Android Performance and Benchmark Tool-Set Released

DHTechnologies ( released the DHTDroid Android performance and benchmark tool-set to the community. Austin, TX, August 27, 2010 --( Actual systems performance consists of an application driven workload, the speed and availability of the accessed OS components, as well as the speed and availability of the involved hardware resources. Every OS is basically an abstraction provider, a reactive entity whose performance depends on the pattern of the application load imposed to it. More specifically, OS performance depends on both, the capabilities of the hardware interface that is being abstracted, and the way the OS abstractions are utilized by an application. In reality, not every application is using the same OS abstractions, as each application has its own access (code) path through the OS. It is a fact that prior to releasing new systems into production, virtually no company truly stress-tests (benchmarks) the product from a HW AND an OS perspective. Such a health-check would insure that new systems that are being deployed into production are operating correctly, and are performing as anticipated. Further, such a stress-test (benchmark) insures that any operating system or hardware related issues are being addressed prior to releasing the new systems. The DHTDroid tool-set not only allows stress-testing and benchmarking the HW and the OS, but also establishes a capacity baseline for the products. Therefore, any application performance problems that may arise can be resolved in an as efficient and effective manner as possible (based on scientific performance data and not based on intuition). Further, DHTDroid tool-set aids at identifying and resolving any potential HW, OS, or application issues in significantly less time, saving companies a substantial amount of money and IT (development) resources. As an additional benefit, the tool-set can be used to tune and optimize the application code onto the underlying Android and HW infrastructure. The DHTDroid tool-set allows Android HW engineers and SW developers to quantify how the major Android OS abstractions depend on the speed and availability of the underlying hardware platform. The goal for the DHTDroid project was to implement a set of Android based systems benchmark programs that generate an OS/HW abstraction vector that can be mapped to any specific application load (hence the tool-set is universally applicable). Further, the performance behavior of different Android versions can be compared. Also, HW cross-comparison studies can be conducted based on the tool-set. The tool-set and the documentation can be downloaded from the Resource page on ###

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Contact Information: DHTechnologies (DHT) Dominique Heger 512 773 1938 Skype: dhtusa

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