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EMF Safety:
HP-01: New product for analyzing static and time-variable magnetic fields from
0 Hz to 1 kHz Narda Magnetometer HP-01
SRM-3006: Code-selective measurements of UMTS and LTE signals with the
SRM-3006 New Narda Application Note 1106
EMF Safety Simply explained: New Narda EMF Safety videos on YouTube

Testing and Analysis:

SignalShark: The 40 MHz real-time handheld spectrum analyzer
IDA 2: Find out more about the signal analyzer in the new IDA 2 brochure from
SIGINT: Webinar Compact Hybrid RF Architecture for SIGINT Applications
IDA 2: Expand the dynamic range with tailor-made filters

In brief:
Accredited calibration: Expanded services
Seminars New product
Events Magnetometer HP-01

SignalShark the 40 MHz

real-time analyzer

IDA 2 expanded dynamic

range with external filters

1 Issue 25 9th November 2017

New product Magnetometer HP-01
Measures static magnetic fields

Narda has developed a new measuring device for

analyzing static and time-variable magnetic fields from
0 Hz to 1000 Hz. This replaces the various models of
the Metrolab THM1176.The HP-01 is particularly
suitable for use in workplace safety applications,
thanks to its high dynamic range. The isotropic Hall-
effect sensors cover a complete measurement range
from 10 T to 10 Tesla in a single device.

Narda is primarily aiming this product at customers who

need to assess occupational safety in areas where high
level static magnetic fields are present, such as is required by the European Directive
2013/35/EU, for example. Another application is found in the assessment of work areas used
by the rising number of people with active implants, where much more stringent limit values
apply. Magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), electric mobility, electrolysis, magnetic
stirrers, applications involving permanent magnets and direct current motors and generators
are typical areas where the HP-01 can be used.

The powerful FFT analysis for the magnetometer can analyze signals in both the time
domain and the frequency domain. The results can be displayed as numerical values or as
graphical evaluations. The HP-01 is operated using the HP01-TS software supplied. An
optical cable with USB adapter connects the measuring device to the PC. A future firmware
extension for the NBM-550 is planned that will allow measurements to be made using the
NBM as well.

Narda will supply the Magnetometer with accessories in a compact carrying case. Deliveries
will start at the beginning of November 2017.

You can find more information on the Narda homepage:

Download from Products
Selective EMF HP-01

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2 Issue 25 9th November 2017

Code-selective measurements of UMTS and LTE
signals with the Narda SRM-3006
Narda Application Note 1106 on the use of the LTE-TDD option

Narda Safety Test Solutions has expanded the new generation of its highly specialized
SRM-3006 with the addition of the LTE-TDD option. This completes the frequency-selective
handheld field strength measuring system, which has long been established as the standard
device for fast, standard-compliant and reliable safety assessments. The code-selective
technology in this Selective Radiation Meter makes it possible to precisely and
automatically extrapolate the values of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) present at maximum
traffic load. This method is recognized by international standards such as ITU-T K.100, IEC
62232 and EN 50492. Now users can selectively capture and evaluate field strengths for
LTE-TDD in the frequency range between 9 kHz and 6 GHz in addition to UMTS and

Application Note 1106 gives an overview of the demodulation of time division duplex (TDD)
mode LTE signals and describes the major differences from FDD mode.

Download from Products Selective EMF SRM-3006 Product

literature Code-selective measurements with SRM-3006 LTE-TDD

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3 Issue 25 9th November 2017

New Narda EMF safety videos
Narda has uploaded new EMF safety videos to its YouTube channel. You can find out more
about the following:

Physical fundamentals EMF

Biological effects EMF
Legislation and standards
Standard-compliant EMF measurements
Personal protective equipment for EMF
Broadband measurements for EMF
Selective measurements for EMF
Calibrating EMF field strength meters
Simulation software for EMF

Simply subscribe to the Narda YouTube channel to keep up to date:

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4 Issue 25 9th November 2017

Narda SignalShark:
40 MHz real-time handheld Spectrum Analyzer
the lab in your hand
The SignalShark from Narda is indispensable when
you need to trace and localize hidden, sporadic or
brief interference signals in the increasingly densely
packed frequency bands quickly and on the move.
With its compact design, it is capable of performing
todays complex measurement and analysis tasks
quickly and reliably with the precision of a laboratory

