerithops Magic Items cover. For example, the gloves would still reduce energy
E P S damage by points per round, but only if the energy
Originally designed for industrial applications, the portable affected only the area covered by the gloves. us a person
sprayer has found its way into a wider circle including wearing only the gloves would be able to stick their hands
adventuring. Essentially a three-part device featuring a in very hot fires without problem, but would still suffer the
tank, a hose, and a nozzle, the portable sprayer is easy to full effects of a fireball spell.
operate. e user simply places the liquid into the ceramic- is suit represents the basic protective suit created
lined metal canister by way of the screw-on cap and its by Emerithop. ere are rumors that Emerithop later
ready to spray upon command. Although designed to spray created other suits incorporating such handy spells as
such things as paint or oil for large machinery, it can be spider climb, levitate, and water breathing, but none have
used as a weapon. ever been found.
e portable sprayer can spray any water-like liquid, Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
such as holy water or acid, of up to feet with no range ranks of Craft (leatherworking), resist elements; Weight:
penalties. More viscous liquids, such as oil or alchemists lbs (medium size), lbs (small size); Market Price:
fire, only reach to feet. , gp; Cost to Create: , gp + , XP.

E S F ] Awl (equivalent to a knife in damage, but a piercing
is oaken staff is covered with steel inlays depicting weapon)
various engineering achievements such as bridges, castles, ] Corkscrew (handy on soft woods)
etc. e staff allows use of the following spells: ] File (for metal and wood)
] Fabricate ] Wrench (up to 2' diameter bolts/nuts; can be used as
Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Staff, fabricate; club for 1d3 points of damage)
Weight: lbs; Market Price: , gp; Cost to Create: ] Pry Bar (6' in length, can open windows, furniture
, gp + XP. doors, etc. but not full-sized doors; if used as a weapon
is equivalent to a club but for only 1d3 points of
E S S damage)
is adamantine staff is covered with gold inlays depicting e gauntlet can have only one tool available at a
various siege engines and castles and is both boon and time. While a tool is available the wearer cannot use the
bane to fortifications. It can be used to cast the following gauntleted hand to grasp any other object or perform any
spells: other action other than employing the tool. e tools
] Passwall (1 charge) perform just like ordinary tools of the same type, but due
] Stone Shape (1 charge) to their magical nature never need sharpening and are
] Move Earth (1 charge) treated as iron magical objects with a + enhancement
Caster Level: th; Prerequisites: Craft Staff, passwall, bonus for purposes of resolving attacks upon them.
stone shape, move earth; Weight: lbs; Market Price: Note that certain tools, such as the blade or hook, can
, gp; Cost to Create: , gp + , XP. be used as weapons. When employed in this manner, they
are considered magical weapons with a + enhancement
E T G bonus for both attack and damage rolls when used in
is single metal gauntlet looks like a representation of a combat.
gnomish hand. Closer examination will reveal a number Caster Level: rd; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous
of fine lines on the gauntlet suggestive of compartments. Item, ranks of Craft (toolmaking and/or engineering),
Due to its magical nature, the gauntlet can accommodate reduce, enlarge, magic weapon; Weight: lbs; Market Price:
humanoid (five-fingered) hands from tiny to medium size , gp; Cost to Create: , gp + XP.
(it was created purposefully to not fit hands any larger lest
the gauntlet fall into giant hands).
Upon donning the gauntlet
the wearer can call forth a
number of simple tools to aid
him or her in mechanical work.
e tools the wearer may
call up include:
] Screwdriver (can be
used as a piercing
weapon with damage
equal to a knife)
] Pliers
] Shears (can be used as
a piercing weapon with
damage equal to a
] Blade (equivalent to a
] Saw (6' blade,
equivalent to a
knife for damage)
] Hook (pointed end; can be
used as weapon with damage
equivalent to a dagger)

Burrow Savage
usually frowned upon by more orderly societies. Likewise,
What was once simply another one of our average citizens had
burrow savages who attempt to settle down in their own
left home to seek his fortune, only to return years later as a
communities usually find themselves being either driven
vile, aggressive beast who seemed to hold a deep hatred for the
away from the area by their fellow gnomes or ostracized.
aspect of thought itself.
e last thing that most gnomes wish for is to have to live
ough not necessarily evil or chaotic, burrow savages have alongside someone who detests the finer things, especially
reached what is perhaps the peak of antisocial potential to when that someone just also happens to be one of their
be found amongst the gnome race. Often leaving their kin own kind. Burrow savages tend to get along well with half
because they were outcasts amongst their kind to begin orcs and dwarves, however, and many have been known to
with, burrow savages learn to hate and attack many of the often settle down amongst one or the other.
aspects of life that most gnomes hold dear, particularly Hit Die: d
intellectual thought, creativity, and magic.
While most of these gnomes hate the ideals of R
sophisticated culture and the study of arcana, they are Alignment: Non-Lawful
not above using magical weapons or engaging in some Race: Gnome
very rough and rowdy forms of song and dance. For a Base Attack Bonus: +
spellcaster to take up the ways of a burrow savage, however, Wilderness Lore: ranks
is almost unheard of. Most burrow savages describe the Intimidation: ranks
ways of wizards and sorcerers as the practice of weaklings,
cowards, sissies, and weasels. C S
Often tending towards neutral or evil alignments, good e class skills and key abilities for each skill are Bluff
burrow savages are not entirely unheard of. ere are a (Cha), Concentration (Con), Handle Animal (Cha),
few of these gnomes who have been known to serve as Intimidate (Cha), Intuit Direction (Wis), Listen (Wis),
heroic outsiders, often preying on evil wizards and corrupt Jump (Str), Move Silently (Dex), Ride (Dex), Swim (Str),
schemers who threaten the land. Burrow savages, however, Wilderness Lore (Wis)
can never be lawful as their more barbaric tendencies are Skill Points At Each Level: + Int Modifier

C F amounts of critical damage than others. As such, the bur-
e following are the class features of the burrow savage. row savage gains a extra bonus to damage on a critical hit.
Armor And Weapon Proficiencies: e burrow e bonus is per dice of damage. is bonus is + at rd
savage is proficient with all simple and martial weapons. level, + at th level, + at th level, and + at th level.
In addition, the burrow savage may choose exotic melee
weapon to be proficient in. e burrow savage gains Earthbound Lord
proficiencies in the use of light and medium armor, but e earthbound lord is as much at home below the surface
gains no proficiencies in using a shield. of the earth as he is above it. His powers and abilities are
Prey On inkers (Ex): ough burrow savages directly drawn from the earth itself. Once he is committed
have never been none to be much for deep, intellectual to this path, the earthbound lord eventually will transcend
thought themselves, they none the less grew up amongst his mortal form and become an elemental being. e
other gnomes who valued such traits. As such, burrow rituals that bind an individual to the earth, thereby making
savages have at least a good insight on the things that him an earthbound lord, come at a price. Often those
the intelligent truly fear deep down inside, especially who dedicate themselves to this pursuit must give up a
concerning matters of pure, bestial aggression. As significant token or memento of their past life and commit
such, burrow savages know how to use such displays of it to the earth through a ritual burial of the object. Just as
aggression and brutality towards their favor when dealing the object becomes bound to the earth, so too, does the
with humanoids and monsters of significant intelligence. earthbound lord.
Prey On inkers gives the savage burrow a bonus to Of all the races that walk the earth, gnomes have one
attack rolls against targets with an Intelligence of or of the greatest ties to the element of earth. is tie is held
higher. is bonus is + at st level, + at th level, + at in the highest regard by an order of gnomes known as the
th level, and + at th level. Earthen Brethren. e order was formed to reinforce this
Base Movement Bonus (Ex): As the burrow savages bond and the draw strength from it, strength to be used to
are quite physical instead of the more normal mental, preserve and protect the earth. Most earthbound lords are
running towards targets and away from threats comes drawn from the ranks of the Earthen Brethren.
natural to them. After awhile, such running naturally Among the Earthen Brethren, a small, but vocal, faction
causes ones ability to travel on foot greatly improve, thus has begun taking this viewpoint to the extreme. is fac-
adding a bonus to ones base movement. tion has turned its back on certain gnome traditions that
e burrow savage has a bonus to their base movement they feel create a division between gnomes and the earth.
speed. is bonus is equal to feet at nd level, feet at ey associate illusion magic with the intangible element
th level, and feet at th level. of air and believe that gnomes who indulge in this prac-
Critical Damage Bonus (Ex): Burrow savages study tice become tainted. is faction also opposes the mining
the sensitive areas of others and whenever they manage to of gems and precious ores from the earth, particularly by
hit the sweet spot in combat, burrow savages cause greater dwarves whom they believe are a polluted mixture of the
elements of beloved earth and hated fire.
T 8-1: B S
Increasingly, earthbound lords
C B F. R. W S have been called upon to deal with
L A S S S these violent dissenters. Some of these
B champions, however, have grown
+ + + + Prey On inkers + sympathetic to the dissenters cause
+ + + + Base Movement + and have joined their ranks. e
Earthen Brethren has begun seeking
+ + + + Critical Damage +
new earthbound lords to replace those
+ + + + Prey On inkers + lost and to prepare for the coming
+ + + + Critical Damage + conflict. Despite this drain on resources,
+ + + + Base Movement + earthbound lords can still be found
+ + + + Prey On inkers + throughout the world, fighting evil that
would blight and corrupt the earth or
+ + + + Base Movement +
fighting to preserve natural earthen
+ + + + Critical Damage + formations from improper exploitation
+ + + + Prey On inkers +, and depletion by the less earthly races.
Critical Damage + Hit Die: d

