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Mount Bromo is a beautiful mountain located in east Java, and entered into Bromo Tengger
Semeru National Park. This mountain area has its own uniqueness where at an altitude of 2392
meters above sea level, there will be a vast expanse of sand about 5,250 hectares. Here the
visitors can enjoy the scenery by riding a horse. Another thing that can not be missed is enjoying
the sunrise at Mount Bromo, from the peak of Mount located at an altitude of 2770 meters.

The natural scenery at sunrise is amazing, the sun slowly began to rise in the accompanying
volcano background of a gallant smoke from a distance will describe the beautiful scenery that is
difficult to be painted so that at the time like that it is in the darling it is not in capture with
precious moments in the form of photographing .

Mount Bromo is inhabited by indigenous people of Tenggers tribe. Tengger native people
believe that Mount Bromo is a mountain where a prince sacrificed life for the sake of a family.
Society also routinely perform the festival Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo. Then the perfect time to
visit Mount Bromo is during the month of Kasada or usually in the month of September-

In Kasada this year will be able to watch the Kasada festival which is an annual ceremony of
indigenous Tengger tribe who come to Bromo to throw the offerings in the form of Vegetables,
chickens, money into the crater of the volcano as a form of gratitude and offered to God. Each
procession of the ceremony is very interesting tourists so that when the ceremony Bromo kasada
more and more visited by immigrants

According to the story of Mount Bromo is derived from the Brahma that is one of the Hindu
Gods. As a large and beautiful mountain, Bromo still belongs to an active volcano, although
Mount Bromo is not as big as other volcanoes in Indonesia but the natural landscape and the
sound of the mountain make this mountain very suitable for sambangi. So the tourists are not
wary to visit and visit again enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Bromo. As a result Bromo
became one of the famous tourist destinations in Indonesia and became the tourist icon of East

To get to Mount Bromo, then visitors can travel first to the city of Malang. Because the poor city
is a big enough city then to get to this city can be traveled with a variety of transportation. From
start of personal vehicle, Bus, train or by plane. Jeep vehicle or 4x4 land rover is a public vehicle
that is in use in the area of Bromo. It's quite expensive but all will feel lighter if in travel with the

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