The 40 MHz (RTBW) real-time measurement enables uninterrupted, reliable detection

of the smallest changes in the RF spectrum with the aid of the Spectrogram view.
The SignalShark can also easily detect very weak signals, thanks to its high dynamic
range (HDR). The combination of high sensitivity and a wide, intermodulation-free
dynamic range makes this possible.
DANL (pre-amplifier off / on): - 160 dBm/Hz / -167 dBm/Hz
The slightest touch on a preset trigger mask causes the SignalShark to record the
corresponding signal. A scan rate of up to 40 GHz/s ensures rapid detection, even
with very wide frequency bands.
The continuous real-time persistence view of the SignalShark displays every change
in the signal with pixel accuracy. Even hidden signals can be captured in this way.
100% POI signals > 3.125 s

Find out more from:

Or, read our latest press release:

Download from Narda STS

Company Press
40 MHz real-time handheld Spectrum Analyzer the lab in your hand

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5 Issue 25 9th November 2017

IDA 2 the Interference Direction Analyzer from
The risk of RF interference caused by unintentional emissions and
interactions has greatly increased due to the rapidly rising use of
wireless technologies. The IDA 2 with its innovative smartDF
technology is ideal for tracking down unintentional, illegal or
intentional interference as well as potentially dangerous signal

You can download the new IDA 2 brochure in English from the Narda

Download from Products

Monitoring Receiver IDA 2
Product literature Brochure IDA 2

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Webinar Compact Hybrid RF Architecture for

SIGINT Applications
Back in May 2017, Narda and the AOC held a webinar on the subject:

Compact Hybrid RF Architecture for SIGINT Applications

If you missed it, you can still view the webinar by clicking on the link below:

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6 Issue 25 9th November 2017

Maximum dynamic range for the IDA 2
You can maintain the maximum dynamic range of the IDA 2 by using tailor-
made external filters

It is often necessary to measure weak RF signals in the presence of

much stronger ones. Analysis of these weak RF signals requires high
measurement sensitivity, but this requirement rapidly leads to
overmodulation in modern measuring receivers and signal analyzers
when strong RF signals are present. For this reason, Narda
recommends the use of tailor-made external filters to maintain the
maximum dynamic range of their analyzers.

Because the preamplifier has high immunity to overmodulation, the

filter can be placed between the preamplifier and the basic unit. The
IDA 2 can store all the relevant transfer functions in the signal chain,
from the antenna conversion factor to the preamplifier, filter, external
attenuators and RF cable, and take them into account together with
its own input stage transfer function when displaying the results.

You can find more information about these external filters in the data

Download from Products Monitoring Receiver

IDA 2 Product literature RF Filters data sheet


Technical Note 110, Using external filters to

maintain measurement sensitivity in highly dynamic
measurement environments,

explains how to recognize and eliminate in band and out

of band overmodulation. Overmodulation effects in the
form of harmonics and 2nd order intermodulation products
play an important part in this.

Download from Products

Monitoring Receiver IDA 2
Product literature Technical Articles IDA 2 Filter

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7 Issue 25 9th November 2017

Accredited calibration by Narda
Expanded services

Narda Safety Test Solutions has three of the most modern calibration
laboratories available for calibrating instruments. All these
laboratories offer accredited calibration in addition to factory
calibration. They have been accredited by the corresponding national
accreditation offices:

Pfullingen (Germany) by DAkkS (Deutsche

Hauppauge (USA) by A2LA (American Association for
Laboratory Accreditation)
Cisano sul Neva (Italy) by ACCREDIA (Ente italiano di

The laboratories meet the general requirements for competence for

calibration laboratories specified in ISO/IEC 17025.

Narda is continuously expanding the services available. The following are new:

Accredited calibration is now available for even more probe types

There is an additional accreditation for the magnetic field strength measurement
quantity for the frequency range 9 kHz to 30 MHz (e.g. HF3061)
A factory calibration certificate (without adjustment) will be issued for certain probe
types above 18 GHz. This is included in accredited calibration (ACC).

You can find the new data sheet about accredited calibration on our website:

Download from Narda STS Service and support Calibration

Accredited calibration Accredited calibration data sheet

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8 Issue 25 9th November 2017

Narda seminars
Make your everyday measurements even more efficient

Our lecturers arent simply professionals, they are recognized experts

in their particular fields! Their seminars provide theoretical knowledge
along with practical measurement techniques based on years of
experience, something money cannot buy.

