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Latihan Soal Ulangan Akhir Semester Genap

Kelas III SD / buku esis

: _____________________________
: _____________________________
School : _____________________________
Date : _____________________________

Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a, b, or c!

1. Maya : What is your name?

Dandy : _____________________________.
a. I am a boy
b. I am a student
c. My name is Dandy

2. Maya : Whose pencil is this?

Dandy : _____________________________.
a. It is mine
b. They are mine
c. She is a girl

3. Maya : Which one is cheaper?

Dandy : ____________________________.
a. I am nine years old
b. The pink one
c. They are good

4. Maya : How old are you?

Dandy : ____________________________.
a. I am a boy
b. I am nine years old
c. My name is Dandy

5. My bag is (lebih besar) ____________ than his bag.

a. big b. Bigger c. Biggest

6. She is playing _______________

a. badminton
b. basketball
c. baseball
7. Maya : ___________________________?
Dandy : I am playing table tennis
a. How do you feel?
b. What are you doing?
c. What do you do?

10. This table is (lebih kecil) ___________ than the one in the corner.
a. smaller b. Shorter c. longer

9. Maya : Which one is (lebih baru) __________?

Dandy : The black one.
a. new b. Newer c. Younger

9. Maya : What is he doing?

Dandy : He is playing ___________________.
a. Skipping rope
b. Basketball
c. Badminton

10. Maya : ___________________________?

Dandy : I am sleepy
a. How do you feel?
b. How does he feel?
c. How do they feel?

11. Maya : What is he doing?

Dandy : He is _________________________.
a. swimming
b. dancing
c. skipping

12. Maya : What are you doing?

Dandy : I am playing ___________________.
a. tennis
b. badminton
c. baseball

13. She won the competition. She feels ____________.

a. happy
b. sad
c. upset
14. My brother breaks my pencil. I feel ____________.
a. sick
b. excited
c. angry

15. Maya : How do you feel?

Dandy : I am ________________________.
a. fine
b. happy
c. upset

16. Maya : I am _______________________.

Dandy : lets have some food.
a. thirsty
b. hungry
c. sleepy

17. Maya : I am _______________________.

Dandy : lets take a rest.
a. tired
b. happy
c. excited

18. Maya : What is she doing?

Dandy : she is _____________________.
a. swimming
b. riding horse
c. cycling

19. the train is _____________ than the car.

a. shorter b. Faster c. Older

20. the pencil is _____________ than the eraser.

a. shorter b. Taller c. Longer

21. the pencil case is ______________ than the bag.

a. higher b. Bigger c. Smaller

22. Maya : Which one is (lebih tebal) _____________, the book or the dictionary?
Dandy : The dictionary is.
a. thicker b. Thinner c. Bigger
23. My hat is (lebih tua) _____________ than yours.
a. older b. Weaker c. Poorer

24. Give me some iced tea. Im ______________.

a. hungry b. Thirsty c. Lonely

25. We are very (gembira) ______________ to go to the planetarium.

a. excited b. Sad c. Shocked

26. Maya : How do they feel?

Dandy : They are ________________.
a. hungry
b. Surprised
c. Lonely

27. Maya : How do you think about the test?

Dandy : It makes me _______________.
a. confused
b. happy
c. angry

28. They are _____ playing badminton.

a. are b. Not c. Play

29. _____ you jogging with your friends?

a. are b. Not c. Play

30. She _____ not swimming in the swimming pool.

a. is b. Are c. Am

Good Luck