R buried. e earthbound lord feels compelled to recommit
To qualify as an earthbound lord, a character must fulfill the object to the earth and suffers penalties for failing to do
the following criteria: so as the spell geas/quest. As the ill effects are suffered as
Race: Gnome a result of the character being innately bound to the earth,
Base Attack Bonus: + the spell remove curse has no effect on an earthbound lord
Skills: Knowledge (geography or nature) ranks, Intuit suffering from this condition. If the now unearthed object
Direction ranks is destroyed, the earthbound lord immediately suffers one
Special: To become an earthbound lord, a character must negative level. In addition, the earthbound lord loses access
commit an object of great value to the earth by burying it to all class abilities after days unless he has committed
and vowing never to unearth it. e rituals to dig the hole to the earth a new item. His saving throws, attack bonuses
and burry the object take days to complete. e value of and total hit points, however, remain unchanged. e
the committed object must be at least , gp and have newly committed item must be of value equal to , gp
some tie to the earthbound lords past. + gp per current level of earthbound lord.
Earth Mastery (Su): An earthbound lord gains a +
C S attack and damage bonus so long as both he and his foe
e earthbound lord class skills (and the key ability for are touching the ground. If an opponent is airborne or
each) are Appraise (Int), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Intuit waterborne, the earthbound lord suffers a penalty to
Direction (Wis), Listen (Wis), Knowledge (geography), attack and damage.
Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (planes). Trackless Step (Ex): Starting at nd level, an
Skill Points at Each level: + Int modifier earthbound lord leaves no trail in natural surroundings to
be followed and cannot be tracked.
C F Bonus Feat: e earthbound lord gains an additional
e following are the class feature of the earthbound lord feat at th level.
prestige class: Tremorsense (Ex): Starting at th level, an
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An earthbound lord earthbound lord can automatically sense the location of
gains no weapon or armor proficiencies. anything within feet that is in contact with the ground.
Earthbound: To become an earthbound lord, a Burrow (Ex): An earthbound lord can glide through
character must commit an object of great value to the earth stone, dirt, or almost any other sort of earth except metal
by burying it and vowing never to unearth it. e rituals as easily as a fish swims through water. His Speed below
to dig the hole and bury the object take days to complete. ground is equal to his Speed above ground. His burrowing
e value of the committed object must be at least leaves behind no tunnel or hole, nor does it create any
, gp and have some tie to the earthbound lords past. If ripple or other signs of his presence. A move earth spell cast
the object that is committed to the earth is ever unburied, on an area containing a burrowing earthbound lord flings
either intentionally or by natural causes, the earthbound the earthbound lord back feet. In addition, he is then
lord is immediately drawn to the area where the object was stunned for round, unless he succeeds at a Fortitude save.
Truly Earthbound: At th level the
T 8-2: E L
earthbound lord is truly earthbound and
C B F. R. W S he completely transcends his earthly form
L A S S S to become an elemental creature. His
B type changes to elemental, which means
+ + + + Earth Mastery (among other things) that he is no longer
affected by spells that specifically target
+ + + + Trackless Step
humanoids, such as charm person. He
+ + + + gains an elemental creatures immunity
+ + + + Bonus Feat to poison, sleep, paralysis, and stunning
+ + + + and is no longer subject to critical hits or
+ + + + Tremorsense flanking.
e earthbound lord gains the speed
+ + + + Burrow
and movement modes, special attacks,
+ + + + and special qualities of a medium earth
+ + + + elemental, as noted in the MM. e
+ + + + Truly Earthbound earthbound lord also undergoes physical

changes. His eyes become blackened, like coal, and his Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Gnome guardians
skin becomes rocky and hard. is change also gives the are proficient with all simple and martial weapons and all
earthbound lord damage reduction /+. types of armor and shields.
Binding Site: A gnome guardian is bound to a specific
Gnome Guardian village, area, or holy site, through a complicated ritual
Gnomes that specifically dedicate themselves to protecting requiring at least two gnome clerics or druids. As long
their home village or area can gain special skills and powers as a gnome guardian is within miles of their binding
as a gnome guardian. While most guardians were once site they gain a + bonus to all saving throws. If a gnome
fighters or rangers, sometimes monks, clerics, or even guardian leaves this area the bonus becomes a penalty to
rogues feel the call to defend their homeland from outside all saving throws and some of the abilities described below
incursions. ese special gnomes gain a link to the very are temporarily suspsended.
land around them, with this link providing extraordinary Sense Danger (Su): eir link with the land around
powers used to defend their territories. e link to the gives a gnome guardian the supernatural ability to sense
earth is so powerful, and so grounded in firm reality that danger and react to it even before recognizing its source. A
any gnome adopting it finds themselves unable to cast or gnome defender retains their Dex bonus to AC even when
use illusionary magic of any type, including the -level surprised or caught off-guard.
cantrips that most gnomes are capable of using. Clerics or Earthen Link: A gnome guardian can call upon their
other spell casters choosing this difficult path can still cast link to the earth to provide added benefits during battle. A
non-illusion based spells. guardian can call upon this link a limited number of times
Gnome guardians are tireless defenders of villages, cities, per day, based on their level, and the earthen link only
and special holy temples and locations. is extraordinary lasts for minute ( rounds). e earthen link grants the
dedication tends to make them more quiet and grim than guardian the following benefits:
most of their cousins, but on the whole they are friendly Dexterity; + Strength; + AC
and warm when approached for help. A gnome guardian is Damage reduction /-
willing to die defending a fellow gnome, and never shirks Unfortunately, when the time period is over the
her duty when called to action. Initiation as a gnome guardian suffers a temporary penalty ( rounds) of to
guardian requires the approval of two existing guardians all attack and damage rolls. is extraordinary ability only
followed by a special ceremony where clerics help bind the functions within miles of the gnome guardians binding
gnome to the earth of a specific village or area. Many of site.
the guardians powers are dependant on that link, and are Blind Fight: If they dont already possess it, a gnome
severely reduced if a guardian moves more than miles guardian gains the Blind Fight feat for free at nd level.
from their home territory. Bonus Feats: Gnome guardians gain bonus feats at rd,
Hit die: d th, and th levels. e bonus feat must be chosen from
the following list: Ambidexterity, Combat Reflexes, Dodge
R (Mobility, Spring Attack), Exotic Weapon Proficiency*,
To qualify to become a gnome guardian, a character must Expertise (Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Whirlwind
meet the following requirements. Attack), Improved Critical*, Improved Initiative, Improved
Alignment: Any lawful. Unarmed Strike (Deflect Arrows, Stunning Fist),
Race: Gnome Mounted Combat (Mounted Archery, Trample, Ride-By
Base Attack Bonus: + Attack, Spirited Charge), Point Blank Shot (Far Shot,
Feats: Dodge, Endurance. Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Shot on the Run), Power Attack
(Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Sunder, Great Cleave),
C S Quick Draw, Two-Weapon Fighting (Improved Two-
Gnome guardians have access to the following class skills Weapon Fighting), Weapon Finesse*, Weapon Focus*.
(key ability for each): Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy Several of the above feats require one or more
(Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Ride prerequisite feats, skills, or ability scores, a Gnome
(Dex), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Wilderness Lore (Wis). guardian must meet all prerequisites before choosing a
Skill Points at each level: + Int bonus. particular feat. Feats marked with an asterisk (*) can be
applied to different weapons and can be taken more than
C F once when applied to a different weapon each time.
Gnome guardians possess a number of special skills and Tireless: At rd level a gnome guardians powerful
abilities as described below. bond to the earth allows them to go without sleep so

