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75 yd3 Bucket Capacity

A Complete Solution
 missions-certified 198 HP
E Transmission has helical


Cummins diesel engine gears which reduce noise

4.0 to 4.75 cu. yard bucket level and vibration

available Automatic Reversible Cooling

Accepts a wide assortment Fan with manual override, Power to Spare.

of attachments to handle standard

The 80ZV-2 features a redesigned ROPS
many jobs Adjustable declutch allows the cab with operator-friendly features. The

Ride Control option provides operator to adjust the declutch operator may now customize settings and

stable load handling to various operating conditions make adjustments to the loader controls to
Air conditioning, standard work more efficiently in the current operating
s s

Single hydraulic control


option for easy operation Wide front fenders with mud conditions or environment. New features
flaps, standard like the Adjustable Declutch, Dual Boom
Automatic powershift

Kickout Control, Idle Management System,

transmission with four MODM (Machine Operation Dual Mode Engine Switch, and ELS

forward and reverse speeds Diagnostic Module) provides (Efficient Loading System) allow the
Outboard-mounted, dual circuit essential operations and operator to make adjustments from the

wet disc brakes for reliability diagnostic information in comfort of the cab increasing productivity
and long service life an easy-to-read LCD display and efficiency. Options such as the
Torque-proportioning Limited Slip Differentials allow the opera-

differentials for longer tire tor additional controls to adapt the 80ZV-2
life and less wheel spin loader to the working conditions.

Comfortable, Efficient, Safe.

The 80ZV-2 features standard air conditioning and
heater. The Air Ride seat is standard. The operator com-
partment has increased leg room. Options such as the
F-R Directional Switch, Ride control, and Single Lever
Hydraulic Control allow the operator additional ease of
operation and comfort.

Versatile, Reliable, Strong.

Like all Kawasaki loaders, the 80ZV-2 has a 45+ year
heritage of strength and reliability.
The 80ZV-2 is available with several buckets, bucket
teeth, and bolt-on cutting edge combinations. A third
spool valve is available to handle a number of attach-
ments and extend the wheel loaders versatility.
Features such as the outboard-mounted, sealed wet disc
brakes are designed for long life and easy access and
overhaul. Spin-on filters, grouped grease fittings, sealed
universal joints, all provide easy field maintenance. The
new MODM (Machine Operation Diagnostic Module)
provides essential operational and diagnostic information
in an easy-to-read LCD display. The optional K-LINK
system allows location, system alarm sensors, and all
major machine performance data to be electronically
transmitted to cell phones, fax and e-mail for real-time
equipment management.

Failure is not an Option.

Kawasaki is dedicated to keeping your wheel loader
up and running, even in the most challenging situa-
tions. Starting with the KLEW (Kawasaki Loaders Early
Warning) Oil Analysis System, designed to eliminate
unnecessary maintenance and downtime, to our 24-hour
parts shipment service, and our extensive rebuild
program, Kawasaki has the expertise and experience
to respond quickly to your needs.

Kawasaki and their dealer

organization offer compre-
hensive support and service
programs designed to keep
you on the job.
The Engine Control Module (ECM) provides 198 HP Cummins QSC8.3 diesel
a wide range of operating data and feed- Certified Tier III
back to assist in analyzing diagnostics Emissions
and troubleshooting. Cummins offers Engineered for longer
diagnostic tools to allow technicians to service life
quickly recover engine information for
Reliable and fuel efficient
fast, accurate analysis.
Extensive distribution system
EPA Tier III emission standards are met by 24 volt battery system for
using the Cummins In-Cylinder Advanced reserve power
Combustion Solution, a proven technology
Turbocharger with aftercooler
that keeps the overall design simple and
less costly to maintain. Fuel Efficient Mode
Extended Oil Change intervals The operator
Increased Peak Torque provides improved can select either
performance, better rimpull. Power or Fuel
Reduced RPM reduces fuel consumption Efficient engine
without loss of operating efficiency. mode. Power
mode provides
Idle Management System allows for
added power for extreme applications. Fuel
lower engine speed when idling for
Efficient mode offers better fuel economy
extended periods to conserve fuel. It also
for standard applications.
increases engine RPM to reduce engine
warm-up time in cold temperatures.

