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Gin Education Seminar

History Of Gin
Invented by Dutch in mid 17th
Sold by pharmacies as medical cure
Found by English when fighting 80
Years War in Holland
Became popular in Britain during
18th Century & popularised by
painter William Hogarth
Gin Street Lane (1751)
What is Gin?
White spirit whose
principle flavour is
Juniper (Juniper Berry)
Minimum strength of
37.5% ABV
Three different types
(London Dry, Distilled
Gin & Gin)
Different Types of Gin?
Compound Gin: (Supermarket Own Label) Adding
flavourings or essences to neutral spirit

Distilled Gin: (Hendricks) The botanicals (plants) are

steeped in neutral alcohol and then a secondary
distillation takes place, but colour, flavourings and
sugar can be added post distillation

London Dry Gin (Darnleys View): The botanicals &

spirit are distilled together and nothing can be added
The Story of Darnleys View
Year 1565: Mary Queen
of Scots first spies her
future husband, Lord
Darnley, at Wemyss
Historic family seat in
Fife of renowned
vintners and spirit
merchants, the Wemyss
family (pronounced
Little known facts!
Wemyss is the old Scots The Wemyss family logo
word for caves named is a swan and is used on
after Wemyss Castle on the whisky and gin
the rocky shore of Fife packaging

Signature, 4th Earl of Wemyss

How is Darnleys made?
Botanicals macerated in neutral grain spirit
for 15-24 hours before distillation
Distillation takes 4 hours in batches of 300
Alcohol level drops from around 97% abv to
an average of 60% abv
Blended with neutral grain spirit (wheat)
Reduced to bottling strength with de-
mineralised water
The Still
Master Distiller is Charles Maxwell, a
6th generation distiller

The pot still has an operating capacity of 300 litres and is used in batch distillation process
Botanicals can include spices, seeds, nuts,
roots, fruits, vegetables and flowers, in
innumerable combinations. Each gin producer
will have its house style(s) based on a
particular recipe.
There are 6 botanicals used for Darnleys View
and 10 botanicals in Darnleys View Spiced
Geraldine Coates
Leading expert on gin
Published books & author
of high-traffic web site
Developed botanical recipe
for Original & Spiced Gin
Also developed Berry
Brothers & Rudds No 3
Darnleys View Original
Launched 2010

Five times distilled

40% ABV

Five supporting
botanicals to Juniper

Lime as ideal serve

Botanicals-Darnleys View Original

Elderflower Coriander Seeds

Lemon Peel

Orris Root
Angelica Root
Signature Cocktails by Jason Scott
World renowned
Australian mixologist,
living in Edinburgh!
Owns Bramble Bar,
Last Word Saloon and
Lucky Liquor
Developed bespoke
range of cocktails for
Top 20 Bars In the World
Cocktails Elderflower and Citrus
Darnleys Delight
50 ml Darnleys View
50 ml Pineapple Juice
12.5 ml Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth
dash Gomme
Angostura Bitters
dash pasteurised egg white

Pour all ingredients into a shaker over ice and
shake rapidly. Double strain into glass

Sherry Goblet

3 drops Angostura Bitters
Cocktails Elderflower and Citrus
Lord Darnley
50 ml Darnleys View
dash Bottlegreen Elderflower cordial
dash Fevertree Tonic Water
dash Limoncello
dash Angostura Bitters

In a mixing glass filled with cubed ice, add the
Elderflower, Tonic, Limoncello and Bitters coating
the ice. Stir and drain off any excess liquid. Add the
Gin and stir until well chilled and suitably diluted.
Double strain into glass straight up.

Champagne Saucer

Maraschino Cherry
Cocktails Elderflower and Citrus
Smoky Martini
50ml Darnleys View Gin
5ml Wemyss Peat Chimney Whisky
5 ml Noilly Dry Vermouth

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass,
add ice and stir well till mixing glass is
frosted. Double strain into glass


Lemon twist
Darnleys View Spiced Gin Botanicals
Launched 2012

Five times distilled

42.7% ABV

9 supporting botanicals
Warming spices like
cinnamon and nutmeg

Orange as ideal serve

Botanicals-Darnleys View Spiced

Grains of Paradise


Orris Root Ginger

Angelica Root

Cloves Cumin
Cocktails Spiced Gin
Atta Boy
50ml Darnleys View Spiced Gin
12.5ml Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth
1-2 bar spoons grenadine (home-made)
1 bar spoon Angostura Orange bitters
Over blocked ice, stir ingredients down
until well chilled and slightly diluted.
Single strain into glass.
Cherry or none
Cocktails Spiced Gin
East India Daisy
37.5ml Darnleys View Spiced Gin
50ml Knops IPA
12.5ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
12.5ml freshly squeezed orange juice
12.5ml grenadine (home-made)
Pour all ingredients (except IPA) into a shaker
over cubed ice and shake rapidly. Single
strain into glass over crushed ice. Charge
with IPA.
Pewter Mug
Stem of red currants, bramble, orange wedge
Cocktails Spiced Gin
Ginger Martini
Ginger Martini
60ml Darnleys View Spiced Gin
1 knob ginger
15ml sugar syrup
Muddle ginger in the bottom of the
shaker. Add remaining ingredients
and fill with cubed ice. Shake
rapidly and double strain into glass.
Slither of ginger
Distribution- Darnleys View
Darnleys View was launched in May 2010 and
can now be found in selected bars and
specialist off licences in:
Scotland, England, France, Germany, Netherlands,
Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain,
Italy, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Canada, Australia,
New Zealand and Mexico
Awards and Reviews
To us, Darnleys View Gin feels like a perfect example of a modern take on the
June 2011
traditional London Dry style not digressing too far off the classic juniper lead taste,
but lighter and more floral to suit more modern palates. Delicious.

Spirits Business Travel Retail Masters

Master 2010

Issue 6 July 2010

4.5/5 stars

Blue Lifestyle Review October 2010


Wine Enthusiast Magazine, April 2011

90-95 points Superb/Highly Recommended
Awards and Reviews
Spirits Business Gin Masters 2011
Gold Medal
International Wine & Spirit Competition
2011- Silver Medal
2012 Gold Medal

Spirits Business Gin Master 2013

Silver Medal

Top 50 Spirits 2011, December 2011

95 points A beautiful small batch gin

Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2012

86/100 Very Good/Recommended
Awards and Reviews

Spirits Business Magazine

Gin Masters 2013 - Master

International Spirits Challenge 2013

Bronze Medal

Darnleys View Spiced Gin is a great addition

to the range and moreover to the gin category
as a whole. A truly innovative product, without
being so much so that it alienates gins core
audience. Well done guys. September 2012
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