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Accordion Music Books

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French music for accordion by Larry

Hallar Vol 1 (Mel Bay) Mostly originals
and an interesting and demanding project
La Cigoula, D`la Valse dans ma musette,
accordeon-Samba, Fugitive, Alhambra, On
Danse a la Villette, Perles de Cristal, Adios
Sevilla, Calinerie, Ma rose d`Alsace, Back
to Bach, Rapid, Gantaisie-Polka, Senorita
Rosita, Isula di Sognu, En coup de vent, Trompette Musiette,
Comet Valse, Radio Valse, La Grande Ronde, Fleur de Paris,
Les Temps Finis, Eugenie de la Bastille, Accordeon Polka,

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Accordion Music Books

Au Sommet du cervin. LH easy RH more difficult.

French music for accordion by Larry Hallar Vol 1 (Mel
Bay) 11.99 (UK Postage and packing 1.50 1 extra as
additional item)

French tangos for accordion, music book

with CD for demonstration (played by
Gary Dahl) as these will be unlikely to be
familiar to the player. Includes challenging
arrangements, many of the pieces are not
easy for either hand.
French tangos for accordion,
Bk/CDPrice 17.99 UK Postage 1.75.

Caf Accordion by Dan Newton, music

book with CD for demonstration (played
by the arranger on Castiglioni 72 bass).
Easy to Moderately easy bass and treble
Caf Accordion by Dan Newton, Bk/CD
Price 17.99 UK postage and packing
1.75 or 1.25 extra as additional item.

Mel Bay`s Easiest Accordion book - a

really easy selection with some very
popular standard accordion favourites,
actually playable on any accordion from
12 bass upwards.
Mel Bay`s Easiest Accordion book 4.99
UK Postage 1.50 1 extra as additional

Italian Favourites for Accordion, mainly

fairly easy arrangements in big print. 23
tunes include such well known ones as
Wedding Tarantella, Funiculi Funicula, La
The Links above lead you to pages on Donna e Mobile, Caro Nome, COme back
Barnsley Accordion Club website to Sorrento, Santa Lucia, O sole mio,
Carnival of Venice, Toselli`s Serenade and
many more great numbers.
Italian Favourites for Accordion,Price 12.99 UK Postage
1.75 - 1 extra postage as additional item

TEACH YOURSELF 100 Irish Tunes for Piano Accordion

ACCORDION include common session tunes with over
20 transcription from recordings of Jimmy
You Can Teach Keane, Phil Cunningham, Karen Tweed

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Accordion Music Books

and other famous accordionist, complete

with ornamentation fingering left hand
Accordion by
notation and chord symbols. Not for a
Mel Bay. An
basic Irish singalong (Danny Boy not included!) this is a large
interesting tutor
selection of real Irish folk and dance tunes.
which though
100 Irish Tunes for Piano Accordion 22.99 UK postage
using fairly
and packing 2 - 1.25 extra as additional item
simple pieces
also gives occasionally exercises in
making your own exploration of Balkan Melodies for Accordion is
just what the bass buttons can do. divided into six selections of their special
You Can Teach Yourself folk tunes, dances, and other tunes
Accordion ( pub. Mel Bay). Price classified by country - from Slovenia,
17.99 UK for book with CD Croatia, Dalmatia, Bosni- Herzegovina,
Postage 1.75. Macedonia and Serbia.
An interesting specialist selection rather
The than well-known. Arrangements vary from
Sedlon very easy to moderately difficult.
Balkan Melodies for Accordion music book 8.99 UK
postage 1.50 - 1 extra as additional item

Accordion Method - the one that Easy Accordion Solos arranged by

has taken more accordionists Michel Lorin. Actually only moderately
through the instrument than easy it includes a demonstration CD of the
probably any other tutor. 39 tunes included. There are C`est si bon,
The Entertainer, La Paloma, Oh Happy
Please select carefully which one(s) you Day, La Bamba, Greensleeves, LA Vie en
want very carefully, extra books will cost
1 each or less additional postage.
Rose, Plaisir d`amour, When the Saints
and many more you will enjoy meeting as
Sedlon Book 1a 4.99 UK Postage 1.50 newer acquaintances.
(1 extra as additional item on order) Easy Accordion Solos Bk/CD 17.99 Bk/CD UK Postage
Sedlon Book 1b 4.99 UK Postage 1.50 1.75 - 1 extra as additional item
(1 extra as additional item on order)

Blues for Jazz Accordion Solos by Gary Dahl

Accordion, popular complete with demo CD to help you get in
easy selection the Groove! Expert interesting
includes Black arrangements Include After you`ve gone,
Coffee, Blues Stay Alexanders Ragtime Band, Avalon, A
away from me, Fine Good Manis Hard to find, Indiana,
and Mellow, Gulf Japanese Sandman, Peg o` my heart, Poor
Coast Blues, Harlem Butterfly, Swanee, You made me love you.
Nocturne, Little Red Rooster, Mad Interesting bass lines full sliding right hand chords and
about him Sad without him, How can I occasional jazz right hand breaks make this selection
be glad without him blues, Mean old worthwhile but no pushover! Fairly difficult.
world, Mood Indigo, Ramblin on my Jazz Accordion Solos by Gary Dahl Bk?CD 15.99 UK
mind, Sugar Blues, The Lady sings the postage and packing 1.50 - 1 extra as additional item