High Efficiency Economic and

Hydraulic System Efficient Systems
Dry, reliable Hydraulic System, designed for energy
Cast iron, dirt tolerant, gear pumps efficiency with the steering flow to
Easy access to two-spool control valve supplement the main circuit once
steering demand is met. This allows for
Large oil reservoir keeps oil cooler
full utilization of the pump capacity for
Transmission efficient operation in all conditions.
Automatic transmission selects optimum Adjustable Boom Kickout can be set
speed from second to fourth gear by the operator to attain proper dump
height and return-to-dig height4
Single lever control
Automatic 4-speed transmission,
Switch activates adjustable transmission
single grip shift lever
declutch on the left brake pedal1
Bucket leveler and adjustable
Transmission declutch can be set by the

2-position boom kick-out standard
operator to match operating conditions
Downshift button speeds cycle times and Structured to Last
reduces operator fatigue Redesigned buckets provide easy
Helical gears reduce noise and vibration loading and excellent load retention
Full assortment of edges and teeth
Complete array of attachments available
Torque Proportioned Differentials improve
traction in slippery conditions Massive center pins and bearings5

Heavy box frame rear chassis6 3
23.5-25-16PR (L-3) tires, standard
20.5-25-16PR (L-2), and
23.5-25-16PR (L-2) tires available
Optional L-3 bias and radial tires available
in 20.5-25 and 23.5-25 sizes
3-piece rims standard2
Outboard-mounted, dual-circuit wet
disc brakes3
Easy maintenance
High capacity 2
Long life

Lift Arms/Buckets
High breakout force
Optional high lift arms available
4.0 to 4.75 cu. yd. buckets
Easy loading 6
Excellent load retention
Full assortment of edges
and teeth
Complete array of attach-
ments available
Bolt-on heel plates
extend bucket life

Enjoy the Ride total Command.
The cab provides excellent Total Control.
visibility in all directions1 MODM (Machine
The front windshield is flat glass Operation Diagnostic
mounted in rubber gaskets that Module) offers infor
make windshield replacement mation to make the
fast and easy. operation, maintenance
Viscous mounting of the cab and troubleshooting
reduces vibration and noise more efficient. With this
Fully certified ROPS/FOPS cab information, operators,
meets all regulations maintenance and
technical personnel can
Increased Leg Room quickly determine key
Air Conditioning, standard operating data.3
Air Ride Seat, standard2 Downshift Button, located on the boom control s

Tilting and Telescopic lever provides quick, convenient downshifting

Steering column from 2nd gear to 1st gear.
Easy access to cab on Adjustable Declutch allows the operator to select
both sides of machine the location of the left brake pedal where the
Sliding side windows declutch engages. This allows the operator to
AM/FM CD Radio with AUX easily adjust for various operating conditions.

Input, standard. 12V outlet for operator to use 2-way radios and
Increased personal storage other plug-in devices
Front and Rear window wipers ELSEfficient Loading System, increases
and washers rimpull power when digging while demanding
less fuel. Increases productivity and fuel effi-
ciency. A switch on the instrument control panel
allows operator to activate from cab.4
Accessibility, Serviceability, Durability
Sealed universal joints only require greasing at 12,000 hour
intervals extending the life expectancy of the drive shaft
Engine side covers open wide for optimum access
Easy access to filters, drains and fittings
MODM (Machine Operation Diagnostic Module) offers
information to make the operation, maintenance and trouble
shooting more efficient. With this information, operators,
maintenance and technical personnel can quickly determine
key operating data.
Increased Transmission Capacity provides greater service life
Outboard Wet Disc Brakes, sealed, provide high capacity
braking and protection from contamination. The dual brake
system separates the front and rear axles for added safety.
Sealed Deutsch DT electrical connectors are used throughout
the system to reduce corrosion and improve durability
Automatic reversible cooling fan in conjunction with the wide
fin radiator, both standard, aid in keeping debris from building
in the radiator and cooling cores."

