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Vinayaka Missions University,Directorate of Distance Education

Salem India
2 Yr.
UNIT - 01
Chapter I
"Hotel engineering" - Definition - Meaning - Importance of hotel engineering - Organizational -
Structure - Duties and responsibility of engineering staff.

Chapter II
"Hotel maintenance" - Meaning - Importance - Classification of maintenance - Advantages of
maintenance program - Contact maintenance - Types - Advantages and disadvantages.

UNIT - 02
Chapter III
"Instrumental engineering" - Usage of pliers - Usage and types -Screw driver usage and types -
Spanner - Box spanner - Haw saw blade frame - Pipe wrench - Die set - Chisel set.

Chapter IV
"Meters" - Voltmeter -Ammeter - Multi mater - Tester and test lamp -Hard drill / power drill /
switches and sockets - Multi lug - Adaptor and ballast - Florescent tube - Incandescent lamp.

UNIT - 03
Chapter V
"A Burner" - LPG - Precautions of handling LPG - Low pressure burner -High pressure burner -
LPG regulator and adaptor.

Chapter VI
"Electricity" - Conductor - Insulator - Resistance - Potential difference between AC andDC power
supply - Single phase andthree phase power supply - Open circuit - Closed circuit - Short circuit.

UNIT - 04
Chapter VII
"Connections" - Parallel connection - Serious connection - Fuse - Importance of fuse and it
advantages - Importance of Earthing -WCB - Calculation of energy consumption - Safety

Chapter VIII
"Lights" - Lighting - Types of lighting - Lighting device and discharge lamps -Importance.

UNIT - 05
Chapter IX
"Fuels" - Types of fuels used in hotel industry - Advantages and disadvantages of fuel types -
Comparative calorific value.

Chapter X
"Environment" - Pollution free environment - Importance of sewage / water treatment - Rain water
harvest - Green hotels -Ecotel.

.Energy conservation importance of energy conservation . Chapter XII "Fire prevention and fire fighting system" . Energy and Water Resources Management by Robert E Aullach . Management operations Research .John wiley and sons.06 Chapter XI "Energy management" . 3.Energy conservative methods in different departments of a hotel.Methods of extinguishing fires .Need for energy conservation program . New York. Bombay. New York.M Satyanarayan andLalitha Raman -Himalaya Publishing House.Fire extinguishers . 2.Structural protection . Managing Hospitality Engineering Systems by Michael H Redlin and David M Stipnuk . Maintenance and Engineering for lodging and food service Facilities by M R Frank D Borcnik - John Wiley and sons. The management of Maintenance and Engineering Systems in Hospitality industry by Frank D Borcnik . REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. 5.Legal requirements. 400004.The Educational institute of the American Hotel &motel Association.Automatic fire detectors cum extinguishing devices .Portable and stationery . 4.Fire detectors and alarm .Non conventional sources of energy .UNIT .Classes of fire .The Education Institute of the American Hotel and Motel Association.