long as they are on, or beneath, ground. Within miles Gnome Naturist
of their binding site the guardians powers extend to the Certain gnome clerics and druids develop such a power-
ability to run, swim, or move at full speed without suffering ful affinity to the natural world that they decide to join a
any fatigue. Further from their binding site normal rules loose affiliation of Naturists that try to protect the natural
for fatigue apply. If the guardian is removed from the earth, world from the influences of outsiders. Naturists believe
such as on a sailing ship or somehow flying through the that creatures from other planes come into our world only
air, this ability is negated and they again require a normal to destroy the natural order and sow dissension between
amount of sleep. Once back on firm ground, their fatigue is the races and creatures that actually belong here. is phi-
drained away. losophy puts them at odds with the many sorcerers and
Mental Focus: eir chosen profession requires wizards that summon creatures from other planes, and
such dedication, and their link with the earth becomes even with other clerics and druids who see no harm in
so firm, that at th level a gnome guardian receives a + this practice. On the other hand, many naturists are well-
circumstance bonus to Will saving throws against mind traveled adventurers searching the world for evil influences
altering spells or spell effects and a + bonus to saving and attempting to eradicate them. e more well-traveled
throws against illusions. naturists are often more tolerant of the summoning of
Poison Immunity: eir supernatural link to the earth extra-planar creatures when required to meet a specific goal.
grants gnome guardians complete immunity to poisons ose that wish to join this loose affiliation, and adopt
when they reach th level. their special training and abilities, must first find a naturist
Timeless Body: Upon reaching th level a guardians to sponsor them and lead them down the proper path.
bond to both the earth and their duty allows them to Once initiated, a naturist can always find others with the
stop all physical aging. ey still age, and die at the same philosophies and abilities for further training during
appointed time, but suffer no further bonuses or minuses their travels. Naturists have a single goal, protecting the
to attributes due to age. Aging penalties acquired before world from outsiders, and can be of almost any alignment
attaining this level remain, but no further changes are or background. Eventually they grow powerful enough
incurred. to enter other planes and adopt elemental forms in order
Earth Power: Upon reaching the highest level of to battle the planar creatures they feel are disrupting the
skill, a guardian gains the ability to transform themselves world. Almost all naturists began life as druids or clerics,
into an earth elemental equal in hit dice to their total but a rare ranger has made it into their ranks in the past.
level and possessing all of their skills and abilities as well Clerics following the path of the naturist cease to follow
as the abilities, and penalties, of an earth elemental. e their god and as a result they lose their domain spells
transformation itself is a move-equivalent action and and abilities. ey retain their spell lists, but begin to tap
lasts for up to ten hours or until ended by the guardian. A into the divine power of the natural world to cast their
gnome guardian can only perform this transformation if spells, rather than having those powers granted by their
within miles of their binding site, outside that range god(dess).
they are simply unable to manifest this power. Hit die: d

T 8-3: G G

C B F. R. S W
+ + + + Sense Danger, Binding Site, Earthen Link (/day)
+ + + + Blind Fight
+ + + + Bonus Feat, Tireless
+ + + + Earthen Link (/day)
+ + + + Mental Focus
+ + + + Bonus Feat, Poison Immunity
+ + + + Earthen Link (/day)
+ + + + Timeless Body
+ + + + Bonus Feat
+ + + + Earthen Link (/day), Earth Power

R ability and the naturist gains the ability to perform this
To become a naturist a character must fulfill all of the action additional times each day when attaining rd, th,
following criteria. and th level.
Magic: Ability to cast rd level divine spells. Identify Outsider: A naturists knowledge of the
Skills: Knowledge (nature) ranks, and either natural world, and their acute senses, allows them to
Knowledge (planes) ranks, or Knowledge (outsiders) recognize creatures that do not belong. While they can
ranks identify outsiders, this ability does not allow them to
ascertain exactly what plane a creature might be from, nor
C S what its weaknesses might be.
e naturists class skills (and the key ability for each skill) Protection from Outsiders: At nd level naturists
are Animal Empathy (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft gain a supernatural resistance to attacks from outsiders.
(Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal ey gain a + deflection bonus to AC and a + resistance
(Wis), Intuit Direction (Wis), Knowledge (nature) (Int), bonus on saving throws against attacks by outsiders.
Knowledge (planes) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Unlike similar spells, this resistance does not prevent
Knowledge (outsiders) (Int), Profession (Wis), Scry (Int), bodily contact by summoned creatures nor does it block
Spellcraft (Int), Swim (Str), and Wilderness Lore (Wis). attempts to possess or mentally control the naturist.
Identify Weakness: At th level a naturist is able to
C F determine an outsiders weaknesses, if any, on a successful
Naturists gain the special skills and abilities described Knowledge (planes) or Knowledge (outsiders) check.
below, as well as retaining any special abilities already e DC is + the total level or hit die of the creature +
learned. Charisma modifier (if any) of the creature. A successful
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Naturists gain no check on a creature with multiple weaknesses only
new armor or weapon proficiencies, nor to they gain any
penalties to proficiencies they already possess.
Spells: Naturists are divine spellcasters. When a new
naturist level is gained, the character gains spells per day
as if they obtained a level in the divine spellcasting class
they previously belonged to. If the character possesses
two divine spellcasting classes, they must choose which
one they gain new spells in when gaining a new level
as a naturist. Basically, the naturist adds the level
of naturist to the level of divine spellcaster
class and then determines spells per day
and caster level according to that total.
However, the naturist does not gain
any other benefit of their previous
class. Unfortunately, clerics following
the path of the naturist lose their special
ability to cast additional domain spells each day.
e ability to cast extra domain spells can not
be regained.
Wild Shape: At st level, a naturist gains
the spell-like ability to polymorph self into a
Small or Medium-size animal (but not a dire
animal) and back again once per day. Unlike
the standard use of the spell, however, the
naturist may only adopt one form. As stated
in the spell description, the naturist regains
hit points as if they rested for a day. e
naturist does not suffer penalties for being
disoriented while in the wild shape. is
ability is additive with the druid wild shape

