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All Saints Church in Wales Primary School

Term: Autumn Term 2017 Year/ Blwyddyn: 2

The learning theme for this term is: Healthy Me!

Personal and Social Development, Well Being Language, Literacy and Communication Skills
and Cultural Diversity: Developing greater fluency in reading. Alphabetical
Thinking of own rules for the classroom. ordering. Phonics: (reading and spelling): revision of
Emotions how do we make others feel? How do others ch/sh/th/magic e / ee / oo / and a range of end clusters
make me feel? What makes me happy? How the face i.e. ng / ll / ss / ff/ ck plus amongst other: ph. Handwriting
portrays emotion. correct formation of all letters. Capital letters. Writing
What I would like to learn about? How do I learn? instructions / rules/ invitations / making posters. Full
Activities relating to keeping healthy / safe i.e. The role stops at the end of work / sentences. Exclamation marks /
of medicines, road safety, stranger danger, dangerous question marks. Using sentence linkers to extend and
substances in the home signs and symbols for danger. improve sentences. Rhyming words/ games. Discussing and
Exercise and healthy eating; designing a healthy meal. writing simple poetry. Infant Nativity: children to plan and
Healthy/safe relationships and challenging stereotypes. design aspects of the nativity .Big Writing activities.
Special / favourite objects focus. Treating property and
people with care. Treating the environment with care.
Mathematical Development
SEAL programme: focusing on New Beginnings and
Addition/ subtraction: within 100 including addition /
Getting on and Falling Out.
subtraction of tens i.e. 20+30. Doubling numbers. Odd and
Values Curriculum-Healthy Living and Peace.
even numbers. Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to 100. Counting
Unkind behaviour on purpose or a mistake? Finding out
backwards from any given number within 100. Shapes:
before reacting.
sorting 2D shapes, including pentagon and hexagon. Half of
Cultural diversity: mehndi patterns. celebrations and
2D shapes. Symmetry.
traditions: Christmas around the world.
Multiplication - developing a pictorial method x2 / x10 /
Welsh identity Welsh flag / map of Wales/welsh
x5 / x3 using counting in steps of 2 / 10 / 5 / 3 to develop
objects / traditions. a mental method. Collecting information and making a
graph of favourite food/fruit. Time: months and seasons
of the year. Mass: weighing and ordering objects of
Welsh Language Development different weight. Big Maths activities.
Every day greetings including: Sut wyt ti?
Counting to 10/20. Reading number words / colour names.
Songs: counting and colour songs.
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Likes/dislikes: fruit and vegetables, healthy food.
Time and People: Finding out about Florence Nightingale /
Shape and colours focus: making a shape/colour book.
Betsi Cadwaleder, Guy Fawkes.
Seasonal focus: autumn (colour and object focus).
Clothes/Dillad, The body/corff Places and People: Seasonal Changes: Seasons: Autumn.
Toys: Teganau Christmas vocabulary. Christmas songs. Mapping skills: Grid reference.
Myself and other living things: Healthy Eating / Lifestyle;
Revision of Y Tywydd / The Weather.
identifying different fruit and vegetables, identifying a
healthy meal/ foods.
Myself and Non-living things: Electricity-dangers of
ICT Art programs: drawing various pictures and electricity, making circuits with a switch. Sources of light.
labelling them. Creating symmetrical pictures.
Word exploring further fonts, size and colour;
writing labels and sentences; including inserting a Religious Education
picture. Emailing and working on Hwb+ Truth, honesty and forgiveness. Christian
Publisher: Designing and making healthy snacks/ celebrations, services and festivals. The life
Infant Nativity advertising posters; combining text of Jesus, looking at his work. Images of Christ
and pictures. in various works of art and in different
Saving and retrieving own work on the network.
ICT is also used to support, develop and extend
Prayers and why they are important, writing
learning across and within a range of activities.
prayers. Advent, The Christmas Story.
Preparing for the Nativity.
Creative Development Physical Development
Art, craft and design: Portraits looking at different examples Gymnastics: fast slow / high low. Making a contrasting
from art (different cultures) Painting various portraits / other sequence of movements/body shapes (sometimes in
media. Colour mixing paint: Autumn theme. Symmetry: various 3D symmetry) with / without a partner.
/ 2D explore including body shapes, symmetry in the natural and Games: Throwing and catching skills.
manmade environments. Making own symmetrical patterns and Healthy me: exercise and the effects of exercise on
designs. bodies.
Music: Fast and slow listening to music identifying fast and Activities and games using the climbing wall.
slow. Playing various instruments. Composing firework Fine manipulative skills: threading, scissor skills, using
music. Singing a range of songs. tweezers/tongs.
Creative movement: Creating a Firework dance and setting it to
own music composition.

This is a guide of the teaching and learning for the term. The children add their own input which determines
how the learning theme develops.
Ways you can help: Ensuring correct letter formation when writing, including capital letters. Helping to show that
some letters (including capitals) are tall letters. Counting in steps of 2, to and back from 20 and in steps of 5 and 10 to
and back from 100. Talking about and identifying healthy foods/ meals. Talking about things that use electricity and the
dangers of electricity. Finding out information about the famous people from the past mentioned above. Looking for and
naming shapes you can see in objects within the home and when you are out and about. Reading numbers beyond 100 and
identifying numbers as being odd or even i.e. when noticing house numbers. Providing your child with opportunities to speak
to you in Welsh: counting to 10, naming the colours and saying simple phrases i.e. diolch /thank you. Looking for and
discussing symmetrical patterns in everyday objects.
Diolch/ Thank you

Please go over these addition sums:

Learn to work out the sums quickly;

then learn the answers to the sums off by heart (quick recall).

Thank you!

First set: Second set:

5+4=9 5+4=9
3+9=12 5+6=11
4+9=13 6+7=13
4+8=12 8+7=15
3+8=11 8+9=17