Optional Equipment K-Link, a management tool, provides

JRB Quick Coupler and Attachments1 on demand reports on machine
location, hours, system sensors,

Limited Slip Differentials provide additional 1

engine performance, operating status,
traction for applications requiring extreme geo-fence break alerts and several
traction control.2 customizable reports by phone,
K-Lever, stick steering3 pager, or e-mail
F-R Directional Switch allows the operator Single Lever Hydraulic Control
to select direction directly from the side increases operator efficiency

Ride Control offers a smooth ride to improve Special Application
load retention and increase travel speeds.4 Packages
HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights are
extremely bright lights with exceptionally Logging/Woodchip
long service life. Waste/Refuse/Recycling
Autolube Hot Slag

Back-up Camera

Without Ride Control

With Ride Control

Bucket Data

Standard Boom High Lift

General Purpose Bucket General Purpose Bucket Material Handling Bucket General Purpose Bucket
With Bolt-on Cutting Edge With Teeth With Bolt-on Cutting Edge With Bolt-on Cutting Edge

Heaped yd3 4.2 4.0 4.75 3.6

Capacity (m3) (3.2) (3.1) (3.6) (2.7)
Struck yd3 3.5 3.4 4.0 3.1
(m3) (2.7) (2.6) (3.1) (2.3)
Maximum dumping ft-in 9' 89/16" 9' 5" 9' 53/16" 11' 27/16"
clearance (mm) (2,960) (2,870) (2,875) (3,415)
Dumping reach (to front ft-in 3' 81/2" 3' 107/8" 3' 1113/16" 3' 911/16"
of bucket edge or tooth) (mm) (1,130) (1,190) (1,215) (1,960)
Bucket hinge pin height ft-in 13' 51/4" 13' 51/4" 13' 51/4" 14' 111/8"
(mm) (4,095) (4,095) (4,095) (4,550)
Digging depth ft-in 25/32" 23/4" 25/32" 25/32"

(mm) (55) (70) (55) (55)

Breakout force lb 36,193 39,115 32,821 36,642
(kg) (16,431) (17,758) (14,900) (16,635)
Bucket tilt- at ground level 44 44 44 42
back angle at carry position 50 50 50 49
Length ft-in 26' 31/16" 26' 73/8" 26' 8" 28' 11/8"
(mm) (8,000) (8,110) (8,125) (8,560)
Height ft-in 11' 37/16" 11' 37/16" 11' 37/16" 11' 37/16"
(mm) (3,448) (3,448) (3,448) (3,448)
Width ft-in 8' 91/2" 8' 91/2" 8' 91/2" 8' 91/2"
(outside tire) (mm) (2,680) (2,680) (2,680) (2,680)
Width ft-in 9' 21/4" 9' 3" 9' 21/4" 9' 21/4"
(outside bucket) (mm) (2,800) (2,820) (2,800) (2,800)
Wheel base ft-in 10' 6" 10' 6" 10' 6" 10' 6"
(mm) (3,200) (3,200) (3,200) (3,200)
at outside ft-in 20' 11" 21' 3/16" 21' 15/16" 21' 71/4"
Minimum bucket (mm) (6,375) (6,405) (6,425) (6,585)
turning radius at center of ft-in 17' 95/8" 17' 95/8" 17' 95/8" 17' 95/8"
outside tire (mm) (5,425) (5,425) (5,425) (5,425)
Minimum ground ft-in 1' 65/16" 1' 65/16" 1' 65/16" 1' 65/16"
clearance (mm) (465) (465) (465) (465)
Full articulation angle degree 40 40 40 40
Operating weight lb 39,308 39,054 39,506 39,264
(with ROPS Cab) (kg) (17,830) (17,715) (17,920) (17,810)
Static Tipping Straight lb 30,600 31,041 30,423 25,420

Load (with (kg) (13,880) (14,080) (13,800) (11,530)
ROPS cab) Full turn lb 26,191 26,565 26,036 21,780
(kg) (11,880) (12,050) (11,810) (9,880)

The weight and load figure include optional counterweight, enclosed ROPS Cab, air conditioner, 23.5-25-16PR (L-3) tires, full fuel tank and operator.