identifies a single weakness (determined by the DM). is as a partial action once per day. is ability is similar to
check can only be performed once on a specific creature. the banishment spell with several exceptions. e naturist
Venom/Disease Immunity: A naturists tight does not require spell components and can only target a
connection to the natural world eventually provides them single creature up to HD/ total level of the naturist. e
complete immunity to all natural venoms and diseases. In naturist must still penetrate SR, with a bonus of + to
addition, this protection also provides a + circumstance their caster level check, and the target creature receives a
bonus to saving throws against brewed poisons, magic Will saving throw (DC = + naturist level + Wisdom
poisons, and magical diseases. modifier) to resist. Creatures born on the same plane as
Elemental Form: At th level a naturist gains the the naturist, even if normally considered outsiders, are
spell-like ability to polymorph self into a Small, Medium- unaffected by this ability.
Size, or Large air, earth, fire, or water elemental. Unlike
the standard spell, the naturist can only adopt a single Illusioneer
form and does not suffer any penalties for disorientation Any mage can set a trap; the art is in enticing the target to
while in elemental form. While in elemental form the spring it.
naturist gains all of the special abilities, and weaknesses, Cosweller Durnottin Snapshut.
of the chosen elemental while still retaining the ability to While many mages focus upon improving the lethality of
cast their divine spells. is ability is separate from any their traps, the illusioneer concentrates upon making his
other transformation abilities and can be performed an traps more disposed to being triggered. e illusioneer
additional time per day when attaining th level. combines his intimate knowledge of trap mechanics with
Plane Shift: At th level a naturist can chase outsiders his highly focused study of illusions to make traps that rely
to their home plane of existence. is extraordinary ability predominantly on illusions to entrap targets. His unique
acts as a plane shift spell cast by a th-level cleric with ability to combine mechanical devices with his magic
one additional power. If a creature uses a plane shift spell creates more detailed and convincing illusions for his traps.
or ability within ft of the naturist, the naturist can Many illusioneers take an exceptional pride in their craft,
follow that creature without knowing the name or position often combining elaborate traps with simple illusions for
of their destination, but only if they use their plane shift maximum effect.
ability within rounds. e naturist can perform this e natural inclinations towards both illusions and
action once per day at th level, and /day at th level. mechanics among gnomes make them exceptionally
Earth Spells: At th level a naturist can cast spells effective illusioneers and many gnomes choose this path.
listed as Earth domain spells as class spells. ey do not e best illusioneers are highly sought after by thieves
gain additional spells per day, nor do they obtain other guilds, wizards, and any other patron who values effective,
domain benefits, they are simply have access to these spells unusual traps that are hard to discover and difficult to
if they did not know them previously. disarm. Illusioneers as a whole are a rather eccentric lot.
Banishment: At th level a naturist gains the ability An illusioneer who is hired to design a trap to capture
to banish extra-planar creatures back to their home plane or injure a particular type of creature or an individual
will rarely accept
T 8-4: G N payment before the
C B F. R. W S trap has successfully
L A S S S completed its purpose.
B Of course, if the client
requires more general
+ + + + Wild Shape (/day), Identify Outsider
traps or traps that he
+ + + + Protection from Outsiders hopes he never has
+ + + + Wild Shape (/day) to use, the illusioneer
+ + + + Identify Weakness, Venom/Disease Immunity will collect his fees
+ + + + Elemental Form (/day) upfront. Despite their
ability to command
+ + + + Wild Shape (/day)
high prices for their
+ + + + Earth Spells, Plane Shift (/day) elaborate work,
+ + + + Banishment (/day) some illusioneers
+ + + + Plane Shift (/day), Wild Shape (/day) have been known to
+ + + + Elemental Form (/day) take on particularly

T 8-5: T I
or intricate C B F. R. W S S D
assignments merely L A S S S
for cost, deriving B
their greater reward + + + + Traps, Secret Failsafe + level of existing class
from completing a + + + + A Better Trap + level of existing class
work of art. + + + + Illusion Focus + + level of existing class
Hit Die: d
+ + + + Reset /day + level of existing class
R + + + + Install Failsafe + level of existing class
To qualify as + + + + Illusion Focus + + level of existing class
an illusioneer, a + + + + Reset /day + level of existing class
character must + + + + + level of existing class
fulfill the following
+ + + + Illusion Focus + + level of existing class
Skills: Craft + + + + Lure, Reset /day + level of existing class
ranks, Disable Device ranks, Search ranks that they may be able to get out of their obligation to the
Feats: Craft Wondrous Item, Spell Focus [Illusions] illusioneer by employing the trap makers own traps against
Spellcasting: An illusionist specialist with the ability to him. is is why every illusioneer has developed the ability
cast spells of at least rd level. to include a secret failsafe in every trap he designs. During
construction of any trap, the illusioneer can choose to add
C S a secret failsafe. Doing so adds an additional hour to the
e illusioneer class skills (and the key ability for each) construction time of the trap. Once in place, the secret
are Alchemy (Int), Bluff (Cha), Craft (all skills taken failsafe cannot be detected by any non-magical means,
individually) (Int), Concentration (Con), Disable however, it may be disabled, as addressed below, if the trap
Device (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Gather Information itself is altered.
(Cha), Knowledge (all skills taken individually) (Int), As a standard action, an illusioneer can automatically
Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis), disable any trap that he has made that includes a secret
Spellcraft (Int). failsafe. Illusioneers that reveal the location and use of a
Skill Points at Each level: + Int modifier secret failsafe to others are practically unheard of. e
nature of the profession is such, that it is believed that
C F any illusioneer foolish enough to do so would himself
e following are the class feature of the illusioneer soon fall victim to a rather deadly and elaborate trap not
prestige class: of his own making. If an illusioneers trap is disabled or
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Illusioneers gain no altered, there is a chance that the secret failsafe may have
weapon or armor proficiencies. been inadvertently damaged or removed. If a trap set by an
Spells per day/Spells Known: At each level of illusioneer has been altered or disabled, for instance with a
illusioneer, the character gains new spells per day (and successful Disable Device check, there is a % chance that
spells known, if applicable) as if he had also gained a level the secret failsafe has been disabled or removed. In such
in a spellcasting class to which he belonged before adding instances, the illusioneer may not use his secret failsafe
the prestige class. He does not, however, gain any other to disable the trap. However, the illusioneer can discover
benefit a character of that class would have gained. If the alteration with a successful Search check and then
the character had more than one spellcasting list before disable the trap as he would any other. An illusioneer may
becoming an illusioneer, the player must decide which class automatically reinstall a secret failsafe in a trap he designed.
to add each illusioneer level for determining spells per day Reinstalling a secret failsafe takes one hour.
and spells known. A Better Trap (Ex): Beginning at nd level, an
Traps: At st level, an illusioneer gains the ability to illusioneer gains the ability to combine mechanical and
locate traps as a rogue if he does not already have this illusionary techniques together to create more convincing
ability. traps that are more difficult to discover and disable. e
Secret Failsafe: Illusioneers recognize that in their line DC for Search and Disable Device checks for mechanical
of work, there is the occasional individual who believes traps created by the illusioneer is + per every two

