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The Early Days

“He who does not know how to look

back at where he came from will
never get to his destination.”

- Jose Rizal

Kaiser Josef T. Sedillo

In partial fulfillment for


The Hard Times
The Time of Rizal

• Industrial Revolution
• Intellectual Evolution
• Napoleonic Campaign
• American Civil War
• Cuban Independence
• Spanish Perception
Birth of a Hero
Dr. José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda
Rizal’s training at Home
# Mother- Doña Teodora Morales Alonzo Realonda y Quintos
- His mother encouraged him to express his ideas
and sentiments in verse
- The Story of the Moth
- His mother taught him how to read and write
- He was taught the alphabet and Catholic Prayers

# Father- Francisco Engracio Rizal Mercado y Alejandro

- Employed private tutors for Rizal.
- Maestro Celestino, Maestro Lucas Padua and an
old man named Leon Monroy (instructed rizal
in Spanish and Latin.)

>> Leon Monroy - taught Rizal the rudiments of Latin

>> Uncle Manuel Alberto - taught the latter love for the nature
>> Uncle Gregorio - instilled love for education
- a good
and Manager of
business of the
Rizal family
- an excellent
model for Rizal
that molded him
up into a man of
Memories of Biñan
Rizal’s studies at Biñan
# Best student in the class.
# He surpassed all the Biñan boys (some were older than
him), all in Spanish, Latin, and other subjects.
# Classmates were jealous of his intellectual superiority.
# A very consistent person.
# He played for a short time and then began to study.
# *Justiniano Aquino Cruz
- was a severe disciplinarian teacher of Rizal
-teached Latin and Spanish
# *Andres Salandanan (Juancho, a local painter)
-Rizal developed his initial lessons in painting.
Excellence in Ateneo
He was taught Arithmetic, Latin, Greek, Spanish, Geography, History, Algebra,
Philosophy, Chemistry and Mineralogy, Botany and Physics
-Jesuit System of education
First Year
- *Father Jose Bech, first professor of Rizal
- He was an intelligent student
- enrolled in Santa Isabella College to improved his

Second Year
- excellent grades in all subjects
- loves to read stories and romantic tales
>> Count of Monte Cristo (Alexander Dumas)
>> Travels in the Philippines (Dr. Feodor Jagor )
>> Universal History (Cesar Cantu)
Third Year

He was disappointed to the result of his class performance as in the previous year,
although his grades remained excellent in all subjects. He won a single medal in
Latin. He failed to win a medal in Spanish because his spoken Spanish was not that
fluent. A Spaniard who delivered Spanish with fluency and right accentuation
defeated him.

Fourth Year

- Fr. Francisco de Paula Sanchez, his professor. Inspired him to write poetry and study
- He won five medals at the end of the school term

Extra Curricular Involvement

• an emperor inside the classroom
• campus leader
• active member and became a secretary, the Marian Congregation Religious Society
• member of the Academy of Spanish Literature and the Academy of Natural Sciences
• poet
• studied painting under the famous Spanish Painter, Agustin Saez
• improved his sculpture talents under the supervision of Romualdo de Jesus
• engaged in gymnastics and fencing and continued the physical training under his
sports-minded Tio Manuel.
Challenges in Sto. Tomas
- He studied Medicine
- Took a vocational course in Ateneo in surveying and
became a perito agrimensor
- President of the Academy of Spanish Literature
- Secretary(1)Natural Sciences(2)Marian Congregation
- won the Liceo Artistico-Literario poem contest, A La
Juventad Filipina (To the Filipino Youth)
- won again a tribute literature contest, El Consejo de los
- Formed Compañerismo, this combats the Spanish
students in street fights
Attitude towards UST
- It was suffocating to his “sensitive spirit”
- the Dominican professors were hostile to
- Students were racially discriminated
- The curriculum was obsolete and
Sad Moments
• Death of his sister, Concepcion (Concha)
• The situation of the fatherland
• Living home to study in Biñan
• Living Biñan
• Injustice towards her mother
• His last days in Ateneo
• His studies at UST

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