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice and without obligation on the part of the manufacturer. The specifications supplied, while believed to be
completely reliable, are not to be taken as warranty for which we assume legal responsibility.
Operating Specifications


Operating Tipping Load Overall Width Tread Vertical Overall
Weight Straight Full Turn (Outside Tire) Dimensions Length

ROPS Canopy lb -440 -395 -330 in

(Instead of ROPS Cab) (kg) (-200) (-180) (-150) (mm)

Remove ROPS Cab lb -1,100 -990 -835 in

(for transport only) (kg) (-500) (-450) (-380) (mm)

Remove Optional Counterweight lb -730 -1,210 -1,035 in

(kg) (-330) (-550) (-470) (mm)

Tires: 23.5-25-12PR (L-2) lb -440 -485 -420 in

(kg) (-200) (-220) (-190) (mm)

20.5-25-16PR (L-2) lb -1,985 -1,430 -1,210 in +19/16" -19/16" -23/16" +115/16"

(kg) (-900) (-650) (-550) (mm) (+40) (-40) (-60) (+50)

20.5-25-16PR (L-3) lb -1,765 -1,280 -1,080 in -19/16" +19/16" -23/16" +115/16"

(kg) (-800) (-580) (-490) (mm) (-40) (+40) (-60) (+50)

20.5-25-16PR (L-2) lb -185 -220 -175 in -19/16" +19/16" -23/16" +115/16"

with 75% CaCl2 (kg) (-85) (-100) (-80) (mm) (-40) (+40) (-60) (+50)

20.5-25-16PR (L-3) lb -35 -45 -20 in -19/16" +19/16" -23/16" +115/16"

with 75% CaCl2 (kg) (-15) (-20) (-10) (mm) (-40) (+40) (-60) (+50)

Air conditionerDeletion lb -220 -265 -220 in

(kg) (-100) (-120) (-100) (mm)

Belly Guard (rear frame) lb +155 +175 +155 in

(kg) (+70) (+80) (+70) (mm)

Base Tire 23.5-25-16PR (L-3)

Tread . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6' 91/8" (2,060mm)

Width (outside tire) . . . . . . . . 8' 91/2" (2,680mm)
Width (outside bucket) . . . . . 9' 21/4" (2,800mm)

Equipped with GSC bucket with

bolt on cutting edge 45

23.5-25-16PR (L-3) Tire and ROPS Cab

3'8 1/2"
13'5 1/4"

9'8 9/16 "

11'3 7/16 "

44 1'6 5/16 "


4 3/4" 26'3 1/16 "

Bucket Selection Charts

Material Density lbs/yd 3
Bucket Fill
Bucket Size Standard Arm
yd 3 (m 3) 115% 100% 95%
4.0 (3.1) Bucket Size High Lift Arm
4.2 (3.2) yd 3 (m 3)
4.75 (3.6) 3.6 (2.7)

2000 2100 2200 2300 2400 2500 2600 2700 2800 2900 3000 3100 3200 3300 3400 3500 3600 2000 2100 2200 2300 2400 2500 2600 2700 2800 2900 3000 3100 3200 3300 3400 3500 3600
Operating Specifications


