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ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor Course–Scenario 10


In this scenario, the auditor will examine the Training and Awareness Process in place at AEG.
The auditee is the Training Manager.

The auditee should have the following documents from the AEG Case Study to present to the
auditor if requested:

1. Training Needs Analysis Procedure (TR-002)’
2. Training Needs Email
3. Memo to supervisors and foreman
4. Training record log (TR-007)

Below are specific instructions for the auditee:

Training Manager: Susie Smartt

You manage all training at AEG, and you also manage all HR functions in the company. You do
not understand how HR fits into the EMS, and find it trivial. You are more concerned with
traditional HR activities like hiring, firing, and benefits. You enjoy talking to people, but enjoy
talking about yourself even more.

Environmental awareness training is scheduled for 2 months from now for all employees at
AEG. So far, only the Steering Committee and the Internal Auditors have been trained.
Functional Managers have only been trained to aspects and impacts.

There has been no training conducted or planned for temps or contractors.

You have a Training Needs Analysis procedure you can provide to the auditor, and you can also
provide training records.

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