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Jurusan Teknik Mesin

Fakultas Teknologi Industri

Universitas Trisakti



Mata Kuliah : Energi Alternatif Prodi : Ekstensi Jurusan Teknik Mesin

Hari/Tanggal : Rabu, 11/10/2017 Waktu : 24 jam (date due 12/10/2017)
Sifat Ujian : Take Home Test
Diperiksa dan disetujui oleh,
Dosen, Ketua Program Studi /Sekjur,

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(Prof.Dr. Chalilullah Rangkuti)

Catatan: - Setiap mahasiswa harus bekerja sendiri. Andai hasilnya didapati ada kerjasama
diantara dua mahasiswa, hasil keduamya akan dianulir

1. a. What is the environmental features associated with 4

geothermal energy exploration and development?

b. List and briefly discuss the factors that you would take into 4
consideration in the selection of a site for an on shore wind

c. In what sense can the burning of wood be described as 4

"carbon-dioxide neutral?

d. What type of water turbine would be likely to be used in 4

locations where the available head of water is: a) 10 m, b)
100 m and c) 600 m?

e. Describe the construction and performance of a solar tower 4

power plant.

2. A water reservoir contains a head of water 200 m above the

turbine level. The efficiency of the penstock, turbine and 16
generator is 95, 85 and 85 % respectively. It is required to
generate 120 kW of electrical power. What is the necessary
mass flow rate of water through the turbines?

3. It is required to generate 1000 Watts of electrical power at the
terminal of a generator driven through a gearbox by a wind
turbine machine. The location is such that the wind supply is of 16
smooth laminar flow with an average speed of 15 mph. Assign
typical efficiency values to the component of the system and
calculate the blade diameter required for a good quality of two-
blade propeller type of wind machine.

4. Assume the Jakarta municipal waste percentage proportion and

calorific values are similar with those shown in Table 13.6 of
Energy Studies book by Sheperds and Sheperds. Calculate the 16
equivalent energy and oil equivalent energy can be produced if
the Jakarta municipal waste are estimated of 7000 tones/day
and 54.5% of it reclaimed available for the conversion.

5. You are assigned to make a preliminary design of a flat plate

solar water heater. The water heater has a capacity of 500 liters,
with a temperature of 50 oC. Piping and storage heat losses may 16
be neglected. If a single plant has an area of 2.0 m2, find out the
total area required and number of solar collector modules. Other
data required can be find in the text book.

6 A 50 MW vapour-dominated geothermal system uses saturated

steam from a well with a shut-off pressure of 30 bar. Steam
enters the turbine at 10 bar and condenses at 0.15 bar. The
turbine polytrophic efficiency is 0.80 and the turbine-generator 16
combined mechanical efficiency is 0.9. The cooling tower exist is
at 20C. Calculate the necessary steam flow, the cooling water
flow and the plant efficiency and heat rate if water reinjection
occurs prior to cooling tower.