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SGT Metab a Wome aes Cae) Flare ta eee ee By Ch Ofer eR EWR OER a style and sound all his own. though he experimented with various other instruments p includ lng gutar, bass, drums, plano and the man. n~Jacob McCauley found himself drawn tothe bodhnin from the first time he played “Irall stared as a fun way to jn in with mil playing runes,” recalls the 29-year mal, “But the more I by - found taking the drum more seriously, and ime playing and practicing, I think my mom realized that { ed to ignore most of my other in 3s, and before long she asked me the bodhrin was what [realy wanted to pu c.Lreplied yes, and from that moment on pent the majority of my time playing it as my main instrament.” Traditionally made with a goatskin head nda wooden body, the Irish frame drum is played with though the bodhrin’s o double-headed stick, And al ns ate up for de bate it ikely evelued fram the tambourine First influenced by Irish drummers John Joe Kelly (of the band Flook) and Rénin © iodaigh (Kila), McCauley began his must tudies as a traditionalist. Today, how. , Wimessing rout and emer eis thing this Kind of technical approach to playing However ithas been avery valuable, reward Ing and enjoyable e ing the single-end technique, and spending some time exploring its possibilities, I de cided to go back to the drawing board and adape to what Uhad learned “I did not want 10 be a copyeat, so t0 ‘peak, but very much wanted to develop my mm unique sound, From there, I began at al-and-error process of creating something special and specifically my own that allowed me t0 use aspects of the single-end sty mbined nd incorpo: ional playing styles when necessary ~ such as double-ended plait [liked the idea of being able to switc tween styles without having to change t tipper erp. Although it roquites dedicated practice to achieve the proper muscle mem rience. After lear. rating mor MeCauley the opportunity to create melodie notes. Currently, he exclusively uses drums ed by Christian Hedwitschak, a musi many “Ihave been very fortunate to work with Chistian personally on various drums and projects, including a bodbrén chat we de veloped ogether speciically for myselé. I se that model for public sale sn and bodhrin maker based in ‘McCauley notes that his biggest career highlight to date has ic with folk trio NUA, for which he plays alongside gut 2 carist Graeme MeGillivay and fiddler James M. Law: The group has recorded and released swo award-winning colleeions, Including is d latest album PLO’ nated for a Canadian Folk Music Aw “This has allowed me to push the envelope of the bodhirén and work towards a unique style that I am proud to call my own.” ‘We recently had the pleasure of col- laborating with an incredibly talented Inui oat-singer from Nunavut called IVA. We ner while both of our groups were p alin Yellowknife (Folk on ot excited about the pos sibility of working on a track together. We = year, and hope 10 collaboration in the near fu ecently taking some time off from touring, McCauley is back on the road wit NUA. The trio is currently working on it third album as well, “1 Took forward to improving and gro ing as a player each and every day, and T am always excited to see where this musica journey wil take me.” wwrn,

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