levels of illusioneer the character has. e DC for Search provide a complete list of attendees at a village meeting,
and Disable Device checks for magical traps is equal to without ever missing a single vowel. When the average
+ spell level of the highest level spell used + per every gnome has at least a half dozen names, this feat is
two levels of illusioneer the character has. impressive to say the least. Further, it is no accident that
Illusion Focus: Beginning at rd level, an illusioneer gnomes are particularly adept at alchemy. e ability to
learns to better combine mechanical and illusionary recall complex alchemical formulas and identify a series
techniques together to create more convincing illusions. of substances simply by remembering its smell makes
e save DC for any illusion spell increases by +. is gnomes far better suited for this science than their non-
rises to + at th level and + at th level. ese increases gnome peers. Likewise, illusion magic comes most easily
are cumulative with those granted with the Spell Focus feat. to those with powerful memories and thus to gnomes.
Reset (Sp): Beginning at th level, an illusioneer gains For even a simple illusion, such as a bird in flight, to be
the ability to magically reset any undamaged traps. As a at all convincing, a caster must be able to note and recall
standard action, the illusioneer can magically reset any hundreds, if not thousands, of variables ranging from the
undamaged traps, whether mechanical or magical, within placement of feathers and alterations in wind speed to the
a radius of feet + feet per every levels of illusioneer. particular sound and pitch of a bird call.
e illusioneer can use this ability once per day at th Ask any gnome to recall a particular practical joke he
level, twice per day at th level and three times per day at pulled or even heard of and he will probably give you the
th level. All undamaged traps within that area are reset, exact time and date, the names of all the participants and
the illusioneer does not get to choose which are reset and the exact number of chuckles the joke elicited. Be careful
which are not. If any part of the trap has been damaged, for when attempting this exercise, however. Once given the
instance a bowstring was cut or a spike is still jammed in a invitation, some gnomes have been known to recite every
pressure plate, the trap does not reset. practical joke in which they ever participated, either as
Install Failsafe: At th level, an illusioneer can install accomplice or a victim, in excruciating and minute detail.
a secret failsafe into traps that he did not design himself. If you attempt such an exercise, make sure that you have
To do so, the illusioneer must first disable the trap with brought enough rations to least you the week.
a successful Disable Device check. Next, the illusioneer e astonishing memorization skills that most gnomes
must make a successful Craft (trap making) check with display are less the result of a natural phenomenon
the target DC equal to the Disable Device check needed to than they are of the study of gnomonics. Gnomonics
disarm or disable the trap + due to his unfamiliarity with is a complex system of memorization techniques and
the traps design. If the illusioneer succeeds, a secret failsafe concentration exercises that was developed by the earliest
is installed. Installing a secret failsafe takes one hour. From gnome scholars. It is taught to gnomes as soon as they
that point on, the illusioneer may treat the trap as one he exhibit the ability to understand the spoken language and
designed for the purposes of using the secret failsafe. If it is a fundamental part of every gnomes education. It is so
the trap is then subsequently altered or disabled, the secret important that the majority of gnome parents who live in
failsafe may be disabled. (See description of the Secret predominantly non-gnome communities will nevertheless
Failsafe ability above). remove their children from local learning institutions
Lure (Sp): At th level, an illusioneer can lure specific and have their children gnome schooled by hiring tutors
creatures into a trapped area. Once per day, as a free action, trained in gnomonics.
the illusioneer can cause a location or object to give off While the basics of gnomonics are relatively easy to
magical vibrations that attract either a specific type of grasp, it requires extensive study before one can apply
intelligent creature or creatures of a particular alignment, the sciences more complex nuances. Many gnomes are
as per the spell sympathy. unable to advance beyond the basics, either because they
lack the requisite intelligence or are simply unwilling to
Master of Gnomonics devote the time necessary to do so. However, a highly
Gnomes display a remarkable ability to recall vast amounts intelligent few eventually begin to master the techniques
of information with relative ease. ose who become and find that slowly, over time, they are able to increase
masters of gnomonics have stretched this ability far their memorization capacity with the continued practice of
beyond those of the average gnome and are counted among gnomonic techniques.
the greatest of mages and academics. While it is true that masters of gnomonics are prized
Examples of the considerable memorization skills for being effective spell casters, their memorization skills
possessed by the average gnome abound. A gnome can are just as often employed to other ends. A master of
often recite generations of names from a family tree or gnomonics makes quite an effective spy, being able to mem-

T 8-6: M O G
C B A F. R. W S S
+ + + + Quick Preparation + level of existing class
+ + + + Amazing Recall + level of existing class
+ + + + Studious Insight + + level of existing class
+ + + + + level of existing class
+ + + + + level of existing class
+ + + + Studious Insight + + level of existing class
+ + + + Mnemonic Enhancement + level of existing class
+ + + + + level of existing class
+ + + + Studious Insight + + level of existing class
+ + + + Focused Mind + level of existing class

orize a strategic map or a sensitive conversation and recall Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Masters of
it later with flawless clarity. A master of gnomonics may be gnomonics gain no weapon or armor proficiencies.
employed as a sort of traveling library, giving his employer Spells per day/Spells Known: At each level of master
instant access to memorized information and also prevent- of gnomonics, the character gains new spells per day (and
ing thieves from running off with valuable secret formulas spells known, if applicable) as if he had also gained a level
and plans. Most masters of gnomonics shun adventuring in a spellcasting class to which he belonged before adding
and instead favor the comforts provided by state-of-the- the prestige class. He does not, however, gain any other
art alchemical laboratories or extensive libraries. ere are, benefit a character of that class would have gained. If
although, exceptions, though they generally prove the rule. the character had more than one spellcasting list before
Still, even the most sedentary master of gnomonics may be becoming a master of gnomonics, the player must decide
called upon to travel a great distance in furtherance of his which class to add each master of gnomonics level for
education or another chosen cause. determining spells per day and spells known.
Hit Die: d Quick Preparation (Ex): A master of gnomonics can
prepare his spells per day in half the usual time.
R Amazing Recall (Ex): Beginning at nd level, as a free
To qualify as a master of gnomonics, a character must action, a master of gnomonics can recall with perfect clarity
fulfill the following criteria: up to minutes of an event he actually experienced, as per
Abilities: Int + the spell modify memory.
Skills: Any three Knowledge skills ranks each, Studious Insight (Ex): A master of gnomonics can
Concentration ranks, Language Gnome memorize the skill or combat techniques of an individual
Spellcasting: e ability to cast arcane spells or opponent that he has had the opportunity to study.
Special: Before becoming a master of gnomonics, a At rd level, a master of gnomonics gains a + studious
character must have first read a tome of higher gnomonics insight bonus to all social skills when dealing with an
and have gained its benefits. individual that he has had the opportunity to observe and
study. To make this observation and study, the master of
C S gnomonics must maintain concentration on the opponent
e master of gnomonics class skills (and the key ability for a total of at least minutes. e opponent must be
for each) are Alchemy (Int), Appraise (Int), Concentration within full view and engaged in social interactions for the
(Con), Gather Information (Cha), Knowledge (all entire time. is bonus increases by + every third level
skills taken individually) (Int), Profession (Wis), Speak thereafter. (rd, th, th).
Language, Spellcraft (Int) In combat, a master of gnomonics gains the +
Skill Points at Each level: + Int modifier studious insight bonus to attack rolls against any
individual opponent that he has had the opportunity to
C F observe and study in combat. To make this observation
e following are the class features of the master of and study, the master of gnomonics must maintain
gnomonics prestige class: concentration on the opponent for a total of at least

consecutive rounds. e opponent must be within full creatures. e anger caused by such beings using their size
view and engaged in combat the entire time. is bonus to bully the wee folk burns deep within the hearts of these
increases by + every third level thereafter. (rd, th, th). noble gnomes. In an effort to quench such an emotional
Mnemonic Enhancment (Ex): At th level, once fire, the knights seek out to crush evil, strife, cruelty, and
per day, a master of gnomonics may prepare or retain chaos. ough the personal emblems and coats of arms
additional spells as per the spell, Rarys mnemonic enhancer. vary from knight to knight, all stump knights boast a
e technique requires that the master of gnomonics symbolic image of the stump that the first knight stood
maintain concentration for a period of minutes. If the upon so many ages ago.
master of gnomonics is forced to break his concentration Stump knights first got their title and symbolic tree
during that time, he may not try again before he undergoes stump emblem from the first knight of the order. Many
his period of spell preparation the following day. is ages ago there was a lone gnome fighter-mage who lived
ability stacks with any ability to prepare or retain in a village was constantly being ravished by wandering
additional spells per level resulting from the use of a bandits and murderers. ough having long since retired
spell. For example, a th level wizard/th level master from his brutal days in an adventuring party, the little
of gnomonics who uses this ability and then casts Rarys gnome decided that he had seen enough. Pulling out his
mnemonic enhancer may prepare up to six additional levels old trusty sword and his squeaky plate mail armor, the
of spells. gnome crawled up on top of a large tree stump that stood
Focused Mind (Ex): Once a master of gnomonics has above his village and pronounced that he would personally
reached the height of his studies, his mind is so focused end the madness. ough scoffed at first, the gnome
that he is immune to all devices and spells that detect, quickly proved his intentions during the very next bandit
influence, or read emotions or thoughts. Focused Mind is raid. Using the skills that he had learned in the past when
an extraordinary ability and can be used as a free action. the gnome was forced to deal with enemies who were
In all other respects, this ability functions as per the spell, much greater in size, he quickly fell three rogues and sent
mind blank. the remaining two running for the hills.
Wild eyed in disbelief at the power, bravery, and might
Stump Knight that the gnome possessed, the surviving males of the village
asked the fighter-mage if he could teach them his ability
Laugh if you must, and when you are through with your little
and thus the first order of the stump knights was formed.
roll on the ground, try to get up. Ill see to it that your filthy
ough the life of a stump knight is often hard and
rump is back on the ground again.
tasking, the rewards are significant. ey gain the respect
ough sounding rather comical, the lawful order of the of all the little folk, and there is a hardly a burrow where
knights of the stump is a highly respected, noble society the legends of such knights are not told to young gnomes
of great gnome fighters and warriors. e stump knights by the evening fire. As the stump knight progresses in
are dedicated to protecting the weak and those of smaller level, they gain uncanny abilities towards fighting off
stature against the strife and oppression caused by larger larger opponents and are better able to resist the elements