Gross Power (SAE J1995) 215 HP/2200 RPM Steering type Articulated frame steering
Net Power (SAE J1349) 198 HP/2200 RPM Steering mechanism Hydraulic power steering unit, pilot
operated type
Net Peak Torque 645 ft/lb @1500 RPM
Lift (boom) cylinder Two (2) double-acting piston type:
Make/Model/Fuel Type Cummins/QSC8.3/Diesel 5.9" x 31.0" (150mm x 788mm)
Type 4-cycle, watercooled, in-line direct injection type Tilt (bucket) cylinder One (1) double-acting piston type:
with turbo charger and air-cooled intercooler 7.1" x 21" (180mm x 533mm)
Number of cylinders 6 Steering cylinder Two (2) double-acting piston type:
Bore and stroke 4.49" x 5.31" (114mm x 134.9mm) 3.1" x 15.9" (80mm x 405mm)

Total displacement 504 in3 (8260 cm3) Steering oil pump Gear type: 47 GPM @ 2200 RPM
(178 LPM @ 2200 RPM)
Alternator AC24V1.68kw (70amp)
Main oil pump Gear type: 19 GPM @ 2200 RPM
Battery 12V108AH (1,000 CCA), 2 units (72 LPM @ 2200 RPM)

Pilot oil pump Gear type: 14.8 GPM @ 2200 RPM

(56 LPM @ 2200 RPM)


set pressure
Loading 3000 psi (210 kg/cm2)
Steering 3000 psi (210 kg/cm2)
Torque converter 3 elements, single stage HYDRAULIC CYCLE TIME*
Torque stall ratio 2.96:1 Lifting time (at full load) 6.2 sec.
Main clutches Wet hydraulic, multi-disc type Lowering time (empty) 3.4 sec.
Cooling method Forced circulation type Bucket dumping time 1.4 sec.
Transmission Full powershift, 4 forward, 4 reverse with TOTAL 11.0 sec.
automatic mode (2nd4th) with downshift
switch for 2nd1st downshifting * Measured in accordance with SAE J732C
Speeds Forward 1st: 4.7 MPH (7.5 km/hr)
2nd: 7.8 MPH (12.6 km/hr)
3rd: 13.8 MPH (22.2 km/hr) AXLE SYSTEM
4th: 22.9 MPH (36.9 km/hr)
Drive system 4-wheel drive
Speeds Reverse 1st: 4.8 MPH (7.7 km/hr)
2nd: 8.0 MPH (12.8 km/hr) Front and rear axle Full floating banjo type
3rd: 14.1 MPH (22.7 km/hr)
Tires Standard 23.5 x 25-16PR (L-3)
4th: 23.2 MPH (37.3 km/hr)
Optional 20.5 x 25-16PR (L-2) (L-3)
23.5 x 25-16PR (L-2)

Systems CAPACITY Reduction and Spiral bevel/gear, 1 stage reduction,

differential gear torque proportioning type
Final reduction gear Outboard mounted, internal planetary gear
Engine (coolant) 15.9 (60.0)
Oscillation angle 12 (total 24)
Fuel tank (diesel fuel) 76.6 (290.0)
Engine oil (oil pan) 7.9 (30.0)
Front axle (gear oil) 14.5 (55.0) BRAKE SYSTEM
Rear axle (gear oil) 14.5 (55.0) Service brakes 4 wheel, adjustment free, wet multiple disc
brake. Controlled by full hydraulic system
Torque converter and 11.9 (45.0)
Dual circuit.
transmission (engine oil)
Parking/Emergency brake Spring applied, oil pressure released. Dry
Hydraulic system including 42.3 (160)
drum-type located in front driveline. Meets
tank (hydraulic oil)
MSHA requirements.
Equipment Data

