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ZF Friedrichshafen AG

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Business Unit Off-Highway Systems

ZF moves the
Material Handling Systems
94030 Passau
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electric lift trucks
and material handling

The right is reserved to modify products and technical data.

Strong system partner for
material transport worldwide

ZF is a renowned specialist for driveline technology and recognized

worldwide as an innovative system supplier for electric lift trucks and
a wide range of material handling vehicles with combustion engine.

For many years already, ZF drive to 60 tons lifting capacity as well tive products. Today, ZFs responsibility starts from In all phases of the product development ZF can rely
line and chassis systems have prov- as complete drive and steering the project phase and extends via planning, product on the global research and development network of the
en themselves in meeting the chal- solutions for electric lift trucks and development, testing, volume production development, entire ZF Group. More than 5,000 development engi-
lenges of the market. The optimally warehouse equipment. From the quality assurance and logistics right through to volume neers guarantee on-going product innovation extending
matched system components ZF smallest electric walker through production. For system solutions, ZF benefits from the from fundamental and materials research right through
transmissions, axles, and steering to products for straddle carriers, testing and development potential of all corporate divi- to know-how transfer from the automotive sector. The
systems provide a high level of aircraft tractors, RoRo- and yard sions and uses this expertise to develop a wide variety Corporate ZF Research is also very strong in mecha-
efficiency and ease of handling. ZF tractors, and container handlers. of custom-tailored applications. tronics and electronics development. In-house trans-
innovations add up! They offer ad The latest innovation offered by missions with integrated load sensors and telemetric
vantages for the driver, carrier and ZF is an electric steering system All ZF corporate divisions have production systems system for example enable ZF to determine the stresses
manufacturer in equal measure. for material handling applications which are matched to the market-specific require- on the driveline in real lift truck application.
Being part of the ZF Division intended to replace the outdated ments. The six principles of these production systems
Industrial Technology, the business hydraulic steering. are standardization and flexibility, process-orienta-
unit Off-Highway Systems is the tion in customer-supplier-relationships, just-in-time,
specialist for drive line systems that Dependable system partner employee and team orientation, zero-error, as well as
move all kind of material handling ZF took up the challenge of re- innovation and continuous improvement. The strict
vehicles. sponding to permanent changes focusing of the company towards value-added process-
As full liner, ZF offers intelligent within the markets and developed es along with the upgrading of all processes and prod-
drive line solutions for enginepow- into the technology leader for drive ucts by innovations are the basis for customer benefit
ered material handling vehicles up lines by supplying highly innova- by leading technology.

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Intelligent driveline systems for
diesel AND electric lift trucks

Vehicles employed in the field of material handling are indispensable

for the smooth flow of materials within companies and for logistics
applications. And the technology originates from ZF.

System solutions for electrically with various alternative solutions soft shift transitions in operation a decisive criterion out himself having to declutch or shift gear. This enables
driven material handling vehicles (spur gear, helical bevel gear or plan- in practical lift truck applications. ZF-ERGOPOWER loads to be positioned sensitively and accurately to the
Transmission systems for electrical- etary transmission) to suit individual transmissions, which are tried and tested in the con- millimeter. The expansion of functions to include elec-
ly driven lift trucks of up to 6 tons customer requirements. ZF supplies struction machinery, extend over a wide range of input tronic inching has become possible by the electro-hy-
lifting capacity are distributed by ZF fully tested solutions for quick and torques from 750 Nm to 2,750 Nm. draulic ZF-Ergocontrol, which ideally matches
under the name ERGOMAT. These direct installation into the vehicle. the functions of engine, converter and transmission.
systems include optimally matched Additional functions with the ZF Efficiency Package
components like traction motor, System solutions for vehicles with A 5-speed or even 6-speed transmission is at the heart Extended axle portfolio
brake, drive wheel, frame plate, combustion engine of the Efficiency Package, meaning fuel savings can be ZF has extended its well-proven axle models to system
steering motor, and steering sen- For diesel applications ZF supplies guaranteed due to engine speed reduction, higher pro- applications in the field of materials handling. The new
sors in fact everything needed for its ERGOPOWER transmissions for ductivity through better driving performance and higher axle systems use the rugged drive line components
driving, steering, and braking. Front lift truck systems, reach stackers shift quality, noise reduction and, last but not least, a found in off-road applications. The optimized axle
and rear drives for electric counter- and straddle carriers, as well as higher number of gears which is the future standard. structures are inherently suited to extreme conditions.
balanced lift trucks and ready-to-in- container handling vehicles (so- The improved ZF transmissions dispose of totally two to The service brake is a high-performance, wet multi-disc
stall complete systems for any kind called RoRo-/terminal- and yard six forward and up to three reverse gears, which can be brake. Very high stability and service life are achieved
of warehouse handling equipment tractors) of up to 330 kW engine shifted manually or automatically and without interrupt- by active, integral oil cooling. A SAHR parking brake is
such as elevating work platforms, power and gross combined weight ing the tractive force. also integrated. The axle is available with different rim
electric tractors, cleaning vehicles, ratings of up to 270 tons. By op- Also available for the ZF-Ergopower and Powershift hole patterns for solid and pneumatic tires in single or
automatically guided transport sys- timum matching of transmission series: Electronic inching. Actuating an inch or brake double configurations. Due to the modular design, indi-
tems, or other special applications hardware and electronic control, pedal allows the lift truck driver to reduce driving speed vidual adaptation to the vehicle frame, mast bearing and
are developed and produced by ZF the ZF-ERGOPOWER units ensure during operation to manoeuver in a creeper gear with- track width is decisively facilitated via the axle housing.