T 8-7: S K
C B F. R. W S
+ + + + Strike Tall Folk +
+ + + + Wound Tall Folk +, Protection from Chaos +
+ + + + Strike Tall Folk +
+ + + + Wee Reputation +, Wound Tall Folk +
+ + + + Strike Tall Folk +
+ + + + Wound Tall Folk +, Protection From Chaos +
+ + + + Wee Reputation +
+ + + + Strike Tall Folk +, Wound Tall Folk +
+ + + + Wee Reputation +
+ + + + Strike Tall Folk +, Wee Reputation +, Protection From Chaos +

of chaos. While a few are of neutral good alignment, all level, + at th level, + at th level, and + at th
stump knights vow to uphold goodness and order to the level.
best of their ability and judgement. Protection From Chaos (Su): e stump knight gains
Hit Die: d a bonus to saving throws against Chaos spells and spell
effects. e bonus is + at nd level, + at th level, and
R + at th level.
Alignment: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, or Neutral
Good only Tiger Monk
Race: Gnome e great gnomish monk, Zretu, began the Order of the
Base Attack Bonus: + Grand Tiger centuries ago. Tiger monks are generally
Diplomacy: ranks restricted to gnomes, but certain halflings have been
Skill Focus: Diplomacy allowed into the Order at rare times. ose few monks
allowed into this exclusive order make special vows of
e class skills and key abilities for each skill are
Concentration (Con), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal
(Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Intuit Direction (Wis), Listen
(Wis), Jump (Str), Move Silently (Dex), Ride (Dex), Swim
(Str), Wilderness Lore (Wis)
Skill Points At Each Level: +Int Modifier

e following are the class features of the stump
Armor And Weapon Proficiencies: e
stump knight is proficient with all simple and
martial weapons. In addition, the stump knight
may choose exotic melee weapon to be proficient
in. e stump knight gains proficiencies in the
use of light and medium armor, but gains no
proficiencies in using a shield.
Strike Tall Folk (Ex): e stump knight is
especially skilled at attacking humanoid targets of
medium size or larger. As such, they gain a bonus
to their attack rolls against such targets. is
bonus is + at st level, + at rd level, + at th
level, + at th level, and + at th level.
Wound Tall Folk (Ex): e stump knight
is especially skilled at wounding humanoid
targets of medium size or larger with their
melee attacks. As such, they gain a bonus to
their attack rolls against such targets. is
bonus is + at st level, + at rd level, + at
th level, + at th level, and + at th level.
Wee Reputation (Ex): While sometimes
mocked by larger humanoids, the stump knights
hold a high degree of respect and valor amongst
all varieties of intelligent beings who are of small
size or lesser proportions (tiny, diminutive, etc.).
As such, the stump knight gains a bonus to all
Charisma based skill checks when dealing with
such intelligent beings. is bonus is + at nd

devotion. e Order has an overriding goal of protecting the traitor in order to prevent their special knowledge and
gnomish people throughout the world. Unfortunately, the abilities from falling into the hands of enemies.
Orders idea of protection and the goals of the gnomes Hit die: d
they are protecting sometimes come into conflict. For
example, the Order might prevent farmers or miners from R
operating in certain areas to avoid angering creatures To become a tiger monk, a character must fulfill all of the
that might attack the gnomes in response. Members following criteria.
of the Order follow strict rules and regulations of their Alignment: Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good
own, but consider the laws of other villages and cities Race: Gnome, and rarely some Halflings
somewhat beneath them, and rarely consider other laws Base Attack Bonus: +
when fulfilling their duties. Tiger monks never make Skills: Hide ranks, Move Silently ranks.
promises to anyone outside the Order, no matter what Special: Purity of Body class skill
the consequences. A command from the Order would
supercede other promises so therefore outside oaths simply C S
cannot be made. e tiger monks class skills (and the key ability for each
Tiger monks are easily recognized by the stripped skill) are Balance (Dex), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con),
tattoos across their clean shaven heads and faces. Part of Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Hide
the one month ordeal used to initiate tiger monks into the (Dex), Jump (Str), Knowledge (Arcana) (Int), Listen
order requires bathing in special chemicals that harden (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Perform (Cha), Profession
the skin and leave it hairless. e tattoos and hairless state (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex).
are permanent, only the most powerful wish or miracle
can reverse them. Tiger monks agree to strict laws during C F
their initiation that require obedience to the Order. A tiger Tiger monks gain the special abilities listed below, as well
monk refusing the request of the Order is given a second as retaining any previous skills and abilities.
chance to perform the assigned task. A second refusal Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Tiger monks gain no
forces the Order to send more powerful members to slay additional weapon or armor proficiencies, and they retain
the same penalties for wearing
T 8-8: T M armor that monks do.
C B A F. R. W S Monk Abilities: A tiger
L B S S S monk adds their tiger monk
and monk levels together
+ + + + Monk Abilities
to calculate their unarmed
Tigers Mind
damage, AC bonus, and speed
+ + + + Lizard Focus on the monk tables provided
Tigers Nose in the PHB. e number of
+ + + + Improved Evasion unarmed attacks is calculated
Enlarge (/day) by totaling the Base Attack
+ + + + Ki Strike (+) Bonuses (BAB) from all
Shadow Form (/day) classes and comparing that
+ + + + Enlarge (/day) total to the BAB in Table
Crystal Mind - in the PHB. is table
provides Unarmed Attack
+ + + + Shadow Form (/day)
Bonuses corresponding to a
Tiger Heart
particular BAB.
+ + + + Ki Strike (+) Tigers Mind: A tiger monk
Enlarge (/day) develops acute senses and a
+ + + + Touch of Dreams keen mind for interpreting the
Tiger Spirit slightest sounds or movements.
+ + + + Shadow Form (/day) ey gain a + circumstance
Enlarge (/day) bonus to all Listen, Spot, and
+ + + + Ki Strike (+) Search checks and cant be
Timeless Body caught flat-footed.