Air Conditioner Brake (Parking) Gauges: Radiator, Wide Spaced
(R134 Refrigerant) Spring applied; Converter Oil Temp Aluminun Fin Type
Alarms (Audible): Oil pressure released, Engine Coolant Temp Radiator Grille, Hinged
Brake Pressure Drum Type Fuel Level Rear Under-Frame Cover
Engine Oil Pressure Brakes (Service) Hour Meter
Reverse Alarm
Hydraulic Oil Level Enclosed Wet Disc, Hydraulic Oil Level (Sight)
Tachometer ROPS Cab: Enclosed cab
Parking Brake with Dual System
with sound suppression,
T/M Engaged Full Hydraulic System Heater/Pressurizer
front and rear wipers and
Alarms (Visual): Bucket Control Lever Hoodsides (Hinged) washers, two rear view
Air Filter (Dual, Pilot Assisted) Horn (Electric) and two side mirrors,
Battery Discharge Bucket Leveler Indicators: tinted glass, and sliding
Brake Pressure Coat Hook Engine Pre-Heater side windows
Central Warning Lamp High Beam
Cold Start Aid Safety Articulation
Engine Coolant Temp Parking Brake
Converter (12V/15Amp Locking Bar
Engine Oil Pressure Transmission Declutch
Engine Warning w/dash outlet) Seat, Air Ride
Transmission Shift Monitor
Hydraulic Oil Level Cooling Fan, Automatic Seat Belt, Retractable,
Working Light
Torque Converter Reversible w/manual 3" wide
override Linkage (Z-type, Sealed)
Oil Temperature Shift Control Unit for
Transmission Control Cup Holder Lights: Automatic Shift
Warning 2 Headlights (Hi/Lo/
Downshift Button Steering Wheel, Telescoping
Alternator (70 amp) Drawbar and Tilt
4 Forward Working Lights
AM/FM CD Radio with ELS (Efficient 4 Rear Working Lights Torque Proportioning
AUX Input Loading System) 2 Stop/Tail/Backup (LED) Differentials
Batteries: 12V1,000CCA Fenders (Full Width Front MODM (Machine Operation Transmission Declutch
(2 units) w/Mudflaps, Rear) Diagnostic Module) Select/Adjustment Switch
Boom Kickout (2-Position, Muffler Vandalism Protection
Adjustable, In Cab) Wrist Rest, Adjustable
Neutral Safety Start
Brake Line Protection (Front)
Operators Manual Box

Autolube Cushion Dump Valve High Lift Arm Quick Coupler and
Back up Camera Emergency Steering Hydraulic System, Attachments
Belly Guard, Hinged Engine Engine Pre-Cleaner, Turbine 3-Spool Valve Ride Control
& Transmission Fenders, Extra-Wide, K-Lever Steering ROPS Canopy
Bolt-On Cutting Edge Front & Rear (hinged) K-Link Single Lever
Segments F-R Direction Switch Limited Slip Differentials Hydraulic Control
Bucket Teeth HID Lighting (High Multi-Function Grip Turn Signal With
Counterweight, Bucket Intensity Discharge) Four-Way Flasher
Since 1962, Kawasaki has been listening to and learning from customers
and dealers in the field. As a result, Kawasaki wheel loaders continue to
evolve, with a constant focus on one thingproducing the most durable,
most efficient, most dependable machines possible.

Easy to Operate.
In a world of increasing demands, tighter deadlines, shrinking budgets
and complicated contracts, better efficiency and greater productivity are a
must. Innovative high-tech features on all Kawasaki wheel loaders allow the
operator to adapt to the environment and the application right from the cab.

Easy to Maintain.
Diagnostic and operational modules monitor fluids and filters, and constantly
provide information on everything from engine and transmission codes to
location, hours, alarm sensors and machine performance data.

Easy to do Business with.

No run-arounds. No layers and layers of management. No distractions
from competing product lines. Wheel loaders are our only business. Got
a question? Well get you an answer. Need a part? Its on its way. Quickly.
Kawasaki offers flexible warranty programs, a state-of-the-art parts distribu-
tion system, an in-house rebuild center, and an experienced, knowledgeable
support staff, focused on serving you.
The independent dealers that represent and support Kawasaki loaders are
experts in their markets and are dedicated to providing you with the best
service available.
Together, we are committed to making your investment in a Kawasaki loader
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a sound business decision that will pay dividends for years to come. Kennesaw, Georgia 30144
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