EMF seminar: Exposure measurements on wireless transmitters using the


This seminar is aimed at beginners, more experienced and professional users in the field of
selective measurement of electromagnetic fields, both theoretical and practical. It is also
ideal for those users and others interested in optimizing application-specific use of the SRM.
Ideally, participants will bring their own SRM with them to the seminar, and will already
understand the basic functions of the device.

9 Issue 25 9th November 2017

Seminar contents:

Basic principles of field strength measurement

Introduction to the SRM and the SRM-TS software
Theoretical and practical application measurement exercises and use of the SRM-TS
Building and improving theoretical understanding of high frequency measurements
Expanding practical experience with a range of practical measurement examples.

New: 3-day seminar!

We have extended the EMF seminar to a third day by customer request.
The extra day will cover the following topics:

Practical measurements using the SRM-3006 to determine safety zones around

Capturing broadcast signals (VHF / DVB-T)
Measuring mobile wireless immissions, including extrapolation to maximum
equipment load
Evaluation of the results, and comparison with limit values
Procedure for measuring and correct evaluation of pulsed high frequency signals
(e.g. radar)
Strategies for determining safety zones around transmitting antennas
Wideband assessment of high frequency immissions actually present (e.g. for
measurement campaigns in public places) using automatic overview measurements
in "Safety Evaluation" mode.

This practical day can also be booked separately. This can only be done if the intended
participants already possess the knowledge imparted on days 1 and 2 of the seminar.

Dates for the EMF seminar:

Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th April 2018 in Pfullingen (English or German)

Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th October 2018 in Pfullingen (English or German)

10 Issue 25 9th November 2017

Direction Finding seminar:
Localization and identification of signals using the Direction Finder IDA 2
(includes interference analysis)

This seminar is aimed at first-time users of the IDA, as well as professionals and information
technologists with a grounding in signal analysis and interference measurement in the field of
electromagnetic signals. Ideally, participants will bring their own instruments to the seminar,
and will already understand the basic functions of the device.

Seminar contents:

Fundamentals and tutorials on signal analysis, signal recognition, and direction

Practical exercises and demonstrations

Dates for the Direction Finding seminar:

Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th April 2018 in Pfullingen (English or German)

Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th October 2018 in Pfullingen (English or German)

11 Issue 25 9th November 2017

Field simulation: Ergonomic applications of EFC-400 software (WinField)

The EFC-400 Simulation Software computes electromagnetic fields using a practically

unlimited number of network elements such as conductors, line segments, buildings, and
antennas. It features high speed computation, ease of use, and efficiency. Users can create
all the necessary network elements or import them. The software clearly displays all the
elements together with the simulation result.

Seminar contents:

Field calculation theory

Explanation of the basic functions
Application in practical examples
Concrete examples from experience
Input on participants application examples

This seminar is run by FGEU (Research Association for Energy and Environmental
Technology) in Berlin. Seminar location: Hotel Berlin, Ltzowplatz, 10785 Berlin.

Dates for the EFC-400 seminar:

Friday 1st December 2017

Friday 20th April 2018
Friday 15th June 2018
Friday 19th October 2018
Friday 30th November 2018
Seminars will be held in German, if nothing else has been agreed.

Register for these seminars right away at: Service & Support Trainings

These seminars can also be provided at your location. Please speak to your Regional
Manager about how you can make use of this opportunity!

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12 Issue 25 9th November 2017

Exhibition reviews:
Narda at Electronic Warfare 2017 in London
Joint booth with L3 TRL

Narda Safety Test Solutions, Pfullingen, and L3 TRL, Tewkesbury, participated together on a
joint exhibition stand at the key event for the electronic warfare community, EW Europe,
which took place in June.

Produced by the Association of Old Crows, of which Narda is a permanent member, this
show provides a unique platform for viewing the latest equipment and systems from the
global defense and security industry.

You can also watch the complete 2-minute interview with Narda at Electronic Warfare:

Download from Products SignalShark Product features

Video Interview SignalShark

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13 Issue 25 9th November 2017

Visit Narda at an upcoming event

Use the opportunity to get closer acquainted with the latest developments from Narda at one
of the following upcoming events:

54th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention

28th to 30th November 2017
Marriott Marquis and DC Convention Center, Washington, DC, USA
L-3 Communications
Stand 606

GPEC International Trade Fair for

Police and Special Equipment
20th to 22nd February 2018
Messe Frankfurt, Germany
Represented by CMV Hoven GmbH
Stand 2 F24

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