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General Letter

To all LACD Dealers

To all LACD Districts

October 2005

950/962/IT62 Phase In Phase out timeline

Current 950G II/962G II/IT62G II last production: November 2005

The order board will open with price list availability in October 2005
New 950H/962H/IT62H production ramp-up: December 2005
New 950H/962H/IT62H shipments: January 2006

Announcing the 950H and 962H Wheel Loaders

Marketing Strategy LACD is pleased to introduce the new 950H and 962H
wheel loaders. These machines build on the durability and performance of their
G series II predecessors with important enhancements like engines with ACERT
Technology and Load Sensing Hydraulics. With these updates, 950H and 962H
will continue to lead their size classes in terms of performance, durability, and
operating cost.
Significant Changes

Engines with ACERT Technology

Meet EPA Tier 3 Emissions

950H uses C7 engine 195 Hp Net, 216 Hp Gross @ 1800 RPM
Replaces 3126B
962H uses C7 engine 209 Hp Net, 230 Hp Gross @ 1800 RPM
Replaces 3126B
Engine Idle Management System allows the engine to idle at a slower
speed to reduce fuel consumption. Provisions have been made in
the software for cold weather (Warm Up Mode) and current drain
(Low Voltage Mode).

Load Sensing Hydraulics

A closed center, load sensing implement hydraulic system replaces

the open center, fixed displacement system used on the G Series
Load Sensing provides flow and pressure for implements only on
Load Sensing conserves power, increasing productivity and fuel-
Load Sensing allows for simultaneous operation of lift and tilt circuits
Load Sensing also improves implement controllability
Operators will realize a 20% increase in lift force

Standard Electro-Hydraulic Implement Controls

Electrohydraulic controls have been made standard, and are now
available on steering-wheel equipped machines
2-lever controls are standard, a single lever E/H joystick is optional
Standard with the E/H controls are in-cab programmable kickouts
A redesigned right-hand console improves ergonomics

Powertrain Updates

Control Throttle Shifting and Electronic Clutch Pressure Control

(ECPC) improve shift quality and component life
ECPC valves are externally located, on top of the transmission for
easier serviceability
Cooling System

Hydraulic on-demand fan Reduces fuel consumption by managing

fan speed, dependant on cooling requirements.
Standard 6 fins per inch cooling unit cores allow debris to pass
through the cores with less plugging.
An optional high ambient package offers 9 fins per inch cooling unit
cores and 44 degree C ambient temperature capability.

Improved Serviceability

Grease fittings have been grouped into two spots on the right side of
the machine for convenient ground level servicing
Remote pressure taps have been grouped behind an access panel
just below the right side service panel.
Hydraulic Service Center located below the right side access platform
houses the transmission and hydraulic filters and a hydraulic oil
tank drain
Electronic Service Center located under the left side access platform
houses the batteries, relay panel, and an optional toolbox.
Fluid level sight glasses have been relocated for easier checking from
ground level.
Optional Windshield Cleaning Arrangement eases access to the
windshield for easier cleaning.
Optional Quicklube Automatic greasing system is now a price list

Other Changes

Taillights are now built into the counterweight

Access ladder now has a 5-degree incline for easier access and
Buckets are now available with K-series ground engaging tools.
Half-arrow bolt on cutting edges are now available.

Spec comparison chart These specs are for the standard machine with the
standard general-purpose bucket with bolt on cutting edges.

Machine 950GII 950H 962GII 962H

Straight STL (lbs) 26,601 27,483 30,061 30,603
Full Turn STL (lbs) 23,415 24,068 26,385 26,676
Operating Weight (lbs) 39,205 40,435 40,896 42,700
Breakout Force (lbs) 34,695 34,695 31,050 31,050
Max B-Pin height 13'1" 13'1" 13'1" 13'1"
Max Reach 8'2" 8'2" 8'2" 8'2"

Work Tool Compatibility All work tools for the 950G II and 962G II will fit the
H-series machines. There are no expected changes to the work tool lineup at
this time.

Ordering Guide
Serial Number Prefix The new serial number prefix for the 950H is K5K.
The new serial number prefix for the 962H is K6K.

Production - The 950H and 962H will be manufactured in the Aurora, IL, and
CBL, Brazil. Initial production begins in December 2005, with first shipment
expected in January 2006.
Pricing The price lists of the 950H and 962H will be available in October 2005.

Sales Support and Training Materials

Title Media No. Available

950H Specalog AEHQ5675 November 2005
962H Specalog AEHQ5677 November 2005
962H Product Bulletin TEJB9148 October 2005
950H Product Bulletin TEJB9149 October 2005
962H vs. 962GII Features/Benefits Summary TEJB9150 October 2005
950H vs. 950GII Features/Benefits Summary TEJB9151 October 2005
962 Reference Guide (962-962H Comparison) TEJB9152 November 2005
950 Reference Guide (950-950H Comparison) TEJB9153 November 2005
962H Competitive Bulletin TEJB9154 November 2005
950H Competitive Bulletin TEJB9155 November 2005
950H/962H Operator Tips Video TBD
950H/962H Features and Benefits/Customer Testimonial Video TBD

Product Support Materials and Training - Service Manual, Parts Book,

Operation and Maintenance Manual will be available at first production.

New tooling required - No new tooling is required.

Warranty The standard Caterpillar warranty applies; 1 year, unlimited hours.

Other Information
LACD / Product Group contacts For availability or other order related
questions, please contact your LACD MWL Account Coordinator, Melanie
Monje 305-476-6852.

For production or application questions, the following contacts can help answer
your questions regarding the new 950H/962H

Arcillio Loverri LACD Heavy Construction 305-478-6825

Todd Smith LACD Marketing 305-476-6968