Lizard Focus: Once each day, tiger monks can focus to geas/quest spells as well; however, orders given by their
their energies toward healing their own bodies. For a master are equal to a geas, with respect to any penalties or
period of minutes ( rounds) they heal a number damage associated with refusing to complete the quest or
of points equal to their Wisdom modifier each round. resisting it in some way.
Damage taken while healing forces a Concentration check Tiger Heart: At th level a tiger monk gains a
to continue the healing ability. No attacks can be made supernatural immunity to all poisons, including magical
while healing. poisons.
Tigers Nose: At nd level a tiger monk gains the scent Touch of Dreams: Starting at th level a tiger monk
ability and can sense approaching creatures with their gains the supernatural ability to inflict horrible nightmares
sense of smell. is ability is negated in cities of villages on intelligent, living creatures. e tiger monk must
where the vast number of different aromas deaden their declare an attempt to inflict a touch of dreams before
acute senses. making their attack roll. If they successfully touch their
Enlarge: At rd level a tiger monk can focus their target, the target must make a successful Will save (DC
inner energy to cause them to grow in size and strength + one half the monks total level + Wisdom modifier) or be
along with all of the equipment they are wearing. is attacked by such horrible nightmares that they are virtually
size increase lasts for a number of rounds equal to their paralyzed with fear. After one round a second Will save
tiger monk levels plus their Wisdom modifier and makes must be made to avoid being slain by the nightmarish
the monk Medium-size, to AC and attack rolls, Dex, dreams, if successful the target can fight their way through
+ Con, + Str, and their unarmed damage increases by the nightmares in an additional rounds. While paralyzed
one die (for example, d unarmed damage becomes d the target loses their Dex bonus to AC and is unable to
unarmed damage). At the end of this period all bonus dodge attacks or spells in anyway.
points from increased Con are lost and the monk returns is potent ability can be used only once every three
to their original size. days, and only functions on creatures with hit dice equal
Improved Evasion: A tiger monk takes no damage on or less than the tiger monks total level. Undead, creatures
a successful Reflex save against spells or abilities allowing a with no intelligence score, or creatures immune to critical
Reflex save, and takes only half damage on a failed save. hits are immune to this ability.
Shadow Form: At th level a tiger monk gains the Tiger Spirit: At th level a tiger monk gains a
ability to take a shadowy, almost incorporeal form as a supernatural resistance to spells. e resistance is equal
move equivalent action. Not only do they become difficult to + the total monk levels the character possesses. A
to see (+ circumstance bonus to all Hide checks), but spellcaster must roll equal or higher than the monks spell
they are impossible to hear and can pass through walls resistance (d + the spellcasters level) to affect the tiger
and doorways as if in gaseous form. A tiger monk can monk with a spell.
return to their normal form as a free action, or remain in Timeless Body: Upon reaching th level a tiger
shadow form for up to one hour. While in shadow form monk is no longer subject to physical effects from aging.
the tiger monk can make no physical attacks, and can only ey still age, and die at the appointed time, but suffer no
be struck by + or better weapons or spells or items that further bonuses or minuses to attributes due to age. Aging
can specifically damage incorporeal beings. At th and th penalties acquired before attaining this level remain, but no
level the tiger monk gains the ability to perform this action further changes are incurred.
an additional time each day.
Ki Strike: At th level a tiger monk gains the E-T M
supernatural ability to strike creatures with damage Once initiated into the order an individual is either a tiger
reduction. At th level a tiger monk focuses so much monk, or a target of tiger monks. Someone falling from
inner energy and strength into their movements that each the Order, or refusing to follow its commands, retains their
blow is equivalent to a blow from a weapon with a + monk abilities (if they still qualify as a monk) but loses all
enhancement bonus for the purpose of creatures or items special tiger monk class abilities. is makes them much
with damage reduction. is equivalency increases to + at easier targets for the tiger monks sent to hunt them down
th level and + at th level. and slay them.
Crystal Mind: A tiger monk has
such devotion to their order that they
become immune to all magical and
supernatural charm, domination, and
enchantment abilities. ey are immune

lsenal: (hill gnome) the Great Spirit revered Echtiranje: the Caste Tax, the fee paid to move into
by even the gods; the being which created the a superior caste in mountain gnome society in the
cosmos. mountain gnome dialect of the hill gnome language.
Andewien: (hill gnome) an underclass, literally street feet. Ervonnek: (hill gnome) the master of a public house.
Annitekte: the governor of a ministry in the K Faithless Gods: the evil gods who did not mourn the
L. passing of A in the hill gnome culture.
Atyelies: teachers with college education in the hill gnome Fennebrektere: the Five Burning Trees; the heavens that
culture. existed before the war between the Mourning and the
Chulchun: the standard dialect of the Imperial gnome Faithless Gods.
language. Ghiijermien: the Harvest Feast of the hill and mountain
Chunghul: the language of the Imperial gnomes. gnomes; one of the two most important festivals in
Daechun: the court dialect of the Imperial gnome those cultures.
language. Helechtike: a cross between a speaker and president, the
Daewan: the Imperial gnome term for themselves. leader in the L.
Dekkerken: grandparents, great grandparents, etc. in the Hesselke: (mountain gnome) a strong liquor distilled.
hill gnome language. Translates as blood parents or kin hen Anniemer: traditional aristocracy in the hill gnome
parents. Language. While not really nobility among the hill
Denemer: the hill gnome language, variants of which are gnomes, the hen Anniemer remains the hereditary
also used by mountain gnomes. nobility among the mountain gnomes.
Douvente: the Royal Ministries; ministries under the Jarbien: (hill gnome) literally storyteller. Usually denotes
control of the prince in the mountain gnome dialect of a bard, poet or storyteller who may or may not use
the hill gnome language. ese three ministries are War, illusions as part of the entertainment.
State and Justice. Jatger: the Wizard-General, a permanent military post
Ducalies: the House Royal; a collection of families that commanding all magic-users in the hill and mountain
can claim royal descent in the mountain gnome dialect gnome cultures, staffed by an individual assigned by the
of the hill gnome language. K L.

Jertemern: (hill gnome) familial clan; descendants from Roend Getrer: a smith deity in the hill and mountain
a single family or individual. gnome cultures.
Jinelies: teachers without college education in the hill Rusdenemer: the common form of the hill gnome
gnome culture. language. Also called R.
Kartjon: the Harvester of Souls, the closest thing to a Rusner: see R.
death god in the cultures of the hill and mountain Sannemeiker: (mountain gnome) the middle-class in the
gnomes. mountain gnome.
Kenneden: (hill gnome) a catchall phrase used to denote Sqotje: paid employees working as aides and officers for
kinship or geographical ties. Translates as clan. the in the cultures of the hill and mountain
Ket Lirotekte: the national governing body in the gnomes.
cultures of the hill and mountain gnomes. Stilmarga: (mountain gnome) the marriage rite practiced
Ketrien: (hill gnome) elder. by mountain gnomes.
Ketwerrtje: a civil servant in the national governments of Tekvente: the National Ministries; ministries under the
the cultures of the hill and mountain gnomes; officers control of the mountain gnome Ket Lirotekte in the
in the ministries of the K L mountain gnome dialect of the hill gnome language.
Kriemer: (mountain gnome) commoners in mountain ese three ministries are Trade, Finance and Public
gnome society. Works.
Latje: (hill gnome) a community or group that considers Tien: an honorific that may be used by a graduate of a hill
its relationship familial in the hill gnome language. gnome college who has passed the college exam.
is term is not used by mountain gnomes. Tirisden: (hill gnome) the mountain gnomes..
Lirotekte: (hill gnome) a gathering, like a town meeting, Tirisdenemer: the dialect of the mountain gnomes,
in which gnomes can cast votes and make decisions. and a variant of the hill gnome language. Also called
It is the main political body for the hill and mountain T
gnomes. Tirsder: see Tirisdenemer.
Maaikergir: (hill gnome)a derogatory term for a Human. Tuidol: (imperial gnome) the form of address used with
Means little nose. a superior.
Marchtinha: (mountain gnome) a City Charter, a charter Vandenemer: an ancient form of the hill gnome language,
which allows a guild in an urban area to include still used for religious and legal purposes. Also called
members of any caste. V.
Minidol:(imperial gnome) the form of address used Vander: see V.
with an equal. Vonnek: (hill gnome) a public house: a Tavern.
Mourning Gods: the gods of the gnomes, halflings, Welstinha: (mountain gnome) a charter of nobility,
dwarves, elves and humans; those gods which conveying the right to raise soldiers during a muster
mourned the passing of Alsenal, according to hill and to act as judge in legal matters..
gnome culture. Werttje: a civil servant of the local government in the hill
Oserien Anntilien Mareleos the Golden: the main god and mountain gnome cultures.
in the cultures of the hill and mountain gnomes. Winolaos: the Urban Watch, units that police large
Perried: (hill gnome) a special style of overcoat. urban areas in the hill and mountain gnome cultures.
Pietwer: a body of five respected citizens to act as a court Yangchun: a merchant and common dialect of the
of final appeal in the cultures of the hill and mountain Imperial gnome language: is understandable by
gnomes. speakers of Chulchun and Daechun.
Pitrigje: representatives in the K L.
Pujedol: (imperial gnome) the form of address used with
an inferior..
Quarden: (hill gnome) the hill gnome term for
Realms Below: the Hells; the domain of F
G in the cultures of the hill and mountain
Relsben: the aw Feast of the hill andm ountain
gnomes; one of the two most important festivals in
those cultures.

