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In this world GOD made few sweet hearts.. amongst them HE made some sweeter hearts.. amongst them HE made a single sweetest heart.. Oh hello..tht's me. Redefined Definitions: Atom Bomb - An invention to end all inventions. Cigarette - A pinch of tobacco with fire at one end n a fool at the other. Lecture - The art of transfering a conscious person to a subconscious state. Genius - See the sender's name If you like my sms, i am smart. If you save, you agree i am smart. If you forward, you spread that i am smart. And if you delete, you are jealous because i am smart. In this cruel world it is very difficult to find a friend with beautiful heart, pure feelings, attractive personality & stylish looks. So.. Kadar karo meri. Ek pyaari si surat.. Ek mausam sa chehra.. Do jheel si aankhein.. Kuch meethi-meethi baatein.. Ek naazuk adaa.. Kuch masti kuch mazaa.. Thodi si sharaarat.. Bahut saari mohabbat.. Ek bholi si muskaan.. Ooncha udne ka armaan.. Sabse alag sabse juda.. Jiski hai pyaari har ek adaa.. Thanks aapne mere baare mein itna padhaa.. In life there are Five Things you should not lose: 1. Character 2. Self-Respect 3. Hope 4. Heart 5. and.. ?????

Well, you know my name. Chaand ko bhi akele mein sharam aati hogi, baat kuch tumhaari bhi samajh mein aati hogi, jab bhi zikr hota hoga smart logon ka.. tumhe bhi meri yaad aati hogi. No me..No life.. Know me..Know life.. If a cute girl tells you that she's in love with you do any of the three things: 1. Take her to an eye specialist 2. Take her to a mental hospital 3. Tell her that u r not me Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight!! Let the sweetest person come in your dream tonight!! But don't make it a habit because.. i am not free every night. Think why you are so sweet, why you are so innocent, why you are so intelligent, why you are so lucky, why you are so blessed..? Simple.. ab humse dosti ki hai to thoda faedaa to milega. No Quality + No Style = Laalu No Quality But Style = Sania Quality But No Style = Abdul Kalam Quality + Style You are right.. press down to see name and phone number. Ret ki zaroorat har registaan ko hoti hai, sitaaron ki zaroorat har aasmaan ko hoti hai, tum humein bhool mat jaana kyonki.. sachche dosto ki zaroorat har kisi ko hoti hai. Pyaar kehte hain, mohabbat kehte hain, kuch log humein bandgi kehte hain, magar jinke saath hum dosti karte hain, woh humein zindagi kehte hain.. = Guess..

One day all people of earth went to GOD and asked: Who is the most loving and sweetest person on earth? They all went to earth with a new question, Who is <sender's name>? Sweet socho, smart socho, achcha socho, sachcha socho, pyaaraa socho. I know it's difficult for u. I have a shortcut for u. Only mere baare mein socho. Everybody wants.. someone special, someone nice, someone thoughtful, someone honest, someone cute, someone perfect, someone attractive, but why always me yaar.....!! Cello the pen of India Lux the soap of India Amul the taste of India You the waste of India <sender's name> the star of India.. PUNJABI P: Pangebaaz U: Unbeatable N: Naughty J: Joshiley A: Azaad B: Bahadur I: Intelligent

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