Blues Accordion Songbook, 100 Tunes for Piano Accordion including

AM950610 12.99 UK postage 1.50 - French Canadian, Cape Breton, Scottish,

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Accordion Music Books

1 extra as additional item Shetland, New England and Southern Old

Time Traditions. A big book of reasonably
simple clearly printed folk and dance tunes
Ballads Accordion from all over the world known to the
Songbook .A great afficiandos of folk music no doubt, -
modern selection definitely not your average singalong
includes Candle In popular selection.
The Wind', 100 Tunes for Piano Accordion 13.99 UK Postage 2
'(Everything I Do) I (1.25 extra as additional item on order)
Do It For You', 'You
Must Love Me', 'One
Moment In Time' plus eight more Waltz favourites for accordion A
modern ballads arranged for all collection of waltz classics for accordion
accordions players, That Naughty Waltz, I'll Be With
Ballads Accordion Songbook You In Apple Blossom Time, Alice Blue
AM951082 12.99 UK Postage 1.50 - Gown, Beautiful Ohio, Come Back To
1 extra as additional item Sorrento, Fascination (Valse Tzigane), I
Love You Truly, I Wonder Who's Kissing
Her Now, I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, If
Jazz Accordion You Were The Only Girl In The World, In My Merry
Songbook Take Oldsmobile, In The Good Old Summertime, Let Me Call You
Five, Misty, Let Sweetheart, Let The Rest Of The World Go By, Melody Of
There Be Love, Love, Memories, My Buddy
Lazy River, It Don't Waltz favourites for accordion 4.99 HLE00310576 UK
Mean A Thing, Postage 1.50 (1 extra as additional item on order)
Lullaby Of Birdland,
Girl From Ipanema,
Fly Me To The Moon, Honeysuckle
Rose, Satin Doll, I've Got You Under Use our Secure order form to order from
My Skin us at the Music Box, or the phone numbers
Jazz Accordion Songbook 12.99 below
AM942656 UK Postage 1.50 - 1
extra as additional item Both these sites are produced by
The Music Box
31 The Lanes
Beatles Accordion Meadowhall Shopping Centre
songbook including Sheffield S9 1EP
A Hard Days Night, In the UK Tel 0114 256 9089.
Eleanor Rigby, I International 44 114 256 9089.
Want To Hold Your You may also order these books or contact us by phone or
Hand, Michelle, by calling in at the store.
Ob-La-Di Today is Monday so we are open 10am till 9pm
Ob-La-Da, With A GMT.
Little Help From My Friends, All You
Need Is Love, Norwegian Wood,
Strawberry Fields For Ever, Nowhere
Man, Eight Days A Week, Hey Jude,
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds,
Beatles Accordion songbook 12.99
NO90661 - 1 extra as additional

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Accordion Music Books

Songbook Eleven
popular songs from
the shows and
famous classic
musicals including
'Another Suitcase In
Another Hall', 'Can't Help Lovin' Dat
Man' and 'Seventy Six Trombones
Accordion Showtunes Songbook
AM951093 12.99 UK Postage 1.50 -
- 1 extra as additional item

Film and TV
songbook. Fifteen
popular themes from
the silver screen and
TV. How Deep Is
Your Love,
Brideshead Theme,
I Will Always Love You, A Whole New
World (Aladdin's Theme), Love Is All
Around, Jurassic Park, London's
Burning, Where Do I Begin (Theme
From Love Story), Home And Away,
Cheers (Where Everybody Knows Your
Name), Happy Days, Theme From
Madson, Speak Softly Love (Godfather
Theme), Moon River, Who Do You
Think You're Kidding Mr Hitler
Film and TV Accordion songbook
12.99 AM950620 UK Postage 1.50
(1 extra as additional item on

Polka Favourites
for Accordion arr.
Gary Dahl of
moderate right hand
difficulty and mainly
straightforward left
hand buttons.
Twelve tunes include
the Clarinet Polka, Beer Barrel Polka,
Pizzicati Polka, Wienerschnitzel Polka,
A Tavern in the Town Polka and others

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Accordion Music Books

Polka Favourites for Accordion arr.

Gary Dahl 12.99 (UK postage 1.50
or 1 as extra item on same order)

Disney Favourites
for Accordion Now
accordionists can
enjoy playing these
12 songs from the
Disney favourites
Aladdin, Beauty And
The Beast and The
Little Mermaid. Arabian Nights, Be Our
Guest, Beauty And The Beast, Belle,
Friend Like Me, Gaston, Kiss The Girl,
Les Poissons, Part Of Your World,
Something There, Under The Sea, A
Whole New World
Disney Favourites for Accordion
HLD00311632 UK Postage 1.50 (1
extra as additional item on order)

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