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5. Representation of Authority to Contribute: If You are based on original material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson
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Wild Spellcraft
The magic of chaos, the uncontrolled and nearly untappable forces of wild arcana.
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Dweomercraft: Enchanters
Wizards who use magic to beguile, control and enchant the mind. The Enchanters.
The Elements of Magic
A new highly-flexible system for handling magic in any d20 game.

The Complete Guide to Drow

Vile practices & races of the dark elves.
Moon Elves
Three elven cultures, with full details and
Death: Guardian at the Gate
The Death domain, goddess, worshippers,
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Crimson Contracts - The Assassin's Manifesto
The assassin's sourcebook, 128 pages, all soaked in blood.
A F M Shadow Cloak. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65
Alchemical Nose . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Fan Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Maggots to Rice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Shield Dodge. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Alter feature . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Fey Friend . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Magical Buckles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Shiny Shoes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67
Amplifier. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73 Firebrander . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Magical Circle Against Odors. . . . . 71 Shoes of Gnomekind . . . . . . . . . . . 69
Ant dust . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Flash buckle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Magical Pipes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 -9 shoyu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52
Arcane Eye . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Flee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Mareleos, Oserien . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 skunk soap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54
Flintflick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Mass Death Dream . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Slow Mechanism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75
Floor of Horrors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Mass Dream . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Smaller Target . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Fluidmeister . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Mass Mirror Image . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Smogchoke . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Bandycook (Spell & Items) . . . . . . 71-2
Frightlock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Mass Nightmare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Smooth Voice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73
banquet of rot. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57
Master of Clockworks . . . . . . . . . . 39 Sneaky Peachy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65
Bathtub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71
G Master of Gnomonics . . . . . . . . . . 86 Sonic Staff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74
Belt of Grounding . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Master of Illusions. . . . . . . . . . . . . 39
Garden kit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 soup powders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54
bestow mirrow image . . . . . . . . . . 57 Measure Distance . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75
Gear Cut . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Spots Before Your Eyes . . . . . . . . . 65
betel nuts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 medicine pouch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54
Gear cutters shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Staff of Frabrication. . . . . . . . . . . . 77
Better Trap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 Mirror Image Buckle . . . . . . . . . . . 70
Gear of Fitting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Staff of Seigcraft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77
Big Folk Armor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Mouth of Great Dishonor. . . . . . . . 62
Gem Cut . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Staff, Bola . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50
Binding Site . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 Mud Fudge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
Gem Polish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Staff, Fan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50
Bola Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Muter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73
Getrer, Roend . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Staring Portrait . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65
Bonds cant hold me. . . . . . . . . . . 38
Ghostly Musician. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 stinker wax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
Bookworm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 N
ginger mead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Stop Mechanism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75
Box of Dots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Nosentoes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
Glove sof the Thieving Lady . . . . . . 66 Strawberry Mud Custard . . . . . . . . 66
Brew Expendable Potion . . . . . . . . 38
Gnome Ann. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66-7 Strike Tall Folk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90
Brindariske . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Gnome Guardian. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 O Stump Knight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88
Broonsweep, Hazel . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Oakcap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47
Gnome Naturalist . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 Suds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72
Buckles, magical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Object Invisibility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
Gnome Rod. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Sword, Prong . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50
Bug Folk Furniture. . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Oserien Anntilien Mareleos . . . . . . 42
Gnomonic Device . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67
Burrow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Goblinscabs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
Burrow mead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53
Gurgle Gargles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 P Talking Stick . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69
Burrow Savage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78
Painters enamels . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Thread, silk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52
Burrowmites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
H Patchouli. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Tiger Heart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91
Hairtrimmer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 pefume oil. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Tiger Monk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89
C Hat of Dancing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Phantasmal Stalker . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Tigers Mind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91
Cap Stone. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Hat of Gnomekind. . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Pinwheel of Color Spray . . . . . . . . 68 Tigers Nose . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91
Chair of Tossing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Hat Speak . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 Pipe of Acid Fog . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Tinkers vest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
Chimney sauce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Hattent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Pipe of Fog Cloud . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Tiny Folk Furniture. . . . . . . . . . . . . 66
Chub Trident . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Hazel Broomsweep . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Pipe of Glitterdust . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Tireless . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82-83
Clean Clothes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 Hookah. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Pipe of Illusions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 Toedirt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48
Cleanser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 Pipe of Smoke Form. . . . . . . . . . . . 69
Tome of Higher Gnomonics . . . . . . 70
Colorize Cloud . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Plant Dance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
I Tone Deafness. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74
Combat Feint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Portable Bathtub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71
Illusioneer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 Tool Gauntlet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77
Continuo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Portable Sprayer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76
Improved Bardic Music . . . . . . . . . 73 Tool/Weapon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75
Cream keeping powder . . . . . . . . . 53 Portection From Odors. . . . . . . . . . 71
Improved Muter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73 Touch of Dreams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91
Curtain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Prey of Thinkers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79
Improved Object Invisibility . . . . . . 61 Trackless Step . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80
Prong Sword . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50
Improvised Weapon. . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Trading figures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
Protective Suit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76
D Instant Failsafe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86
pung chow tiles. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52
Trap detector. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Death Dream. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Inventors shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Trick big Folk. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Detect Hat Aura . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Trick spice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
Disassemble . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 J Racial hatred. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39
Trickster . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Distortion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Jury-rig crafting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Trident, Chub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50
Rain of Stain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64
Dooblebip (Spells & Items). . . . . . 73-4 Truly Earthbound . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80
Reinforce Material. . . . . . . . . . . . . 75
Dooblebips Staff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 K Tumbling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56
Renew Soap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72
Dragon of Wandering Folly. . . . . . . 59 Kartjon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Reset . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86
Drip clothes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 kite . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Rice to Maggots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 U
Duck sauce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Knotaleafa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Roend Getrer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Ugly blanket . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56
Dull Fang . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Rollie Fallie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Unnoticable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
L Ruin Joke . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64
E Lathe of Commanded Turning . . . . 68 W
Earth Mastery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Leveraged Trip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 S walking stick tea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56
Earthbound. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Little Dancer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Sake of Fiery Malice . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Warm Water . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72
Earthbound Lord . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 Lively Rug . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 Scurry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Weaken Material. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76
Earthen Link . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 Lizardfoam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Secret Failsafe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 Wee Reputation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90
Emerithop (Spells & Items). . . . . . 74-7 Lure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86 Sense Danger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 Wound Tall Folk. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90

r k Que


Gnomes revealed for the first time in depth.

Did you know that there are three cultures to
these reclusive creatures? The Hill, Mountain and
Imperial Gnomes are all described in detail and
lavishly illustrated bringing the text to life.

Gnomes: Masters of Illusion also features brand

new magic items and 9 new prestige classes
for your enjoyment. Also for the first time we
reveal the details on the gnomes magical pipes
and their alchemical creations. Packed into this
tome are details and descriptions on Gnomish
non-magical equipment, new spells at least 50 or
more, details on the kinds of diseases that can
inflict these people and a full pantheon of deities
to use as you wish.

Gnomes: Masters of Illusion provides a new and

fresh look at a much-misunderstood race.