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The components of the
Efficiency Package
PACKAGE options for transmissions and axles allow
ZF oers 5- or even 6-speed transmissions
fuel savings of up to 15%.
in addition to the standard 3- and 4-speed
versIons. ZF focuses on Direct Drive in

order to improve fuel consumption, tractive
eort, speed and productivity. Direct Drive
torque converter lock-up clutch
is engaged in most driving conditions. The
and/or stator free wheel
lock-up clutch is opened automatically only
when really needed and therefore operator
abuse is avoided.

for improved efficiency and productivity
The modules of the EFFICIENCY PACKAGE not only reduce consumption
5-speed automatic transmission

transmission control unit

and emissions, they also increase the service life of the components.
The simple operation supports the driver in all working situations.


With the EFFICIENCY PACKAGE This approach makes it possible to steering system EPS3 LESS ENERGY The electrome-
This electromechanical steering a joint chanical steering EPS3 allows
ZF is offering the system solution reconcile the frequently conflicting development by ZF and the company ZAPI, more than 10% energy saving
which perfectly matches the vari- demands for: the market leader in electronic controllers in the driving cycle.
ous components of the vehicle to for lift trucks will soon be replacing the

current hydrostatic steering systems in
one another. Transmissions, axle less fuel and oil consumption frontwheel-driven 3-wheel counterbalanced
systems, and vehicle electronics are reduced component wear lift trucks. The electric lift truck is therefore
exactly tailored to the relevant re- increased productivity consistently following the path trodden in
the car industry a few years ago substitu-
quirements of the material handling enhanced comfort tion of hydraulic steering by energy-efficient
machine. In this way the various extended service intervals electrical steering systems.
advantages of the individual compo- noise reduction Principal features of the
nents are combined. This increases higher levels of automation electromechanical steering:
not only the operating and driving improved shift quality Plug & play complete system with
mechanical, electrical, electronic and
comfort, but also substantially im- easier operation software functions all from one source
proves the vehicle productivity. Significantly reduced installation
The individual modules of the pack- With the EFFICIENCY PACKAGE complexity for forklift assembly
Variable adaptation of the steering ratio
age not only reduce consumption ZF consolidates its competence Functional system safety according to
and emissions, they also increase in the transmission, axle and func- DIN EN ISO 13849
the service life of the components. tions development, thus offering Certification to UL 583E
Supply voltage from 24 to 48 V
This in turn decreases the operating more than the sum of individual Protection class IP 65
and service costs of the vehicles. advantages. Steering angle max. +/- 135

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innovations of great value As a system supplier, ZF is one of the tech products ZF offers tailor-made transmissions and axles for a wide
nology and innovation leaders worldwide in the field of material handling. range of lift trucks and material handling vehicles.


for material handling vehicles for material handling vehicles

The manoeuvrability of a lift truck with a dual-motor ZF offers efficient, simple handling and high, noise- ZF-ERGOPOWER S MT-F 3000 axle system
drive is unbeatable. In this regard, ZF has long since optimized shifting quality with customer-oriented ease for material handling vehicles for diesel-engined lift trucks
set the standards and continues to develop them. of service in material transportation vehicles.


ITA Class 1 ITA Class 2 ITA Class 3 ITA Class 4/5
Electric counter- Electric warehouse Electric walkies Internal combustion
balanced lift trucks equipment and riders heavy material handling ERGOMAT GP 25 dual-motor drive system GPA 35 drive system
for electric counterbalanced lift trucks for electric counterbalanced lift trucks

Learn more about our portfolio

of powerful transmissions and
find more ZF products by EPS3 electromechanical steering GK 10 LD for electric walkies
applications. for 3-wheel counterbalanced lift trucks and riders

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Off-highway systems
global presence

ZF offers you a comprehensive and attractive range of products and

services to ensure mobility anywhere, at any time. Proximity to the
customer is an essential element of the corporate performance.

Customer satisfaction with the services and products Tailor-made for the markets locations worldwide
provided by ZF is the topmost objective in all company This starts with engineering. Most ZF products, which
activities. All services integrated into the product cycle, are also produced outside Europe, first have to be
ranging from development and consultancy to aftermar- adapted to local market conditions. On the one hand,
ket service are derived from this. Thus, proximity to this involves meeting the prevalent cost structures in
international customers is of great significance to ZF. each country without compromising on functionality
and the hallmark ZF quality. On the other, technical
Worldwide, the ZF Group has 121 production compa- specifications have to be adjusted to market conditions:
nies in 26 countries and eight main development loca- Commercial vehicle transmissions have to be tuned to
tions. In addition to that, ZF has 32 service companies actual engine torque and average transport weights;
as well as 650 service points. This enables ZF to provide shock absorbers designed to meet typical load profiles.
a dense network of highly qualified contacts close to ZF has a well-oiled international development network
international customers at all levels and in all regions. to fulfill these tasks: The main development locations
are in contact with several customization locations near
The business unit Off-Highway Systems with its head- to the large, in-country ZF plants. Corporate R&D also
quarters in Passau, Germany, offers its customers indi- coordinates and supports the activities at the develop-
vidual, tailor-made integrated solutions for construc- ment center in Tokyo (Japan). Jointly, they devise spe-
tion machinery, agricultural machinery and material cific solutions in product design. In the case of product
handling applications. Off-Highway Systems has eight development and customization, the divisions control
production sites worldwide: Passau (Germany), Steyr the process; the Corporate R&D locations are called in
(Austria), Stankov (Czech Republic), Gainesville (USA), whenever fundamental research questions are involved.
Sorocaba (Brazil), Hangzhou (China), Liuzhou (China)
and Coimbatore (India). With a global development
network ZF is able to adapt its products to the local re-
quirements as well as to the series production support. = ZF Locations
Allover the world the service network and central sales = Locations Divison Industrial Technology
teams are available. = Locations Off-Highway Systems

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